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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is what's left, a gutted paept building with neighboring structures. the -- apartment building with neighboring structures. this fire seeing the largest response of san francisco firefighters in years. tonight, we're live with an update as dozens ohe christm. we'll get to that fire story in just a moment. but first, some shaking in the the east bay tonight. a small earthquake struck a little over an hour and a half ago in berkeley. it centered near the haywood fault. a number of people in berkeley and east oakland reported they felt the jolt just before 9:30. firefighters still on the
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scene of today's ferocious fire that destroyed three buildings and damaged another. here's the flames shot from sky four this afternoon. dozens of people now homeless days before the christmas holiday. kate thompson live in the city's western addition neighborhood. >> reporter: people are in shock. and we still don't know what caused the fire. but investigators will be back out here tomorrow. you can see that firefighters remain on scene. they will be here all night, checking for hot spots or flare-ups after this handling, intense five -- this large, intense accident five alarm fire. at the height of the fire, 150 firefighters came to get the blaze under control. strong winds fueled the fire, creating such thick smoke that firefighters had to retreat. >> we needed to back out and go
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to a defensive mode for a period of time to take some of the heat out of it, so we were operating the line from the outside. >> reporter: it started in the back of a three-unit, but spread to the apartment building. the manager who was home acted quick he and got everyone out. >> i could see fire in the backstairs, and i started going up and downstairs, banging on doors, telling everyone to get out. >> reporter: people gathered on the sidewalk, crying and consoling each other. some were able to grab pets but others were not so lucky. this man had lived in the building for 20 years >> it's hard to keep in touch. everything is all scattered . and rebuild a life -- >> reporter: an emergency shelter was quickly set up in a nearby church at a red cross, providing hotel rooms and money for food. >> reporter: the victims, many of them are staying with friends
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and family, but others have been taken up at the red cross in the city. they will be able to santa fe there till at least wednesday. then they will be back here. the red cross will bring the shelter back on tuesday where people will be able to meet with counselors and come up with a long-term plan. i'll use the big board to show you exactly where this fire started am it was in san francisco's western edition neighborhood here at the corner of golden gate avenue and pierce street near alamo square. the fire starting at 11:53 this morning, and the building located at 1502 golden gate. it spread over the next two hours fuelled by windy conditions. five alarms were called to the scene. 140 firefighters corking to cob -- working to contain the
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flames. several minor injuries were reported, including one to a firefighter. ed lee made a visit to the scene. >> we needed temporary shelter, of course, that's the expertise of the red cross. and we're going to find that shelter close by. we identified a few sites where we're clearing those for use. then for the weeks coming, we'll have to have shelters. many others may not have an alternative. during the holiday times, it's hard for people to have a lot of alternatives out there. upon so we're going to definitely help them in every way we can. this is a horrible time to be victims of fire at this time. >> and stay with kron4 news for continuing coverage on the building fire. we resources on our website including pictures and comments. that's and another large fire. this one a grass
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fire in vallejo vallejoer in highway treven -- vallejo close to highway 37. the fire was reported before 2:00 this afternoon. crews requested an air unit to chem for home else kaements in the area -- encampments in the area. the weather played a role in today's fires bch you now the focus shifts because we have some frigid temperatures headed our way. i'm here with jacqueline if in the forecast center, and the temperatures are dropping fast. >> they are. and it's because of the winds dying down. when you have gusty winds, the the temperatures tend to stay up. but right now, we're seeing calmer conditions, and that is helping to lead very chilly temperatures. the winds also brought in dryer air. so right now our dewpoints are very, very low. it's very dry out there. and temperatures can get down
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there in a hurry. novato, 27-degree, 31 in napa, 37 in oakland, 38 in los gatos. and it is going to get much, much colder from here. am a freeze warning through the north bay. through the east bay valleysing also down to the southbay. and a hard freeze warning through the delta and fairfield. we'll take a look at why the warnings are in effect and tomorrow's temperatures coming up. around 4,000 nurgss went on a -- nurses went on a one day strike today. this the scene from the alta bates medical center in oakland. management is also asking for a reduction in sick pay. the nurs are not oblivious to what happened the last time they went on strike. three months ago, a patient died because of a mistake made by a replacement nurse. >> three months said, they said they had competent nurses, and
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we know the unfortunate tragedy that occurred. so you should be concerned. and i pray for my patients and their families. and that nothing will happen as long as they let us return to work. >> no problems have been reported. hospital officials said a lot of the nurses ended up reporting for work today as scheduled. in oakland , police are investigating a brazen morning shooting that left one man dead. it happened just before 10:30 this morning near 46 and west streets. a man was shot several times while driving his car. his vehicle then careened into three other parked cars, bursting into flames. >> when i came out, it was just all smoke. >> at first, when the gunshots were happening, it sounded like construction. then you hear it more and more. and i'm like, no, something is not right. and when i came out, it was just boom, booming boom. then the tire popped, and you could hear that three or four blocks away. >> the victim is in critical condition.
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no suspects have been arrested. the tsa wants to make some passengers more comfortable. we'll tell you about a special hot line they've set up this season. and we're taking you to the mecca of christmas ornaments. find out where they are whittling away some of the most unique creations. we've got basketball talk to talk about. the oakland as lose another all-star. we'll tell you who. in a moment.
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the tsa is trying to be more understanding this holiday season. the agency is offering a hot line for travelers with special medical needs who may require extra help getting through security. it's called tsa cares, and it's designed to assist travelers before they get to the airport. this comes after criticism of the agency's intrusive pat downs and x-rays. there have been complaints of embarrassing screenings for people with medical issues as well. and you can call it a christmas gift to americans from
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house republicans. a payroll tax deal has been reached. house speaker, john boehner, announced there's an agreement to accept the senate's bipartisan two-month tax cut. it assures 160 million workers will not be hit by a 2% increase in the payroll text come january 1st. frigid temperatures expected out there overnight. i'll show you where it's going to be the coldest, coming up. and right after the forecast, we'll tell you why most adults should not get too excited about opening up their gifts this christmas. and a reminder, the countdown to kron4's new year's live party is underway. this is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. new year's live is the only countdown show hosted by cath rein henan, and gary radnich. it brings home the fireworks show over the bay, and takes you to the best and biggest parties around, starting new year's eve at 11:30.
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imagine traveling halfway around the world to find the perfect christmas ornament for your tree. well, some people are doing just that. a small german village where a unique piece of christmas is attracting thousands of people. >> reporter: unique christmas decorations with a worldwide fan base. the small village of seifen in southeastern germany is something like the mecca of christmas ornaments, with a tradition that is centuries old. >> reporter: this is a so-called wood-spinner. the art of spinning wood into all sorts of shapes. today, he's making miniature sheep. of course, those then have to be carved into their final form. that is where we see that the
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wood-spinner is a precision craftsman. >> reporter: and clear not everyone is suited for the job. so the work here requires a lot of skill, patience, and also, of course, years of experience. unfortunately these are all things that i don't bring to the table. that's why these guys are making me put a bandage on my thumb. they fear that i might have serious medical issues trying to make a sheep out of a piece of wood. >> reporter: the pros can carve out a figure in about five minutes. it took me more than half an hour under strishth super vision -- strict super vision. i'm proud of myself, but i think these guys are probably going to sell it in the abstract art part of their workshop. add some color, and there you go. >> reporter: mike no mistake, this kind of craftsmanship takes
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years to master. christmas chandeliers and winter landscapes go for hundreds or thousands of dollars. 70% of what is manufactured here is exhorted, mostly to japan and the u.s. so it's not uncommon to find scores of american tourists here during the christmas season. >> i really like all the intrikacy, and all the -- intricacy, and all the small toys and figures that are made. it's interesting to see just how much time and effort is put into making everything here. >> reporter: and that has meant good business for the past 20 years. >> i think great the products that have been made here for centuries can still be manufactured in a way that they can exist and even thrive in today's marketplace, he says. >> reporter: he says of course he needs to worry about the bottom line. but, in the end, his main focus is on making
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beautiful handicrafts, not massive profit margins. crank up the heater, and bring out the winter coats! it is cold out there already, and it's only going to get colder from here. 27 in novato, 31 in napa, 31 in santa rosa. our coldest locations, already pretty chilly, in oakland as well. 37 there. 35 in livermore. we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay, the east bay valleys, and down in the -- the southbay. temperatures dip think into the 20s in a number of places overnight, and they're going to stay there for several hours. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, you'll want to give yourself extra time. we are expecting wide-spread areas of frost. you will need to defrost that windshield before you head to work. bring your pets in doors. and a pipe could burst in this type of cold weather. you can see the area
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in the hard freeze, those places are most susceptible to the bursting pipes because of the cold temperatures. 23 in napa, 21 in santa rosa, 25 in antioch, 25 in livermore, 30 in oakland, 31 in san jose, 29 in los gatos, 40 in san francisco. looks warm by comparison. temperatures in the afternoon are going to be a lot more mild. upper 50s for most of the bay area. 59 in san jose and oakland. 60 in san rafael. and cold temperatures out there tomorrow morning am we'll see similar conditions on saturday morning. but the afternoons are nice and mild. it'll bring us some fog to the coastline. christmas looking real nice next week. big changes coming. finally some rain in the forecast tuesday and wednesday. get ready to bite your
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tongue and force a fake smile. 20% of adults will get lousy gifts this holiday season. that's according to a consumer report study. so what does one do with their new which ia pet or smuggy? -- chia pet or smuggy? most will donate the item or pass the inferior present along to another victim. i believe they call it regifting.
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baseball up top, giants fans will get to see carlos beltran play at 3 and king streets next season. he'll be in a st. louis cardinals uniform. two-year deal, $26 million. he was a free agent. he could play wrepted. so far obviously -- where he wanted, and he got the best deal. no trade, good for him . carlos beltran now with the st.
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louis cardinals. now -- the oakland as. goodbye gio gonzalez! he was dealt to the washington nationals. he's an all-star pitcher, 16 wins. the as they're just having to do what they have to do. it cost the oakland as' fans ultimately, but they're looking down the road thinking, well, maybe new stadium, new location, new start. basketball, are holy cross, 88-83. stanford men's, they had a perfect, perfect record at home. but it was bumped tonight. stanford against the butler bears. andrew luck and the football team down for the the fiesta bowl at halftime. josh owens, it was tied at 47. and the bull dogs have an up and down year. they just don't go away. jackson aldridge, he was fouled, had 15 points off the bench. ronald norrad with a
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shot clock winding down. he hits butler. they turn back stanford. final of 71-66. st. mary 's and baylor in las vegas. nine points and six assists. he scores using more than that. and they needed it. quincey miller, the lay -in, and the foul. that's how baylor stays unbeaten. 72-59. the bears on top . nfl, somebody tell the colts -- well -- the colts! they won again!
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yes, tonight, they beat the houston texans. there's peyton manning, and the colt his one win all year. and they're in the running for this andrew luck sweepstakes. but they won. reggie wayne for the score. 19-16. they have 2 winstwo wins, the vikings have two wins, the rams have two wins. here we go. college bowl game dar here's how dennis eric son's coaching career ended tonight. at the maaco bowl, saying time out! time out! we're in trouble. couldn't get the timeout. jamar-taylor steps in front, intercepts the pas, goes 103 yards the other way. ison just can't believe it -- ericson can't believe it. 56-24, boise on top. todd graham steps in as the new arizona state coach. and matt barkley says he's going to forego the nfl, he's coming back to usc for a final year. he made that decision at a press conference today, much to the liking of all trojan fans all around. he'll be the golden boy next year. here's something you don't see every day. from a soccer game in the netherlands. fan comes out and attacks the goalie! so the goalie says, all right, well, take that! >> you like that?
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