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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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at sfo with an update on the crowds. >>will: the lines have grown considerably over the past 20 minutes or so. path's today is going feed the busiest day before christmas with about 135,000 people coming and going through sfo today. here at american airlines in terminal member to, look at how bad it is. people are asking family members still hold their place in line. so far, there is no frustration. everyone understands it is a disease. this is the christmas season geary people will travel with their clothing and necessities but also bringing gifts. here is a tip from an airport spokesperson. >> we recommend you do not
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wrapped packages before you come in. if security cannot determine what is in your box that will have to be on a raft. we have rack stations and we can wrap the gifts for you. we do it for free. would you ask for a charitable donation fact but we are filling in for free. >>will: the lines were starting to build earlier if so far, so good. if you're getting dropped off, do it quickly. there are eight lot of police officers will be telling people at
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curbside to of the say your revised and move on. >>mark: a really cold morning around the bay. >>mark: all you have to do is step outside, it is cold! jackie sissel is standing by the falling thermometers. >>jackie: it is still 28! it had actually gone down to 25 at one point. after you get below 32 it is just cold! we are not in denver where it is a blizzard snowstorm, you'll notice it is clear. there's no wind. there is no frost. i did not have to scrap the windshield.--i did not have to squeeze money
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windshield. >>darya: it could always be worse, our training or selling. if >>darya: these are not even when chilled. it is just old. >> we are quite a bit colder compared to yesterday. take a look at santa rosa. remember, yesterday we had a no. whiffling. right now we are down below freezing, you can see the difference. the numbers are jaw dropping. everywhere around the bay is seeing a substantial stock--a substantial drop in numbers. take a look at
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temperatures and livermore. concord and oakland are at the freezing mark. everywhere around the bay is a frigid cold. the freeze one expires at 9:00 a.m.. we are definitely in the '20s and we will hold on to the '20s. this afternoon, we have 60 degree weather that we will be enjoying. we are
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calling for another sunny day with a mild weather. we have cases--we have a system that should come and break in the evening. let's get over to traffic in and say good morning to george for. >>george: a great ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots,
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unusual delays or significant problems. we are also looking at very light traffic around the bay. light traffic with no delays or metering lights. there is no hint of slow traffic either on the approach to the average score on a drive across. on the san miguel will those we have a lighter than usual volume various this is a light and easy ride for highway 92. traffic has been getting
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>>george: 680 westbound and 680 south into walnut creek continuing in to the san ramon valley, as he heads out towards the dublin interchange, no problems here on 580 westbound. the south bay freeways look good with no problems on 85 or 101. the north bay ride has been delayed free. >>darya: 60 seventh >>darya: here you conceded damage of the fire yesterday. a fire alarm fire. it took about three hours and over 150 firefighters to put out at a fire that spread 52 other buildings. it spread to an
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apartment building and then to a residence. for this fire took half of the firefighters in san francisco. another person was treated for smoke inhalation. >>mark: right now dow futures are up 50 points ahead of the opening bell, some are showing that consumer spending has tipped slightly as well as a small rise in personal income.
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>>justine: the new air jordans are coming out today. they sell for $180, beacon by them on the internet for former dollars. people are waiting in long lines to buy them. police had to use pepper spray in seattle to break up fights among shoe buyers were pushing it shoving. yet we have a crew on the way to check out the scene at different bay area malls. a
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n >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 and it continues. here is a live look at the golden gate. it is cold. 25 and now in santa rosa. 21 in petaluma. in the '20s and concord, san ramon and paul also.
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>>darya: the crowds are lining up for the hottest she this season. craig skalar is live in daly
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city. do these people understand that they are not giving anything away? >>craig: some of them have been here since midnight to get inside. this is macy's, they're looking something similar to this, this is an earlier version. this is the concord. the odds are a little against these guys. >>darya: is is a 90?
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>>darya: what is so great about these sneakers? >> they will good. i am doing it for the value. as soon as these sell out, the valuable double and then triple. people will sell this same issue for $500. a man and even where mine, i might just blows them online. >>craig: it is like an investment? >> yes. zahara
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>>darya: mark. >>mark: we are watching storms across the eastern half of the nation. we have video coming in from georgia, at least seven people injured in severe weather. if possible tornado on this side of the building, this was in the floyd county just north of atlanta. heavy rainfall damaged a storage building. look at the damage to the buildings where half. it is
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the same storm that went through colorado. white christmas and the denver area. 14 in. of snow crippling the commute and the drivers were stuck. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather just outside of kron4 on van ness ave. we cannot tell is how cold it is, especially shopping after yesterday. >>james: '50's in the north bay and and low 20s. there is some pretty dangerous weather if you happen to be outside. this is our national view. cochran
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flights getting in and out of new york are looking fine. it is a blown call. here is a live look outside on the james lick freeway. call a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m. serious it will be called again of high qr xbox and
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>>james: a pretty stable forecast. concord and walnut creek, a 59-60 degrees. pretty widespread across the wine country. if you are in san francisco today, 58. >>james: plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday. third
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of all of all dupont he'd
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>>darya: steve jobs is receiving a posthumous grammy for technological innovation in the arson. they are citing his advancement that transformed the way we consider to be music, television, movies and books. that award happens in february. och spher
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>>darya: we're getting ready for the opening bell on wall street. if we will see what
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happens as a stock futures are giving up earlier gains following reports often disheartening news. about consumers. we are following numbers right out of the gate. the commerce department has consumer spending and just a tan that 8 percent and in comes the same, one-tenth of a percent is what they rose. >>mark: wall street has gone to the dogs right there. a big travel day ahead of the christmas weekend. will tran is live at sfo with an update. >>will: the busiest travel days before christmas. the crowd is coming and going. it is not as busy as will we saw 20 minutes ago, but we will give you a full look at sf both. here is a shot from the roof camera outside of our building. it is not too bad serious a team of the
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parking enforcement officers are growing around, if he stayed too long at curbside they will tell you to move. kahan its four months visit >>will: where you're expecting a crowd? >> yes. i
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>>will: as far as the crowd is concerned, everything is moved so far. a little bit of warning, this is christmas, people are wanting to free gifts to loved ones, according to the airport spokesperson, do not have your guests. chances are when you go through security they will tell you to unwrap it. here is the best part, they have stations here that will wrap your gift for free. much more on the crowds at sfo coming up at 7:00 p.m.. >>james: we are hot enough for snow. cooks call hot--we
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are watching the debate thermometer. there is not a lot of unity or frost. it is stating very cold. many people are born to be getting up and going shopping.
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>> there is not much in a way of cloud cover. a freeze warning issued for the north bay valleys and east bay valleys in the south bay valleys. for the peninsula, not so much except towards the south peninsula. here is
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where we should end of this afternoon. here is a look at temperatures today. we will star with mixed skies and cloud cover. look for a fairly sunny afternoon. we will have another cold night tonight. christmas day on sunday we're looking good.
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>>george: it is a beautiful morning. fifth is if it is a beautiful morning. this is the upper deck in san francisco. traffic is flowing very smoothly across the span. you can make out the headlights twinkling. it is an easy ride into san francisco. there are no delays coming from the macarthur maze, nimitz freeway or east shore freeway. cochran ocaround the by area, we are hot spot how
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areandfree. 101 southbound is delayed free from 37 to the golden gate. here is the latest from justine waldman in the news room. >>justine: the senate has approved a two month renewal of the payroll tax cuts. the stopgap measure renews payroll tax cuts. we are following this developing story >>darya: firefighters are on the scene this morning looking for hot spots and or
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reason for a massive fire that happened yesterday. of the fire happened at the 15 02 golden gate ave. heckler its >>mark: the dow jones is a. we will be right back.
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>>darya: an earthquake in new zealand today. inside his office building, everything is swaying and shaking. it was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake followed by several aftershocks. no reports of serious injuries or widespread damage. this could hire a courthouse many buildings are still being rebuilt from the february earthquake earlier. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a huge look in
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daly city, he will growl please size this year sources.
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>>darya: knew this morning, the crowd is growing waiting for this store to open. they are selling these new jordans. craig skalar has been watching and the crowd at the low. many of these people show up at midnight. this health >>craig: they are opening now. people are waiting in line for the opportunity to go in. they have wristbands. that they're letting them in only a group at a time. i understand what happens is, they may not get the size they want, this just guarantees that they can get a pair. it's let me
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ask you a question. so what is it that you're waiting for? the exact size or anything? >> the exact size. >>craig: how long have you been waiting? >> i got in line may be an hour ago. >>craig: why it's a big deal to get one of these? >> they come out every 10 years. >>craig: do you have a lot of different jordan's? some people buy these and then resell them on the internet. he and yeltsin >>mark: i just like them. >>craig: they were supposed to open the doors at 6:00 a.m.. the process has
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started. on the other side, people who do not have wristbands. >>darya: you would think they were giving them away. to better dollars for sneakers. that is good for the store i guess. a party atmosphere at the serramonte center waiting to buy sneakers. >>justine: right now harry reid is talking, we want to listen in. he is addressing carol tax cuts. ice
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>> does this set you up for a battle about extending the payroll tax cuts? >> i think the first thing we will do is get the appropriation bills done. i have instructed my staff
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that the senate democrats will get together and there is a schedule that will come up with for the next session. >>reporter: this bill will reduce the duration by 20 weeks. will this hurt negotiations for your lawn? >> we have had people who have spoken loudly about cutting back, but this is something we could not get done otherwise. we will come back and revisit that. i want someone who works every day
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>>justine: we were listening to senate democratic leader harry reid, more on this story coming up. stay with us. >>mark: onto bay area weather and traffic. let's get an update on the forecast. far--really cold weather, especially in the north bay. we are well below freezing. here, you see santa rosa is at 26. we have nevada and naphtha off at 25. livermore in the upper 20s as well. oakland is below freezing. san jose is right near freezing curious house a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m.. the
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northern half of the peninsula is not included. ultimately temperatures will settle around 60 degrees. across the north bay will be right there at 60 degrees. we have some partly cloudy skies in the north bay. this is what the satellite you looks like. it's let's find
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out if there are any hot spots. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots for the bay area commute. it is a pretty good ride, light and easy all around the bay area. we are delay free for your ride heading westbound. it's through the
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east bay we are delay free on 680 south and 680 west. miss out a traffic looks good on all of the freeways. we want to alert you to a problem heading down towards reno. beer is a big rig accident and a sig alert has been issued. their roadways have been shut down. there is a several miles long traffic backed up behind this accident that involves a big rig and a fuel spill. the chp says the road closure is likely to be in effect for some time. alternate routes are necessary. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a reminder about
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new year's live. it will start at 11:30 p.m. on new year's eve.
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>>darya: here is a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we are called this morning and clear. we will be right back. these will
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