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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 23, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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an >>justine: the senate has passed a short-term measure for the payroll tax extension. we will have more on this developing story coming up. >>mark: kind temperatures around the bay area are down below freezing. look at all of those 20 degree temperatures. flats' go to the weather center for more. >>darya: it is really cold and not warm enough. fifth temperatures in santa rosa have gone down. >>james: look at that! we are not messing around. it is a cold morning. some of those valleys in the north they are even colder than what we are seeing right now. off freezing temperatures al near comfort and well below whorehouse madam in the south bay san
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jose is coming in at 33 and los gatos right there near freezing. it is bitterly cold. we have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m.. look at the difference this morning. this is a comparison of temperatures right now and how much colder it is compared to yesterday. quite a bit colder in santa rosa, novato and fairfield. yesterday we had 50 degree weather. remember that? it is really cold out there. this afternoon, 60 degree from in some spots. with
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the the san ramon valley in the east bay from concord to dublin and pleasanton, you are looking at 59-63 d of sunshine this afternoon. the notices of clouds out there right now. we will been in let's find out about the traffic would george. good morning. >>george: we are continuing to track a light and easy ride. we have a problem on
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interstate 80 where the roadway has been shut down by a big rig. this has occurred in the east on direction of 80. traffic has been backed up for several miles. a big rig struck the center divider and rushed for one of the diesel fuel tanks and one of the westbound lanes of 80 has been closed. this is causing a traffic jam. caltrans has said it is likely to be there for a while however base or suggest an alternate route. by is that the roadway is shutdown and there is no estimate for when it will reopen. closer
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to the bay area, a light and easy ride. we do not have any hot spots to slow your ride around the area. light traffic at the bridges and on the freeway. on the golden gate, traffic has been moving well in both directions. assists costs >>darya: speaking of travel, we are live at the airport this morning in san francisco as people are flying out at traveling for christmas. will durant is live at sfo with a look at clouds and security.-just with a look at crowds and security. first
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>>will: i do not see anyone with gifts in their hands. everyone seems to be heeding the warning. people here, as far as sfo is concerned, it is not a problem. the lions are not too long. that is because the height of the morning rush. the flights are just about over when and the next rushed what happened at maybe 9:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m.. yeah
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>> we recommended your picking someone up, use your cellphone lot. you can have someone drop 2 of its use the public service shuttle. we do have a long-term parking, about 5000 spots. if that does the love, we can issue you a voucher. he will >> obviously, denied gift wrap your presence.-- obviously, he should not give rack your presence. they have a gift wrapping station and a table rack your gift for free. even though it does not look the
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scene right now, the good part is, in a lot of kids travel during the week. >>justine: the senate has approved a payroll tax cut and congress just did the same. they passed a two month tax extension. the votes of all of 30 seconds. now, 160 million workers will see the 2 percent payroll tax could be extended for two more months. unemployment benefits will be extended but this will all have to go over again next year. both the house and senate have now approved the payroll tax cut.
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>>mark: a massive fire broke out in san francisco yesterday. it's here is the scene of the three story victorian home fire. 60 people are now homeless. the fire broke out around 11:30 p.m.. jackie sissel has an updates when we come back furious
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on paying
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>>mark: a quick check on wall street. the dow jones is continuing its winning ways of 40 points to 12,218 furious a slow growth for u.s. personal income. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. cork
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is >>mark: there are a lot of crowds standing in line for holiday items. in daly city, the crowds are lining up for the new jordan tennis shoes. >> the line is slowly thinning as people are slowly allowed in by a number system curious some people have been out here since midnight. show me what you got what was worth the wait. tell me why this was such a big deal.
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>> coming up in the '90s, people took this issue for granted. >>craig: how long did you wait to get them? >> for today's. we have been here since last night. >>craig: some people say that they sell these. >> they are only giving out one of the old size per person. i'm going to keep mine. >> in 10 years of the value of these will increase. >>craig: thank you. you can see the crowd is there. it is slowly being led and 1-3 at a time. there is a number
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system. >>mark: let's listen in to be space shuttle docking at the international space station. one american is a bore. >> all systems functioning normally. final approach to your new home in orbit.
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>> the target is in the center. their range rate is 011. we have a slight roll. the target is in the center. the 7 m. the target went by a half degree to the left. >> it is rolling towards the center. their range is about
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3 m. >> you can see the cross here camera. the systems are bringing the docking probe into alignment. now just 7 m away. >> the target is in the center. we have contact. we have capture. >> docking confirmed at 9:19 a.m. central time over southern russia. an early christmas present for the expedition crew.
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>> mission control reports that the docking probe has begun to retract. a flawless approach docking occurring again at 9:19 a.m. central time. 7:19 a.m. moscow time over southern russia. >>mark: there you have it, the international space station. now the international space station is back up to full speed with a full crew curia
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>> we are called all over. oakland is still below freezing at 31. 32 and los gatos and concord. they freeze warnings set to expire
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in danville and san ramon coming in right around 60 degrees. across the north bay, upper 50s and low 60s. 58 for san francisco. your 7 day around the bay shows that we will keep things relatively warm in the afternoons with clear skies all weekend long and into the first couple of days of next week. wednesday we
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change things up in quebec we have a small system that might bring rain to the north bay. looks as though the north bay stands a chance of a light rain. let's hand things over to george in the traffic department. >>mark: conditions look great in the bay area. there are major problems for the ride east on interstate 80 and the trip to reno. joining us now an officer from the highway patrol serious >> currently it is very cold up here. their roadways are clear and dry except for this one incident. a driver swerved for a deer and
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struck one of the guard rails. he spilled diesel fuel across the eastbound and westbound lanes on interstate 80. the actual cleanup should not take too long for the big rig and the trailer. the >>george: what are you recommending for people heading from the bay area to me now? >> i would say take highway 50 if you are headed to reno. we will have to close the freeway in both directions to get this properly clean desk. it did open as quickly as possible lane of by lane. to the south of highway 50 and to the north of highway 17. our weather is good. no problems
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as far as changes were snow.
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>>justine: and mt. diablo unified school district custodian has been arrested on with lewd acts of a child under 14. john aster from walnut creek has been booked into a detention facility and is being held on $1.5 million bail. police want more information because he has a job as a janitor at a variety of schools and believe he may have had access to more children. we will be right back.
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>>darya: we are taking a look at holiday travel at san francisco international. maybe you are pointed or picking up some at the airport. will tran and is live at sfo. thicks >>will: this woman just found out her flight was canceled. the last thing that he's all, it was not so busy but it has changed. the line is wrapping around at the american airlines terminal. people are patient but we just learn from that woman that her flight is not going to take off. hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. we'll see if we can talk with some of the travelers working the phones and looking at their itinerary. as are could i speak with you? he is
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heading from sfo to chicago. i spoke with an earlier. this is the busiest day before the christmas holiday. what you think about the lines? >> it has been good for me. we were and one line and got kicked out to another line. >>will: i would be mad. >> just a little bit. there's nothing we can do. >> they said we might have to wait until tomorrow.. i hope that is not it. john >>will: did you know you were booking a flight on the busiest day before christmas? >> not really. >>will: that is a lesson learned.
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>>will: look at this shot. it is starting to pick up. i spoke with some people who said they have their kids in a bag so they are fine, but if you have the gifts that you want to carry with you do not rob them. get here, get through the security checkpoint. they have stations that will give draft for you for free. >>james: the only instrument weather is in new mexico. in maine, they have some light
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rain and snow. that is all that is left of the huge system that is something rain in the south. so far so good. it should be fairly nice flying. this is the view from mt. tam looking back over san francisco. isn't that nice looking? some high level clouds but mostly clear. that is the headline this morning. a very cold bay area whites. mild and senate this afternoon with temperatures in the '60s. this evening temperatures will be right back down to freezing. these are the temperatures we are seeing. 26 in santa rosa, 27 in napa. a lot of these protected valleys are even colder than we see on the screen. no matter where you
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are it is awfully chilly. we're looking for sunny skies this afternoon and temperatures of look like this. here is your 7 day around the bay as live look towards the holiday weekend. the weather should be nice and sunny skies. so far, so good. wednesday things could get crowded stashed-wednesday things could get clouded. >>george: the bay area is
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enjoying great traffic conditions with no hot spots. there is a major problem for interstate 80 in your ride to reno. this is about 8 mi. east of truckee a big rig struck a guard rail. it ended up blocking lanes fuel tanks. at the eastbound lanes are shut down in just before the state line. you'll have to use highway 50. u.s. highway 50 to carson city and up to reno will be your best bet for according to the california highway patrol. no estimate on when they will be able to reopen eastbound lanes. here is a quick bridge check. this will be indicative of the traffic around the bay area. it is light everywhere your head this morning. kron the bay bridge and san mateo
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bridge, it is light in both directions. the golden gate is lighter than usual northbound and southbound. on the traffic maps, nothing but green on the roadway sensors. " >>justine: both chambers of congress have passed an amended version of the two months payroll tax cut extension. just this morning the measure cleared the democratic senate and the republican house by unanimous consent. now the measure goes to the president's desk and is expected to be signed shortly. >>mark: a massive fire broke out in san francisco. here is the scene around 11:30 p.m. when a fire broke out in a three story victorian that spread to other buildings. 60 people lost their homes. 32 residences were destroyed. jackie
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sissel is live on the scene of firefighters this morning. >>jackie: you can see this burned out building at the corner of peers and golden gate. firefighters have said out here all year long. they are on fire watch with >>darya: steve tausan 7:38 a.m.. san francisco firefighters, we will take a look at the story as we continue. we will be right
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back. qr
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>>darya: here is a live look on van ness avenue in san francisco. it is a cold morning. that is the big weather news. we have a long way to go before we warm up. we will be right back.
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often flew with these firms off if it didn't >>justine: a shooting at hilltop mall in richmond. no one has been hard. according to police, between 2000-3000 people were gathered at the mall in anticipation of
7:46 am
these new with jordan shoes. around 6:00 a.m. of someone shot a gun into the air. that person has been taken into police custody at the gun has been recovered. we do not have any other information about the suspect. costs qr >>darya: in daly city, we have been looking at long lines of people. craig skalar has seen thousands of their. >>craig: you were mentioning the shooting police are here to make sure that nothing gets out of hand. there are hundreds of people waiting their turn to get into the mall. this is what
7:47 am
the crowd looked like. people are showing their wristbands with numbers. the people i spoke with said it was well worth the wait. some of them have been here since late last night. >> we have been in line for over 20 hours. and in 32 degree weather. the are the only shoes that appreciate in value. it is more of an investment. >>jackie: this is the nike concord. people have been waiting, hoping to get the size they want. some people sell these. it is the only shoe that will appreciate.
7:48 am
>>darya: it is interesting what you say normally we would see a small security. those were the regular police monitoring this? >>craig: malls' security and police. there are quite a few police from this area in daly city on the lookout for any trouble. >>darya: the shooting we are following is in richmond. we will continue team coverage of one of the big stories happening today. >>mark: let's get a state on the forecast. it's really cold day. james fletcher has the forecast. fastest soft stem is for did out there.
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here is the view from mt. tam looking out of the debate. a beautiful shot of sutro tower. we have high clouds up above and it is awfully cold widespread. a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m.. this of to your, sunny and mild. cold as we headed to the overnight hours. let's take a quick look at temperatures. every location in the north bay and just about every location in the east a stretching down to the south bay is at or below freezing. that is how cold it is. literally freezing temperatures for the majority of the day today. the freeze morning will be in effect until 9:00 a.m..
7:50 am
it mainly targets these serious and light blue. and the peninsula, and temperatures have been in the '40's or upper thirties until you get down south. until 9:00 a.m. and after that will warm things up. there are some high level clouds. we have a system pushing to the pacific northwest.
7:51 am
if you have any evening plans for the hollies, bundle up. >>george: we have light traffic conditions around the bay area. there are no hot spot for traffic problems or slowing to speak of. we still have problems in the sierra on eastbound interstate 80. interstate 80 its shutdown eastbound and one lane westbound is closed. use u.s. highway 50 to get to read of this morning. there is still no estimated time of reopening.
7:52 am
closer to home, a look at the bridges. is an easy ride for the bay bridge westbound. the san a tale bridge ride, look at allied the traffic is in both directions. the golden gate, light in the problem free. there are no delays headed northbound or southbound. >>mark: here is a live look at the james lick. a lot of sunshine on the school friday morning. next saturday the countdown to new year's eve and the only local new year's show.
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kopp >>erica: facebook has just released suggested of sense. you will see a list of suggested events. i have it right here on my screen. >>darya: santa rosa is at 25 degrees. look at petaluma. 19 degrees.
7:57 am
>>darya: here is a look at some of the lions at sfo. everything is pretty much on time. as a blanket rule right now fog is not a problem. you're looking good there. oakland and san jose are running on time. we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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saugh (male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news.
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>> this morning, we will take you live to the scene. >> holiday travel is expected to be smooth. at 7:40 flight 1612 has been canceled because of
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mechanical failure. they are busy getting opeople on different flights because chicago is such a busy hub. where people transferred to different destinations. people are successfully getting on other flights. however, others are
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>> a developing story with that chambers of congress have passed to that two month periled extended extension. with a two-month extension of the amended portion. president barack obama is going to travel to hawaii for a christmas and vacation. that will give us an indication that it could be shortly. we will keep you posted.
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>>justine: we are getting new information on the shooting that is related with the new air jordan sneakers. somebody has actually opened fire at this shopping mall. lt. with the police department is joining us. >> good morning. >>caller: we know that you have to evacuate the mall. >> hello. >>justine: can you hear me? lt.? we do not have are on the
8:16 am
phone and however the information is that 3000 people were waiting at this hilltop mall in richmond. it was a new sneaker. crowds throughout the country have generated. people fired a gun into the air. it did not hurt anybody but there is a person of interest in custody. the gun has also been recovered. we have been hoping to hear from the lt.. however, sales have been suspended and that mall has been evacuated. >>darya: we even have a team coverage of this because of this sneaker. daly city has also big crowds with more control. the to have a police and security out there to make sure that there is order as people try to get these limited edition sneakers. craig
8:17 am
sklar? you get a bracelet and then you are gained entry? >> correct correct. these people are waiting to get the nike. let me show you a earlier. people were showing their wristband they waited yesterday so they can wait hours today. they are starting to get about 7:00 a.m. they are very happy. >>craig: what is your name? >> jonathan. >>craig: it looks like you have been looking what you are looking -- waiting for these and nike and these michael jordan for version are very important and you are a collector.
8:18 am
>>craig: your just as much of a collector and you are going to wear them? >> yes. i like to hold onto them and just collect them. >>craig: why is that so important? >> jordan is a great collector with great value. i like something like that. >>craig: how many hours? >> 14.5 hours. with everything, the wristband. >>craig: was that worth it? >> yes. >>darya: what was the price? >>craig: what was the price? >> $200. >>craig: oh my gosh! people are willing to pay a lot for these and put these on their feet or collect them. even put them on the internet. >>darya: i not want to cause a
8:19 am
riot but tell these people of a control online. we were searching called new jordan shop, and $109 and i understand you have to pay shipping and handling. but it is not my fault. still, they could be worth more and if you need them today? you still are able to obtain them online. >>mark: thank you. james is watching the weather. >>james: it is bitter cold and some in areas. santa rosa is coming in at 27 degrees. 20s all over the bay and the east bay. it is at or below freezing. 30's in concord. 29 in livermore. freezing and the santa rosa. here is at 8:19 we're still
8:20 am
seeing 20s. 30's. for a good portion of the bay area. some of the other bay area advantage- vantage points. we do however have clouds but no rainfall. this is part of a larger system. these will skirt through leaving us with mostly sunny skies this afternoon and temperatures will be nice. upper 50s/low 60s with a stable air. it looks like we will keep this until next week. 60s in oakland hayward, santa rosa and across the north bay mostly upper 50s. santa rosa at 52. some 58 napa, son of oil, add san francisco. if you're going to lake tahoe? sun rafael
8:21 am
-- temperatures will be about 43 degrees and lake tahoe. saturday sunny and 46 and sunday partly cloudy with 50 degrees. towards the very low double digits for overnight with only a 11 degrees and a 13 degrees on the sunday night. sunny, mild, a look at your 7 day around the bay coming up. and our weather and the potential for rainfall next week. >>george: the bay area continues to be light and easy with no hot spots. interstate - 80 eastbound is closed near the california state line. a big rig spilled fuel. a federal express truck hit a guard rail. there is one
8:22 am
westbound lane closed. all eastbound lanes have also been closed. haz-mat is on the scene to clear in diesel fuel. a richly that driver was trying to miss a deer. going through marino is a possible route. through the bay area is -- going through reno is possible route. because of that interstate - 80 eastbound closure. >>george: through the san mateo you can see that the commute eastbound, westbound is looking good. both are at decent levels. problem-free and exceptionally light on the southbound. >>mark: new details after the power outage at candlestick
8:23 am
park. this was the scene as the lights went out on monday night football is called an embarrassment. they took on the steelers on national television this was the first that was caused fifth by a slice that connected to pg&e wires. it connected to a sleeve and that is currently under investigation. the second power outage was during the second quarter of the game. it could be the failed transmitters which. >> barry bonds is appealing his felony conviction of lying to a grand victorygrand jury. they say that he was providing an evasive answer he was sentenced to one a month house arrest, and two
8:24 am
months of probation. he is appealing purified >>darya: 8:23 what you going to new year's? spend it with us. a 11:30 special. ♪
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>>dan: the iowa caucus on january 3rd, republican congressman hopeful mitt romney turned down an offer from and newt gingrich explaining why he is saying no thanks for his opponent request of a one on one. >> i will meet with all credible candidates and it will narrow down. two people, three people as it did last time.
8:28 am
perhaps new cambridge and i will get that chance but until it is at that time until newt gingrich and i are down to the final two. i will continue to debate all candidates. >>dan: he wanted to make sure that he was getting near-- all candidates are still actively pursuing the presidency. we will be back.
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8:30 am
>>dan: take a look these cold temperatures! 20's in the santa rosa. 34 degrees in oakland. and even freezing temperatures in fairfield, and novadoto.
8:31 am
>> daria what shall we expect. >>james: usually after sunrise the temperatures will slowly work their way up. still however chilly in the north but not much warming yet. antioch is still below freezing. 24 degrees in fairfield. 28 degrees in napa. with that sunshine however, we will see a warm up. 32 degrees in los gatos. 34 also in oakland that was earlier 31 so there is an improvement. three degrees. let us show you this freeze warning is still in effect until 30 minutes. you need to know that it will impact the north bay the east bay valleys and the south bay
8:32 am
valleys. that is where we're also seeing some cold temperatures including the south bay. high level clouds as part of this system that is well to the north. we are getting to the bottom edge of this cloud coverage. temperatures will be back to what we are used to. perhaps a few degrees above average. in oakland 60 degrees a practical woman prett common -- number. with nearly 60 degrees is included in napa, vallejo sandra federal- son of rafael san rafael. the christmas day, not bad. chilly, but bright. saturday sunday, keep
8:33 am
in mind that once that sun goes down it is going to get cold. shower activity possibly on wednesday. 8:33. >>george: light traffic from the bay area. no hot spots not even any slow traffic is an easy drive. for the drive through the sierra interstate 80 is shut down eastbound and also westbound. this is 8 mi. west of truckee with a diesel fuel spillage of the frederick's-fed ex. truck hit a guardrail. the diesel fuel has been spilled. the haz-mat
8:34 am
scene is on the scene >> the bay bridge is looking decent. the eastbound, the westbound, no problems. metering lights have not been activated. all so easy on the san mateo bridge the eastbound the westbound. they're right toward the golden gate, northbound, no problems here. in or out of marin county. >>darya: 8:34 new details on that fire in san francisco it was big! this morning they're still investigating the cause. how you can see these flames shooting out of the building that reached five-alarm with 150 firefighters received
8:35 am
responding it took three hours at 15 02 golden gate st. 32 residences involved. one was a single family home. one that is it-- and another was a three-story victorian home. another was an apartment complex. they have a lot to do. as far as investigating jackie is on the scene. >>jackie: good morning, daria. they want to make sure that this is completely out. there have been hot spots with fire trucks and fire fighters still out here. golden gate/pierce police barricades is still. pierce street is still closed at golden the feet st. fe are on
8:36 am
fire watch. this victorian is a tragic loss. they want to make sure that this is completely out. >>darya: those barricades are still up? >>jackie: .yes residents however nearby are still able to get through but the general public is not allowed in. there are at least three fire trucks. and at least dozens of firefighters still on the scene. >>darya: thank you. >>mark: watching the at s f o. >>reporter: if you are going towards chicago the 9:00 a.m. flight has been cancelled. it was an american airlines flight.
8:37 am
instead, they are looking for any flight to chicago. there is no rhyme or reason. a traveler was told to come back in 24 hours. others are leaving tonight. that is the big issue is far is the chicago flight. 1612 american airlines flight has been cancelled. to chicago. as far as other destinations? everything seems to be okay. most of those flights 4:06 p.m. 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. have been already balked. pushing through. and already booked
8:38 am
flights have been spoken for. >>darya: thank you. you can see san francisco on van ness ave. we will be back.
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>>dan: welcome back. the dow jones showing 12,200. light trading. >>darya: steve jobs is receiving a grammy for his technological innovations in the arts. his advancements were " transforming the with the we consume music television, movies books ". that show is in february. >>dan: a quick break. they live
8:42 am
look. through san francisco light traffic. -a live look. cool morning.
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>>justine: more details with the shooting. this was at the peak irreal mall. this was at the hilltop mall enrichment. 6:00 a.m. police say there was at least 3000 people. somebody shot a gun. into the air the bullet did not hurt anybody. there is a person of the interested in custody. the gun has been recovered. luckily nobody has been hurt. this just in to the kron 4 news room also, this was in fairfield. at the west field wall. 8 door was broken and a
8:46 am
window. the door was broken -- and a window was broken. the chp was called in to disperse the crowd of a least 400 people. there have been reports of this all morning. even peppers for had to be used in the seattle. upper-spray pepper-spray had to be used at crowds in the seattle. >>craig: you can see that they are still waiting. they are trying to get a nike concord. earlier, it was much more crowded. people were issued a wristband yesterday. now they
8:47 am
will be allowed to gain entry after a wristband. despite that long week it was well worth it. >> because we stood in line for over 24 hours! that is why. that is why. in a 32 degrees. >> these are the only shoes i appreciate and value is more of the investment. >>craig: this is what it looks like the nike concord 11. retail $180. some even paid $200. and let me show you some people with their bags. they wait in line to get a wristband. and they will go in for the first. they come out and get more. they are coming in, out, to get multiple pair. some of them are going to where. some of them are
8:48 am
going to sell them on the internet. they are not popular. either way a, a lot of happy folk fed up with a long time to get what they want. >>dan: thank you. >>darya: they waited in the cold. >>james: absolutely. i kill bad for them. temperatures in the 20s. i feel -- bad for them. the live view looking through san francisco is a mixture of blue skies this was earlier. from mt. tam at sunrise also another beautiful shot. first yes freezing temperatures below freezing in a good number of areas. 20s this morning. mild, sunny as we go towards this an afternoon. 50s and 60s. another
8:49 am
pattern expected to repeat tomorrow. 27 degrees in santa rosa. colder in fairfield that is going to be one of the cooler spots. 30 in antioch. the del toccoa, the san ramon valley, the livermore, and icebox. the delta -- >>james: believe it or not, san francisco is the warm spot at 43 degrees. who wouldn't think that that would be warm? however, with other cold temperatures 43 seems warmer. these clouds are bringing and that the pacific northwest system and bring us those cold temperatures. however, clearing
8:50 am
likely with the 60s later. oakland is expected to get to it 60 degrees. livermore redwood city also 60 degrees. through the north bay a similar story. san rafael, and those 60s expected in santa rosa. a look at your 7 day around the bay we will keep this air stable. your holiday is looking good. chilly. as children are opening up their presence 30's also on a sunday morning but the afternoon but sunny with children opening up their gifts. -- >>george: we still are monitoring light and favorable conditions bay-area wide. we have no hot spots. for nearly three hours interstate 80 has been shut down. westbound are
8:51 am
now starting to shut down near truckee at the nevada/california state line. a big rig accident. diesel fuel on the the road with a haz-mat on the scene. this has been the story for the bay area is like this, everywhere. this morning, we've not seen anything as far as a slow traffic. look at the san mateo. light. even the golden gate. 101 northbound, southbound has been problem- free. >>dan: police are investigating an accident in daly city. 49 year-old was walking in a crosswalk at skyline boulevard. 80 your da traveling southbound struck the victim. a trip a
8:52 am
toyota-corolla -- was traveling southbound. no alcohol was expected to be involved. >> jose and anaheim was taken into custody near brewster avenue stabbing incident. >> taxes p.m. 22 year-old joseph villavisnencio swerved to avoid the highway turkey and hit head- on with a big rig. >> infant formula tied-- a fatality
8:53 am
involved with this formula. walmart is now testing this powdered baby formula. >> the only local new year's hosted by gary radnich and catherine heenan.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>dan: a light day on wall street with 12,000. >>erica: pigeons ability to
8:57 am
understand numbers is right on with primates. you can train them. more interesting details on my facebook and page. >>dan: thank you the st. louis cardinal is a creed toy $26 million. they are desperately hoping to help out their team. this giants trade was in july. >>darya: a look at your 7 day around the bay low 60s as we have for the last couple of days. sunshine but we are noticing a big difference between today and the yesterday with those cold temperatures!
8:58 am
you can see chances of rain fall have been diminished for saturday, sunday but there is a chance on wednesday. we will be back with more. this is a clear approach to the bay bridge. a lot of sunshine. no metering lights. no traffic.
8:59 am
9:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. >>dan: good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning rush is on! will tran is at s f o. >>will: flight 1612, american airlines in chicago. most of those people are going on different flights. even later this evening even some, tomorrow but they will eventually get their destination. it is busy! although not quite as busy
9:01 am
because people of and traveling all week. let us show you out side. this is getting to s f o. it is quite light. the reason is that most of these morning flights have been taken off already. they are getting ready for that early afternoon flight rush. this is video powerhousehalf- earlier. this has been the same, all morning and not too much frustration. the american airlines flight 1612 experienced mechanical failure. 135,000 have been expected to pass through this airport alone. parking could be an issue. >> we recommend that you could use our cellphone lot. you can with their free. it only takes two minutes. by the time they
9:02 am
get out, to the curb there will be ready. have somebody drop you off. or use a public transport. we also have long-term parking. 5000 spots. we even have an overflow parking area. even if that fills up who will provide you with a voucher to park in the short term. >>dan: >>will: do not to pack your gifts because they will have free [rapping] present when -- again, we will keep you posted on the american airlines fog
9:03 am
difficult. >>dan: think of, will tran. >>darya: that cold weather is really an issue. >>erica: take a look to these temperatures! santa rosa, and below freezing only 27 degrees. it is a cold, for good start. we have been contending with these temperatures for several hours. slight improvements near oakland. 34 degrees and 39 degrees and half moon bay. as we take a look at where these temperatures will go? the future cast is set for a 11:00 a.m. with significant improvements. this navy blue is indicating temperatures cold. 50's south of
9:04 am
the golden gate. towards the peninsula and the east bay valleys. as we advance the clock by 2:00 p.m., the afternoon high will see santa rosa. and portions of the south bay. everybody else will be in the upper 50s. here is the number. neighborhood by neighborhood, upper 50s no surprise. oakland redwood city and even hayword. a bit cooler in half moon bay. we will see below 60s and san rafael. we're anticipating plenty of sunshine in the bottle, san francisco. turning our attention-and novadoto.. just below 60. mild, dry conditions
9:05 am
for the next couple of days with your christmas forecast looking pleasant. below 60 still contending with for good morning is especially, inland. we of that slight chance for wet weather but most of that is contained to the north. wednesday-thursday. 9:05. >>george: we continue to have a light traffic and we are not tracking any local hot spots. this has been one of the easiest mornings. however we have seen a closure of interstate levy near the nevada \ \ \---the diesel fuel spill just before 6:00 a.m. interstate - 80 interstate - eastbound have been closed. even westbound lanes are now closed. using interstate - 50 is a alternate. haz-mat is on the
9:06 am
scene cleanup that cleaning up that diesel. the san mateo the golden gate, all bridges are lighter than normal, southbound, northbound this morning. >>darya: 9:06 new details on that san francisco by year. it was raging yesterday. it went through three buildings. that san francisco -- a fire. >>darya: these are showing you the fire at its peak yesterday. three of our fight of 150 firefighters. at least 60 are out of a place to live. jackie is on the scene. >>jackie: good morning, it
9:07 am
daria. there have been hot spots extinguished within these three structures from overnight. police and fire have been on the scene at the corner continues to be closed at pierce/golden gate. periodically there will go to these structures to make sure that everything is out. this is an old building. there are pockets of fire watch activity. for right now everything is under control. expect to see this fire department to out this morning. >>darya: thank you, jackie. >>dan: we are waiting to hear from president obama. regarding the two-month pyrrole extension.
9:08 am
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adjusting we are learning new information at the >>justine: we are learning a new information. this location of the hilltop mall related to those new air jordan sneakers released by nike. at least 3000 people were waiting at 6:00 a.m. they were waiting for those shoes to go on the sale. according to police, the gunman was shot into the air. the gun has also been recovered. a person of custody has been detained. in addition, in
9:12 am
fairfield that the west field mall. people broke the door. people broke a window. the sheriff's office and the chp whereon peace seemed helping to disperse 400 people. the chp -- caught on the scene. in addition, pepper spray head to be used had to be used -- in seattle. >> i've already seen them on the bay at $60. they are at the retail level at $180. on the bait theonline sales right now at auction sites at $600. >>craig: let me show you actual
9:13 am
footage of the process. they are issued a wristband first. and then people be able to begaining entrance. they have waited at least 14 hours. slowly, there were allowed in. finally, this was a regular line. what was your name? >> joseph. >>craig: can you show me what you purchased? >> these are my air of love and jordan. these are the trade for a size 13. size to 13 is in high demand. >>craig: sounds like some people are wearing them and some people are not wearing them.
9:14 am
>> yes. i collect nike shoes for at least 10 years but then i opened a boutique. >> craig is a commodity? >> yes. >>craig: thank you. this line is dissipating. >>dan: thank you craig. we will be back.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
>>darya: 9:17 president obama is showing some success with a temporary success with the temporary extension. the republican controlled house followed suit. hopefully this standoff will be elected to lawmakers. >> everybody to not --
9:18 am
everything does not need to end up in a fight. people wonder why the rule breaking is so low i do not to know. it seems that everything we have done this past year has spent a knock down drag out light and there's no reason. message from this? i would hope that especially to the new members that legislation process is the art of compromise. >>darya: this compromise was over two months. this two month extension will be signed today by president obama. >>justine: we're waiting for president obama to speak. these are live pictures. we plan to take you there, live. >>dan: we are watching the
9:19 am
markets increasing just a touch this morning, it will cause some to wonder. >>erica: good morning, mark. the national weather service has issued a cancellation of that freezing the warning at 9:00 a.m. however some other areas are called. mild, sunny expected for today. some other areas are -- cold. >>erica: no surprise, these temperatures have been hit thekaufma and below freezing some areas santa
9:20 am
rosa with some improvements near san francisco. 43 degrees. 39 degrees in half moon bay. i want to show you where these numbers will go towards this afternoon. there will be plenty of upper 50s low 60s. 60 expected in red andwood redwood city. the northern sections could see a touch more warmth with 62 degrees in the santa rosa. 58 degrees in downtown san francisco. if you're going to the sierra? a quick look. light wind. 43 degrees but overnight only single digits! only five degrees with plenty of sunshine expected. partly cloudy
9:21 am
conditions for christmas day. a look at your 7 day around the bay that sunshine will continue with mild temperatures in the low 60s. still contending with frigid with warnings. we still have that bay area rainfall towards the middle of next week. 9:21 >>george: good morning ericka. we continue to track that problem near truckee his highway 50 can be used because this eastbound interstate - 80 is closed. the light traffic has been the theme all morning. it is unusual. it is on friday. because of the holiday it is difficult to find any slow conditions. this is about as
9:22 am
heavy as this has been 92 westbound incident-free. problem-free also towards the golden gate with no problems to/from marin county. >>mark: thank you, george. the power outage at candlestick park. not only once, but twice. the first time was right before kickoff. pg&e is saying that the connection failed. it is currently being examined/replaced. this second outage during the second quarter is blamed possibly by the candlestick park itself. it could have been a transfer switch. >> barry bonds is officially of killing his felony conviction. lawyers have filed -- he is
9:23 am
appealing. the steroids investigation of all newaccounts. his sentence is stayed until this appeal could take at least 18 months to appeal . >>darya: the connection of this woman was shot found by a roadwork area near milpitas. it is related to domestic violence. the husband is now the prime suspect. this is falling several interviews. there's even a gun recovered and the murder. >>darya: $1 million for their roles and the unrest slush prosecution of a major marijuana dealer. that will be between
9:24 am
hayward police, the southern alameda narcotics and livermore, south san francisco police departments. to upgrade equipment and fight the war on drugs. >>mark: we will continue to wait for president obama to speak and we will be back.
9:25 am
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9:27 am
>>mark: welcome back. this is in christ church. the usgs saying that this was a 5.8. several strong aftershocks. no damage however. the city of christ church still recovering. new zealand if you recall had a
9:28 am
damaging fare your earthquake. >>darya: 9:27 which will back. do not forget if you do not have holiday plans for new year's eve? keep it here. . redneck and catherine heenan will be hosting. catherine heenan and gary redneck -- we will be back. . redneck sports director. redneck
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: thank you for joining us. we are keeping you updated on the holiday travel at s f o we have la will tran, like. >> well people have decent attitudes. they are hoping that the holiday will keep them happy. there has been however a
9:31 am
mechanical failure. the airport spokesperson detailed that there was problems with that claim of american airlines 1612. you can see the ebb and flow. still people are in addition, long-term parking is issuing a short-term about her. you will get the rate of the long-term parking. besides the busiest day before the christmas holiday. 135,000 people expected to pass through. light 1612 american airlines is a big reminder that you have to call ahead. we have great
9:32 am
weather. we might not have any difficulty across the weather this time it was mechanical failure. who knows? always call ahead. >>darya: thank you, will tran. >>mark: let us get a quick update on the weather. >>erica: thank you, mark. we are making some significant improvements into the north bay with updated numbers. turning your attention to the weather headlines we have some of frigid temperatures. in fact, some are right around to freezing. the national weather service has canceled that freeze warning that we have been following. as i mentioned, to turn your attention to the christmas weekend. dry mild. temperatures in the low 60s. let me show you the santa rosa. novado, upper 20s now 33 degrees.
9:33 am
respectively, 34 in novato downtown san francisco experiencing 44 degrees. 41 degrees in half moon bay. 43 in mountain view. as we watch these temperatures by 11:00 a.m., that blue is indicating temperatures will be in the 40's. darker blue. a bit warmer along the south bay and inland. a mixture of 50s. this afternoon by 2:00 p.m. we could see green in the santa rosa. petaluma. those were cold this morning but at least significant improvements are expected even 60s. to break down these neighborhoods hayward, livermore, also 58 degrees expected in antioch with 59
9:34 am
degrees in half moon bay. to the north, we're anticipating 62 degrees in santa rosa but upper 50s in the north bay. 58 degrees in downtown san francisco. a quick look at the satellite and radar with high pressure over the bay area. we are dry and mild. this system to the north is showing the cloud coverage. your 7 day a look at your 7 day around the bay certainly those clouds are developing as we move towards wednesday. that rain will be light at best with most of that will be north of the golden gate. >>george: we continue to monitor crate conditions. it is so light with great-conditions however use u.s. highway 50 reroute instead of interstate - 80 eastbound closed. near truckee and the state line are
9:35 am
continuing to clean up diesel fuel. a big rig accident earlier this morning. the bridges are continuing to be clear. no metering lights. no backups. a great commute for the san mateo. the traffic is actually heavier than any other time this morning. the golden gate northbound southbound, 101 = problem-free with no delays to or from marin county. 9:35. and justine? >>justine: we are waiting for president obama to make comments on the payroll tax vote. they delivered a last-minute peril tax extension. he is supposed to make-a payroll-extension bill will be signed before his hawaii
9:36 am
vacation. >>dan: >>mark: thank you, justine this was the scene near pierce. over 100 firefighters on golden gate avenue. it took three hours to get this plays ouplease firethis fire -- jackie is on the scene. >> jackie: good morning mark. i am sure when you the scene from the corner of pierce and golden gate. pierce is still closed. the police barricades our continuedare still up. they are hoping
9:37 am
this is not reignite. this is an old building made of wood. they are continuing to monitor hot spots. >>mark: thank you jackie. we are still trying to continued to find the cause of that fire. >>darya: thank you. our roof on van ness with all of that sa-- beautiful sunshine. still cold. we will be right back.
9:38 am
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
9:40 am
>> texas a & m tragedy. this was near jacksonville, texas
9:41 am
villavisencio attempted to avoid a highway bird. the inadvertently smashed into a big rig and died on the scene. >> this structure had of vulnerable damage. the upper floors during storms could continue with that 5.2 magnitude shook the capital and august. >> check this out! bison in colorado. the 10 in.! plenty of people stuck. and no new
9:42 am
snowfall up but plenty of sunshine in the denver area. but they will definitely have plenty of white christmas shops. we will continue to wait for president obama and continued to keep you updated.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: shots have been fired at the hilltop mall for this new air jordan sneakers. no injuries. however one person has been in custody. >>darya: also in ceremanty center with greg sklar live. people are waiting. craig? >> cried crai >>craig: yes, first there issued
9:46 am
a wristband from yesterday. this is a line out side. inside, this is video as the line continues towards the store that sells these. it is just a little bit of crowd control as several people are waiting. many people say that it was well worth it. >> because we stood in line! all for 24 hours. just for this, that is why, that is why. 32 degrees. >> viso the only issues that will appreciate in value these are the only shoes. >> this is the nike concord. that is what is considered a
9:47 am
collector's item/investment. >>craig: , of course, people put them on a higher rate online. there are various reasons why people get these. you can see some people will get a couple of these pair. they will wait in line a couple of times. most of these people got what they are looking for. some of these have already been through. some however, are going to again. this is a great time for them. >>darya: thank you craig. >>mark: this is country-wide, in houston, and for the most part it has been peaceful with the
9:48 am
exception of it lento and pepper spray used in the seattle. >>erica: good morning, mark. taking a look at the temperatures we've had significant improvements. no longer are we dealing with the sub-freezing temperatures. you could see low 30's. still, below freezing in fairfield at 31 degrees. south of the golden gate we will see a mixture of 40's and 30's. 44 degrees in downtown san francisco. these temperatures will show this band indicating these locations will hang onto those 40's. however, oakland, fremont. a mixture of 50s. the afternoon high will
9:49 am
show some locations getting even into the 60s. neighborhood by neighborhood 60s along the immediate bay area. oakland redwood city. along the coast will state chilly. 60s in san jose. 62 degrees expected in santa rosa. if you are going to the sierras? we have pretty pleasant conditions to talk about. right now light wind with an afternoon high of 40's but take a look at these very frigid overnight lows. single digits. we will see plenty of snowfall as we go towards christmas eve. partly cloudy on christmas day with only 50 degrees on sunday. the extended forecast is showing plenty of
9:50 am
sunshine. that slight chance of wet weather on wednesday next week. 9:49 and won the final check of traffic. >>george: no hot spots, no delays a great look bay-area wide. and finally better news at the incident on interstate 80 east bound. one lane is finally open. eastbound towards the county line. it is 8 mi. near truckee it was and accident. at one point, both directions for completely shut down. highway 50 is an alternate. a quick check of the bridges. you will see how light it has been. it has never been heavier than that this.
9:51 am
this is indicative of what we will see. . it has also been of light through marion county. northbound southbound. >>darya: 9:51 we are going to speak to-gold-of the monda monta ellis. >>mark: apparently that monta ellis is pursuing her via text messages. she is pursuing legal action this seems to happen in sports quite a bit. and pratt favre >> tiger woods. >> is it thompso thomas -- -
9:52 am
isiah this happens lamore than you think with teams and players and employees having consensual relationships. this has to stop! the organization still these people to stop these organizatio relations. they cannot terminate the player the having guaranteed $6 million contract. like monta ellis. that they're not going to trade that he is a valued commodity on the court. what are they left to do? this is a problem in the organization. the public relations director is warned that if she continues to continue this relationship. >> daria is there a fraternization rule?
9:53 am
>> it is unwritten told her to stop and they told him to stop. what did they do? they kept going. >>darya: she is claiming what? >> there claiming sexual ree harassment. the big powerful star player had a relationship with her. these of seen the text messages and the warriors terminated her. however ti am not sure what could of the lawsuit this is trust me, i've worked in this industry. this happens with consensual relationships managements say stop and they cannot stop. >>dan: mark:what type of protection
9:54 am
to pay half?they have -- >> the warriors say that this was consensual. if she denies that? if she was saying that it was unwanted? if she goes to management and says that monta ellis is texting me. he is harassing me. he is uncomfortable making the field -- uncomfortable. and if the warriors say that you are fired! that would be a different story. however so far it appears that the warriors have seen that it is consensual. if that is a lawsuit? it remains to
9:55 am
be seen but i say, not. >>darya: we will be right back.
9:56 am
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9:58 am
>> merry christmas! ♪
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