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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and >>james: the approach to the bay bridge is on the lower right. there are warning signs that firefighters say they're concerned about. yoli eceves is taking it live look at the oakland hills, engaging some of the dry brush. >>darya: >>yoli: you can see some dry
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grass in the area. you can see some dry grass around here. usually it will be pretty lush and green. the fire department is trying to do what they have to to minimize any fires. they had a higher amount of fires in december than usual. they are asking residents, if you decide to take a camping trip, do not start any wild fires, especially on a windy day especially because the precipitation has been so low.
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>>erica: we are continuing with the dry weather for 7- 10 days. it is very clear that we will go into january with no wet weather. as we head into the afternoon we will see a mix of high clouds and sunshine. everyone will make it into the 60s the slightly cooler compared to what we saw yesterday. fog tracker 4 shows the read on the screen, it indicates less than a quarter of a mile visibility. be mindful of the cars in front of you especially on 101. you will certainly want to bundle up.
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temperatures in the north bay, 32. upper 30s in napa and santa rosa. take a look at downtown san francisco. by lunchtime the green on the screen it indicates a low 60s. as we turn our attention to the north bay we will see a hazy sunshine. 59 expected for richmond this afternoon.
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your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a good mix of 60s partly cloudy conditions and as we head into the weekend we will see a lot of sunshine. we will be contending with gusty winds. >>george: we are probably a few minutes away from the beginning of some back up on the bay bridge westbound. the approach is still look good and the drive times are 9-11 minutes out of the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco. we have not seen anything in the way of slow traffic or problems.
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>>george: a little bit of salon on 101. for 101 server marin county, an easy trip southbound. 22-23 minute drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: the labor
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department has just put out a new weekly employment numbers. >>james: several occupy oakland protesters were arrested frank ogawa plaza during a raid late last night. they say protesters have violated permit conditions. workers at
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american licorice company are protesting this morning in front of union city. protesters are striking. he can see them carrying picket signs.
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>> we feel really bad because most of us have been working here for more than 15 years. >> they make 16-$18 an hour. this situation comes with the economic troubles we are facing. meanwhile
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they will stay out here until there is a resolution. as you can see there is still blocking the entrance way. >>mark: we're back with more in just a minute.
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>>james: it is drive for the rest of the week, into the weekend and into next week. this is pretty typical for this time of year. we are looking for more rain and snow we needed, especially
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in the sierra. it is unbearably dry out there. there is no snow inside on the horizon. jeff book took a look at how the businesses are being affected. >> winter sports are less available. many resorts have shut down and are hoping for a late winter storm. ski rental shops are empty hotel rooms are vacant fed in the cabins are closed. it is the driest season in recent memory. people that take into hiking in bicycle riding because of the mild temperature and clear skies. >>james: we're back with more in a minute.
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figure >>erica: we're taking a look at the visibility chart. as you head out the door you'll notice very poor visibility from santa rosa to novato the. visibility is down to a half mile. everywhere else, we are seeing crystal clear conditions. we will be monitoring that ralph morning. take a look at current temperatures right outside the door. know what is right at freezing. upper 30's in napa and santa rosa. 34 in fairfield. downtown san francisco coming in at 48. a degree cooler in mountain view. into the afternoon we are anticipating temperatures slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday. the warmer
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temperatures will be set to we did in the south bay. morgan hill could get up to 67. 66 for those of you in livermore. satellite and radar shows what what activity in the pacific northwest with cloud cover headed in that general direction. for the next several days, dry and mild weather with windy conditions expected especially in the higher elevations. >>george: we have great traffic conditions around the bay area. on the bay bridge traffic has been
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light all morning. there are no delays on any of the approaches. we're near the time for the metering lights are normally activated. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been good all morning long. the drive times are 13 minutes over to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride has been easy. light traffic southbound. interstate 80 is still a smooth trip. no delays for your ride for walnut creek is. 85 has not begun to back up yet. marin is still
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trouble-free and the way free to the golden gate bridge to the. >>justine: south san francisco police are now warning people to park their cars in garages or well lit areas because there has been a rash of catalytic converter sasses since christmas eve. the targeted cars appear to be a toyota models especially trucks and suvs. residents are being encouraged to report any suspicious activity. it is considered grand theft to take one of those devices. >>james: a man has been arrested after allegedly raming four police cars.
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ophthalmia he was being sought on a warrant by police for failing to report to jail for a misdemeanor petty theft conviction. he decided to run from police and stole an sdp after punching a driver in the face. even the officers were able to stop the yukon he refused to get out of the car and in fact kept trying to drive. that is when officers fired a taser through the car window and took him into custody. an elderly marin county man is recovering after a shootout with a home intruder. he was in his home in the grain freight when he was taken hostage by a home intruder. kay thompson explains what happened. >> in a green beret a 90 year-old man was attacked inside of his home and fought back. he was inside his house when the attacker brought to the front door in the pointed a gun at him. he told the man he was nervous and had to use the bathroom. he had a gun hidden there.
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he came under the bathroom shooting and shot the attacker three times. the attacker thought of one shot the bullet went through his cheek. he is in stable condition, his head is swollen and bleeding in the cannot hear out of one year but they're happy he is alive. >>james: we have headlines coming up on the other side of the break, here is a live look outside. here is a live look at mt. tam. a little bit breezy but down low it is cool and clear.
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>>justine: said triton these live pictures coming to us from houston tx. more than
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one dozen people are injured. there are at least 15 ambulances on the scene. investigators are saying that fog could be the reason for the accident. >>james: president obama is looking to boost summer job prospects for kids. the white house says with help from the private sector it has gotten commitments for
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over 100,000 youth positions next summer. the president says with young people facing record unemployment, the government has to do everything it can to make sure they have opportunities to learn skills and work ethic. the president is also unveiling a plan today for a slimmed down a military. he is said to make a formal announcement does before 8:00 a.m. at the pentagon. the president has been burdened throughout his time in office with the wars that he inherited. we will take a break and we have a live look outside as the james lick freeway where traffic is building but not terribly. we will get the latest of a commute and whether with george america.
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>>james: dow futures had been negative the dow has ended a mostly positive. >>james: all of california has unseasonably dry weather. burner days have been cancelled to increase fire danger. yoli aceves is standing by live in the oakland hills look more and conditions. >>yoli: good morning. s. you can see some dry grass right here. it is normally very lush by this time. how fire
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is a doing their part in trying to be cautious with conditions, there are also asking residents to do the same. the dry conditions are allowing people to do outdoor activities. you want to be cautious. and they're telling people to be cautious for now. >>james: we are hoping. it's >>erica: i do not expect any wet weather for the next 7- 10 days. it looks like we will be heading into january
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completely dry in the bay area and throughout all of california. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. >>erica: the area of lawrence indicates less than a half mile of the visibility. on our last report we saw a dense fog just north of santa rosa stretching into the,. the rate on the screen indicates between two and 5 mi. of visibility at the hour.
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another big story are those pretty chilly temperatures. nevada is sitting and freezing. 31 in fairfield. very chilly out the door. neighborhood by neighborhood slightly cooler conditions. warmer temperatures anticipated in the south bay.
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>>george: the ride on the san mateo bridge looks pretty good. the volume has
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definitely picked up for the west down the side of the bridge. good visibility and no fog. it is an easy ride in both directions. here is a look in the east they were the right looks good for 680 southbound. a little slowing on interstate 80 adding one minute or two to the drive time from hercules to berkeley. the south bay freeways still look pretty good. in the north bay ride, there are no major delays.
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>>craig: the demonstrators have been out here four weeks. this is a situation where the union is trying to get more from the liquorice company that they work for in union city. they want more medical benefits. they're worried about medical benefits being cut. the average 16-18 hours. they have been working here for 15 or more years. this is a familiar story around the country. blocking investigate and the other entrance, they are not stopping any trucks. people told me they have been here
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since the holidays. the company has have replacement workers ever since. >>james: it is interesting that you see the truck drivers continued to go to the picket line, are they unionized? we'll have to get the answers to those questions later on. in any event, a figure for the update. we will be following it as it develops throughout the morning. we also have any details, a utah police officer is dead and five others were covering after a gun and shot them. the suspect is in the hospital was not life-threatening injuries. the shooting occurred as an anti-drug strike team was serving a warrant. a witness says a
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police chief could have occurred before the exchange of gunfire. a worker at a nearby gas station says he saw 30 police cars chasing a vehicle before the shooting began. in the bay area, as city officials are talking today about selling facebook. a social meeting company is planning to expand on this is an menlo park. residents are concerned about the impact. their current campus houses 2000 employees. the company plans to increase that number by 1000 a year for the next six years. city officials said they are not satisfied with the environmental report. >>mark: >>james: here is a live look from the roof camera this morning. a clear start around the bay the latest on weather and traffic when we come back.
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>>james: 6:42 a.m., we have a story out of the east. residents are still dealing with a fairly nasty odor in the air. it is something they have small before. jackie sissel is here to explain. >>jackie: good morning. this problem has been going on for two months. i am at the corner of myrtle drive and concord. residents out here said they have been dealing with this for two months. this actually happened back in november when a 16 in. water main owned by chronicle for looks, the pipeline burst spilling crude oil. but these it seems like the odor has gotten worse. the hazardous
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materials staff keeps receiving reports from people out here reports of a noxious smell. they say it is not necessarily a health hazard and that the crews are working hard to fix it but for the residents who have been dealing with this for the last couple of months, it is becoming more than just a nuisance. >>james: i can imagine. >>james: we're going to take a quick break. we have much more straight ahead when we come back.
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>>james: said george gaskell on will be sworn in as the first hispanic district attorney in san francisco. he won a four year term in november's election after being appointed district attorney year-ago by then mayor gavin newsome. the
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ceremony will be at mission high school. for news and is now the state's lieutenant governor. feinstein and and other officials will be in attendance. see >>erica: /are looking for to another mild and sunny day around the bay area. clear conditions although we do have a patchy fog in the northeast. it is not affected visibility right now. as we headed to the half an hour, high clouds and sunshine. everyone will be in the low 60s. overnight, partly cloudy conditions with a drop back down into the '40's. you'll notice temperatures are cooler did yesterday. 35 right now in santa rosa. 38
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for those of you in napa. in oakland and los gatos they have dropped to the upper 30s. low 40's pretty much everywhere else. shocking act 41 along the coastline. into the afternoon a lot of sunshine. we're still above the seasonal average. a couple of locations are a few degrees shy of breaking some records. it looks like warmer term actors will be contained to the south bay. in the north bay, check out santa rosa coming in at 65. 59 expected for downtown san francisco. we have a wet weather activity situated in
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the pacific northwest. a lot of cloud cover headed that way. in the bay area, dry and mild conditions with sunny weather. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows what is going on in the bay area, plenty of 60s a partly cloudy conditions for the rest of the work week. a string of sunshine as it headed to the weekend. time for a check on the morning commute with george. >>george: as we move closer to 7:00 a.m. we're starting to see congestion on the bay area freeways. we are still lighter than usual around the bay area. on the bay bridge there are no incidents. we have not seen any hot spots this morning but we are ever vigilant.
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the golden gate bridge is problem free across the span. no problems on oil drive. he thus in the east bay, we mentioned some congestion starting to show up. elizabeth's low in leading to walnut creek on 680 southbound. i have a report of an accident, the first area of concern for possible hot spot is on 680.
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>>george: 101 southbound, an easy commute. from 37 to the golden gate bridge we are delayed free. speeds are at the limit or better. the >>james: in the south bay, a new details and a story we brought you live yesterday morning. three people have been arrested following a traffic stop in san jose.
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these are the suspects in custody. the man alleged grant from this car after being pulled over on saratoga avenue. investigators say the other two people in the vehicle stayed in the car but refused to cooperate. inside the car police found stolen mail. a sheriff's deputy tried to pull over the pacific in the early morning hours. that is what garcia drove slowly but that stopped slowly and ran off. he was found later hiding near a shed and the art of a home a couple blocks away. he was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property, identity theft, conspiracy and resisting arrest. muni is trying to the head of a 40 year-old promise to get people out of their cars and into public transportation. the agency says it has a
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plan to do that in next six years. reggie kumar breaks down what that plan is. >> currently 30% of people take public transportation. officials are looking to increase that to 50%. >>justine: here is what we're watching in the newsroom. a quick update on occupy oakland. we have now learned how many people police arrested as they were demonstrating in front of city hall. organizers are telling us as many as 12 people were arrested. police action came two days after
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the city revoked a permit for protesters to set up that tt.
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>>james: we're plenty of sunshine but drive for the next 7-10 days. sunshine will dominate the forecast at least the next seven days. now, on to news. when you look at a picture like that you ask what happened here? a driver was speeding, missed a turn, hit some rocks, hit a tree stump and went airborne. they ended up on the roof of an apartment building. it happened yesterday morning. the
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driver ran off wearing only by--boxer shorts. costs of we will take a quick break here if there is a live look from the roof camera to study. a clear and cold start around the bay. back with more headlines in a minute.
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