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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 7, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the side to avoid hitting the line of stalled cars and the new york times has released its top places to travel in 2012 and one bay city that made the list is a surprise to one. oakland was named the number 5 place to travel. here is more in oakland. what other cities came out on top? >> reporter: well, this is a big story in oakland and around the bay area and a big shocker for those who live in oakland and it is the number 5 place to visit in 2012. it has quite a list. not only the 5 in california or in the country, this is number
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5 in the world. number one is panama and right before oakland is london and right after london is tokyo. these are amazing cities that they compared oakland to. one of the reasons the new york times ranks oakland so high is, because of restaurants and bar scenes. we'll have more at 8:30 in our full report. you can hear from oakland lovers. the full report coming up at 8:30. for now i'm da l i n. today dozens of protestors rallied to take action on wall street banks in the excelsior district. she shows us what happened. >> reporter: protestors from all walks of life rallied here in the bankers triangle. demonstrators from the alliance
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of californians known as ace teamed up with occupy san francisco and other activist groups. they gave this bank of america a letter to sit down to find solutions for area homeowners facing foreclosures. she is a spanish speaking member of ace and a resident in foreclosure. she is asking for a loan modification. she says with the help of the community some can get better mortgages that they can actually afford to pay and then eventually have a stable economy. she is not >> loan. she is one of 2,000 homeowners in the area to face foreclosure. gary brown also came to get help. >> the pressure to get out off our homes, evicted and i'm asking them would they work with us because we need that. >> reporter: this is the fourth time ace called a tense to this particular bank of america
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branch. they are demanding the bank pay property taxes owed. >> it has not you know gone up like a puff of smoke with that we are viable and that we are focused on achieving our goals. >> reporter: i left messages with the media representative from bank of america for comment and they have not urn red michaels. in san francisco. >> they marched on where there was a confrontation with bank employees. police arrived and remained on the scene. banks locked their doors and only opened them up for customers. >> the name arrested in sexual assaults has been released. he is charged with attempted murder, robbery and rape. you're looking at surveillance picture of the suspect released by police they linked him to three
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attacks on women through evidence from the they all took place between june and december. oakland police are investigating the discovery of a body found in a home. this appears to be suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: investigators spent saturday afternoon going through this home in the city's quiet neighborhood. at 2:00 a.m. that morning, police were on the scene of a home in 4100 block of limon road and removed the body of a woman. neighbors said the home was occupied by a young couple and their infant child. investigators and evidence technicians spent several hours in the home examining what one neighbor identified was the car belonging to the couple. they have not declared the home a crime scene. in oakland, jeff pierce, crime 4 news.
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santa clara police are investigating the murder of an elderly man. he was found shot and shot and killed in his home. the killers were seen wearing ski masks no arrests have been made. what a beautiful day today with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s to mid-70s. santa rosa 70 degrees. that ties the record. up into the low 70s. these temperatures running about 10 to 15 degrees above average. the other story in addition to the warm weather today has been gusty winds. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. they will calm down for tonight. we'll see clear skies, cool temperatures especially inland. santa rosa below freezing.
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30s for san jose and concord. for tomorrow another great day. sunday, looking nice. sunny, warm temperatures again with 60s, possibly some more 70s. santa rosa with the forecast high of 70 degrees. i'll tell you how much longer this nice weather will last coming up. while many are hoping for rain after this dry spell, all this sunny weather means time for fun. how january seems to be more like springtime for beach goers in san francisco. >> reporter: the surf is up and so is the sun. again day after day of it. that means ocean beach in san francisco were teamling people as if it were april and not january. >> this is his beach >> are you sure it is january? >> it is more like the summer somewhere else. >> how would you expect it?
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>> it is beautiful. >> we try to take the dog out also and they both need to get exercise. this is perfect. >> this group called the little dog comes out no matter the weather. it is sunny, so much the better. >> we do it no matter what the weather. >> we caught a break. >> yes. it is beautiful. the surf is like this too. up to 12-foot swells, more to the south though. the average person just enjoying the good weather, that is reward enough. in san francisco. still ahead tonight, a serial killer on the loose in california. who is being targeted. how hopefuls are gearing up before the new hampshire primary. the surprising place students bought answers to a test. >>
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decision 2012 is heating un. candidates took to the stage for a debate in new hampshire getting ready for the upcoming primary there. republicans and democrats are agreeing on one topic, job creation. both say 2012 means new jobs. barbara hall has the latest. >> reporter: they are off to a busy week kind in new hampshire with campaign events and two events just a few days before the first primary. mitt romney looked ahead to tuesday while campaigning in new hampshire. >> if we have leaders who will tell the truth and who will live within teg ty and who know how to lead, we can overcome any challenge we have. and i intend to be one of those leaders with your help on tuesday. >> reporter: rick santorum took
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a stab at the current administration. >> he doesn't trust you. >> reporter: rick perry had no events scheduled today. the weekly radio address by president obama and the designated spokesman said job creation in 2012. >> leaders in washington should have no higher priority this year than getting our economy back to creating jobs. >> we have to keep creating jobs. >> reporter: newt gingrich pointed to his differences with president obama. >> meanwhile, ron paul and john huntsman made their rounds. it is expected tuesday's results will shrink the gop field and this is serving as one of the last chances to secure a vote. barbara hall, kr0n4 news. stay with
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living on the streets can be dangerous and now, it is downright deadly, a killer on the loose targeting the homeless. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. i'll talk about the forecast for the rest of the weekend coming up. [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion!
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you go around looking over your shoulder. it's almost as if someone has broken into your home. >> announcer: don't spend another day without lifelock. call now! try lifelock's service risk-free for 60 days. lifelock is the only identity protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. no one provides more comprehensive identity protection than lifelock. if you're not convinced after 60 days, simply notify lifelock and you won't pay. and to keep your documents out of the wrong hands, we'll even add this personal shredder-- a $29 value-- absolutely free with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call now or go to lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. in california news, a serial killer in the southern part of the state is targeting the homeless. 3 men have been stabbed to death and the murders have
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sparked fear in the homeless community. here is more on the investigation. >> thank you for this meal. i ask for your hand of protection. >> reporter: a prayer for protection for thousands of homeless in orange county california. they are being targeted by a serial killer. >> we're handing out an emergency guiding kit we put together specifically because we realize these homeless men are being targeted by a murderer. >> it is set unso they can see what they are doing and of course in case of an emergency, you know get some attention or scare away the perpetrator. >> that purp traitor was caught on tape. a shadowy figure in a dark sweatshirt. >> he is a coward that a tax people that sleep alone. >> this was the first murder actually taking place, but police are only releasing still images. >> reporter: this shows the
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killer standing the night of december 20th when the first murder occurred at this sub bur been strip mall. a memorial to the victim is still here. some of the notes reading he who oh presses the poor shows contempt to their maker. and jim we know you're at peace with mom. 8 days later a body was found in anaheim. two days later she was killed. >> we believe it is a serial murderer. that is because the proximity and time that these murders occurred. the fact that all of the victims were middle age male homeless. they were all stabbed multiple times and geographically they are close to each other. >> they have points to a triangle with a radius of less than 3 miles. three local police agencies and
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fbi are looking for the driver of this white early 2000 toyota corolla. they are recommending the homeless sleep in shelters. in newport beach school officials say some high school students prepped for a history test, not by studying but by buying the answers on well it seems they were able to buy the test materials on amazon and found the questions and answers in the book and then apparently some tried to sell that information to other classmates. amazon yanked the test off the website. >> the attorney for a lawmaker accused of shoplifting said a brain tumor is to blame for the crime. she pleaded no contest. in october surveillance cameras showed her walking out of the doors with $2,500 in upper
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changed clothes. her attorney says a benign brain tumor played apart. she was sentenced to three years for the crime. what a day today. here is san francisco at the beach. it was sunny and warm. temperatures made it into the mid-60s this afternoon. some places into the 70s like mountainview today. 71 degrees. more nice weather on the way for tomorrow, as well. here is a live view of the bay bridge looking toward san francisco. the winds also an issue today, but they have for the most part calmed down. earlier today those winds were howling about 30 to 40 miles an hour. mount deab blow with a peak wind to 59 miles an hour, almost 60. those breezes continue to subside for tonight and we're going to see relatively calm conditions into the overnight hours. continued clear skies over california and we have these
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offshore winds. that is what we have been dealing with for today. for tonight no fog in the forecast. certainly no rain in the forecast. we have a storm in the pacific but like we have seen so far this winter, all these get directed this way up to the pacific northwest and to british columbia. we may catch the tail end of this system on tuesday morning, but just a few clouds, certainly no rain in the forecast. for tonight look for the winds to decrease. tomorrow more sunshine. more warm weather. dry weather continues once again for the next seven days. still breezy here at north and east way, but these winds will decrease in toward midnight and they will stay on the light side for the overnight hours so that will allow for some cooler temperatures this evening, below freezing in santa rosa tonight, 31 degrees. upper 30s and low 40s by the
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way. >> maybe into the 70s for another day. mid- to upper 60s for the south bay, a beautiful day to be outside. mid if 0s concord, walnut creek, same for pits burg. >> a high of 65. sunshine. the winds not really a problem for tomorrow. they will be on the light side. san francisco a little cooler, 62 but still a wonderful day. the highs typically this time of year in the low to mid-50s but much warmer than that. santa rosa up to 70 degrees again for our sunday. >> here is the seven day around the bay. it is january. it is the wet season, but we're seeing lots of sunshine. there are the clouds for tuesday as we catch the tail end of the weather system. windy conditions after that goes by. basically mild and sunny all the way through next weekend. >> coming up, we look at the
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right way and the wrong way to dispose of your christmas tree. mostly the wrong way. in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> winter shrubbery, not really shrubbery? when it is actually an illegally disposed of christmas tree. they are three separate trees here. people seem to have developed an art to hide illegally dumped trees. you can see two more in the video right here and here. i stood them up for proof. if you want to get rid of your tree it is not as simple as tossing it on your neighbor's lawn or leaving it's on the street. there is absolutely no attempt to hide the illegally dumped
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trees. it is a tree farm and more. not only did someone dump a tree, they also retaped the $30 stand and dumped that, too. in this pile there is also a wreath wrapped in plastic. this tree still can be recycled. what should you do with that now that christmas is over? well, placing it on someone's grass with a bike under it is not the right thing. every city has a different way of disposal but in oakland it goes out with your normal trash unless tinsel and flocked. call your public works or go online and check. you're going to start seeing a lot of christmas trees disposed of illegally so get your camera out and give me the photos.
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>> on the east bay stanley roberts kr0n4 news. e-mail us at people behaving badly at still looking for work? we'll show you where all the jobs are in the bay area. >> plus the desperate search for a match that could be life or death for this little boy.
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@p@@@ oakland has been named one of the top places to travel in
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2012 by the new york times but it has left some people scratching their heads as to why. here is more. here is the reason the city was picked. >> reporter: hey. the new york times named oakland that number 5 place to visit not just in california, not just in the country but in the world. as you mention the it has a lieutenant of folks talking about this. believe it or not the new york times says the uptown oakland, restaurants like this one behind me here is the reason why oakland deserves the top honor. >> the new york times finds beauty in a city that is buried in a lot of ugly cames. they upscale new restaurants and bars as one of the main reasons people should visit oakland. they praise the historic fox theater as one of the top music venues. the writer talked about the
8:30 pm
jack london square and why it is a top destination for 2012. >> articles showed it. i moved out. >> everyone who we talked to said oakland's high ranking is a big shocker, even those who live here. >> i was surprised by it. oakland has connotations in people's minds that might be negative. you look at jack london square and the parks and you look in the hills and you see the views. it could potentially be a great city. i just don't know that it is there yet. my thought of it being right next to san francisco that that would make the list over oakland. >> i'm surprised. i don't know if i agree with that or not. >> whether or not they agree,
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the number 5 place will put it on the map in a positive way. >> it is room to keep an open mind and compre went it more to see what we're missing. >> reporter: no matter how hard you try, the ugly side of oakland 103 murders. the upside many things the new york times mentioned upscale restaurants, jack london square and uptown oakland and obviously a lot of folks are hoping this ranking will a track outsiders to come into visit and patronize the businesses here. that article will be coming out tomorrow in the sunday's newspaper. >> routeing out the top five places to visit in 2012, panama took the number one scott.
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hell sin qui finland and myanmar. the national unemployment rate is down to 8 1/2%. government officials say the economy added 200,000 jobs in december but it will take 6 million more to get the u.s. back to levels from december of 2007. stan zeros in on jobs here and tells us where the jobs are and what positions are available. >> in terms of hiring all parts of the bay area are not equal. the bay area is doing better than the rest of the state. >> a lot of the drivers of the local economy throughout the bay area are you in the skilled high-tech areas and that is why we have been on the leading edge reflecting the strength in that type of hiring. >> the santa clara valley 3.3% with 28,400 jobs added.
8:33 pm
the bulk in the high-tech industry. he says other sectors are also seeing growth. >> strength in high-tech is beginning to still over to housing and retailing and personal services. lower skill jobs in some cases that are benefiting from the skill. san francisco has seen 1.6% job growth over the last year with 15,000 jobs added. >> software, the mobile apps industry south of the market, even hardware to the extent it is here in the bay area. we're seeing job growth we're seeing it entire rhythm as well. >> the only sore spot is allah me da and contra costa county which has lagged behind with job growth adding 2800 jobs over the last year. >> construction spending in the east bacon tin news to decline
8:34 pm
but more importantly the tech isn't doing as well as other parts of the bay area. they are creating more jobs. they signed a new lease for 400,000 square feet of office space. about 2,000 jobs are expected to be created. this is the largest long-term lease the city has seen in more than a decade. in the north bay, an upcoming public works project is promising new jobs. they hope to break ground which links sanoma to ma rin county as early as next week. they think it will be an economic boom to the area. >> reporter: i'm where the smart train will have a stop. officials tell us that the project is supposed to bring 900 new jobs to the area and
8:35 pm
they say that that is only the beginning. >> judy arnold is on the smart train board of directors. >> these jobs will be for the building trades. these are electricians, these are builders that have been idle because there is no building because of the economy. this is the biggest public works project in the bay area. >> phrase 1, 2 and 3 will unfold as you see here and more jobs will be created including people to run the smart train. >> we are going to need a human resources department, accountants, we're going to need dispatchers, operations. those will be permanent jobs. right now many of these jobs artem prayer but we hope it will be enough to tide people over. some cities there hasn't been one project that has come before the planning commission because the economy has been so bad. >> she said smart train was mandated to have the trains
8:36 pm
shown here built in the u.s.a.. >> one of the things we are required to do was buy american. we had to fit that category and the trains are being made in illinois so illinois gets to celebrate our smart train with us clear skies and warm temperatures on this saturday night. readings right now still in the 60s in a lot of spots a under ro the bay area. clear skies. generally, the winds will die down for tonight. for tomorrow morning, sunny skies, a cool start especially north bay, but readings below freezing. sunny and warm once again. there may be more places getting into the 70s for another day. here is future cast. looking at temperatures 6:00 a.m. coolest spot a way prompt bay in the 30s. 40s bay side and through the course of the late morning and
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early afternoon hours the sunshine will warm into the 60s an some 70s popping up there, as well. next week, starting monday, still more sunshine, warm weather to start out the week. for tuesday we're going to catch the tail end of a weather system that will bring a few clouds and gusty winds, but still looking dry and mild with no rain in the forecast. i'll have an update on the sierra in a few minutes. >> a search for a donor. kyle crawford has a plastic anemia and while the procedure is relatively simple ron pierce explains why his family is having a hard time finding a match. >> who is this guy? this guy is lilly's four-year- old brother kyle and lilly is confused because she hasn't
8:38 pm
seen much of him because he has been spending a lot if of time in the hospital. he will most likely need a bone marrow transplant. >> finding a donor will mother be easy. he is half chinese and half caucasian like his sister and it turns out there are not a lot of donors register tered that are half averaged half and that matters. for people of mixed race, the likelihood of finding a donor is only 40% so those that need a bone marrow transplant, it is 40%. there is a match out there for everybody but it means getting people registered so they can find somebody. kyle has always been just absolutely passionate about
8:39 pm
fish. kyle has undergone numerous transfusionings. he is on medication and it is just awful. we have had to resort to bribing him to take some of the medication he is on so he takes 15 doses which is 2 a day, he gets to get a fish. >> but a donor is what kyle needs and being one is a simple procedure not donating blood. >> it is more of a transfusion. it is a lot like drawing blood. the blood comes out of one arm and filtered by a machine. the system cells are filtered and inserted back in the other arm. >> we have kyle and lilly and daddy. >> lilly still wants to know where her brother is. >> it has been all of a month since we went from being kind of the average happy family
8:40 pm
just going through a routine to real crisis mode. >> jeff pierce, kron 4 news. a drive was held at the preschool. another will be held in san francisco. that is on 558 clayton and it goes from noon to 3 p.m. day one of the nfl playoffs. we'll get a look at who the 9ers could take on next week. he is going to play for stanford. we'll tell you who that is next.
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the nfl postseason kicked offer today and game one is in the book. today in an afc wild card match the texans beat the bengals. it was 31-10. detroit lions battled it out, but fell short with the saints. they traded score for score until the 4th quarter when the saints took a big leads.
8:43 pm
45-28. 49ers are on a by week and they could either play the giants, saints or falcons. barry sanders jr. will be going to stanford. the high school player announced he is signing with the cardinal today. sanders jr. is the son of 1988 heisman trophy winner barry sanders. >> the war in iraq might be over, but you'd never know it. we get a look at extreme violence and why it continues. plus, wonder who the biggest pot smokers are? californians are getting smoke.
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checking world news while the war in iraq might be over, extreme violence continues. at least 3x blocks went off where a parade celebrating the iraqi military was in progress. >> reporter: army day in iraq and a parade in baghdad but this show of pride was quickly marked soon after state tv started showing ceremony, one of multiple attacks on friday. >> a message from extremists that they can still cause
8:47 pm
mayhem here just as the political crisis deepens. he is using the army against his political opponents. leaders of the mainly sin ney opposition block say they are often surrounded by army vehicles. >> one prominent sunni speaker has warned publicly the army is beak used as a political tool, something the army denies. >> the days of using security forces to supress the people are gone. it ended with the former dick ta tore yual ray scream and now security sources respect the constitution and human rights and works to serve the people, not supress them. >> not true said this man. we're concealing his identity for his own safety. >> the only thing that has changed in iraq is the faces of those in power. it is the same policies and strath city gies of saddam
8:48 pm
hussein. there is torture and oppression. human rights watches are concerned. they issued a report with secret detention sites and torture in baghdad. >> it doesn't matter what sex you are. you're likely to be abruised, imprisoned, tortured. it targets certain groups more than others, but no iraqi is immune. >> security officials deny systematic abuse. there is growing anxiety here about tensions and violence. politicians say they are victims of a vendetta directed by the prime minister and the recent bombings is blamed on sunni extremists. the middle ground in iraq is shrinking fast.
8:49 pm
the new study claims australians and knew she landers are the biggest pot smokers. the british medical jr. says 15% use marijuana in 2009. americans came in at 7%. part of the reason pot is so popular down under, researchers say there are plenty of remote areas to grow it and it is more culturally accept the there than other parts of the word. >> gabrielle giffords, this is the arizona congress women with her husband helping to serve holiday meals at a military base. she was outside agrees ry store when a gunman opened fire last january. >> here is the shot from our cam looking down on san francisco. clear night, but notice it is windy there.
8:50 pm
we're seeing gusty winds over the higher elevations, 30 to 40 miles per hour. mount deab blow with gusts of 60 miles per hour. 20 to 30 there. temperatures because the breezes are in whenning up, readings are staying really mild. napa at 62 degrees. 60s for mill pit tas. mild in san francisco at 59. we're going to see things cool down into the overnight hours for tonight because the winds will begin to subside after midnight. look for low temperatures overnight. santa rosa into the 30s. >> here is lake tahoe. notice gusty winds up here, too, as well. we have seen gusts on the ridge tops in the sierra up and over 60 miles per hour. breezy for tomorrow. sunny skies though. sunny and warm as we go into the next few days. in fact into the 50s for
8:51 pm
monday. there are a few showers coming in tuesday however it looks like the snow levels will be pretty high as that system goes by around 8,000 feet. tomorrow a beautiful day, sunny skies. temperatures mid- to upper 60s. 70 degrees in santa rosa. no rain in this forecast all the way through next weekend. sunny skies for monday. increasing clouds tuesday morning no rain in the forecast. we're catching the tail end of a weather system. gusty winds late tuesday and wednesday into wednesday but it is going to be sunny and mild through the end of this coming week. will this be the year apple releases a tv to the market? when is the ipad 3 coming out or the iphone 5? a look at the gadgets expected in 2012 coming up in my tech report.
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now time for the tech report with gabe slate. the biggest new gadget is a tv by apple. i expect it to be announced in june during the w w-d c conference. it will blend the web into the living rom and make everything easy to do on your living room to v. buying, renting tv shows and music. in other tv news the first glasses free 3-d tv will be
8:55 pm
officially on sale on the market in the u.s. in 2012. toshiba sells them now, but only in japan and george ney. the the iphone f will be introduced in june. it will be full 4g capable. the ipad 3 might be introduced before june. if the might come out in february or march. in the will have a 3-d camera and 3-d viewing. in the whirl have the voice a sterling silver stand feature with the iphone 4s. >> big year for the vitae will come out. it is a high hand-held gaming destroys that lets you play them with interesting graphics. it is always connected via wii fi or a cell phone signal so you can always be online
8:56 pm
gaming. the wii u will be a huge release. it can't come out soon enough. i think it will come out this summer at the latest during the holiday shopping season. the kindle fire was good so they will release a bigger ten inch version like the ipad. the existing model is a 7-inch. keep tuning in as these gadgets are updated. >> weather did not get the memo. it is january after ul a. >> we have colder weather in july but today 60. no fog though. >> we're looking at sunshine. no rain. it is staying dry. enjoy the nice weather while it is here i guess even though we're not seeing any precipitation. tonight into the 30s and 40s. tomorrow >> not beauty, highs in the 60s
8:57 pm
and 70s. >> we'll be back at 11:00. love to see you then. bye-bye.
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