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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 11, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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joining us i am justine waldman. >>james: and i and james fletcher. let us take a look at the weather with erica. it is pretty cold out there. the cold spots are content to the north and east bay valleys. at two yen to the afternoon we will make up
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for. we will be right above the seasonal average. warmer temperatures for the most parsing into the '60s. as we head into the overnight hours we will continue to see cool and breezy numbers right outside the door. like i mentioned, just about the freezing mark for santa rosa, napa, and fairfield. you are right at it and navato. and everywhere else is pretty mild out there. downtown san francisco's coming in at 47 degrees. 43 for those that redwood city. it will be a little bit cooler than that for those in mountain view. we have widespread '60s around the bay area. yesterday we were holding on to the upper 50s but it looks like half moon bay could come in at 62 degrees, 64 in redwood city. now you could be one of the low spots around the bay area--the highest spot around the bay area coming in at 66. now you're
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satellite and radar does show high pressure really situated over the bay area. what that actually is doing is guiding the storm tracker well to our north. it looks like we will continue with mild in sunny conditions for least the next week. we do have the potential for some wet weather as the atmosphere changes but that may be tuesday night into wednesday of next week. in the meantime we will enjoy mostly sunny conditions with temperatures running in the '60s. from the traffic center we have no hot spots are major accidents to tell you about. it is pretty quiet out there. if you're taking the ride towards oakland and san francisco no big weight, and seriously no metering lights to deal with. over at the san mateo bridge is a nice and easy ride and the bright light is coming toward your headed east down to hayward. as the ticket live to the golden gate bridge south bound 101, cars and traffic is
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certainly moving at the limit. a quick check our traffic map shows the great right coming down the shore freeway. all that green on your screen indicate speeds over 50 mi. per hour. in fact i have calculated a drive time the ride from hercules to berkeley coming in at just 11 minutes this morning. rob >>james: cranky erica and the results are in from the new hampshire primary. we will have that coming up for you in just a little bit. but first she wanted to deal with some local news and the tells just release from san francisco police the army. apparently leaked information leading up to the raid on occupy san francisco. the police were using social media at the time it was supposed to be a surprise raid, we will have the latest coming up with take thompson with a latest on what happened. >>reporter: and the early morning hours of december 7th more than 100 police officers seized upon the occupy san francisco camp but some people knew they were coming. officers posting messages to
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facebook and twitter had tipped people often includes that something big was about to happen. officers posted or tweeted statements like working late, game day, starting early, and secret thing. that information on the internet spread hinting the rate of the police can--raid of the camp. in the future sfpd said they will keep officers out of the loop there will be told where to bring their gear and what time to show up and it will be briefed they will not be told what they're doing until about one hour before the operation. >>james: is not unprecedented, they do keep the details on some operations secret now they say they plan to do it more often. >>justine: the occupy process now have risen city leaders talking about changing some of their policies as well. they held a meeting late into the night last night. city officials are trying to adopt a plan that would not allow the police officers to
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help neighboring communities anymore. they did provide assistance during an occupy oakland protest which got out of hand. the resolution directs the police chief to carefully evaluate any requests for mutual aid from outside agencies and declined those requests if he feels necessary. in the meantime, the santa clara city council approved a plan paving the way towards a new san francisco 49ers stadium. the agreement with great america will allow the stadium to be ready in 2014 but that is only if the nfl approved spending $115 million to build it. >>james: a man accused of raping three women in the mission district is expected to be in court today. frederick dozier was arrested last week after the police received an anonymous
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tip. police say the attacks happened last year. the man accused of killing four women in the 1970's and 90's will be back in marin county court this morning. joseph not so--naso preliminary hearing got off on tuesday. he has pleaded not guilty. >>justine: in san jose and elementary school teachers under arrest accused of sexually assaulting a child. craig chandler teaches both second and third grades and he is accused of sexually assaulting a student last fall. he is now being held in the santa clara county jail without bail. in an effort to catch was responsible for setting at least 56 fires around a bottle, a $15,000 reward is now being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. the fire start this past weekend. fortunately no one has been
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hurt and no homes have been damaged either. firefighters are asking people to remain vigilant and look for any suspicious activity. it is time for a break on the kron4 morning news. we'll talk about the new hampshire primary and how mit romney made history last night. here is a live look outside in walnut creek weather and traffic right here we come right back.
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>> we are dangerous to the status quo in this country! >>james: that was ron paul speaking last night. he says he is staying in the race in focusing on the primary that is coming up later this month rick carey's debut have to focus on south carolina. >>justine: everyone has the fake left that is used and uncomfortable situations but laughter of some politicians
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is doing overtime this season. we take a look. >>reporter: the canadas' had been exhibiting two types of laughter, one is a genuine, and the other is forced. >> as i did not know how many of hundred times i have said this a this is an unusual interview left again. >>reporter: if they do when they are under attack. >>pam: on a level with the american people you have been running some of at least the 1990's. >>reporter: based on the small, laughter can be a wonderful weapon. tickets in 1968 had who mocking region nixon's running mate. it is the sense of laughter as that rings true in canada try to push things off--when canada to try to push things off. someone copied new
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gingrich laugh on youtube. that compared him to elmo. forget false steps, one false laugh and you become the laughing stock. >>reporter: 4 met ronnie defense of laughter is almost like a nervous tic. >> wanted to bail out? and >> the only reason you did not become a career politician is because you lost to teddy kennedy it in 1994. >>reporter: it is hard to laugh off the comedian's laughing at your laugh. >> the rule is you stop growing mit romney after he gives you that laugh. that is his safe word. [laughter] o'clock [laughter] >>reporter: even the present resource to pre-emptive laughter. >> does it disturb you that
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so many people hate you? [laughter] >>reporter: remember when hillary clinton's laugh was a ray of-- was raved a cackle. >> do i really laugh like that? [laughter] we will take >>justine: a live look outside the golden gate bridge, we will be right back.
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>>erica: today will see mostly widespread areas around the '60s. for the most part everyone is going to be sitting in the upper 50s and 60s. i'll have more on that in your seven day around but forecast. the check out navato coming in at 32 degrees, one degree warmer in santa rosa, napa and fairfield. for the most part we see widespread 30's in the north bay and for the interior valleys as well. places like downtown san francisco are coming in at 47 degrees, 43 for those in redwood city and we see a mixture of upper 30's and low '40's in the south bay as well. 41 for those in san jose and 39 for los gatos. around 8:00 a.m., it looks like we will continue to see a mixture of some 30's in places like fairfield and different areas. as we head closer to the 11:00 hour, the light blue on your screen indicates for the most part everyone is
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getting into at least the '50s. we could actually squeeze out some 60 for places like santa rosa, petaluma, and as we head closer to the afternoon high temperatures, by 2:00 p.m. all the green on your screen indicates for the most part everyone getting into the '60s. i will break down the numbers for you, half moon bay is warmer than yesterday. they could hit 62 degrees, 64 is the number for oakland in redwood city and also for livermore. we have a degree more than that in hayward. as we focus on the north bay we will see plenty of sunshine. 63 degrees expected for navato, 62 for those in san raphael. a degree cooler than that enrichment and 62 expected for vallejo this afternoon. your seven day around the bay forecast shows plenty of sunshine to go around. we have mostly sunny skies with mild conditions. temperatures in the '60s, no doubt about that. the temperatures will begin to decrease as the head closer to the end of the work week and into the weekend. we will see partly cloudy skies at the start
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the next week. here in the traffic center is a pretty quiet morning no major hot spots or accidents. there are no weights at the pay date, traffic is moving smoothly at the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge rise showing more traffic developing in the westbound direction. this ride is just 14 minutes from end to end. as the ticket over to the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 is still quiet with no accidents for your ride coming out of the north bay. here on the traffic map, you will see great conditions for the south bay freeway north bound under one has a nice and easy ride coming out of the highly valley. interstate 280 is currently accident and incident free. all that green indicates speeds over 50 mi. per hour. highway 17 has no reports of any delays. >>justine: bankamerica, despite plans to step up security police say three
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people were arrested for trespassing at the san francisco zoo. the police said the three men were transients and they were reaping--they were immediately apprehended after they jumped over a fence. and remember earlier this month someone stole the 17 year-old girl monkey seen here. he was later returned to the zoo, the zoo staff say they have increased their security after the first incident and will maintain staff at higher levels now. >> to incidence locals would raise concerns about but not think we are going to just did everything we pam. >> i know if we are in easy target, as we did increase security after bananas sam and will save your at this level now. after a further
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security review i think we will be ok with the level of security that we have on the graveyard shift. >>justine: police say the two incidents are not related. the $5,000 reward for returning bananas sam will be withheld until the police finished their investigation. >>james: yesterday the state controller reported that california collected $165 million less in revenue that was less than the governor projected in his proposal. monday analysts said the to parade tax increases would generate nearly $2 billion less annually than anticipated. dan kerman spoke with some of those that will be hardest hit by the cuts. >> shame on governor brown! >>reporter: these all workers gathered in front of the state building on tuesday for protest. >> i feel like the
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threshold is being removed underneath me. >>reporter: crystal says it child care is cut she will have no where to put her daughter and thus will not lead to a full-time job or continue on with her education. >> i lost my job i had to step son with--kept their home with my son. >>reporter: this woman already had to give up her job to stay home with her children to the previous health-care--child care cuts. >>reporter: michelle is disabled and concerned about proposed cuts to in home support services which she relies on to provide. >> might care provider helps me to evade, cook, clean, she helps me to shop, she helps feed me. she does my basic every day care for me. >>reporter: she said the
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cuts are shortsighted because without the program the state will be pain for her to be in a nursing home. >> cutting this program makes no sense, it actually will cost the state more. >>reporter: some people are surprised by the governor's latest budget proposal and others are not. they want to help by putting a face on the budget cuts and convince the governor, or the voters to force the legislature to reverse this course. >>justine: also this morning an attorney representing a group of san francisco residents has issued a demand letter to the city to remove proabortion banners that are on market street. we explain why the group wants these banners removed. >>reporter: banners just like this one are hung on city-wide hold on market street. attorneys with the life legal defense foundation say that the 70 proabortion banners need to go because it violates the city's code.
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>> they have a certain criteria in their code for city sponsored events. this is not any event, so by allowing this campaign to post the banners they are giving the impression that that is their stand. >>reporter: the department issued paper work for any event that is going to be scheduled later this month. sponsors have completed and submitted requirements for approval under the code. and on >>james: coming up we have a live shot to show you out of san jose. we will have more information on this into the coming up.
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the >>james: we are back with a quick look at your seven day around the bay this morning. it looks like mild weather and to keep your holiday weekend. temperatures are starting off in the mid '60s in some spots may be even the upper 60s over the next few days. we will cool off as we head into the beginning of next week. and yes we have the possibility of some rain on the horizon just beyond the seven day around the bay. >>justine: we all know that apple's new ceo is living large, tim cook took over for the late steve jobs and he took a pay package of nearly $400 million last year. as catherine heenan tells us that breaks down to about $1 million per day. >> this is my first product launch since been named ceo i am sure you did not know that. [laughter] >>reporter: 10 could introduce the iphone 4s just one day before steve jobs death last october. he joined the company in 1998
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and filled in as ceo during steve jobs medical leave. the company said that he will be awarded 1 million shares of apple stock valued at $370 million. the shares are restricted meaning he has to wait 10 years before he can sell all of them. still, cook is on track to be the highest-paid executive in america. his total pay dwarfs that of 2010 high earner. that is the ceo of viacom. in fact it's tops all that your top six combined. cook will also get a salary raise this year from $900,000 up to one for --up to $1.4 million. >>james: we will take a break with much more straight ahead let us give you a live look outside as the go, this time checking in the story out of the south bay is a developing one. the police said three people have been shot and another person was stabbed this morning. we will have the developments in a live report in just two minutes.
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>>reporter: police are focusing in on a car behind us to trust. they're looking at very carefully. they're not saying any more about whom i have done this. apparently they have no suspects in custody at this point. for the time being the engine had been sent off to an area hospital. their
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injuries are unknown at this point. apparently this is the creekside bar where the shooting occurred in this parking lot. the investigation still is sealed off as the focus in on the car in the back part of the parking lot. >>james: so the injured were taken to hospital and as you said we do not know if this had been a deadly shooting are not because that information has not been released just yet. >>reporter: that is right the severity of injuries are not clear. >>james: he will stay out there and we will let you know when we find more details on this story. >>justine: now let us get a look at today's forecast if you're just looking up it is pretty chilly out there. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge with no traffic in the talk about that as well. the morning erica.
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>>erica: good morning justine and i want to get what it--i want to get to what is happening ratified your door. we see a good mixture of 40 spree much everywhere else out of the golden gate bridge. we have 42 degrees and 40 for those in fremont and 45 in any out. it is a pretty chilly start to the morning but did not have any fog, we have clear conditions all around the bay area. as we headed to the 8:00 hour looks like to hold on to some 40 for places like santa rosa and petaluma. temperatures could stand the 30's for places like fairfield, but all this light blue on your screen indicates making your way into the low 50s. we will continue to see that trend in the 11:00 hour. all that light blue indicates for the most part everyone getting into the fifties. we could squeeze out some 64 north bay locations along the shores and down to the south bay. by 2:00 p.m. all of this widespread rain on your screen indicate '60s around the bay area. we are still
4:33 am
above the seasonal average in warmer compared to what we saw yesterday. we are anticipating 62 and antioch and are warmer locations actually contain to the south bay. so, los gatos of morgan hill to come in at 65 degrees, 66 on tap for mount you. we could also see 66 degree weather for those in santa rosa. but for the most part we will see some low 60s here, 60 to decrease expected for san raphael. 62 for those in vallejo and one degrees cooler through richmond this afternoon. your satellite and radar shows high pressure that is situated over the bay area. that is making the storm travel well to our north, for the next several days we will see mouth conditions and sunshine. for the most part temperatures in the '60s and no doubt about that. you will see that in your seven day around the forecast. we have mostly sunny conditions as we wrap up the work week. when will cool things down as we get closer to the weekend. we
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have a slight potential for rainfall as we head into tuesday evening. that is stretching into wednesday afternoon. it looks like we will have to find to the forecast and have more details drop the morning. now your ride is nice and easy on the bay bridge. as we head over to the san mateo bridge, you will see a great ride with no accidents to report. this ride is just 14 minutes from into in. as the ticket to the golden gate bridge south bound 101 you will see pretty easy ride in clear conditions for your ride coming out of the north bay. with the chp not having any accidents to deal with this rise just 23 minutes out a bottle toward san francisco. a quick check from our traffic maps shows all the green on your screen indicate speed coming in over 50 mi. per hour. for those of you taking public transit we do not have any delays to speak of. james.
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>>james: thank you erica, we have some new details revealing that there was leaked information in the moments leading up to their raid on occupy sf. apparently san francisco please load their own cover by using social media sites by what was supposed to be a surprise raid. kay thompson has more on what happened. >>reporter: in the early morning hours of december 7th, more than 100 police officers seized upon the occupy san francisco camp, but some people knew that they were coming. officers posted messages to facebook and twitter and this tick people off giving them clues that something big was about to happen. officers posted or tweeted statements like the following. >>reporter: that information on the internet spread hinting at the scheduled police sweeping of the camp. in the future to control this, sfpd said it will keep officers out of the loop. for large
4:36 am
operations officer of will be told where to bring their gear and what time to show up and then they will be briefed. >>james: it is not unprecedented sfpd does keep operations, large ones anyway under lock and key and they plan to do more in the future. >>justine: the occupy protesters not have richmond city leaders talking about changing some of their policies as well. they held a meeting late into the night last night. city officials are trying to adopt a plan that would not allow their police officers to help neighboring communities anymore. they did provide assistance during an occupy oakland protest that did get out of hand. the resolution directs the police chief to carefully evaluate any request for mutual aid from outside agencies and declined a request if he feels necessary. >>james: the man accused of raping three women in san francisco's mission district
4:37 am
is expected to be in court today. he will hear the charges against him that include attempted murder. he was arrested last week after the police received an anonymous tip. meanwhile, the man accused of killing four women in the 1970's and 90's will be back in marin county court this morning. these are photographs of the victims. joseph naso will have a pulmonary hearing that got away on tuesday. and the probation officer said he found pornographic pictures of women that appeared dead or unconscious during the search of naso's home he has pleaded not guilty. >>justine: a california driver's lucky to be a live this morning after a quick lead pipe busted through his window while he was driving. now the video are i want to show you, the pipe is lodged right through the front. the driver said the pipe appeared to fall out of nowhere while he was traveling through bakersfield.
4:38 am
>> i was in shock at first and all i could scare at after my car stopped was the bottom of the pipe. >>justine: you can see that the pipe was large between the steering wheel and the dashboard. highway patrol officers say the pipe would of in impaled the 41 year old if it had not hit that steering will first. >>james: in the us go out citing give you a look from our roof in san francisco looking over downtown. so far so good but awfully cold as we have some areas around the bay in the 30's and upper 20s. more on your forecast in just a little bit.
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>>justine: now here is a
4:41 am
look at your seven day around the bay. temperature the sunny and mild but it will start to get cloudy next weekend. >>james: it now wants decision 2012. >>reporter: not even one day has passed since mit romney won the new hampshire primary. your >> we are run to south carolina. rob >> here we go to south carolina. >>reporter: mit romney who also won i whistled to go 3 for 3 in south carolina. some suggest that he is well on his way but his conservative rivals say this will give them the best chance to finally get a victory. when rent >> there will be a very clear torahs between a reagan conservative and in massachusetts moderate. and we get to south carolina at age was between those two
4:42 am
values will be cooked--put in to sight. >> it will come down my friends as it always does to south carolina. >>reporter: this will be a high-stakes move for with presidential hopeful rick perry. he and the other five competitors will not have a little more than a week to set the stage for the next showdown. >> this is where it will take place, we have a 30 year track record of picking the right nominee and we want to continue that tradition this time around. >>james: the other five candidates will head to south carolina today. the primary there will be held on january 21st. >>justine: let us take a quick break, we have new live pictures and this is the ferry building on market street and the embarcadero
4:43 am
in san francisco where we would talking about how cool it is outside we come right back.
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>>reporter: yolie is live in san francisco where she is talking about how chilly it is this morning. >>reporter: the morning yesterday afternoon was so beautiful that this morning caught me by surprise. fine not sure exactly what the temperature is here but it definitely feels like it is in the low '40's. it is cone and i can't wait to get back in the then turn on the heater. >>justine: i believe the temperature in san francisco is 47 degrees. it is not one of the cool response but i know a lot of people are waking up and getting dressed, can you give us maybe some fashion weather tips? how many layers of clothing are you wearing?
4:46 am
>>reporter: the key is always layers and layers. if it warms up like a gift to the you will not need a big heavy coat. right now, seriously standing out here in the embarcadero it feels pretty cold out here. it is not to win the at all. you may get a slight breeze, but definitely the air is cold, it is cold out here. so for someone who is standing out here especially if you're waiting for the bus or that kind of stuff you want to bundle up. >>justine: 80 so much. as we follow her story, later went to see how people are dressing out secular--are dressing out there.
4:47 am
>>erica: cooler the funny thing is, yolie is one of the lucky ones. temperatures around that area are at 47 degrees. we will seek an warmer conditions and into the overnight hours we will continue to seek medical--we will continue to see that cool and breezy pattern. here is a look at your temperatures right now. it looks like san jose has dropped into the upper 30's right now. we have 39 degrees there and 37 for those in los gatos. as we move towards the 8:00 a.m. hour, it looks like we will see widespread '40's and all
4:48 am
the light blue indicates people getting at least into the 50s. and we could squeeze out some low sixties for places like santa rosa and fellow more. as we advance closer to the afternoon, the widespread green on your screen indicates mostly everyone making it into the '60s. yesterday we saw lot of upper 50s around the bay area. today it looks like passing they could make up to 62 degrees. 66 is one of the warmer spots and now you agree--there is a degree cooler than that in mountain view. we have 63 the, no. for napa, navato and one degrees cooler in downtown san francisco. today a lot people are making the decision whether or not to have to the sierra. interstate 80 will be opened with no change required. we will see mostly sunny conditions for friday and saturday. it looks like on sunday to have an actual slight chance of snow
4:49 am
showers and temperatures will sit in the upper 40's. your seven day around the forecast shows here in the bay area we will continue to see and enjoy mouth and sunny conditions. we have partly cloudy conditions for sunday and into the start of the next work week we have a cooling trend as we head into the weekend. one last check on traffic at this hour. there are more cars on the roadway but this is a nice and easy delay free ride out of san francisco. now the san mateo bridge is getting busy, but fortunately there are no problems getting to the bridge along the nimitz freeway this morning. over at the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 we have headlight's headed toward san francisco. there's a lot of space in between cars and the rise of the 23 minutes out and a bottle toward city limits. one last check shows the peninsula arrive looking good. all the green indicate speeds over 50 mph. for those of you taking public transit this morning it looks like we are problem free for ac transit, bart
4:50 am
and as well as h p #one this morning. >>james: golden state ended a five game losing streak we will have more on that coming up in a minute. we're also talking about the raiders this morning. with the lead latest information on that. with the raiders, of course we have a big press conference that happened yesterday with the raiders beginning their search for a new coach. sources say that winston moss, the current linebacker coach for the green bay packers is an early front runner for the job. the play for the raiders in the early '90s, the team fired hugh jackson yesterday after just one year. the decision to get rid of him came four days after the team announced the hiring of the general manager al davis.-- of the new general manager. now he miami heat went into
4:51 am
overtime. the warriors overcame a big night with the wayne wade and labraun james. labraun james missed a three-pointer and the warriors have earned victories against two of the league's outstanding veterans. >>justine: now the agreement with great america will allow this football team to build its stadium on the theme parks overflow parking lot and this will at spaces for fans. the new stadium could be ready for games in 2014 if the nfl approves spending $150 million. we will take a break on the kron4 morning news and find out who is behaving badly with stanley roberts right after this.
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>>stanley: now watch the abuse here. even with the threat of a $1,000 parking ticket from its use getting free parking seems to be the risk for some drivers. it has got so bad that the city of san francisco is exploring new ways to stop the abuse. one of the ideas being tossed around as to make people with placards pay for parking just like everyone else. but that might be a hard sell to the disabled lobbyist. there have been a lot of ideas tossed around but whatever is done actually require changes to state law or from a local level it could mean even higher fines. capoot--i want to know what you think. hit me on facebook and tell me how the city can end disabled placard abuse. in chinatown i am stanley roberts kron4 news. >>justine: if you want to contact
4:56 am
>>stanley: you can e-mail him at people behaving badly. we will go live to our newsroom out of san jose and man has been shot and two others were spat this morning. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. outside of the creekside bar and grill. we know right now is that the injuries are apparently not life- threatening. but the motive for the shootings and stabbings is un known as the case remains under investigation. as you see we have a crew on the scene and we will provide you with the very latest coming up. now as for whether unfortunately it does not show us any rain. it is cooler out there this morning. we're warming up slightly on thursday and friday. temperatures are sunny and mouth. we have a live cool down and a little more clout for the weekend. it looks like rain might be coming to us next week. much more ahead on the kron4 morning news. we are developing--we are following a developing story out of the south bay where a man
4:57 am
has been shot and two others that this morning. stay with us for details.
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4:59 am
>> darya: we are starting with the developing story out of the south area. it happened around the 500 block of west alma let us go live to will tran who has a break in the details. >>reporter: the police left, about two minutes ago. they removed a car from the scene in what we know is that someone was injured or shot in the parking lot here. a
5:00 am
bystander notice something and flag down a patrol officer and that is when the officers came out here and investigated for at least four hours. there were also looking at the apartment over there. we do not know if it has anything to do with this. but of course they took everything into account. and we can tell you that there is a gas station across the streets there were reports that perhaps that played a role in making some of the victims were there. one of the employees said between one and five a m in the morning that place was closed. >> darya: we just lost his microphone, but he was out there investigating a shooting and stabbing. we will have more in just a minute. >> mark: now let us start with whether there is a cold start to the morning. >>james: we have a live look at the golden gate bridge, we have clear conditions out there a clear means cold in the overnight hours. there are no clouds out there to
5:01 am
offer any type of thermal blanket at all. all that he is just is kicking off into space. it is sunny and warm this afternoon. in fact we are looking for a high temperatures to be in the '50s to upper 60s. a nice warmup for today. in fact we could break a couple of records that is how warm it has been this january. and rain is still on track for next week. it looks like we may see some rain showers here for the bay area and exactly where it will fall, we are not sure. as more details coming to get a better idea. let us to the temperatures because it is cold. we're at the freezing mark in navato, napa, fairfield inn in santa rosa expected temperatures to continue to fall as we head to the early morning hours. we could see upper 20s for some of the locations here before the morning is done.
5:02 am
39 in oakland, the same temperature in san jose we're in the mid 30's for concord in livermore so it is chilly there. >>james: let us take a look at high temperatures for this afternoon. it is cold in the morning and that is expected in january. what is not expected our temperatures better this warm. we are above average for this time of year. 66 in mountain view the expected high today. we have 64 in san jose and 64 in oakland. oakland record high 64. we do stand a chance of at least meeting it is not breaking the record high in oakland. we also have a couple other spots in the north bay, santa rosa is a 66 degrees this afternoon if it will be just two degrees below its record. napa is just one degree off from the record. we are looking at a fairly nice afternoon with plenty of sunshine. the wind will not be all that effective this afternoon. and so the bay area quality management district has issued a spare the air day for today. here
5:03 am
is a wider view on the satellite. high pressure is back around california. we have nothing to worry about until possibly next wednesday. we cannot really show this to you, but next wednesday looks like when we will see another round of the weather. we have a bigger chance of actually dropping a few raindrops around the bay. now let us the latest on your traffic. >> george: >> george: good morning, and we are not tracking any hot spots currently. now let us start with a bridge check and here at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a pretty easy ride with very light traffic in the westbound direction. i do not think we have seen a complete return to normal yet perhaps when all the students return back to class, we will see
5:04 am
traffic return to what was before the holidays. traffic is in the lighter on this side, on the commuting side of your screen and for the golden gate bridge, that ride 101 south bound looks good. we are delay free and problem free. a quick check of the traffic maps and the road sensors showed that the east bay ride looks good. all the freeways are showing green on the sensors. we have smooth conditions and your north bay ride looks good as will 4101 south bound item navato.--out of navato. >> mark: now this gop front runner became the first republican since 1976 to win the caucuses in iowa and the hampshire primaries. here is
5:05 am
a closer look at yesterday's results. net romney won convincingly with 39 percent the vote. >> mark: rick perry skipped campaigning in new hampshire to focus on the next stop in south carolina. >> thank you hampshire, tonight we made history! we do remember when barak obama came here four years ago. he promised to bring people together, he promised to change the broken system in washington, he promised to improve our nation and those were the days of lofty promises made by hopeful candid. today we are faced
5:06 am
with a disappointing record of a failed president. >> mark: mit romney is conceding he has an uphill climb where he finished fourth in 2008. >> darya: president obama returned to his hometown of chicago he is expected to speak to more than five and the supporters at the university of illinois. the tickets start at just $44 per person. the president will also tend to price your fund raise it with the tickets starting at $7,500 for one event and $35,000 per couple for the other event. so far the obama campaign has raised more than $150 million. >> mark: we have a live look at the james leaks freeway in san francisco. like traffic in a chilly morning but it is expected to be a warmer afternoon.
5:07 am
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5:10 am
are down 14 points as investors continued to worry about the european debt crisis. stocks were up yesterday close to 70 points. the dow is up to 12,462. investors are taking a hopeful approach to corporate earnings and the european debt crisis. fitz has said they will not downgrade france's credit rating. the opening bell coming up next hour. hostess brands has officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the company says that it
5:11 am
needs reorganization to deal with high labor costs. >>darya: 5:10 a.m., they give for waking up with the kron4 morning news. more in a couple of minutes. we are keeping our eyes on tahoe. we're waiting for the natural snow to fall. it does not look like it is worn to happen anytime soon. we will be right back.
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
>>mark: we are still waiting in the sierra. 15 ft. of snow has fallen in the last few days in alaska.
5:15 am
avalanches along a highway have closed the only route south out of anchorage. the storm knocked out power to parts of alaska. the weight of this note actually sank boats anchored in the harbor around kodiak island. the blizzard conditions are expected to persist. >>darya: we're looking at a very quiet shot of the golden gate. there is no fog to speak of. we are looking at possibly record warm temperatures today. >>james: the cold weather, we will fifth make up for any goals lettuce this afternoon. roy hall as we walk you through the headlines i will point out that yes, we do anticipate said the conditions today. a spare the air day is it a fact. sunny and warm. mild through the weekend. from now through the weekend will be sunny and mild. the
5:16 am
possibility of rain beginning each wednesday. finally, some rain. here's what we see on the maps in the north bay. 32 in napa, the bottle and santa rosa. 39 in san jose. 33 in livermore. here are the highs this afternoon. we are looking at the potential of heat in january. we could surpass the record high in oakland, this afternoon. as
5:17 am
we slide the mass to the north bay, 66 for santa rosa. but 63 in napa. we will let you know tonight if we actually reach those record of the first. fan >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots. a minor problem in the east bay on 580. it only involves
5:18 am
the on ramp on park boulevard, not the freeway. it is an easy ride headed to the bridge. on the san mateo bridge we are problem free although the volume is up a bit. the golden gate bridge ride looks good with no delays northbound or southbound. 101 into northbound commute direction is still the problem free. the north bay ride is without delay. public transit is a good start this morning with no problems >>mark: the man accused of raping three women in the mission district will be in court today. he was arrested
5:19 am
last week after police received an anonymous tip. the san jose woman accused of dropping her son from a second story window will be charged with child endangerment and abuse. >>darya: we have new details, leaked information
5:20 am
from occupy san francisco. kate thompson explains the information was apparently leaked by the san francisco police. >> officers using social media sites let the cat out at of the bat when they released details about a surprise raid of occupy sf back in december. >>darya: occupy wall street protesters are back in business. they are gathering at zuccotti park in normans. the barricades have been taking out.
5:21 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. more on the preparations for the 49ers left game. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>>mark: hulu is in the
5:25 am
newest is returning to candlestick park and shawn king sent will perform at halftime. santa clara city council has approved a plan to pave the way towards the new football stadium. the agreement will allow the football team is to build a stadium on the overflow parking lot. >>darya: the oakland raiders are looking for a new coach. the team fired hugh jackson yesterday after just one year of. the decision to get rid of hugh jackson came four days after the team announced the hiring of the first general manager since the death of al davis. mark
5:26 am
davis says it is important that the team get a new stadium. davis says he has no plans to sell the franchise the wants to move their raiders out of the oakland coliseum. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. >>james: here is a quick look at what we can expect. temperatures hovering around the forties.
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>darya: mitt romney it was the big winner in the first primary in new hampshire. >> a solid showing by mitt romney but no sign that the other contenders will throw in the towel. >> this campaign is going on to south carolina. >> the next primary contest will see another crowded field of candidates. for some, of all metals state is a do or die. not for mitt romney. >> new hampshire, tonight we made history. >> he is 2 for 2 and starting to sound like the presumptive nominee. ron
5:30 am
paul had a strong showing in second place. he believes he has emerged as the only viable challenger. jon huntsman skipped iowa and finished third. for a guy who'd bet everything on a hampshire, is that enough? he says, it is. >> third place is a ticket to ride.
5:31 am
>>darya: president obama is headed back to chicago for fund-raising. >>james: this afternoon is going to be fantastic.
5:32 am
sunshine and warm temperatures. right now it is clear and cold. this afternoon, there is a spare the air day. temperatures in the mid-upper 60s. cold and breezy as we headed to the overnight hours. 36 currently in oakland. this afternoon, a warmer day than yesterday. 66 is the expected high. 66 for santa
5:33 am
rosa, 63 for the above. this is what the satellite view shows. high pressure back in play. we will see really stable weather into next week.
5:34 am
>>george: there ride on 80 westbound, it is a smooth commute heading towards the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge ride it looks good. sforza the north bay ride from marin county is still an easy trip. it is slow around the 101 and 880 interchange. the drive time is just 11 minutes.
5:35 am
>>mark: more on a developing story out of the south bay, one person has been shot and two people have been stabbed in san jose just after 1:30 a.m. in the 500 block, the willow glenn section of san jose. will tran is live above date.
5:36 am
>>will: we have seen police walking around looking for witnesses. here is video that we shots, you can see officers in the parking lot. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>mark: a developing story we are following, the fda says they will step up testing for a fungicide found in low levels of orange juice. analysts choose features have spiked to their highest levels in 35 years as investors are now reacting to a potential government band that could create a shortage. >>darya: new details about the health effects of pop-- pot. occasional and moderate use does not affect the lungs like a cigarette smoking does.
5:41 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco. we have it chilly temperatures far
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>darya: the man accused of killing these four women in the 70's and 90's will be back in court in marin county this morning. the
5:45 am
preliminary hearing got underway yesterday. mesa has pleaded not guilty. >>mark: the man accused of killing his qr from and dumping her body has clit not guilty for. the murder happened more than 10 years ago. he is charged with murder with special circumstances for alleging that he killed for financial gain. he is due back in court in richmond february 28th. >>darya: a $15,000 reward for anyone who has information that could lead to an arrest. the fire started over the weekend.
5:46 am
>>james: we have conditions that are clear this morning. it is very cold, especially in the north bay. a spare the air day is in effect for today. the north bay and santa clara valley is where we have unhealthy air quality. there will be no burning of any kind today. if you need more information visit the web site. take a look at numbers
5:47 am
this afternoon. it is unseasonably warm. across the north bay we could see up to 66.
5:48 am
>>george: a good start to the morning commute. we have not tracked any hot spots, major delays or problems. a light ride westbound on the upper deck. with our problem free and incident free across the stand. next, a look at your ride on the san mateo bridge. volume is down
5:49 am
once again, right side of your screen which is the commute direction westbound. new problems recorded on the approach. for the south bay freeways look good. >>darya: a driver escaped being killed after a truck,
5:50 am
a pipe bust through the windshield of the truck. the pipe came from a truck and went through the window of the car. the driver said the pilot appeared to fall of nowhere. highway patrol officers say it would have impaled him if it had not hit the steering wheel. >>mark: we will be right back with more.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>>darya: we could be in it for some measurable inches of rain coming up. >>erica: i am calling stories on the internet, the girl scouts of america are release if a new cookie. fifth savannah's miles for a crisis for desk-fifths of annette's miles is a crescent shaped lemon
5:55 am
cookies. it is named in honor of the gross felt founder who is from savannah, georgia.
5:56 am
>>stanley: if you look around town, just about every card is boarding a disabled placard. with a disabled placard, the carrier can park all day for absolutely free. even with the threat of a $1,000 parking ticket, in getting free parking seems to be worth the risk to some drivers. it has gotten so that cut the city of san francisco is thinking about making people with placards pay for parking like everyone else. that could be a hard sell to disabled lobbyists. there have been a lot of ideas tossed around but there could be a change to state laws or higher fines. what you think? his me out on facebook
5:57 am
>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. details of the republican camp contended its long we continue. a
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>darya: of good morning and thank you for joining us this morning. it is a chilly morning. there's still no rain on the way. we could see record-breaking warm temperatures this afternoon. you're looking at our trouble live shot. no


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