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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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. live, this is it kron 4 news at 11:00 with a developing story. developing news out of san francisco. occupy protests take a violent turn as demonstrators smash windows at a car dealership. two officers have been hurt. the demonstrations started early this morning and were peaceful all day but it was a couple hours ago when the destruction began.
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a small group stormed an abandon building building and started throwing objects. let's go to kron 4's da lin with the latest. >> reporter: they marched to the former hotel right there and took it over for three hours. they entered the hotel, using the backdoor right there, near franklin street. the hotel has been vacant for a few years now so they say why not turn into a homeless shelter. things turn disruptive when they blocked traffic. let's show you video of that. they are standing on franklin street. some protesters got on to the building rooftop and some tagged the sign, that forced officers in riot gear to move in and clear them out. by 10:00 p.m., police escorted them out of the building but a
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couple of officers got hurt during the ordeal. >> they made attempts to use bottles and throw them at the officers. two offenses were injured, one officer took a brick to the chest and one was injured, struck with an object and may have broken his hand. >> reporter: police officers say protesters, even threw bibles that officers. we did not see any arrests from this building occupation. there may have been other arrests today but not during this building occupation here. the scene has been cleared. one loan police officer just kind of standing, watching over this area to make sure protesters don't reenter this building. i am da lin, kron 4 news. the "occupy san francisco"
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protests were part of a west coast demonstration against wall street banks today. earlier things kicked off at justin herman plaza with a march, protesters blocked buildings in san francisco. those protests were mostly peaceful. minor altercations and vandalism was reported. 18 arrests were made before tonight's incident at the hotel. our other big story tonight, the wet weather. high winds and heavy rain slammed the bay area today. here is a look in the north bay. pretty miserable, slippery streets and a lot of rain tonight. in san francisco the rain was coming down. going to be a busy weekend. >> it is. this is the strongest wave of the rain moving through right now and right on schedule. >> what can we expect? >> this will continue to push through and conditions calm
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down but look what is going on right now. the screen lit up with yellow and orange. really coming down out there. let's look that rainfall totals. 2/10 in concord. that is not where the heaviest rain is. antioch, alphainch. -- antioch half inch. hayward, quarter of an inch of rain. livermore, moderate rainfall. half inch of rain. down south, yellow and orange. palo alto, 10th of an inch. belmont, quarter of an inch an hour and san jose, half inch of rain per hour. wider view. you can see all the heavy rain
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pushing through. the sierra, right now as this pushes through, snow levels drop. you are seeing snow increasing right now. as this pushes through, snow levels drop to lake level. let's look at forecasts. 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow at lake level. 2-3 inches on sunday. we will talk more about that coming up in a bit. there were nasty conditions today. cold rain, high winds. kron 4's kate thompson shows us the storm in the north bay. the rain and winds was horrible weather all day in marin county. 3 inches of rain in 24 hours according to the national weather service. rushing water turning streets into rivers. terrible conditions on the
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roads as well. signs flashed on 101 warning people to slow down on soaked roadways. the rain didn't let up all day. kept pouring down, creating large puddles. cars sending water into the air. all that rain saturated the ground as well. this park turned from grass to mud. the birds were the only one enjoying themselves. taking more extreme measures like this man who wore a bag over his body and keep that umbrella handy. more rain is on the way. kate thompson, kron 4 news. also hit hard the east bay. you can see the rain. this is in oakland. high winds there. streets flooded. no outages caused by this
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incident but a small number of people were without power due to a downed line. if you were hoping to see snow in the sierra it might not be there yet. so far the storm is mainly dropping rain. that is making for dangerous driving conditions. as we heard, the storm is going to push through tonight and into the weekend bringing the snow levels down and the ski resorts are expected to get a couple of feet of snow before the storms is over. in other news. a child is home tonight. earlier today a amber alert was issued. the girl was taken from her home at gun point by her mother's former boyfriend. he is now dead, shot and killed by officers. >> the suspect appeared in the window with the victim. holding the victim as a hostage. he opened fire on the officers
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and the officers believed that the victim was in danger. they forced entry and encountered the suspect. the suspect omened fire on the officers and one of the officers, s.w.a.t. team took a shot at the suspect. >> police say tri truong le's criminal past included -- somebody called called and threatened a principal three times. students were kept inside classrooms. officers searched the school. no danger was found. investigators will not say what was said during the calls. the s.w.a.t. team was on campus. the staff let the children go home with their parents and no one was hurt. been very heavy rain tonight. we have more on tap for this weekend. a live look outside in san francisco. the rain is really coming down
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tonight. we will look at what we can expect for the rest of the night and the 49ers game coming up.
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the company which owns the cruiseship involved in the deadly crash in italy says the captain did not give proper instructions to the passengers. new video reveals what happened after the disaster. passengers were being told to go back to their rooms. [ speaking foreign language ] >> 11 people were killed when the ship ran aground last week. they are still searching for 21 others who are missing.
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coming up, lot of 49er faulk and is eli manning healthy and manny ramirez may be talking to the a's. we will talk about it later in the broadcast.
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. in national news. a federal survey shows more californians are getting back to work. december's unemployment dropped to 11.1%. the lowest since 2009. stay employers added 73,000 jobs. the national unemployment rate for december is 8.5%. that is down from 8.6% the month before. more than 2 dozen homes destroyed and one person dead in a wildfire in reno. it started yesterday afternoon. tonight it is now 65% contained. high winds fueled the fire that chard 4,000 acres of land.
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forced 10,000 people to evacuate. the governor declared a state of emergency there. live look outside. a wet camera lens. the rain continuing to fall. we have seen significant rainfall totals. ovthe past six hours. 3 inches of rain. 10 in sant operosa. inch in mill valley. inch in redwood city. half inch in san francisco. radar returns like this, you can see the relio and orange, moderate to heavy rain south of the golden gate. future cast, you will see that is where it pinpointed it. heavier rain in the north bay. by midnight pushing down towards san jose. 1:00 over the range, pushing out of the bay area. overnight, a few lingering
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showers. moderate rainfall near napa. morning, we will continue to see spotty showers. late morning, the rain tapers off. we have a possibility of a few showers into the afternoon. lets look at total numbers from today. 4.5 inches in ben loamen. 3.5 in mill valley. favorite spot. napa 2 inches of rain. san francisco a inch. redwood city inch. we got a lot of rain today and we needed it. more is on the way for sunday. a lull in the rain tomorrow afternoon but sunday the rain returns. later afternoon hours when the game is getting ready for kickoff, rain skirting the san francisco area. 4:00 p.m., light showers covering san francisco. going to see some rain. hopefully the moderate rain
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stays away. 7:00, same thing. showers continue through the evening into monday morning. 49ers forecast. chilly conditions, spotty rain through the game. come prepared with temperatures in the low 50s. storms moved through tonight. continue into tomorrow. gusty conditions and sun breaks into the afternoon. sunday, rain returning into the afternoon. last till monday morning. drier conditions on tap for next week. i want to say this to the fans throughout. while we celebrate we honor a very, very good tradition, be safe. do not abuse your celebration and our celebration. >> san francisco mayor talking today, two days before the 49ers championship game at candle stick and police say
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they have a new strategy to deal with fans dealing badly. kron 4's jr stone has the story. >> reporter: serious tones today here at city hall. the police chief said this will be treated as a rivalry game, a 20% increase in the amount of officers. among tailgating fans there will be undercover cops dressed in new york giants gear. if you are thinking about calling out opposing fans, you might be calling out a san francisco police officer. >> wearing new york giant attire in the parking lot and in the stadium. treat everybody as if you were treating a cop when you are there. we have a thick skin.
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watch your language. have a great time. go 9ers. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, jr stone, kron 4 news. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪
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all right. good evening, everybody. you won't see or hear from 49ers or giants from here to kickoffs. final thoughts please. >> at this point in the game with four teams left, there is no underdog, no favorite. we all got the same amount to lose. >> when you are this close, you know, don't celebrate with people just yet. we still got, you know the giants coming to town. >> it will be rocking. getting everybody ready. it will be real fun. >> in a word or two, define the team? [ laughter ] the team, the team, the team. >> even though there is bad
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weather on the east coast giants aren't flying out till saturday morning. eli manning a flu bug earlier in the week. gone. he is 100%. hakeem nicks twisted a ankle, he will be ready to go. they are not going to leave new york, morning, till tomorrow afternoon. east coast time. they will cut it real tight but nonetheless, 3:30, saturday, 49ers and the giants. 2-1/2 points favoring the home team san francisco. joe philbin named today new head coach of the miami dolphins. joe philbin became a unless story. two weeks after joe joe philbin's son drowned in a river he became a head coach. sad, sad, during the playoffs and leading up to their
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divisional game. joe had to keep his thing going. indeed, something in his favor tonight. matt flynn may indeed go with him to miami. warriors victim of a bad call. seth curry, returned from a sprained ankle. looked real good. this game back and forth all night long. monta ellis. 25 points. six assists. here is the game. you can't kick the ball. last shot. he kicked it. give us a better angle here. boom! kicked the ball. yet the referee blew it. no replay on that particular call. he went down and scored. that is it. 94-91. warriors drop to 5-10.
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big boys going tonight in los angeles. dwight howard and kobe bryant today. i give him credit. owes his ex-wife half his earnings, 75 million but they dept out of the press. now he plays ball. wife dwi 21 points, 23 rebounds. kobe bryant 30 points. 92-80 orlando. might be talk but it is fun. espn says the a's are interested in signing manny ramirez. after testing positive for a banned substance last year he retired. suspended 100 games. down to 50 games suspension and manny ramirez doesn't have lot of joyce these days. power to get a big contract. thank you, mike. the a's might be a suiter for him. one thing i am looking forward to him, the 49ers are going to dress up undercover policeman -- >> yeah. >> you did that.
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>> san francisco police. >> dressed up as giants fans and that will stop the fans who harass people. >> yeah. >> you want to get me mad? [ talking at the same time ] >> my kids turned to me and said daddy do something when there were 15 bums behind him. that is a good move. >> good night everybody.
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