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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. sauce >>vicki: occupy protestors our earth's is his heroihave turned the >>da: yes, this 2 x by for was to have thrown at our live news brand. and it almost struck our photographer aside from that, they have also thrown a bottle
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of urine. you are looking at those teenagers that are harassing all of the frank ogawa plaza one of them are morning our cameras. let me show you another a video. some of these protesters came up and apologized saying that those teenagers are not familiar with those teenagers. third target is the police department. this was live streamed from the occupy website. they did of march at 9:00 p.m. and there still marching at this time. we do not know what the number is. however, the [rapping] 100 protesters. dozens
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of police officers are still in riot gear. they're still in west oakland and have in chanting " after " the police. the previous demonstrations has left a bad taste in their mouth peaceful protesters and stay away according to these occupy protestors. and when they did say let us remained becalmed, with no violence. and when they said that, the only problem they are causing so far that it is that they are blocking traffic. they are blocking downtown
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oakland traffic. the police is taking a reactive approach. unless the occupy protestors actually costs and property. >>vicki: so standing back this is been going on for some time when it did it take be turned? >> it has actually been about one month. they attacked a different newsman from a different television station and even chased them last week. again it is our job to cover one is out there. >>vicki: it is cost over five- dollars for this city of oakland. protesters are even celebrating that fact. according to their website, that sometimes $50,000 per night because so
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many officers are on overtime. oakland is facing a budget deficit. even that laying off workers because the state fund and trouble. >>vicki: this was in response with 400 arrests. oakwood mayor jean quan that pendulum somvandt $5 billion. this is the first protest started and that the month of october. in washington d.c. this is mcpherson square. police were not there to evict protesters but to check the they wanted to comply with the no camping law. the request to
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live in a public park is not part of the first amendment. >> also, the possible between israel and iran and they say time is running out for the country to develop foreign nuclear-weapons. both are pushing for sanctions against. >> this is 48 anti-ward development grassroots daniel
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belzberg. who did the comic con paper stood 1971 that called on the president and military forced. >> put the negotiations back on the paper. and the idea is atrocious. >>vicki: the conflict is already going to increase their already present a anti-american sentiment. >> a special education student has been a arrested had gross amoun rosa's amou-rosemont eleml
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sexual fowl play has been no- sal sexual foul play. has been believed to have take place. >> this young man crushed after 7 lbs. of marijuana found in his car. >> in the embarcadero, after midnight the man was going to buy pylon. he was cleaning. now, this shutdown restaurant was caught on fire. the fire was contained. nobody was hurt. >> great weather, sunshine and temperatures into the 60s and most places oakland almost 70
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degrees. we of another's nice day shaping up for tomorrow. it was a beautiful sunset this is from mt. tam. beautiful. tonight we should see the moon with clear skies look for a sunny start tomorrow. temperatures in the low 30's in the low wcoldest locations. once again, 60s and even the highs and to 70's. increasing clouds from this weather system right here. this will produce clouds, no rain. however, the second system will produce rainfall monday night. look for increasing clouds on monday with the chance for rain fall on tuesday. i will talk more about that. vicki nevada
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>>host: >> of the nevada caucus, but from me claimed victory. he reserved cadmcriticism for oba'. he apologized 584 america. he should be apologizing to america. >> mitt romney has received the most behind that. >> coming up super bowl 46! the best spots to watch the game!
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>>vicki: take a look this just a couple of hours before super bowl 46 with the new york giants and the patriots. with 68,000 having amazing seats. preparations and the bay area one tenderloin party store is sold out of their familial. . for those that are going to go out? maybe to a city bar? the coal shows us where to go. -- nicole. >> with unlimited bar-b-que, comedy, large televisions and forget the usual sports bar. the electorr;ixir
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>> we have a pretty big giants fan base. and a patriots falling it will be just as exciting. >> you could watch the super bowl of the bottom at the s f indy fest is inside the roxie theater. man in types. this is free. man in -- ttights. >> a riptide bar has a freeze of mint green the sandwich at $20 beers. if you are a new york
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giant fan? you can get free food if you are wearing new york giants clothing. kron 4. >> jim harbaugh went the coach of the year award. heat -- achieved the coach of the year award. he received this from 50 media members. for hundreds turned out to at&t park to celebrate the giant 2012 fantast. this free event offered baseball fans free autographs. >> is been since october since
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we have been here. >> have pagers see that as:about seven, eight and one to get it filled up. i have a chair seat that has being signed. >> these 2010 the post season tickets autographs. >>craig: more lines inside. the players signed and less jerseys that your is like the heat of baseball season. >> this is great it gets you pumped up for the season. >> we have the best fans of the game they're always coming out strong. >> for those who wait did they say that it was worth it. >> buster posey is my all upon favorite! >> people or even waiting outside to get tickets. >> with individual games, coach giants, i cannot wait for opening game.
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>>craig: now that they commit another post season to match with the fashion affair. - fanfare. >>vicki: . radnick will break this down. >> it is a little bit smaller than when the world series. this is good. this is great that it is free. charge $1 and let us see how many will show up? >>vicki: the first pre-season game will be next month. >>brian: a beautiful day. in case you're wondering this pedal surfing and bike riding we have another nice day. this is mt.
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tam towards san francisco with clear skies and the moon with clouds. we will see sunshine for tomorrow. i was telling you that the future cast will show these clouds. let the show you the changing weather on monday. 6:00 p.m., monday, the gray shows this next system that is in the pacific it will continue throughout the day on monday. monday night look for overcast conditions. late monday and into tuesday will begin to see some rainfall just offshore. that band will move over the bay area to stamp commute. a arrive 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. and impact the drive, with the continuation of showers throughout the afternoon. even of one half-one full inch of rainfall. with a clear, cold start inland. low
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30's and the north bay. 40's by the bay. another beautiful day with readings even warmer. with mid upper 60s and low 70's. here is a look ahead. monday, increasing clouds with rainfall on tuesday. late friday the possibility of the rain returns >> it is superable time and commercials! i will give you a sneak peek. coming up for if
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>>vicki: free $0.5 million is the average price for just a 32nd super bowl ad. some of them are already generating some
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abuzz. >>gabe: i would show you. >> jerry seinfeld is going to be forced on the list that is trying to a bridbribe and this is how it ends. >> the first accurate! >> a flying squirrel suit! {laughter} this car maker comfort audi has a vampire party showing these headlights. the
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power of these headlights. purslane is going to kill off- priceline shows a kill of william shatner. >> also, both reckon will no volkswagen's will not disappoint. this is a symphony of dog barks to the tune of " star wars ". enjoy the king. >>vicki: with of the 49 years? if the weather is nice? we could go outside
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>>brian: before the game starts it is going to be sunny with temperatures in the mid upper 60s. san jose, 72 after the date is done we can watch the commercials. upper 60s for most of the other areas. ♪
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