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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 10, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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within the past two years. that view was ended structure at the gun to the business from 2009-2011. >>catherine: a stop a choir teacher has been arrested for allegedly failing growth of about. there is its odor. he worked at salinas high school and lead the chorus. he's accused of secretly filming girls and a bathroom during a field trip to santa cruz county last month. he has been suspended from teaching until the investigation is complete. new information about suspect's, weapons and murders in connection with last month's massacre at a home near san francisco city college. the police chief revealed additional details at a community meetings.
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>> it with at this san francisco home with the five people were found dead on march 23rd. since ban on one man has been arrested and charged with the massacre. >> as for why those who live at this home or killed, authorities have not handed down a reason. >> a really horrible crime happened to of all the
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places for a horrible crime to happen, it happened on your block. >>catherine: 100 occupy protesters are celebrating africa called plaza and marking the fact that it has been six months since protests. >>j.r.: so far we have not seen any problems.
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across the park, we see some of the occupy protesters who are celebrating six months of the occupy movement here in oakland. in this video, you can see some of the officers have made their way over to the protesters. they're basically giving out fliers to the protesters saying they camping is not allowed and camping will not be tolerated. this is what one protester had to say. >> i feel like everyone should have been occupied in the city.
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that is the most amazing thing with occupy. >> within the last 10 minutes a dozen or more officers have just come to the scene with helmets on. the group you are looking at right here or handing out fliers earlier this evening. as we speak, you can see another line of officers. as to what else are concerned about, there are
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at least a few dozen officers make you aware all around frank ogawa plaza. his >> it has been a dreary and wet day today. the pavement is still wet. we still are seeing overcast conditions that the rain has tapered off closer to the coastline. the spot of heavier rainfall with heavier rain through hayward in union city.
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and we do have airport delays this evening at sfo. conditions still good at oakland and san jose with no delays expected there. >> 1 web site gives us an insight into george zimmerman and the kind of man he is. >>catherine: no special
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treatment for southeast is trying to get into a local university. we will explain the policy change. >>charles: in san francisco, the fcc and the nation's largest carriers are teaming up to stop the theft of smart phones and tablets. details coming up. >>catherine: eight days later, a memorial for victims of the kron4 massacre. kron4 takes you to the memorial service.
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♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ pop goes the world [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. pop in. stand out. >>pam: the special prosecutor in the treyvon martin shooting says she will make a major announcement within 72 hours. treyvon martin is the florida teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer, george zimmerman. today, the attorney for george zimmerman says he no longer knows where george zimmerman is and can no longer represent him. >> attorneys say they have watched -- they have lost contact with george
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zimmerman. zimmerman says the shooting was self-defense and has not been charged. >> he has gone on his own. i am not sure what he's doing or who he is talking to. >> the legal team says they can tell longer handle him. >> what they find worrisome is that he reportedly reached out to the special prosecutor's office investigating the case. >> one thing we all tell our clients is not to talk to the prosecuting attorney. the parents of treyvon martin say their son was killed because he was black and have led a crusade calling for the rest of zimmerman. >> we do a lot of praying. we read our bible every night.
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we just keep pushing forward. we are fighting for treyvon. >> still in hiding after the shooting, zimmerman has established a web site asking for donations to his legal fund. he says his life has changed by the events and has had to leave its home, school, and full-year and family. >> the investigation is still very much on going and the special prosecutor says she has not determined whether to bring it charges against zimmerman. >> gabe slate gives us a closer look at the web site created by george zimmerman. >> the first thing that popped out to mean is the american flag background. the site is a very patriotic. zimmerman says the incident caused him to lose his entire life.
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he says he has had to quit his job, quit school, leave his family and go into hiding. he has " it's all over his page.
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>>jaqueline: rainfall totals have been under a half ended for most locations with a few exceptions. in little over half an inch of rain and concord. under a half inch of rain in hayward. the rain is still going at this hour.
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we have seen the rain streaming from the south, it is slightly edging to the east. the brooklyn cloud patterns indicates thunderstorms, here's a look at the clock hour. rain mainly to the east. as a move to the later evening the rain will start to taper off. as we head into the afternoon, that is when we will see a chance of thunderstorms.
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here is a look at your extended forecast. into friday afternoon, conditions will be improving. >>catherine: there was a public memorial today for victims of the oikos university shooting. family and students to join together to save final goodbyes. >>haaziq: it was a solemn memorial 47 oikos university students who were killed on campus last week by a lone gunman.
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here outside the small east oakland campus of the edgewater drive, tents were set up to shield the 100 or so mourners from the rain. the most emotional scene or family members standing in line hold and white flowers to place on an altar as they said goodbye to loved ones. this student late asian inspired music while those in attendance tried to comfort each other to this difficult moment.
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>> loved ones gathered for a memorial service for the mother killed in the oikos school massacre. fog fan
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jim >>vern: more fireworks out of miami.
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>>catherine: yesterday we told you about a major traffic closure, coming out was through the alternate routes when the golden gate bridge closes. a local university is changing its policy to a level playing field for admissions. we will tell you how that will affect southeast since. wireless carriers are looking to come together for an anti-crime plan to help you with your phone gets stolen. was
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>> and oakland, the occupy as a protest group is celebrating six months of protesting. as you look into the distance, you can see that here at frank ogawa plaza, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 protesters showed up to celebrate. so far this evening, everything has been peaceful. during those six months we have seen for shutdowns, multiple charges and a number of a run ins with officers. and least a dozen or so officers are out here keeping an eye on this occupy oakland group. if no problems to report at this point. third is
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>>catherine: in a plan announced today should curb the theft of cell phones. wireless providers will start keeping track of devices reported as stolen. charles clifford has details. >>charles: according to the sec, 30%-40 percent of robberies involved smart phone and that percentage is growing. in an effort to turn the tide, the fcc along with
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verizon, at&t comedy mobile and sprint have a new effort called protect initiative that consists of three parts. service providers will create a list of smart phone and tablets that have been reported stolen. and this will allow people to permanently deactivate the stolen items. smart phone owners will be encouraged to protect their phones and to secure data by setting up passwords and finally, the carriers will want an education campaign urging them to use apps that will locate, law or white data from devices. there are also plans in the war costs to extend the data base globally.
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>> historically, san jose state university has accepted all eligible californians. in 2009 the school began a limited admissions decisions outside the community while maintaining a local guarantee for applicants in santa clara county. in the fall of 2013, that will change, giving way to a new policy to reduce enrollment by admitting the most qualified applicants.
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>> if we had made this change for fall of 2012, about 1400 applicants would have been affected.
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>>jaqueline: when there is a more yellow being located to the livermore valley through the evening in the dublin is also seen heavier rainfall. as we make our way overnight, the main band of rain from the south will continue to push east. it is moving ever so slowly. we will be left with this house in the wake of this system, spot clouds. this indicates instability and it means we will see that the serbs into tomorrow. >> the approach to the golden gate will be closing in a little over two weeks. doyle drive will be closed from april 27th-april 30th. here is we need to know if you need to travel from san francisco to iran or vice versa. the official alternate to the oil drive is highway 1, also known as part presidio
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boulevard. this will be the most direct route. if he'd had to marin from san francisco or at the san francisco from marianne. there's also linden boulevard. that is right along here. it will take the five baker beach. you also have a mason. if you're taking mason street or lincoln boulevard you'll have to deal with a lot of congestion. there are tourist parking lots near the base of the bridge, those routes are sure to be congested. officials are betting drivers to avoid the area if at all possible. they say treat this like a bay bridge closure and stay away.
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avoid the golden gate is at all possible. terisa estacio spoke with people in the area getting ready for a major disruption. >>terisa: >> tearing down this approach to the golden gate will mean 57 hours of intense around the clock work with heavy machinery. this woman lives close by with three young children into the noise is a huge concern. >> it is a little frustrating. the thing the mugwort -- i think there are working more in the ninth and anticipated. this woman senior, there is a sentiment about the upcoming project.
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although she says we get the traffic can be a bit lighter, she says such short notice is unacceptable. >> it is a little disheartening the you only have two weeks notice. >>stanley: coming up i will take it to a garage and fisherman's wharf where you have to go on a scavenger hunt just to get your parking validated. bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up
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>>catherine: gimlets up a
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model has details on a new dental study. >>kimberlee: a link between frequent x-rays and meningiomas which are common brain tumors. the study found that people who reported having by an intense x-rays done every year were found to have a 40%-90 percent greater risk of developing these tumors. they said annual x-rays the tee at greater risk. the annual dance association recommends and dental x- rays once every two-three years. >> still ahead of vern glenn
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>>stanley: if you park at anchorage a square garage at fisherman's wharf, you will see a sign like this there reads validation rate, $2 for the first hour with validation stamp from participating retail merchants, $5 minimum purchase required. if you look at the numerous signs or fliers at the parking garage, he will seek names of shops during nth if
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i was a tourist would think they all would validate. >>stanley: only five shots offer validation and one requires for you to spend a minimum of $15 to get a $2 discount. >> everything they you think should be on the list was not. >>stanley: there is no way anyone using the parking lot would know this unless they saw this piece of paper handed to me by a parking attendant. there are no signs anywhere except for this small sign and a pizza parlor. you have to go on a scavenger hunt just to find out that any of these stores validates. most of the shops of the complex are empty. these places did not offer any validation. the marriott has its very own parking service, a valley included.
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i tried to contact management for the rosh and basically said, no comment. >>jaqueline: thought that broken clouds pattern indicates instability. a glance at tomorrow, a decrease in clouds through the morning which will help instability into the afternoon. that will help the fire of some thunderstorms through the afternoon. there's no place safe in the bay area.
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this evening, the rain will continue to push to the east overnight. we will see clear conditions with a few lingering showers are the south bay. tomorrow afternoon, as body thunderstorms and widespread long-lasting rain for thursday lingering into friday morning. the good news is coming improving conditions friday afternoon and especially for the weekend.
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temperatures rising into the '70s by said date. >>catherine: vern glenn is here with sports. vern >> when this guy was the manager of the white sox people would say that is ozzie being ozzie. he would make outlandish comments. third this time, bad timing. he made polarizing comments before as manager of the white sox but he really did a number this time, in the face of this cuban-americans fan base. he was suspended by the florida marlins for five games for the pro fidel castro comments that he made to a time magazine writer last week. he apologized if the did not take total responsibility staying did he was thinking in spanish but it did not come out the way he met in english.
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as >> major damage control for ozzie in the florida marlins will build a new stadium in the middle of love and in miami. to this story just unravels from there. the oakland a's and the royals are scoreless. the doctor's home opener was today without the legendary voice of the team. sculley was out for the first time in 35 years old because of a cold. the doctors and the pirates, there is tom lasorda, always
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a fixture.
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for the second time in 10 days, boston took care of miami. the san jose sharks, thursday night the and itself second season begins for san jose. the first round playoff season they have now run in four different tries against the blues. >> the sharks did lose all four games to st. louis this year. the blues were the best defensive team in the nhl. they have two outstanding
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goaltenders. the sharks have their hands full. how do you break an impenetrable forest like the st. louis blues? the sharks might demand that they were outworked but that cannot happen in this series.
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>> as is often said in television, we are back in a moment.
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soft to bear or so of course
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the door to the states. it was suspended for year because of the body did solar manus retired. >>catherine: lucy allen de bay area !
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here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together.


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