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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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dealing with low cloud cover but for the most part it is mild sauce with temperatures of will warm. we are seeing a lot of fifties but there is patchy in dense faulty of in the afternoon, mostly sunny skies and warm water. and a lot of spots, upper 70's, close to 80. that is a quick look at the forecast for today. here is what it's like outside your door with temperatures of the '50s. the it in the north, the mid '50s for santa rosa and the napa valley. all in all, a great start. that would translate into a warm and nice afternoon. it will be cooler along the coast of the concede the areas in green representing 60 degree weather.
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asked by this afternoon we will see some of our inland fox get near a 78-80. we will have all your 7 day around the bay coming up in a moment. >>george: we are not tracking and the hot spots. the bridges look good. off on the upper deck headed a light and easy ride. why a light and easy ride through marin county on 101 southbound. even to sonoma county the highway ride looks pretty
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good. >>darya: today, divers in morgan hill planned to be out looking for clues in the case of sierra lamar. crews were in the water yesterday looking for evidence that they could find. they came up empty-handed. " >>craig: this is where divers will return on their search today to look for clues, anything for disappearance. high winds are back. this is part of an expanded
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effort started by the sheriff's department to search more reservoirs. one spokesperson said they may have more tips. so far 1400 but none have turned up anything truly groundbreaking. and they have allowed 8900 man hours. >>darya: what you know about the volunteers that are searching today, will they be meeting again also? >>craig: they will be reforming all on the weekend. they are hoping to get 600- 700 this weekend. >>mark: and richmond, a man was shot this morning,
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currently at john muir medical center. will tran has arrived at the scene and has details. >> police believe the man was shot four times while sitting on his porch. the bullets hit him in his lower body. he easily could have been hit in the head because the window was also shattered. police believe that he should survive. because he was in extreme pain, police were not able to get many details. there is no motive at this time and no suspect description. >>mark: groundbreaking for the new stadium in santa clara for the 49ers. we have highlighted the area where the new stadium is planned. >>jackie: the groundbreaking will not happen until this evening.
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after years of going back and forth between cities, the 49ers are excited that this will be their new home. " they have built a mini stadium to hold the event. finally the shovel will hit the ground in the construction will officially begin tonight. that is a great america, over there to the east. over here is the 49ers headquarters. let's take a look at what the stadium will be eventually look like. it will cost $1.2 billion. over 1 million square feet and it will hold over 68,000 fans there are some very
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excited 49er officials said that will be on site. ron >> there will be toward the seasons at candlestick. slowly but surely will see this stadium taking shape. how >>darya: the number of people seeking unemployment benefits until last we up remained higher than has been in recent weeks. if weekly applications the declines of 2000. the four week average rose
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to 5500, the highest in three months. hiring has slowed after a fast start this year.
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>>darya: weather is the big story. we're heading into a heat wave. you can already see that it will pretty warm to start the day. " if the high is 70. the bigger story is how hot it is going to be in oakland and everywhere else friday and saturday. >> it feels is definitely a moist. i think it is because we still have a little bit of a lingering fog. it is pretty low lying. that is why the air feels pretty moist. the other key is that there is no wind.
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>>darya: it is already beautiful shot. we will check in with you as the day progresses. >>mark: a hearing scheduled on a petitioner's motion to disqualify the san francisco attorney in the ross mirkirimi domestic abuse case. lawyers for mirkirimi are concerned about conflict of interest because the city attorney on represents mayor ed lee who is the one who suspended mirkirimi from office. her rare also advises the ethics committee. the suspended sheriff is still under orders to stay away from his family. mirkirimi spoke on a local radio show of how difficult
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all of this has did. >> i am destroyed! >> did you think you were tougher or more elastic and resilience? >> i thought that i was a more tender, more caring, not as the kron4 baristas curious not as testosterone pact. my wife called out of complete panic that my son broke out in a complete crash and had respiratory problems. if she thought that she was going to have to rush into the hospital, and to kaiser. first i could not go because of the stay away. >> the ethics commission is meeting on monday to discuss the official misconduct caused. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of and it's.
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box year is a live look from the roof in san francisco. clouds of plenty of sunshine in the distance. west how how her
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over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution. >> we are talking weather and there is a lot to talk about. today will be warm. here is a live look from the
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mt. tam camera. we have cloud cover out there but the sun is coming up. it will get warmer as the header of the day. mid-50s around the bay. we are already off to a good start. it is only going to get warmer as we head into the afternoon. the story today is the warm temperatures. first see the inland end of the state valleys are also on the warming side.
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as we slide demands and head towards the shore line it will cool down a little bit. across the north bay is a story that depends on where you will be. all are looking for a warm afternoon would temperatures widespread in the '70s and potentially low 80s.
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>>george: we are not tracking any hot spots, and no major problems or delays. half fare the san mateo bridge ride is problem treat eastbound or westbound. the golden gate bridge ride looks good to and from marin county. interstate 80 bill rate with no slowing yet. this is the self into walnut
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creek and then continuing to the san ramon valley, problem free. in the south bay there are really no delays. a little bit slowing but no delays on the marin ride on 101 southbound. >>mark: a developing story we're following, police are looking for a gunman after a man pushing a child in a twin stroller was shot to death. the child is ok. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon at a housing complex in east oakland. the man's name has not been released, he was pushing the young child in a toy stroller when a gunman opened fire. the gunmen freed in a vehicle. >>darya: new this morning, facebook wants to go public on may 76 according to one web site. that all depends on if the
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social networking site has its paperwork in order for which includes a recent acquisition of instgram. we knew that facebook was going public but now we have the exact date. facebook wants to raise about $10 billion with its ipo. it will trade on the nasdaq and analysts believe the share prices will be at about $40. a suspected robber from richmond has been arrested. police say a 26 year old used a gun to rob a check and go, police say they found a loaded handgun and other evidence that linked him to the robbery. police say he was booked for robbery, false imprisonment and committing a felony while on parole. >> a bart workers says his job is in jeopardy after he gave away if $300 worth of tickets to a teenager who was struggling to afford the fare. he is a station agent at bart, he is 65 and a longtime friend of his has a
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grandson if that cannot afford the two water dollars a month that it costs to get off to and from school every day. >>mark: fishermen were lost at sea for 20 days, passengers on a cruise ship are mad at the cruise liner who ignored the man. happened out in the pacific ocean.
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the passengers say the man could have been saved but the cruise ship ignored their waves for help and kept going. one of the fisherman died that day. a 16 year-old on board died a few days later from dehydration. bishop had been drifting from the panama coast. the third sailor was rescued but was unconscious and near the galapagos islands. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is hazy this mournful but it is pretty much warm everywhere as we with up and start the heat wave. with ntc how hot it is one to be on saturday. we will be right back. off from the
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>>darya: lee are taking a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we are headed into a big warmup. half you also notice a little bit of fog. albert of and give way to a high of 77 inland. sakes sphere
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>>mark: is pitching duel at at&t park. mack came against cliff lead. the game went to 11 innings. the giants won the game 1-0 in the 11th inning. the game only to two and a half hours. >>darya: i like when they are short. >>mark: and brian wilson will be having tommy john surgery today in pensacola florida. that is where he had the same surgery during college. the giants manager says recoveries from a second of three could take longer but he is still holding out hope that he could be ready for
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next season. >>erica: this is the big talk on our facebook fan gate, i asked viewers what they thought his absence meant for the giants. take a look at some of the responses coming in this morning. >>erica: many people will the filly miss fran wilson. if you'd like to leave your on facebook comments, visit our facebook fan page.
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>>mark: we are back in it two minutes as the kron4 news continues at 10:00. it is expected to be very warm day. traffic on the light side on 680 north or south and. traffic on the light side on 680 north or south and. here's my rubarb marmalade, my cheddar cheese marmalade, my kidney bean marmalade... oh, kidney bean again. that's funny. ♪
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>>james: the weather this weekend is going to be beautiful. right now, a beautiful looking sunrise in the making. we had some wind advisories earlier but the wind will not be too much of a factor. we do have a fogged out there but all mohole we are doing ok. it is mild and with a few patches of fog here and there. i'm not a slot that should break up nicely. sunshine will be the theme as we go forward. let me show you quickly where temperatures are at the moment. san francisco, richmond and
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oakland in the mid-50s. most of the bay area is in the mid-50s. we are off to a nice start and the things will only get warmer as we head into the afternoon. let's take a look at how to address all progress at the noon hour. cooler conditions along the coast, '60s there and 70's throughout the rest of the bay area. or is beginning to show on the map. that implies the possibility of 80 degrees here and there. the farther inland you go in
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any direction, a close your disease clear if low-to mid 60's sits for most locations. that would change as we get to the weekend. it will be fantastic weather coming up in our next report. >>george: we still are not tracking any hot spot for your ride around the bay area. for the most part light traffic on most bay area freeways. highway 24, this is the ride westbound coming out of the caldecott tunnel.
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>>darya: divers today plan to be back in the waters, the reservoir is in morgan hill looking for clues in the disappearance of sierra lamar. here's a look at the work they did yesterday. volunteers are also out searching landis see. both searches turned up nothing. >> divers will be out here today. 6-7.
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far >>darya: yesterday was to windy and they didn't get much time on the water. >> yes. i asked them if win was a concern today and they said it is not promising but they're hoping to get in as much of a productive search as they can. they could be expanded to anderson reservoir as well today.
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cox >>mark: will tran has details in berkeley high school. >>will: school administrators are not saying how much did it take to have absences' remove or how long this was going on, for they noticed people making unauthorized entries into the computer system. they believe is justified to kick out the students because they say the act was deliberate. like most schools they planned to use this as a teaching moment.
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>>mark: groundbreaking for the new 49ers stadium in santa clara, we are zooming in to show you where the stadium will be located. jackie sissel is one of our solo reporters and has more on today's groundbreaking. >>jackie: and this is the site of that huge new stadium.
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today the 49ers will officially break ground on their new stadium. here is an animation of what the state will eventually look like when it is completed. over 68,000 seats, over 1 million square feet. it will cost about $1.2 billion when everything is said and done. the hope is they will be ready to flee in 2014. the serramonte does not get underway until 5:00 p.m., they still have hours to get more work done for, but it is a very big day for people of year. >>mark: a reminder, we will be carrying the ground- breaking ceremony live tonight on kron4 at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.. if tune in to see the ceremony an interview with 49ers players. >>darya: we are back with
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more in a couple of minutes to tell you how warm it is good to get here eighth yoli eceves is giving us a nice shot. we will be looking for mid- 70s today. we will be right back.
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>darya: on runs let's take a look at the weather in san francisco. it is sunny and 54 to start the morning. we're looking at a high of 67. that is nothing compared to what we will see if the weekend. temperatures will increase to 86 inland tomorrow and 89 on saturday, 84 on sunday. they-upper 80s after today, for the next three days. the coast and the bay will
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look terrific. it will be a great beach weekend. enjoy it while you can't. we will be right back.
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>>james: we're talking about whether. here's a look at the golden gate. we are seeing pockets of dense fog here and there. slowly but surely over the next hour or two we will start to see some of the fog rolling off. temperature wise we're doing pretty good. we're in the '50s for a good bit of the bay area. it will get warmer as he had to the east. that is the way temperatures are right now. come this afternoon it will
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be a different picture. it will be warmer. fans in the south bay we're looking for conditions to get near 80 degrees. do not be surprised if the south base's 80 degrees this afternoon. here's a slightly warmer for santa rosa and sonoma.
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warmer in napa, potentially 80-81 degrees for a lot of the wine country. as you can see it is warm today, it is going to get warmer. asks into a 80 and 90 degree weather while it is here. hah and >>george: the commute probably will not last. in easy ride on the bay bridge. a 40 minute drive to across the upper deck. half your ride on the san mateo bridge is a problem free with no surprises eastbound or westbound curious there are no delays,
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across 80 and highway 92. 101 for the golden gate, the fog is a little heavy. as look at the traffic maps the first bit of slowing of adjusted 80 westbound. it is still not a bad ride. listserv fifth fifths but from the county one, an easy trip down the wall the great. >>darya: the police chief who oversaw the uc-davis police department during this pepper spray of occupy protestors is now stepping down. she says she does not want to be defined by what
6:50 am
happened that day, so she will resign. she has been on tape leads since this happened all along with the officer that did the spraying. police say that 23 protesters were detained following a rally and march and san francisco. the protest call for top city officials to protest -- to forgo getting raises >>mark: span text messages are on the rise. it is a nationwide program. >> if you get a stamp and you look at who sent it and
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it is not from a regular 10 digit phone number but from a five digit number, those numbers are called short coats. those are short telephone numbers least by the u.s. government protecting programs. the government gives out and regulates those short code numbers. they are monitored very closely. in the united states, any text campaigned uses short code has to obey strict rules apply it with the word stop when you get a text from a short coat. recently carriers there is a
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common data base for complaints for carriers to identify stammers in and take action against them. they need to know who to take action against. get a stamp tax, for that text to the short code 7726 which sells span >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we are focused on the big story which is the weather. this morning it is a little bit warmer as look live from the oakland hills.
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>>darya: our top story this morning, the surge in the reservoir is intensifying as crews look for


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