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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 20, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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clear and mild conditions overnight. but it is indeed " and next >>pam: error to crashes this warning on the san mateo bridge that called diesel fuel to the san francisco bay kif here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. if grant lodes is here to explain what happened. >>grant: it was a total mess. a double whammy on the san mateo bridge furious there were two crashes that forced a total of four lanes to be shut down for most of the mornings. this first happened around 6:00 a.m. westbound, right here, that is when a big rig hit a pickup.
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all westbound lanes were closed. diesel fuel actually spilled into the bay. eastbound traffic was also impacted. act vehicle and a fire trucks were parked on the eastbound lanes to assist. just a half-hour after the truck accident, a car headed eastbound slammed into a police cruiser and pushed it above 50 ft. there were for cars damaged in this accident. a couple of injuries but fortunately nothing too serious. here is what it looks like fossils from sky 4 over the scene. miles and miles of traffic.
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>>haaziq: how long were you on the bridge? >> over two hours. >> 3 hours. >> it was stopped and go all the way. >> where is a bathroom? >>haaziq: how long? >> 2 and a half hours. >>haaziq: are you feeling frustrated? >> yes. almost three hours. i hope that my boss believes me since i will be on television.
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>>pam: a man was attacked, carjackings, shots fired and a stolen tractor. grant lodes shows as today's events it started this morning with a botched burglary in west sacramento. employees at an automobile repair shops walked in on the seats at about 6:00 a.m.. the gunmen hijacked a white ford pickup truck. the suspect then fired at least in the pursuit ended with the getaway crashing into the center median just
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east of davis. bolling that right, just before 6:30 a.m., investigators said down highway 80, searching for the carjacker. while officers scoured the area, that was a major habit for drivers. sacramento air force officials say a lot of people missed their flights because of the traffic mess. just after 10:00 a.m. the the gunman carjack another truck. investigators believe the gunmen got away from a highway in the crash by actually how wiring a tractor. the brown ford pickup was stolen right near the california highway patrol academy, about an hour later at the officers tracked down a second truck to sacramento county. stolen vehicle near morris wrote off of highway 80.
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police have detained a man in the area with a second truck was found. we will keep you updated as new developments break in this wild story. >> divers today returned to the waters of the reservoir of san jose in the ongoing search for sierra lamar. the number of suspicious objects turned out to be tree stumps or rock piles as in previous searches.
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>> a search will include 90 law enforcement officers from across the bay area. in addition to santa clara county search and rescue, deputies from monterey, santa cruz, san mateo and santa from counties will join the search. they will renew an earlier focus on a wide area south of morgan hill east of gilroy to the hecker pass area. once again, specially trained detection dogs like this one will be brought in. just like they did in the hills of south san jose, and off-road enforcement teams with high engle rough terrain skills' if will search remote areas with little or no public access. sheriff's deputies will surge from a.m. until
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sunset. at the same time, volunteers will fan out from the search center in morgan hill where the number of people who have joined the search is approaching 4000. sierra lamar went missing back on march 16th. >>pam: another t-shirt -- another teenager is missing. searchers started looking for the team yesterday, five days after she left her home. kron4 spoke with police about what they're what the delay in searching for her and why they're searching nearby state parks. >> the serbs did not begin sooner because we did not have the information we had now. initially on a saturday, she was a runaway teenager,
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there was no evidence of foul play. the reason things changed was because on wednesday night, we received information from her father that he found her journal in her bedroom, contained in that journal, she described a recent break up with a on math, she was crushed by that stan was talking about suicide. yesterday morning, we are able to get into her e-mail hawthorne and discovered that she made eight google search for her house in west santa rosa to industry park. today we are continuing to search. >>pam: helicopters like this one are playing a vital role in the search. tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will have a closer look at the challenges the searchers are facing an how authorities are dealing with the search. another victim from the school massacre in oakland
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is the way to rest today. seven people were killed in the deadly shooting at week as university on april 2nd including six students and a school receptions. for every three others hurt. friends, faculty and students from the school gathered for the funeral for kathleen today. oikos offices were closed today so that everyone could said. class's will resume on monday. jeff >> in morgan hill, several high school students were treated by paramedics after eating a hot place cookies. >>catherine: the killer treyvon martin speaks in court.
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statement of george showing possible injuries that happened to the night of the shooting. destroyed by the members of the military are now involved. preparing for a massive traffic shut down, we preview the shutdown of the wheel drive and cal trend gives us a tour of the new road that will modernize the approach to the golden gate bridge. a san francisco landmark restaurant is calling it quits after more than 100 years. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ]
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>>grant: we're learning about a major hard to lay on the pittsburgh line headed towards as the fall. there was an equipment problem from the train crews are trying to fix. a major delay usually means at least 20 minutes. it is headed towards sfo. call >>pam: live oak high school was abuzz when paramedics were sent to treat several students for the effects of marijuana after eight fat jeff bliss explains what happened and why this incident might be tied to
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today's date. someone overdosed. on a hill or something? did some drugs and got in trouble. the prince explains what campus monitors came across a student who was behaving they brought her to the determined that she had eaten a cookie. >> as it turns out, the cookie was laced with marijuana. >> it had been given her by another student. if that led to the names of other students that also had gotten hold of the cookies. >> the school called the paramedics who treated for students as his will. >> all the students involved found they did not have to be transported to the hospital.
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>>catherine: george zimmerman made his first statements today, it happened on the same day that a new piece of evidence was released. he briefly to the witness stand in a florida courtroom. he was tackled at his waist and at its feet and addressed the teen-ager's parents directly. in an earlier interview, the mother of treyvon martin said she wanted to hear an apology from george zimmerman and had two questions for him, did he know her son was only 17 in the did he know that he was on our. zimmerman responded in this for a courtroom on friday at his appeal hearing. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> zimmer that makes this self-serving apology in the courts, 50 days later.
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>> the witness stand is used for evidence. there was no mention that he wanted to address the family. >> zimmerman attorney said his client wanted to apologize in a quiet setting -- and a private setting it was an often he did not have. he is accused of second- degree murder of the teenagers february. he says he shot the teenager in self-defense after its market sucker punched him. the family of martin says he was the victim of racial profiling. the judge set bail today at one of the $50,000 but it could be a few days before is the room is released. restrictions include no contact with the martin family and his movements will be monitored by gps. during today's hearing, as a man's family answering questions by phone. they have been threatened repeatedly and did not so averse because of community concerns. his mother said he worked as
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a mentor to what the young boy and was protective of other stereophonic fan of the you believe that your son is a violent person? >> absolutely not. >> can you expand on that? >> i have never known him to be violent at all, unless he was provoked and that, he would turn the other cheek.
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here is a look at your in san francisco, temperatures are a little bit cooler. some of those sea breeze winds. clear skies as look towards the golden gate. cordis weather right now. there is no fog inside as we head into the overnight hours. the fog could return it will be very brief along the coastline. here's a look a year whether headlines. as we head into the acting dean, sunny skies including at the coastline.
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here is a look at your expected highs for small. half lamar to bridges in the
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upper 80s in places like sonoma, napa and santa rosa. here is a look a your extended forecast. temperatures will hit highs but then start to grow and to the clothes on. additional cooling as we head into monday and tuesday with additional showers monday and tuesday. we will be right back here in far
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>>pam: and man is behind bars accused of robbing people at a wells fargo atm machine. police say he held up customers at gunpoint after the use of the machine to withdraw money. the robbery took place between april 10th and april 12th. investigators say they caught and during a traffic stop unrelated to the robberies. san mateo county sheriff's
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deputies say they arrested a wanted parolee outside of the family at their san diego hotel, claiming that he was wheelchair-bound. the victims say they agree to take him to the theme park and there, he asked to borrow the car keys to get his medicine but never came back. investigators say they captured him in a stolen car on highway 92 driving recklessly. they also say he gave a fake name and complained of chest pains. he was taken to hospital and then to jail. we will be right back.
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>>pam: we will show you why people are saying all baby on a popular east a trail.
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that is ahead. bay area !
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>>pam: we are exactly one week away from the weekend shutdown of the doe will drive. that is the main approach to the golden gate bridge in san francisco. today, we got our first look at a high-tech future that drivers will see after next week closure. >>grant: there is a moving median and the tunnel. drivers will be getting a glimpse into getting really familiar with its starting next monday, april 30th, that is after the weekend closure. next weekend to the cruise will be demolishing a doyle drive. we have been telling you about that. that is the main approach to the golden gate. highway one will be the main alternative. avoided at all costs. sky for a shot this this morning.
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it is footage from the golden gate bridge as you approach the north tunnel entrance. all of this and will drive traffic the see right here is eventually, starting next monday, going to be using that tunnel. this is a shot of the tunnel from the south. starting next friday, drivers are in store for big changes. officials are urging drivers to avoid the golden gate bridge area. that is next friday night through next monday morning. >>pam: concord police are learning that the teenager involved in a crash that killed two people was arrested only a week before
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the accident on drug and weapons charges. he was taken in late last month by police in walnut riding bicycles with his daughter and concord when there were struck by the same driver. the father and one of his daughters were killed instantly. investigators are now waiting on toxicology reports before they decide whether or not to charge the 17 year-old driver. a homeless man has been arrested on suspicion of setting his wife on fire on a san jose st. killing her. police say this man was taken into custody on suspicion of murder as a james park in san jose on wednesday. that was to days after his wife was found lying on the street suffering from severe burns. she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead the next day. police have not established a motive for the killings. >> it is a san francisco institution known by
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generations, sam will has been stable for more than 100 years. now, the restaurant is calling it quits. j.r stone has the details. >>j.r.: basically those held the board members say that they're going to have a public meeting. this place. have been lines like this down the block. of people waiting. they say they have been coming here for years ended do not mind waiting for food because they are saddened by what has happened. >> it is very emotional. this place has been in my life. >> this the rest on her was run by her family for 30 years. in all departments as the
5:35 pm
building is on state's high and must close. >> my father is completely emotional. in all honesty, when i walked into the restaurant, i thought i must have come in the wrong door. when you walk in, you immediately walked to the kitchen. it is an atmosphere that she says is one-of-a-kind. some really narrow stairs. being forced to close tonight. rebuild or relocate, just a faint hope that maybe those at the health department will change their mind. >> this place is older than the golden gate.
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>> many people want to get in before the restaurant closes. there are open until 3:00 a.m.. yesterday, they closed early theory basically ran out of food. >>jaqueline: we are seeing sunny skies through the entire bay area. beautiful blue skies and temperatures are quite warm. inland valleys are in the upper 80s. in the south bay it is also
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pretty warm. we will stay mostly clear overnight. we could see some brief coastal fog into tomorrow morning. that will clear out very quickly and we will see warmer conditions saturday. a great
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brought this to the public has gone into hiding. she said the trouble started when one agent refused to pay her feet and she called police to complain. in north carolina judge ruled that a condemned
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this is the man, marcus robinson. state law allowing inmates given him a ride. drive to a field where he killed him. it now appears that a plane that crashed in pakistan was brought down by high wind. there's not much left of it. there were 127 people on board and no survivors have been found. the plane crashed while the pilot was trying to land in a violent thunderstorm. farmers working nearby said they saw the plane burst into flames after crashing. tens of thousands of egyptians passed into -- packed into cairo square in fear that there is sabotaging to the transition into democracy. the presidential election is set for next month.
5:40 pm
many of the people still in power are holdouts from the mubarak regime and to do not have a lot of public trust. in mexico a volcano is providing a spectacular show but there is concern that it could cause havoc at a nearby airport. people who live nearby say the key here able roaring coming from the volcano. there are worried that they may have to evacuate said. thousands of farmers could be forced to leave their homes. a supply route from cause extent will dock with the international space station in a couple of days. it is delivering food and water as well as things like replacement parts and fuel. we're back with more in a few minutes.
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>>jaqueline: it is a warm day out there today. conditions in the upper 80s and portions of the bay area. we are not breaking any records out there. we will see a little bit of sea breeze wins in the forecast overnight. a brief amount of fog and oakland overnight. it is likely that the fog will stay confined to the coastline.
5:49 pm
>>jaqueline: warm-hot conditions out there tomorrow. the sea breeze winds will really ramp up into sunday afternoon. we will start the day with sunny skies and in freezing fog along the coastline. monday and tuesday and we will see more dramatically to the bay area. los 70's for our inland valleys. low 60s for the coastline.
5:50 pm
we will continue our cooling trend through the rest of the week with a chance of showers by wednesday and thursday. we will be back after this.
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third >>pam: the judge overseeing the petition hearing for ross mirkirimi is reviewing its overturn his suspension. it means that mirkirimi will not be reinstated as sheriff. he was removed from office after pleading guilty in a domestic abuse case involving his wife. this city ethics commission will begin its hearing on monday. we will be right back.
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>>grant: how long will warm and sunny weather last? jacqueline bennett is ready with your weekend forecast
5:57 pm
and a man opened fire on a california elementary schools while kids are out at recess. how long will he be behind bars and the the young victims the testified at his trial. the scandal that rocked the secret service, we're running more about the agents involved with prostitutes while on assignment to protect when
5:58 pm
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>>pam: a beautiful star for the weekend unless you are behind the wheel. kron4 talked a frustrated drivers trapped for hours on the san mateo bridge. >> where is a bathroom? >> a police manhunt turns the i 80 causeway in sacramento into a parking lot from dawn until then. also coming up, the search for a 15 year-old that
6:00 pm
disappeared while riding her bike in the north bay. find out why these people are lining up in chinatown. >>pam: a hot weekend is on tap. you aren't working at a live picture of the golden gate park. besides me, you can see a ton of people celebrating the annual four-20 tradition. jacqueline is here with more on the weekend warm up. >> here is a live temperatures are expected
6:01 pm
to death warmed up the bay area. >>dan: we are here at the san leandro marina. things are very warm but not too warm.
6:02 pm
people are enjoying the weather, flying kites, sitting on top of their cars. scored all costs salon me and said the weather is so beautiful today. this is a view of the ocean. this is what they're looking water, this is definitely where you want to be enjoying things. >>pam: we want to remind the viewers, you can stay connected to the weather any forecast at storm tracker 4 lamar is headed into another new leads. underwater search and rescue team returned to one reservoir in south san jose where divers inspected another of suspicious objects on the floor.
6:03 pm
tomorrow, more than 90 law enforcement officers from across the bay area will conduct a new land search focusing on remote areas and near gilroy. >> because of the limited information that we half we are concentrating our efforts to the south county. >> volunteers will once again search areas in and around morgan hill. they will fan out from the service center at burnett elementary school beginning at 8:00 a.m..
6:04 pm
in the north bay, researchers are looking for another missing 16 year-old. >> santa rosa police say they are committed to finding her.
6:05 pm
>> she was last seen wearing a green-card with her computer and ukulele inside. she was riding her green bike and police say journal entry says she was depressed about a recent break up. >>pam: several students were treated at live oak high school in morgan hill because the students had even pot laced cookies. >> everyone on campus was talking about it. >> all i know is a bunch of people got caught with a lot of drugs today and some of them were my friends. i was really scared for
6:06 pm
them. >> school officials were tipped off by wednesday and was acting strangely its complaint about being dizzy. >> upon questioning the student in the office, we determined that she had eaten a cookie. >> the cookie was marijuana laced and at least four students had eaten a. >> with today being 420 and the incidence of reported i do not think it would be unreasonable that there would be something behind that. >> all the teachers receive in service and some of the veterans fifth fled have many times fit is really eliphaz the small touches on signs incidence of drug use. >> they are made aware to be extra vigilant. >> the students did not have
6:07 pm
to be transferred to a hospital. beer were released to their parents' fifth for >>pam: . here is a live picture of the cemetery bridge. traffic is moving well for number that is not the case. >>grant: and diesel fuel spilled into the bay because of crack the did. the chp vehicle and parts are or are on eastbound lanes to help with the accident.
6:08 pm
the traffic was for all. >>haaziq: how long was it? >> at 3 1/2 hours. all the >> what did he do to keep yourself busy? >> i made phone calls. i listen to music.
6:09 pm
>> i listen to sports talk radio. >> i did not tax or call while driving. >> i was talking to my mother in spain. it was nice because i could have a long conversation with her. it was nice. >>haaziq: it was useful for you? >> yes. >>haaziq: at the 92 west off ramp haaziq the youth, kron4 news. >>pam: look at this. another traffic nightmare, interstate 80 shutdown in sacramento as police are so cheap for a suspect wanted in a carjacking and shooting death started early this morning. sacramento police responded to a call of shots fired.
6:10 pm
when officers arrived the suspect carjack a female driver eventually crushing of the highway. a second vehicle was an carjack. police said the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. >> one of the men advocated in the secret service sex scandal is taking serious heat breakage or and, it posted on facebook. >>catherine: slow the beautiful weather in the weekend is here. why not consider visiting a national park. >>pam: the man who are off rounds at a california elementary school into children was sentenced today. all find out how much time he will spend behind bars.
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compaq >>pam: a man who opened fire at a california elementary school will serve life in prison. in october of 2010 he walked onto the campus of a cross that elementary school and fired into a crowd of about 230 students during a midday recess. two girls were wounded. the 42 year-old was convicted last month of seven counts of premeditated attempted murder and assault with a fire arm.
6:14 pm
today he was sentenced to 189 years-life in state prison. both of the girls were wounded and testified during the trial. george zimmerman may soon be out of jail. a florida judge set a $150,000 bond for the former neighborhood watchman. zimmerman is accused of shooting an unarmed florida teenager. barbara hall has more on what happened inside the courtroom today. >> in his first public statement since the death of treyvon martin, george zimmerman offered an apology to the florentines parents. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> the attorney for zimmerman said his client have to apologize in person but was not granted a meeting with his parents. their attorney called the apologies self-serving and said they are devastated he
6:15 pm
has been granted bonds. >> they are praying that his freedom is only temporary because the pain he has caused this family is going to be permanent. >> his father said prior incidents were misunderstandings, efforts to protect himself or others. >> i have never known him to be violent at all unless he was provoked and that he would turn the other cheek. >> he says it will take a few days to post bond and there are concerned about his safety that need to be addressed. once he is out he will be required to wear an electronic monitor and will need to check in with authorities every three days. >> the penn state assistant
6:16 pm
athletic director has been dismissed. but many see here briefly headed of the athletic department back in november in the midst of the jury sandusky investigation. officials confirm he is no longer with the university but released no other details since it is a personnel issue. sandusky was a former football coach under the late joe paterno and he is accused of sexually assaulting several boys. >> it is a gorgeous day out there taking a live look outside from christie field. even along the coastline, there is no fog off shore. here's a look at our current satellite image, there is no fog close to the coastline. clear skies well offshore. i think it is going to be pretty difficult for warming with the fog. temperatures are pretty toasty in some spots. the inland valleys are still in the 80s and low 90s.
6:17 pm
cooler closer to the coastline. here is a look at your day planner for tomorrow. into the afternoon we will have sunny skies and warmer temperatures. more places will be in the '90s. into tomorrow evening, clear and mild conditions. here is a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. warming in the south bay into the '90s pretty much everywhere except mountain view. warming tomorrow and our inland valleys. we will still see warming
6:18 pm
for the east bay stores. temperatures are not out of control warmer and more places in the '80s. we are warming along the peninsula. it's here is a look at your extended forecast. we will call into sunday with seabury's when that will increase sunday afternoon. more dramatic cooling into the evening and increase in fog into the afternoon. a chance of showers wednesday and thursday. >>pam: today the president was briefed by the director of the secret service of a director into the prostitution scandal.
6:19 pm
today we're learning more about some of the man behind the scandal. kiberlee sakamoto has the details on one wife -- on 118 as facebook pages under scrutiny. >>kimberlee: on this one agent was forced to retire because of the scandal, he used facebook to brag about how he checked out sarah pailin while on security detail. here is a look at a photograph he posted if from january 2009. cheney is in the background wearing dark glasses with his wedding ring. in front of him sarah pailin. this was apparently taken during the 2008 campaign. cheney not only close to the auto and left a comment saying, i was really checking her out if you know what i mean. during an interview with fox
6:20 pm
news, pale and responded to the foot of controversy. >> that a jet was a little bit ridiculous. >>kimberlee: cheney had been with the secret service for two decades in the second generation ages. he lives in virginia with his wife and son. he has not yet commented on the space-bar controversy. more news straight ahead. netflix [ crickets chirping ]
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>>catherine: more than a decade after doctors say a measles had been wiped out in the u.s., there are back with a vengeance. there were 17 national outbreak of war and to order people impacted. health experts say the is easily introduced by people who have traveled internationally or moved to the u.s. from other countries.
6:24 pm
stenholm and a neighborhood with a good school will cost a lot more money. >>pam: the national park service is trying to remind people of how many beautiful national parks are out there. this weekend and next sunday, admission is free.
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>>jaqueline: our top story tonight is the warm weather. sunny skies and warm temperatures throughout the bay area. let's get a look at current temperatures.
6:31 pm
some >>jaqueline: here is a look at where temperatures will be at tomorrow afternoon. it does look like our record high temperatures will stay safe for tomorrow afternoon. coverage and will get into the '70s tomorrow afternoon. in the north bay, '80s and near '90s. here's a look at your extended forecast. we have one more day of hot conditions before temperatures cool off into sunday. this sunday afternoon,
6:32 pm
increased fog into the afternoon at temperatures will drop more dramatically into the evening. a chance of showers wednesday to thursday. >> another great place to enjoy the beautiful weather. the weather is really warm. >> in morgan hill law enforcement is expected to join the search for missing the sierra lamar. it is a refined or expanded search.
6:33 pm
specially trained detection dogs and off-road vehicles will be used in a wide- ranging surge that will go from a a.m.-sunset focusing south of morgan hill. in morgan hill, rob fladeboe, kron4 news. >> in santa rosa, the search is on for a missing 15 year- old girl who disappeared on a saturday. she has not been seen since. every sense searcher for computer reveals she got directions to a local state parks. about 20 people have spread out to see if there is any sign of her here at spring lake park. her father says she was depressed because of a recent break up and that may have explained why she took
6:34 pm
off. >> drivers talk about being stuck on the san mateo bridge for hours following several traffic accidents during the morning commute. >> 2 hours. >> 3 hours. i hope that my boss believes me since i will be on tv. >> people are pulling over into taking a nap. >> and foster city, haaziq madyun, kron4 news. >> and another big story, it will sell this company has been chosen to recover the crash of a fair long island's last weekend. i will be talking with environmental officials about concerns. reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> and morgan hill there were four students treated after ingesting what officials are saying were marijuana laced cookies. one of the students was acting erratically, she was taken to the office and
6:35 pm
after a couple of questions, she gave it up that she had eaten a cookie that was given to her by another student. after paramedics checked the students they found out that there were physically ok and they were released into the custody of their parents. school officials say it is no coincidence that today is a 420. >> in san francisco, officials have announced that on sunday, all vehicle traffic inside the presidio will be stopped during the 75th anniversary of the golden gate. that means only emergency vehicles and its residents with an access has will be allowed to drive with of the presidio. the closure is expected to last from early in the morning until later that evening after the fireworks.
6:36 pm
thought [ birds chirping ]
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>>pam: adipotide as catherine heenan tells us, you do not have to plant a tree to do something good for the environment. >>catherine: april 22nd is earth day, an annual celebration of all things good for mother earth. traditionally, people plant gardens or clean up litter but he did not have to get your hands dirty to make a difference. consumer reports has a new list of ways to get rid of all electronics in an environmentally conscious way. you could even make money. you can sell electronics. sites like a cragslist and east bay are teaming with potential buyers. some major retailers will let you traded your
6:41 pm
unwanted products in exchange for a gift card. consumer reports highlights best buy, a target and amazon for their programs. popular manufacturers apple, kodak and sony also offer similar incentives. you can donate anything that is good working order to a charity. certain charities only except certain items so be sure to check their web sites. if you can get a receipt and to clear your donation on taxes but if your gadgets and no longer work, bring them to a recycling center where they will be disposed of properly. >>pam: the oakland a's react to statements by the major league baseball commissioner that they need a new stadium in order to survive. the gary radnich is next with highlights and he takes your of your e-mail is.
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
>>gary: is tough to beat the mets. gary's ego is off to a nice start. he has given up a couple of home runs. right now it is a bullpen game as we like to say. >>gary: alex rodriguez, his
6:46 pm
631st career home run. he is now fifth all-time passing ken griffey jr.. a little boy ran on the field today, the chicago white sox game. it is hard to get mad. again, rules are rules, they threw him out. he was escorted to the stands to his parents and they were all rejected. how did he get on the field?
6:47 pm
>>jackie: his parents probably put him on the field. it is not easy to get over the fence and onto the field. >>gary: to teach him a lesson, they should have laid him down and handcuffed him. my father was a policeman for about two weeks only because he would not arrest anyone. he looked great in the uniform. he would take home the drunks and instead of arresting them. >>gary: the oakland a's are back, after taking three out of four in anaheim. the big story is centering
6:48 pm
around the oakland a's and where they're going to end up. >>caller: the oakland coliseum has been home to the oakland a's for the last 44 years, but how much longer? according sits commissioner but steely he took the stand saying that the club needs a new stadium venue to be economically competitive. the players say bravo. others suffer to manage it. fox >> it is good that we have people behind us. leave everything will be done. >> the general manager and corner or unavailable for comment. they did say they thought there was something in the works that will allow them to have territorial rights to move to san jose. vern glenn, kron4 sports. >>gary: the angels are doing
6:49 pm
well. they're honoring the world series champion oakland a's of the ball park tonight. cause they can seko is back in baseball, sort of. he has signed with the massachusetts team, the war chest or tornadoes. it is a pan american league. he says he is grateful for the team. the expected to bring a lot of consignment. we have yet to play a game. this is a brand new lead. when we come back, maxine fans rejoiced.
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6:53 pm
>>gary: it is always great to have young people. >> and call you admit that man cain was worth the money? >>gary: and the real world no one is worth 127 million that he has had to fabulous starts. i never said he was not worth the money.
6:54 pm
he is a terrific pitcher. if you're going to spend that kind of money, he is the one disbanded on. >> of e.d. and should not be allowed to manage. >>gary: that is a big mistake. >> when i first heard this i thought, if you ask me about television listen to what i have to say. cts me about politics, i'm just blowing. same thing is that athletes are managers. if they're not talking about their specific store, who cares what they say? some of the people were touched in a negative manner, they knew people who had been tortured by castro, etc..
6:55 pm
all i can say is he better when. >> i saw you in your family at giants opening day. it's xi
6:56 pm
>> year from an interview was great. you combine good information with fun. >>gary: if the guy is dead, you have to go a long way to blow the interview. he was terrific. >> he is interesting and funny. cause
6:57 pm
>> when is your next vacation? call
6:58 pm
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we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. the very first missing child on the milk carton, it's the case gripping new york city today. did authorities just find his body? plus, sarah palin's connection to the secret service sex scandal. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. this revelation is explosive. >> one of those agents actually guarded sarah palin. >> check this out, bodyguard, you're fired. >> hired to protect, but are they cheating on the job? the alleged prostitute now in hiding? and palin's warning to michelle obama. >> they may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her. new york's real-life cold case. the original face of the milk carton missing. the construction ripping apart soho.


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