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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 20, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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ese other areas dentists check most. so now when you leave the dental office, you can keep a cleaner mouth with you. new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. >>pam: of the daylong drama that shut down one of california's busiest freeways. hundreds of drivers trapped near sacramento on interstate 80 while swat teams combed the countryside for a list of the gunman. the backup lasted for about six hours. bay area drivers space-bar on a traffic nightmare on the san the tail bridge. a pair of accidents and made a long trip around the bay. also tonight, a chinatown a landmark is closing its doors. >> the health department says the building is not safe. new study says man
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and one bay area counties have the country's highest life expectancy. we will tell you which one. third announcer: kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. starts now. >>pam: what a beautiful day and evening across the bay area. look at the scenes from san leandro to marin county. we have a live picture from christie field to show you, what a beautiful sunset. even still see people out and about enjoying the lovely weather. jacqueline has more on just how warm it was and how long the great weather will last. >>jaqueline: it was certainly warmer out there this afternoon as we take a live picture from christie field. gorgeous sunset. there is no fog in the distance behind the golden gate. the fog is not expected to impact us. xi december to today were a
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little bit cooler but warmer than what we had yesterday. another warm day is on tap for tomorrow. current conditions remain miles. half moon bay is cooling to 59 degrees. fog is so far off shore i do not think the winds will carry to the coastline. warm weather on tap for tomorrow, more on your weather coming up.
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>>pam: we continue team coverage on this beautiful evening with dan kerman who is joining us live from lake merritt where he is out enjoy the beautiful weather. >>dan: i cannot remember the last time it was warm enough at 8:00 p.m. to wear shorts least. few we are at lake merritt. the sun is setting behind those fields. there are still plenty of people out here is many people are out enjoying the weather. >> friday evening flick merritt in oakland was half as people to the advantage of the unusually fleet weather. >> we are enjoying the roast beef, a character and sunshine. >> others were dog walking. >> it is not too hot. this is a perfect sphere if >> some decided the good weather was a good as follows a recent exercise cepheus at the marina in san leandro, more of the same.
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>> i wanted to come share this place with my boys. offset >> others also came out for their views and were entertained by the aerial acrobatics of this kite. the >> if you spend the entire day in the office and missed this, you'll have another opportunity, there is another day tomorrow which is supposed to be just as beautiful. >>pam: enjoy the rest of your evening. divers today returned to the waters in the reservoir than the search for missing cheerleader sierra lamar. because of the strong with an average of occurrence, the reservoir was first manned by sonar before sending divers and for a closer look to him but as in previous searches the objects on the bottom cloud drawn out of the tree stumps
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or rock piles. the tomorrow the search will be expanded by land. >> the shares are calling this a refined search. it will include new-line the -- 90 lot of for some officers from across the bay area. monterey, santa cruz, san mateo and marin county it would join the search calling a request for mutual aid. once again, specially trained detection dogs will be prodded.
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and if this with police
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>> the terrain is a rugged. it is even more difficult to church because there is heavy foliage. >> it is not just law enforcement out here, but many volunteers such as these women on horseback. >> i have grandchildren. i would hate to have won this thing and people not be out looking for them. you can see a lot of of a horse's back that you cannot see on foot.
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>> paramedics treated several students at live oak high school in morgan hill after students keep marijuana laced cookies. jeff bush explains how they got the drugs. >> everyone on campus was talking about it. >> all i know is a bunch of people got caught with drugs today and some of them were my friends. i was scared of him. >> school officials were tipped off by one student who was acting strangely and complained about acting disease. >> we determined that she had eaten a cookie. >> at least four students had eaten them. school officials say they were on the lookout for such behavior because for 20 is slang for taking marijuana.
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>> the teachers receive in servicing. some other veterans have had many times. >> the school called paramedics just to be cautious. to the hospital. there were killed -- they were released to their parents. >> able sabahs company has been chosen to remove the vessel that crashed on the
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sheriff's deputies say they have found a carjacking suspect they have been looking at all day long. he has a allegedly barricaded himself inside an apartment sacramento.
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>> a horrible morning for traffic in the bay area. there were two crashes on the san mateo bridge bring traffic to a virtual standstill.
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there were for cars damaged in the second accident. we have video to show you in everything looked like. crews are their sweeping up the diesel fuel of of the highway. it took about four hours to reopen all lanes. >>haaziq: how long were you on the bridge? >> over two hours. >> 3 hours. >> i am at 3 1/2 hours. for hours. >> it has been stop and go all the way. >> where is a bathroom? >> how long were you stopped? i am pretty frustrated. thank >> i hope my boss believes
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mazes i will be on tv. >> people are: over and taking naps. >> it is a blessing that i did not run out of gas or my car did not overheat. >> at the 92 west off ramp in foster city, haaziq madyun kron4 is. >> cloud cover returning
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sunday in the form of fog along the coastline. let's take a look at temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. we will take a look at the cooling trend into next week coming up and a little bit. >>pam: the man who shot and killed treyvon martin made his first public statements today. the appearance of drugs is a man came on the same day a new piece of evidence. it's he was shackled at his feet and waste it addressed the teen-ager's parents directly.
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>>catherine: in an earlier questions, did he know her son was only 17 and did he know that her son was unarmed? friday at his appeal was. armed or not. serving apology in court, 60 days later. >> the witness stand is used for evidence. there was no mention that he wanted to address the family.
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>> the attorney for zimmerman said his client wanted to apologize and a private setting but it was an option he did not have. the neighborhood watch volunteer is accused of second-degree murder in the shooting death of the black teenager back in february. he says he shot in self- defense after martin sucker punch him and knocked into is released. restrictions include no contact with the martin family and his movements will be monitored by dps. his family answer questions by phone. they have been threatened repeatedly and have not shown up in person. third >> d believe this your son is a violent person? >> absolutely not. >> can you expand on that? >> i have never known him to the violence at all. unless he was provoked and
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then, he would turn the other cheek. >>pam: as the hearing was happening, abc news released this photograph that shows off the bloody back of the romans had. it was reportedly taken three minutes after shooting and killing treyvon martin. this could give credence to his story that treyvon martin bashed his head against concrete as they struggled. >>gary: coming up later in this broadcast, a leasing is ready to go.
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offs merrill three secret
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service agents have resigned on top of three others
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already forced out, it's wild and all are accused of bringing prostitutes that to their own self while on the job in columbia ahead of a presidential visit. a number of u.s. military members has grown from 10 to 11. the president has been briefed by the secret service director and today the white house spokesperson had this to say. >> the secret service has stated clearly and the president believes that his security in the overall security of the truck was never compromised. >> the woman who brought the case into the open has gone into hiding. she said the trouble started when one of the agents refused to pay her fee and she called police to complain. >>jaqueline: here is a look at current conditions. very mild about the bay area. here's a look at current temperatures.
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another warm day on tap for tomorrow. details coming up.
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>>pam: coming up, warm air and sunny weather headed into the weekend. their crews are getting ready to salvage what is left of a wrecked sailboat, the crash killed one person and four others were lost at sea. why is it important to get the boats out of the water as fast as possible? one bay area city has the
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longest life span for man in the united states. this and at repair
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>> tonight we're learning that the suspect in today's robbery and carjacking incidents is dead. there is no word on exactly how he died. sphere man was barricaded in sacramento saw apartment and accused of a burglary see it shooting at employees before carjacking vehicles and a tractor in and of and to get away. third at one point interstate 80 was closed down.
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>>jaqueline: warm temperatures still in portions of the bay area. here is we can expect overnight. clear and mild. into tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies. we will start a cool down and sunday. more on that coming up. >>pam: twinkling lights and the sun is setting. >> people are still here at lake merritt doing picnicking and sitting on blankets but i think the food is long gone.
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people were out here with their dogs flank. we saw people flying kites and taking in the beautiful views with their families. >> the weather is nice. i was looking to get off of work early to come and enjoy it. >> it is a nice day, finally. >> many of these people already have plans set for tomorrow. what they're planning to do tomorrow, they will have more time. most of the people had a couple of hours, to >>pam: in san francisco landmark is only hours away
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from closing. lilt agents have been lining up to get one more meal from this restaurant. j.r stone is joining us live from the restaurant. why is this popular restaurant closing? >>j.r.: it comes down to the health and fire department who say no more. there are a number of violations. look at all of the people out there this evening. look at this line. it goes all the way around the block and then some. we spoke with many patrons who are saddened by what is going on. this is what they had to say earlier. >> i am sad to see that it will close for good. >> i am sad to see go zero ways. costs of >>j.r.: on friday the patrons indulge themselves and one last cantonese feast.
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>> the restaurant has been open for business for more than 100 years. where else can you walk inside and instantly be in the kitchen? fifth the city has come down hard on the restaurant for health and fire code violations. those i spoke with say they have been coming here for years. rebel but since i was 10 or 11. >> some even risked their job for one last meal.
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>> i called in sick to come here. you video taping is probably not a good thing. >> out here live this evening, you can see long lines outside of the restaurant. they are open until 3:00 a.m. but keep in mind, they ran out of last night. it is very possible that the same thing could happen to them this evening. the they have had long lines all that long. >>pam: is there any chance that they could stay open or reopen? >> the city says yes. they were out here today. one of the inspectors from the health department said that basically there would be a public meeting on tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. but many of the people who work at the restaurant state of their release is not a chance because the fire department says the building is just too old.
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the building has to be renovated and has to have a major renovations. this is a 100 year old building. in addition there would have to deal with a number of health violations that involves some of the kitchen set up. they say this setup is what makes the restaurant so really, right now it does not look good. >>pam: is out this company has been selected to remove the vessel that crash of a fair lawn islands last weekend. one man died and four other people were lost at sea when a wave hit the yacht. reggie kumar tells us why wildlife officials are making is for the recovery will not impact of the fragile environment of the island. >> this is what the islands are like. this video was taken by the u.s. fish and wildlife service and.
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>> the best way to do this is by helicopter with a one list, just lift the boat off of the rocks and to bring it back to the mainland. there are 12 species of sea birds that nest. it is the highest concentration of seabird nesting south of the alaskan island chains. if they lay their eggs and they are disturbed or if this goes on after the birds have laid their eggs, it leaves the eggs open for predators and they need to be kept warm into those types of things.
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we do not want that and a disturbance there. this particular area is one of the most important areas for sellers and other species of birds. >> officials tummy the global operation will take place next wednesday or thursday depending on the weather. they're hoping that the boats can be removed in one piece by helicopter. >>pam: the golden gate bridge turns 75 years old next month. event organizers think as many as 300,000 people could turn up for the party. thank them at the close on
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the oil drive means all traffic on marine boulevard will be stopped and also there will be no public parking here at christie field, on the marina or anywhere inside the presidio. visitors are encouraged to walk, ride bikes or take public transit. the vehicle closer is only for sunday may 27th. specific hours will likely run for very early in the morning until after the fireworks. clive >>pam: if you're looking for
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something fun and free head to america's national parks. they're offering free admission all week long. the deal starts tomorrow and goes through april 29th which is sunday, earth day. >>stanley: coming up we will take eight trips to the hit the hills. abel deviates or in the next edition of people behaving badly. it's things you
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>>pam: if you are a man living in marin county, according to a new study you have the highest life expectancy in the country. kiberlee sakamoto is here with details on why this county ranks so high. >>kimberlee: women in marin county have the second highest life expectancy rates in the country. the life expectancy of men and women in this county steadily has increased from 1989-2009.
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during that period, life expectancy rates increased from 74.6-81.6 years while rates for women grew to 81.5 years. life expectancy rates are high and getting higher thanks to several factors. researchers say residents there did not smoke, they're physically active and eat a healthy diet. they found that nationwide the life span of women is improving at a much slower pace than man. women are living shorter lives today than they did two decades ago. women are losing ground to a man because they're more likely to be obese, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. >>pam: the oakland a's react to statements by their own commissioner that it will not survive without a new ballpark.
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gary's ego and the giants take on the mets. gary read it is coming up next with highlights and another round of the viewer e-mail's. the theft thick and war ron
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>> we're smoking marijuana. it is hotter than a sauna. >>stanley: this is hippie hill in san francisco. you'll find the bay area's 420 faithful. >> welcome to the monte factory. >>stanley: the key word is for 20. for three of the 64 days a year, smoking of any kind is not allowed in the golden gate park. whether the city likes it or not, april 20th is the wee small hours paradise.
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i meant to say medical marijuana patients. if it can beat roles, cost or bonds, you can find it here. this gas mask has been converted into a bomb. >> that the water and, right here, you suck in and blow out the smoke like that. >>stanley: i guess if you have to medicaid there is no better way that a gas mask with a bomb attached. never have i seen so many ways to adjust marijuana. >> chocolate chips. >> this is marijuana ice cream. ice cream made from marijuana. >> this is our cheese lead. it is high poland. >>stanley: you cannot leave
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out the good old fashioned giant group bond. or, a giant joint. join from all of the marijuana i saw, i am not sure that people know of marijuana is still federally illegal. >> legalizing marijuana! >>stanley: at least some people were happy to share their good days. even this self-proclaimed homeless guy received a treat. >>stanley: i have to go now. for some reason, i am starting. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for staley, e- mail us at m areas >>jaqueline: it was certainly warm out there today.
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as we head into tomorrow, readings will be in the '90s. it does look like record temperatures will stay safe out there tomorrow. the winds will not get out of control. here is a look at your expected highs for tomorrow.
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things will start to cool down into sunday. this seabury's wins will be pretty intense into the afternoon. increasing cloud cover into the afternoon. temperatures will cool down a monday, tuesday and even further on wednesday and thursday. >>gary: the giants went into extra innings in new york city opening a road trip against the mets. and gary's ego was not bad tonight. the giant bolt head was holding until the bottom of the ninth.
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the game was tied at 3. the mets did not win. the score was tied at 3 and then at sanchez hit to center field. hensley comes in to close in the ninth and the the giants open their road trip with a 4-3 win in new york. the oakland a's at this hour are trailing cleveland. >>vern: shots inside oakland coliseum, the home to oakland a's for the last 44 years. for how much longer? sooner than later according to but ceilings. he says the club needs a new stadium did you in order to be economically competitive. the players say bravo and the others referred to
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management. >> it is something that the team should get through. it is good that we have the people behind us and hopefully everything will be done. >> the general manager and owner were unavailable for comment. >>gary: this week plans the first of the oakland a's world title teams >> it's a gust to death three years to get our stuff to get it. in '71, it jelled a little bit.
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and 72 with the icing on the cake for three years in a row. >> jason kidd in dallas, the warriors have not of their star players on the floor except clade thompson. the warriors have lost seven straight. when we return it is time for e-mail.
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then the bill wants to know, what is wrong with the tim lincecum? >> his standards were so high the last couple of years, you can take the guesses you want, he is a single guy, maybe he is not eating properly, he has had the same habits even when he won the cy young. give him until june 1st before you start worrying. >> de really think a reason for the giants selling out is the ballpark? we have a great team. we were walking around and one-fourth of the people were not even watching the game. that has become a happening. it's a good team can assure
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you good crop the defeated get french fans interested, that is the giants have done. there is a lot of fun once you get inside. >> as soon as the oakland a's have eight players are performing well, they are treated. the oakland a's have been down for a while and that is why the opinion of them is a negative but i will say this at nauseam, in the '80s and '90s we did more stuff on the oakland a's because there were excited. >> why do you always give your opinion?
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>>gary: most sports fans have cable. they know the score if you did i get people mad at you, he did not eat. keep the letters coming.
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