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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: we're starting with a live look at the san mateo bridge carry traffic looks good and visibility it looks good.
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five >>james: a quick look outside coming here we have a live camera from san francisco showing you a lot of cloud cover over the city with no rain falling just yet. in our latest maps show east bay and possibly bits of the south bay showing whether activity, a detailed forecast of an up in a few minutes. >>george: we are continuing to monitor >>george: let's find out what is clear with jackie sissel at the richmond center fell bridge. >>jackie: we're looking at the city of san francisco, the rain has stopped for the most part but there are still dark clouds. you'll notice that the wind is starting to think of as low furious >>george: the news is so good, it is a light and easy
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ride around the bay area with a couple of exceptions. here is a click of the chats looking at the upper deck of the bay bridge, an easy ride in the san francisco. there are too slow spots, highway 4 is interstate 580. saw light traffic for the south bay peninsula and the north bay freeways. >>darya: right now we have a developing story unfolding in the east bay. let's zoom into the area where there was a big pot bust by the oakland police. it happened around 89th ave. there was a 900 block of east oakland. will tran has been following this story. >>will: 10-15 people were arrested. have been in a warehouse. they say it was simply a pot growing operation.
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by the time they were done the remove at least 1000 marijuana plants. one officer told me this is perhaps one of the biggest operations he have ever seen. also i can tell you the removed firearms and fit balls. this is an industrial park. unless you have this is here there's no reason for anyone to be here and he said because they had a two month operation, the have probably been doing surveillance video. they came here with a search warrant looking for firearms. >>darya: had her
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>>will: at this went down at around 9:15 p.m.. according to the police department is that perhaps the people inside might have heard what was going on. once they came in with the search warrant did not run, height or resists, once they saw the police officers come to the front door, they gave themselves up freely without any problems or officers having to do anything more than walking up to them and handcuffing them. >>justine: u.s. unemployment benefits remained stuck in a three month high, a sign that higher is as likely slowed itself. the labor department says weekly applications dipped to a seasonally adjusted sri hundred 80,000.
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>>mark: indonesia has become the first country to suspend beef imports from the u.s.. officials say the ban would be lifted after the u.s. government confirms that all forms are free of mad cow disease. just yesterday to a major south korean retailers halted sales of u.s. beef following the find. there are also concerns about how farmers test for mad cow disease. only 40,000 cows are tested for mad cow each year, that is less than 1 percent of the total cattle population sent to slaughter.
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>>darya: crest more elementary had been on the chopping block but after a heated meeting with the superintendent officials decided to keep them open. here are what some of said parents had to say during the meeting. to close my children's school? i am so beyond myself i can hardly stand it. what are you doing? >> cress more elementary is the neighborhood school for the area where the deadly pg&e gas pipeline exploded. parents have been campaigning against the closure and said that would have been another devastating blow to their neighborhood.
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xi >>darya: is tomorrow night the golden gate will shut down, the approach coming from san francisco getting into marin county, so that they can demolish the rest of the oil drive. it will be closed at 8:00 and will not reopen until 5:00 monday morning. during this time he could take the series. traffic is expected to jam up over the weekend on highway one.
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the giants are in town there is a beer festival at fort mason. that will add to the congestion. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00. here is a live look outside on this thursday morning.
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>>mark: rain to the east in the north. light drizzle with a few pockets of showers expected to pop up at least for the first half of the date. >>darya: ended this morning, the battle over student loans is heating up. some are of john maynard will take a vote on a republican bill that would prevent this double length, 834% interest rate on stafford loans. that is set to take effect in july. fees to cover the costs of the bill would be paid for with adam overhaul. on the flip side senate democrats want to freeze interest rates of pay without with fresh payroll taxes on high-income privately-owned corporations.
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critics >>justine: gov. jerry brown is saying he is certain voters will approve its new tax measure. polls are showing a narrow margin of support. this survey has found that his tax hike is supported by 54 percent of likely voters here in 39 percent opposed. but most are saying it is a relatively low marks for an initiative this far before an election. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look at the golden gate, crowds -- clouds out there this morning. a cooler in day-to-day as we are expecting a higher only in the low 60s.
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>>mark: a meteorite hunter says he has made the find of a lifetime, he says that the meteorite particles predate the sun. this was found in a small northern color -- or in california town called lotus. it is a part of the meteor that exploded on sunday morning. nasa is asking people to send in pictures or video of any meteorites' a fine.
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scientists say this appears to be rare type. meteorite collectors are looking for a new treasurer as experts think the media that exploded sunday morning was the size of a minivan. >>darya: we want to take a closer look at the weather. here is a live look and walnut creek. traffic is nice and light. >>james: we do not have a lot of big rain or widespread rain. walnut creek was one of those spots given a light rain. look at this a month to from the roof camera. this is someone out there, you can definitely see the cloud cover in the background slowly going from right to left.
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can a wet etch important crop can manage their its ground covers will be tracking our way. a chance of showers is with us until we been in. afternoon we're doing pretty good. as the advanced the clock even more past noon, it looks like everything breaks apart.
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this system will be gone by noon. otherwise this kind pretty good with this system. we're looking for a great friday. warm and dry weather into the weekend. >>george: of the metering lights should be activated in a minute or two. traffic is moving smoothly toward san francisco. you're right on the san mateo bridge looks pretty good. highway 92, there was a line of rain that went through
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earlier in the pavement and appears to be drying out. the commute to the golden gate is a problem free this morning, so is the drive through marin county. first we will set the east bay freeway is looking at the right on 80, 680, 24 and 580. a little slow in the san ramon. it is slow between livermore into dublin on 580 was >> . 101, to 80 and 85 still looks high, so it is 87, the guadalupe parkway. in the north bay, no delays for the drive through marin county from the county line to the golden gate. >>mark: san francisco police are looking for three men accused of carrying out why grimes. here are sketches of the suspects. the victims in these cases were not seriously injured. the first attack was reported march 29th on
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casters street, the site was earlier this month. investigators are looking into whether there have been more assaults of this kind. >>darya: a german shepherd puppy fat was near the drag to death on interstate 780 invalid health. it happened last thursday. ever since the dog is been recovering at an animal hospital. authorities have not been able to find the driver could tie the dog to the back of a black pickup truck. reggie kumar tells us how the dog was saved. >> in vallejo a 4 month old german shepherd puppy continues to recover runs after being attached to a rope that was connected to a pickup. the dog was dragged several miles of interstate 780. luckily a woman in her son's saw the dogs the drag fierce x they follow the drug as the trucks exited on glen cove, the rope snaps and the dog fell to the ground in rule the the freeway got the
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dolls right rear leg had to be amputated. the veterinarians as the dollar will make a full recovery. they are trying to raise $3,000 for its after care treatment and the costs of the surgery deify of >>mark: a warning from police, a new scam targeting the elderly, the sheriff's office is, the man at claims to have a sick relative and is trying to sell gold bars, he takes victims to the bank to withdraw thousands of dollars in a scheme for the fake gold bars. ceylons of volunteer work at a san francisco state park in the '80s is it is now slated for. far fog for
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>>darya: authorities as a former stanford station workers allowed large amounts of drugs to pass through security for relief if several people take a drug-related charges including pain and receiving bribes fired government officials believe one of the suspect is accused of orchestrating the entire leaf flared tsa screeners off agreed to waive security checkpoints in exchange for money. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00.
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we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that. >>darya: and the republicans are accusing the press the reelection campaign of myth using presidential dollars. a complaint was filed accusing the president of passing of campaign travel
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at the official government business. the white house responded by saying the administration calls all the rules and regulations that all administrations have all before. texas gov. rick perry is endorsing mitt romney for the republican ticket. he ended his own campanile january and endorsed new figures but gingrich will be leaving their race next week. this morning exxon mobile and ups misted earnings mark. unemployment numbers are coming out to a number of americans seeking unemployment is stuck added nearly three month high. dow futures now down 32 points at the opening bell. the good news from chrysler, they posted their best quarterly profits in 13 years. a net profit of 473 million.
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>>mark: we will be prep back as the kron4 news continues. the dow futures are down 32
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>>mark: the opening bell on a wall street looks to be a down day. an hour ago we had weekly unemployment numbers coming out. the number of people see the unemployment remains at its highest level in three months as hiring appears to be stalling in the u.s.. european markets are down as well harry of course across kept >>darya: on the rights the san mateo bridge. on the left walnut creek and 680, traffic is also also moving well. sphere of
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>>mark: and doyle drive will be closing at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night and will not reopen until 5:00 a.m. on monday. golden gate transit will be running extra ferry's this week is an of reduce congestion. traffic is expected to be heavy on all of the other bridges. traffic is also expected to jam up on highway one which runs along park presidio and 19th avenue. that is your only option if you're coming off of the bridge into the city. the giants will be in town with two home games this weekend. there is a beer festival at fort mason will make congestion even worse. >>erica: obviously the closure will affect many bay
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area residents. here is what some viewers had to say. >>darya: here is a live look in san francisco, breezy and plenty of clouds. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>mark: here is a live look
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out of walnut creek. >>james: we have light showers earlier this morning but so far in the picture is looking pretty good. a good bit of the bay area enjoying drier weather. here's a close look at what we're seeing on the radar. we are not seeing too much else out there. here is what we see for our highs this afternoon. the rain activity will probably die out by noon. we're looking for things to start gradually drive. temperatures will only warm and a low-mid-60's for most of the south bay. that will be the pattern for most of the bay area. valley to the east getting to 64 at best.
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and >>darya: of sweeping changes could be coming in the way of u.s. and legal immigration. this is video of one of the protests against arizona stop immigration laws that have sparked arguments on both sides of the sheep. now, the supreme court may follow through on its suggestion to allow local police to check the immigration status of people they suspect are in the country illegally. >> i think the questions and responses as far as the federal rights and arizonas sovereignty, we do have a responsibility to do what we can't. i will introduce legislation that will reiterate that congress does not intend for states to enact their own immigration enforcement. >>darya: a decision on this
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is not expected from a high court until they did. >>mark: it could break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on this thursday morning. it seems like things are trying to draw out a little bit. a cooler today, santa rosa 56, a mild star but i only in the low 60s.
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jorge how cop caught
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>>darya: will tran is driving around the state and takes a look at the conditions on 880. >>will: if you're leaving your house now you are in great shape. look at my windshield and look at the roadway, it is starting to turn a light gray because it is drying out from the overnight train. you do have to be careful.
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>>mark: the clouds above on a folding gates enclosing patches of broadway. deere is not much rain to talk about. bids and pieces of green for some of the north bay hills. light rain still falling at less than one-tenth of an inch per hour. the only place that we see a widespread in the south bay where it is impacting the diablo range.
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that is the situation with the rain right now. there is still more on the way. a lot of instability to the north. we will see some of but showers here and there. as with on the radar there is not much to speak of this kind hour. your drive home will probably be a good one.
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>>george: we are not tracking in the house of our major delays. the metering lights have been managed very well. we still have snow traffic flow on the upper deck. this and did a great ride has been pretty clear this morning. it is continuing to try out. the golden gate bridge right looks good to. there are no delays coming from marin county. and there are no delays on
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the interstates. 580 is typically have been coming out of the optima past and a little slowing from the sunol grade on 680 southbound, word of a downed tree on niles canyon road. it could be quite 680 southbound is slowing up a bit although not a lot of traffic into mission boulevard that way. the only real slowing is on one of one northbound. half the drive time there is just 17 minutes from 85 to the maastricht for a swift. fasts cause marbella u.s. counter terrorism sources
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are limited to targets drafting for permission to start a larger groups. >>darya: and you need a mortgage but unsure of which lender to go with? now, you can go to costco. at the discount superstore he thinkable bargains on just about anything. they're rolling out a full- service mortgage lending program. it is partnering with first choice bank and its and other lenders. they began offering mortgages a couple of years ago but they said the service provider did not share in the details with
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members. now, they're starting over. this >>stanley: is madonna's on 800 block of market street. this police report is from to death and eight. ms. panhandler is waiting to hit me up for cash. breakable hours egos between the drive through and doors hitting up people for any money they will give him.
6:52 am
this man with a cowboy hat according to the owner is a regular bagger. this is at its met the owner of this and for other mcdonald's jason away yet another panhandler. he says his employees are constantly trying to keep panhandlers at bay. when he asked her to please stop begging for money, this was our response. >> you do not even know me. you have never seen the year before. if you need to get out of my face, i know that man, he is like an uncle to me. i asked him for a dollar. you better not depict or i will call the police. >> i wish you would. >>stanley: i will give you my phone. >>stanley: customers say they have come to expect this. >> i know he is going ask me. i wait for him to get distracted and then i got out of my car and went in really quickly. >> the key is to be able to walk by and just tell them
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now. another customer told me that panhandler demands cash. the last time i checked it is called robbery. >>stanley: these panhandlers appeared to have the attitude that they are entitled to be here. that is not fair to the employees or the customers. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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to rejoin the giants of the weekend. right now he is going through the middle of a divorce. >>mark: coming up, oakland's police shut down a major pot ring. and more fallout on the mad cow disease. beef exports have been suspended to one asian country. we will have the latest on their forecasts as the kron4 news returns in two minutes. and walnut creek traffic is starting to back up on 680 southbound.
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