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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 29, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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turn unleashed their confidence that they will not be late. part, that this will be
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>> before you cross and the bay area bridge on monday, visit kron4 to look would expect on traffic and it can also find information on or on our twitter or facebook pages. >> it was another gorgeous day with temperatures warming, especially away from the coastline. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. low cloud cover making its way back into the bay. fob tomorrow morning. high temperatures today, a lot warmer. 82 in san jose in redwood city as well as portions of the north bay. we start of the border with fog. the sea breeze when her really kept temperatures in check this afternoon. current conditions are still fairly warm inland.
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taking a look at whether headlines, apache-dense fog overnight. closer to the coastline, the will stay clear. mostly sunny, cool and breezy through tomorrow afternoon. we will take a look at how much temperatures will fall down. >> there were four crew members on board of a yacht. as the yacht has been smashed to pieces, the sailors were taking part in a race that began on friday in newport beach. that is made for a more somber opening day on the dates. the tradition now celebrating its 95th year there was a parade of decorated boats along the san francisco shoreline. maureen kelly was there and found that boating safety was top of mind for those on
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the water today. >>maureen: you can see with the ocean often looks like outside the golden gate. this was taken during the same race over two weeks ago were the eight member crew of the low-speed chase was swept overboard. all five of them were killed. dickensian this video have that big swells nearly knocked this sealer over. he was connected to the boat by a tether. >> richard is with the coast guard auxiliary. he says tethers can save lives when the waters thereof. be towed with the boat. you will go over the side you will not disappear, you will stay with the book. >> there are currently no rules requiring tethers, not everyone uses them.
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>> it is cumbersome when you are racing. >> george is the rear commander for the san francisco club. he says boating safety will be reviewed. >> when something happens, people's eyes open up and they take a second look at what they're doing. >> the san francisco giants snatched two out of three from the padres. the giants or hot early.
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madison baumgartner won his fourth straight game. some >> ahead, landlords and at the l.a. riots 20 years after the rampage. we find out why police say a father attacked his son with a wife. we will listen to a new audio and it can stave massacre that proves intent to open fire on protesters chanted the avengers movie is not out in the u.s. but is still raking in big bucks.
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>>kimberlee: the l.a. riots was 20 years ago now. april 29th, 1992, a day that many will never forget. >> there is one video the stands in my mind, you hear a barrage of gunfire. >> this week marks the 20th anniversary of the los angeles riots. protesters were outraged at the acquittal of four l.a. police officers in the beating of rodney king. the rioters rampaged the streets of los angeles. >> the crowd was really
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angry. the loss angeles police department had come out in full riot gear. they had set up airline and someone had an american flag and instantly, everyone grab a piece of that american flag and a started tugging on it. >> more than 50 people were killed and $1 billion in damage. one year later, the four officers were tried in federal court on civil- rights charges, there are two found guilty and two were acquitted. rodney king was awarded more than $3 million but most valuable he says, is the lesson learned.
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>> cash is king, wal-mart is letting people buy on line without credit cards. that is coming out.
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in >>gabe: facebook is making sure its 900 million users are protected from malicious url, spam, fishing and viruses. this means, going forward we should all feel safer on facebook. this is a great thing for facebook users and a good pr for facebook.
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women's rights activists are demanding that facebook to appoint women to their board. women represent 50 percent of the user base yet there are no women on the board of directors. in apple is, we now have a date for the annual summer show in san francisco. >> taxing while bicycling could soon be banned.
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a bill up for debate would make bike riders subject to fines similar to those imposed on drivers caught using a mobile device behind the wheel. >>jaqueline: here is a picture from earlier this afternoon. we started out near the coast line with a little bit of fog today but as you can see, sunny skies. here is a live look outside from the golden gate. mostly clear skies with the fall off shore. we are seeing more widespread fog into tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the warmer temperatures that we saw out there today. temperatures reaching 88 in pleasanton, the inland valleys are pretty warm.
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the tomorrow the giants are hosting the marlins.
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we will see sunshine into the afternoon with when speaking have to drive demand, the fog will be at a minimum. the fog will return on wednesday and into thursday as we have a chance of rain back in the forecast. >>kimberlee: wal-mart is allowing customers to purchase items on line with cash. >> wal-mart is a rolling out a new program to make purchases easier. the retailer now allows people to buy out my without
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using a credit card or debit card. instead, you pay by cash. wal-mart is the only major retailer to have this service. they can choose a cash option at checkout, they will receive an order form to take and the wal-mart store to make the payment. the fdic says 30 million or more than a quarter of all households fall into the category overline on cash. studies show that many of those were under banked do have access to the huge debt, wal-mart is tapping into that.
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>>stanley: they were not beating drive the but i wish i did say the same for this driver. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. >> i did not get caught beating badly. at the the fit. >>stanley: bleeding if it might work in court but it is a moot point when you had this to say. >> i got caught, was guilty.
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>>stanley: >> your decision is expired, your in the carpool lane and he did not have proof of insurance and, you have a commercial license. you have to take care of this. >>stanley: if you are on the freeway between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and in the car pulled illegally, you will have a chat with officer: from the california highway patrol drifts officer: you cannot write a solo in the carpool lane. >>stanley: he said he watched people behaving badly regularly but never thought he would get caught. he did. he also want to know if he could get any cash. >> for what? >>stanley: being on television. >>stanley: actually he will have to give away cash, some are close to five of dollars.
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>>stanley: are you want to stay out of the carpool lane? >> i will try. >>stanley: this driver claims she was forced into the car pooling. >>officer: this on ram does not feed you into the car pool lanes. >>stanley: this guy was interesting. here he
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>>kimberlee: coming up next, new audio from a 1970's massacre that shows there was a command for protesters. the plants to get is shredded dolphin back out to sea. it is being called sloppy and low quality, why the north korean rocket could be fake. fas have fog faugh fell with
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it is the new curfew if you want to 54 1/5 and careful fitted offer savannah river is expected to be a smooth transition. we definitely want to make sure people aware of the curve and that there is cited to slow them down. >> this will be used for southbound in northbound traffic very five lanes with a movable barrier.
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combat is a new intersection, left the the marina, st. lamar. caltrans is expected traffic delays and are asking for patience. >> and want people to take it easy, be patient and cautious. >> hundreds of giant plans to the. cross rates again today. on saturday but the ferry saw a double the number of its usual writers. visit kron4 for a look at what to expect our traffic cops eat also visit of well as our twitter of these the pages. police are investigating a murder after a body was
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found apple elementary. that there was a report of shots fired, 18 year-old was found with at least one gunshot wound. >>grant: but this crime tracker comes from assaulted. there has been a string of vehicle thefts in one specific neighborhood right here where tv has led a lot intersect. what seven cars have been stolen in the past week all within about five blocks of one another and boats are being stolen overnight. police are advising residents to lock their cars and try to park in well lit areas. >> it was another very nice day out there today, a little bit hot in some spots. inland it was 88, 85 of antioch, a 84 in livermore. in the south bay, it was also 41 p lift closer to
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the coastline, temperatures did stay cooler. it's current conditions are definitely on the mild side for the inland valleys. closer to the coastline notice temperatures. if temperatures will remain cool to the evening as the fault moves back in. overnight, apache and dense fog. tomorrow, cooler conditions and what was thought to it.
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>>kimberlee: the 71 side of a van that fell from the freeway and were killed. investigators are looking into the 16th of a beer tank that collapsed on saturday. the city's building inspectors say the 10th passed inspection earlier this week. and a year-old boy in san diego is a recovery after police say his father heard voices in his head and attacked the boy. the father to the boy to a cemetery on saturday, cut open his sons for arms and
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use a knife to cut himself. a witness says she arrived just after happened. >> the mother was running in the streets and screaming for help. with all over and saw a man wrapped in blood with three kids. >> the father faces several charges including child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. the boy is being treated at a hospital and expected to be ok. a. we were dolphin remains stranded, the dolphin made its way into the shallow waters near huntington beach on friday. the six-foot long dolphin appears to be healthy although it seems confused. on saturday they try to lure the dolphin out to seek a dolphin became spooked in this went back into the wetlands. they may try again on monday to get a dolphin back out to sea. just in time for zazzle bay
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to breakers, kron4 is giving away big screen television. kiberlee sakamoto has more details. >> the best way to watch the race is on a 42 in. flat screen television. to enter, visit the kron4 facebook fan page, click on this icon at the top of the page, that is very important. in order to enter the contest, you have to like kron4 of our facebook fan page. once you enter the contest, visit kron4 and visit our special section on the big race to check out a slide show of last year's cost of. we want those of you getting your costumes are ready for this year's race. we have information on how to send your photos either by e-mail or you remember kron4 will bring in their rates from start to finish with cameras for up the course keeping up with the elite runners in capturing all of those wild and wacky
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costumes. it is a san francisco tradition that you do not want to mess. >> after the break, a close- up view of the north korean missiles. some are calling the rocket face. gabe slate shows us how to go sightseeing without paying steep costs.
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sphere while north korea
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would not be the first use imitations in a military parade, experts call this sloppy work, ultimately they say there is in no evidence that north korea has a functioning part of a long range missile. the >> coming next you will hear new audio in the penn state massacre and what analysts say they here now but did not hear over 40 years ago. >> temperatures from today, it was warmer in winter but now we are in for a cool down. i will tell you how cool it is going to get coming out. whoever said that "less is more"
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professors were killed. >> this iconic image is synonymous with america's internal battle over the vietnam war. teargas and the bullets at penn state university 42 years ago this week. there were four students killed and nine others injured when an answer national guardsmen opened bullet during a national protest. >> i took a bullet from my wrist, i looked down and could not believe i was shot. the vat as a sense he says he has been wounded again. he was sent a letter denying a request to reopen the case. >> the central mysteries since 1970 has always been,
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was there or was there not in order to fire. >> a federal civil-rights case was dismissed in 1979. the justice department our meals the fbi into it -- destroyed a realtor real recording. but one audio engineer says there were four gunshots from an unknown source. 70 seconds later, he says there is a command to fire followed by 67-shots.
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>> i do not know about you, but i get chills when i hear that. and >> what a waste. hopefully, by bringing the truth here, this will never happen again. >> the justice department calls its own review of the words and sounds unintelligible with no consensus. allen says this is not about prosecuting anyone in the national guard. >> it is about setting history right. >> supporters plan to appeal the decision, at me with the ohio governor and take legal action opening the mystery behind the shootings will one day be solved.
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>> it was another great day out there. this is a look from 26, sunny skies this afternoon with warmer temperatures as well. here is a live look outside from the golden gate. visibility is a fine. coastal and bay fog will be the story tomorrow morning. temperatures are dropping 5- 10 degrees. the winds will keep the fog at bay.
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let's take a look at the temperatures tomorrow morning. a little bit of fog along the coastline. the fall will be spreading back into the bay shores. morning temperatures will be fairly mild. into the act in an temperatures will call 5-10 degrees from what we saw today. it is also going to be cooler for our inland valleys. the tenders will be foggy in the morning with clear skies in the afternoon. we have another baseball game at at&t park tomorrow
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evening against the marlins. the >>gabe: there are now over 15,000 landmarks the contort on courts. some of these 3d total to are so visible, you cannot
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some of these of of your but it was by just watching. you name it, if you have wanted to see it in person that probably have a fuller tour. they use advanced division techniques in is like you are flying around the landmark. the >> special mat that marks ran markets around the world. for a direct link to check these out, lock on to
8:52 pm and look for our news links section. >> coming up the much anticipated will be expected to smash box office records, the avengers.
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>> the vendors are coming. we have all of the entity
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minute in this hollywood minute. >> of the jokes and the jabs were flying saturday night in washington d.c.. the president and jimmy kamal entertain some high- profile guests at the correspondents' dinner. george clooney and steven spielberg were guests of the night. >> j. little estate for its ongoing partnership with on the it services.
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on friday, the vendors opens in the u.s.. the disney marvel flick open internationally over the weekend to a huge one under $78 million debut. >> the giants are absolutely on tuesday. >> as we head out tonight we will leave you a look at the classic cars at the fairmont of a show in san francisco. have a good night.
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