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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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tonight at is 11, just two weeks after a deadly crash off the coast, another serious correct. the piece of equipment the coast guard says could save lives. 20 years since the los angeles. we'll take you back to the day with loadist took to the streets. now at 11 crews have just six more hours to complethe bri the demolition on doyle drive started friday night.
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it's part of project to create a safer entry to the bridge. although a major traffic mess was expected it seems many people used alternates route bacall tran says we're not out of the woods just wet yet. they're now warning drivers to ewe caution driving the temporary approach. ground work continuing around to make the deadline. it turn wood a huge spect spectacle. more on that ahead. first we start with da lin are crews expected to make the deadline? >> reporter: yes, serving on time. they say they'll open t it come 5:00 on monday morning. construction crews are focusing on that stretch right now. the final stretch of the
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temporary bypass. the video was shot around 7:00 sunday. you can see they have a lot of work yet. >> put down the stripeing, electrical work is going on. >> reporter: they also need to put on n a concrete railing on the side. the manager says they'll be on time but unlikely early. >> we don't have a chance of that. there's still a lot of work to do. we industrial to install the -- we still have to install the rest of barrier pieces. the signing, actually a lot of the road signs for the intersections are getting installed now. there's probably close to 50 signs. >> reporter: between now and reopening crews will keep chipping away at task. they know tens of thousands commuters rely on them. if you're coming into san francisco give yourself more
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time. they thinks folks will take it easy because folks will be drying on it for the first time and some will show down to take a look. live in san francisco. i'm da lin kron 4 news. >> here's a look at area under construction. you see that red line right there? is that that indicates doyle driver. that's the part shut down. doyle drive is also known as highway 101. kron 4's reporter continues coverages. she shows how the closure fits into a larger billion dollar project. >> reporter: crews i did demolish doyle drive. ed on sunday they began to pave a surface level roadway. >> by pulling people on those southbound structures and pulling people on the bypass it gets people out of way, keeping
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traffic slowing and make room for the second half of the project to be built. >> reporter: project spokesperson explains what's currently going on with construction using this video. >> this was some of the critical work that's hatching this weekend is to tie this detour together. this shows the new intersection to the marina. the double f turn of the marina and this is the new bridge so people will be coming on the new bridge and into this new tunnel. >> reporter: once complete this road will have five lames and meet seismic safety standards. this weekend's progress doesn't quite mark the halfway point of this entire project which is estimated $1.1 billion. eventually crews will nut three more tunnels, a new bridge, and an interchange. that will mark faze 2 and will close doyle drive once again to complete the project in 2015. in san francisco, i'm nicole.
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the old golden golden get a tear down became popular place for people catching a glimpse. >> reporter: i'm sitting on a hill in san francisco's just south of the old doyle drive. 58 hours after dimlation began. take a look behind me. this is what's left. smash concrete, twisted steel, and endless piles of rubble. it's really something to see. over on the north side there's even more destruction. this used to run underneath. this is thousand looks from the sunday afternoon. marshall street is just a block away. here's before. and here's how it looks now. further down mason street this old road sign is sit nag scrap happy. before friday it used to be here. now the sign is gone and the on ramp has been repaved.
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and finally, he's a shot looking down doyle drive. you can see the huge piles of rubble and debris but you can also see crews working to complete the new detour. eventually all of this concrete and metal will be hauled away and recycled. kron 4 news. no major traffic delays to report during the closure. many people took advantage of increased ferry service. once the dimlation drive come polited consumers will see drastic changes. our reporter the shows what is drivers could expect and why they should be careful. >> reporter: as dimlation continue, cam tran is advising drivers to take it slow. >> people will be coming into a new bridge and into a new
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tunnel. people will probably be looking around. we want people to pay attention, becautious and be patient. when you come out of tunnel you transition so there is a little bit of carve that's brand new. >> reporter: that curve may be rem innocence of the s curve bacall tran says there is no comparison. this is expected to be a smooth transition to the temporary bypass. >> the whole thing we're going to be signing and we'll make preach aware of that curve and there is signs to slow them down. >> it will have five lanes with a movable median barrier and peak hours will determine which direction gets two lanes or three. >> the last thing commuters can expect is double y intersection. cam tran is expecting traffic delays because of these new changes so they're asking for
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commuter's patience. >> we want people to take it easy and be patient and be caution. >> kron 4 news in san francisco. coast guard rescuer are called off the search after deadly yacht crash. one sailor is missing at sea. three others found dead. the yacht has been smashed to pieces. sailors were taking in a 124- mile race that began in southern california on friday. now, that grim news made for a somber opening day on the bay. tradition celebrating its 59th year. started off sailing within a parade of decorated boats. our reporters there was and found emphasis on boater safety. >> reporter: in this video you can see what the ocean often looks like. this was taken during the same
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race to the islands over two weeks ago. a 5 were killed. >> you can see in the video how the big swells nearly knocks the sailer over. he stayed on board because he was connected to the boat by a at the time. >> s that at the time they are hooks on to why life jacket. the other ends goes onto the line that is on the boat. >> reporter: richard people neil yeey. says at the time iters can save live. >> you're going to go over the side but you're not going disappear from the both both. you're going to stay with the boat. >> reporter: there are it currently no rules requiring at the timers. so not everyone uses them. >> it is coupler be. president lines do get in the away. >> reporter: george dirt is the commander. he says boating safety will be
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reviewed. now that the coastguard temporarily shut down ocean racing. >> where'll a bunch of our best sailer get together. >> reporter: he says it's too soon if at the timerring will be mandatory. but ors hope the accident will make it more safe on the water. >> something serious happens, people eye's open up that i understand take a second look at what they're doing. so good can come out of this. >> kron 4 news. a high school football star a s dead following a stabbing in free month. he played for a high school as a line backer. the futi was named rob johnson defensive play career of the year. it certainly was another warm day today. highs were up another several
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degrees. in our inland valleys when was 8 8. in the south bay it was are also pretty warm in the low 80s. close tort coastline temperatures didn't warm as much because we had our sea breeze anyone place. right now temperatures fairly mild away from the coastlines. still 69 degrees. but close to the coastline it's only 58 in oakland. that's going bring us fog. where'll patchy and dense fog for the coastline our bay shores. into tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny skies. winds are going to start picking up. that's going to clear out of the fog. it is going to be cooler tomorrow. the cooling trend will continue. the los angeles riots 20 years later. a look back on the day. >> the new york crash some officers are call the most horrific they've seen. police have pieced together so
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far the wreck that killed 7 people. >> and a lost dolphin in danger of struggling. weekend rescue attempt to get it out of the muddy wetland. that and more next.
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20 years a ago violence erupted after four las vegas police officers were acquitted in the brutal beating of rodney king. now as melissa explains the riots captured the national spotlight. >> reporter: april 29th, 1992, a day many will never forget. >> there was one video that just stands in my mind. it was an autoshop and you just hear the this gunfire. >> reporter: this week marks
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the tot anniversary of the riots. protester were outraged at four police officers on the caught on tape beating of road -- rodney king. >> the los angeles police department had come in and out riot gear and set up a line and somebody had an american flag and instantly the cloud, everybody grabbed a piece and started tugging on it. >> the lie yachts were bloody and costly. more than 50 people killed and a lot of damage. >> we weren't taking control of the city and that message got out to everybody and everybody decided it's a free for all. >> one year later the four officers were charged in federal court on civil rights charges. king was awarding more than 2 3-
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million dollars in his lawsuit against the city but most valuable he says is the lessons learned. >> aye learned how to forgive so i can be able to move on. >> melissa crop 4 news. >> authorities say the driver lost control in a turn pipe, crossed lanes of traffic, went through a guard well, and plunged 50 feet. we're learning nor about deadly tent collapse missouri. one person is deeded and 17 others were hurt in the disaster outside of st. louis sports bar. the cause is believed to be the wicked but city inspectors say the tent passed an inspection early why they can poop they require the don't sustain 90- mile an hour winds. now it southern california
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a dolphin is stranded. take a look at this video. marine biologist says the healthy dolphin might be confused. they tried to lure it tout sea but it became spooked. they may try again monday. >> well, taking a live look outside, the viz softball starting to be reduced little bit over the bridge but we're seeing reduced visibility as we prepare for fog rolling in around the bay year. as the cloud covers is making into the north bay as well. tomorrow morning as you head out, there will be fog along the coastline. temperatures are going to be rather mild in the low 50s for the most part. winds are really going pick up into the afternoon and that's going to help clear the skies out. but it's also going to feel quite cold out. closer coastline those winds factored in are going to make
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it feel a lot cooler. a look at satellite and radar picture right now you can see the cloud cover leaned up. starting to push over into the north bay. again, it's going to be the coastline and our bashers. let's get a look at temperatures tomorrow morning. low0s. expected for the most part but 49 in half-moon bay. 52 in oakland. 53 noun san jose. temperatures aren't going to be as warm today. back in the 70s for the south bay. 71 in fremont. east bashers in the upper 60s,low 70s with the gussy winds. we'll be quite cool along the coast with breezy conditions throughout the afternoon. and0s for the north bay. a look at your extend forecast.
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that cooling trend going to start tomorrow tomorrow. it is going to continue through the week. temperatures finally dropping back into the low 60s and we have a chance of showers on thursday. we'll keep you posted. it is one year ago today. the fairy tale wedding of prince william and his bride kate middleton. the royal cup system celebrating one year of marriage. the san francisco giants trying to wrap up their series what win. coming up we'll tell you if that did it. plus we'll tell you who the oakland a's signs today. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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the san francisco giants snap three out of two against the padres. they knocked 2 runs in the first inning. they kept the lead the entire game. the a's have a two run lead in the 9th inning. that's when the the oryells knock in 9 wins to win. >> they signed tiger all star. if you want less, you can always have less,
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president barack obama showed off his comedic chops over the weekend. >> plus watch out of the back officers issue the avenge syringeerer coming. >> it's great to be theory even in the vast, magnificent, hilton ballroom, or what mitt romney would call a little fixer upper. >> the j flying saturday night on n washington, d.c. president obama and jimmy kummell entertained some guest. >> last year we know there's a
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time that the dinner obama had his team on the way to kill osama bin laden. if you're looking for the biggest threat to america right now, she's right there. her name is kim kardashian. you know, when you tooks off the kardashians have one reality show, now they have four. this is not a good trend. >> some of the guests include george cleany. at. >> the at boxes off think like a man held the number one spot. the pie rots band of misfits captured the debut spot. the lucky one came in at number 3. boxes offs will be look other the should aeroavengers open the on friday. the film is expected to make a similar domestically and could be one of the highest grossing films of year. >> so the today was the day to
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be outside and enjoy the sun. >> it was. we're going to have fog tomorrow morning. ing. have a good night.
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