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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 1, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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scratch your 7 day around the bay forecast shows that by thursday there are no locations that will even make it into a mid-70s. their little bit of a warming trend as into the weekend.
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>>justine: your ride on 880 is nice and smooth. the upper deck that looks like there are any slowdowns. bit foggy. and there are some changes out there this morning, such a time. >>james: we're back with more animated including the latest out of san jose where we understand there is a deadly fire at a residence. five people injured and one person dead. will get you more information on >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. after 40 years, he finally saved enough to enjoy retirement. angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information,
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one victim's brother was in court and is troubled by this plea. >>justine: officials say one goh has lost about 20 lbs. after refusing to eat. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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>>erica: here is a live look outside from delta note set for the go. we do have some high clouds in the distance. it is a pretty clear morning in because of that we are seeing temperatures a little bit cooler. denton said francisco at 49. how 52 in san jose. low fifties for called for as look ahead today will be cooler compared to the last couple of days. will continue with a cooling trend as root justle of some
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short warm today does not mean the will and will not seize as a hat to the next couple of days will set the stage for some what whether that actually begins on thursday morning stretching into the evening hours. as we take a look at the weekend forecast but for most part pharmaceutical a state of the week. it looks like a wet weather will stick to our north. friday will deal with cloudy skies and temperatures back and the lamar call ahead and
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check in with chp there are no accidents to on the senate labor, no problems to line repeated it will negate is moving well in both directions, a marin county all this welcoming them east shore free with parents for interstate 680. and shouldn't construction of the new bart extension will cut some products on the east end's help it roadways. being justine at the address
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of an upset with? will tran got behind the will to take its initial is what it is like. >>will: we are about this is the first time ahead of a threadlike. usually it is this a trick shot. i'm making a return to a truck which you never had to do before. on the right-hand side, those are the piles of debris that had to take down of the weekend. at the slow traffic a little bit. is quite a scene.
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pretty impressive. there is a removable center divide. clouds it will be moved to the illiterate depending on hamas and the traffic is at its heart. the tunnel is new. this law will probably have been stopped if need be. it is green right now. to the tunnel is well lit. it is not dark at all. it is not a hard the tunnel is maybe a quarter of a mile off, replies and her bikini that was settled years ago from a san francisco auto dealer? it was recovered recently in richmond after abner retinal
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valley shooting. >>terisa: mill out where to people in a white pickup truck were shot out by mail suspect on a motorcycle. yeah that led them to this celebrity. authorities lamar review with them cover the crime scene but only that it reported them here. a spokesperson with the marin county sheriff's department tells kron4 on saturday, they arrested a 17 recalled that and after visiting warrant they found the car inside of unit rented by the suspect. because he is a minor they are not releasing his name.
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authorities are not saying whether the suspect's still the lamborghini from the dealership. san francisco police say they who predicted repelled from the roof into an open window and drove off with the two of a thousand dollars vehicle. just enough for the third week in a row the cost of gasoline if it did on.
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-- as france are now 85 lower than a month ago.
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>>gabe: microsoft has found a loose into the e-book market through barnes and noble and meet the reader the next hearing and as sh
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how they have given barnes and noble 300 million colors cash for a 17% stake in the division. the new division will also include the college of business the barnes and noble half an ear the education market is on the map was already set its sights on. through the deal the two companies will settle their patent dispute new software will continue to be available on devices like the iphone. this is a big deal because of barns and a wall has struggling to continue with often has been fierce and the have fog as the khmer sunny and hot him in-n-out
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ago horse deaf thoughtful soph. if the new note will be built with the test of >>justine: is easy to the middle of the month and answer has a hub, where did my data? >> a house, watching, listening to ensure most of us have an idea of where our dad goes, the wall at to the rest of that question in our
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house and had this enormous even using. >> and on and read applications can do things on their one hope for is constant application updates >> if the, if you tap that update now button, second half. cut >> lead, all of a television shows and moving. it is an application level help. switch over to wi-fi to cut down on data usage whenever
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you can. and in and his family and our alliance and the top stories in just a manhattan or do from op boat
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>>james: we are beginning this half hour in san francisco where protesters were taking part that turned ugly last night. cahow officers did arrest one protester. both clips show the mob moving down the street breaking windows and in some instances smashing cars. in the evening started peacefully at a gathering at delores carr. the strike was called by
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members of the union. the situation spun out of control after a small group broke away and demonstrated by destroying property. we have more cellphone video to show you, protesters vandalizing everything in their path. a large crowd of demonstrators had gathered in front of the police station where what started out with civil disobedience turned into vandalism. the vandalism involved smashing windows and a throwing paint. yoli eceves is in the mission district with more on the scene. for fast >>yoli: it seems to be very lion at the moment. you can see barricades on
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the front door. for the most part, it seems to be pretty quiet. the new go down the street comedy was the little more of vandalism. but this is 17th and valencia. as you go further down, that is where you see more random acts of vandalism. for the most part things seem to be cleaned up and quiet. how hough >>james: here is a look at some of the surveillance cameras right around that corner. that could be a tool that they turn to as the investigation continues. pass >>yoli: yes.
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in >>justine: the golden gate bridge ferry workers are saying that they will strike in and shut down ferry service between marin county and san francisco. they have been in contract negotiations for one year in working without a contract since last july. jackie sissel is live in larkspur with the latest. >>jackie: the boat is still sitting here, that is the way it is gone to remain for the balance of the day. the golden gate ferry service is going to be canceled until this afternoon. the 6000 people who use the
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ferries every day will have to find another way to get into san francisco today all of those fears will be canceled until 2:00 p.m. today. there is a disagreement about the union contract. and i am here at the larkspur ferry terminal, there are a couple of security guard, but no workers.
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the >>justine: will have much more on the ferry strike as we continue on kron4 morning news. the >>erica: right now it is a little bit cold out there with many locations in the upper 40's. we do have some winds to deal with and that will it persisted to the afternoon. at the golden gate, where conditions, maybe a hint of fog. that looks like the when the conditions will carry on into the afternoon, but we will see mostly blue skies and a lot of sunshine around the bay area. we do have sunshine but we do not have the warm weather, we will talk about in the low 70's at best. most places will stay in the '60s. here is a look at kind his/her. call it is a chilly start in the north bay. low 50s around the heart of
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the bay. as we check out future cast, it does predicted to the noon hour we will see comfortable conditions for the eastern half of the bay area. the east shore will actually sit in the '60s, '70s and places like a concord, fairfield and in napa. as we advance the clock into the afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. we gave a couple of degrees. we will see 70's and the south bay with an action high of 72. 70 for those of you and sunnyvale. similar conditions for the survey inland spot. as we turn our attention peninsula we will see some the skies.
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lucas at least the low seventies for san rafael and santa rosa. your 7 day of ramadan forecast does show pretty pleasant conditions. trickle-down as we head into the next couple of days. it's 20 percent chance of what weather north of the golden gate on thursday and passed that we are back into a warming trend with temperatures in the '80s as we start the next work week. here's a quick shot what happening on the golden gate. in there could be some protests out there today, we will update you on that and just a minute. >>james: in the south bay, firefighters are on the scene of a fatal fire in san jose.
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it happened at the 2200 block of warfield way. will tran is joining us by phone with the latest from the scene. >>will: firefighters are still here. here is video that i shot just a couple of minutes ago.
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the >>justine: on this tuesday morning and, here is a live look from our roof camera sean us what is happening in san francisco. much more ahead. half
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>>justine: it has been six months since conjoined twins or separated in the bay area. today, they are happy, healthy and kids eating to show of progress. rob fladeboe has an update on angelica and angelina. >> the separation surgery was an unqualified success.
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>> right now i am enjoying seeing them play. i see them running and the plane. >> the twins were the center of attention during the reunion with the staff had to alcosta on monday. that played with a choice in. >> after their surgery, they had a follow-up to a cup. fatah >> they are still sweet little girls.
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>> the occurrence of conjoined twins is as rare as one and 100,000 worldwide. and they're looking for to the upcoming third birthday. >> i am happy to see them like that. >>james: just-in-time for zazzle bay to breakers, kron4 is giving away big screen television. kiberlee sakamoto has details on how fast contest lift >>kimberlee: the best way to watch the race is on a flat screen television which is exactly what we're giving away. to enter, visit the kron4
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facebook fan page. click on the zazzle icon. in order to enter the contest, you have to like kron4 on our facebook fan page. once you have entered, visit to and visit our special section on the big race to check out a slide show of some of last year's costumes and we want your photos of you getting ready for this year's race. it is a san francisco tradition the not want to miss. >>justine: we have much more ahead, we will take a quick break. here is a live look outside showing us what is happening on the golden gate. much more ahead after this.
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>>james: today marks the one-year anniversary of the death of osama bin-laden. it was may 2nd when he was found and killed. >> one year ago the president announce a navy seal team that fished out osama bin-laden in pakistan. >>president obama: tonight, i can report to the american people into the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin-laden, the leader of al-qaeda. >> it was a moment of national pride for the u.s., nearly a decade after the violent attacks of which bin-laden is considered the mastermind. as the anniversary approached a statement was issued saying, we have no
4:47 am
indication of any credible threat against the u.s. tied to the one-year anniversary of his death. the obama administration also justified its use of unmanned drones overseas. >> in full accordance with the law and in order to prevent forest attacks of the united states feared to save american lives, the united states government conducts targeted strikes against specific al-qaeda terrorists sometimes using raleigh piloted aircraft. >> a milestone was reached in the construction of the one world trade center tower. workers at the first column of the 104, making it the tallest building in new york city. >>justine: we have more on that miles of the bids made at 1 world trade center. the skyscraper became the tallest in new york city nearly 11 years after the terrorist attacks.
4:48 am
>> one world trade center is reaching new heights. workers at the first column of the 104 on monday making it 1,271 ft. high. that is higher than the empire state building. new yorkers consider it a powerful benchmark. >> no matter what the obstacle is, we will survive, we can do this. >> it is a symbol of liberty and pride for the entire country. it is a symbol of determination and ingenuity. it is perhaps the most complex construction project in our history. >> the building is set to reach 1,776 ft. high and three observation decks and 90 floors of observations based the holidays 90 floors of office space. the names of those who died
4:49 am
in the terrorist attacks in 1993 are written on bronze panels framing the pools. >>erica: here is a live look at conditions from walnut creek. it is still pretty dark out there. clear conditions around the bay area. lee are still dealing with windy conditions that will continue into the afternoon. it is cool and breezy today. highs will only get into the low 70's.
4:50 am
as the head into the evening a slight wind. you'll notice it is cooler today. of the 40's for death and san francisco. of 53 in oakland, 54 livermore and san carlos. as we check out the afternoon highs, sunshine and blue skies but low 70's. walnut creek could reach 74. as we turn our attention to the north bay, a good mix of upper 60s and low 70's. as for the 7 day around the bay forecast, it looks that temperatures will continue to slide and ciliate
4:51 am
thursday. over in the traffic center, we do not have any hot spots. there are no problems at the san mateo bridge.
4:52 am
>>stanley: the driver of this what car was caught speeding on the newly created presidio parkway. >>officer: you were going to fast in the construction is done. >>stanley: the driver claims he did not realize the speed limit. >>officer: i have a greater going, your top speed was at 71. >>stanley: since the new park is still a construction zone, the fine for speeding could be doubled. in his case, it was. >>stanley: this motorcycle rider was clocked at 58 m.p.h. on the same stretch of roadway. when stopped, he offered a license from another country but has been living here for
4:53 am
five years. he was writing of his friends a motorcycle and had to call him to tell him where the pipe was being towed. the driver of this jeep was clocked at 51 and a 35 and claimed this was his first time. >> i was just trying to navigate my way through this new route. >>stanley: this driver in the grain was caught doing 44. >>stanley: the driver of its jaguar was clocked at 61 and said he was having a bad day.
4:54 am
>>justine: stay with us, will be back after this quick break.
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>>justine: and abc line will find his way back home today. he was found malnourished in march on alcatraz island. >>justine: starting at 5:00 a.m., ferry service from martinsburg and sausalito is cancelled. we will let you know how to get around without that
4:57 am
ferry service.
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>>darya: a fatal fire in the south bay, we will bring details. mark danon vandals smashed windows and threw paint, we will tell you how it started and bring you the latest figures as we are live on the scene. >>darya: a strike could cause major problems for
5:00 am
more bay commuters. in larkspur, a major dispute could leave the ferry docked. >>mark: let's get a full check on weather and traffic. and 50's. afternoon we will only get to the low 70's in our warmest locations. this evening, the winds will stick with us. >>george: here's a quick commute check.
5:01 am
>>darya: firefighters are on the scene of a major fire. this is the 2200 block of warfield away. >>will: not much has changed on the scene that since i arrived in our ago.
5:02 am
>>darya: the fire itself does not look that bad. this would through several apartment? ha >>will: this is one of those apartments that is upscale and there are russia's at each unit. more than likely people probably suffered from smoke
5:03 am
inhalation and one woman really had it bad and did not overcome it. it did not take the firefighters long to knock down the flames.
5:04 am
>>yoli: the police station seems to be recovering from the vandalism. most of the pain has been taken off. you can see some broken glass on the door and barricades in the front.
5:05 am
5:06 am
>>yoli: there are other demonstrations planned. police have been here part of and on controlling the area to make sure things are quiet. >>darya: the golden gate bridge ferry workers say that they will strike this morning to shut down ferry service between marin county
5:07 am
and san francisco. they have been in contract negotiations for a year and have been working without a con hah hah lough >>jackie: in the last minute or so a few protesters have shown up saying that they have been in contract negotiations for almost a year with the bridge district in that they are unhappy with the way negotiations are going. if all goes back to medical benefits.
5:08 am
the 6000 people who ride the theories every day will have to find another way to get into the city. >>darya: this is the second day with the golden gate reopened. yesterday would have been bad. the weekend would of been horrible. >>will: mayday is traditionally a day when unions speak their voice. tsk cost
5:09 am
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>>darya: one goh pleaded not guilty. he was in court yesterday and faces seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. prosecutors say he planned to the shootings at oikos university on april 2nd because of a tuition dispute with the college. >>darya: officials say one goh has lost about 20 lbs. after refusing to eat for two weeks but said he did start the begin of the weekend.
5:17 am
>>james: the cool down continues. >>erica: the cool down will continue as we head into the afternoon however if it looks like will start noticing it already. >>erica: by 3:00 p.m., more 70's.
5:18 am
a clear divide will keep some spots in the '60s. here is the official breakdown neighborhood by neighborhood. for 66 slated for castro valley. mid-60's for demi entered an elevator. the same story for downtown san francisco.
5:19 am
>>george: in the east bay, you can see we are problem free headed south the out of 680, westbound on interstate 680, the westbound 580 ride has no slowing coming out of livermore heading toward dublin. your ride on the south bay freeways is completely clear.
5:20 am
and >>justine: here is what is happening in the kron4 is wrong, facebook will make it easier for you to enroll as an organ donor. mark zuckerburg made the announcement this morning. facebook users in the united states in the uk who are already working dinners can that that information to their timeline. he says his friendship with steve jobs who received a liver transplant before dying helped spur this idea the of organ donor updates. >>james: one person jumped from a second story window in a hotel that caught fire. apparently there are not enough ladders for everyone
5:21 am
to get out safely. no one died as some people were severely burned and others suffered from smoke inhalation. 17 people and all were injured, several were critically injured. all residents have now been displaced. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>darya: it has been six months since conjoined twins were separated. doctors say angelica and angelina's separation surgery went successfully, the girls are reunited with children's hospital. the play with toys and pose for pictures. their mother says they're happy, healthy and continuing to show progress. >> right now i'm enjoying seeing them play with each other and talking with each other.
5:22 am
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ron for four more on problems viewing and one of the mom and dad when of fun
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and >>james: address listed at killed just five weeks away from credit rating. >> it was a ballplayer who was stabbed to death over the weekend. police have made an arrest in the case. >>james: maureen kelly but to the high school to speak with those who did well. >> a school superintendent says it was a popular should. >> a predicate. i always laughed. he will be best. >> he was also a star athlete.
5:27 am
>> new-line linebacker and running back. >> this senior hit a rough patch back and 2010 when he was expelled duty in the issues with his best friend was killed. his family appealed the expulsion and he got back on track. >> he excelled at the ball. >> he was arrested the her in attendance of this last week. he wanted to continue play golf ball while attending city college. >> he was upbeat. he said five weeks and i'm graduating and moving on. it is very sad. >>darya: we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look at one of our developing stories, a larkspur ferry system is al because workers are on strike protesting in a day of action. we will have the latest in just a minute.
5:28 am
5:29 am
gregory and its auto how
5:30 am
>>darya: a fatal fire in san jose on warfield way. we will have the latest on that. protesters are taking part in a demonstration and they vandalizing vehicles, businesses and a police station and the mission district. one person was arrested. there is no ferry service between marin county and san francisco as the ferry workers are on strike. they are upset about not having a contract. far from all of those stores and a live here realistically check on what and traffic faster and with weather furious for >>erica: off right now it is a pretty mild start to the morning. a little bit of a fall for the most are filled with half pushed both of the death of out of the bay area. as we head into the
5:31 am
afternoon, mostly sunny but cooler conditions would temperatures started to trail off over the next couple of days. we will introduce the potential for wet weather of there is a theory if into the weekend, dry and warmer temperatures potentially into the '80s gave >>george: we want to alert you to a problem with caltrain this morning. there was a tow truck that was stuck on the tracks. this was near highway 85 in mountain view on the peninsula. it disrupted service. they have not yet clear the truck from the traffic. light traffic all around the bay. there are no problems for your ride on the east bay freeways. the south bay looks good. the peninsula and north bay are light and easy rise.
5:32 am
>>james: protesters in san francisco took part in demonstrations that led to the vandalism of cars, as businesses and even a police station. officers did arrest one person and this is some of the cell phone video that came into the kron4 news room. there was a gathering on delores carr on the eve of this may date. the strike was called by members of unions and activist groups. it's the jurors and spun out of control after organizers say a small group of demonstrators broke away and started destroying property. at one point those demonstrators gathered in front of a police station where vandalism and sued. kate >> in san francisco at the mission police station, vandals hit on monday evening. the entrance is caked in paint.
5:33 am
two of the windows are shattered with a spider web of a glass. it looks like the vandals and may have filled eggs with paint. over here, you can see a number of police officers in riot gear. they were standing guard outside of the police station, and it police have made an arrest and there are security cameras >>darya: another viciously with a fall was of golden gate bridge ferry workers on strike set means there is no ferry service between marin county and san francisco. affect offs jackie sissel is out there is this morning
5:34 am
for >>jackie: collect all >>jackie: servers from work burdens of whittle will be cancelled. they expect resuming service somewhere round to look what. you can see some of the workers out, that line -- picket line right now. this all has to do with contract negotiations. they say they are unhappy with the renegotiations are going. we did talk with the golden gate bridge district spokesperson to talk about how they notified customers about the services this morning.
5:35 am
>> but we did make the announcement of a vessel's yesterday. we canceled service and we hope the customers of the word. >>jackie: of go service in or out of oxford were softly up.
5:36 am
you should expect traffic delays if you are driving this morning. the >>jackie: apparently golden gate transit is still operating as it normally would. buses do stop at this site. aggressive if anyone was stranded they could take golden gate transit to get to where they need to go. >>justine: u.s. secret service agents will be getting ethics training from professors at john hopkins all in the prostitution scandal in colombia.
5:37 am
about 100 agents to take part in today's of trading. the secret service has also announced a new combat including during excessively or bring in foreigners into their hotel rooms. >>mark: firefighters on the scene of a fatal fire in san jose. it is in the 2200 block of warfield way. will tran has the latest. >>will: we are learning that a total of seven people were injured including the one fatality. those in the hospital right now are listed in critical condition for.
5:38 am
i spoke with the public information officer from the fire department and said that the fire started in a garage underneath of the party units. kraft half the fact that it happened at 2:40 a.m., it is at a time when many people were sleeping. that is light caused so much damage. what we do not have the identity of the only victim , the carter from a will be here quite some time as they investigate what caused the fire. >>darya: we are back in a couple of minutes to give you going on this tuesday morning. a little cooler air outside today. if it traffic looks like it
5:39 am
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>>darya: and former international monetary fund dominique strauss-kahn will learn today on whether a judge will dismiss a civil lawsuit brought against him by the new york hotel housekeeper to accuse him of assaulting her last year. and his lawyer asked a judge to dismiss the case arguing that he had diplomatic immunity for. he resigned his position in may of 2011 when he was charged with criminally assaulting a housekeeper in a manhattan hotel suite. the case was dropped. >>james: if you take the ferry from marin county and san francisco there will be no service this morning. ferry workers are striking
5:43 am
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>>darya: to date marked the one-year anniversary of the death of osama bin-laden. a year ago today navy seal team 6 stormed a three story compound in the pakistan of one of the world's most notorious terrorists. >>james: more than a decade after the terror attack brought down the twin towers, work on a new skyscraper reached a milestone. the world trade center is now officially new york's tallest building and when
5:47 am
completed will be the tallest in the nation. for it is a civil liberty in pride. >> it is expected to ultimately reach >>darya: och let's get a check on whether. >>erica: upper '40's for the north bay. for those of you situated along the coastline, some spots are actually about 10 degrees cooler compared to where we were 24 hours ago. right now we are taking a live look at conditions from the mt. tam cam. the sun is starting to rise. it looks like as we head into the afternoon we will
5:48 am
see mostly sunny conditions around the area. let's take a look at some of the numbers outside the door. into the afternoon it looks like future cast 4 is predicting by 12:00 we could see 70's. 60s for the peninsula and the coastline, 70's and the delta and through portions of the north bay.
5:49 am
as for the 7 day around the bay forecast the cool down will be with us for the next couple of days. f >>george: a tow truck was stuck on the tracks near highway 85 in mounted used. they have been single tracking around the problem. we're waiting for word that the track has been cleared. in the meantime we will check the villages for you. we are not tracking any hot spots on the freeways. conditions look good. there are no delays reporter on the toll plaza for the bus down right.
5:50 am
it is likely that we will cease extra traffic on the bridge. we could have a trickier commute in the new construction area this morning. here's a look at the east be right. there are no problems here for their ride on highway 80 westbound. in the south bay the ride on of 101 is without the late. sixth >>stanley: the driver of this white card was caught speeding on the presidio park quake.
5:51 am
the driver claimed he did not realize what the speed limit signs were until later. since the new parkway is still a construction zone, the fine for speeding could be doubled. this motorcycle rider was clocked at 58 mi. per hour on the same stretch of roadway. when stopped off for a license from another country except he has been living here for the last five years. he was writing a friend and disciple of have to call him to tell them where the pipe was being told.
5:52 am
>> sanchez athleta the sow was just trying to navigate my way is through. sam this driver was clocked at 44. call the >>darya: 552 is the time.
5:53 am
we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside from our studios here on van ness avenue in san francisco. i'm really going to miss you.
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>>darya: abc lions were covered at the marine mammal center is on its way back to nature. he was found in dahmer's to looks good there. this was back in march.
5:57 am
>>darya: more than one dozen people are injured in a hotel fire, we will show you what happened there and we will catch up with the two conjoined twins that are surgically separated six of the vote.
5:58 am
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