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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: fire crews are at the scene of a fatal fire in the south bay. we will tell you what happened. >> windy in spots that is the head into the afternoon you will notice temperatures cooler compared with the work for the past couple of days top and analysts 70's inland.
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and >>george: let's get a quick commute check with the exception of highway 4. light traffic in the east bay. typically heavy to ante up. the south bay freeways look great. lighter than he would expect for this hour on 101, to 80 and 85. a 23 minute drive to the north bay as the head south towards the golden gate bridge from highway 37. >>darya: a developing story is unfolding in san jose. there was a fire this morning in the 22 of a block of warfield way. turned fatal when the crews could not save a woman who was overcome with smoke inhalation.
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>>will: there was a one fatality. there are others in the hospital listed as critical condition with injuries ranging from burns to smoke inhalation. i spoke with the fire department of public information officer and he told me that the fire started in the garage underneath one of the units and quickly spread into the rooms and that is why so many people were injured. the fact that it happened at 2:40 a.m., at a time when many people were sleeping, that is why the fire caused so much damage. we do not have the identity of the lone victim of we do know that three people thought rushed out of the units and those people refused treatment. the fire department will be here for quite some time as they continue to investigate what caused the fire. >>darya: another big story we are working on, you will not be able to take the
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ferry from marin county to san francisco this morning because workers are on strike. the golden gate bridge ferry workers are upset because of a contract dispute. jackie sissel has been out there all morning long and how it is impacting people. >>jackie: they say another bus load or to of the golden gate union coalition are expected out here. q normally would take the ferry from larkspur or sausalito, today you have to find another way to get into the city. there are on a one day strike. there are 14 unions and working at the golden gate bridge district.
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the inland boce union is on the one day strike. as i said, that meant that the golden gate varies had to be canceled. they are expected to be up in the running of this afternoon around 2:00 p.m.. more busloads of union workers are expected to show up out here. there are rumors that other unions will stage a.m. one day strike. we're expecting to have an announcement from the unions at around 7:00 a.m..
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>>darya: that picture shows us out into the parking lot is. this would normally be jam packed with cars. >>jackie: the reason services canceled yesterday was so they could get the word out to commuters and give them enough time to make alternative plants.
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yesterday afternoon on all of the ferries there were making announcements letting people know that the morning service had been canceled. as he said, the parking lot is empty right now. as jackie said there could be more work stoppages today. >>james: in san francisco we have been falling a story
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that developed last night. let's give you the latest with yoli eceves who is out there. the damage is still evident this morning. >>yoli: yes. the glass is broken on the front door.
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you will see more damage as i take the camera of the tripod. there has been some cleanup. there was a taint on the ground and all of the building. as far as broken glass is concerned, you can see there is marc klaas over here broke in. the group has also vandalize other property on valencia's street. many cars parked along here have been towed away in an effort to clean up the area. you do not see any evidence of the cars that were broken into. random businesses were attacked. what's with that is the kind
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of stuff you will see. there have been police officers throughout the night right here on the corner of 17th in the valencia remics to the clean air and here
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>>george: this is usually the first place we see slow traffic. in marin, weirdly free for one a one-stop i'm we have had any serious acid and is, a tow truck was stopped on an automatic five. that was causing delays in both directions. >>darya: 6:19 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness ave showing you sunshine.
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>>james: here is a quick live look from the ferry terminal and larkspur for service has been canceled because of the workers strike. you can see the workers on the ethical plan organized by the golden gate bridge labor coalition. the action has prompted the bridge district shut down ferry service between san francisco, a sausalito and larkspur until later this afternoon.
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enough letters for everyone to get down quick enough. some were severely burned and others suffered from smoke inhalation. finn calls of the fire is still unknown. >>darya: it has been six months since conjoined twins were surgically separated in the bay area. doctors say their separation surgery was successful and the girls have been reunited with the staff at the children's hospital. it played with toys and pose for pictures. their mothers as the kids are happy, healthy and continue to show progress. for >> it is good to see them playing with each other and understand each other. i see them running in the plane. >> and delicate and and children were joined at the
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chest and abdomen. doctors say the twins are progressing on schedule. fifth off famine a quick break. we're back with more in a minute. here is a live look at the new york stock exchange. we are expecting the opening bell to ring momentarily. we are expecting the opening bell to ring momentarily.
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faugh for
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out here to show their solidarity. and i spoke with one of the union spokesperson who talk about what they strike. if >> if there are several other unions in the coalition that are striking. it is very possible that there could the other strikes in the near future. he >> that pretty important
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announcement if there, at 7:00 if union members are supposed to get together and make an announcement about other potential strikes. as i said 14 other unions are a part of the golden gate bridge district. as i said today it is just the ferry workers. sphere thousands of people use the ferry every day. women me by all those people would have to take alternate routes which could cause issues. >>darya: things may run smoothly but there are other groups taking part in it
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mayday demonstrations. gramm behalf "
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>>justine: at least two confirmed tornadoes hit the thomas i know. " we have not heard of any injuries that have been reported but we can see there have been lightning strikes fear, that is what is happening rain elf fell in the kron4 newsroom. fog as you can see from this
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situation has really degenerated as organizers said small groups split away, at one point those out demonstrators did gather in front of the police station damage in san francisco fox off fa it looks like the vandals may have filled eggs
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with paint a very unfair you can see the shell of an egg and the wax they used to seal it before throwing it. over here we can show you a number of police officers in riot gear standing guard outside of the police station. police have made one arrest and there are also security cameras on the building but we do not know if they captured the vandals or vandalism on monday evening. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? but club and cotton >>james: we have live pictures from the ferry terminal where ferry service
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is a nonexistent this morning drifting off of the protesters on the screen would be the ones who would be running the ferry this morning to their strikingly now. coffee for expect more congestion on the golden gate as a result for. fat we will be following the latest in your updates throughout the morning. we also had a video of the chp preparing for possible may day protests. for
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>>darya: take a look at this video from the houston police department said in a bar on fire while people are buried inside. but demand had been removed for fighting. shortly before they let the fire, you can see they doused the building with fuel dance set it on fire. luckily no one was first. police say they have identified one of the people of the video. >>darya: we are back with [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. mistakable of minutes. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there.
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it is a noticeably cooler today not only a temperature wise but we do have gusty conditions to deal with as well. we will continue with cooler conditions as we head into the afternoon. by 12:00 p.m. we will see sunshine bay area wide. by the afternoon a good part of the bay area will be in the upper 60s and squeezing hello 70's the inland areas. the cool down will continue for the next couple of days. we are holding on to low 50s for inland areas.
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the walnut creek will reach an afternoon high of 74, the same for those of you in danville. notice castro valley and san leandro will only make it into the mid '60s. the same for alameda. it will be cooler along the coastline, we're talking low 60s for daly city. for those of you in the north bay could it mixing of upper 60s and afloat 70's. of 67 and petaluma. your 7 day around the forecast does show it cool down over the next couple of days. it looks like the chance of rain drops will stay north of the golden gate however we do keep the potential for all of us. friday, it looks like we will dry things up with temperatures in the '70s and
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warming up just-in-time for the weekend. he's as mr. the next work with. it is time for a check on the morning commute. >>george: it is looking pretty well. we are not tracking and hot spots. if conditions are pretty good. the bay bridge is slow from the 80 over crossing. the drive time is 14-15 minutes with no delays on the suspensions fan. the golden gate bridge ride looks good. your ride to the east face still looks pretty good. slowing on 80 westbound and on 680 southbound. the ride on 580 is still have to between livermore and dublin.
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85 is still delay free for the west valley ride. still a very good commuter marin county. >>darya: today marks the one-year anniversary in the death of osama bin-laden. it was one year ago today that navy seals stormed the compound where he was hiding out in pakistan. if that ended the world's of most notorious for the terrorists hunt. it was the end of the decade-long search for bin- laden. ever since the september love of the tax he was wanted. the white house has said some of the documents gathered that day could be made public. some of the declassified documents could be posted on one this week. >>james: more than one decade after the attack from the twin towers the work of a new skyscraper reach a new
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milestone. the freedom tower is now officially new york's tallest building what. >>darya: microsoft is collaborating with barnes and noble take on apple and google and the tablet market. gabe slate takes a look and how this could shake up the tablet seen.
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third thoughts they have given barnes and noble $300 million cash for a stake in the new division. the division will also include the barnes and noble college business. the nook software will continue to be available on devices like the iphone that compete with the windows on. this is a big deal because of barnes and noble has been
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struggling to continue with the nook. competition has been fierce and they have lost money. this is where it gets interesting. fog i believe it down the road this means that new notes will be built with the windows operating system ditching current google's software. if this is likely the key reason microsoft did this, putting their hands in the eve of pot and knocking to go off of the pot. two birds with one stone. the >>james: here is a live look this morning coming to us from the golden gate where we're watching to see if any traffic backs up. we're looking for the possibility of more commuters on the stand now that ferry service to san francisco has been careful because of labor strike. more on that coming up.
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>>james: a light sprinkle on thursday before the weather recovers for the weekend. >>darya: one person died in a fire that gutted a south the apartment. we will bring you the latest. more than one dozen people are injured in a hotel fire in watsonville. ferry service from marin county to san francisco is cancelled this morning. we will tell you why.
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>> darya >> the big story is that thousands of commuters can not get


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