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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 1, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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ferry and marin county this morning. workers are striking. jackie >>jackie: yes these people are getting support the people who drive by. all the ferry service has been cancelled until this afternoon because of wining and of the fair workers has died. the desert has strike. workers have a strike.
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the sum is 400 workers. there's rumors going around that more strikes could happen >> that are several other unions in the collision. is very possible there may be other yen's going on strike in the near future. all of a union members are gathering. this is a live shot. take a look at the boss. that boss is also filled with tea and workers. for 6000 people the use to go to work on the ferry, traffic maybe it an issue
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this morning. >>darya: that put more cars on the road. >>george: 101 south bound about mid span is 84 car crash. they have not -- a four car crash. it has not been cleared yet. it traffic is backed up to the wall the tunnel. if it's cleared quickly enough we could see the back up this appear before the rest of the commute his the golden gate bridge about them. >>james: in the mission district there were vehicles vandalizes.
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it shows is seen as the pocket -- all the officers were trying to get things under control. the demonstrators down by the park. a small group broke away and at one point they were vandalizing a police station. >>yoli: the morning james. a one-and more vandalism is a board and wendell up there. he was a broken glass. for the most part of the has been cleaned up and there's some vandalism was some paint. must of the vandalism was taken out on the police department. you'll see a lot of broken
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glass on the police department. piquancy morris pains bladder as well as broken glass. demonstrations planned to bay. the police station had some barricades' up and are on the alert to. >>james: other officers insider a is the police station shut down? yoli >>yoli: i have seen some officers inside. they gave us a report that what happened and it we will not see any more comments to they could >>james: this is one of the
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stores will be falling throughout the day. >>erica: is a pretty shot overlooking cathedral and its scope. temperatures are out a little bit cooler this morning. we are in the '40's. as we head into the afternoon we will see low seventies for the inland areas will have a look at the 7 day around the bay coming up in a bit. >>darya: its 7:05 a.m.. there is a fatal fire at a san jose. right here, it was a 2200 more block.
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we learned that seven people were injured by the fire appeared there was one fatality. these people were in critical condition. i talked to the public information officer of the fire department. the fire started underneath one of the units and quickly spread into the room. the fact that it happened to 48 and is why this fire caused so much damage. it started 2:40 a.m.. the fire department will be there for quite some time. they'll be looking into what caused the fire at the complex and had in hand at
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san as a. >>justine: does that out of new york the possible -- the civil lawsuit to as asking the judge -- this is a story about strauss-khan and the rate case. there is still determining what is good to happen. >>mark: the s&p is up and the dow was up to 38. there is a quiet start it wall street right now.
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expect the overall results in april to rise 2%. will see how that goes. >>george: they've managed to clear the accident from mid span and is out bound direction. as you can see that traffic is getting through. take a look of the traffic map, and reaches all the way up to the waldo grade. this back up could clear itself out in just a few minutes. will have more when kron 4 news returns. back a minute. [ girl ] my mom always tells me:
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>> 7:10 a.m. right now. the man that is responsible for the shooting and oakland university and killed seven students said that he pleaded not guilty. one victim's brother isn't -- was in court and is troubled by the not guilty plea of your the man lost about 20 lbs. since he was
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in jail. >>james: here's a look out of walnut creek. we have a working try. the this strikes in marin county. there's also vandalism and other damage to show you as well
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7:14 a.m.. >>darya: the gas prices are down. the average price is 381 per gallon $3.81 per gallon. >>mark: chrysler says that they sold over zero hundred and 41,000 vehicles due to the special the bay ran next last month. facebook once to help you share your organs. facebook users in august already organ donors can add the information to that
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location. the judge held inspired this idea. darya >> >>george: there was a south bound blockades duce multicar accident. the multicar accident is now cleared. you can see with the back up is. before i was optimistic the back up will cleared before the full commute takes in. now i'm hopeful that a will clear. the drive time now because of these delays jumped from
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25 minutes to 40 minutes coming out of nevada and central san rafael no problems. we do not want the 101 back up to merge. hopefully it will clear out quickly. the upper deck of the bay bridge is moving well. that means that the back up at the meeting lieds continues to grow. the drive time is 16 minutes at of macarther maze. >>erica: grossing pleasant conditions around the bay area.
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downtown section cisco is coming in at 49 degrees. the twins beat is not bad. speaking of the next couple hours into the afternoon feature catch for future cast for shows most of the area being in the '60s. then by noon in afternoon most of the will be in the '70s. the cost will still be in the '60s let's take a look and neighborhood by neighborhood.
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here is the 7 day around the bay forecasts. temperatures will not get into the '70s and after we had until thursday. a 20 percent chance for showers with the majority of the showers and a with the golden gate bridge. there is a warming trend just in time for the weekend. >>mark: 17 people were hurt when flames tore through the roof and hotel is today. at least one person jump from the second story window.
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all escape flames. nobody died. some were severely burned. many suffering from smoke inhalation. some of the entries were critical. there 50 units in the building and all the residents have been displaced. >>darya: it's been six months since second joined twin girls were separated. angelic at and angelina's surgery was successful. here they are thanking the doctors. their mom said that they are happy healthy a continuing to show progress.
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, >> i see them running and playing. >>darya: they were the twins were joined at the chest and abdomen. >>justine: the 36 year-old single mother has filed for bankruptcy in civil court. she needs a fresh start in is doing what's best for her children she first made headlines as the clock to mom when she gave words to eight children and >> the fbi made some arrests in cleveland of
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people that attempted to blow up a bridge. >>james: >>mark: we'll be back with more headlines than just a few minutes. here is at a look at the ferry terminal where the ferry workers are on strike today.
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>> it is 7:24 a.m.. since the navy seals stormed aside matt bin laden is a compound. now the white house has said that some of the documents found by the navy seals will be made public some of them will be posted on line this week. >>mark: one world trade center which is also known as the freedom tower is now the largest -- tallest
7:26 am
building in new york city. here you see them putting in the column that makes them the largest. >> this will be an icon example of new york and new jersey. this will be a symbol of freedom. >>mark: this will be 1,776 ft. when it is completed and is planned to be finished in 2014. >>darya: < ups -- update on the hot spot. >>george: there is a multicar accident on the golden gate bridge in and stay there long enough to cause a back up. it is starting to clear right now.
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the drive time has dropped by five minutes. we are still at risk of a back up southbound. more in the kron 4 morning news returns.
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keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. >> we're back of the real alarm fire. this or umpire happen at a fourplex. for alarm fire happened at a fourplex. offices say they rested one protester. the will be in a very service today, the golden gate ferry workers say that they been working without a contract since july.
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so that they are walking the picket lines this morning. >>darya: a lot of the ferry riders have to go or with the golden gate bridge. >>george: there was an accident on the bridge this morning because we think that there was a lot to lot of extra traffic on the bridges morning. it is clear now and as you can see there is normal traffic flow. it was completely jan at the top of the wall of gray. the good news is the back of the starting to clear. the drive time is 35 minutes. that is from the auto to the bridge cleared.
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>> we still have the residuals slowing approaching the waldegrave. were hoping that this back up clears out. the traffic flows stays that way we could be all right. as take a look and the bay bridge ride in the westbound direction. it is a little heavier. there is the same situation at the toll plaza the bay bridge because. that would be will possibly what the traffic is slow work. let's check the weather. >>erica: plenty of sunshine at over walnut creek. is turning out to be a
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gorgeous morning around the bay. some like asians are very cold in the upper 40's. some locations are in the upper 40's. it will warm up this afternoon. obie in the '60s and '70s. there will be wet weather on thursday but dry and warmer conditions for the weekend. >>justine: the justice department says the five men have been arrested in a plot to bomb a bridge outside of cleveland. the suspects range in age between 35 and 20 years old. they have been charged went the attempt to damage come up public structure to obstruct the public, as.
7:33 am
this is on the anniversary of osama bin laden staff. is a developing story that we are watching. we will show you -- we would share more informations as we get. >>darya: fear is no very services this morning from rain county to san francisco because of the strike. there is a contract some dispute. let's go to jackie sizzle at his life right there. >>jackie: the are lot of people here. a lot of union members with the golden gate bridge. the union coalition supports this as a one day walkout appeared.
7:34 am
on all their about 6000 people use these ferry services and will have to find another way to get into the city. in is a contract dispute and they said they'd been working without a contract for about a year now. obviously they're not happy with the contract presented to them. they would have to pay more for health care. they knew about this strike yesterday's that's why they let their writers know that there be no service today. the plan is right now that about 2:00 today ferry service will resume. if you are interested and you need to get back at you can probably do it right then. that is the hope right now.
7:35 am
rumors are flying round the other unions in the coalition, they're 14 and all, will potentially crop strike. the teamsters say that they will straight stage a one they tried strike also appeared. they're the ones is service the bosses. that means the drivers and in a different union altogether, will honor the picket line. potentially that means the union that will strike on may 10th will be the bus drivers and the service and the mechanics. that the potentially stop all bus services for golden gate transit on may 10th. >>darya: yes i know that's can affect a lot of people
7:36 am
who needed to take the ferry to public transportation to station today >>jackie: if golden gate transit would honor the picket lines would cause a lot of have a round all the north bay cities. it can be really an issue. but we have nine days to figure it out. >>darya: this is not the only private a protest that happened today. >> we heard about the big ferry. occupy oakland is planning an than that at noon.
7:37 am
occupy protesters cannot planning to be involved in the port of oakland shutdown. the international longshoremen warehouse unit is walking at the job -- off the job at the port. a major nurses try all these red dots, are protesting. there are stalled negotiations related to their employee benefits. >> >>mark: san francisco in protesters were taking part in a demonstration last night vandalize outbuildings and -- buildings and a local police
7:38 am
station. organizers said that a small group or away and began wandering the streets there causing all that destruction. a one. they gathered in front of the police station in the mission. >> in san francisco at the pot image of police station. vandals hit on monday evening. you can see the in front of the police station with all colors of paint careered to callers -- many windows shattered. pain is all of the sidewalk. you can see some of that a shell. day fill the egg shells with pain.
7:39 am
felt eggshell's with paint you can see some of the police officers standing outside the police station. we do not know what they captured the bangles. -- vandals. a thomson, kron 4 news. >>mark: and the dow was up 80 and so is the doubt -- says it has the key in nasdaq. >> as dick alive look get in walnut creek -- look at walnut creek.
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>>mark: we have some video out of texas. they said that two men set this bar on fire while pace tends work barricaded in. these two were ejected from the bar for fighting. he conceded they barricaded the door. thankfully no one was injured. but the perpetrators are still at large >> see darya >> 743 is the time right now 7:43 a.m..
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as take a live look at one of the developing stories. we can see the cricketers out here. -- the zoom the ferry workers strike. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >>george: there are still
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tracking slow traffic at the golden gate bridge. we're trying to recover from an early accident. it is now clear. it is in the southbound direction. the traffic was backed up your. it is very likely that will have more cars and we had in a while since the ferry services down. as a result is a slower ride across the bridge. the early occurring back up the did not help. tracking a new hot spot in the east bay. it is was found on highway for this southbound direction is a motorcycle accident here that's what this side.
7:48 am
we normally have smooth sailing, that is jammed. some motorists are continuing out the highway for before attorneys out and 680. he can see the ride coming out of walnut creek is slow their what as well. the westbound bay bridge is bigger than back -- bigger backup than usual. the drive * is still pretty good, the back up this is bigger issue. there was a stall the there was quickly cleared. let's get to the weather >>erica: ado and walking through the weather have lines. it is cool were this morning.
7:49 am
wind speeds are picking up. that will continue to the afternoon. " will be mostly sunny skies with plenty of blue. temperatures could be in the low seventies and inland and '60s for the rest of the area. here your local temperatures cleared
7:50 am
this data -- a satellite and radar picture does not show any wet weather. we do have a system working its way in. and what see showers but others say a friday it will be dry and saturday and sunday will be warming trend. >>darya: all the little kids live look up this dannemeyer and one of the basketball fans what do they say. the best don't punch class, not? all punch of law? don't punch and glass or a wall.
7:51 am
he was so frustrated with his loss that he hit the glass case of a fire extinguisher and cut his hand. >>gary: the things that this is the best he they think he's jaundice show how much he cared irian >>darya: why do men feel the need to hit things in an interim frustration. ? >>gary: if i in losing some thing like the game, i am feeling so bad, right >> said you never use the punching bag next to the assignment desk? your ride >> and one of the guys sent
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it out now he is the bank the kron 4 put in instead of the wall. >>gary: is almost like a joke, instead of attending a lecture in a tough guy, adjusted his bag. >>darya: since i can't fault and is studying >>gary: anybody is different, we've all done crazy things. i'm is not a fighter. diane >> i love it. >>gary: what good is hitting
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>>mark: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. there is early it. accident >>george: from the wall a greatest a back up to about spencer in. north up a wall the tunnel.
7:58 am
the presidio parkway and the bypass are not our only hot spots. westbound on highway forced out when to bound to 42 the 680. will be more women come back.
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8:00 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news did >>george: with the cancellation of the golden gate ferry service at a sausalito and larkspur, there are more commuters on the road. then there was an accident on golden gate bridge. lookout heavy the traffic is. it is still backed up on the waldegrave near spencer. all weighed down across the span. this traffic continues all of the presidio park way. and all would downtown bar.
8:01 am
this drive was 47 minutes out of nevada. and another five minutes here the bridge. and it is nearly and hour drive from nevada to get into san francisco. take a look this other hot spot on it was found highway pork. it is stopping go from pittsburg all the way down through concord in an southbound on to 42 and 680 there was an earlier occurring motorcycle accident. the bay bridge is a much better. was bound drive is over 22 minutes. the traffic was at the end of macarther maze now is back up where across is of the freeway. a slower than usual right on the westbound bay bridge. >>darya: when get a look at
8:02 am
the weather this morning >>erica: >>erica: we see the sun shine ever walnut creek. as i walk you through your daily planner, we are seeing windy conditions and spot. the wind look continue to win -- the when will continue throughout the day. there are 40 is now but there will be '60s and '70s around the bay. as we continue into the evening the wins will continue until captured >>justine: pam moore about the five men were arrested in the plot the bombing bridge and cleveland. the suspects ranged between 25 and four years ago
8:03 am
cleared the book as 40 years old the five arrested are described as an anarchist. this is not connected to the one-year anniversary of an scion and scott osama bin laden. they tried to detonate the bomb. they tried to detonate it from a remote location and then the rest by the fbi. if any more happens will keep you updated in the kron 4 news room. >>darya: there is a workers' strike for the ferry workers here all of the thousands of commuters have to find it to the way to get to work this morning. let's get ejected sizzle. >>jackie: you can see there
8:04 am
dozens of you members at here on this one day strike. there is a union coalition -- as a coating gate bridge union coalition and makes up 14 different unions. only one of the unions is out on strike today as about hundred members. and there is no very service today. at the golden gate bridge district got wind of the strike yesterday that is why they cancelled all the there is this morning. the hope is that the ferry service will resume around 2:00 this afternoon. it is all about contract negotiations. they have been without a contract for the last year.
8:05 am
that is what they call this one day strike now. if you think today is bad, when it you see what the -- hear what can happen on may 10th. some of the other indians -- unions and that are the drivers with as the bus drivers are union workers and they will strike and honor the picket new-line line. they will not cross. this would put down the ship that carrying and the bay transit. today were talking about 6000 riders your ride the fairies. on may 10th we are talking 20,000 people the ride bay transit and that there is.
8:06 am
the bus drivers say they will honor the picket. that is nine days and now. hopefully they can work out the contract said this does not happen. >>darya: we will see what happens. they do expect to have it up later this afternoon. as jackie said the best art -- the next day to watch is made tends. >>mark: this seemed to on the ugly last night in san francisco after protesters turned to the streets and started vandalizing vehicles and buildings print this is a self videos that was sent him by kron 4 and your. it shows the demonstrators marching through the streets causing problems.
8:07 am
the demonstrations called caller called by occupied movement. a splinter group took off on alone, headed down the street and started to cause havoc. let's talk to yoli. >>yoli: i did this the to an officer inside. this is open but you have to go in to the backside. they did not run into the walking to the front door because of the broken glass. this station is open in case anybody needs to come and corporate. the exterior door in the
8:08 am
fund front is barricaded. can see a lot at the pain splattered. in can see the windows broken. there are repair men walking around taking measurements on the windows. quite a few of the windows of the whole building have been damaged. he is not going to be cheap. they will have to special order these police department when does. there going to be quite expensive. unfortunately at the taxpayers will have to pay for this damage. >>mark: the damage is seen
8:09 am
to and he angeles storefronts up and down >>darya: firefighters us still on the scene on a fourplex of her apartment fire the cod fire this morning. at one person died. it started in 248 m and a dance is a rush. flames rise in the building in san seven people were injured at you. niarchos bottle of hospitalized in critical condition some of the injured our children. the reason because of what is the reason that custom knee injuries was because of the time of day and eat or sleep in irian they will continue to investigate the cause of fire. >>james: here is the golden
8:10 am
gate bridge. wahn of multiple hot spots. back a minute ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] instead, try the new subway smokehouse barbecue chicken, big bbq taste 6 grams of fat. subway. eat fresh. you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything >>mark: >>george: we are attracting hot spot and the golden gate bridge. we had an accident on the myths band. along with the cancellation
8:13 am
of the ferry service this morning has caught as a tremendous amount of cars on the road. greta talked this daily on from the highway patrol this morning >> people were not paying attention to the road and that's what caused the accident. now is back up across the span and beyond. >>george: the people are looking at the street right now. traffic is running slow on the northbound direction. we are still backed up from spencer. it's still slow through the
8:14 am
toll plaza and the slow ride through presidio park rape. it's a much slower than usual ride this morning. the car at ride time is 49 minutes. will have more when the kron 4 morning news returns. every type of stain is different
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am in is 8:16 a.m..
8:17 am
george >> we're looking at had a traffic off of all the great all the way across the bridge and to the doyle drive bypass. and there wasn't earlier occurring accident the back of traffic up to the bridge. the new and add the extra cars on the road you to the cancellation of the golden gate very service is what created this look traffic. this chp presence at the bridge to syrian the chp is using what the north and is the staging area. this case the present on the bridge probably was not all
8:18 am
they intention to the drive and was looking at the chp. from 37 to the toll plaza this 39 minute call. take a look of this ride through contra costa or. it is basically stop and go from antioch all the way out to walnut creek. a 49 minute drive time. lookit this salas on to to 42 1/6 eighties up to them. the paper it's toll plaza at the they-bay bridge toll plaza is getting better at 22 minutes.
8:19 am
let's check whether or. >>erica: we see blue skies and sunshine are overlooking that redrew the hills. we see as we head into that afternoon can see by 12:00 her it will be in the '70s and inland areas. a cool down on the coastline irian likely p.m. to was the yellow move toward the coast. the '70s are in abundance for this out base paths.
8:20 am
as take a look at satellite and radar. is nothing to a look at just yet. we are seeing an assistant to our north. can see on 7 day around the bay forecast that there is 20 percent chance of showers on thursday.
8:21 am
most of the showers will be north of the golden gate bridge in irian by friday publicity more sunshine and by the weekend it will warm up and be a nice >>mark: manufacturing has is it in the past is pace in the past 10 months. the national manufacturing index rose from its highest level level since last and carry you in see this reflecting on at least the doubt recall -- all without is up and in nasdaq up and the s&p is up >> gm chrysler said this morning the had the best
8:22 am
able this heady years. ceo mark zuckerberg says the facebook will be able to help you share record bins. will be on the world network. if you're already in or and the need and at that information to the site. this does this seem to of idea when he received his liver transplant. >>darya: it is than six months sense that who would join were separated. they went back to the hospital for a checkup. inseams this that is a cut this that. the imam said that they're happy and healthy. their mother says they are happy and healthy. >> i think they understand
8:23 am
the the it's other. i see them running and playing cleared darya. >>brian: the twins were joined at the chest and abdomen. >>justine: tenant i will have an update one of five men but were arrested trying to block a written ohio. the book by that who they are and what they wanted to accomplish. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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>> the >>george: we're tracking major delays and the golden gate bridge and it is starting to back up but now from time to time as the toll plaza. this is the result of some note very service from colgate and a previous accident. >>mark: people and new were are morning is that when death of a rising football star who was just five weeks away from graduating. hundreds gave tribute to woody who whisked stabbed to death of the weekend.
8:27 am
they have arrest and may rest in this. in newark, kron 4 news. >> in your school super intended says that a sign of fatigue was a popular student puma >> you as a big happy kid. he was an outstanding football player during >> at the senior hit a rat passel after yet anchor issues when his best friend was killed. >> he was the selling and his grades and football.
8:28 am
he was in the superintendent's office last week talking about his plans to play football. >> this is not without traffic things like this can happen. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>darya: are developing story is that chaos happening in marin county. at this is the picture of the protests of the very workers. their workers are on strike in his may commute worse
8:29 am
8:30 am
and >> 8 were 30 a.m.. there is a firefighter is
8:31 am
that a san jose apartment five hour fire. protesters taking heart in a demonstration in this city last night vandalized a police department and in the mission district. there is no very service between marin county and seventh is up. while barry workers said the there out have been without a contract to long in their corn on strike. >>darya: us talk about more of them ran problem has been trying to get into the city. so if you can't take the ferry which can carry an the ridges back up. >>george: is this drive time is 55 minutes out and bought a ticket to the across the red river can
8:32 am
actually see this slows and time to time him grin -- not is slow all the way through the basidiocarps way. we press the " hard-line than in the was not for that new extra commuters on the roadway this clearly there is more traffic on the prison them we would normally seen. this time in the morning to be a much shorter drive. of time to time you see slowing in the north that
8:33 am
direction as well written a lot of people are slowing jain down foreign down in irian ca tracking to 40 to 680 and was bound for. they're no longer prudent thing back up some high that i've a quart. the west them for back backup coming have is are the starting clear up to our drive time from the toll plaza of the bay bridge is heading about 22 minutes. let's consider whether you're >>erica: her is a beautiful shot ever cathedral hill in irian you on notice that
8:34 am
this is a little clearer this morning. were sitting in the upper '40's included continue with cooler conditions. as we head into the next o'clock days, the temperatures will slide down with a potential of wet weather on thursday britain and on friday and retry and a nice weekend gray >>justine: we're looking at at the five men that were running to block the bridge and cleveland. they're charged with conspiracy of attempted use of explicit explosive materials to affect interstate conner commerce.
8:35 am
-- the the senate went to the bridge the prosecutor is saying that he had that they have evidence that that men plan purchase and created in place the bomb appeared these men are expected to be an accord this afternoon to answer the charges. >>darya: a developing story
8:36 am
is about a hot spot and the golden gate bridge going all the way up to marin county. this is the beginning of the problem. this is the golden gate bridge there a strike. these workers cannot have that contract and have not had one for over a the computers are having a difficult time getting to some of his program marin county this morning. jackie sizzle is on the scene. >>jackie: there are probably about a hundred people at here. there are 14 different means to make up the golden gate coalition. these a year the one day strike that effectively shut down the golden gate bridge for a day.
8:37 am
the golden gate organization knew about this strike yesterday. they wore their riders and wanted to give them enough time to make alternate plans. the plan is to start service back up a route to o'clock. there is also been some other news in the last hour. we found out that a second strike on may 10th was will be called on the may 10th. this'll be the golden gate transit service pinpoints what is that me? that means that the 80 use union that represents about 200 bus drivers and they
8:38 am
say that they will honor the strike if the very workers walk out again. let's put this in perspective 6000 people ride the very on the very day fit that on a daily basis. 20,000 people ride the buses on a daily basis. >>darya: if the ferry riders her at adding to the problem were see today can you imagine what it would look like with the bus driver? looking eye on that. >>james: in the bay area thousands of bay area and nurses and a striking at this very minute. it is a one day strike.
8:39 am
the will tran is in oakland. >>will: as you can see there dozens of registered nurses in and of the hospitals. here is what you need to know. if you have an appointment at any this other hospitals today you should make your appointment. you may when a call to make sure your apply can be rescheduled. these nurses are fighting for better health care coverage. will tran, kron 4 news. diane >> we will be back in a few more minutes the golden gate bridge in said the there --
8:40 am
joyce said the there is going to be longer the on drive times on the golden gate bridge.
8:41 am
8:42 am
a 40 2:00 a.m.. our hot spot is that the presidio park way in the oil bypass.
8:43 am
-- doyle bypass in looks like all along but called a great. the drive times are pushing a 55 minutes now for southbound 101. to get from the bottom of it to save francisco. will have more when kron 4 news returns. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
[ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort
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and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs, and bottom for up to 12 hours of protection and all the freedom to play like a real champion. pampers. proud supporter of babies' play. ♪ >>darya: today marks the one-year anniversary of the debt of osama bin laden. navy seals storm the compound where he was hiding out in pakistan. now the white house says that some of the documents that are gathered close soon be public. some of them will be posted on line this week.
8:47 am
the videos -- >>mark: these two men were caught on tape when the past been live with what have the bar for fighting. they return and barricaded the are in did you see them as starting a fire. the good news is no one inside was hurt. both men are still at large is morning. >> the honor of this to an and 50 yacht, did not want to go down without celebration so he he had a tank went through the house.
8:48 am
the others live there for 20 years and they just moved up the day before. >>darya: it is a 40 7:00 a.m.. >>george: to give more modest than usual because of the problems of the fairies strike and they to of the doyle drive ramp. low-cal slowly the traffic is moving. low-cal slowly the traffic is moving. the backup begins in nevada. we had slow traffic from the wall and a grave and spencer ever since the accident
8:49 am
occurred. now the slow traffic actually reaches all the way back to the richard a. bridge. there is slow in the throes of a back to central red san rafael. right now or o'clocks in 255 and the 59 minutes. at another six to seven minutes after you get the breads the cadets at another 67 minutes tickets to lombard. let's update the right here through costa can out costa contra county. there's a the to slow spot this morning.
8:50 am
let's look of the weather. >>erica: good morning george. we are looking in a breeze the round the bay area. debitors and now sitting in the '50s. you to cast for is predicting that we will jump up to 60 and 70 degrees as we head into the noontime hour. will be cooler along the coastline. as with advance into the afternoon highs will see the yellow move forward that indicates more seventies around the bay. and the stubby '60s around because. his neighbor by neighborhood breakdown.
8:51 am
let's look at satellite and radar. high pressure is of the bay area. we do have a flat working its way to the pacific northwest. there may be semarang to our north on thursday. most of the wet weather will be no with the golden gate bridge. will be drive by friday. and warren warmer to the
8:52 am
weekend and eighties by monday. mark >> here is stanley behaving badly. >> the driver of this white car the study of the newly created the city apartment. the driver said he did not realize where this be a limit science were until later. since the new parkway is still a construction zone, the fine for speeding could be doubled. this person was clocked at
8:53 am
58 mi. per hour. when he stopped was stopped the opera a license from another country except has been living in this country for the last year. he had to call a friend to come get a bite. this driver said he is the agenda navigate his way through this new area. this driver was clocked a 44. the driver of this jag wire was clocked at 61. he said that he was having a
8:54 am
bad day. in san francisco stanley roberts comfort for news. kron 4 news. >>darya: will be back a minute. what'll it be?
8:55 am
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>> one that had dozen our people or hardened and a fire. the ferry service is cancelled due to a strike never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help.
8:59 am
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9:00 am
>>darya: of no very service on the golden gate very affecting south thousands of commuters. now the traffic is up that with the golden gate bridge is backed up your with the above the san jose fire they claim the woman's life in irian the effort the i arrested by a man near near cleveland who were trying to blow up a bridge.
9:01 am
>>george: is hot spot was started by an accident. we were expecting heavier than normal traffic flow what accident helped slow things down and back up all the way to spend some of walnut gray. stanley roberts is seen as the backup lot with the chp what are yours and their thoughts about this? stanley. >>dan: >>stanley: and others that bigger back up above what we have. everything from presidio
9:02 am
park way to semblances the is jam that. this is a major major hot spot. for the bay area right now. >>george: the drive times are running over 50 minutes. will take a look to the traffic maps and in minutes. years with this flood traffic begins and stanley says the glass all the way down to lombard which is right here. that kemi adam san rafael seems to the east of it. there is a little to no red showing out of nevada. the heaviest traffic remains as stanley descent over a wall on a ridge and across the golden gate rigs will
9:03 am
gate bridge. is the ride on 680 in the southbound direction this is all cleared out. in your ride to the bay bridge as a border line hot spot. as you can see the back up this still there and the track time is 18 to 19 minutes. >>erica: the weather is quiet. you can say blue skies and sunshine is overlooking san francisco. you will experience freezing conditions but the in lincoln that distance -- temperatures still make it to the '70s. your 7 day around the bay forecast is coming out of my
9:04 am
next report. >>darya: this is a look at the strikers. jackie sizzle another all morning long >>jackie: these people have been basically marking marching encircles all they long. there are protesters from 14 different unions. one of the union's the id you-and land bozeman union.
9:05 am
are the ones on strike. and the last hour so we got a some news from the bus service a point to call for a may 10th strike. the eighth you -- the union that represents the bus drivers will honor the picket lines. that will set up and down the entire golden gate transit system. there will be no fairies and
9:06 am
no buses. out of the deal is it? 6000 people take the very saturday over 20,000 people ride buses. that thickeners are still out here. this is a huge system. the reds since santa rosa to novato. in san rafael. their 20,000 riders a day. >>darya: he would never the parking lot and sky for.
9:07 am
in the meantime is another protest last nine sentences of him the protests last nine sentences and ended up in some vandalism. officers get a rest on protesters. it started at a peaceful demonstration called by members of the occupied units -- movement. situation got at controlling his small group broke away and started to destroy a things. that's for the civil disobedience thousands of nurses in the center hospital are on strike.
9:08 am
this will tran is there will >> as you can see there in dozens of nurses in front of the hospital. if you have an appointment with the other seven hospitals in ministers they should be fine. if you have major surgery you may want to give them a call. the nurses to adhere disliked it were december deported from oakland will tran kron 4 newsletters kron 4 news few >>darya: the good will
9:09 am
continue our coverage in just a few minutes. this clinic couple -- there was an accident a couple hours ago of the golden age of the last golden gate bridge, when the ferry strike causes tremendous back up to around area. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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9:12 am
>> >>justine: by men or arrested in a plot to bomb eight bridge outside of cleveland alive. they range in age 35 to 20 years old. they call themselves an art and artists. anarchists. the men were arrested when they tried to detonate explosives the they thought would blow up the bridge. >> prosecutors as you the type we despite that the fed this intention. the public was never in danger. the defendants and never
9:13 am
had an explosive offense at what actually work. all the suspects are expected to appear in federal court in on this afternoon. won't keep up with this story and let you know what kron 4 real >>
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> 915 a m on the kron 4
9:16 am
and no morning news. is not elegant golden gate bridge but presidio parkway and the new doyle drive ipads when are back up your. it is still backed up from the walnut gray. -- although gray. waldo gray. this is the end of the doyle drive bypass. it is solid traffic all the way round could as i returned to the traffic map s. the drive is up to to 48 minutes to get to sampras's coke from a bottle from nevada.
9:17 am
southern iran is still slow trip across the colgate bridge. as our only hot spot. the bay bids drive in the west bank commute is still slow nuts about 17 minutes to get into downtown use >>erica: weather >>erica: it is a little cooler this morning. are morning lows in the upper 40's. you to task force says
9:18 am
warming will persist as we get into the afternoon. and adnan, the yellow stars still in and more areas are in the '70s. most of the bay is an 62 satellite radar-show not much to talk about right now.
9:19 am
this is a storm system on its way of writing by thursday with a chance of showers. on friday things will dry up and temperatures will increase to the weekend with and 80 on monday your >>darya: 17 people will heart when flames went through an apartment building. nobody died when this fire. summer severely stern. some suffered smoke inhalation. several were credited critically injured. there were children injured in a building. chrysler says its u.s. sales rose 20% last month. the company says it sold
9:20 am
more than a hundred and 41,000 vehicles had to the best april in four years. facebook plus to make it easier for you to find or and dennis. now use of a stock will be able to enroll as in for him to a diner. all of dealings on facebook people for already organ donors can add the reformation to that organization. as this is the stock's average and the idea after he received his liver transplant in irian it is in six months since a joint roles were separated. they went back a hostile to thank the staff and hospital. that are an angelic and angelina. there of was to be resolved now. if so good hit cleared on says the there happy and healthy.
9:21 am
candela get in angelina were joined at the chest and abdomen. doctors say that their progress and has progressed on schedule. who will be back in just a couple of minutes. let's get a live look at the ferry strike. according to ferry workers on strike said there is no very service in. and this is the. into san francisco.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
than nothing here but sam nunn >>george: with the golden gate bridge ride and the
9:25 am
ride levering county to is >> and cisco is a hot spot that reaches up till all the grade and across this bay and into the new presidio parkway and the new doyle drive bypass pin the drive times have dropped their still 43 minutes from the bottle to san francisco's. 100 still secret service agents will be getting at this training. this is after the secret service agents were getting involved with prostitutes during the trip to colombia. let's take a live it the look of the doubt.
9:26 am
the dow was up to 112 dead gas seems to be going down the average price for gas is $3.81. the man of the accused of killing seven people at oakland college as clean a not guilty. he was charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder in irian one of the victim's brother was in court after a day and was troubled by the not guilty plea.
9:27 am
of this essay that the man lost about 20 lbs. since he went into custody last weekend he did start eating again. the time now is 9:27 a.m.. we we we back in a few minutes to give updates on hot spots. the buyback -- to be right to back.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> it is 9:29 a.m. written a hot spot in is the main story but we wanted it to a fire the recovering this morning and of fourplex in san jose. one person was killed. about half a dozen was injured.
9:30 am
people taken in part in it a demonstration last night cause damage in the area. no very service today. no very service today. >>george: between accident in the cancellation of ferry service a lot has happened today. the southern ride ogle wall so grave and across the golden gate bridge is still slow. taken with the the traffic maps. here is with the back of bids. it's been of a wall like that for two and a half hours. it got back when it -- he
9:31 am
got back up when that accident returned occur. on a normal day the that would have even this sellout after the answer was clear. let's take a look at our other camera that is located here. it is at the end of the doyle drive the bypass. it shows slow traffic. so start to the beginning of the waldo graven and goes all the way to doyle drive. this is laura usual -- slower the unusual ride about 25 minutes. the was them can you offer them bay bridge has that have the upper deck right now. how many of the motorist is designed to come this way. we still have a have a drive time.
9:32 am
the bay bridge the entire time his climb to 90 to 21 minutes. >>darya: breaking news at oakland. protesters are gathered outside of our headquarters. will tran is on with the very latest. they are not protesting aren't clear it there is a bank of the melding build it -- bankamerica building. before they arrive here they were crosses streets peacefully gathering the went to the bank of america building.
9:33 am
they went inside. there were people inside the time. there were banging on the doors and windows. dozens of police of this is outside of walking with them right now. they're making their way to move the open area. the pleas to keep the clothes i and the whole situation. >>darya: are the walking to the streets? are are they jam in this is not? >>will: near moving to the ride with direction and what the -- and not obstructing
9:34 am
any traffic. the police officer is a close by keeping an eye pipit and i you are walking with them? >>will: yes i'm walking with them right now. the media are walking with them in the relatively young crop. they're picking the right now moving toward a couple of the bank's right now. the nose despite a may day?
9:35 am
is this part of occupied? >>will: believe that this is made a. -- may gain. mainsy day this is a use the first of may to go in front of banks and slam on the windows and not on the doors. if your customer insight money your own business it would be really weird to look outside and see all the people surrounding the building and honey on doors. >>darya: i'm totally agree.
9:36 am
the they bang on the is when this too. and their approach to the bag? >>will: in. like the bypassing chase. gene bank is to my left. then and it's like a broadway is the best -- the next target. kitty the convoy.
9:37 am
it's almost like a rain. and especially not a car rain in is not best of. some of the still pictures regions showed. here's a picture of the police officers. they have their helmets on. when i was looking at the window and look like it would college a break. and the police officers just move together. they are walking down the street right now.
9:38 am
there is as the bees and motorcycles all coming down together. >>darya: will gather more informational get the pictures to as. >>will: be back later. >>justine: the many protests going across cities of the united states right now. portland or again 100 class students are peacefully protest thing in front of district offices. the sausages and occupy wall street protesters and the streets of new york city.
9:39 am
they're marching and chanting outside of the bank of america corp. green this year the occupy wall street mall street moving is encouraging employees not to good work and students to skip school. there's a huge traffic tie up and a loss angeles because of the occupied protesters. their labor unions, workers, clergy members taking part. much more on the developing story as con to four news comes right back. -- kron 4 news comes tieback -- right back
9:40 am
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>>darya: up we are up with and well on site will >> >>will: well we are at the wells fargo location. and this is obviously unannounced. we concede customers inside doing business. you do not hear any background noise in my report because they're being very quiet.
9:47 am
is a peaceful demonstration on may date. their police officers across the street to keep an eye on the situation here. why >> about how many processors to -- how many protesters would you say. and unlike a lot of them have their faces covered. >>will: de at guide banging on his drums. the most of all is quiet chanting. this dead end of the inside out and it now and looks like the movie down the street.
9:48 am
they're heading down 20 at the berkeley street. police officers another gauge. they said that they feel the police officers are calling them almost like a and as court. there about under the are hundred and 50 people. they're not on the move they move from the front to the side of the building. they now and looks like they might be moving back this no part may be back to bankamerica. who knows what the going to do. i do not think they have a plan.
9:49 am
they are falling several people and when several people decide this up than the rest of the court decides to stop. we're watching the >>darya: we are watching people protest the on this may day with a rolling protests we're watching as they walked to the streets of san francisco. and he won more updates good our web site at >>justine: there lots of people in los angeles della the police officers watching their every move. organizers and the this year's march is also going to focus on economic reform. also better wages and health care reform.
9:50 am
about 1:00 this afternoon is when about many of the rallies were happy and lost angeles are going to emerge in the downtown area around broadway. we'll be covering that area on the kron 4 oeneus starting at 5:00 p.m. >>darya: another developing story as a hot spot. and a ferry strike. >>george: to contributing factors to the traffic this morning are on this slowdown in there is better news is the drive piquancy as you can see. the pleas of who created a staging area at this point it's been shut down all
9:51 am
morning. we have not seen traffic moving this move falling and over two and a half hours. the back of the did reach from here all the way down to the new signal light at lombard. even this is finally chucked starting the east. as take a look. the ride to the richmond san rafael bridge slow. the peninsula hot spot in your ride to the south bend, not 101 and northbound. there was an accident that back up the traffic all the way to matilda. and lastly and look at the
9:52 am
ride to the bay bridge. the back up still reaches to was grand ave. and the take 90 to 22 minutes to get across to cross the upper deck. >>erica: today is a little bit cooler. he will notice that the temperatures in the mid-50s. as we head into the afternoon at looks like by 3 p at was the low 70's and upper 60s some areas. 7 day around the bay de 4. as a 20% chance on thursday. in will be dry on friday with the beautiful weekend. >>darya: there is a power outage in walnut creek. we do not exactly have the
9:53 am
area that does concern but we are getting calls the power company is on it. there is about 35,000 people can't affected. >>darya: we are just getting word about and a quick off up, and mr. kemp. it's a hundred and 50 mi. of the copier this is affecting mexico city. >>darya: 953. 9:53 a.m.. it's a little sleight days when you get to the doyle drive eye and a change. back a minute appeared
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> that if this morning.
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9:57 am
9:58 am
go to our web site for updated news. dr. phyllis up next.
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