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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 4, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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area weather and traffic. >>james: this is the way it is going to break down today. blue skies and what's early morning fog we had has blown out quickly. highs will be the 70 degrees from the inland valleys. this evening we will keep it clear into barges will drop as we head into the overnight hours. we will more than make up for it come this weekend. >>darya: >>erica: i have been checking the traffic law, we do not have any accidents to report. as we did a quick commute check for you, you will notice that the bay bridge looks good. fill a little bit of slowing on highway 101 into northbound direction of san jose. the north bay looks good for your ride coming out of marin county.
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>>officer: you will only be given one more warning. >>mark: residents will up to the sound of the swat team conducting a raid on suspected gang members. this happened just before 11:00 at dartmouth and white street. four suspects were escorted out by the gang task force. police say that this raid was not create -- was not connected to the highest rate in petaluma. new this morning, hundreds of passengers had to be prescreened at sfo after a security breach at terminal 3. >>jackie: things are getting back to normal at terminal 3. qr that was about half an hour ago. passengers had to go back to the screening process. this happened around route 30 a.m.. according to an airport
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spokesperson, there was an incident of unauthorized access at 3:30 a.m.. he did say it was a procedural area act -- a procedural era. you can see how line at here -- you can see along the lines are since been reopened. many people had to wait for an extended period of time. we're being told also, this is the terminal the house is united airlines. about one dozen flights will have some delays. we are not or how much. somewhere between 15 minutes and 45 minutes. if you are travel with united he should call ahead and check the flight status.
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this sounds like there was a procedural error will. of >>darya: 7 of 2:00 a.m.. san jose is bracing for thousands of people to come downtown for the sake of a mile if celebrations. in recent years there have been silenced and there are concerned about that very if >>will: off when they are planning, to have extra police officers in the downtown area for for of all of it will have officers on the ritual washing people go into the night clubs in washington as they go out.
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many of them are here for good time and do not cause any trouble but there are some people in particular because of the uptick in gang violence, historically i can tell you, san jose is a half phi pham for many people off apparently the rivalry is getting very hot. many of the businesses plan to have a business hours as usual. this year sinbad the mile falls on a saturday giving police officers and extra day. faugh officers will be here to sunday morning when the nightclub's let out. there was so much concern back in 2010, they canceled celebrations.
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>>mark: dozens of suspected gang members of expected to be their first appearance in court today. three federal agents were shot and killed -- were shot and injured while serving high risk warrants. there is one of them with gunshot wounds to the arm. the 13 men who were arrested yesterday for its part of the 19 indicted last week on racketeering and murder charges. for the violence over to the early in the morning see this as a shock to see live in that settlement neighborhood. we spoke to people who are two doors down flat agreed to place. for four >> a guy in his early thirties. fear is a woman who lived there, i do not know if it is his wife, the 50 if
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you're if for other than that, there was a lot of traffic in and out. we suspected that maybe something was going on, the drugs or something. maybe they were just all chipping into lived in the same spot for pfft fact netflix jeff: every time-05 coveted route to a plane. it is kind of theory. >>darya: a brazen robbery attend a tourist or in vallejo and did it with the
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owner police and handgun and shooting roberts. >> the owner shot and killed a man that tried to rob him thursday afternoon. it happened just before 1:00 p.m.. investigators say the man wanted with a handgun and jumped over the counter. when he walked to the back office that is with the owner of the to restore shots and killed the man. the owner and his wife have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case. >>justine: the post office will begin closing some mail facility sometime after may 15th. he says the postal service is urging the house to quickly pass legislation to let a close.
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the agency says it plans to move ahead with closings in a methodical and is measured way also considering the needs of some little communities. no word yet on exactly which post offices will be closing. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. coming up, a check on wall street. u.s. unemployment drops into the news is anything but good. details coming up as the kron4 this continues. here is a live look at the james lick in san francisco. traffic moving smoothly and sunshine on this friday morning. tsongas hello?
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>>darya: the dow is down 100 points >>mark: the big reason is the jobs report. u.s. hiring slowed in april to just 115,000 jobs added to the u.s. economy. tens of thousands of americans have stopped looking for work and are no longer counted as unemployed. >>darya: a share inspection on a train led to the rescue of a sex abuse victim and
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the rest of this man. he is accused of sex with a minor and false imprisonment. officials say that he and the girl were asked to get off the train when it could not show proof of payment. >>mark: here is a live look outside on this friday morning. traffic is nice and light in the san francisco. ♪
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for my above >>darya: and barry bonds is appealing his conviction. the jury decided is entering or resented and obstruction of justice. federal prosecutors have -- are expected to file their opposition later this week. >>mark: the vice principal of leland high school is thought facing child sex
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abuse charges. he was arrested late on wednesday. rob fladeboe has more. >>rob: in san jose, the vice principal of leland high school is under arrest. the 32 year-old vice principal was arrested at school on wednesday on allegations that he had on lawful sexual contact with a minor. police did not reveal the age or gender of the minor but a spokesperson for the unified school district said the victim is a student at leland and that the incident occurred off campus last september. >>darya: a san jose teenager been to death at a downtown park. now, police are calling for the public's health is a solid case.
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his dad says he dropped his son of an to the equator was playing basketball when he was beaten. the park was packed and no one has come forward. he has no known gang affiliations buckley's voted that the attack is gay or later. >> there were a number of high far >>darya: here is the school where he had classis. thus randy martell as a transgendered woman who was in the frenzy of a car with three other transgendered
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woman with a group of men who approached the woman earlier returned, an argument ensued and what man fired into the car killing the 37 year-old. so far police have not least a mode of all the witnesses and friends believe she was targeted because of her gender. >>darya: let's get a look at weather. things are warming up. >>james: here is the view outside. sunshine over san francisco. we had clouds earlier and now the clouds are beginning to burn off. continued clearing with sunny skies. temperatures feel pretty good at the moment.
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kraft half >> you are inland you will be warm, renders the degrees. san francisco will be at about 62. a few degrees cooler in ocean beach and across the north bay, upper 60s as well. career day around the bay is another.
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>>erica: the metering lights are on at the bay bridge this morning we cannot tell judging from the camera shot. ec conditions with no backup speak of. because of that drive times are below average. you're looking at the san mateo bridge is moving well there a little bit of selling approach in the bridge. a here of slowing according high with 101 in the northbound direction. the same for interest 880. as we turn our attention to the east bay you will see a little bit of slowing the
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>>justine: here is what is just into the kron4 news from, video that you have to see of a massive sinkhole that is now growing in the backyard of the family's home just outside of orlando. and this is what they're dealing with right now. the word character determines is the whole has now grown to what hunter feet wide. as is 50 ft. deep and only 3 ft. from the back of the family's house. the family, as you can imagine has been forced to evacuate. experts have been called in to take a look. the hall started yesterday and has only gotten bigger.
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>>james: let's talk a little baseball. the giants game at at&t, the mostly clear conditions >>mark: a house fire in san jose caught on camera, a massive fire, nine people displaced by the fire. officials say the home is considered a total loss. >>darya: protesters took over a church building as a part of may day protests will now face misdemeanor charges. five people face misdemeanor trespassing charges for going into this a vacant building on turk street.
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this is video, they took them on of this building, one of the protesters has an additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer. police say the groove cause about 25,000 in damage. >>mark: a judge has ruled that this man should not be released >> according to lawyers, for the state of the doctors mental state has caused the deteriorated. >>darya: just-in-time for zazzle bay to breakers kron4 is giving away big screen television. >>kimberlee: the best way to watch the race is on a 40 is flat screen television. to enter go to the kron4 facebook fan page and click on this zazzle bay to breakers icon.
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in order to enter contests and, yet the light kron4. once you have entered the contest had to kron4 and visit our special effects such as on the big race. there, you can check out a slide show of in, we want your photos of you get your costume ready for this year's race. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the james lick freeway in san francisco. traffic is moving well. a lot of sunshine. will be right back.
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>>darya: san francisco police conducted a raid on suspect the gang members last night. san jose police are getting ready for this weekend's a cinco de mayo celebrations. >>mark: a quick update on the bay area weather forecaster james fletcher. >>james: blue skies with a mix of cloud cover. it looks like things occurring now rather nicely. a mostly sunny afternoon. cooler than average for this time of year but still warmer than yesterday. this weekend, warm.
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>>erica: a little bit of a backup at the approach to the papers will plaza stretching to about the middle of the law. it is only affecting some of the lanes out there. we are still seeing light conditions for the state's freeways. >>darya: is very fancy police yelling to open the door and then they took residents out of the solvency of francisco saying that they were suspected gang members. this is in the 700 clocks and dartmouth street. there were four people taken out and they were detained. police say this is not connected to yesterday's
7:32 am
isolated settlement. in >>mark: san jose baristas itself for thousands to ascend for cinco de mild. saks the holidays robert for many the party starts tonight. >>mark: downtown san jose is very peaceful. repair where air hundred are police officers patrolling this area simply because this is the hot spot. there are many nightclubs and plenty of restaurants and bars. here is video that we got from last year. this is why they're so concerned. potential vandalism and looting.
7:33 am
and there are also very concerned especially this year because there has been an uptick in the gang rivalry. many of them come from the central valley as well as a gilroy. because there has been a lot of of violence recently, the officers will be out here on patrol the hands of bicycles, cars and butter cycles. and >>darya: knew this morning, hundreds of passengers are being prescreened at san francisco international in terminal 3 after a security breach forced the terminal to close down.
7:34 am
south >>jackie: of the things are starting to get back to normal. that was not the case this morning. according to the sports person, they had an incident what they're describing as unauthorized access. they had to shut down the terminal. mostly at that time of morning it was employees. at no point was safety issue for passengers or employees. as i said it was only would they were describing as an incident of unauthorized access.
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this is the charm of the houses united airlines. because of that, flights or delayed. things are now starting to get back to normal. >>darya: it is good that flights were delayed to the people could get to the flight in time. that worked up for everyone. >>mark: the dow jones is all one has a 25 points right now as we had a very disappointing april jobs report about. the u.s. economy only added $115 dollar a month of april. if the u.s. of islamic rage did drop down to 811 percent of mainly because many
7:36 am
americans stopped looking for work and are no other counted as unemployed. the april jobs report covering in fact, 60,000 jobs less than expected. we also have news with facebook. the bay area's social network china has set their price range for their initial public offering. they will be expected to trade higher than if the other ipo including the global. they could raise close to 14 billion by selling shares. the global ip only raise 1.9 billion by comparison. at that price for the soul would be worth between 85-95 billion. >>darya: a judge is expected to decide the fate of a school in el cerrito that defaulted on a $13 million long. the bank threatened to seize
7:37 am
the school and shouted down in october. paris responded by raising nearly $1 million providing enough money to reach inside to keep the school open for the remainder of the year the bank, wells fargo now says school administrators violated the summit agreement by overspending on staff salaries. it is an accusation is organized. the bank is threatening to close the school three weeks early on may 17th. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes to give you going on this friday morning. if you are headed over to the bay bridge, it is an easy ride. we will be right back. south for of
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>>justine: live pictures out of michigan where roads are looking wide rivers because of severe flooding. this is supposed to be a major highway but instead it flooded this morning.
7:41 am
heavy rain caused a lot of problems for motorists in michigan closing major roadways in both detroit into flames. as the camera zooms in on this semi, yes, that is to traverse standing on a hot it looks like they will go down the road trying to them on their to bring him to safety. the weather service had issued a flood advisories, watches and warnings following these storms this order on thursday.
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fifth call what bonds
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>>james: here is a live look from the mt. tam camera. the marine layer and low cloud cover is keeping things rather obscure. plenty of sunshine just about everywhere else. here is where temperatures are. in the '50s. both coaches about eradication and insensate, temperatures on the warm side appeared to yesterday. we are looking for 68 in santa clara and san jose. as you head south on 101 down towards the central valley, you will see warmer temperatures. 70 degree weather to the east.
7:46 am
for antioch in the livermore, a nice warm afternoon. flo-mid-60's for many east shore freeways and communities along 880. off as you look across the north bay you will see the wine country, mid-60s and upper 60s this afternoon. here's a look at your 7 day around the bay. we will have high pressure with clear and sunny skies as far out as the 7 day forecast. coughs >>erica: during our last commute we did see a little bit of a backup, that is not the case anymore. we do still have some metering lights to deal with in the sluggish conditions on the incline. traffic is moving well across the upper deck.
7:47 am
there are no problems for the san mateo bridge ride towards foster city. at the golden gate a live look does show traffic a little bit heavy in the southbound direction coming out of the north bay. as we turn our attention toward the traffic maps, all is well coming off of the optima past. a new taxes and not on northbound dvd, no injuries to report serious over on the finance was side of the day, fell a lot of green on the roadway sensors. for >>darya: it is time for the world according to gary. surgery today? >>gary: funny how that works. last year around this time his other hand was hurt. >>darya: what is the deal? it is something about the
7:48 am
way he holds the bat? >>gary: everyone has a theory. >>gary: did you read that somewhere? >>darya: my people. >>gary: the traffic reporter were showing me how he holds the bat. all i know is that he is hurt. >>darya: now we have the intrigue with mariano rivera. >>gary: he is 42. it is going to be a long recovery. i do not think i will ever
7:49 am
see that. he was doing a normal practice. when teammates take batting practice, they go into the outfield, catch the ball and tossed them back. ballplayers know right away when something serious. that could be the end of his career. >>darya: what a way to go. >>gary: he probably did not know the severity at that point. >>darya: if your heart you are hurt, but at least do it in the game. he is probably the gate -- the greatest ever close games.
7:50 am
>>gary: on it is a long rehab if your only time back to pitch one more year or something. >>darya: what about the drought. no homers. cost >>gary: for people who do not know he signed one of the richest contracts. two of its 40 million last year to lead st. louis and come to the anaheim angels. we have done in the house is more times than not who you are.
7:51 am
i am not ready to give up on him yet. many of these guys who comes from other countries fudge their age. he is saying he is a 31, he really could be 35, new-line i say? thinkers fudge their age. >>darya: >>gary: obviously if you want to find something wrong with pulls, he has a two- year contract. if he is 3-4 years older than, you have a problem.
7:52 am
>>darya: he tops out at 30 million in the year 2021. across >>gary: they're counting on him delivering early. >>darya: everyone is talking about the oakland a's and will this move happened. >>darya: there are all these guys credit to buy the team. >>gary: whenever politicians meet i just roll my eyes. all they do for the most part is talk. ask when they look at what
7:53 am
cost to run a major league team, i want to see them read in their pockets. never once looked at the sharks the same way. this has been going on for years. we will see what happens with the a's. i cannot see mayor jean quan writing the check. >>darya: do not forget zynga tamayo is tomorrow.
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>>darya: 70 3:00 a.m., we will be right back. ♪
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>>mark: and today is the star wars and date. me the fourth be with you. it is may 4th. the film was first released in 1977. initially the movie was only going to be released in 36 theaters. the studio had so little faith in the movie that director george lucas took a pay cut and instead to call a 40 percent of the earnings. that certainly panned out for him. >>darya: coming up, the san francisco police department makes a late-night raid and crowns of some gang suspects. preparations are underway in san jose for six of the maya.
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>>justine: four versions are underway for some good mild a >>mark: james fletcher has more of his excesses the
8:01 am
here is a live look from the roof camera. blue skies and sunshine earhart and her on this afternoon, sunny skies. temperatures will get into the upper 60s to the near 70's. huh who is leading clear as we head into the overnight and a wonderful way ahead harriet house half kohen >>erica: is certainly not a hot spot. as we turn our attention handgun into other freeways, friday light throughout the morning here it looks like the east bay freeways look good with no problems in the south bay. not a single accident reporting. >>darya: huge lines at san francisco international because of a security breach
8:02 am
this morning. jackie sissel is out there at sfo with the details of this. what happened in our things back to normal? >>jackie: things are getting back to normal out here in terminal 3. this is the terminal that houses the united airlines. you can see long lines. this video was shot around 6:30 a.m., of to an hour after the security lines or that open. the incident took place around 3:30 a.m.. person who describes the incident. >> between 3:34 p.m. in terminal 3 we had unauthorized access in a secure area. as a result we had to evacuate the terminal and three screen the people involved, mainly employees. we did not open checkpoints until about 530 a m which is about an hour later than normal. feel we have long lines getting through security. >>jackie: these are the long
8:03 am
lines in the terminal. this is still in effect right now. long lines and not quite as long as you see in the video. somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes. it took passengers up to 45 minutes to get through security. at no point was the public were any employees at risk. it was simply an incident was described as an unauthorized access. the people involved are being talked to.
8:04 am
>>darya: when he said security breach i've majorly thought a passenger, but it wasn't a pastor, they were not even open yet. >>jackie: it was mostly employees. he did not go into it too deeply with the unauthorized access was. >>justine: heavy flooding in michigan. you can see this semi stuck in the water. rescue crews just saved the driver who was standing on top of the cabin. we should do some of the pictures earlier live on the kron4 news. the driver is the one and the yellow vests on a raft, there is a man standing waist deep in the water next to him. they took him off the cap and put him in the raft. it will not take him to safety. there is major flooding in the detroit in flint michigan serious.
8:05 am
rising water has completely flooded some major roadways. there are power outages in the area as well. the weather service has issued some flooding advisories, watches and warnings and the lower peninsula. there were some severe storms that rolled through the area. we're going to keep our eyes on the live pictures and keep you updated right here on the kron4 news. this is not a river, this is a row that rescue operations is happening on. >>mark: thousands are expected to descend into downtown for cinco de mild. will tran has more on security measures being put in place. >>will: the police department is concerned
8:06 am
it is bad enough when it falls on a tuesday, but the fact that cinco de mayo is on a saturday gives partyers an extra day, friday. that is all police officers
8:07 am
will be your true early sunday morning just to monitor the situation. they are concerned not just because of the activity but you have all the ingredients for potential violence, young people, nightclubs and alcohol. >>darya: there is the swat team telling the people in this home to open up and let them in as they took out residents during a game sweep. this happened around 11:00 p.m. and 7 at a blog of dartmouth street in the san francisco at excelsior district. there were four people arrested by the gang task force. all four people have been detained. police say this is not connected to yesterday's ice raids in petaluma. >>mark: more than one dozen
8:08 am
suspected gang members expected to meet a court appearance. here is video of the scene from yesterday. there were three federal agents shot in an early morning as they were serving warrants at a high risk residents. all free agents are hospitalized but expected to survive. the raid involved multiple agencies including the department of homeland security. the 13 men arrested were carter group of nine indicted on racketeering and murder charges. yesterday's raid was in connection in the investigation of this to those potential homicide in south san francisco. here is video from the crime scene. homeland security officials are calling thursday's operation a success. they are sending out a warning to gain members throughout the bay area. authorities will be working to bring criminal gangs to justice. in the meantime, the santa tail county district attorney says he has to prosecutors whose sole focus is to investigate gang- related crimes.
8:09 am
>>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. if the clouds are trying to clear as we are waiting for if the clouds are trying to clear as we are waiting for a pretty nice day tod
8:10 am
then hit with it or incident of america oranges as the heat he will appeal the award were in or so and i i did the did on
8:11 am
>>darya: lawyers for geary
8:12 am
bonds are the disney did have this conviction thrown out. the grand jury asked if his trainer ever provided him with an injectable substance to which he answered that he was a celebrity child and then went on rather than answering the question directly. felt the answer represented an obstruction of justice. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside. increasingly nice day around the bay area. light traffic on the james lick.
8:13 am
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>> for we are running at about one hand thousand dollars a month below the average for the first three months of the year. maybe that is because if the
8:17 am
weather was not so great in the first three months of the group's year and maybe not serious for the focus is on the may jobs for for serious >>mark: we will have to agree to she kind of ship we're in here hadas this >>darya: let's get a look at the weather to see nothings will warm up this weekend. >>james: blue skies. the tide is turning very the early morning cloud cover is beginning to go away replaced by sunshine. here is what the white you looks like a satellite raider. wet weather to the north. in the bay area, nice and mild conditions. temperatures at the moment are in the '50s and starting to warm up.
8:18 am
all 50 in san francisco. low-mid-60's expected along the shoreline. a lot of sunshine and head expect '60s. here's a look at your 7 day around the bay. saturday and sunday is looking very.
8:19 am
>>erica: we have not tracked a single hot spot. as you can see at the approach to the bay bridge, the are no backups westbound towards san francisco although we do have the metering lights to deal with. traffic does move well up the incline and across the upper deck. thomas and retail bridge, no problems getting there. a slew of an easy ride across the span and towards the interchange. at the golden gate, a pretty heavy conditions approaching san francisco, but no accidents to report. as we turn our attention to traffic maps we will see initials low-income and down the east shore freeway. no accidents the speeds are down to 25 approach in a 580 and 80 interchange. we are seeing a little bit of slowing with speeds of 25
8:20 am
mi. per hour. in the south bay better than usual highway 101 coming out in the south bay better than usual highway 101 coming out of the coyote valley.
8:21 am
a.m., this morning there are more questions than answers and the death of junior seth has been ruled a suicide but there are concerns that it could've been prompted by a brain disease causes chronic dramatic encephalitis. it occurs when a person suffers multiple concussions. his family has decided to allow his friend to be studied. >>mark: the vice principal of leland high school is facing sexual assault allegations. he was arrested without incident at a high school on late wednesday. rob fladeboe has more. >>rob: here in san jose if the vice principal of leland high school is under arrest. the 32 year-old vice
8:22 am
principal was arrested at school on wednesday on allegations that he had unlawful sexual contact with a minor. police did not reveal the age or gender of the minor. a spokesperson for the school district says the victim is a student in the incident occurred off campus last september. the lees are now investigating if there are more victims. >>darya: is and as a teenager was beaten to death in a downtown park. police are asking for your help in solving the case. he died on monday. he was attacked and savagely beaten on friday night. his dad says that he dropped off his son and that he was playing basketball when he was attacked. time but so far, there are no witnesses that have come forward. police to believe the attack is a gang-related.
8:23 am
>> there were in fact a number of individuals at the park that appeared not to have been related to the group of suspects or to the victims. for that reason, we believe there are individuals that witnessed what occurred and have a vital information that could help us in solving this case. we are appealing to those individuals and to please contact the police department. >>darya: there are great counselors at his school. his death is the 13th, so far this year. >>mark: police and oakland are investigating the shooting death of a transgendered woman. she was in the driver's seat of a car when a group of managers who approached the woman earlier returned and an argument ensued. so far, police have not released a motive for the killing. they believe she was targeted because of her gender. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside
8:24 am
at the blue skies over our studios on van ness avenue in san francisco. we will be right back. cut saxhorn when rocker i can't stand these spots.
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8:28 am
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>>mark: san francisco police are conducting air raid on suspected gang members, four suspects are in custody. san jose police are gearing up for the cinco de mayo celebrations. the owner of a vallejo duelled restore shot and killed a robbery suspect inside the stores office. . >>darya: let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. >>james: here is a live look from the james lick freeway camera in san francisco. a mix of clouds and sunshine. all and all a pretty good morning. let's walk you through how the weather will play out today and into the weekend. today, mostly sunny and cool with average the warmer than yesterday's. you will enjoy being outside. this week and gets even warmer. highs will given the low
8:31 am
80s. but didn't hall who called don't do that >>erica: traffic moving well for all three approaches on the bay bridge. a little bit of slow and go conditions coming down the east shore freeway. slow on is about 24 coming out of the caldecott tunnel. we do not have any serious accidents in this update. heavier on highway 1 01. we are still in doing friday light for all of our peninsula freeways. >>justine: we are hearing rumors of this morning about what will happen with the next iphone. sources are saying that the device will have a longer for inch screen which would mean that the new aspect ratio for the first time since the original iphone
8:32 am
came out in 2007 will be bigger. right now it is 3.5 in.. forbes is also saying that it will have the guerrilla glasses >> guerrilla glass and apple at a metal panel that will be flat, not curves and made of metal not the remic. they are also working on a smaller docks connector. the new iphone should be out this fall. >>darya: san jose is bracing for thousands of people to descend downtown for the cinco de mayo celebrations. in recent years they have been a violent. they're getting ready for big crowd control. will tran is in downtown san jose. what are some things that establishment owners are doing to ensure safety.
8:33 am
>>will: the police department will have actual officers from the dozens if not hundreds of officers from downtown, and particularly this area cost of, plenty of hot spots as discussed in this area vehicle this year they are particularly concern has of an uptick in gang violence. this is video from last year. in 2010 if they shut down the celebrations because they were afraid of violence. they paid back the city by breaking some of the glasses and vandalizing. sigurd miles starts on saturday but orders have an extra day beginning tonight. officers will be here through early sunday to make sure that whoever comes down here, the fact that it is a
8:34 am
weekend, it will be potentially that much more violent i. they are hoping to at least stop the for action or reduce the friction between the gangs. back on the 27 we thought a 14 year-old get beat up. they're hoping that this year will be at home but probably not. >>officer: anyone in the house will get it. come out now. you only be given one more warning. >>mark: this was the scene late last night, some san francisco residents looking up to the sound of that swat
8:35 am
team conducting raids on suspected gang members just before 11:00 p.m. in the excelsior district. there were four suspects escorted out by the gang task force. police say this was not connected to the ice rates from earlier in the morning in petaluma. >>darya: from that region petaluma, as well people are expected to make their first day in court. three federal agents were shot and injured while serving a high risk warrant at this residence in petaluma. all three regions have been hospitalized expected to survive. the rating involved multiple agencies including the department of homeland security. in all, 13 people were arrested yesterday as a for of its favorite of 19 indicted on racketeering and murder charges. thursday's raid was in connection with the investigation of a 2010 triple murder in south texas
8:36 am
go. here is video from that crime scene. allman security officials are calling yesterday's operation a success and sending a warning to gang members around the bay area that authorities will be working to bring criminal gangs to justice. in the meantime the san mateo district attorney says he has to prosecutors is solstice is to investigate gain related crimes. >>mark: a brazen robbery attempt at a jewelry store. we owner pulled out a hand- shooting and killing the suspect. reggie kumar has more on what happened. >> the owner of the jewelry store located behind me shot and killed a man during an attempted robbery.
8:37 am
>>darya: the greater right disease it. call the bank is now happening to close the school a week earlier harry ♪
8:38 am
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8:40 am
schaefer >>justine: we are morning about a hazmat situation in emeryville at 54th and san pablo. this has something to do with the ac transit yard in the area. we are hearing that it is- related. there are evacuation's happening for nearby schools. several crews are headed to the scene to gather more information. a hazmat situation happening right now in emeryville. we'll have more information as it comes in. >>mark: check out this
8:41 am
video, a huge house fire in san jose near the intersection of topaz and payne ave. there were nine people displaced. officials say the home is considered a total loss for. there is it is involved in some of the flames. the neighboring house only sustained minor damage. for >>darya: in san francisco, protesters who took over a building now face criminal charges excused, misdemeanor charges for occupying that building. it is on turk street. one of the protesters in addition to the misdemeanor charges also faces a felony charge of and vandalism. for police say that it costs about $25,000 in damage. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 to continue talks.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
>>justine: breaking news out of every bill. there is a hazmat situation. it is happening in the city of emeryville and 45th and san pablo. it is supposed to be the ac transit yard. we are hearing that in the ac transit your there has been some sort of hydrogen related issue. schooled in the area have been evacuated. this does include the emeryville high school. there is a shelter in place having their people are saying that certain
8:46 am
businesses have been evacuated. we have crews had to the scene as we should be getting more information very soon. for >>mark: the san francisco giants will be without their third baseman for a while. public that a ball has a broken bone will require surgery. he is expected to miss four- six weeks. the at the same injury last fling with for the oakland a's are in tampa taking on the race. half to >>pam: here is a news conference yesterday at clarke's headquarters for. there is the mayor of oakland and representatives of kaiser clemente it safely. the chairman if the ceo of clorox says the new ownership of the baseball
8:47 am
franchise could be the best we keep the team in town. fifth >> if the current ownership is not committed to staying in oakland, we have identified a gruebel would purchase the did it is up to sell. we strongly reaffirm that would work with correct ownership but we have identified a group. >>darya: the owner says the group is not for sale. >>james: the giants are playing today at ac is the heart. 554 is the temperature there.
8:48 am
far year is a look at the james lick freeway in san francisco. here is a look at prince temperatures. what a nice and mild weather forecast for the foreseeable future.
8:49 am
we have been tracking a pretty good commute. as of right now no delays to speak up with traffic conditions pretty light on the incline and across the upper deck.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
we are all going to down about one. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on this friday morning. a lot of sunshine showing up on a james lick. lighter than usual traffic. some of the bridge like traffic coming in the san francisco. xi health her half
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>justine: breaking news, we're hearing about a hazmat situation that has first be emery secondary school to close. we're hearing about a shelter in place. the emery secondary school which is the high school is closed for the day. we are working to get more information from parents in a moment. i want to show you where this hazmat situation is happening right now.
8:56 am
we're back with more at 9:00 a.m. with new information. >>darya: made the fourth be with you. today is star wars day celebrated around the world. it is today because it is may 4th and it sounds like me the force be with you. get it? the first film from 1977. how many years ago was that? this was originally going to be released only in 36 theaters because they were afraid it would not make money. instead of giving him up
8:57 am
from pay he signed a contract to receive 40% of the earnings. i was only 5 years old when i came out. i'm kidding. >>mark: a big movie weekend for comment books. a highly anticipated movie adventures is coming out. james fletcher is very excited. this is bringing some of the biggest marvel comics together. the whole, for into the black widow trying to save the earth from destruction. it is rated pg-13. we have been waiting for this recently in america. in an unusual move it was released overseas first. they are trying to combat piracy.
8:58 am
>>darya: san francisco police conduct a late-night raid. protesters took over a building for may day and now face misdemeanor charges. we're watching wall street this morning and what the stocks are doing down 168. cloth and
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>darya: the top stories we are following, preparations are underway for cinco de mayo celebrations. gang concerns are on the rise. >>mark: a late night raid by the san francisco police, we will tell you what they're looking for. >>darya: the owner of a jewelry store shoots and kills a robber, we will tell you how that unfolded. a >>justine: we are falling breaking news coming to us
9:01 am
out of emeryville. there is a hazmat situation that has caused the evacuation of several businesses including the pixar studios. we're also learning that the emory secondary school has been closed for the day. we are using our mapping technology to zoom in on the location where this is happening. a very busy area, the ac transit year. we are getting more encouraged the kron4 news from and we will keep you posted. >>mark: a quick update on bay area weather.
9:02 am
>>mark: we started mostly cloudy but that is quickly changing. this afternoon a lot of sunshine. look for upper 60s to near 70 degree weather. a great looking weekend forecast. we a long stretch of warm weather headed our way. >>erica: we have been enjoying friday light in the traffic center. it's very light conditions. this has pretty much been the case throughout the morning. as i walk you through your commute it looks like he's a free weights we are seeing a slowing for the east bay freeways. in the south bay no accidents to report, the typical slow and go through the 87 interchange. speeds are over 50 mi. per hour to convince a lot. >>darya: new this morning, hundreds of people at san francisco international had
9:03 am
to be read screen that this morning followed a security breach at terminal 3, rea
9:04 am
9:05 am
9:06 am
>> here is video from the scene and petaluma where there was a raid yesterday, one person arrested and three federal agents shot and injured while serving the higher risk ones at that residence. they are all expected
9:07 am
9:08 am
>>darya: we will be right back after this break. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>justine: breaking news, more on a hazmat situation happening right now an emeryville at 45th and san pablo at the ac transit yard. this is right near the very busy shopping center. this is the ec transit yard. one of the refueling tank caught on fire and causing a hydrogen related situation. it has caused the evacuation of the emory secondary
9:11 am
school. a high-school is now closed for the day. and that is the new information. we are also reporting helped fix our studios have been closed and evacuated for the day. san pablo avenue is also closed. we are hearing that 580 is still open. oakland fire as well as every bullfighter are on the scene and tried to control the situation. of course the ac transit yard has been evacuated. we're getting more information on this developing story and we should have a live report from the scene in minutes.
9:12 am
>>darya: former giants slugger barry bonds is asking a federal appeals court to throw out his ability obstruction of justice conviction. his lawyers filed a motion yesterday saying that his conviction should be thrown out because it was based on a rambling and irrelevant a truthful answer to a grand jury question. the question was, as a trainer ever provided you with an injectable substance. bond replied that he was a celebrity child and then rambled on rather than answering the question directly. the jury decided that the answer represented an obstruction of justice siri federal prosecutors are expected to file their opposition later this month. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. we're calling back and rebuild to get an update on our developing story.
9:13 am
we will get more information coming up as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look at the james lick. >> o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
9:14 am
9:15 am
happening right now in kron 4 news is that hazardous material is you happening there is a hydrogen related issue here and one of the
9:16 am
hydrogen tank that caught on fire. this causes the evacuation. this is the picks star studios down here. it is the net back and waited as long as be the emery elementary school. the ac transit police station the we are looking at is blocked off. this is east of every the shopping center. we are hearing about what happened here one of the we dealing tanks -- one of the refueling tankers has caught on fire. we are getting informations about what happened.
9:17 am
ecru is a live on the scene in emeryville. we will get an update in a minute. >>george: meese had a -- >>mark: >>james: we have relatively clear skies. he can see that pays off the mt. tam cam and mckenzie is it is is windy. here is a look at temperatures. it is 54 degrees in concord as for this afternoon, i take a lot. take a look. and the mid to upper 60s.
9:18 am
in east bay albi near the 70 degree mark. if you are in the east bay he will be near the 70 degree mark. the peninsula is also the want to be nice to 62 in downtown san francisco. saturday and sunday will be beautiful but all of the sunshine. we're looking at it possibly 86 by sunday. >>erica: there are no accident on the bayshore freeway. this is a lot of red on the census. it is coming off the dumbarton bridge. there's a back up on 101.
9:19 am
you are probably one and add another 10 to 12 minutes to your ride. let's take a look of the approach to the bay bridge. traffic is flowing freely. the golden gate bridge shows a little heavier than usual condition spirit there are no reports on doyle drive this morning. >>darya: this 919 am. let's go to an emeryville. >>justine: we're looking at how this started at the ac transit yard. at 745 this morning crews at
9:20 am
ac transit yard heard a large double that allow pot and saw a fireball coming from one of the hydrogen tanks. this causes many evacuations. and misinformation. meehan information. there is some new information from an expert. >> >>justine: what is a hydrogen leak and why would it cause some many people to be evacuated. >> because of the large amount of hydrogen gas leaking from the tank, the fire department ought present authorized
9:21 am
evacuation of that area. >>justine: was the most concerned about? your >> there was a large fireball. there is no fire right now but there was initially a large fire appeared >>justine: and the year that a lot of streets are closed in the area. >> the fire crews are working right now. we have and rebel fire department the oakland fire department, and and the berkeley police department along with the zero lead police department. >>justine: 45th the trade house and pot example hall of -- we are the many
9:22 am
streets were closed. haloid feet less than a out on the streets. we have any idea what causes loud pop. >> we did not have any idea about what causes it right now. >>justine: you have any suggestions about people trying to go to emeryville this morning? irian >> -and humbly -- he should definitely of away the area. >>justine: the emery secondary school close to day. we let more on this breaking news with information as it occurs.
9:23 am
>>darya: let's take some of the the mt. tam cam. you can see that is pointed up to the clouds. we will be right back.
9:24 am
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>> >>mark: peasant every part of an explosion. in that it is an ac transit yard. >>darya: let's and information about what's going on right now. the harry -- >> bay area rackets and evacuated. they the area around and this has been evacuated.
9:28 am
we do not know why the hydrogen is an. we have our crews in place to determine why and happened and that it does not happen again. >>mark: i heard it burns clear. so is there a fire now or is it out? . >> from some of it is burning itself out now. the we do know that hydrogen is lighter than air so would burn straight up. that is what is happening now. >>mark: to we know how much of hydrogen is in the tank?
9:29 am
>> we use this to fuel are losses. -- losses -- busses. we do not know how much is and right now. >>
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
>> >>justine: this is an see ac transit station right here. i saw a fire in one of the is fueling stations but the
9:33 am
fire is now out. it has caused evacuation's. >>darya: what you're showing us is the fire department but you cannot show as the flames. >>jackie: i'm looking down 45th street. we do know at 7:45 a.m. a feeling station inside ac transit yard was on fire. we do not know what happened. but we know that there was a loud pop and a fireball. they isolated a to this one tank.
9:34 am
pixar was evacuated and a -- emery elementary school and emory secondary school were evacuated. will shutdown between 40 and and 53rd street. it is shut down for 13 blocks. the fire department is still out here at a evaluating the situation. the spokesperson from the emirate the police department and i talked to said that they got it under control. were waiting for more information as it comes and. >>darya: there keeping you always back from the area.
9:35 am
>>jackie: guess the key the is back from the trendy art. it has a large chain link fence. there are hundreds of buses inside that yard. they are keeping the public back from a see transit to yard. people are standing out on the street corner wondering when and if they will be able to get back to their businesses. >>darya: were having this evacuation of birth something that people can't really tell why because the hydrogen burns clear. >>jackie: once the officials
9:36 am
determine exactly what they had a comment that is when they started the evacuation's. you see people leaving the scene, backing their cars out and leaving because people were told that the business were not going to be shut down the entire day. a dozen a -- it does not look like they are calling back anytime soon. >>darya: thanks allot jackie. >>mark: we do know that this is a big storage tank of hydrogen. we also noted hydrogen burns clear and you cannot see the flames. and may be difficult to determine if the fire is out.
9:37 am
evacuation's remain in place. let's go to eric for evacuations in the street closures. >>erica: san paolo is the main artery and at emeryville is shut down between 40 and in 53rd. 45 is closed between hollis and san paolo. this will be creating very big traffic jams in the emeryville area. there is no estimated time of when any of the stories go (list take a look and other traffic around the bay. there are no other backups to the concern with. freeway is a running clear all round the bay area. let's headed james for weather. >>james: partly cloudy
9:38 am
skies. it is going to be a nice day. dry and warmer. it is cooler than normal for this time year. we are expecting normal temperatures as we go to the weekend. it is mid to upper set 70 is for most of the bay area warm weather continues at the beginning of next week. >>mark: m. bayer falling a situation where hundreds of people need to be we screened at that airport terminal. this is a united airlines terminal. >> someone wasn't following proper procedures. the backup systems did kick in and prevented this from
9:39 am
being a bigger sit situation. we had to correct that and make sure that the facility was cleared. >>mark: and some of those flights may be did delayed because of this incident. so you may check on your flights if you plan on flying united parent >>darya: will be back a couple of minutes.
9:40 am
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9:42 am
>>justine: there is new information about that eight see transit yard -- theac trance a yard we are hearing from the
9:43 am
superintendent and that what the students are to be expected. >> the parents have been notified by fall toward taxing. this happened right before school started. when the parents were dropping of students we ask the parents to take them home. all of the students are safe and the teachers were sent to the at the antique yates elementary school. all the students are safe. >>justine: these evacuations are out of caution.
9:44 am
this is 40 that an san pablo. we will take a break and will be right back.
9:45 am
9:46 am
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9:47 am
that's more than cable. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse -- tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >> >>darya: at time is at 9:46 a.m.. we're looking in emeryville ac transit yard. where there is a hydrogen leak. there it the danger here is because hydrogen burns clear. there was an explosion earlier. >>mark: what is the latest. are the fire promise in this day. >> let me make clear that there was not an explosion ferry it there was a popping
9:48 am
noise. the site has not been damaged. we now have some people walking right up on it and examining it. there was no explosion. there was a small burn off. it did not require any dowsing. we are now moving to a position where were trying to determine happened. >>darya: do think it was up popping sour than there is because of a leak? >> it was a popping it wasn't really an explosion. the protocol calls have
9:49 am
worked well. once there was determined that there was a problem, their marriages and shut off was flat. this system was no longer producing hydrogen to put into the storage tank. >>mark: as a more than one tank? >> it is only one tank in is about to be had and 60 kg tancred -- tank. this reason to believe that was nothing short of full capacity in that tank. >>darya: i'm in there it --
9:50 am
and we are going to zoom in our no injuries? and not correct there were no injuries were no sickness say whenever some maleate -- >> i didn't invent itself straight up because it is lighter than air. it will not be in hailed by anyone at ground level >>darya: the video is provided by jackie's sizzle lawyer who was at the scene. i'm sure this is a mass for anyone that works or lives in the area.
9:51 am
>>jackie: the school is a little bit north of this. the secondaries school was evacuated. that is pixar studios. this entire street and hollis which is a straight time on his albany evacuate. i can't tell you that about five or 10 minutes ago, all of the traffic has been shut down to this jury. this is very much a
9:52 am
commercial area. concede ac transit your ride ever there. a lot of is people want to know when would the going to get back in today. >>mark: pixar was evacuated the saw was every elementary school and secondary school. >>jackie: i think that that out equipment is ready in case anything can happen. as i explained earlier, this is a very big yard. and houses hundreds of buses of the there. i've been in the year before.
9:53 am
police and fire are keeping their distance. we saw lots of people standing up on the raid looking over the fence your >>darya: let's see how it's affecting traffic. >>erica: we're not seeing any delays. there is a link closure which is san pablo all would is 45th between hollis in san pablo. he can expect other closures between hollis and san paolo. we have been talking to local officials. they have no projected time to open as roads. let's take a quick break the kron 4 morning news.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> that run floor morning news is on the scene of hazardous -- the kron 4 news is on the scene of mass is is material incident. we will be back with the extended coverage and a few minutes.
9:59 am


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