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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now. 37 people forced out of their homes after an apartment fire ripped through their building. it happened in the city's mission district at valencia and duboeux streets about 10:00 this morning. let's go now to da lin who tells us what investigators know about the fire tonight. >> reporter: flames gutted this blue building while black smoke shot high into the air. the fire spread quickly giving people very little time to escape. >> we headed for the fire escape and ran down and got out of the building. >> reporter: ben howell and
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his wife live next to the blue building. they say by the time they heard the fire alarm flames had already spread to their building and started burning their fourth story apartment. >> they were trying to put a happy face on it and i think move forward, but as you start to realize the more that you lost in the fire, then it will be less happy faces. >> reporter: firefighters say the fire displayed all five units inside the blue building and the liquor store below causing extensive damage to the beige apartment complex next- door, 30 adults and seven children now homeless, one renter, one police officer and four fighters injured. >> one had a cuthand. one had an injured foot. three firefighter -- two firefighter and one officer were injured in the stair collapse in the main fire building. >> reporter: looking at these large flames ben is counting his blessings that he and his wife made it out okay.
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>> maureen kelly spoke to witnesses watching that fire unfold. >> reporter: across the feet from the fire you can see flames shooting 20 feet in the air. officials say the fire went to a fourth alarm in just 15 minutes after they arrived. watch how quickly the fire traveled through the building first filling this second floor window. then in an instant the third floor window blows out. the fire spreads up and down the building's central stairwell, names shooting out at every level. one man who -- flames shooting out at every level. one man who took video from his phone was one of the first to see the fire race through the victorian. >> when the window exploded, you could feel the heat right on your takes. >> reporter: a neighbor said he ran inside this corner building to try to help when he heard about the fire. >> i went down with a fire extinguisher to try to put the fire down, but the fire already between the walls, so it's kind of high. so hard to control it. of course we called 911. >> reporter: then he got his own family out of his building
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which suffered damage. >> i said to my mom and my brother and my sister, they are safe. >> reporter: at one point the firefighters inside the building had to pull back. watch as these two firefighters on this ladder begin their retreat just as the window explodes from the heat and even more fire and smoke pour out. one bystander watched as firefighters successfully saved her building. >> they're hosing from inside my building onto the building that was on fire and vice versa trying to keep our building from catching on fire and, you know, we just had to wait and luckily our building didn't catch on fire. it did get blackened on one side of the building, but you couldn't tell. so i'm very thankful. >> reporter: others who watched say they were grateful for the bravery of those firefighters who ran into the inferno. >> those people are like risking their lives to save others. so that's a great honor to be and they should get the credit. >> reporter: maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> that fire is situated at the
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beginning of valencia street, much of which was closed already for the sunday street's program today. the festival was able to continue on schedule, but bikers and pedestrians enjoying the car free experience were routed around the area blocked by caution tape. investigators are trying to determine if a woman was drinking or on drugs before a head-on collision on highway 1 just before midnight. a 20-year-old san jose woman was killed. officers say a 44-year-old woman drifted into the lane of oncoming traffic just south of miramonte's road. she slammed into the 20-year- old's car. the younger driver died at the scene. an oakland police officer is expected to survive after being hit in a shootout this morning. the suspect was killed. authorities say two police officers were on patrol near the 1900 block of 90th avenue when three people took off running. one officer chased a suspect down 92nd avenue and birch street believed to be armed. >> reporter: witnesses say the suspect was seen running from
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this direction on birch street. police say there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the oakland police officer. neighbors say it all happened right in front of this home. you can still see blood on the driveway. it's unclear if the police officer was shot by the suspect or if the officer shot himself in the lower extremities. i spoke with two teenagers who saw the shooting. they did not want to show their faces on camera. >> i seen the guy on the floor and i had already heard the gunshots. >> reporter: did you see the police officer was shot, too? >> yeah. his foot was shot. when he moved it, it was like a whole puddle of blood right there. >> we've been through experiencing a lot of things because it's oakland, so a lot of crazy things been going around, but we never experienced like actually a police officer doing this to a young man and we actually just doesn't way. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> it sounds like this year's cinco de mayo celebrations were mostly peaceful compared to
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years past, a total of 118 citations, 7 arrests for possession of a deadly weapon, one drug and dui arrest, two taken into custody for fighting in public, 12 juveniles violating curfew and one assault on a police horse. >> it was a gorgeous day, temperatures warmer than yesterday nearing the 90-degree mark in portions of our inland valleys, namely in pleasantton where it was 88 degrees, 84 in concord and fairfield. closer to the coastline temperatures warmed over yesterday's readings in the low 70s closer to the coast, 702 half moon bay, 70 in daly city, 76 -- 72 half moon bay, 70 in daly city. it's staying fairly mild away from the coast, 70 degrees in antioch, 75 pleasanton and 70 lee in redwood city. tomorrow the winds -- 73 in wed
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ruud city. tomorrow the winds pick -- redwood city. tomorrow the winds pick back up again. continued warming into tuesday, but our fog will return along the coastline into the afternoon and become more extensive into wednesday morning. temperatures will start to cool heading into wednesday. i'll have more on that, plus we'll look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood for tomorrow afternoon coming up in a bit. extra innings for the giants today and they pulled it out in the 11th inning. they won 4-3. the giants are one game under point five zero zero five games behind first place l. -- .500. they're five games behind the first place dodgers. the a's are now over .500 just 3 1/2 games behind texas in their division. still ahead on kron 4 news at 8:00 a look at the battle against same sex marriage in north carolina, how it could alter the constitution. we'll show you another side of the president seen through the letters of two former girl
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friends. >> coming up in just 90 minutes more than a half a dozen drives ignored one very important -- drivers ignored one very important sign. i'll show you which one in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> looking for a doggy date? there's an app for that. we'll show you. >> and the avengers reel in record bucks at the box office.
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france has a new president. after a series of votes socialist francois hollande claimed victory. he won the office campaign against social cuts. analysts say his opponent nicolas sarkozy is blamed for the nation's economic and security problems. president obama called hollande to congratulate him. the two will meet at the white house before the camp david summit. families of 9/11 victims
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are talking about the trial against five 9/11 suspects. they were arraigned saturday at guantanamo bay. the suspects slowed court proceedings with occasional outbursts and bouts of silence. >> when your lives come to an end and they will, i want you to know you never killed the american spirit. >> reporter: strong words from a 9/11 victim's brother after watching the arraignment of khalid sheikh mohammed and his four alleged accomplices. eddie bracken's sister lucy was one of nearly 3,000 people who died on september 11th. >> they took my sister's life. i wouldn't care if they orthopedic a bed of nails. >> reporter: attorneys -- they were on a bed of nails. >> reporter: attorneys for the defendants say the proceedings were unfair to their clients. >> they're entitled to a fair trial and it's our obligation to try and get them a fair trial and it's going to be very difficult under the constraints we're under. >> reporter: the chief prosecutor shot back. >> the united states is
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committed to accountability under law for those who have plotted to attack our nation and to kill innocent people. >> reporter: muhammad is the accused mastermind behind the deadliest terror attack in u.s. history. the five defendants all face charges of terrorism, hijacking and nearly 3 to hunt counts of murder. convicted -- and nearly 3,000 counts of murder. if convicted they could face the death penalty and eddie bracken is okay with that. >> eventually they're either going to be in jail the rest of their lives or they could be dead. >> reporter: it could be a year before the case goes to trial. battle lines are being drawn against same sex marriage in north carolina. coming up we'll take a look at how it could alter the constitution. >> taking a look outside from our roof cam, downtown san francisco clear skies, mild temperatures, another hot one on tap for tomorrow. we'll look at temperatures in your neighborhood coming up.
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>> those dazzling beta breakers are right around the corner. we'll bring you the race from start to finish and all the craziness in between and have cameras everywhere around the course keeping up with the elite runners and looking at the wild costumes as thousands make their way from the bay to the breakers. it's a san francisco tradition you won't want to miss sunday, may 20th right here on kron 4.
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bail lot initiative to ban same -- a ballot initiative to ban same sex marriage comes to a vote in north carolina this week. however, it takes it a step further and would change the state constitution to make marriage between a man and a woman the only legally recognized union. randy kay looks at both sides of the debate. >> reporter: on tuesday north carolina voters will be making a big decision at the polls, the decision to change the state's constitution. amendment 1 would make marriage between one man and one woman the only recognized domestic legal union in the state. >> the reason we have to put it in our state constitution is that half a dozen other states
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have by judicial caveat had a handful of judges change the laws of those states. >> reporter: it's something several other states have done, but amendment 1 goes a step further. not only would it ban same sex marriage, which is already illegal in north carolina, it would also invalidate all civil unions and domestic partnerships. >> this is bad law because it will hurt even heterosexual families because it does not recognize any other domestic union. >> reporter: the measure raises all kinds of legal questions and is causing a heap of controversy in the state. >> it will hurt children. it will hurt those that need the protections in domestic violence issues. >> reporter: both sides are spending millions to convince voters to come to their side. >> vote for the marriage protection amendment. >> reporter: one of the leading voices against the amendment is the coalition to protect north carolina families hitting air waves with ads like this one. >> amendment 1 will take away my daughter's health insurance
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and that's extremely unfair. >> reporter: melissa and libby are a lesbian couple who have been together 10 years. they were married in vancouver and have a 4-year-old daughter. since libby works for the government melissa says their daughter will lose her health insurance if amendment 1 passes, but the amendment supporters say there's a way around this. >> the vast majority of governmental insurance would not cover her child anyway and those handful of cities and counties that have it in that -- of that nature, if they reformat it so that they want to cover the unmarried household members and all the children at the -- they could do that if they want to. >> i think it's wrong to ask me to be untruthful in order to get coverage and i couldn't understand why an amendment that is intended to protect -- don't understand why an amendment that is intended to protect families require our family lie about who we are and lie about being a family in
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order to get protection. >> reporter: recent polling shows the amendment is likely to pass tuesday, but critics warn that if voters approve the measure, it will set a dangerous precedent. >> how people feel about same sex marriage religiously or personally is a matter of their conscience, but the real question here is do we want to support codifying and voting on placing discrimination and hate and division in our constitution? >> colorado could soon allow same sex marriages. both delaware and hawaii approved the marriages earlier this year. it was just an absolutely gorgeous day today. temperatures were a little warm in some spots, mainly our inland valleys where it was 88 degrees in pleasanton, 85 in antioch, warm in the north bay 85 degrees in sand arose a, 86 in nap. -- santa rosa, 86 in napa. even along the coastline the sea breeze was kicked up and temperatures fill into the 50s where we're sitting now along -- fell into the 50s where we're sitting now along the
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coast. we will see the winds pick up in spots mainly in fairfield, napa, east bay and north bay hills keeping those locations warmer through the overnight. into tomorrow continued sunny skies and warming thanks to the winds coming out of the east. in tuesday we will start to get our sea breeze winds back, temperatures warm through the rest of the week. let's look on futurecast for early tomorrow morning. most places covered in blue indicates temperatures in the 50s, but 60s for the delta, places like fairfield because of those winds. they will stay gusty through the overnight hours. at 8:00 temperatures quickly warming to the 60s which is the green here and 70s and places where winds will be a bit stronger. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures certainly warming up very quickly into the 80s. that's the orange on your screen and then by 2:00 in the afternoon most locations in the 80s. we'll see 70s closer to the coastline and temperatures cooling down into the evening
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but staying fairly mild out there tomorrow evening. let's look at morning temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. again staying fairly warm in fairfield, antioch and napa because the winds are expected to be gusty through the overnight hours. otherwise temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s through the bay area warming up again tomorrow afternoon, upper 80s down in the south bay, 87 in sunnyvale, same thing in milpitas, 86 in san jose. in our inland valleys temperatures hitting the 90- degree mark i think briefly out there tomorrow afternoon in places like pittsburg, antioch 92, 91 in pleasanton, 90 in walnut creek, supreme. we'll mostly be in the upper 80s. closer to the coastline we'll see our east bayshore, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s and coastside temperatures hitting the 70s in places like daly city, 75 san francisco, 80s up through the north bay. your extended forecast, warmer weather stays with us the next couple of days. we start to get a reversal in our winds tuesday afternoon
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bringing fog back to the coastline and more intense fog wednesday morning. that will help temperatures cool off several degrees into wednesday. we'll stay about that level the next several days into the weekend. we watch them on youtube and post their pictures on facebook, but is it time for dogs to have their own social network? the brains behind a new york start-up think so. we'll hear about this week's clipped in. >> reporter: making new friends can be hard, even when you're as cute as bandit. >> he had plenty of friends in san francisco, but now it's time for him to meet new friends in new york. >> reporter: his owner used to find puppy play dates, an indication that perhaps social networking has gone to the dogs. site founder michael chang said the original plan was to help with puppy love, connecting owners looking to breed their pets, but the team decided just friends was okay, too.
8:22 pm
>> we realized there was a bigger need in the market to help dog owners kind facilitate play dates online. >> reporter: matches are made by neighborhood, breed and age. some pet owners we spoke with expressed the same human concerns about online matchmaking. >> i would be a little concerned, you know, because i don't know the dog. >> reporter: but others? >> it would be great to meet some other people who have breeds similar to him. >> if there's a way for dog originals to interact or set up play -- owners to interact or set up play dates later, i could definitely see benefits that n that. >> dogs are a great ice -- benefits in that. >> dogs are a great ice break and using a site like ours you find -- breaker and using a site like ours you can find new relationships and new friends. >> reporter: so far it's in new york, but other cities are being eyed as the next dog meet dog world. >> given the great weather this weekend san francisco is the
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hotspot for tourists. coming up we'll show you the other big draws this summer. >> and we sent out our stanley roberts to find red light runners in people behaving badly.
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here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: pay attention to this video and watch what happens when the light turns green. yes, the drive just ran the reallot at highway 101 and
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lawrence expressway -- red light at highway 101 and the lawrence expressway. fortunately wasn't the only one who saw this. i went to the san jose office of department vehicle control and officer darling is about to have a conversation with this driver. for the record, there are three signs at this intersection that say no turn on red plus these red arrows. however, the driver claimed the light was still yellow and -- >> didn't want to be late for work. we have to punch in on the clock. >> you know that light was pretty red for a while. >> no. i thought as soon as it got yellow, it turned red. that's why. >> reporter: but he is not alone. watch this driver. she stops for the red light, so it's not like she didn't have time to read the signs, but -- she chose to ignore them anyway even with a motorcycle cop right at the corner watching. it's so bad at this intersection that even if you
8:27 pm
place a fully marked control car at the light, drivers will ignore the sign and arrows and run the light. in this case it was two separate drivers, the last one will get the ticket. >> i'm going to cite now for failure to obey the sign. >> reporter: the ticket received is for failure to observe regulatory signs. any sign that is black and white is a regulatory sign and you must obey it. >> there's no right hand turn on red at that intersection. >> reporter: and in less than 90 minutes seven separate drivers ignored the signs, but they won't be able to ignore the $400 plus ticket. >> citation for failing to obey the sign that said no right turn on the red. >> reporter: in sunnyvale stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just e- mail us at peoplebehavingbadly at kron so what's not to like about san francisco? coming up we have a look at why tourists are flocking to the
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city in record numbers. >> plus we'll show you another side of the president as seen through the love letters of two former girl friends. >> and microsoft works its way back into the e-book market by teaming up with barnes & noble and the nook. if you want less, you can always have less, but i like having a lot more a lot more than having a lot less. and the more more i have, the more i like having more. and that's exactly what i get at embassy suites. more post-meeting celebrations, more complimentary drinks, more for my money... mmm, more bar snacks...
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let's go live now to kron 4's da lin who is in san francisco where an apartment fire has forced dozens of people from their homes tonight. >> reporter: that's right. investigators say that fire started right there in that blue building in a light rail and then spread to the 1 next- door, that beige building there. now what caused the fire they don't know yet. investigators are looking into that right now. people who live there say the fire spread quickly giving them very little time to escape. firefighters say it elevated from a first alarm to four alarm fire in just 15 minutes. now they say the fire destroyed all five units inside the blue building and the liquor store
8:31 pm
below. it also caused extensive damage in that beige apartment complex next-door. now 30 adults and seven children are now homeless. one renter, one police officer and four firefighters were injured. here's reaction from the fire victim who came home from work to find that she's now homeless. >> i have to go and sleep in a hotel and i have no friends. i don't have anybody. i don't know what happened. >> some are upset. some are okay. some are kind of in shock, typical situation. it's pretty overwhelming scenario. that's one of the reasons we try to set up an evacuation center a little further away from the incident, give them some space and time to collect themselves. >> reporter: i want to take you back to the fire. you can see the fire went from the second floor to the third floor. it also then spread down to the first floor. you can literally see the fire
8:32 pm
spreading in that bush there. the red cross -- let's come right now. the red cross is putting about 20 people who were evacuated into nearby hotels. the other remaining 17 people are staying with family and friends. live at san francisco i'm da lin, kron 4 news. we're always cracking neighborhood crime. here's the kron 4 crime tracker in the east bay. residents in this fremont neighborhood are dealing with a string of home break-ins. this is mostly off malorie avenue east off the high school where the thieves are targeting. seven homes have been broken into in the past 10 days. most are happening during the day when people are out and about or at work and police are advising folks to lock doors and windows and certainly report anything suspicious.
8:33 pm
suspicious.. san francisco's tourism industry is booming. this summer it will continue to rise. kron 4's jeff bush explains which events will bring millions to town and what that means for the city's economy. >> reporter: millions visit the city every year, about half in the summer this. year there ill be with many more reasons for people -- there will be many more reasons for people to visit. there will be more cruise shifts scheduled to the city more than ever before. on tuesday there were two ships into port. those ships carry thousands of people who spend a lot of money when they get off the boat. also many people will be coming to attend big events that are found only in san francisco. the summer event schedule is traditionally very long, but this year is one of the busiest years in a long time. this is the event schedule released by the travel association and it's 27 pages long. the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge is me
8:34 pm
weekend. in june professional golf fans will watch the u.s. open. officials estimate at least 200,000 people will come to watch the top athletes in the game and rounding out the end of the summer the america's cup world series will be on the waterfront the end of august it. is truly an international event that will bring people here which means that they will be spending money in san francisco. >> transportation, food, experiences and the great restaurants '. >> reporter: all of this is a good shot in the economy's arm and merchants are very happy about the greater than usual visitation. in san francisco jeff bush, kron 4 news. . >> a live look outside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco this evening, crystal clear skies, calmer winds. temperatures remain mild in a few spots after a toasty afternoon. high temperatures today warmed even more in our inland valleys in the upper 80s in places like pleasanton but 84 in concord,
8:35 pm
85 antioch, 84 han jose and redwood city and the coastline warmed up to 72 in half moon bay, 70 daly city and 76 in san francisco because our sea breeze winds died down enough earlier today for temperatures to warm. current conditions, temperatures are still pretty mild away from the coastline at 74 degrees in concord, 72 in pleasanton, down in the south bay 73 in redwood city, 72 in san jose. closer to the coastline a little chillier because our sea breeze winds returned this evening. as we look into tomorrow, we'll see breezy conditions through the overnight hours again. those will be winds from the east. so the gusts will be strongest in places like fairfield, napa, east bay hills. that will keep temperatures more mild in those locations overnight, probably going to stay in the 60s. heading into the afternoon tomorrow sunny, warmer than today. we'll be nearing 90 or hitting 90 in quite a few places. heading into the evening, it's going to stay clear and mild.
8:36 pm
we have a change coming up with the sea breeze winds bringing fog back to the coastline later this week. i'll have those details in a bit. the family of former nfl star junior seau says that they will further consider donating his brain for research into football-related injuries. the family previously said they would definitely donate the brain. now the family wants to consult leaders in their simoan community fish. seau was an avid surfer and had a -- first. seau was an avid surfer and had a big impact on the community. >> he meant everything to everybody. >> we're honoring a legend that basically brought a lot of love and respect to san diego. >> reporter: donald solemn spent 55 seconds reflecting on the legacy of junior seau. >> he will never be forgotten.
8:37 pm
his number will always stay in everybody's heart. >> reporter: at his 604 south home on oceanside fans took time to remember and reflect on all the good things this chargers star left behind. >> he was a good player. >> reporter: robert was in the restaurant with his family avs one reflected on his life. >> he was a good inspiration to everybody in san diego and a good charger player. he inspired me to play football. >> reporter: paul smith said i drove from lakeside to the memorial -- drove from lakeside to the memorial site outside the restaurant to pay his tribute. on his hand a charger bolt with the no. 55 on. >> we love you, jr. you'll live forever. >> reporter: the pastor says the family is manning an intimate ceremony sometime next week. >> he wasn't -- planning an intimate ceremony sometime next week. >> he wasn't selfish. he always thought of other people. >> seau committed suicide on wednesday. he was 43 years old.
8:38 pm
not supposed to touch the ball, vern. >> reporter: john berkeley has spent half of his 54 years as a caddy, the last three at the olympic club. it's no wonder the san francisco native would like to play between the ropes mid-june here as a player in the u.s. open. who would know this course better than him? >> wouldn't be it cool if i got in the open. that would be some story, wouldn't it? >> reporter: it's just like that. >> it's kind of like that. >> reporter: his journey starts monday, may 7th. he will play in a qualifier in montana. one of 109 qualifying sites across the country. he knows hundreds of players will be competing for precious few spots in the field. by the way, his dogs are making the trip as well. in san francisco vern glenn,
8:39 pm
kron 4 sports. plannedded your family vacation yet? you might -- planned your family vacation yet? you might want to wait. >> and the avengers conquer at the weekend box office.
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8:41 pm
memorial day is right around the corner. we have some tips to save you some money planning your vacation. >> reporter: your summer get- away could be many things, fun, relaxing and also expensive. while it depends on where you're headed, there are some great deals throughout if you know where to look and now is the time to start looking. the folks at cnm money spoke with a number of travel experts and compiled a list of tips. if you're going to fly, look early. it used to be the case if you started checking fares two months out, you were good, but experts now say that three months is better. next for hotels there are three new websites that are causing a buzz among travel experts,
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backbid let's hotels compete for your business. tingo issues refunds after you pay and hotel suite searches smaller properties not listed on major travel websites. here are some more ways to save. try a rental property instead of a hotel. they can be just as nice and much more affordable as well as more spacious. also look for all inclusive packages. cruise line and family resorts are still struggling with the fallout from the recession and that means they're still offering deep discounts. finally look for new airline routes. low cost carriers like virgin america have been opening new routes often with affordable rates. you may be traveling from a smaller or more distant airport, but it could be a lot cheaper. two women who once dated the president are talking. coming up we'll look at what they have to say about the then young president obama before michelle.
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the president's relationship with his wife michelle is often seen as a positive in politics. now two women who dated the president before he met michelle are talking about their time with barack obama. marry snowe looks into -- mary snowe looks into this side of the president. >> reporter: a glimpse into the young barack obama, two girls from the 1980s sharing their story for the first time in the new book barack obama, the story. australian born genevieve cook was his more serious relationship. they met at a christmas party in the months after obama graduated from columbia living in new york. the couple eventually lived together a short time in his brooklyn brown stone and throughout their nearly 18 month romance cook kept a journal. how is he so ready at the age of 22 she wrote early on in their relationship? there is one theme that continues to come up in her
8:46 pm
writings about obama, distance. she writes but i feel that you carefully filler in everything your mind and heart legitimate and have verbal restraint, a necessity in terms of integrity, but there's something there of smooth is -- of smooth veneer. >> not a lot actually happened. there's not a lot of drama. there aren't a lot of big scenes. a lot of what's happening with barack obama in this period is taking place inside his own head. >> reporter: obama and cook eventually grew apart with cook writing in the journal at one point i can't help thinking that what he would really want, be powerfully drawn to was a woman very strong, very upright, a fighter, a laugher, well experienced, a black woman
8:47 pm
i keep seeing her has. this has also brought until now an unknown history to this brooklyn neighborhood where obama used to live surprising the owners of obama's former home. >> i was amazed and just kind of amused. it's just one of those things where, you know, you never know and i just thought it was funny. >> it was a gorgeous day out there today. this is video from earlier outside of at&t park where it was great to watch the baseball game, temperatures in the 70s through much of the game. let's get a look at our high temperatures from today. closer to the coastline temperatures were cooler, but we did see the sea breezes slack off enough earlier today for temperatures to warm into the 70s. it was 72 in half moon bay, 76 in san francisco. moving away from the coastline, though, low 80s for our east bayshore, 84 concord, 88 pleasanton, 85 antioch, so certainly very warm in a number of spots today. heading into tomorrow it's going to get even warmer.
8:48 pm
our winds out of east will pick up again into the overnight hours. this will mean two things. one it's going to stay mild in places like fairfield, antioch, napa, east bay hills through the overnight and temperatures will warm more into tomorrow afternoon. into tuesday those winds out of the east will still be with us, but into the afternoon the sea breeze winds will start to take over. that is going to mean cool ago long the coastlines. -- cooling along the coastlines. futurecast, temperatures tomorrow morning, fairly mild in the 50s and low 60s, low 60s in many locations where the winds will take fairly breezy through the overnight -- stay fairly breezy through the overnight hours. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 60s and in the 70s by 8:00 and by noon we're seeing plenty of 80-degree readings, all the orange on your screen and the 80s will spread further around the bay area into the 2:00 hour before we start to cool it back down for evening. another hot day on tap tomorrow. we'll start the day fairly
8:49 pm
mild, temperatures on the coastline pretty warm in the upper 50s, low 60s. closer to the coastline upper 40s and low 50s. into the afternoon boy, adding several degrees down in the south bay, 87 in sunnyvale, 808 los gatos -- 88 los gatos, 86 in san jose and places like walnut creek, pleasanton, antioch, pittsburg briefly in the low 90s. east bayshore a little more comfortable in the upper 70s, low 80s and closer to the coastline temperatures hitting the 70s in daly city, 75 in san francisco. our sea breeze winds will kick back up by midweek and that will start to cool things down. a look at your extended forecast, a couple more days of warm temperatures especially in our inland valleys before the fog comes back in the forecast. temperatures will stay above average through the remainder of the workweek.
8:50 pm
now time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> microsoft found a way back into the e-book market through barnes & noble and their nook e- reader. microsoft has a long standing interest in the e book field. it launched e-book software in 2000 but was never able to build a substantial library of books. so now they have given barnes & noble $300 million cash for a 17% stake in the nook division. the new division which has yet to be renamed will also include barnes & noble's college business. it is meant to help the business compete in what many expect to be a growth area for e-books, the education market, something apple has set its sights on. through the deal the two companies will settle their patent disputes and barnes & noble will produce a nook e- reading application for the forthcoming windows 8 operating system which will run on traditional computers and tablets. nook software will continue to be available on devices like the i-phone that compete with
8:51 pm
windows phones. this is a big deal because barnes & noble has been struggling to continue with the nook. competition with google, apple and amazon has been fierce and they have lost money. with all this new microsoft money and partnership they can commit to, invest in and improve the nook. so this should turn out to be good news for nook users, but check this out. this is where it gets interesting. now the nook runs on google's android tablet software. this deal barnes & noble just signed puts them in bed with google's competitor microsoft. so i believe down the road this means that new nooks will be built with a windows operating system and ditch the current google software. this is likely the key reason microsoft did this in the first place, get their hands in the e- book pot and not google off the nook, two birds, one stone. gabe slate, kron 4 news. move over harry potter, the avengers are taking up the top spot at weekend box office. >> the about a a breakers is right around the corner. you can watch the action here
8:52 pm
on kron 4. we'll bring you the race from start to finish and all the craziness in between. we'll have cameras about everywhere keeping up with the elite runners and capturing the wild costumes as thousands make their way from the bay to the breakers. it's a san francisco tradition you won't want to miss sunday morning may 20th here on kron 4. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide,
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the avengers makes histed at the box office and the television -- makes history at the box office and the
8:55 pm
television world is bidding farewell to one of its own. we have more in today's hollywood minute. >> the avengers soared to a record setting weekend at the box office. disney estimates the marvel superhero flick grossed more than $200 million in its debut weekend in the u.s. that's the biggest domestic opening ever, far surpassing last year's harry potter finale which brought in close to $170 million in its first weekend in theaters. think like a man based on a best selling book by steve harvey came in second place with $8 million in ticket sales and the hunger games rounded out the top three. >> george lindsey, best known for playing the country bumpkin mechanic goober pyle on the andy griffith show has died. lindsey joined the sitcom in 1964 and carried his character over to a spin-off series mayberry rfd and spent 20 years as a regular on heehaw. in a statement andy griffith
8:56 pm
said he had great respect for lindsey's talent and spirit. lindsey passioned away after a brief illness. he was 83. >> tell you what, it was pretty tough to beat the weather today. i see you're wearing giants colors. >> i wish i was at the game. it was so nice out there today especially closer to the coastline. temperatures were a little warm on our inland valley, 88 in pleasanton, 86 napa, 84 livermore, but closer to the coastline temperatures were in the 70s. so it was certainly more pleasant. as we head into tomorrow, we're not getting much relief. temperatures are going to hit low 90s in places like antioch and pleasanton, 86 san jose, 87 sun somewhere i veil, 75 in san francisco. -- sunnyvale, 75 in san francisco. it will stay warm the next couple days. our sea breeze winds return to the forecast tuesday afternoon, could see late fog along the coastline and wednesday more widespread in the morning and temperatures will drop off
8:57 pm
several degrees wednesday afternoon as a result of that fog. >> that's it for us. we'll be back at 11:00. see you then. bye bye. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love.
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