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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>erica: off we are taking a look at conditions from the mt. tam cam. the sun is coming up and we do have a little bit of low cloud cover and fog " hugging the coast line. temperatures mexican out in the '70s and '80s. that will break down those numbers and your 7 day around the forecast of up to my next door. >>george: we have been tracking the commute is so far it has been problem free. no hot spots or unusual delays for that spark. from dublin to cast a ballot looks good. we are problem free of the peninsula, a light and easy rider ran on 101 southbound. >>mark: a developing story that happened while you were sleeping, oakland police are searching for a suspect and an officer involved shooting. if police established a perimeter earlier this morning in the 8000 block of
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macarthur boulevard between 79 and 82nd. the search started around 7:30 p.m. when police encountered a suspect. at least one officer opened fire. will tran and has been following the police search this morning. >>will: let's show you the yard, they're over there for testing in the house with the green minivan parked in front. if they have recovered the suspect's gun. this started when officers pulled over the suspect as well as several people inside one car about a block from this location. instead of staying in the car according to the lieutenant, all of them started running. if the two officers started chasing one suspect. we do not even know if he was a driver were just the occupied. they noticed he had a gun in his hand and felt threatened. they fired one shot at the suspect but it appears he was not injured. they had called to set up a
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perimeter. he managed to escape the perimeter before it was put into place. require all the our here investigating the have managed to recover the gun. we do not know the catheter -- the caliber. they have reopened a corridor between 79th in the second. >>mark: and we do have a description of the suspect coming in from police. we will have that ready for you shortly. here we go.
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the >>jackie: of this fire was here in santa clara, this was the site being constructed to-three stories high. here are some pictures from last night. flames are going high into the sky. a lot of heat and a lot of intensity. firefighters have drawn a lot of resources at this to keep it from spreading.
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75 people have still not been returned. there is damage in the roof area of the second floor and windows blown out as well here at across the street. quite a bit of damage but firefighters say it could've been worse. arson investigators are coming out later today to see what the cause was. again, you're talking about a construction scene. there was a lot of lumber. here is the lumber that did not go up in flames. plenty of fuel for the fire. it is still smoking in kind of dangerous. >>darya: does it smell pretty smoky of there? >> i am really starting to smell the smoke. it is still an active seen
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when it comes any potential danger from a wait and fire or embers. >>mark: police have shot and killed a suspect that opened fire during a standoff and the lower nob hill neighborhood last night. this started what robert park police got in touch with the suspect at an apartment building around a 40 5:00 p.m.. this was in connection to an investigation of a budgeting death of robert park woman earlier in the week. if the suspects opened fire on those officers and officers with the truth. the san francisco police chief explains what happened next. >>officer: the suspect fired multiple shots. the building have people inside. at some point in time the suspect set fires within the apartment. the incident commander that made the decision that there was an immediate danger to life or serious injury to other tenants in the building and gave the green light to eliminate the
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threat when it could be done safely, the opportunity presented itself and the the suspect was neutralized and is dead at this time. >>mark: there were no other injuries reported. police went door to door to make sure that no one in neighboring apartments was injured. >>justine: this just in, the number of people applying for unemployment dipped to 367,000. this is seen as a hopeful sign for hiring. the labor department cut out these figures at 5:30 a.m.. they are showing that weekly applications dropped by 1000. >>mark: that could lead to a turnaround on wall street. the dow has dropped for six straight days losing a 500 points so far this month. it looks like to date we could see a turnaround at least in early trading. the opening bell on wall street coming up about 25 minutes. >>darya: we are back with
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more news, weather and traffic. here is a live look outside from our mt. tam cam. this is a gorgeous shot. you could see double that there is fog and clouds to clear. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. >>darya: the president will
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be in a loss angeles today at the home of actor george clooney. george clooney is hosting a $40,000 per ticket dinner for the president's get help with supporters. this comes one day after the president declared his support for same-sex marriage. he is the first sitting u.s. president to do so. republican presidential candidate mitt romney was a leading voice against a gay marriage as massachusetts governor. after the president's announcement, he reaffirmed his position. >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman. that is my own preference. i know that other people have different views. this is a tender and sensitive topic as are many social issues. i have the same view that and have had since running for office. >> there is an on-line petition urging the democratic national committee not all of its national convention in charlotte north carolina.
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this is in reaction to the state has a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. >>mark: the latest on bay area weather coming up. we will have a live report on that as well. not nearly as foggy on the golden gate, temperatures will warm up by the weekend. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos. hand-cut, tri-tip sirloin, plus choose shrimp scampi. or grilled malibu chicken, or bacon-wrapped shrimp. starting at just $11.99. ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms...
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>>darya: you may want to take your bike to work to date. finn jackie sissel is live at vista point near the golden gate. this is how i often feel, this guy on the by getting nowhere, what is the point of that? >>jackie: he is trying to stay warm. it's cold out here. i am at the energizer station. it is a bike to work day, the 18th annual bike to work day, this is presented in to put on by the bay area bicycle coalition. they want to get people off of their bikes excuse me, out of their cars and on to bites off not only for exercise but to get fewer cars on the roadway. this morning they have these energizes stations set up so that people could come in, get information, get a drink
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of water, they have other of the averages as well. we spoke with one doctor from kaiser permanente a about the benefits of biking. >> it seems like every day i get out and ride my bike and i see more people out exercising. the families with kids, retirees, everyone is out exercising. it is the most important thing you can do for yourself. it is free, it is good for you, it feels good, you will live longer and be happier. >> this energizers station will be set up until about 9:00. we have already seen dozens of people come by. presently i did not ride my bike to work today, did you? >>darya: i did not. i do not have the year. you want to be safe in the dark. i have a question, if you never have liked to work before, it is nice to get a drink and a little support.
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they give you maps. >>jackie: they give you instructions on ideas. if it is the first time you have ever done it, they will help you. they have snakes, coffee, ginger real, everything you need to get from the bridge to downtown. >>darya: time wise, it can be a benefit. i think it would be interesting to clock the drive time as opposed to the drive time. -- drive time as opposed to the buy time.
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>>justine: a man fell into a hole while doing some work. he has just been put into a medical helicopter. >>mark: it looks like great weather this morning for by to work day. >>erica: it is a little bit cooler this morning compared to what we have been used to. upper '40's and low 50's. downtown san francisco coming in at 49. third as we look ahead it looks like into the afternoon temperatures will be very similar almost spot on to what they were yesterday. we will keep things in the 60s for san francisco. as we check out tomorrow
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you'll see future cast 4 is set for friday. some of the inland thoughtful the climbing into the '90s. >>george: there are no hot spots or unusual delays. metering lights have been active at the bay bridge toll plaza. a bit of a back up forming in the left hand lanes. no problems reported for the upper deck. we are considered three
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across the span. for your ride on the golden gate bridge, another view as look at the toll plaza or from the toll plaza northward. you can see how light the traffic is heading both to and across the golden gate bridge. as we track the commute from the road sensors looking at the right on 680 southbound, it is typically heavy. you always hear me say exceptions to light traffic in the east bay are the rights on a 580 and 80. i will show you what we are talking about. there is the 580 ride coming out of also not pass from the 2 05 interchange. it is already heavy. so is the right on highway 4, this is antioch. we always the slow traffic there. it is very much a normal commute. fans and the south bay would be unusual to see slow traffic now and we do not. it is a good ride here. the same is true for the peninsula commute. here is the right at the 1
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01-92 interchange. this is one of the first chokepoints for the peninsula commute. >>darya: former bart police officer: johannes mehserle wants his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. >>mark: a jury found at one ramos guilty of three counts of first-degree murder. he is facing life in prison and his sentencing is next month.
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in 2008 the city was looking for revenge for shooting of a fellow gang member. tony and his sons were gunned down in their car in san francisco while driving home from a family outing. >> thank you god for being there and being with us through this even though i never came here except for today. i do not think i could have taken it. all i can guess at night are their sectors. my son and my two grandsons. >>mark: an alternate juror said it has been a long and emotional four months since the recall that for jury duty. he did not want to show his face but did tell us about the most difficult part of being a juror in this trial. >> without a doubt, the second day of testimony when andrews testified that he saw ramos should his father.
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it still gives me chills. it is unimaginable. >>mark: a alternate jurors did not take part in the deliberation process. ron was maintains he was only the driver and did not know that his passenger would start shooting. he has not been located. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside to see up thursday morning is shaping up.
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>>mark: we're keeping our eyes on bay area weather. more sunshine the what was i guess today. the traffic is moving smoothly on the stand. we're going to get back into the upper 80s to near 90 this mother's day weekend for the inland spots. along the coast fog is thinning out a bit with highs near 70. >>justine: planet sun tanning salons which is where she likes to go say she is not welcome there anymore.
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she was arrested last month accused of taking her young daughter into tanning booth with her. she denies those allegations and release of $25,000 bond. the president is eliminating or changing a handful of regulations that he says could cost the economy $6 million over five years. the president signs an executive order today as a part regulatory overhaul that asks agencies to look through rule books for unnecessary mandates, things that are gumming up the works and costing the government money. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. will bleeding finally start on wall street? a check coming up on the james lick freeway. sunshine and light traffic
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this morning. we are back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues as we get ready for the opening bell.
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the >>darya: oakland police are looking for a man who was involved in an officer involved shooting. santa clara firefighters put this big fire out, as several nearby buildings were also damaged but no one was hurt. the president declares his support for same-sex marriage. he is the first sitting president to do so. >>mark: the opening bell on wall street, the dow jones fell for six consecutive days. the dow has lost 500 points off so far this month.
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applause the building fell on wall street looks like there could be a rebound in early trading. we had a surprising drop of a number of americans filing for unemployment last week as those numbers, not an hour ago. right now dow futures up 58 points. at least in early trading we will see a rebound. >>erica: the numbers are sitting right around the seasonal average. as we head out the door, upper 40's and low 50s. into the afternoon we will see sunshine bay area wide. temperatures will be in the vax of '70s and '80s and in the fall will return as we head into the evening. how about premier afternoon highs coming up to my next report. >>george: we are continuing to monitor a hot spot free ride or the deal if you're if there are no delays on any bay area averages.
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like traffic for the east bay and south bay her sixth half the peninsula right on highway 92 out of half moon bay looks good hair your ride to the golden gate, >>darya: 630 is the time. a developing story in oakland. police were involved in and of assault shooting as they were trying to capture a suspect around 82nd avenue in the macarthur boulevard. they have established a perimeter around the area earlier this morning is still searching for the suspect. the suspect was shot at the was not hit or arrested. will durant is live at the scene and it tells us what is happening. >>will: instead of wrapping up, more investigators are our ridings to the scene. you could see them over there focusing on the art.
6:32 am
if we have seen three markers on the ground. although the lieutenant does not know how many shots were fired by cox there's, that is where they recovered the suspect's gun. this happened 11 hours ago. you can see officers are still at the scene all the macarthur boulevard is open in both directions. this all happens on one block from this location. this happened at about 730. the officers were following a car. we did not know why they decided to pull this particular car over but when they did, the people inside fled the scene. they were chased on foot but for whatever reason, they decided to only focus their attention on this one particular person. i am not sure if it was the driver or the occupy about while they were chasing him, they said they saw him holding a gun and they felt threatened. that is when they shot at
6:33 am
him. we are not sure if he fired shots at the officers' first the safety valve leaflets it is. he managed to deceive the sea skiff while the office flights is set up their perimeter, before it could be fully put into place he slipped through the perimeter. they do know his name in the proximate age. they are not releasing that to me now. it is probably a matter of just going to his home or where he hangs out to make an arrest. they did impounded the car. >>darya: they have released a description of the guy they are looking 40th >>will: maybe they are not releasing his name because they do not want to jeopardize the case.
6:34 am
they may be want to have the officers identify him and then give out his name. they probably did not want to get in trouble were sued. for whatever reason they are not giving his name. >>darya: did they feel like there is any danger to the people of the neighborhood? >>will: they say there is no danger, they do not even believe he is in the area. he was obviously faster than the officers for him to outrun the officers and our the perimeter. we're seeing people will the about face on macarthur, a busy section of east oakland. there is no one here as far as people walking around feeling in danger of anything. for many people this is a part of their lives. >>mark: in santa clara, firefighters but the nine battling a massive fire alarm fire at an apartment complex that was a
6:35 am
construction. craig skalar has video from some of them as of a fighter. if the cleanup continues. what time did they finally get the fire out? >>craig: it started after 10:00. you can see the images of the flames really going up in smoke. you can see why this was under construction. a lot of raw timber. this is just off of el camino and santa clara. there was a lot to burn. there were hundreds evacuator from the scene. 75 people are still not back in their homes. let me show you some pictures from this morning, you can see the extent of the damage. this was several buildings under construction. again, raw timber exposed. there was a lot to burn. fortunately, they were able to contain it.
6:36 am
officials say that construction material worked to their advantage. >> the potential for spread was great. if they did a good job isolating the fire. police officers did a good job shooting down when to control flying embers. one thing in our favor was the style of construction. the buildings are stucco cited. >> here is a close-up shot of the stucco and tile. the 75 people are living in these buildings here. all of them of actuated, they are unsafe to live it. he was still strong there were fire sprinklers in those buildings that went off even those across street from the actual fire. investigators are coming out later today to find out what the cause would have bid.
6:37 am
>> it is not considered safe inside these buildings. >>darya: police have shot and killed a man open fires and a standoff and the lower nob hill neighborhood. kate thompson was at the scene and has details. kate >> in san francisco, police shot and killed a man who barricaded himself inside an apartment building in the tenderloin. ron a park police or in san francisco tried to talk to the man in connection with the murder in a broader park
6:38 am
earlier in the week. that is when the man fired shots at the officers. san francisco police came in for back up and at that point determined that the situation was too dangerous. he withdrew in created a perimeter. that is when the suspect began shooting through the ceiling and the walls and lighting fires inside the apartment. that is one police made the determination to shoot to kill. they did take him down without entering the apartment. many other people in the area were evacuated. a large number of police, fire trucks and ambulances on scene. they closed down several blocks. >>justine: a calculation just cannot from the experts about what is the markets.
6:39 am
. the apple is the world's most valuable company. as we take a look at the big board stocks are up 63 points to 12,898. they were up about 80 when the markets opened about 10 minutes ago. we will be right back.
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>>darya: we're taking a look at weather. look at the sunshine on the bay bridge. a chain of cars as a way to go past the metering lights. we're in for a pretty nice day, we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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pan >>mark: the president will be a loss angeles today at the home of george clooney jose $40,000 per ticket
6:46 am
dinner for supporters. this comes one day after the president there is a force for same-sex marriage. >>darya: the fight continues over the legality of same-sex marriage in california. if voters approve proposition 8 vance same-sex marriage. the ban was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge federalism was of hell by the court of appeals in february. backers of the >> file an appeal with the ninth circuit to have a full 11 judge panel here the case. that review is pending. >>mark: bay area weather and traffic, jackie sissel is at this point covered bike to work day. it is a beautiful morning to hit the roadways on your bicycle. let's get an update of a forecast. fearful that it is not too bad of a morning. it is a little bit chilly, the upper '40's and low 50s. as we head into the afternoon we will see cuts
6:47 am
the purchases of a series 70's and 80's by lunchtime. for here is a look at the numbers for you. we lost a couple of degrees in santa rosa. much cooler in the buffet as received 4 the number fell into the afternoon, it looks like pretty similar conditions compared to yesterday. low 80s in abundance for the south bay. upper 70's for those of you in mountain view. i do not think we will see any nineties in our inland eat space-bar out. 87 in pittsburgh and into. 10 degrees cooler to union city. that is pretty much we can expect on the 80 corridor and down the east shore. pretty comfortable.
6:48 am
plenty of sunshine and 85 degree temperatures in napa. upper 60s for downtown san francisco and daly city and petaluma with an afternoon high of 76. we do not have anything to talk about, not too much in a way of cloud cover, it is patchy at best. as we turn our attention to the 7 day around the bay forecast, nothing but sunshine for the next several days eating up just in time for mother's day weekend. temperatures of the upper 80s inland. the upper 60s for the coast. >>george: we continue to look at a hot spot free ride around the bay area. a little lighter than usual. at this hour as we move towards the clock for example the favorite westbound is not really very much back that at all. beginning of the backup is right there at the end of the east parking lot. if it is not even back to the first over crossing. the drive times are 11-12 minutes even of the
6:49 am
macarthur maze. if your ride on the golden gate is light enough across the bridge that traffic is still pretty late on presidio parkway. starting to back up at the signal light at the end of the coil drive a bypass. as we pick up the road sensors and look at the right to the east bay, 680 south is still pretty light in getting a little heavy through the will look past. that is really a new work pattern. over the last several days traffic has been getting heavier for the last stretch of highway 4. usually that has been an easy ride but lately we have noticed in getting here. a 14 minute drive time. it will be twice that before the commute is over. your ride on 680 south is clear to the san ramon valley. heavier on 580 on the sunol
6:50 am
grade. some hist 101 is the only freeway showing any slowing. it starts to begin to slow on the 280-1 01 interchange and the 80-11 interchange. that is always where we see a traffic forming. >>darya: this city of milipitas is making major cuts. 9.2 million budget shortfall next year. for the '50s employees are losing their jobs. city departments and programs will be reorganized. the city council approved the new leaner budget and now the city says the cuts are unavoidable because of a loss of redevelopment money. >>mark: of vallejo police are trying to find the suspect was shot two people last night. both victims were
6:51 am
transported to john muir medical center in walnut creek. fire investigators are looking into a suspected arson incident sparked by a molotov cocktail. the incident happened around 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning. a spokesperson says someone tossed the molotov cocktails at a car park in front or residents of shamrock drive and the terror hills neighborhood. no suspects have been identified or injuries reported in connection with the incident. >>darya: get ready for zazzle bay to breakers. it is coming up in the two weeks. a week from this sunday. this sunday is mother's day and next sunday is a kron4 broadcast of the bay to breakers race. that is sunday, may 20th. if you're watching on a tiny television and the action does not seem grade, get a big screen television from kron4. kiberlee sakamoto has details on how you can answer to get the television. feet
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>>kimberlee: the best way to watch the race is on a 46 in. television. that is what we're giving away, visit the kron4 facebook fan page, click on this zazzle bay to breakers icon at the top of the page. in order to enter the contest, you have to like kron4 on our facebook page. once you have entered the contest had to kron4 and visit our special section on the big race. there, you can check out a slide show of some of last year's cool costumes. if we want those of you getting your costume ready for this year's race. we have information on how to send your photos either by e-mail or our application. remember, kron4 will bring it to raise from start to finish. we will have cameras throughout the course keeping up with all the runners feet at capturing the wild and wacky costumes. it is a san francisco tradition that you do not want to miss. zazzle bay to breakers in may 20th it right here on kron4.
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>>mark: welcome back, we're
6:56 am
watching wall street, the dow is trying to recover from six consecutive losing days. the dow did have a four year high on may 1st. losing five and a point since then. we're watching technology stocks >>darya: let's take a look at weather. that is our focus to date. it is so clear. no traffic right now on the golden gate.
6:57 am
>>mark: the russian secret service says they have diverted a terror attack. officials found cachets of weapons and the country of georgia. they discovered ammunition with portable surface-to-air missiles, grenade not launchers, rifles and explosives. the attacks were being masterminded by attention rebels. activists in syria said to strong explosions have rocked the capital city of damascus this morning. here is the aftermath.
6:58 am
>>darya: police shot a suspect in san francisco overnight. we will tell you what happened there. tim lincecum show in moments of greatness, but one bad inning bloated for the giants against the dodgers. we will have that story and more in the world according to gary.
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