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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> breaking news in san francisco a man and a woman have been shot in the western addition, one of them is critically injured. you can see the emergency crews on the scene. kron 4's kate thompson is also there, live with the latest details. kate? >> reporter: yes, that man has died. the scene still very active. the shooting taking place at a quarter to 10. a 54-year-old san francisco resident has been shot and
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killed. a woman, 28 years old is in the hospital. outside the housing projects, you can see the police have the road closed off here. they do have homicide investigators on their way. the road will be closed off for about three hours as they continue their investigation. neighbors say they heard a series of shots, as many as 10 shots when the shooting happened. again, a san francisco man, 54 years old has been shot and killed tonight and a young woman is in the hospital. reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. new tonight, an at risk elderly man has gone missing. this is his picture. he is 86 years old. officials say he suffers from diminishia and alzheimer's and
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walks with a cane he was last seen today. officials say he was last seen wearing a cream colored shirt, gray vest and dark trousers. hundreds of people came out to remember a 18-year-old high school students. kron 4's da lin was at the memorial. >> reporter: several hundred people packed the high school to say good-bye to him. >> he had goals, aspirations and all that has been taken away. >> reporter: taken away as he was set to graduate next month. it they are celebrate -- they were celebrating his life. he was stabbed to death at a
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house party two weeks ago. >> he was about to go to the next step and now he is not. makes me angry. >> reporter: the uncle says he over came many obstacles. he came to the u.s. at a young age by himself. his father died when he was younger. family and friends say he turned his life around by focusing on education and football. they named him the defensive player of the year last year. not only was a big guy, he also had a big heart. >> a kind heart. his smile lit up a room. he is a very respectful soul. >> reporter: hundreds of people are left wondering what he could have accomplished. the anger has now turned to forgiveness for the man accused
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of killing him. >> we have to be able to forgive him. if we don't we are not better than what we did. >> reporter: da lin, kron 4 news. a protest held today at university of california at berkeley's admission's office. two does protesters, the protesters claims cal does not admit enough minority students. american indian, african american and latino students will make up less than 20% of the freshman class this fall. meanwhile, on to the university of california at berkeley versus protesters who have been occupying land since earth day of last month. university of california says it will not pursue prosecution
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if they leave by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in return officials say they have reserved two seats for protesters at a planning meeting where the future of the land will be discussed. occupiers have no intention of leaving the property. we are heading into the mother's day weekend with a lovely weather forecast but you wouldn't know it outside tonight. jacqueline is here. this is the golden gate bridge. a live picture. so foggy. >> visibility is bad close to the coast line. this is the golden gate bridge, visibility not good. temperatures are effected close to the coast line. 48 degrees in half moon bay. 49 daily city. bay shores upper 50s, low 60s. 60s and 70s in the inland valleys. tomorrow we are going to see dense fog near the coast line
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but sunny skies and warm to hot temperatures saturday afternoon. we will look at temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. are you kidding me? >> that is just another murder waiting to happen. >> outrageous for him. >> the former bart police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man wants his name cleared and the victim's family is furious. jobless benefits are ending, why california stands out. baba breakers, what will be -- beta breakers, what will be different? >> coming up later the giants trying to get healthy in arizona, a's at home against detroit tonight and tiger woods feeling awfully good. later in this broadcast.
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. the panelally of oscar grant is -- the family of oscar
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grant is furious because johannes mehserle wants his record cleared. on wednesday johannes mehserle appealed to have his conviction over turned because he wants to return to work. as kron 4's haaziq madyun reports, the family is outraged and today they rallied. >> it is outrageous for him to state that he wants to become a police officer again. >> that is another murder waiting to happen. >> reporter: the family of oscar grant voiced their outrage after finding out johannes mehserle wanted to get his conviction over turned. >> he cannot -- should not be eligible to apply to go into the force. >> reporter: his mother and
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uncle were flanked by concerned members of the community. >> justice is being made clear, will not come to us. >> justice is not took its place. >> how he feels he should be a police officer again. are you kidding me? he killed somebody. >> reporter: haaziq madyun, kron 4 news.
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storm the big national news, the brother in law of jennifer hudson is guilty of killing her mother, brother and a nephew. a jury convicted john barberis today. he faces life in prison today. he snapped back in 2008 and committed the crimes, angry at the thought his wife had a boyfriend. huge losses for jp morgan chase, they lost $2 billion through one of its trading group. the loss is the result of a strategy that back fired. the banks credit rating was lowed and stocks dropped by 10%. 8 states no longer qualify for the federal extended
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benefits program and one of the states is california. which is where half those effected by the action live. kron 4's grant lodes has a look at that part of the story. >> reporter: 93,000 people out of work in california will stop getting unemployment benefits the california's rate dropped to 11% and that drop is triggering a federal cut off of long term unemployment benefits. some people received checks up to 99 weeks. now they will last only 79 weeks. california is not the only state impacted, colorado, texas, illinois, pennsylvania, connecticut, north carolina and florida will also cut off the long term unemployment. more than 200,000 people losing benefits. but almost half live right here in california. i am grant lodes, kron 4 news.
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around the country gas prices are falling because of slower growth in china and weak job numbers in the united states but that is not the story in california. experts say gas prices will rise over night and then keep climbing. kron 4's kate thompson explains how it is driving up the price here. >> reporter: filling up, phil shells out $100 to fill up. >> hard on business. personal physicals. everything. >> reporter: a sharp jump in prices, 20 cents a gallon in the next week, owners like phil are getting clobbered. >> discouraging to see the price go up, when it is higher than it has been in years. >> reporter: a gallon in san francisco costs $4.40. but several issues that produce
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california special clean burning gas brought production to a halt and supply is low. prices in the bay area have risen, 12 cents a gallon this week. people will soon be looking at higher prices. reporting in san francisco, kate thompson, kron 4 news. high temperatures today were certainly warmer inland. low 90s. coast line temperatures were in the 70s. the fog did roll in. here is a look outside. you can't see very much at city hall. fog. you can see the lights behind the fog. moving into san francisco right now. visibility not good. half moon bay under a quarter mile of visibility. dense fog along the coast line. reduced visibility in santa rosa due to haze, not fog.
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the fog could roll in over night. here is what you can expect this weekend. fog tomorrow morning. not going to hinder temperatures. warmer inland tomorrow. mother's day and monday, cooler condition monday afternoon. 79 degrees. as for tomorrow, still another hot one. south bay upper 80s. 87 san jose. 87 in milpitas. 90s inland. 90 in concord. 93 pleasanton. since we will have sea breeze winds tomorrow morning, temperatures on the east bay shores upper 70s, low 80s. 60s close to the coast line thanks to the fog. 67 in san francisco.
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42 in san bruno. look at a's game tomorrow afternoon, 5:05, temperatures will be cool. the fog increasing throughout the game. extended forecast, warmer tomorrow but starting to cool down on mother's day and monday. warm on mother's day average by monday afternoon. warming up by mid-week and cooling down thursday and friday as fog returns. the running of beta breakers is coming up on sunday, may 20. the race course remains the same but there are a few new high tech features available. kron 4's charles clifford has a preview. >> reporter: organizers of the beta breakers expect 40,000 people to make the trek across the city. the course remains the same but there are a few new features available. you will be able to post updates to facebook.
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when a running crosser crossing the -- crossing a finish line a video will be posted to their time line and you can get maps of the race course and finishing times online. the post race festival has been replaced by a street fair that will be located along the final mile. one thing that hasn't change, beta breakers remain as dry event, no alcohol. the race hasn't sold out. the deadline is next wednesday. after that runners have to sign up at the weekend of the race. if you need more information go to where we have a link. also if you can't make it kron will air coverage. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> we are counting down to the beta breakers race sunday, may 20 positive we have an exciting
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for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ all right. good evening, everybody. the a's offensively stole the baseball scene tonight. nursing a sore hand but they didn't need him against the tigers. 400 and 37 feet and the a's are not looking back. brandon came in hilting in the- - hitting in the .100s from detroit and he is on fire. he has 4 home runs, 16 rbis in 5 games. 11-4 a's. they are a game ov.5 -- over .500. giants aren't pretty good. today in arizona. they are winning a 8 game win
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streak. the giants have a 1-0 lead but brandon is having a tough time. he isn't hitting. i don't know. there it is. error. giants leading 35 errors on the season. paul is supposed to be a bopper. there it goes. that is it. 5-1 diamondbacks. they beat the giants for the 9 9th straight time and san francisco a couple games under .500. nba, los angeles teams, tomorrow night lakers host denver and the clippers and memphis are going 7. griffon going to work here. setting up jordan. a lead for the clips. with a win they would have wrapped it up. but no. randolph, 18 points, 16
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rebounds for randolph. 23-9 for gasol. 90-88. sunday in memphis, the 7th and decider. there is the king. a lot of people want to mock this young guy but three mvps for lebron james. he was named today. they only players with more -- three or more -- jabar with six, the king and lebron james headed in that direction. tiger woods got hot today. we dedicate these highlights to our great long time director. he just loves this, jackie, when i go in the hole for tiger woods. all right? mark burnett is his game. tiger woods in the hole. mark hasn't heard those words in a long time. he is really enjoying that. mining two, over all.
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makes the cut. tiger woods is right in there. six strokes back. 49ers had a rookie camp going on saturday. got a chance to see james without shoulder pads. if you love your 49ers you don't care what they are doing. there is a.j. jenkins, number one draft choice. moss looking good. jim harbaugh will look in the all eyes of the media, says, you know, i am a king and you will listen to every word i utter and you will enjoy it. >> randy has been outstanding in every way. >> ray and justin were talking, ray is like, i don't think randy moss has lost a step. and justin smith said, that is randy moss over there. doesn't matter, that is randy
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moss. >> you know what is funny, if jim harbaugh stepped outside, there is no drizzle. people will believe it. he is the y. have a good weekend.
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