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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 14, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now it seems like there is not a lot of chaos.
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" police officers at the very least have the neighborhood under control to allow firefighters to do their work. oakland, once they determine if the trends can run, that can be difficult. and this time pg&e is trying to insure that the electricity is not out of control. >>justine: a big issue is the u.s. open. think about the people that may have wanted to take part from the east bay into the city to watch this huge sporting event. that is not an option this morning. >>james: they have been encouraging people to take mass transit. that is not want to be available for anyone in the east bay.
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you can still use bart if you're in seventh discovered this is going to be a big headache. you have to take the bridges and maybe had out sooner rather than later. >>justine: feel this could be a mess. we are all over this bridge in in story few ahead >>erica: i do want to take a quick look from the mt. tam cam. low cloud cover in the distance, very similar to yesterday. coastal fog this morning and drizzle for those of you commuting on highway one. it will be even quicker to burn off as it headed to the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions and a tad bit cooler compared to yesterday. later this evening, the fog is slower to return into temperatures will be sitting in the '60s and '70s. expect mid-60's for antioch, 52 for oakland, 51 for downtown oakland. '60s, '70s and '80s by
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lunchtime. expect mostly '70s in the south bay. as we turn our attention to the north bay we have plenty of 70's spirits 64 expected in downtown san francisco as we look ahead it looks like tomorrow we will jump by several degrees. how we can actually reach 90 in our warmest inland areas. >>justine: we will continue to follow him breaking news story, a fire burning in oakland, it has affected bart. there is no service this morning.
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>>justine: breaking news, a fire burning in oakland has caused bart to lose service
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this morning. there is no bart service going from the east bay and san francisco or from san francisco into the east bay. this is a three alarm fire. it started just about one hour ago. we have not heard about any injuries but it does seem that the crews are getting some control of the situation. again, there is no bart service. bart says this morning he should find a different way to get from san francisco to the east bay and vice versa. >> got them! that is a perfect game. >>james: and the fans and everyone went crazy at at&t
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park as they witnessed perfection. matt came through a 125 page masterpiece against the houston astros. the first perfect game and the giants 130 year history. mac gaining gave an amazing performance at at&t park. if the defining moment was there at the top of the seventh. an amazing cast, the best of his career. he threw 125 pitches, 86 for strikes, a career high 14 strikeouts. he told reporters after the game sharing the moma with teammates was the highlight. >> it is starting to settle in a little bit, being able to celebrate with the guys in the clubhouse and enjoy it for a second. that was something that i will never forget. it was unbelievable from the beginning.
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>> early in the season i thought he had a chance of a no-hitter, but a perfect game? it is historic. and this is my first one and i could not be happier for him. there is a lot of players on those pressures out there. >>james: here is cell phone at video of the moment. last night was only the 22nd perfect game in major league baseball history, the first and the giants franchise history. >>justine: the best was the eyes on the shoulders. we are following a breaking news story, a fire in oakland and there is no bart service. we will take a break and be right back.
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>>justine: breaking news involves a big fire happening in oakland this morning. it is some sort of abandoned apartment complex. we can see from some of the video, there are a lot of flames but most importantly, a fire has now burned part of the bart tracks. there is no trend space-bar service this morning. you cannot use bart to get from the east bay into san francisco or from step francisco into the east bay. a spokesperson for board says, find a different way! if they do not have an estimated time for bart to be reopened. the flames that we saw still seem to be burning. emergency crews are on the scene. we do know that it is a three alarm fire with no injuries but again, bart service has been suspended. >>james: following the
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latest on a massive fire burning in the western united states, in colorado. not a lot of progress has been made of the. it has burned more than 46,000 a. including several homes. more than 1000 firefighters have been called into battle please. it is only 10 percent contained. in new mexico, another huge fire is burning there. it has destroyed more than 200 homes and has burned over 37,000 a.. the governor of new mexico has declared a state of emergency. firefighters say they are making some gains, the fire is 51 percent contained. there is a chance of rain in the forecast which will certainly help. >>justine: cabins in your city are now set to close because of a potential danger of falling rocks. park officials released a report detailing gary's the approach of falling rocks. the study began in 2008
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after thousands of tons of boulders rain god to cabins in one village forcing school children to scramble for their lives. these are pictures of the incident. after the event, 200 of those family friendly campground cabins were closed. this week, 18 additional were closed. >>james: state democratic lawmakers say they have come up with a plan for a balanced budget which makes smaller cuts to programs for the needy than the governor's proposal. the constitutional deadline for balanced budget is this coming friday. california is currently facing a nearly $16 billion shortfall. the governor laid out a plan to make major cuts to welfare but democratic leaders are refusing to make cuts to programs for the poor. >> we're not looking for a fight. i have said that repeatedly.
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on the other hand, we have an obligation not to overdramatize. we have an obligation to be a voice for the voiceless. these are numbers. these numbers translate into impact on real lives. >>james: the plan includes lowering of the state's reserve funds. democrats say they should reach a deal in time, if not, they risk not getting paid. protesters arrested inside of the state capitol building. governor brown was to slash money from several programs including welfare and child subsidies. his plan is expected to help the state close and more than $50 million shortfall. >>justine: our big story this morning is that there is no trance state barge
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service. erica has a look on how you may be able to get worried go this morning without bart. >>erica: there is no trans bay bart service until further notice because of that fire. as of right now we are seeing a back up. the of this greeting indicates speeds around 30 mi. per hour. this fire around the west oakland bart station is pretty close to the nimitz freeway. it is a visual hazard. because there is no bart service expected this morning everyone will have to find an alternate route. just about 3000 people take bart on an average day. most of those people come from oakland into san francisco. they will probably have to drive this morning and use the bay bridge, san mateo bridge or dumbarton. of course, you can use ac transit.
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for a full list we have posted a link on our kron4 facebook fan page. >>erica: here is a look at your current temperatures. future cast 4 does have a story to tell. 60s along the coast.
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many locations will be into the '70s. as we headed to 3:00 p.m., we will start to see some red on the screen. most of that is out of the bay area forecast area. expect 70's and 80's in the south bay. low seventies for the east shores. an abundance of 70's for the most part. your 7 day around the bay forecast does show a little bit of coastal fog to contend with. tomorrow, windy conditions. by father's day looks like we will start to cool off. it looks like pretty pleasant conditions as we start the next four quick.
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>>james: we will take a quick break and be back with the latest on our breaking news story. a fire in oakland directly across the street from the west oakland bart station. bart service has shut down in either direction across the bay. a major impact on the morning commute, details ahead.
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>>justine: breaking news, this is a video of the huge three alarm fire burning in oakland at right now on fifth and mandela. you will not be able to use bart to get from oakland to the east bay or from the east bay does it francisco. this is video showing us
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this mass of firefighting efforts. there is no bart service. a live report from the scene coming up after this break.
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>>justine: oakland firefighters are still battling in three alarm fire directly across the street from the west oakland bart station. power has now been turned off. there's no trans bay bart service. will tran is live on the scene with the latest. >>will: they are still shooting flames on to the hot spots. the heavy lifting is over for now. they're just making sure that this is completely out. the fire started at 215 at this senior center that was under construction. here is video that we got right after the fire
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started. because of the fire is still under investigation. it was under construction. we do not know if workers were there and left something on, nonetheless fire departments, using other departments in the area quickly got it under control. they had to shut off power to make sure that the fire did not get more out of control. it looks under control for now. firefighters are finally able to take a deep breath. there are still shooting water on to the structure at this time. he could see the bart workers on top of the platform. normally trains would be running through at this time but it is not going to happen.
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>>will: it looks like there continued to get updates, it looks like the bart operators are still here, they are not going anywhere. we do not know when service will be restored. i will let you know as soon as i find out. >>justine: well, kitty see any damage on the bart tracks? >>will: you can see it ladder above the tracks shooting down on to the structure. as soon as the tracks possibly being damaged, is dark right now, i cannot tell. it looks like some of the fencing could be charged. he goes from a metallic color to dark black. it looks like at least they're really is a little
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bit bird. the actual tracks, it is too hard to tell at this time. rome and here we go. sir, i am will tran from kron4 news. can he tell us what is going on? our the bart tracks damaged? >> the engineers are waiting to get onto the tracks. i am sure there is some damage but i am unsure at what level. we're getting them out of the tracks right now. the hard part is getting the last bits of a fighter. >>will: , to lombardy think?
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>> bart will be available. they have set up a bus bridge. as i understand, they have a contingency set up. as far as our operation, i'd guess it would be about another hour before the board engineers could have free access. >>will: we do not see any flames at this time. i imagine hot spots are a major concern? >> yes, we also have one gas line that is still active. pg&e is working on making some hazards safe. tested as that is that we
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can get in there and get the fire are complete. >>will: is there a cause for the fire? >> there is not. exports >>will: does this neighborhood still have partial power? >> there is still some power but i am unsure of who has power into does not. >>will: as soon as the jim allison is available, we will talk with him. third >>justine: was suggesting that senior center caught on fire or were there other buildings impacted? >>will: it looks like moseley this senior center. yet there are buildings nearby it looks like industrial. if the fire did spread it is probably minimal damage. no one lives directly across from this bart station in
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this direction. they are still pouring thousands of gallons of water onto the hot spots at this time. minimal flames and more in fort lee, bart engineers are on the platform right now waiting to get access. the could be another hour before they can walk across here. even if the tracks are fine, the structure might be compromised. it is an elevated track. the concrete that holds the tracks could be damaged. it looks like it could be long, even in today's before bargains as an answer. >>justine: we are going to check in with erica and the traffic center.
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gear is in the traffic center with when you need to know not being able to use bart this morning. >>erica: we do know that there is no service through the trans the tube. it does not mean that bart is not working on possibly providing shuttle buses to get you to the nearest bart station to get you down the peninsula however right now, i would think on using an alternate mode of transportation whether that be driving, the san mateo bridge or dumbarton bridges. again, the fire at seventh in the market is the reason bart is not running that service. there could be some compromise to those tracks. they are teaming up with ac transit. ac transit provides 33 lines if that provide transkei services across the three key bridges. allow yourself a lot of extra time off for those trends the commute.
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for a full list of buses and schedules, visit our facebook fan page. right now, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving well. three of 50,000 people on average take part the the. many of those go across the bay, you can probably expect a large back up this morning. turning our attention to whether we do have some fog out there along the coastline. most of the fall will burn off as we head into the latter part of the morning. as we check out future cast 4, 60s along the coastline and 70's on the part of the bay, potentially squeezing out '80s, i do not think we will see in the 90s today.
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some of these the valleys could get close. our third sunday of sunshine and breezy conditions. the 7 day around the bay forecast shows a warm up as we head into the weekend. >>james: we will take a quick break and come back with more on that breaking news story out of the east bay. fire in oakland near the west oakland bart station has forced or to suspend the trans bay service. make alternate plans. we're back with more in the moment.
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>>james: a breaking news story out of the east bay. this is video from a massive fire earlier this morning at an apartment building that was under construction. it sits directly across the street from the west oakland bart station.
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the tracks run through this property. there is major concern that the tracks themselves could be damaged. we have bart officials on the scene and pg&e as well. power has also been disrupted. in the next hour or so, bart inspectors will be able to inspect the tracks for damage. in the meantime, they're telling you to find another way to get across the bay. this will be a major problem for the morning commute. the bart riders ship at three of 50,000 during the morning commute. expect a lot of extra commuters on the rose this morning. kron4 will keep you updated as soon as we find out more details from the scene. >>justine: we will take a quick break and check in with a live report on the scene to get an idea of what is happening. stay with us.
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for >>james: a breaking news story out of the ec. a major fire out of the building under construction has forced bart to cancel service across the bay until further notice. will tran is standing by with the latest on that bart service into the fire fighting efforts there. >>will: right now firefighters are still on the scene. they're not allowing engineers even get close. we just got an update from the fire department. maybe another 45-50 minutes until they get the situation under control enough that they can allow the engineers to wall of the platform. it is an elevated platform, they have to inspect the tracks for possible damage. the structure runs above this senior center that caught fire around to 3:00
4:45 am
p.m.. the is started off as the four stories, it is down to just one. they're worried about hot spots. and a perfect world bart would be running at 4:00 a.m.. it is not this morning. there are bart engineers on the elevated tracks keeping a close eye on the situation. jim allison is a public information officer with bart and is joining me with the latest. when will we know if the tracks are damaged? offs >> essentially, the main thing for people to remember is that there is no trans fee-for-service consult further with this. we are waiting to do a full damage assessment. there are still pouring water on some of the fire cepheus for >>will: if the tracks are find, but the structure
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itself has been damaged, you cannot have a bart train come true because it could collapse. how long would it take to repair? >> it is a difficult to speculate other than to say we will not run the trains until it is safe to do so. it is a lot of the committee involved. we will have to wade into see what is live on. >>will: in a perfect world, for what is your estimation? for the u.s. open 40,000 are expected to show up >> it does not serve anyone well to gas if they. if they can bear with us while we make sure everything is safe, we will get it up as soon as we can. we do not want to rush.
4:47 am
if they could find a different way to get across the bay until further notice, that would be the best. >> i do not want to speculate. ac transit as bus service to disclose the cost of day. there are also fears. >>will: it could not have happened at a worse place. this is a hub. >> it could always get worse but it is safe to say that four of our five lines rely on this section of track that connects the east bay to san francisco. obviously, that is not a good thing. four of our five lines are affected.
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>>james: can you have to clarify where bart service is running >> i will get a service update and a moment and i will have more information in a little bit. i can tell you the richmond to fremont line should not be affected. people the trouble solely within the state should be fine. obviously we will try to serve all of our stations on the san francisco peninsula is well. anyone going across the bay is affected. >>will: firefighters are still here and still manning this place. over the past three minutes during my interview it looks like it has gotten smoky air. instead of dying down a little bit this seems like
4:49 am
the water is starting to kick up the smell. it looks like the flames of been gone for quite some time that they are not allowing the engineers to get close. the bart tracks run pretty much right above the senior center and there are some bart workers right on top of the platform. 50 yds or so away from the where they need to be jim says even if it is superficial damage he does not know when the trains will run. >>james: we will turn our attention to traffic. that is the biggest impact as a result of this morning's fire. erica has been standing by in the traffic center. 350,000 people take bart for the morning commute to read a good majority of those people use the transit service. >>erica: right now it looks like most people should bank of finding alternate forms of transportation. for those of you driving that will put extra pressure
4:50 am
on the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge in the dumbarton bridge. bart is teaming up with ac transit to provide transit a service routes. there are 33 buses that go across the bay for ac transit. for a list of where to catch the bus is and where the lines are in the schedules i have posted all of that information on our kron4 facebook fan page. we do want to remind you, there is no transit service on bart. you will need to find an alternate means of transportation until further notice. right now it looks like the approach to the bay bridge is doing fine. expected date backups and delays especially with the bart problems. a lot of people driving into the city. there are no delays getting to the san mateo bridge. as we take it over to the golden gate, you will have fog to contend with but no incidents to report. a smooth and easy ride, just 22 minutes out of nevada into san francisco. as we shift gears and turn
4:51 am
things over to the weather center, we do have a little bit of coastal and bay fog to deal with, especially for those of you commuting on highway one this morning. it will be close to burn off. even colder conditions expected later this afternoon with temperatures ranging from the low 60s to the upper 80s. it depends on where you're located. later this evening the fog will be slow to return. temperatures return back to the '60s and '70s. stepping outside the door expect a wide range of '50s. as we turn our attention to feature cast, if by noon it looks like we will see '60s, '70s and '80s. the '90s will stay out of our forecasted area. expect plenty of 70's and 80's. over to the inland the east bay valleys it looks like antioch could get close to 90 degrees.
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72 expected in hayward. expect plenty of sunshine in the north bay with upper seventies year. the kron47 day around the bay forecast shows a little bit of a warm-up as we head into tomorrow. windy conditions will persist on saturday with temperatures flirted in the triple digits. things will go back down for father's day, partly cloudy skies as mr. the next work week. >>justine: the bay area is a few hours away from the 112 u.s. open. if you're headed to the olympic club today, you should be leading right about now. unless you have a vip parking fee, as we mentioned there is no bart service from the east bay into san francisco. he still have to be shuttled to the olympic club by a bus. you have to park at candlestick park. you cannot take any cell phones with the. j.r stone tested one of the systems to see how long it takes. >>j.r: at 2:00 p.m., it is
4:53 am
time to go to the u.s. open, the starting point was the garage of the kron4 studios at van ness and geary streets. the first destination is candlestick park. it was a cruise down venice south on 101. parking is a breeze. i am less than 30 ft. from the bus check-in. metal detectors and all. this is where you lose your cellphone and other portable pcs, all of which are not allowed, not even if you put them on silent. even with my media pass, there were still hurdles to overcome. most of my gear would not be allowed if i were not on television. it includes phones and my backpack. the fanny pack would be allowed because it is smaller than eight x eight. minutes later, i was approved. >>j.r: is now 2:40 p.m.. i have been on the bus for five minutes. no traffic means an easy ride to the stadium? not exactly the.
4:54 am
the bathroom light is red meeting it is closed. there are no bathrooms opened on any buses. upon arrival to the glove there is a week. 10 minutes of sitting 3/5 now i'm off the bus. it's a the exactly 30 minutes to get from candlestick to here at the olympic club with no traffic on the road furious >> it is likely will be using these free phone tents. they're not too busy today but expect bigger crowds during actual play. sam at candlestick the left, bart to the right. >> the bus ride home is much shorter aqueduct. if you're coming out here for tournament play and have your phone numbers memorize for those fleets a false the >>mark:
4:55 am
>>james: we will take a quick break. al breaking news story cuff farceurs as has been cancelled due to a fire this morning. there is possible tractive it. engineers from bart will hopefully be able to get on the tracks to inspect them to get a better idea. for now, no bart service across the bay. they wanted to find another way to get to work. back with more in a minute.
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>>james: our breaking news story is this fire in oakland. this was the scene when the flames were raging. most of the flames are now knocked down. the problem is fact it has possibly damaged bart tracks near the was a conversation. as a result far has canceled transit service if. they say they will not offer the service until further notice.
4:58 am
will tran is live on the scene for. we will get the latest from him coming out fifth justine benefits to have a live picture into the news fifth sphere, there's no transkei birth of this this morning. the arafat in thin and in theory of ... all announcer:
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the kron4 news the start now with breaking news. and >>james: bart service across the bay has been cancelled. a fire in oakland near the west oakland bart tracks. they do not know if the tracks are damaged the they're canceling service until they can determine that firsthand. will tran is live on the scene with the firefighting efforts. well, why cannot determine if there has been damaged?
5:01 am
>>will: they still have not gotten a good look at it. here is a shot from about two of its the gulf. finally, firefighters felt it was safe enough to let the bart engineers walked on the elevated platforms, you can see them, finally after about 2.5 hours, getting a close look at the bart tracks. at this point they have shut down bart service after west oakland. it could not have happened at a worse place. the bulk of the travel clothes from san francisco to oakland in oakland to san francisco. that has been shut off until engineers determined if there has been damage to the bart tracks where the elevated platform. also, they could not tell us, even if there was superficial damage how long or how soon and bart service would resume. at least for now, they said
5:02 am
an hour at 4:03 p.m.. i can tell you, there seems to be partial power in this place. it seems maybe with partial power bart service could be restored. we just do not know at this time. that is why they are advising people to look for alternative ways to get around. they will try to set up a bust bridge for people. as far as people going to work this morning from oakland to san francisco or vice versa, you have to try and maybe, on the theory or get on the bus because this will not be available for quite some time. as far as the u.s. open, that is also a major concern. we ask the bart spokesperson about that, 40,000 diesel were expected to show up for. they will need to find other ways, perhaps getting dropped off by friends and family.
5:03 am
>>will: give us an idea of what was on fire. >>will: what caught fire was this senior center. it was under construction thrift there was no one inside at the time. they do not know how recently the construction for fourth at the site. the building started off as four stories. because of the thick fire, the smoke and flames, it has been knocked down to just one story hit it looks like they got the heavy lifting done and most of that was done around 4:00 a.m.. over the past 15 minutes or so they have been able to attract to of letters.
5:04 am
here is a close-up shot of the bart engineers. two of them are looking at the bart tracks to see if there is any substantial damage. there could even be superficial damage and that could cripple this meter line that services thousands of people throughout the day and early morning commute hours kharif a spokesperson for bart is monitoring the situation, hopefully he will come down to give us an update on how sensors will be restored. here is the platform, the senior center is directly below. as far as the fire could not have happened at a worse place. it looks like they're really was charred. let's hope that is the worst of the damage.
5:05 am
>>darya: let's talk about who this will affect. 150,000 people use bart daily, 3 and 50,000 people who use the bridge for if this will affect the fifth half fell drive will take the bus to work if everything will be affected. >>george: if you normally ride the bus you have a more difficult time getting the seat of the bus for you will be standing in line waiting to get one. if you ride the fear you will be competing with other passengers. if you drive the bay bridge you need to go right now. these are the current conditions on the bay bridge. i do not think it will stay like this for very long normally the bay bridge does not back up and sell around 6:15 a.m.. i would not see surprised if the next 30 minutes sieges of the big rush of cars.
5:06 am
you're likely to see early activation of the metering lights. >>darya: for free if you are planning to half in the car, you need to get out early. hi you have to use the bus system if he did not have an alternate way to work. >> there is the trans bay service on board. you will be able to use bart to get to the oakland area, presumably. pittsburgh, they point or out in pleasanton. you will be able to catch and bart into downtown oakland. presumably would be if the to get an ac transit connection. the of the pressure points are going to be the san mateo bridge through right now it looks clear. i think you also see extra pressure on a richmond-san the felt rich gifts sphere normal commuters should already start thinking about alternate bridges serious
5:07 am
>>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions from the roof camera. for the most part it is a clear start to the morning with a little bit of coastal fog and low cloud cover along the coastline. into the afternoon expect sunshine. temperatures will be ranging from the low 60s to the upper 80s. a full look at where those numbers will go coming up in just a bit. half >> on the ground. he got him! that is the game! that came on the to his mouth. >>james: into the vans go crazy, the players go crazy, everyone agrees the at at&t part as a mac came off through a masterpiece performance against the
5:08 am
astros. 125 pages, 85 of those were strikes. a career high 14 strikeouts siri the first the fifth gave the giants history. flood fatback catch. all the players on the field for doing their best to make this happen for him. in 129 years of giants franchise history, this do is the first time it has ever been done. and pretty amazing feat on the part of matt came. he spoke with reporters after the game and said he actually had to calm themselves down on the mound following that catch. >> it is starting to settle in right now in a little bit. to be able to celebrate with the guys in the clubhouse and enjoy it contrast that is something i will never forget. >> was that the best kept of your career? >> yes.
5:09 am
a lot of people say that is the greatest has the have ever seen. >> that was a defining plague. i literally had to reject myself. there was so much adrenalin, so much going on. faugh for >>james: this is cell phone video from the fans. listen to that! flashy is screaming. this is video of the final pitch shot by a kron4 employee. last night of course, the 22nd perfect game in major league history. the first in giants history. >>darya: it is an amazing
5:10 am
feat in an effort on the entire team. >>darya: our big story this morning, hundreds of thousands of commuters because of this fire in was oakland. there is no trend space-bar services mornings. how are you going to get from the east bay to san francisco costs like that is something the need to be planning rain now. in a couple of minutes there back with all of the details you need to know. lysol invites you to take the dual action wipes challenge.
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now you can take the lysol dual action wipes challenge for free. check for coupons in this sunday's paper. >>darya: we have breaking news for you out of the oakland area. this is the west oakland the bart station that has been affected by the fire that d.c. here. in this means there's no trans the bart service until further unnerve -- until further notice. for right now, there is no place to get from the east the into san francisco on for free if 500 of thousands
5:14 am
make the stuffing into their cars. the bus service, if you may have the league's through a couple of crowded buses to get over for the east the into san francisco for. this is something we are following piffle we do not even have a best estimate from bart as far as when the service will be restored to. right now you need to plan your way without bart service going from oakland to san francisco. >>justine: we want to ask viewers how this will be impacting their commute if they cannot get from the east bay in san francisco. in a lot of people still have worked. there is fan after the giants game today we want to hear from you this morning how is this impacting your morning commute? for stay with us of kron4, visit our facebook page, a
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mixture of the lightest and post a comment. we'll also have the latest information on twitter. more of a breaking news coverage right after this. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>>darya: our breaking news story is affecting thousands of jews commute it's going to be thrown into chaos because there is no trans base service using for this morning to get from the east bay in san francisco. she that means people are expected to jump into their cars. they have to try to get on buses which will definitely be filled up around commute time. in the meantime we are following what is happening with bart and when they will be able to provide that service again. it is all because of a fire near the west oakland the bart station. will tran is live at the scene with the latest. >>will: if you rely on the board to go from west oakland into san francisco or from san francisco into the east bay, you will not have service for at least a couple hours.
5:19 am
that is an update from jim allison who just got done talking to one of his engineer. caution >> i think you are correct in saying it will be a couple hours without bart service. >>will: as far as the tracks themselves were the trains run, are they damaged? >> we are still trying to get all of the information and get a good look at that. there is specific equipment that will test the safety of the tracks. visually, it does not look like they were heavily damaged. it looks like electricity is the main issue right now.
5:20 am
>>will: i know you said the insulators and possibly the third real were damaged, how soon can repairs be made, especially during the height of the morning commute? >> we cannot begin repairs until we're able to get a beer and safely look at what needs to be done. it is a step-by-step process that has to be done in a safe way. the first thing is to make sure it is safe. some of our engineers have been able to get a fair. we have not been able to see everything that was involved. >>will: i saw you talking to one of the engineers, did you think you had dodged a major bullet or was the source of that he thought? >> i would just say any time you have transducers affected in the morning and the the number of people that are affected, we did not dodge a bullet. it is something that affects a lot of people.
5:21 am
it is unfortunate but we are doing well we can't. >>will: speaking of commuters, how many people rely on a west oakland? >> bart has a weekday riders of the 370,000 right now. about 50,000 people use bart to get across the bay in the morning. if you can imagine the number of people on the bay bridge, that is how many people take part. it is a lot. >>will: what services are running if you need to get to richmond or double? them our clan-fremont line is also sitting all of the stations on the peninsula are connected to each other, you just cannot go across the bay and of course that is where many people want to go.
5:22 am
>>will: would you suggest for people for the u.s. open, they cannot drive there. >> use ac transit or one of the series. we do have a new ferry service that was disestablish lot but last week. there is nothing that bart can do at this moment to get the trains running any more quickly if you want to get across the bay, take a day off from are in use another way to get across the bay. >>will: thank you. even once they get there, it can be hard just to get to the platform. as you can see, this is still officially fire scene. firefighters have control of what is going on. firefighters are still shooting down onto the structure that was caught on fire. this senior section is under construction. before the fire it was four stories high, it is now just one story, a completely
5:23 am
damaged. they do not know of any surrounding structures for damage. >>darya: it will be at least a couple of hours. i understand when there is inadequate for example it will take 20 minutes for us to shut down service, has this ever happened we're suddenly, the trans a terminal is out of commission for what is at least would be a couple of hours? >>george: there have been occasions where transkei service was affected in canceled. i can remember one occasion with a fire, another there was an electrical problem and we have had trains stall inside the tubes. in a case like this where they have had the third real cover boards, the have 12 of them knelt at once and all have to be replaced, that is
5:24 am
nothing that i can remember ever happening. in terms of having service interrupted, free weekend expected to have a big impact on the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, i am surprised that we are not seem more traffic on the bay bridge westbound. my best advice is to get to the bridge as early as possible. call make sure you have a full capacity. how would bigger than normal backups, you will burn plenty of gas. that is one of the reason we get calls on the cliff milius how
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
>>james: there is no bart service across the bay this morning. find another way. a fire near the west oakland bart station has damaged the tracks enough that bart has canceled france a service. it was a senior center under construction by your commute will be a headache. full details straight ahead.
5:29 am
5:30 am
and >>darya: everything is is there is no fan stage bart service this mournful, there was a firefight near the west oakland bart stations liftoff fall of the people who usually take heart flow have too few favorites or perhaps use the buds appear if phyllis with a friend of the fourth few 5 1/5 to flatfish reaffirm
5:31 am
>> right now we're running fear this will from the ac transit center. we're urging the far right roof to go to our facility for roof blew will try to see what more we can do for. >>darya: in the heart of the from you already have all of your buses running. >> it will be in a challenge. we are working to see what we can do. we are working as best we can. >>darya: would you provide
5:32 am
any special bus services from afforestation sphere that people would have been asked directly for >> again we're still trying to work that out. all of our buses will be put into operation of the specifics are still the worst out. >>darya: is there a contingency plan for the evening commute if this does indeed last throughout the day? for a fan from the evening will not be nearly as staff and will do as much as a leaflet if >>darya: you find is more of a fog 50 commute in the
5:33 am
morning finnmark >>darya: we will keep you up-to-date >>darya: it is 5:30 a.m. and we are already starting to see the effects of the guard service being out. >>james: let's get to the west oakland station, that is where the fire broke out. that is where bart engineers are trying to assess the damage to the tracks more fully that they are also trying to put together a time line as to how long it will take to get repairs done. will tran is live at the scene with the latest. >>will: we were the first to tell the public that at least for the next couple of hours it would not have access to the west oakland persists to and from san
5:34 am
francisco. that is because there was damage to the tracks. here is a shots selling the ford engineers and firefighters on the scene. the tracks that the trains tested on appear to be fine. there could be some melting of the fiberglass the repairs could take two-three hours as far as getting to the scene we do not know when engineers will be able to get closer or bring in their heavy equipment.
5:35 am
as much as 50,000 commuters the same number for fax frost of the fridge for you from full of lymph for. it looks like right now the full have adjusted theory who do not see fit to many cars on the freeway for. fill looks like there is still faith in the car for people to get around. as far as this see if and sunflower is still one firefighter of ladder. when i got here this morning there were five-fifths latter theory fits with like the heavy lifting of open. he conceived of really, the fencing, in the front. that is not a big deal of. they have to get close to defeat their if any damage to the platform itself. it could not have happened had of roughly 50 if the surface the for the month below the elevated form.
5:36 am
because the flames were reaching sky-high it not only damaged a third rail, it could also damage the structure itself. that would be very dangerous for any bart trains its even ride across it could be another couple of hours before they even get a good analysis to see how long the project will take. of >>james: they only got a precursory look. they have not had a fine to the detailed examination of the damage and for what he's already set up to 12 installation pieces that protect the electrical. it would be interesting to find out if they even have that in stock or if it has to be ordered which could also delay getting service back up and running. them this disease is so is this is a success
5:37 am
>>darya: la are in the south of the floors, the favorites is already starting fact that few if 4 >>george: this is traffic theory of this is the wave of the few the traffic at around since the fall for a few minutes after. we are now about 30 minutes ahead of schedule for the was downright in terms of the backup. we're likely to see the metering lights activated in the next 10-15 minutes. >>darya: normally we have about 350,000 commuters using their cars in the bay bridge. now, all we have the extra course of this slice slice serious there is extra pressure on the bay bridge and from asking you. >>george: for people who do not drive the u.s. open bart is the only really good option because they had set up a special shuttle service. let's talk about was service
5:38 am
is available. from the peninsula you could still get to the bart station. that is still an option. call richmond-fremont line is still open and will likely the the least affected furious all of these other trends that normally cross, they will testify until late to turn them around. that will mean single tracking fifths of if you do not normally used to translate to the you take heart, your service will be delayed. >>darya: i was just thinking, if you are using a bus service, did you are closer in, you may find that the buses are full already. >>george: these are some of the commute options.
5:39 am
there is a possibility that if buses are available they may be providing some service from the macarthur station. also, you can take the oakland alameda ferry or the vallejo ferry. we will also cease of fresh or cooked on the san mateo bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge. i am looking now at the sensors on the san mateo bridge. i do not believe that there richmond and san rafael bridges that badly back up. i think that is something of an anomaly but i will check that out. fixed fees me, the standards the average for the ride is likely to affect the commute across 101 southbound. the festival is for you is to get out the door as quickly as possible. as you can see in our live look from the bay bridge, the backup is already starting to form in the the impact will be felt. efts the >>james: that is hardly the best of the vice consul now
5:40 am
before it gets that out there on the roads if you're if they will leave that with more on this top stories. the breaking news, there is no bart for in the service. the will be right back. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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>>darya: a breaking news this morning, if you are just waking up, you will not be able to take part from its been in the san francisco this morning. and there is no transit bart service right now because they have had to close down the tracks and at the west oakland and 12th street stations because of the fire you can see there. you have to find an alternative to get to work or where ever you need to be, the u.s. open or the giants game, all of these things are going on in san francisco, you have these the bus or half in a car. we are already seeing a back up on the bay bridge because of this.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
in >>james: there is no transit service for board. if you take bart as part of your morning commute, you cannot sedates year if you will need to find another place during a fire at the west oakland and bart station, that is the light shine or looking at, if there is no service for the indefinite future 50 if finn will cause major problems if if >>darya: george has been telling you from the start you need to get in your car and get over the bay bridge. it looks like a lot of people are listening. >>george: in the theory the back of is already forming on the bay bridge. the toll plaza metering lights has not yet been activated but it is likely that they will see fit to liquidate. if you can see here, right in the center of the toll plaza, the fact that is
5:48 am
already reaching beyond the 880 over profit if normally we would not see this until about 6:30 a.m.. we are about 45 minutes ahead of schedule. the 880 approach is already starting to back up. >>george: you could also use the vallejo. or the oakland alameda ferry. if you live in a tunnel and normally drive in, you may want to think about going the opposite direction even if you are a regular driver if because there is going to be so much extra pressure on interstate the and on the day bridge.
5:49 am
ac transit system sa, you may fare slightly fatter at getting across the bridge furious the possibility that ac transit live provide some support for bork. right now, the san mateo bridge would be another good alternate. at last check we thought there might have been some delays the the fact there are not. there was just a brief sensor anomaly to. the richmond san rafael bridge is also a good alternate. here is a current book from the toll plaza of the golden gate. traffic is heading in the southbound direction still looking good, it is not unusually heavy or back up. >>darya: let's go live to the scene of this fire that is affecting bart with team coverage continuing of the big story this morning. will tran has been there from the start.
5:50 am
>>darya: the best you have heard is a couple of hours? >>will: a couple of hours. weaver the first to tell you that the flames are no longer a problem. they are just some signs of hot spot siri this license as they leave your holiday regardless of if there are fleas the adjusts to investigate and not much of the situation if if few ride are common here is what you need to know. for folded last five minutes engineers were finally allowed to get a better look at the bart tracks. we have learned over the past 30 minutes or so that a third rail might have been damaged. they know for sure the insulators, about 12 of them, or possibly in melted. this fire got so hot that it burns, it melted some of the street lights out here, some of the street signs in the nearby bushes. that is why engineers will not allow us to get closer to the securities now that they are tough as this is
5:51 am
their second look serious 60 have learned that it will take time to analyze as far as the project itself, they do not know how long it will take which is why they're telling people to talk on the buses in a series. still less so pleasant faces is not available to and from the san francisco i can tell you that if they need to make major repairs, they have it available, they did have the of the warehouse. if they do not have the order in the parts of a can tell you, it looks like the two tracks that the trains run on seen to be fine. the fire have been pretty much underneath the elevated platform. it is a chance that the concrete platform might have been compromised.
5:52 am
the damage to the concrete could not this whole thing down to. that is because of what we saw, who knows how he will play out. if all hands on that as far as part is concerned. they said 50,000 people to and from san francisco, the equivalent as many people across the bay bridge daily. keep it here and we will let you know is going on. the good news is they do not have to order any parts. it is superficial damage. >>darya: we think about the scope of the problem and who it affects, tens of thousands of people are waking up with a wrench in their commute. a roadblock trying to get from 83 in san francisco and of trying to plan how they love their way around it.
5:53 am
>>justine: and we wanted to know how yours were doing this morning. liu be able to get to work without using parts from the east bay and san francisco? what about the giants game later this afternoon or even the u.s. open happening in san francisco curious we have posted a question on facebook asking, how are you going to get around without the chance the bart service? schools have already cut the fees, assists tsongas is is a little was some of our ears have to say it's serious thought this is not adding another layer onto people's communes. we have the light fixtures of the bridges are also backed up this morning. if you like the leader of the comment on facebook, and teachers alike the, spandex a tweet. we really want to know how to. a huge orange in the morning chains as a look at
5:54 am
the weather. >>james: ever to have the worth of leather for today. >>terisa: it looks like it could be a little bit cooler. we do have cloud cover mainly along coastlines lift as it heads into tomorrow, that is one we can expect this week and we will be flirting with a triple digits. here's a look at your afternoon highs. here is a look at your 7 sharing debate coming up in just a bit. we could get someone to orders as we head into saturday. >>james: will take a quick break and back with more in a minute. again, a lawyer need to know right now if there is no bart service across the bay. if that is a part of your canoeists, if you need to find another way and get on the road now because they are beginning to jam up. back with more in a minute.
5:55 am
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>>darya: we have a live tv coverage since including our helicopter over a scene of this fire that has shut down or service from the east bay and san francisco. there is no estimate on when they will get this back up and running. that means tens of thousands of commuters have to find another way to work. george rask is in the traffic center sharing the impact on the bay bridge. we also have a live interviews with ac transit about bus service and we found out if you have a bart about bus service and we found out if you have a bart to keep you can hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. about bus service and we found out if you have a bart to keep you can oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app.
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