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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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why next week may bring out the fireworks. thousands of construction jobs are coming to oakland. we will tell you why and how soon they will be available. >> more on the top stories.
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we want to check you off with a quick check of weather. this is san francisco on the first day of summer. good morning, james. >> good morning, justine, this is a nice start and minimal coastal fog. that's what we are waking up to this morning. expect sunny skies and warmer conditions than yesterday. today is the warmest of the next seven. look for widespread 70s. and cloud will roll in. look for the fog to come back. cool, almost cold temperature it is for the rest of the week. your extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> george. >> we have an accident at fifth and it is not creating any delays. here in walnut creek, it is a smooth ride. it shows it is already heavy on highway four and for the south bay peninsula. we are looking at pretty light conditions. mark? >> thank you. investigators will be on the scene at a fire in west
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oakland. it shut down bart service for thens of thousands of commuters. >> we will have the latest. will the feds be showing up? >> reporter: not yet. you see a security guard behind me. she is one of several security guards. they were in place before the fire started. $21 million were pumped into here and last thursday morning, it went up in a ball of flames. there were hot spots and danger of the structure collapsing on the investigators for the past several days. >> they went around talking to potential witnesses and security guard and now, they feel it is safe enough for them to go inside and collect possible evidence. they are not worried about them being burned as well as a skeleton of the place collapsing. and they basically reinforce some of the things. >> now, the security guard. he says that 15 minutes before
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the place -- was set on fire, that started on fire, we don't know the cause yet. he was aroused -- he was surrounded by three men and then came the fire. that's why the fire department believes it was suspicious activity. the atf, they don't know the cause of the fire. should take several weeks for them to collect. and find out. >> back to you. >> we will check it out throughout the morning. new this morning. crews are on the scene at the fire. and it started before 4:00. on telegraph avenue. and it has been put out. but the fire crews are watching to see if any hot spots of pop up. and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> not a whole lieutenant of action in last night's ethics commission here. and suspension of ross
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mirkarimi. that's when he begins live testimony in front of the commission. he could be thrown out of the office by mayor ed lee who charged misconduct charges against him. >> this happened yesterday. >> the plea in connection with the new year's eve argument with his wife of miss lopez. he grabbed her and bruised her on the arm. she is show you the bruise there. this is the video she recorded with a friend. it is expected to and key piece of evidence in the hearing. >> speaking out before the hearing. >> hills opinion has not changed. and he believes mirkarimi offered of of of of of and he offered some harsh words. >> as one of the top law enforcement officials for the city, he ought not to have
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engaged in the beating of his wife. that's what it comes down to. >> the mayor mentioned. there is no amount of money the city has spent dealing with this issue. they have approved a $1 billion deal to turnpike the army base into a logistics and warehousing center. it will transform it into a state of the art facility that manages the flow of cargo in and out of the before port of oakland. it is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the cities. and of agreeing to give residents 50% of the construction jobs. the jobs on the warehouse is set to start in 2015. the man accused of stealing bicycles from the bart trains has been arrested. now, they will return half a dozen stolen bikes to their rightful owner. breath major of san francisco. and upon searching his home,
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they discovered seven bike frames and numerous bicycle parts. they have posted pictures of the bikes on line. and hoping the rightful owner also come back to claim them. and if they are stole be, he will faced additional charges. >> we are showing them to you now. there is a link on of news 10 and the -- there is a link on kronfour. and facebook page. lots of sunshine. beautiful start to the idea. light traffic here. beautiful start to the day.
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. watching wall street. futures are up and dow investors are waiting for the next move from the federal reserve. they will hope they he announce a buying or a close of the two day meeting. ben bernanke will hold a conference and announce what they will do. stocks finish up 1% as the dow is up 95 points. we are waiting for a mortgage index on a crude inventory for next week. >> those will effect the markets as well. >> judge in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case expects the
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defense to rest today. this is the last day for him to testify. it is yesterday that his wife dottie told jurors she remembers at least six of the husband's accusers staying overnight at their house and didn't see any inappropriate contact. >> james porter, who is a long time friend, said the showers with the boys were innocent including the one that assistant coach mike mcquery saw more than a decade ago. >> he was a father figure to the kids. he helped them take a shower. who knows how old the boy was. and where is the little boy that mike mcquery saw? why hasn't he come forward to say this happened. a defense psychologist said he has a personality disorder. a condition that is marked by a need for attention.
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admiration and intimacy. we will let you know if he testifies today. we will be right back. the news continues. here is george rask. he is following a hot spot. >> this is 880 at fifth. the right lane is blocked. a tow truck is ordered, dispatched to this location. so far, it is not yet cleared and it will add a few minutes to the northbound drive. i will have a look at this and ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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. welcome back. world news that we are following. new this morning an explosion in afghanistan has left 10 people dead. afghan officials say a man ran on a motorcycle into a convoy. 13 others were wounded and hospital officials say a police officer and teenager are among the dead. no word on soldier casualties. military investigators are recommending that seven u.s. troops face after strafe punishment in the burning of korans, back in february. several korans, were thrown know a garbage pit and set off riots. they face patient from a letter in their file to docking of pay. it does not include court martial or criminal churches.
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hosni mubarak is off life support and his vital organs are funking. the news agency is reporting that he is clinically dead. they countered saying he is alive but in critical condition after his heart stopped. this is video earlier this month. he was charged in the killings of ante demonstrators and ousted him from the presidency of february last year. >> thousands of egyptians gathered as word started to spread and mubarak was dead or close to deed. there were questions over who will succeed the leader. in the presidential election, they are claiming victory. ever firefighters are battling a fire sparked by kids. it as subdivision in an apartment complex. it was started yesterday by three children under 10 years old. they he were playing with fire.
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they were released to their parents and could be held liable for the cost of the fire. it is being held by numerous firefighters. to colorado, they are making improvements on the fire that destroyed more homes than any other in state history. it is west of fort collins and burned 93 square miles and only 55% contained. after firefighters are trying to fight this in 90-degree temperatures. cooler weather is expected today. the fires destroyed 189 homes. since it was parked by lightning on june 9th. fire officials say it could be weeks or months before it is controlled. >> we will talk about the hot spot and forecast that george is watching. >> it is on the nimitz freeway. it is a minor accident and one of the vehicles still needs a tow truck. that's why you still see 808 in
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the northbound direction. this back up is liable to be with us for 15 or 20 minutes or so. >> it is not going to last through the morning commute and this will clear out before traffic gets heavy on the nimitz freeway. >> it is going to add. two to three minutes to the drive time into it downtown oakland in you are coming out of san leandro and not too bad a problem. east bay ride looks pretty good here. no problems for the commute through the south bay on 101 and 85. here is a brim check. we look first at the bay bridge. >> metering lights close to the time of activation. they may have been just switched on. starting to see the first bit of back up forming here and first glimmers of sunshine or the delay at the bridge. the ride to the golden gate it bridge, still smooth and problem free through marin
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county. >> we will go to james fletcher. >> this is showing us a lot of sunshine here. and folks make their way to san ramon valley. temperature wise we are on the warm side for a number of spots. 59 degrees and 55 for san francisco. we are seeing 59 out near livermore. 58 in concord. that is not the warmest of the temperatures we see right now. >> antioch, 70 degrees. and looking at widespread upper 50s to low 60s for the widespread area. >> temperatures will get warm. and we look at the widespread 70s and 80s. with the possibility of low 90s. already. >> cooler conditions at the coast. look for conditions there. >> you see the red spreading here on the map. particularly out to the east where 90-degree weather is something we can expect. out in the delta for sure.
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>> part of the san ramon valley. we will begin the tour of the bay there. >> see down campbell and evergreen and they are all coming close to the 90-degree mark. >> expect high 80s. valleys to the east will be the of warmest location with 92s 93. and east of the oakland hills. if you are on the westside. out towards the shore. you are looking for mid- to upper 70s. as well as you hit south. >> it is about 72 degrees and warming on the peninsula. >> oakland across the north bay and this is the entire list. and 88 degrees through the napa valley. the weather over the next three days looks like this. today is the hottest day of the next seven. then begin a dramatic cool down where temperatures steadily fall. especially inland where we head towards saturday and sunday.
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we will share that forecast with you. coming up in just a little bit. >> justine? >> more police officers will present this after a number of shootings there. they made the request and the police chief agreed. he has now as signed his police academy graduates to the bay view for the 14 weeks of field training. >> well get more people. more foot patrol. walking corridors. and third street. san bernardino avenue where the crime is happening. particularly through the hours of seven and 10:00 p.m. when people are getting off of work. getting out of school. particularly the summer program to create a sense of security. another set of eyes and ears. >> to work with the merchants and work with the police, using strategy that is we have in place. >> the new graduates are not
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working with. they are with other police departments and this increased the police presence by a dozen officer assist and we are hearing s.w.a.t. teams could be sent to the area. >> crackdown on vandals. >> they are beefing this up in the parks. >> this is a high profile incident. you see here. >> the park had undergone a three and a half renovation. they paid for it by the city's general fund. more than 4,000 new worker also get extra help finding jobs. >> they will warn a $6 million grant to continue reemployment services for those who are still looking for work. >> it closed two years ago after a joint venture between toyota and general motors ended. >> there was a $19 million emergency grant to provide training and grant. >> and they will continue those
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services. >> we will be right back as the morning kron four news continues. >> -- kron4. and that is the towers to the golden gate bridge. nice forecast as we head into summer today.
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. they want the president and cok to change the healthcare system in the event it finds the law unconstitutional. 3/4 do not want political leaders to abandon the healthcare system if the law is thrown out as the high court is expected to rule at the end of the month to extend healthcare coverage to 30 million uninsured americans. >> since 2006, they have banned happy hour and music at full service restaurants and now the city council is discussing whether they should lift the ban. and restaurants would be able to serve alcohol at reduced prices from four until nine at night and offer reduced price nonalcoholic drinks and appetizers. >> we didn't know about the happy hour ban. i asked is it good for a the move for the city.
6:26 am
>> they said yes. everyone should be able to indulge in happy hour. >> it does not promoting drinking drinks. which includes commute times. >> it is up to the business owner and held accountable for monitoring zone priority and care. >> we are getting mixed comments in. and this is the fan break. >> should cars be allowed to park on market street. they want to make one of the busiest corridors in the city a premiere economic center. part and a half is to eliminate private vehicles from parking on the streets. they want to gather public opinion. much more ahead on kron 4 news. we take a live look outside from the ride in walnut creek. >> this is what 680 looks like right now. >> we will get a look at the traffic and weather right after this.
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. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. you can have it your way. burger king ringing in the open be bell. it is a publicly traded company from 2006 to 2010. now, they are taking it public again. it is under the ticker symbol bkw, burger king is back. we will see if it is back. >> you think they fought off the traders. >> more than the paper hats. we will check in with george. he is watching a hot spot for your morning commute. >> better news are to the nimitz freeway in oakland. and near 23rd. the right lane was blocked with an accident. chp reports now that all of the vehicles have been cleared from the roadway. >> what you see is residual slowing. and i expect this to be gone in
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the next 10 to 15 minutes. >> shouldn't be any residual problems, now that the accident is cleared. and the east bay freeway looks pretty good. >> here is james. today is hottest day of the week. mostly 70s and 80s. good bit of 90s as you head inland. >> fog returns to the coastline and beyond that. cooler weather continues with the weekend. and getting up to 70 degrees by saturday. we will have more details coming up in a moment. we will follow the latest. federal investigators will be on the scene of a fire in oakland. it should down bart service for tens of thousands of commuters. and will tab is is on the -- will tran is on the scene. >> reporter: here is the structure that caught on fire
6:31 am
last thursday. it is five stories and now, it is completely destroyed. >> $21 million up in flames. >> they could not go here in the past several days and spent the days on the outside talking to potential witnesses. they were afraid of the hot spots. it is part of the skeleton that is here and afraid it would collapse on top of the investigators. they have reason forced the structure and they will be able to go in. and collect any possible evidence and take it to a laboratory. they don't know the cause of the fire but the oakland fire department. just moments after the fire started. they believed it was suspicious activity and the reasons why, this place has security guards. even before the fire started at 2:15. one of the security guards reported that three men came up to him and harassed him and one brand dished a pep upon and this place was a ball of
6:32 am
flames. it came up so fast. >> they came here moments after it started. and they couldn't do anything to knock down the flames to do anything. and they brought in the atf and not having only their workers with us. we don't know if they had planned to rebuilt this. >> teachers and parents of students are not giving up the fight to keep the oakland school open. >> today marks the sixth day. they are demanding that lake view and four other in the district stay open. >> police officers paid them a visit and they said they are trespassing and they have to leave. >> school officials want to work to find a solution. and giving their demands. not much room for compromise. >> oakland city council has before approved an army base.
6:33 am
into a logistics center. >> it pays tore them to transform the base into a state of the art facility. it is the flow of cargo in and out of the port of oakland. it is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the city. construction on the warehouse is scheduled to start it in 2015. oakland mayor jean kwan may have to pay out of her own pocket. it is often with police procedures during the occupy oakland presses. >> a judge agreed to the city's plan to complete overdue in additions. >> he might fine the city. and fine the mayor if the investigations are not done within a year. >> statute law prevents any illegal action of wrong doing. >> of julian assange is beyond
6:34 am
their grasp as he holds up in he can with a door. >> ---he can door. >> he took -- ecuador. he said he is seeking asylum. and they are considering the arrest. he is wanted for questioning in sweden over two sexual assaults by his former volunteers. president obama now acknowledging the european be be be be economic situation. the president expressed confidence to fix the financial troubles. >> he said cok needs to fix and boosting job creation and economic growth. he pressured them with parts of the jobs agenda that has not advanced through congress. >> they view mitt romney as being out of touch compared to president obama.
6:35 am
it shows it leaves romney. 40% below. >> and city also shows voters view romney weak. and he has not repaired the damage done to his image during the republican primary. >> much more on this wednesday, the first day of summer. we take a live look outside. >> this is happening along the freeway in san francisco. we are taking a look at the current temperature in san francisco. 54 degrees. >> by about noontime. 69, a high of 72. it will be a beautiful day. it and cooling down tonight. >> much cooler temperatures are on the seven-day forecast. on the seven-day forecast. stay with [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. . good morning, a novato man is accused of stealing $400,000
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from the band pearl jam. ricky goodrich worked as the tour accountant and in-house cfo. they found financial irregularities that included $6,500 in bulk wine purchases and $15,000 in road cash payments. goodrich has not been arrested. morgan hill police need your help in it tracking down a man with serious injuries over the weekend. they found valdez unconscious near a tree on san pedro avenue. he was on his way home when he was hit. police say they have little information about what happened after that. police in santa clara have arrested a man who attacked his neighbor with a mash cheatty type weapon. he went to his neighbor's house on saturday night where he went to complain about the noise. he came at his neighbor with a large knife. but the victim was able to
6:40 am
fight him off. >> leon was then arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. burglary and resisting police officers. we will be right back. the outlook right now on santa rosa, it is a nice morning out there. in santa rosa, it is 58 degrees. should be a picture perfect day. look for mid 70s. up around noontime. a high at three or 4:00 is high of 82. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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. we are watching wall street. the dow went down and up today. and watching wall street. we have rob black joining us with inside of the markets today. >> watching the fed. >> ben bernanke speaks and we all listen. >> they will be disappointed because that's what we are looking for. he stimulates the economy by lowering interest rates and lower the cost of money and banks can take more risks and you can take more risking by
6:44 am
buying a home and keeping your mortgage and cash flow going. >> we are watching bernanke. >> this is a quantitative easing. and it is about nothing. where will he fall on that. it is a chance where he will sell treasuries and buy long term. he has options but he is not picking up the phone and saying mark, by a mortgage. you are a fool. he can only do so much. he needs politicians to take us to the next level with some sort of legislation. >> what do you think with the statement today. will we see low interest rates for the next couple of years. >> i think so. >> no one expects them to tighten. he said its 2014 when he starts raising interest rates. way after the election. he doesn't want to do much the and who gets elected or not. >> they have variable mortgages now. the five year arms are up. >> you can refi.
6:45 am
and deal with that interest rate for a you mean of years. >> start improving your credit score. >> what will it take me to get the best type of mortgage. what do i need to get there. >> talk to the lender. and if you need he to go out and get a tven a pay it off over the next six months. that's what you need to do. >> go by television sets. >> yes. >> burger king. >> burger king was public. then they went private. they were ringing the bell again. they were public again. do you like bk. >> i own mcdonald's. it as buying opportunity. they make millions and millions and millions and millions animals of dollars. they kill a lot of animals. >> in the 50s. two years ago. >> you look at the last few years, they have gone higher. >> burger king has introduced
6:46 am
healthier fare. >> and mcdonalds will introduce juices isn't starbucks bought a juice company and they will start a juice bar. i like panero, starbucks. burg are king, to he me, they are the ugly sister and she is not going to come down the steps looking prettier. >> they have more calories than a cheeseburger. >> it is all about the marketing. >> it is about the marketing. >> they have got to talk to you. >> i would rather date a chick who has starbucks coffee for the dollar versus 5-dollars. >> you like the smart girls. >> i do. >> the company did well and the economy was not doing well. they ran the fast food and it was cheap ender. >> you think people will go to mcdonald's and burger king. >> my whole life. you would think they would go out of business. chicken mcnuggets are disgusting. they are a great sponsor.
6:47 am
but they are disgusting. >> they will get through the european zone. if you want to get a more u.s. based restaurants go with panero. >> buy t.v.s, that's the gist of this morning. >> yes. >> thank you, rob. >> we will be back here at 9:15. thank you, rob. >> thank you. you guys are making me hungry. >> coffee. mcnuggets. >> george in the traffic center now. good morning. > >> i have got a great shot here over san francisco. it is not bad and especially out in the east bay we are seeing warm temperatures out there. and that's what is going to be driving us. and today is going to be hot. that is the team and we make our way through the afternoon. see how the day will work out. mostly sunny skies like we are seeing right now. >> mild temperatures there at the moment. >> we will see the thermometer.
6:48 am
>> and antioch. it is 59 degrees and sorority up another the 60-degree mark. >> we are seeing low 50s in the north bay and oakland at 44 degrees downtown. that is right now. >> by noontime. it will continue and things will get warmer. especially compared to yesterday. this is what the temperature gradient is going to look like at noon. 60s at the coast and 70s. and 80s as soon as you head inland. and 3:00. just an explosion of 90-degree weather. especially out to the east. we may see it down to the south as well. >> talking low 90s. it is going to be a warm one. and coast and buy. 60s and 70s. and inland. 80s and 90s. and you will see the nine weather. and we will get close down in the south bay and get up to 989, 90 degrees today and look for it across the good bit of
6:49 am
the north bay this morning. >> your seven day around the bay shows weather will cool as we head to the weekend. we are going to hit it on an awfully warm note. and it is going to feel more like spring. maybe fall for you. and getting into the low # 0s by the weekend. it is kind of a temperature switch for us and change in the weather pattern as we work our way through the next seven. >> george. good morning. >> what had been a hot spot is completely cleared out and it is in oakland. no longer any delays for the northbound ride since the accident has been cleared. so, you are looking at a smooth commute. whether you are on 580, the nimitz freeway. >> we will look at the ride from dublin and it looks good. south bay freeway looks great. >> northbound direction, and the north bay ride still delay
6:50 am
free from 101 southbound as you head through marin county. we look at the bay bridge and the westbound ride. no back up here. as you can see, with the metering lies active. this is a light and easy commute. for the ride to the golden gate bridge, like wise with beautiful conditions here along with the light traffic. mark? >> thank you, george. america's hopeful gymnast will have to succeed in san jose if they want a shot in england. it is all over san jose. you can see the preparations for the events and bring world class athletes to the south bay and should prove lucrative. >> it is good for business. the hotels and restaurants and the image and reputation of san jose. the opportunity to showcase the best activity in the sport in the world. and it is going to be happening right here. >> the finals run from the 28th to the first of july.
6:51 am
the olympic team will be named at the end. it is still a few tickets available. >> facebook is letting developers charge for subscription fees for existing one time payments for gains and other apps on the site. the subscription feature will be available in july. it is for developers as well as for facebook. which will take a 30% cut. such as chips on zynga poker. that was rev few for the 1st quarter. we will be right back. live look here at walnut creek. out in the east bay and still a good ride southbound. walnut creek is 59 degrees. warm one today. 86 at noon. a high of 92 degrees. only upper 60s around eight this evening.
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6:55 am
. good morning and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. this is the top stories of the morning. here are stories everyone is trucking about. i thought i would never say it. but johnnie depp is single. they were together for 14 year and have two kids together and tried to save the relationship but have been living separate lives for the past few months. >> model molly is now a mom after giving birth to a healthy baby boy. she and scott went back and announced the pregnancy back in january. no word on what the two named the bundle of joy. finally, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. >> more ads are coming to the networking site facebook. they are planning a new
6:56 am
facebook exchange that targets ad space on your browsing history. if you want to talk about what is trending on the facebook talk about the ad page. the heat are one win away from the championship in six years. they rallied from 1 points to pete the oklahoma city thunder. 104-98. the heat are now up. three games to one. lebron james had 26-points and 12 assists asest about theling leg cramps. they can now win the title in miami tomorrow night and if the thunder wins, the series moves back to oklahoma city for game six. barry zito roughed up for his third straight loss. such a promising start to the season for him. they had eight runs on nine hits and pulled in the 4th inning. albert had you joels had it before he recorded a single out. and the angels went on to beat
6:57 am
him at. he reached 100 hits. topping willie mays. >> baseball rivalry tips with the dodgers -- continues with the dodgers in town. cococrisp reaching base four times and stealing three bases as the as boat the l.a. dodgers. 3-1. 100th alameda county fair kicks off today. here is video from the fair in years passed. they will celebrate fireworks and a parade. this is the largest outdoor grill. concerts and. hip-hop ortiz salt and peppa and rick stringfield is scheduled to perform on june 28th. will run from today to july 8th and is closed on monday. >> it does look good. >> little salt and pepper on it.
6:58 am
and springfield. >> much more ahead here. we will be right back. don't go anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.


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