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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a violent night so far in oakland. two homicides and a officer involved shooting. and california's high-speed rail on track to become a reality. lawmakers approve the plan which also effects local transportation agencies. >> this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00, starts now. >> a big day for california. thousands of new jobs from the california's high-speed rail system could soon be headed for california and for the bay area. lawmakers voted today to approve money for the first part of the california's high- speed rail project. the train would connect fran and los angeles -- san francisco and lactat 2 -- san
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francisco and los angeles. kron 4's da lin has more, where does the project stand and when might construction start? >> reporter: workers can start the first part of the project and that they are still deciding when they can start digging up work. the state will dedicate $6 billion towards the project, it is estimated to cost $68 billion. >> reporter: not everybody gave the green light but enough came on board to keep it a reality. the california's high-speed rail system has enough money for construction workers to start building the first stretch of the line. which is about 130 miles. no one knows when workers will start breaking ground but lawmakers want the first part done by 2017.
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it will create new jobs across california. most of the jobs during the first stretch will be in the central valley. the bay area stands to gain a lot of new jobs as well because agencies will get a piece of the pie. $140million go to buying new bart cars. cal train $600 million to convert trains from dease tool electric. and muni $61 million for a project that connects the south of market neighborhood and china town. lawmakers hope approving the project will more than benefit the bay area, they hope it will move california forward. the california's high-speed rail measure goes to governor jerry brown. he says he will sign it and this is far from over. they have six billion dollars -- $6 billion, they have to
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find 62 more billion dollars to finish up. >> thank you. new tonight, two fatal shootings within an hour of each other. first one about 6:30 p.m. two men got into a argument, one man shot the other. police arrested the shooter. meanwhile,oon the other tide is of -- on the other side of town, shots fired. when police arrived they found a man on the ground. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspects arrested there. there was also an officer involved shooting in oakland tonight in which no one was hurt. the incident happened about 6:30 p.m. you can see the suspect's vehicle here which collided with a police car. so far police are not saying a lot about what led to the crash
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and shooting. six teens injured in a car crash. crews rushed to the scene of this mess. after police say a 15-year-old teen got behind the wheel with 5 friends. and then slammed into a tree. kron 4's dan kerman has the latest. >> reporter: this is what the cars looked like orphfirefighters a -- like after firefighters got the teens out about 1:30 p.m. in the morning. >> it was a tremendous crash. one massive crash and you could hear the car moving and rolling. >> reporter: he lives in one of the houses that backed up to the street. he heard the crash. >> one of the participates, victims, she was upset that somebody was very, very hurt and there was blood and she was
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hysterical. >> reporter: the vehicle had 515-year-olds and one 13 -- had 5 15-year-olds and one 13-year- old. >> the parent said he didn't give permission for his vehicle to be used by people who were unlicense. >> reporter: skid marks are still visible. police say speeding was one of the causes of the accident. but authorities say beer was also found in the trunk. and at this point it is unclear whether anyone in the vehicle, including the 15-year-old driver was drinking. >> the california state department of alcohol was called in to help investigate this. the owner of the vehicle said the beer belonged to him. investigators will make sure that is true. this is not the first crash here. neighbors say there have been a half dozen in the last 10 years. they say it is because it
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curves in this location. and drivers that are not paying attention can wind up off the roadway. dan kerman, kron 4 news. new tonight, the sheriff's department is looking for a man suspected of sexual assault. a 17-year-old female was running yesterday afternoon and she says a man exposed himself and tried to grab her. she got away and called 911. here is a sketch of the man. a white male, 30s, 6 feet tall, heavy, brown hair and a beard. and police are searching for a robbery suspect. this happened yesterday. this suspect reached through an opened window and grabbed the woman's purse. here is a sketch. he is a white male, late 20s.
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6 feet tall, 160 pounds. the same man is suspected of stealing a hat and a bike. the chief of police is responding to a report that criticized the police crime lab. the report says there is a back log of evidence that is not being tested. in response he says the city has made some tremendous strides with the crime lab pointing to increasing percentages of evidence tested. at the same time he adds a lack of resources makes it difficult to function at a higher level. temperatures warmer out there this afternoon, especially inland. back near 90s. at that mark. 90 in fairfield. 91 antioch. 89 pleasanton. warmer in the north bay. 82 napa. south bay, warmer temperatures
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as well. 80s. closer to the coast line, temperatures staid in the 60s -- stayed in the 60s because of fog. tomorrow, stronger winds out of the north, minimal fog along the coast line, more sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow. coming up, a small victory for joseph naso, we will tell you what procedure a judge will allow and scott peterson wants out, why he thinks he is innocent. >> coming up, the giants in pittsburgh, a's hosting seattle and tiger woods and phil mickelson do something they haven't done together in years, years, that is coming up later in the broadcast. ♪
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joseph naso will be allowed
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to have an expert analyze the pantyhose of one of his victims for dna evidence. today a judge approved the request. the pantyhose were found on a body. joseph naso is charged with the murder of four young women during the 1970s to the 1990s. i don't say i don't joseph naso is representing himself. it was warmer today, how long will the warmer weather last? i will have details on your weekend forecast coming up. ♪
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investigators are searching for the person who hit two planes with a laser beam near
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sfo. police along with the faa believe that light originated near palo alto. while it might seem difficult to believe a laser pointer could effect an aircraft, there is a risk that the light could temporary blind a pilot. kron 4's charles clifford has more. >> reporter: he rides shotgun in the helicopter. he says while flying their eyes are constantly at work. >> the pilot is looking for another aircraft and his gages. >> reporter: if a laser like this one hits the pilots eyes it can cause big problems. >> you are blinded, the cockpit
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lights up green. you can't see. >> reporter: even these can reach aircraft thousands of feet in the air. it is even worse at night. >> if you get hit in the eyes you could see spots and it will impact your vision. you got to get the aircraft on the ground and let the effects dissipate before you get back in the air. >> reporter: while it could cause problems for a helicopter, it is more serious for jet liners. >> very dangerous. they probably have multiple flight crews. the faa says anyone caught pointing a laser at a plain could face a $11,000 fine. charles k, kron 4 news. -- charles clifford, kron 4 news. upper 60s inland. low 60s in the south bay. cool closer to the coast line, winds dominated the forecast
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coast side. we have been seeing warmer condition away from the coast. tomorrow, winds out of the north picks up. that will eliminate the fog. we will see warmer conditions again tomorrow. but then sunday and monday the fog returns. keeping us cooler. on the warm side still throw inland. future cast tomorrow morning, temperatures warm already at 10:00. 60s. 70s at 10:00. noon 80s, and 90s by inland valleys. later afternoon, more 90s away from the coast line. look neighborhood by neighborhood. tomorrow afternoon, 85 san jose. inland valleys. 93 antioch and pleasanton. 90 livermore. 70s east bay shores. 60s along the coast line.
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65 in ocean beach. 80s through the north bay. 86 santa rosa. 87 napa. extended forecast. tomorrow will be the warmer and clearer day of the weekend. but temperatures not going to be that much cooler sunday. next week, temperatures up and down m peak heating by -- down, peak heating by tuesday. >> crews started the closure of san francisco's muni j and n lines. they are working on track and street improvements. j will operate south of market street and n service to west of church street will be provided by bus. 22 bus services will have a 9er reroute. everything reopens on monday at 5:00 a.m. for more visit kron facebook page. >> coming up in sports the giants try to shake it off
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all right. good evening, everybody. the a's are hot. and the way they did it tonight, a win over seattle. back to .500 for the first time
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since may 22. tommy gave up a run here. but from there, strong. 7 innings, 6 hits, one run. ichiro continues to slump. weeks up the middle in the 8th and the game is tied 1-1 and here we go. natural sound. 1-1. two on. carter that plate. look out. >> and this baby is gone! >> did you see how far that went? >> carter. one of those guys who have been yo-yoing back and forth. biggest hit of his career and the a's are now 42-42. 4-1 the a's knock off the seattle mariners and now everybody gets pied and the whole thing, chris carter a blast tonight and the a's fans
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feeling good. meanwhile the giants in pittsburgh, in first place for the first time in 20 years since bonds was there. you see the ball into the gap. zito not good tonight. 7 hits, 4 runs. they got him out of there with a one run lead and he would be standing in the victory column at the finish. cabrera hitting .358. starter on tuesday night at the all-star game. 6-5, 9th inning. romo on. that is how you wants to face him and that is it. romo now, his fifth save of the season. you may see him finishing up. he is hot. the and the giants end their losing streak. warriors signed a pick.
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no big terms released. big story in hoops, ray allen is leaving the celtics and takes $6 million left to play with lebron james in miami. everybody goes how can he leave the celtics, but his name was always -- always heard him name around trade time and so he says i will get the jump on you, see you later, i am hanging with lebron james and dwyane wade. roger federer versus this fellow sunday who took care of business today. austin, the last brit in 1938 to make the finals. andy murray a winner today. if roger federer wins he will retake the number one ranking over novak djokovic who was knocked off today against roger federer. amy murray and roger federer
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today. tiger woods and phil mickelson both missed the cut. the greenbrier classic. 1993 tiger woods was an amateur the last time they did not play on the weekend. and woods shot 69 today. the scores were real low. he will not be around on saturday and sunday and the tv guys are choking away. simpson is the leader. phil mickelson and tiger woods not around tomorrow and sunday. tour de france, bodies flying. 16-miles to go. 129 miles. 2 dozen riders causing 4 to drop out with a variety of injuries. a specialists peter sagan wins. fabian retains the yellow jersey and every time i see one of those crashes, my knee starts to hurt from days gone
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by. you never road did you? >> no. >> i like to do what i report on. [ laughter ] >> all right. have a good night and a good weekend everybody.
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