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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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concerned with making sure we had an environment on the bridge where safety was very important. the other side was architecture, making sure that it achieved the look and the appearance that they really wanted. >> reporter: there are a couple of design features i wanted to point out. take a look at the road surface behind me. it's even. the light is evenly spread across the roadway. there are no pools of light or shadows across the roadway, and that's by design. next, take a look at this light pole right here. you can't see any lights on it, even though it's on. that is also by design. when this roadway opens and vehicles are traveling this way, you won't have any lights shining in your face as you're driving. >> as you're driving on the roadway deck, the goal is not to know where the light is coming from. your hope is that the light is coming from behind you and it doesn't become a part of your field of vision at all. >> reporter: drivers will be able to experience the lights for themselves when the new bay bridge opens in 2013.
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in oakland, charles clifford, kron four news. friends and family gather to remember a young couple gunned do you understand in their home. pedro jimenez and maribel jimenez were shot and killed monday morning. the children were not harmed. the suspect is a former boyfriend of maribel. this is his picture, pedro medina. san jose police are asking for the public's help to find him. they believe he may try to run off to mexico. and police now say he is driving a black 2005 nissan maxima similar to this one. >> reporter: family members and friends sobbed as they looked at pictures of maribel and pedro jimenez and said rosary prayers.
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the family says this was a senseless act of violence. many of them are still in shock and can't believe the jimenez' three friends are now orphans. >> i can't believe that guy was so heartless to leave these kids without a mother and father. [ crying ] . >> i still can't believe it. the funeral is probably where it's going to really hit us. and i loved her so much. we always had good memories, from childhood, and everything. >> she was funny, outgoing, everybody loved her. she had a lot of friends. she was very family-oriented. and we miss her. i hope they find you, and i hope you pay for what you did because you left three kids with no mom and no dad. >> reporter: the police officer's association set up a fund to help the children who lost their parents. the information is our website,
11:03 pm bart's broken escalators continue to playing the agency and riders. this is video from six weeks ago when we covered this story when one of the escalators had to be shut down. it was closed because of an excess of human waste, which made the system inprabl. special -- inoperable. special crews had to be called in to clean it up. we went back to the civic center to see how things have come along. and jeff bush found out not much has changed. >> reporter: bart is chipping away at the problem, and about half of the escalators have been fixed, but several are still offline, and most of them are in san francisco. two of the broken escalators are at the civic center station. you can see the new parts are stacked up near the work site but remain in the boxes they were shipped in. the work is scheduled to be finished soon. but the problem
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of human waste is expected to continue because of a large homeless population and a lack of public restrooms. >> it's not a crime to be homeless. and homeless people are humans, and obviously they have all the human functions. so at some point, they're going to relieve themselves. >> reporter: bart riders say something needs to be done. >> yes, some people need it, and taking the elevator has to be a real hassle. and a lot of people struggle with the stairs. >> reporter: one idea is somehow fashioning a cover that would go over the entire escalator system and basically that would address two issues. the human waste issue as well as protecting the escalator from the elements. as with everything else, it comes down to money. >> what you're talking about is $7.5 billion we need to keep the system going, and that goes beyond just the lesser priority things like enclosing the stairwells. >> reporter: bart says the agency is doing what it can to keep the escalators going, but
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until there is a longer term solution figured out, it seems to be one of the downsides of the big city. >> bart says there are now nine escalators out of service in the system. most of them are in san francisco. two at civic center, one at montgomery, one at powell, and two at balboa park. a live look outside this evening from the golden gate where we're seeing reduced visibility. visibility along the coastline is the only place we're seeing reduce the visibility. but that's going to change in the overnight hours. the fog is already moving back in. widespread fog overnight. tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies , breezy in certain locations and still on the cooler side. through the weekend, the fog is going to clear, and temperatures will warm up. friends are mourning the loss of an experienced bay area hiker whose body was found after
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a 3-day search in the sierra nevada. 31-year-old thomas haynes' body was found in the wilderness. he got separated from two fellow hikers on his way to the top of mount langley. he was last seen near the summit. he led a bay area hiking group and climbed mountains every weekend. facebook is reporting stronger than expected revenue in the company's first earnings report since its rocky initial public offering two months ago. the company's revenue grew 32% to $1.18 billion, up from $895 million a year ago. analysts expected $1.16 in revenue. it fell to $25.37 in one hour, down from its debut price in may.
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>> a massive storm causing a lot of problems on the east coast. we'll show you the amazing video coming out of the big apple lighting up the sky there. and how a problem with opd's radios may have left the president vulnerable to danger. >> coming up later in this broadcast, 49ers' desean gold settled for $6.2 million. 49ers not respecting him. the as got knocked off in toronto. and a record crowd in london.
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a storm roaring eastward through the ohio river valley has dropped temperatures by 20 degrees in some places. and look at this! it's brought with it some damaging storm, lightning, hail, and high winds have been downing trees in and power lines in ohio, other pennsylvania, and new york city,
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leaving more than 200,000 customers there without power tonight. weather watchers say a tornado may have touched down in new york causing major damage. a transit man is under arrest for having sex with a minor. alexander pollack is originally from tennessee. he moved to felton and befriended a 13-year-old girl at a shopping center. pollack lived in his red toyota celica and would offer the victims rides. they say that's when the girl and he had sex. the girl's parents found out, confronted him, and investigators say there may be other victims who have not yet come forward. temperatures have been getting cooler and cooler this week. we do have a warmup in the horizon.
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another major problem with police radios in oakland. this time it happened during president obama's recent visit. a spokes person says at one point, while the president was in town, a majority of the radios failed to work. as kron4's thesa reports, this latest incident needs to be a call to action. >> reporter: a police union spokesperson says it was early in the day when the radio system started showing warning signs that something might be wrong.
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officers covering protestors speaking out about president obama's visit reported sporadic problems with their radio transmissions. then as the night unfolded, the union president says matters got worse. there were gaps in the radios and they wouldn't work at all. one lieutenant called the breakdown a trainwreck. this is spokesperson barry donnolon. >> officers have absolutely no confidence in the system in its current configuration, it does not work, and it puts lives in jeopardy but it doesn't work. >> reporter: kron4 reported on the widespread shortcomings of the systems before. it was just a year ago that oakland purchased a new communications network for $20 million, paid for with a federal grant. the officials downplayed the situation saying that they were unaware of a problem throughout the evening, and when they did learn there was a breakdown, they called in technical support.
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the chief says he is committed to making things better. >> we want a system that works when we use it all the time. especially in times when there's critical incidents, both for police and fire. in terms of my officers, i think they have been very patient. we want to encourage them to continue to report the problems. >> reporter: the city's administrator says that they are looking at options, which include possibly joining a regional network that will come online in the fall. she says they must analyze the cost before making any changes. the union says -- >> i think the lives of citizens in this town and the recovers who serve them is priceless. it shouldn't be a money issue. store owners and shoppers were stunned today as a bold band of robbers raided a jewelry store in a busy east bay mall. police are looking for four men who walked in at lunchtime and
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stole just about everything at the new park mall in newark. >> reporter: broken glass and empty display cases all over the place at zeena jewelers in newark. >> they broke the counter top on it, one guy had a gun in his hand they could see. he was behind the pillars, and i could only see the gun. and the third guy was just standing there i'm assuming that he was holding somebody down. >> reporter: witnesses inside nearby stores could see three of the four men. police say all of them were armed. those who saw them say one of them had a very big gun. >> to me, it looked like some kind of automatic, you know, machine gun. >> reporter: those who work here say the men were dressed in black and had hoodies and glasses covering their face. they have cleaned out the expensive merchandise and were gone in less than two minutes. >> and i heard a big bang. >> the initial noise was the shattering of glass. what was going through my mind was the
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roof caving, a window falling. that's what it sounded like. shatter after shatter. >> as soon as i walk out the door, and i turn left, and i seen a guy in the window with a gun in his hand. >> then we see people run, and that's when you know something serious is going on. >> i hope they catch these guys. everybody works hard for their money, and people like that come in here and just steal stuff whenever they feel like it? i don't think that's right. >> reporter: no one was hurt in this case, but the suspects are still on the loose. they skwaeped through the j-- escaped through the jc penny and police say they have two getaway cars outside, a white mercedes and black lexus or accura. temperatures have been quite cool out there this weekend. we're going to continue with the cooler continues into tomorrow because of the extensive fog. temperatures will remain in the 60s and 70s, in the weekend winds out of the north are going to pick up and clear the fog out and allow temperatures to warm
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closer to average for this time of year in the upper 80s in our inland valleys and 70s for the bay shores. out the door tomorrow, there's not a place that will be untouched by the fog. the 10:00 area, very little clearing in the south bay. in the early arch, the fog scaling -- in the early afternoon, fog scaling back to the coastline. the north bay coastline, the fog just cheers into the later afternoon hours because of the north early winds. temperatures down south tomorrow are going to be mainly in the 70s. 82 in morgan hill. still on the cooler side here on the south bay. 83 in pleasanton and antioch, 77 in concord, 79 in liver more. temperatures mainly in the 60s for the east bay shores, but the low 70s in union city and fremont. not a lot of change along the coastline. temperatures there will remain in the low 60s. 64 in san francisco, low 70s for
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the peninsula. 74 in santa rosa and novato. your extended forecast, cool again tomorrow. into the weekend, warmer weather thanks to the winds out of the north clearing the fog out. >> hear what the nierz are saying on the -- giants are saying on the eve of their series with the dodgers.
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good evening, everybodies. the as, good things slowed down in toronto. they have not won eight in a row since 2006. looked good early. josh reddick, right now, he's their mvp. 22nd home run of the year, followed by brandon idge. edwin is pretty good, and he started tommie malone's bad day in the negative direction. travis schneider, lays down the squeeze. malone, seven inning, 8 hits, 6 runs. blue jays win. the giants had the day off. they await the dodger s this weekend for three. last time
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the giants played them was about a month ago, swept them three straight in san francisco. giants now three games up after the dodgers lost to the cardinals today. cane, zito, and vogelsong on the mound. sandoval will miss the series with a left hamstring strain. manager bruce bochy. >> i think the guys could use a day, and we'll come back and be ready to go. i know it's a series a lot of people are looking forward to, are both clubs are. >> we do play them a couple more times but yeah, it's important. to win in your division is important, and more importantly to beat the team that's been on your heels all year. 49ers, dashon goldson's holdout is over. $6.2 million, he accepts that, wanted a lengthy contract. in the
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violent world of the nfl who, doesn't? but he will get by on $6.2 million, and he's talking about the 49ers this season. they've got every starter on defense back from a year ago. >> when i started here, we were losing. i've been here six years now. to go out now and have the unit that we have, and be with high-profile offenses like that, it'll be good for us. you're looking at the newest 49er, leonard davis. played last season in detroit. his best years are with the cowboys. his big, 375 pounds. olympic fever in london hit a peak today. the word is heathrow airport, their largest travel day in history, 250,000 travelers made their way in, some athletes, some fans. a lot of luggage, various countries,
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spain and australia in the mix. and then michael phelps had a press conference. every seat in the house. granted, this is just a quick snippet from the 14-time gold medallist. doesn't sound that thrilled about having to do media stuff. >> this is a mete just like every other mete that we've swam in. there's a pool, land mine, fans, a scoreboard, and we get in and do what we've trained to do. >> sounds good of the thanks a lot, miky. [ laughter ] >> if you want to insure good weather for the olympic, who you going to call? the native american rainbow dancers. here they are in front of london's tower bridge. the dance is supposed to ward off the rains and insure good weather for the gams. jacky, does this stuff work? >> no! it's a nice thought, but do you really have to ask me that? [ laughter ] >> i have a source which
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informs me they're a fraud. so when you hear about the rainbow dancers, they don't scare away the rain. i'll check with two sources. pam? >> i think they'll probably work. >> okay! [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send...
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