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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 2, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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tell the some other businesses in the area are glad to stop this activity. >> reporter: the city would like to close down the hotel. you can see right behind me, they want to do this for a year. they want to try to curb the it is illegal sex problem. the business owner i spoke with did not want to show his face. >> there is a lot of traffic that comes around here and unwanted people that drive around and
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sometimes you see these girls and they have customers that are coming in and then some people get offended when they come in with their families. >> i am about 5050 on this. >> reporter: when you call the police what they say? >> they say they're shorthanded and that this is a low priority case. >> reporter: i try to speak with the clerk at the front desk and he said that prostitution is not a problem here anymore but refused to elaborate at ask to speak with the manager but he said he was unavailable. >> james: the san francisco police commission has delayed a vote on giving officers tasters. the reason officer involved shooting is what prompted this once again. >> reporter: the reason officer involved shooting
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of a 32 year-old man that stabbed a co-worker and lunged at another officer, that is why the police chief says that officers and he taser is. --need tasers. >> reporter: the victim's family says it's the death of their loved one is being exploited by the police department. >> i cannot think is right to use my brother and not accept responsibility for what they did to him. i do not think that it's his will help to solve anything. i remember that day, on july 18th. he hugged me, and he loved me. >> reporter: the department
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has unsuccessfully ask for taser several times and that included a year-and-a-half ago when they ask the apartment for a full report alternatives and community input that is a report they never got and that is the reason that they delayed the vote. >> justine: we will take a quick break the be back with much more after this.
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>> james: a new report accuses the oakland police department of wasting funds. five of their new technology systems are either broken or mismanaged. you can see some of them here. now many say they did not see eye to eye with the auditor.
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>> our objective was to the that the management of technologies. >> there are a number of significant errors and omissions that need to be addressed in this report. >> reporter: the oakland city of the tour and the opd police chief howard jordan find themselves at odds over a recent police technology audits that was conducted. it criticized them of abusing $2 million of taxpayers' moneys. they were not using or under using technology purchase for the system--for the department. listed in the audit is the opd spotter system that cost the city close to half a million dollars. >> we found that the system was now working to its ties to the ability. you had one computer designated, the dispatcher was going off infrequently.
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>> computer they are talked about was that the communications section and that was in the past. today' most of our cars in that area where shot spot is located have the ability to see the record from this function. >> justine: we will take a break and be back with weather and traffic stay with us.
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>> justine: more than half of all the counties in the united states are now considered natural disaster zones based on damage and drought high temperatures we have more on this story. >> reporter: the u.s. department of agriculture declared disaster destinations for about a dozen states wednesday tipping of the u.s. passed 50 percent mark.
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>> reporter: a 92 year old former in iowa has a little bit of the perspective. >> this is a bad like 1936. but it was not as bad as it was the this year. >> reporter: in oklahoma some are begging residents to conserve but it is not mandatory for now. >> please voluntary conserve your use of water immediately >> reporter: parts of canada are also suffering. >> i was making some raspberry jam and actually some of it is already frozen and that is not usually normal. >> reporter: some people are
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worried that it will get worse. >> from say we should expect higher prices towards the end of the summer. >> james: that us head to attakus for our update on whether. >> erica: we could get into the upper 90s. but we are not quite there yet. temperatures are in the '50s for the most part. >> erica: we will bump up a couple of degrees as we start the next work week, i will have full details
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coming up your satellite and radar pictures shows cloud coverage hugging the entire california coast line that means that the marine layer is a little bit deeper this morning. it will be a little bit slower due to the fog and cloud coverage. now temperatures will drop. so if you are located in a hot spot, you can drive a couple of minutes and get to another city where you will notice the cool down. hot weather in and will continue for only today we do have changes transitioning into tomorrow. in terms of your afternoon high temperatures, neighborhood by neighborhood we have the following temperatures. >> erica: for the most part it looks like we will ticket--we will keep it in the '70s for the coastline,
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it looks like san bruno is also coming in the mid-70s. if you are headed to the giants games, temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s. as we check out conditions from the walnut creek camera it looks like we have clear conditions here. i will have more details coming up to my next report. over and the traffic center is a pretty easy ride around the bay area. we have no problems at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge ride is also moving will head west bound into foster city. at the golden gate bridge you will see conditions coming out of l.a. county. on the traffic map we have no incidents to report for the nimitz freeway. in the south bay we see a lot of green on the road with sensors and speeds are head over 50 mi. per hour. >> james: all new health
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insurance plans must provide health benefits to women for free. even women who are in plans that have copays and deductibles will get these benefits as well. catherine reports that the program will start at the next visit for patients. >>anchor: 47 million women are in health plans that require new health benefits to coincide with the law that was passed in 2010. the supreme court upheld most of the law in june. >> we are here to mark a new day for women's health in america. starting tomorrow, thanks to the new health-care law, all insurance policies will be required to cover new health care that women need to stay healthy. they will have to cover this care without charging women anything out of pocket. >>anchor: this includes contraceptives, breast cleaning supplies, pap smear
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test, and counseling for domestic violence. they also include routine checkups for breast and pelvic exams and prenatal care. >> too often we put our own health last and that is especially true when it comes to preventive care. the regular checkups and screens that are so important to staying healthy are too easily put off. >>anchor: some freak items for one and only taken affect including mammogram checking for breast cancer in women over 40. i'm catherine heenan with kron4 news. >> james: certain insurance plans that existed before the passage of the health care reform law may be grandfathered into the program. women can call their employees and ask about the status of their particular plan. >> justine: will take a break and be back right after this.
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>> justine: we have been falling this of this patent lawsuit ever it started on monday and is likely to continue for a few weeks. there are billions of dollars at stake for both companies. the question this morning is how might this affect you, i tech reporter gave slate explains. >> there is a lot at stake , samsung makes the popular phones and tablets. those are google powered devices that are the main claim to apple's accusations. apple
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said that samsung copied them and made smart phones and products that are like apple products that are protected by patents. we are talking about the essence of a smart phone or to have the device. the things that we do every day on the device and not think about life touch screen, using touch to activate your device. >> now i judge determined that these features belong to apple and the on them exclusively. if samsung and other manufacturers have to work around patents that the court says the long to act of that committee slowed down the manufacturing of a smart phones and then possibly make them more expensive.
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>> i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >> james: and other technology news this morning, a judge has agreed with hewlett-packard that they're contractually responsible for continuing to make products for summer us. the judge said that hewlett-packard made a commitment and the case will go to trial to decide whether or not they will revoke the contract or if any damage will be rewarded apple --and oracle said that they will appeal this decision. >> justine: -- >> james: we have a full day [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever.
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>> erica: the thursday morning to you, now temperatures will be in the mid-60s and around the coast. all around lunch time, they will be in the '60s have to '70s and i do not think you will need and jackie or a sweater because it is going to get pretty toasty pretty early. by 3:00 p.m. you will see all the red that starts to fill in indicating where you will see some 90's. expect cooler conditions by 3:00 p.m.. it
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looks like the majority of us will be sitting in the '70s. now later we expected to a couple of degrees warmer. we are talking low 90s. as we check out your extended forecast, it looks like we will drop a couple of degrees head into the next couple of days. i will have the full details in your forecast coming up in my next report. >> justine: a quick bridge check as we look at your ride on a become a nice and smooth as we approach the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no hot spots as we head towards hayward and foster city. 92 is looking good. and the golden gate bridges into right now more weather and traffic in just a few minutes. >> james: violence erupted
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between san francisco gang members and police say the killers and victims are all in the same gang, 4 people have been murdered and teresa estacio reports that the police chief laid out a plan trying to stop the violence.eporter: san francisco police chief talks about the recent gang violence and what they want to do about it. >> the area has the flu with police officers working. >> reporter: the chief says the latest information reveals that homicide are happening within the same game and something has sparked an internal fight igniting these shootings at such as the double homicide from monday and this would tuesday evening. >> reporter: the police
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chief says that the community needs to step in. >> just a couple weeks ago these guys role within the same game and now less--and now all of a sudden four of them are killed. in the meantime we will be out there trying to save them from themselves. >> justine: an elderly woman that was beaten and raped in richmond earlier this year has died from injuries. police say the 82 year-old woman was walking on january 28th when someone attacked her. she was found behind this tire store in richmond by the store manager. she was rushed to the hospital. they say she lived in the area the fourth when she was
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attacked and detectives have no leads in this murder case. >> james: san francisco police found a huge wad of cash inside of a vehicle. we explain more. >> will: this is what san francisco police found a search the vehicle of a man on july 21st. they found a short barrel shotgun, a handgun, a rifle and pistol holder 5800 rounds of ammunition and survival and equipment and a methamphetamine cookbook. the vehicle belonged to this man robert john. police say he apparently was living in and around the 1600 block of waller st. it turns out this is not the first time
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they discovered weapons in his vehicle. >> on june 30th we found him near a lake and he was smoking a cigarette in the park. >> will: three weeks earlier he was detained in golden gate park for smoking. when he gave them the ok to search his vehicle they found a loaded 12 gauge shotgun and a 22 caliber rifle however, the other weapons were not discovered at the time because police did not fairly search the vehicle. >> when he was detained first time it was for a mental health evaluation. >> will: the chief said at the time he made threatening statements against his family and instead of being trusted he was taken to a mental hospital. >> i think in this instance they did the right thing.
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>> will: police say in his vehicle the offer from a list of national politicians but they have not known of anyone else to be threaten other than john's family. john pled not guilty during his arraignment in july, he is due back in court on july 7th--on august 7th. >> justine: crew are working to maintain control of this volcano fire. at least one home has been destroyed by the blaze with more than 10 in its path. the fire has spread across 350 a. and at last check it was just 20 percent contained. >> james: police said the
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hon accidentally shot himself while firing on officers who were chasing him why he--while he was trying to avoid paying a muni fair. >> reporter: this video shows kenneth harding collapse on a sidewalk in a pool of his own blood he was wounded but still alive in just a few feet away, you can see san francisco police officers with their guns drawn. his mother says that the officers should of been trying to save her son's life. >> they made him they there for 28 minutes and he died and it is horrendous. >> regardless of what they were investigating they're sitting there with guns drawn on him ample what he needed was help and that is what they willfully refused to give to him. >> reporter: the chief of police says it was good reason that the officers kept their distance they did not know if he was still armed, a bystander in the
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crowd had taken his gun. >> they believe that mr. harding possess the firearm that he used to shoot at them. once they believe he was no more in danger to them and they render medical attention. >> reporter: harding's mother says this is not about the money. >> this is not about the money, i'd like to have my son back any day. but i want to set a point that as mothers we are not just going to lay down and accept this. >> justine: dozens of people marched across san francisco upset with the recent government efforts to shut down marijuana dispensaries. >> reporter: supporters of medical marijuana march because they are upset that the federal government has closed down eight marijuana
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medical dispensaries in san francisco and two in the past week. >> we fought hard here in san francisco for the right to have medical marijuana dispensaries. >> reporter: he believes that the government is failing. >> there are people within cenacle marijuana community that want to work with the government. they have paid their taxes and frankly they are being abused. >> reporter: he says that the fed and in particular the u.s. attorney's office needs to respect california's medical marijuana operations. >> called the dog off. >> james: we will be bit--be
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back with more headlines in just a minute it is nice and light this morning, we will be back.
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>> james: mayor romney's campaign is bashing a report about his tax plan. >> justine: president obama slammed his republican opponent about his tax plan. >> president barak obama: he
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is not asking you to contribute more to pay down the deficit. he is not asking you to pay more to rebuild the roads and put more people to work he is asking you to pay more so that people like him can continue to get a big tax cut. >> justine: now the president--the republican president of canadair return from a trip on monday he is not suspected to visit virginia, north carolina and florida. republican officials are expecting it running to announce his vice presidential pick any day. james, you may remember we talked about this earlier in the weekend he will do so via his new app.
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>> james: we have to take a quick break but we wanted to get a live look outside we will be back in just a moment.
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>> james: taking in the national weather, these are some scenes that exemplify how hot the weather is. other places have storms and rain and flooding. catherine has more. >> reporter: more than half due to widespread drought again 200 more counties grant added to that list today. this city is
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requiring water rationing. people are being asked to cut back on will bring their lawns. oklahoma is also one of the place where the weather is sparking grass fires. crops and cattle across the country are hurting. low levels, causing problems for the mississippi river. this is a critical spot for the shipping industry. some plants have been forced to reduce power but in other parts of the country they are being swapped--swamped by flooding. here in phoenix to people including a baby had to be rescued after being trapped in cars during a flash flood. the war does not do look deep they had enough power to sweep cars away. storms have us look through alabama and this is
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just some of the damage caused after severe weather rolled through indiana last night. the storm to power lines and trees and damaged a lot of homes. >> james: let us talk about i weather and find out what is going on this afternoon. >> erica: i think you'll like today's forecast it will be another hot one for all of our inland spots. we do have some cloud coverage to talk about. you can see that overlooking this camera. for the next couple hours a looks like we are live killing with a serious marine layer. --it looks like we are dealing with a serious marine later. visibility is down to just four mouth. drive with extra caution out in hayward coming down the nimitz freeway. in terms of the
4:49 am
temperatures and where they will go into the afternoon expect very similar conditions compared to yesterday's not a little bit warmer. we will see more aware of the '90s for south bay. those upper 90s are reserved for places like antioch and concord could reach an least 96 degrees. and for the most part i think we will see '70s along the east bay shoreline. >> erica: expect '70s for downtown san francisco. if you're heading to the oakland a's game later this evening the first pitch is at 7 05 p.m.. it looks like temperatures will be in the upper 60s in the game will start off relatively sunny. your seven day around the bay forecast shows a noticeable cool down heading into the weekend. it looks like we have more mild and pleasant conditions as we start the next work week.
4:50 am
certainly some relief for those situated in the warmest in the area. >> erica: now over at the traffic map, nice and light conditions are coming out of oakland. here at the san mateo bridge, you will see an increase in volume and traffic. your golden gate bridge ride south pulsatile one shall a little bit of cloud coverage but overall we have a pretty good no incides to report. your drive is just 22 minutes for those of you coming out of navato into san francisco. >> justine: thank you erica. now there is a proposed sales tax increase in santa clara county and reggie kumar explains. >> reporter: here in san jose board of supervisors decided to allow a sales tax measure increased by a
4:51 am
fourth to to vote. the board of supervisors will vote again on august 7th before it goes before voters. >> justine: the city of san bernardino has officially filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy. the city manager says that the filing will not affect essential services to the community and there are no immediate reductions or changes planned. san bernardino is the third city in california to file for bankruptcy this year. >> james: a lot of workers would say it is pretty nice when the boss is on vacation and a lot of the staff can relax but that might change with this new prototype robot from microsoft. >>anchor: your supervisor
4:52 am
could be on vacation and in the office at the same time. microsoft is working on a robot that could allow people to be in two places at once. >> now he literally has to cameras, he has one that shows the full field of view and then he has another camera. >>anchor: it is controlled remotely as long as users have access to a web camera and the internet. so, your boss could be on the beach checking in on you. the robot could have wheels, several cameras and erica from around the office, and attend a meeting or to have face-to-face with someone. this technology could be used outside of the workplace. you could travel the world right from your living room. at this point it is just an experiment in may not even make it beyond the development phase. but
4:53 am
robots working in the office should not sound like a scene in a science-fiction movie. they say it is only a matter of time because wifi and forging networks are almost everywhere. >> justine: we will take a break with a full check of weather and traffic less than 10 minutes away. also have a look at what is coming up next.
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>> reporter: that the first tragedy happened in the woods behind university school in her mind were a 14 year-old student committed suicide shortly after being disciplined by school administrators. >> the student was engaged
4:56 am
in stealing something from a local student store. >> reporter: they are wondering how the suicide appeared to have affected his father. he now sits in the orange county jail. >> i cannot be more shocked he was an excellent scientist, he was hard- working and very friendly. >> reporter: prosecutors say after his son's suicide something changed. they say that he went on a killing spree. >> >> reporter: following the arrest and the arson, they found something even more. there was a detailed plan
4:57 am
massacre at the union city high school. >> there was an e-mail that had detailed plans purchasing guns, committing acts of murder against school students and administrators. they have been burning down the school building, burning him to the ground and killing himself. it is pretty clear that this is no joke. >> justine: take a look at this this is a motor home inside of a swimming pool. this is not too far away from boston. the rv crashed through a fence and then landed in the pool. firefighters at the driver out and no word this morning on his condition but the crews had to use a plane to fish the camper out of the water. we carried some of this live yesterday on the kron4 morning news. here is what is coming up starting at 5:00 p.m.--starting at 5:00 a.m..
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>> justine: will show you what happened when the kron4 morning news continues.
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stocks are planned to open higher. we had the federal reserve stopping short of offering a fresh look at the market but they said interest rates will stay low. >> mark: in about 20 minutes we will have the weekly jobless claims out and
5:13 am
tomorrow the monthly jobless claims will be out for the month of july. >> mark: the city of san reno is officially fallen for chapter bankruptcy. the filing will not affect the essential services to the community. san bernardino is now the third city in california to declare bankruptcy this year. >> darya: hewlett-packard is contractually required to keep producing software for the servers that oracle uses.
5:14 am
>> darya: the case now goes to trial to decide whether or not oracle broke its contract and if any damages should be awarded. oracle says that it will appeal the decision. >> mark: we will be right back, we have some light traffic and dealing with some fog this morning. we will tell you what to expect coming up. anything you think you know about your life, it's not real.
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>> darya: this hotel has been claimed to be a public nuisance. the city wants to close down the hotel for one year or require the owner to add a fence and a surveillance system to try to curb the sex trafficking that police say is going on in the area. and business owners that it now to show his face and says that the prostitutes come up to his
5:18 am
customers all the time he is tired of it. >> it has affected business because you have a lot of traffic that comes around and unwanted people that drive around. also, sometimes you see these girls and then you have customers that are coming into the place in the kind of get offended when they come with their families. i would say that i and 50/50 on it, he should be given a chance to correct the problem and not rent rooms out to people that are coming here to do their own kind of business. >> darya: the business owner says when he calls the police they say that they are short-handed and it is a low priority call. a clerk at the hotel says that prostitution is not a problem there refused >> mark: 4 people were lightly sprayed with hydraulic fluid that was released from an amusement ride on tuesday evening. there were no medical
5:19 am
emergencies and no one would to the hospital. >> darya: the east bay regional park district is a warning swimmers and pleasanton not to swallow the water because of a high bacteria count. during a water quality test last month the district found cooler from bacteria in a war that exceeded the state's health level not enough to close down the lake, but not good enough for your help. as a spokesperson said it is not unusual for lakes to have a high bacteria reading. >> mark: the city of berkeley is moving ahead with a tougher ban on plastic bags. they're considering to spend this to all the stores in the state. it will be a large source-- stores that sell the least $2 million or more. -. -- hope that this will cut down on the bags that in the and the bay. --that end up in
5:20 am
the bay. >> darya: 218 counties in a dozen states were declared disaster disowns--disaster zones. toefl oklahoma is begging residents to conserve water it is not mandatory for now they're asking many people in these areas who have said they have not seen these conditions in a long time. >> this is about as bad as it was in 36, 36 was really bad. >> reporter: it was bad and 60 and 88, and it was that in 2005. >> darya: the usda says that this year's harsh conditions could call food prices to soar as much as four and a half percent next year. >> mark: here in the bay
5:21 am
area james fletcher has the details on our forecast. >> james: this is probably the last real hot day before things cool down for the weekend. this morning, we have temperatures in the mid-50s for san francisco, it is in the war in san jose. >> james: everyone economy --has about 50 degree weather this morning and by noon, we have fairly warm conditions in the end. when they have the possibility of some low 90s. 2 take012 in the at the north bay. --now
5:22 am
take a look at the north bay. this is what we are looking for a dramatic cool off. >> james: here are the temperatures for the south bay. mrjohn1992--getting in the mid to upper 90s possibly for fairfield and as we head into the central valley toward sacramento be surprised if you hit a triple digit mark. we have 70 in san francisco 75 in oakland and have a pretty is impossible 90. today is
5:23 am
possibly the warmest day of the week. tomorrow will cool down quite a bit. now we are looking for nice weather. we have wind coming at us at about 10 mi. per hour. i will have your forecast coming up in just a few minutes so stick around for that. that is the giants weather and then over the next three days, we will see the weather began to cool down as we head into the weekend i have full details on that straight ahead. >> george: this morning looking at a pretty quiet ride around the bay area we will start the average check here. your west bound right looks good. we have no problems and it is like on the approach. your commute to the san mateo bridge is at 92. the volume is up some snow problems as you head west brown. --west bound. as we checked the road sensors and a that speech, your
5:24 am
drive time is great. the ride on 101 north bound is just 14 minutes from highway 85 of 237 that is as good as the kids. --that is as good as it gets. we will take a quick break and the kron4 morning news will be right back. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> mark: there are more serious illnesses reported this year than the last big outbreak in 2004. more than 240 human cases of west nile virus have been reported in 22 states including four deaths. the bulk of the cases are in texas especially around the dallas area. >> darya: ucsf is behind a study that looked at
5:28 am
houseleek affects how well your immune system response to vaccines. researchers found that people that get less than six hours of sleep per night, on average they were less likely to show adequate antibody responses to the vaccine that resulted in them being more likely the unprotected than a result that showed that people were more protected who slept longer. a study shows that american to get messed than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> darya: good morning and welcome back, that if they get a full shot, i hope there is a nice day to go along with it. >> james: yes, in the south
5:31 am
there will be. today is very similar to yesterday's. it will be toasted. tomorrow look for mostly sunny, but the cool down will begin. that is probably welcome relief to a lot of the inland communities. we're looking for temperatures to drop down into the 80's for i highs inland. --they are looking at temperatures to drop down into the 80's for the highs in then. now let us get a check at your travel time. >> george: if you are competing in the east bay, we see some traffic on highway 4. >> mark: breaking news right now on the stanford campus. >> darya: police are looking for a man that escaped custody and will tran is on the scene to tell us what this man was wanted for. >> will: he was wanted for domestic violence, i can tell you i'm on campus right
5:32 am
now there are officers around the perimeter, they are looking for this man that is good at 1:30 a.m.. his name is scott foster. he was arrested and put in the back of a squad car. somehow, he managed to get away. that offer to call for backup and then send out dog to look for him. a short while into this on thursday right now they say he is probably on campus so that is why they are focusing their efforts here. they do not believe he has a weapon. coming up in just a few minutes to have a live view of the search and exactly what happened. >> darya: we are looking at the map, and i want to know two things if the armed at all? is there any danger in the neighborhood? do they have the roads blocked? >> will: they have the
5:33 am
officers at certain places especially university. but they're letting people drive by, but they have the officers parked on the side, an officer standing next in cars with the lights on. they're probably surveying the place. you can still get on to the campus as well as leave campus. as far as him being armed, know he's not armed. how he got away is a question that the stanford police department wants to ask the police officer. most importantly at this time they want to find him. violence in san francisco 4 people have been killed. the police chief is a letting out a plan to try to stop the killings. >> there is an explosion of gang violence in the city and. >> mark: police revealed that the murders are
5:34 am
happening in the same gang. the chief says he hopes the community will step in and help. >> we are asking that the community step up. the faith based community, parents, friends, brothers, cousins, what ever. these guys are nine guys back and talk to each other. just a couple of weeks ago they were friends, they live in the same gang. >> darya: an elderly woman that was beaten and raped earlier this year has now died from her injuries. the 82 year old was walking in richmond in january when
5:35 am
some attacked a condition was found on the ground. she was rushed to the hospital but never regained consciousness. police say that she lived in that area and went on regular walks in the neighborhood where she was attacked. detectives and still have no leads in that murder case. >> mark: the united states is now locking up more illegal immigrants than ever. a review shows that private firms have spent more than $45 million lobbying lawmakers and contributing to campaigns of the last decade. there are up to 400,000 immigrants that are the pain right now 01 immigration charges just for this year. >> mark: now workers have been told to stop searching
5:36 am
for porn on their government issues computers. a memo was sent out last month that says that some employees have been accessing sites that transmit messages and give explicit images can it infinity doesn't take away from productive work time but opens up the network to malware among other things. >> darya: president obama is heading for florida and virginia today. mit romney is campaigning in colorado. he is making his first political appearance after a return from an overseas trip. president obama is in orlando to make up for an appearance that he had to postpone last month after the massacre at the colorado movie theater. >> darya: twitter revealed
5:37 am
that the "twindext"that compares tweets about the canada is to the positivity in negativity tweets on all topics. i guess it is some kind of approval rating. >> justine: the labor department is put out the unemployment claims, they have now won up, we are now at 3 and 65,000. we will see what this does with the markets at 6:30 a.m.. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues to stick with us until 10:00 a.m. as in the could the sun rise over the east bay hills. taking a live look at san jose right now traffic is moving live look at san jose right now traffic is moving s[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>> darya: house republicans have passed a bill extending bush era tax cuts that were said to expire at the end of the year however, present obama has promised to veto the measure. this lays down a marker for the election- year showdown with the president and his democratic allies will show whether to raise taxes on the wealthy. the president insists that the tax cuts expire for those earning more than $200,000 and up for those earning $250,000 like said republicans passed the tax cut that would continue for all income levels. toyota is issuing a recall for nearly 1 million to issue visa and the excess of dance. the rav4's far from the 2011 models. and the sedans are from the 2010 years. toyota
5:42 am
says if this rear suspension nut is not properly aligned, the park could separate from the vehicle. toyota says that it is coming up with a solution it will mail owners information when it is time to bring that vehicle in for a free repair. >> mark: in world news, we are following the flooding in china. farmland are now heavily submerged it as you see some of the more recent video. this all stems from one week of rain. this is the worst flooding that they have seen in china in recent years. an orange alert has been issued the second most severe. and dramatic video out of taiwan flooding was
5:43 am
captured on tv this man was swallowed by a sinkhole. he was killed. he was walking during a typhoon when the ground just swallowed him up. rescuers tried to get him out at least 23 people have died from this rain. the typhoon is expected to move on and bring more flooding to china. >> darya: will be back with the latest developing news that we are falling out of stanford. we have a live video shot here. as you can see the police are here and they are looking for a suspect that if they can manage to get out of the back of a police car. there is now a manhunt underway we now have a live report in a couple of minutes.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> darya: breaking news happening in stanford right now, a violent suspect was arrested but happen to get
5:47 am
out of the, car plant and a lot of the scene with the latest and where are they focusing this search is yet family that lives in the area they think he could be back in his home? >> will: we were supposed have a live interview with the police chief about 10 seconds to go all of a sudden we saw for five police cars fly by here with their lights and sirens on. you can see when they're just driving by. there could be breaking news. they could have already made an arrest in this case, in the meantime while she's making a phone call because she stepped away and when inside here is his picture apparently want to show you this happened at 1:30 a.m., they are arrested this man due to violence. he was in the back of a squad car and the the police chief is just as confused as everyone else is out there how did he escape from the squad car. many media leave the police officer called for backup
5:48 am
they send out dogs trying to track his said. just moments after that they loss his hand. they were searching for him for four hours. they do not believe that he was armed because he was already handcuffed at the time. they have set up a printer down the campus. it is an open campus so you can come and go. they have officers outside of their cars standing there basically looking around looking for this guy. they did not believe that he has access to a car because he escaped. there is reason to believe that he would hijack someone's car and speed off. they have so many police officers here and it looks like they called in extra manpower. we saw about 12 of them walking in this direction a little bit earlier. as soon as the police chief comes that we will let you know if they made an arrest, his name is scott foster and this is the man that they're looking for. >> darya: what just happened
5:49 am
is everyone okay? what was the deal with that? >> will: according to the police chief he is the son of a professor. it seems like everyone is ok. he was accused of attacking his wife or girlfriend. they say at this point they do not know they do know they got the phone call to arrive at his house. that is when the police fell enough is enough to have to rest him. ok hold on, here is the police. he is in custody. we want to let you know. chief, let me walk over there. chief? can we get you over here? ok this is breaking news. what can you tell us? >> officers on the perimeter saw someone running and the apprehended him and it is scott foster, he is now in custody as of one minute ago. >> will: was here rested on
5:50 am
campus when there? >> i believe it was run on the edge of campus. >> will: did he put up a fight at all? >> i do not believe so. >> will: now that we have a hold of you can you just walk us through what happened from the beginning? >> at 1:30 a.m. he was arrested for domestic violence. at 2:00 a.m. he managed to get out of custody while officers were in the process of getting ready to transport to people to jail. from there, the city of palo alto establish a premature along with the menlo police department. the canine did a track and the track ended in the area sort of where he was just apprehended. >> will: now the person that called and i imagine it was a woman what she injured at all? >> his significant other did not sustain any visible injuries my understanding it was a here pulling type of
5:51 am
situation people >> will: do we know anything else about mr. foster? >> we have had several encounters with scott over the years. he has dealt with a history of drug and alcohol abuse as well as domestic violence >> darya: was he handcuffed at the time? >> he was handcuffed at the time that he fled. >> will: i would imagine that his hands were behind his back so it is pretty difficult to imagine how he got away. >> some people have managed to slip through their cuffs, but he was handcuffed at the time >> will: that he so much that was police chief laura wilson that was giving us the breaking news. she said about two minutes ago, they saw him on foot on campus they arrested him without incident. so the search for this man is over. no one was hurt. the phone call happened at about 1:30 a.m. when he was arrested due to
5:52 am
abuse to his significant other because of hair pulling. >> mark: on to bay area and traffic let us get more on your hot weather forecast. >> james: today will be hot. here's your live look it looks like a nice looking start to the morning. sunrise will not happen until about 640 nem, something like that. here is the weather for today. during 9:00 a.m. we expect temperature to be in the upper fifties and low 60s. we are off to a warm start. the future forecast calls for temperatures to be in the '70s and '80s during lunch and as we head towards 3:00 p.m. we will jump back into the '90s once again. in the south bay will
5:53 am
see some low 90s but the good news is that we do have some relief on tap for the weekend. let us take a quick look at exactly what temperatures we are expected here. we have low to mid 90's across the east bay valleys. we have an aide to san jose and warming out there to 90. we have a mixture to mid to upper 80s. we will be back with more in a minute and you're seven day forecast george, good morning. >> george: we have a quick bridge check to start your out the door. there are no back up for delays. san mateo bridge and highway 90 show and easy ride you will enjoy an easy trip across the golden gate bridge with no delays through marin county. here is a quick look at the traffic maps. you can see that this is an easy trip on 880 in the southbound direction and we will be right back on the kron4 morning news.
5:54 am
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>> reporter: take a look at the top stories trending of around the bay this hour. a bartender accusing cuba goodman jr. of shoving her has dropped the charges. the bar says that it will continue to investigate the incident. >> reporter: twilight actor rob patterson has packed his bags and move in with actress reese witherspoon the two became good friends after playing lovers in a film. finally, we're getting new details on the latest installment of the paranormal activity franchise. expect the movie to have the 1980's content from the last movie and pick up where paramount to left off. to talk when a string of how the web, you can always find the stories on my fan page. >> mark: we will be right
5:58 am
back and coming up at 6:00 a.m. we have the breaking news story live on the stanford campus, a man in custody after escaping from police in handcuffs. he was rearrested this morning.
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