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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 22, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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makes no specific suggestion for rape or incest. it seems to contradict mitt romney's decision on abortion. mit romney says he was not opposed to abortion in instances of rape. now in every race there is a key demographic this time around is seems to be the year of the woman. >> reporter: democrats are tapping out a consistent beat that republicans are bad for women. the point to rush limbaugh and the reconnaissance--and the comments that he made. >> it means that you are a slut. >> reporter: they point out the outrageous comments of things like todd akin. >> if it is a legitimate
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rate, the female body has ways to show that thing down. >> you already have boaters outrage at what the candidates comments work. democrats are saying they will not let people forget about these comments. >> reporter: president obama is leading 53% according to the polls. mayor romney's campaign is firing back bringing out its strongest campaign against the president. >> i will say it is comforting to know that mit romney is always by my side. >> reporter: republicans say this war on women is a pure rhetoric. they say what they
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really are concerned about is their pockets. >> people are concerned and i have a lot of opportunities to be promoted or find other opportunities. >> erica: good morning justine we will be making of this morning on the cooler side, in terms of the numbers outside your door, we have 60 degrees and nancy take a look at your visibility chart we have clear conditions for the freeways and that is what we see for about 90 percent of the bay area. up into the north bay we see visibility
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and as you can see santa rosa is down just for mouse and 1 mi. as you head of navato on highway one under one. certainly be aware that, drive with extra caution as we take a look at fog tracker four, or around 6:00 a.m. it looks like we will see widespread fog, not only the coastline and are bay area and the peninsula but the fog will push its way in and affecting the livermore valley down in the south bay as well. by 9:00 a.m. it looks like it starts to pull back and only impacting those of you that are closer to the water. by about 1:00 p.m. it looks like the cow covered stays close to the coastline. we anticipate blue skies and sunshine for everyone else. here's a quick look at your afternoon temperatures. 87 in afternoon high and we have 70 over in hayward. we could see 67 oakland and 62 for downtown san francisco. looking ahead at your extended forecast we could shave off a couple of degrees as we transition
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into the next couple of days. it looks like as we start the next work week we are in store for a little bit of a warm-up, i will have the full details coming ahead in your seven day around the bay forecast. over in the traffic center i want to show you the bridges because we are not dealing with any hot spots. we have some overnight construction going on but nothing to slow you down. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic moving smoothly. your san mateo bridge ride is moving smoothly. we have not seen much change in the volume of traffic headed out toward foster city. your golden gate bridge ride south bound 101 shows fog and drizzle with no incidents to report. over on the tract map you'll see a lot of green for the bayshore freeway. i have been checking in with the chp and we do not have any
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accidents to report in the east bay. all of that agreement on the road with since the coming atrophy over the altamont pass. >> justine: we have a much more ahead on this wednesday morning we will take a break and be back right after this. [music]
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>> justine: the big america's cup race finals are still one year with a this we can get a look at the race that is going on right now. there are eight teams, they will take part in the america cup practice this week. they practice in the choppy water at the bay. the racing starts today and it runs through sunday. maureen kelly spoke with some members of the team that explained what spectator should expect to see.
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>> i think this area provides the best training for us in the world. >> reporter: he says the conditions here makes for excellent racing. >> they're always reliable winds, the currents are always changing. it is very physical and every day is a little different. >> reporter: the typography of the one set easy for people to get up close and take part in the action. the powerful boats going high speed have been known to crash or capsized. here you can see the new zealand teams. some have called this sport nascar on the water. >> we have already experienced a few crashes, capsized and some damage. it is a lot like car racing. you are rewarded for pushing hard. if you push too hard
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you will pay a big penalty. >> justine: check out this video from yesterday's practice races. someone recorded this on board one of the america's cup boats. this is the team from new zealand, they flipped over during a race against sweden. no one was hurt, but look at and they're hanging on for dear life in you know that water is really cold. exciting stuff going on on the kron4 morning news, we will take a break with a live look outside. we have more stories coming up right after this. [music]
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>> justine: good morning we are starting this half hour with a live look outside for mark camera showing us what is happening on the golden gate bridge, while traffic is light we see that
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visibility is not that great. the checkout what is in store for our forecast with erica in just a few minutes did not to the story that is only on kron4. more than 14,000 people have reported aches and pains as a result of the toxic smoke the was released on august 6th. dozens of people called to complain and now charles clifford tx to the calls >> reporter: just after 6:30 p.m. on august 6th the california highway patrol got calls from people that saw smoke above richmond. >> a am reporting about of black smoke. >> there was a bunch of white smoke mother is a bunch of black smoke coming out of there. >> reporter: dispatchers try to call the rich and fire departments to find out what was going on. >> they are busy trying to make it a lot of calls, let me try again. >> fire department are
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reporting on the chevron refinery? >> we are already on the way we could do not have any information you do not have to call. >> reporter: a short time later if sirens started to sound a around the refinery. >> i hear the sirens going off right now i am just wondering if we need to evacuate? >> are we in any danger? >> that we don't know i can give you the number to the rich and fire department. >> reporter: lacking specific details to give people they started telling people to contact rich and fired directly or listen to radio and tv reports about the fire. >> do not call 911, next time to tune in to your local television station. it thank you. >> justine: we will have
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more of the 911 calls coming up on the kron4 news at 5:00 a.m.. right now we want to find out what is going on with the weather erica and standing by with the latest. >> erica: we are working up with another morning of fog and drizzle. as of right now, temperatures are sitting in the '50s for the most part we have 50 to degrees in san francisco, and as detective look at some of the weather headlines it looks like into the afternoon temperatures are pretty similar if not a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. we will be in the low 60s to the upper 80s. it looks like we will keep the sunshine around again with slightly cooler conditions and really not much change into the weekend but into the next work with it looks like we could see a little bit of a warm-up. full details coming up and let us turn our to to the future forecast because it shows the 12:00 hour and 60 sprout the heart of the bay.
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the warmer spots are only climbing to the '70s for the most part we will stay out of the 80's by lunchtime. the some 80 degree readings for those along the delta. it is not until about 3:00 p.m. that some of the green starts to pull back. we will see more '70's through the heart introducing 80's for the inland areas. no 90's to speak of and it looks like we will will back down--we will hold back down. we could see some low eighties for los gatos and campbell. again of course our warmest spots are reserved for the east bay in the areas. check out fairfield and antioch. it is going to be a pretty mild day for the east bay shoreline. we have pretty comfortable conditions up into the north bay. your
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kron4 seven day around the bay forecast highlights that we will potentially shave off a couple of degrees over the course of the next few days. saturday and sunday will be cooler compared to the seasonal average. as we start the next workweek the temperatures will start to climb we could see upper 80s inland and its seven day around the bay. it looks like we do not have any wet weather to speak of. i will have more details on your forecast coming up in my next report now looking over at the traffic center of course there are no hot spots to start your morning off this is a pretty smooth and easy ride across the entire bay area. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza does not show much volume with no metering lights to deal with. by the toll plaza there is no weight at the pay dates. your drive time is about 13 minutes from into the end. we will wrap up with a quick look at the golden gate
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bridge. of course we do have foggy conditions with a lot of cloud coverage and potentially some slick roadways. you will definitely want to use your when shall wipers we are not tracking any problems come out of the north bay. >> justine: thank you erica. it is back to school for many students across the bay area they lot of questions are still lingering about the school budget. governor jerry brown says a lot of the problems could be solved if voters approve a temporary tax plan in november. the governor is kicking off his tour to support proposition 30 that would raise the state's sales tax by a quarter of a percent and raise the income tax on those making more than $250,000 per year. if this does not pass school budgets will face billionth of dollars in automatic cuts. dan kerman spoke with school leaders that fear the possibility of more cuts as they are trying to adapt to the cuts that are already in
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place. >> reporter: if this classroom looks overcrowded it is. here at the school and others in the east side school district each classroom averages about 30 students. >> we have lost staff teachers currently have furlough days. administrators have had their salaries rolled back. it has been pretty devastating for the district. >> reporter: over the last few years the district has cut $50 million from their budget. as a result their only three libraries for the 24,000 students. the district's career center has been closed for some time. >> reporter: -- >> the students now have the resources we are trying to give them to prepare them for college. >> reporter: one person says the governor's tax measures to not pass things will just get worse. >> right now we have five
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estes' the teachers have been on furlough for one week. >> reporter: the district says the failure of the tax measure means they will be forced to cut another $40 million on the next several years. >> reporter: if this is not passed many school-will have to add many more furlough days. that could mean more salary cuts and additional payoffs. >> justine: a huge crowd in petaluma. last night they knocked in five runs this
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was a very exciting game. teresa estacio was in petaluma with the fans who were watching. >> reporter: all the game was critical to win, the proud--crowd in petaluma was cool and confident that 13 will pull it off. >> reporter: after the game unfolded the team did not disappoint. these girls go to school with many of the players. >> we are so excited, petaluma did so good in the last inning. >> everyone was just going for it. i cannot wait to see
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that. i think so many people will be surprised when they come back. >> reporter: sure enough the team did it, they won, and they will be advancing up again. >> this is one of the best games that they have played they were so sharp and focused. i am so proud of the team they all played well. >> reporter: they are off on wednesday and then back at it on thursday. the crowd says that they will be back here as well on thursday to continue the support for their home team. >> justine: we are definitely rooting for them and we're getting reports in to the kron4 newsroom at a car has crashed into they don't on the berkeley campus we hope to get a live report from the scene in just a few minutes as we take a break with a live look outside at our roof camera from san francisco.
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>> justine: -- >> reporter: upon the roof of fire is burning about 120 mi. north of the sacramento. tuesday morning cal fire release some updated map information. this file fire is in heavy timber, grass and brush. the red area is the the perimeter of the fire since tuesday morning. they have this about 35 percent contained. drivers
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on highway 36 are being advised to expect delays because fire crews are working in the area. on the western side of the fire evacuation to remain in place. highway 44 north of the burned zone remains closed and viola that is north east is also evacuated. because of the fire several schools of are all closed until further notice. finally, the red cross set up an evacuation center at a sports complex in redding. >> justine: let us find out what the weather forecast has in store for today and also for the weekend of morning erica. >> erica: good morning to you just think. it will be cooler around the bay area temperatures are well below the seasonal average for the past couple weeks we have had unseasonably warm conditions however we have
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mellowed out and introduce a lot more in the way of drizzle, fog, cloud cover and cooler conditions into the afternoon. now overlooking downtown san francisco you can not see too much. the tops of the building of a strike and all the cloud coverage. as we take in the that the visibility charred it is not too bad on most of bay area freeways. if you are commuting on highway 101 visibility is down to just 2 miles. checkout conditions on highway one when want you to search of the drive with extra caution and the careful of the cars in front of you. it looks like that fog will stick around through most of the morning. not only is this affecting the coastline and the peninsula but it is impacting the livermore valley. it starts to pull back as we head into the 9:00 hour we have more sunshine in the and and as we head into the afternoon the cloud coverage this is
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hogging the coastline with clear conditions pretty much everywhere else. >> erica: we could reach the mid '70s for fremont and sunnyvale. if you are going to the baseball game, the oakland a's are playing the twins today. it is a day game, we will see mostly sunny conditions coupled with high clouds. your kron4 seven day around the bay forecast shows a little bit of a cool down for the next several days the not too much change in the forecast. as we start the next work week we are in the upper 80s once again for the warmest inland areas. one last bridge check this hour to get you out the door i am not looking at any hot spot. your ride is pretty tight at the bay bridge, no weight at the k gates. over at the san mateo bridge traffic is
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doing well in both directions of highway 92. i have been checking with the chp over at the golden gate bridge i did not see anything in the way of a dense fog advisory. we are pretty soft in. it looks like to drive time is under 23 minutes out of navato into the city. over to the track of maps all is well. we have a lot of green on the road with sensors. if you are taking public transit it looks like you are good to go. >> justine: a colorado man has cast a contest to killing two people in alameda nearly 16 years ago. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole his lawyer says that he has never seen anyone plead no
4:51 am
contest to two counts of murder. the alameda police say they received information that linked him to both murders and then he confessed to the crimes last year. recent advances and dna evidence ultimately help to solve the cold case. experts are poring over new underwater pictures that may help to solve one of the tantalizing mystery of the 20th century what happened to the aviation pioneer a millionaire heart her plane was last seen in an attempt to fly round of world back in 1937 vicki has the new details. >> reporter: a spunky here cut and a wide smile describe her intrepid spirit. she pushed the limits of what aviators and women with their almost 75 years ago she elevated her legendary status. last month
4:52 am
researchers were looking for a cruise--clews and embarked on another mission of high hopes. >> we think her aircraft is there. >> reporter: 10 somewhere near here to a tiny reef it just 6 km long belongs to the republic of kirobatie. casey rode in because of this photograph from the 1930's that appear to show a landing gear sticking out of water. an expedition last month recorded hours of video near the site poring over pictures they paused on this image. it is perhaps nothing special for the untrained >> it was the landing gear that we saw on the 1937 photograph, maybe we found the thing that we saw on the
4:53 am
1937 photograph, although now broken into pieces. >> reporter: forensic scientists say this flood the valley. >> that uppermost has the same dimensions that will be on the landing gear. down on the right, there seem to be other components of the landing gear, something that might be a tire. >> reporter: this is new evidence that could be a step closer to solving a 75 year old mystery >> justine: . much more ahead on the kron4 morning news will find out who is behaving badly and we have weather and traffic less than 10 minutes away. [music]
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>> reporter: you are looking enrolled man like the average cost a summer run a hundred $17 x of this person that for $88. the more interesting part about this but it is parked right
4:56 am
next to the walnut creek library with a no lock or chain. while 88 dullest is not a lot to pay for a bike if tickets stolen that is $88 down the drain. 28 bikes have been stolen from your the library most of the bikes were locked when they were stolen. the problem is not just with the bike being stolen in sight of this library electronics have been vanishing often it is because people have been leaving the is the tape recorder i found on one table over at a different table with his laptop. the truth is there is no such thing as a safe place. all you need to do is turn your back for a second and then it is gone. the interesting part, people ask me why i am here and they seem surprised that thefts happened at
4:57 am
walnut creek as if it only happens in that community for the fact is it could happen anywhere and this is proof. the library employees want to have a safe and pleasant experience. that requires you to be diligent and not leave your valuables unattended this could save you a headache in the future. >> justine: here is what is coming up. there is more violence in san jose we will take you to the scene of a safeway store. what happens in vegas must stay in vegas. we have more coming up in just minutes.
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[music] >> mark: here are the top stores more fallen on this wednesday morning and crime wave in san jose the to another murder the fifth in the last five days. we will have a live report coming up. a car runs through a dorm at uc berkeley's campus just before 3:00 a.m. this morning. we have our solo reporter jackie cecil and we are hearing that there may have been a gas leak in some evacuation's. >> reporter: there were some evacuation's and a gas leak apparently we do not have a corner of cheney and dana here at berkeley the car that you see slammed into cut man, that is the fix story dormitory on the uc- berkeley campus. as i said, we are not putting much in the lee of details but we do
5:01 am
know that this six story building was evacuated about an hour and half or so. it is a uc-berkeley campus the police are not saying much of anything. i can tell you about 15 minutes ago and told truck came into the area and pull the car out of the building itself and towed away. the students that were in the dormitory were allowed back into the area of the gas had been turned off had been turned off a while ago. pg&e are still out here on the scene obviously they're checking to make sure that everything is fine. i am saying that we are getting almost no details from anyone involved in this as soon as to get more information will pass along. >> mark: so you are trying to find about any injuries and as far as the condition of the driver of the vehicle. >> reporter: yes that would
5:02 am
be it, but as of this point they are getting no information. >> mark: we will check back in with you. >> darya: and other developing story this one out of the south the history of violence in san jose, investigators are looking at the city's 31st murder that happened last night. a man was stabbed to death inside of a safeway store. will tran is live. he is outside of the east san jose safeway where did this happen? >> will: the victim was inside the safe way near the produce are around 8:40 p.m. this whole area was a crime scene investigators roped off the area looking for evidence the to the video from this place maybe they will have a description of the suspect a little bit later this morning. here is video that we got once the investigators arrived. all we know is that the man was in his 20s did not know the
5:03 am
motive behind this. you could speculate that this would be gang-related but at this point we ask the homicide investigators last night and they did not want to go into the details as they said they need to investigate this a little bit more. after stabbing the victim the assailants left this place there were witnesses inside the time. investigators talk with the mexican political into the san jose police department hopefully we will get more information and for now let us send it back to you. >> darya: that seems crazy, i know there were shoppers out there i am assuming that there were a good amount of people were people just walking around in the store? >> will: there were shoppers inside the store apparently the shoppers some of them came up to the victim the victim was trying to say some words, a one shopper the victim passed out before he was able to utter any words. the fact that this happen while there were people inside shopping mall
5:04 am
there were surveillance vehicle and on a favorite alarmed by this. we are hoping to get more information there is video to look through. they also have their own security staff. maybe more informational, just a few hours from now >> darya: . i would be interested to know if that particular safeway has had problems with violence. i know this is the fifth homicide in just five days. is it that location? >> will: her talk with the san jose police department on monday ask them what i was there an uptick in violence and they said they cannot draw a direct line. i said it is because of the summer and the people are out? but they said i cannot tell you that we investigate each case on its own merit and then we go from there. maybe there is a connection between this and another one. it is up to them to tell us what they think the motive is behind this and
5:05 am
whether or not this is related to something else. >> mark: let us give a quick update on the forecast with erica. >> erica: good morning, it is another fall of the an interesting then run the bay area. you may want to use your windshield wipers we are having problems and issues with visibility. as we take a look at your day planner into the afternoon we have mostly sunny conditions but it will be a little bit cooler. temperatures are staying below the seasonal average i will show you exactly where the numbers are expected to go in the afternoon coming up and my next report. >> george: we do not have much in the way of traffic problems. we will have light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza has was on we have light traffic for the south bay peninsula and your north bay ride as well. >> darya: 911 eager to
5:06 am
recordings from moments after the massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. we have obtained the calls from concerned residents in the calls, you will hear people calling to report black smoke. >> are you calling about the chevron refinery? >> yes what is going on down there? we haven't calls coming in. >> we do not know right now. >> i am reporting a lot of black smoke. i am looking out the window. >> are you looking at the richmond chevron refinery? >> yes. the >> we are not sure what they have going on there and the refinery is not sure what they have going on but the fire department is on their way. >> these reports are coming from the safety board can it
5:07 am
to come up to minutes for the fire to ignite and in the black smoke started to spew out. the agency said it releases questions if whether or not chevron could have done something to prevent this. >> mark: chevron announced that they're opening and other health center starting today through friday they will serve as an additional help center. of the north richmond help center will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. this is the last day the residence-that residents can file a claim. >> darya: we will be back with more. [music]
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>> mark:
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>> mark: we are keeping our eyes on wall street they are set for a lower opening. this is one day after the stock futures were sliding into the red. investors will get a few economic reports coming up. we will have the latest from the federal reserve and we're waiting for the numbers on existing home sales.
5:12 am
>> darya: taking in the that decision 2012 paul ryan has attracted a lot of attention but a new poll shows that his presence of the republican ticket has not done much to boost mitt romney's campaign. the new poll shows president obama with a four point lead. there romney's personal rating has remained negative. in the meantime, 48 percent of voters have a positive view of the president compared with 43% that say they do not. a man accused of making threats against president obama will make his first appearance in federal court today. federal agents in washington state rested its 31 year old man yesterday for sending a threatening e-mail to a general fbi in box. agents tracked the man to his apartment building a few miles south of seattle. they found him with at least two
5:13 am
weapons and arrested him. a bomb squads with the entire complex for potential explosives but found nothing. >> mark: we have a pond rosa fire to the north will bring you the latest video and have more in just a minute.
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>> darya: i want to show video that we have of the pond and rosa far this has become even bigger. containment is up but you can see this is a tough job, it is the wind that is really fueling this thing and making it difficult. it is 40 percent contained that is good news. like tanks parked the fire on saturday it has joined 50 structures evacuation orders remain in effect for more than 3000 homes. about 200 homes are threaten right now this morning and two people have been injured in the fire.
5:17 am
right now, more than one dozen wild fires are burning throughout california take a look at this map. it shows where they are. the dark red flame to indicate the fires that are out of control in the flames that have the white the border around them those fires are at least contained. >> mark: one person in fresno county has a west nile virus before ages not being released. the woman in fresno county is the second person to die from west nile virus this year. >> mark: their checking to see if beef from certain cattled have entered the food chain.
5:18 am
>> darya: we want to take in the that the weather is in little bit cooler out there this morning. >> erica: yes it is a little chilly. it is not too much different compared to what we saw yesterday. into the afternoon we will see the sunshine and temperatures are a little bit cooler with the seasonal average. as we did that live conditions from downtown san francisco you cannot make out the top of the buildings. we have 60 degrees and antioch, 56, for concord and we have a couple of degrees warmer in through hayward. as we take those numbers into the afternoon our future for cash held by lunchtime only 605 '70s for the most part. it looks like the '60s will hug the coastline, the peninsula and even affect the east bay shoreline. the warmer s with '7d '80s expected along the delta. as we headed to 3:00 p.m. it looks like the 80's
5:19 am
become a live it more apparent. breaking down the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood again, this will sunny and comfortable day. we will see '70s for the most are in the south bay family seven is common for santa clara. we could see some upper 80s for fairfield and antioch. it is a relatively mild day for the east bay shoreline we have mid to upper 60s. 62 degrees expected for richmond, downtown san francisco and the '60s in daly city. checking out the seven day around the forecast we have some changes to talk about. i was the kennedy extended models, yesterday it looked like we have the chance for some isolated storms. the models are backing off, it looks like we could see a slight shock or along the coastline as we head into the evening hours. for thursday and friday we do not have any chance for wet weather we will repeat the pattern of morning fog and afternoon
5:20 am
sunshine we have cooler conditions in store for the weekend with partly cloudy skies. as the start the next workweek for temperatures could jump into the upper 80s. another at a see if george has in the hot spot? >> george: we are not tracking in the hot spots. here is a bridge check as we look at the delays, the approach looks well. this is about a nine minute drive. here on the san mateo bridge conditions are well. your commute is underway for the west bound ride with no back up on the approach. your golden gate bridge ride looks good with no problems. as we track your drive around the bay and then up to you on some drive * there is a 13 minute commute so far from hercules to berkeley. >> george: we are still
5:21 am
problem free on 580 to the altamont pass. the south bay freeway looks great. there are no delays through marin county 101 on the southbound side. >> mark: just a few days before students return to school and they are receiving shocking news of an arrest. 46 year-old todd hoffman is facing child pornography charges. the thought for many students was the recent penn state scandal and how this will affect the school's football program. >> e the what was happening out at penn state is coming home is a little bit disconcerting. >> mark: university officials say they're not aware of any allegations. hoffman has been released since friday pending a
5:22 am
criminal investigation he is married with three children. >> darya: we will be back with more difficult goal of minutes, let us take a live look outside this is from our mount tancam we do have some fog and mist out there. we will be right back. [music] ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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>> darya: it is back to school for many students across the bay area of the questions linger about the school budget. today governor brown kicks off his tour to promote proposition 30 that would raise the state's sales-tax by a quarter of a percent and raise taxes on those making more than to address $50,000 per year. if proposition 30 does not pass, school budgets would fix the and guns and automatic cuts. >> mark: today and let us with the act scores coming in chilling relations for
5:26 am
the class of 2012. this shows progress for students in math and science. the scores show that they're ready for college. it is unchanged, only 25 percent of students are ready for college. science readiness has risen and math scores have risen as well. this is the first time were more than half of high school graduates naturally took the test only upheld of them are ready for college according to the act scores. >> darya: nearly 3 million of the country's students drink, smoke and do drugs during the school day. this is the research done by columbia university that found 17 percent or 2.8 million american high school students drink or do drugs and among those 44 percent say they know a classmate that sells drugs at school
5:27 am
and for 60 percent say that drugs are available on campus marijuana was still the most on school trucks-- grounds. we will be back with more, one of developing stories we are following is at the campus where a car slammed into a building there is a live look and we will have all the details in a couple of minutes. [music]
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:ow 3q back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at
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>> mark:
5:30 am
>> erica: good morning, we have a another cloudy day the temperatures are running on the mild side. we have mid-50s to palo alto and looks like 56 degrees for those in napa and 54 and walnut creek. not taking a look at the headlines, temperatures in the afternoon will be from the low 60s to the upper 80s. tomorrow we will keep the sunshine around the temperatures could be a little bit cooler. we have cool conditions in store for the weekend with a little bit of a warm-up as we start the next work i will have the full details ahead coming up in just a minute. >> george: we are still looking at a good ride, a quick commute check, right now we are not tracking any hot spots the ride on your east bay freeway and even high with for interstate 580
5:31 am
is still pretty light. we have no problem for the south bay and its low or your north bay ride. >> mark: we are live in berkeley after a car ran into a dorm. >> reporter: not allow that information coming from the police the hurt from students that were in thought of the dorm when the car slammed inside and broke the gas line causing any evacuation. according to some witnesses, a round to 40 5:00 a.m. that car that you see there slams into the corner of the putnam hall unit #one. they felt the building shake they heard some screeches. they went out to investigate at that point they heard gas, people started to say get out of the area and evacuate the hall, close the plan is a windowless and that is exactly what they did. when did not know how many
5:32 am
students were evacuated is a six story building but for about an hour-and-a-half to pg&e crews came back here to turn off the gas. we did none know if there was anything in the circumstances involving how he ended up or where he ended up. uc-berkeley police are investigating this they are being very hush about this and playing this one very close. i can tell you the thick pulled the car out about 45 minutes ago. as i said they were here for awhile, the cap off the gas line and into the torah allowed back in about 40 minutes ago. so things have quieted down quite a bit out here right now. if we give any information about the driver or anything involving the accident we will check back in. >> darya: the recent crime search continues in san jose just last night a man was stabbed to death inside of a safeway grocery store this happened at 8:30 p.m. when there were a lot of shoppers there. that brings the
5:33 am
number of murders this year to 31. there have been five shootings and six murders in the past week in all. police officers in the metro unit are putting all of this in the story area where all this has happened and they're trying to prevent any further violence. >> there has been a lot of violence, shootings and stabbings. >> we are driving around looking for suspicious activity. we are looking for known or possible gang members. >> darya: they said the surge in violence is the most severe that they have seen in 16 years may be more. facing many of the murders on a gang-related and if there is a game of war that is going on and may be going too far.
5:34 am
down on homicide rate and safety levels to all-time lows but the reality is of the last couple of years we have had some impact at all system levels and i think we are seeing some of the implications of that. >> darya: last year there 18 gang-related homicides in san jose this was an all- time high. curbing gang violence is also a priority for the metro police unit. >> mark: the oakland police department is responding to problems about the oakland
5:35 am
police radios. they say cellphone signals from at&t have been a big problem but they have not seen any improvement since the two cellphone powers were taken offline since monday. >> >> mark: he says with is frustrating to him is that there is no timetable on how long it will take to fix the problem if ever. the to the problem started about one >> darya: and then the america's cup race final are one week away this week people can get a taste of the race. many are taking part in the america's cup
5:36 am
regatta that starts today. yesterday they practice in the choppy waters of the bay. the race runs through sunday. over the next two years the america's cup events are expected to have a 1 million--billion dollar affect in the bay area the cost of holding this is expected to be about $32 billion for the bay area but a private group is expected to cover this. so far the money that san francisco has already spent in preparation for the fed has been reimbursed. >> mark: the show you the highlights from this little league game in pennsylvania. >> mark: this is the bottom of the third, one to nothing in petaluma the coach's son brings along
5:37 am
with a three run home run. it is four to nothing petaluma over fairfield conn. look there is andrew smith to close this out. he has the game-winning double. >> mark: they play tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. against texas or tennessee. >> justine: here is what we are watching right now in the kron4 newsroom nissan has recalled almost a thousand 2013 j x cross over vehicles. they want to check for defective fuel gauges. many of them display the wrong fuel amount a car can run out of gas installed that will increase your risk of getting into an accident. nissan will notify their owners and you can take it to the dealer that will and expected this and fix the problem. you are watching the kron4 morning news we
5:38 am
will be back with more after this.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> darya: travelers techno some airlines have announced they will be cutting leg room for some non premium seats. both jet blew and west just say they are cutting the length distance by about 1 in.. both airlines say that these cuts will give extra interest to those that pay a premium for their seats. earlier this year south west said they would do a similar thing making the feat's move about 1 in. closer.
5:42 am
>> mark: despite rising gross represses many americans put most of the food that they purchased in the trash. 40 percent of the food that is purchased is thrown out that equals 165 billion baht uneaten food each year. according to the data the average family in the united states throws away about $2,200 in food every year. they found that fruits and vegetables get tossed out the most ball by seafood, grains, meat and milk. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> darya: residents have the beloved back into a uc- berkeley dorm after being evacuated early this morning. this is when the car ran into the building heating and gas line. >> mark: republican todd akin claim that a woman's
5:46 am
body is capable of preventing pregnancy and what he called a legitimate rate. republican candidate paul ryan ask for him to step aside but some say it is not right for them to override the voters and that he is not abandoning the race. >> were you upset that the kind of build on you?-- bailed on you? >> and these have been some exciting days. >> do you think you can still win the race? >> i believe so. >> mark: he apologize for the comment and said that he meant to say forceable rape. he opposed-- >> darya: in maryland,
5:47 am
they're trying to figure who would killed while hanging out on the tracks played any role in the crash or if their presence was a tragic coincidence. the train derailed a round midnight on monday an elephant city 13 mi. west of baltimore. so far investigators have determined that the emergency brakes were fired automatically. nearly two dozen rail cars flipped over some fell onto vehicles in the parking lot below the bridge. two of the train operators were not injured. >> mark: there's a thin-plus aslant into eastern china. as you can see there was heavy rain coming down many vehicles in the street could not move. stores and shops were also filled with water. there were roadblocks
5:48 am
surrounding areas that were flooded. >> darya: now we have a little bit of water it is like a light spray, you may need something this morning. >> erica: for the coastal spots, then to use your windshield wipers for most of the morning. it looks like a pitiful day for the mount tancam and beautiful blue skies with a blanket of fog to contend with. we're not too bad, we have 54 the most part low 50s out and antioch when degrees cooler through san detail this morning. as the check-up the fog tracker, it looks like into the 6:00 hour most of us at least some of us are impacted by cloud coverage. we are dealing with dense fog along the coastline. temperatures start to pull back in the 9:00 hour revealing sunshine for the inland areas as we head into the afternoon it looks like
5:49 am
mostly clear conditions for the majority of the bay area. we will continue to see cloudy conditions for the meat coastline. we have a '60s and '70s for the most part and as we push back into the afternoon i temperatures we introduce the 80's and breaking up the numbers for you have a few 80's in the south bay with los gatos hitting 82 degrees. we could see 79 in milpitas, 73 in mountain view, and the track we have any day of the upper 80s for fairfield and antioch. we have low '70s for the castro valley and hayward. we have mid to upper 60 for the east bay shoreline. it looks like downtown san francisco's coming in at 62 degrees you can expect a lot in the way of a cloud coverage mostly stubborn cloud if you're heading to ocean beach. we do not show much change in the temperatures. we may
5:50 am
lose or gain a couple degrees heading into the weekend as the start the next work week by monday and tuesday was the upper 80s and then and no '70s around the bay and mid-60's for the coast. looking at the extended models are not think we have any what were the to speak of. we will continue to mantra your forecast right here on kron4 but for now it is a check on traffic with george. >> george: watching this hemisphere bridge i have just learned of a stall. crews have been dispatched out to the flat section that could be anywhere. it is unclear yet whether or not this has blocked the lanes fortunately the shall this on the left and right time of the bridge show that it is possible we could get away without a backup, we will keep an eye on this if this turns into a hot spot we will let you know. from here to the bay bridge as the continued the bridge checked normally we would start at the bay bridge that
5:51 am
affects most parts of the bay area so far it is a good ride. for 101 south bound marin county we do not have any delays on traffic you may be using your when shall wipers across the span and through marin. for your ease they ride, we will pick up the map for your commute for a look the still have a great drive time with no delays. this is from south bound down to highway 24. the south bay continues to look good. your drive time is under 25 minutes from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> mark: now the giants and dodgers are in los angeles. the giants got off to a fast start. the dodgers are now
5:52 am
down one game and have fun the giants. they start off with a to one single in the first inning and tim lincecum down to that he gave up just five hits in one run. matt ticket out for san francisco as the giants trying go for this week in the bitter rivalry down in los angeles. oakland's bretz is back after missing a season with the tommy john circuitry. not check this out, they have a triple play. he hits the third and has a triple play.
5:53 am
>> darya: i love that. all right, we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes left in live look outside we have for you? the approach to the bay bridge shows and easy ride. [music] you know, i was once used for small jobs.
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>> mark: actress burtanelly will be honored on the walk of fame up with a start. -- star. >> mark: the hollywood team of commerce and under in the golden globe winner with her star on the walk. betty white will speak at today's dedication. >> darya: betty white is still on fire. she is hot. [laughter] >> darya: we will be back with morning couple of minutes, the big news this morning is where a car slammed into a building on the cal campus. berkeley students are open up in the middle of the night and
5:58 am
being evaluated will have a live report on that. a lot of kids are back in school this bay area morning governor brown has a warning about what he is pushing that will affect the kids. new numbers from a big fire burning in northern california. there's some good news out there will be right back.
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