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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> we have a smarl percentage of people who are -- small prtsage of people who are -- percentage of people who are committing these crimes. >> stops, see if we can find what crimes are involved. >> reporter: he stopped a few times to run plates of suspicious vehicles as we rode up and down the roadways. he's always on the lookout for any
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suspicious people. >> indicators are clothing, tattoos that are visible, bumper stickers. s. >> reporter: this time out ended with no stops or arrests. he says that's not the point. he's just one of a 36-person team tackling crime. he reminds us there are not as many officers on the street due to cutbacks. if you see anything suspicious, call police immediately. a landmark verdict for two tech giants. samsung is expected to appeal today's ruling from a jury in san jose which found that the company ripped off the innovative technology used by apple to create iphones and ipad. the jury ordered the company to pay
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apple more than 1 beside. samsung fired -- $1 billion. the jury found several of samsung's products illully used -- illegally used apple's creations. >> consumers aren't going to be airline to get the fine -- aren't going to be able to use the phones they've seen on the market. this is the first stepping stone in a monster trial between google and apple. google has recently decided to sue apple for a few of its own patents and block the sale of the iphone in the u.s. these guys are huge competitors! and that's going to be the real trial. >> from the start of this trial, legal experts and wall street analysts sold samsung as
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the underdog. apple headquarters is just 10 miles from the courthouse in san jose, and the jury was selected from the heart of silicon valley. temperatures were warmer out there today thanks to the sunshine. 68 in san francisco, 66 in daly city. seeing reduced visibility in half moon bay. dense fog and drizzle out there through the overnight hours. mostly sunny tomorrow. details on that coming up. my sister saw that they have a kawar, and they were starting to break into our
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house. >> the children said they were in their family home during the break-in. jeff bush has the story of the two young heroes who kept their cool in a tough situation. >> reporter: it was a burglary attempt on this quiet street. they were the only ones home. >> they started ringing our doorbells and knocking on our door. and they saw that they had a crowbar, and they were starting to break into our house. >> they hear the bad guys, go into a closet, dial 911 from the closet. while they're talking to the dispatcher, they hear the suspects. >> come out, come on out. >> reporter: he was armed and ready to defend his sister and himself. >> just hiding in the closet
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and holding the bat like this. >> the detective was able to respond within about 1.5 minutes. the suspects took off in three different directions. we were able to set up a perimeter and catch all three. >> reporter: they had been on a burglary spree. fremont police searched the car they were using and found several stolen items. police say the kids' cool heads and quick-thinking are why the bad guys got caught. >> a bus brawl caught on video. details next. >> later, the giants are taking on the braves while the a's battle the rays. and tiger battles a bad back. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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tropical storm isaac
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nearing florida. here is video from florida. heavy rains moved into south florida ahead of isaac. organizers of next week's republican national convention say they're monitoring the storm. 70,000 dell greats, journalists, and protestors are expected. isaac continues to churn in the caribbean. the dominican republic is seeing waves crash there. haiti is expected to know at the center of isaac's path. >> a much different picture here locally. our typical summer pattern. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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>> i'm sure the fans are going to go crazy when they come in here and she what we've accomplished. >> we encountered some unexpected difficulties. some legal and some very comfortable colorful. >> reporter: they sought to maintain the tradition of a stadium build in 1923. >> it has been restore, which is a significant natural resource. we got a very high compliment from one of the major donors.
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he said, you know, what you've accomplished is it looks like memorial stadium. >> it's a modern stadium now, and the circulation is modern. exiting all works, and it's safe, it's safe. >> there's nothing like being home. nothing like our players walking through the north tunnel. the pride and the tradition that goes along with that, you can't explain. >> the one thing i'm disappointed with, we had a change of the locker room. they talked earlier about the worst facility in the country, that was absolutely the worst visiting locker room in the country. cooler weather expected this weekend as the fog starts to take a strangle hold on the forecast. go in the bay shore,
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temperatures in the 60s, on the coastline only in the 50s. a couple event, sonoma grand prix. temperatures 75 degrees, sunday the big event, temperatures the same. 74. temperatures tomorrow arch, 70s down in the south bay for the most part, 80 in los gatos. 74 in san jose, 75 in sunnyvale. our inland valleys mainly in the 80s tomorrow. a few up er70s as well -- upper 70s as well. 80 in livermore, 83 in ant jobbing -- antioch. 58 in san francisco. the fog should career by noon. 70s through the north by. a look at your
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extended forecast. cooler weather on tap through the weekend. temperatures from 5-10 degrees below average for this time of year. winds will pick up, which means warmer conditions for the inland valleys. surveillance video from a san antonio city bus shows a nasty fight between the bus driver and two teen passengers. it happened in july. the vootd seems to show the -- video seem to show the driver calling two passengers onto the bus after they got off. words were changed, then a fight broke up. other apartmentings tried to -- passengers tried it break it up. the bus driver resigned during an investigation into this incident. >> in sport, the dodgers on the
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verge of a trade which could give them the upper hand against the giants. and the giants tray to keep the dodgers at arm's length.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city,
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supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. the giants are red-red-hot
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right now! the giants take their fifth straight win. angel pagan, red-hot, drives one to deep right. gregor blanco scores: pagan 4-5 since cabrera's suspension. scutaro with two hits tonight. and buster posey, he did you believes down the left field -- doubles down the left field line. dodgers beat the marlins. and they're not standing pat, they're on the verge of signing red sox slugger adrian gonzalez who's one of the best hitters in the game. since the dodgers have turned into the yankees west, they'll have no problem picking up the $126 million left
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on his contract. deal could be finalized tomorrow. the a's looking to keep pace in the wildcard race, taking on the rays at tropicana in st. petersberg. derek norris comes close to a home run at the wall. jhonny domes, 2-run home run off john peralta. the a's would win 5-4, tied with baltimore for the second wildcard spot. gomes hoping for a quick game so he can watch the petaluma little leaguers in the national title game. it'll be a
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rematch. bradley smith has won three straight since. pga in pardon mingdale new york -- woods blames the hotel mattress for the stiff back. he would finish with a 69. he's 4 strokes back. the lead. 14th hole, the shot of the day, roberto castro, and the ball goes in on the fly for the hole in one, castro needed that shot to make the cut. he shot a 67, made the cut by 1 stroke. the world's fastest catamarans taking over the bay in san francisco. fans watching from the rocks. and a crash at the start!
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that's skipperd by russell -- skippered by russell coops. that's team korea just missing the prada -sponsored boat. the usa spinhill picked up a win today as the racing lead. what's worse than a preseason football game? a preseason game in not just rain but a downpour! that's in miami as hurricane isaac approaches. >> proerm storm. >> -- tropical storm storm. >> tropical storm ! petaluma little league is the big game tomorrow. >> 12:30. a gettogether at the theatre, and watch the game live. >> if you have a question or
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comment, e-mail us. >> all right. goodnight everybody.
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