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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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canoodling. what? >> the news anchor learns the hard way what the word canoodle really means. >> oh, i thought are not ready to let his name of aid into the history books.
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of one of these rockets to get to the man. he had one heck of a ride. >> he is the guy behind the camera. he took pictures of most of the astronauts on the room marin. the attachment. = =pmoon. he was responsible for a large part of the success of the program.
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>> this craft it does may be too graphic for some viewers. the two veteran patrolman had never fire the weapons on they let go of 16 rounds on the suspect. the officers shot and killed the gunman as a motor after he shot a former colleague to death. >> 18 days left for mit romney to complain that that -- complot campaign before he heads off to florida. he talks about how he and his wife for board in michigan.
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he released his birth certificate last year. and >> of republic leaders canal and the take a chance on i 6 >> of in florida storm preparations were on their way and officials are taking the threats seriously. they're recommending that the visitors leave it now from the keys. >> residents are preparing for the worse. they want everyone to start preparing early and hope to the vest.
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>> being of florida in and never know where the storm is quantico's so you need to be prepared. >> they say the store is set to approach the florida keys on sunday. then it may head to tampa with the republican national convention beginning. a state of emergency has been declared for florida which gov. scott said is standard protocol. >> tropical storm i say is just north of cuba. -- isac he can see the trap -- track of the storm as it goes over
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the keys and then intensifies to hurricane strength as it moves over warmer waters. >> monday evening to have is expected to get heavy rains and strong winds. it is expected to make landfall on the florida panhandle on tuesday or wednesday. here in the bay area there has been lots of fog today pit lots of gray skies. your the highs today. as we go into tomorrow we're looking for more of the same. sunday will be mild.
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we will let you know about the warmer weather this coming our way. >> the petaluma teen redound 10 runs. petaluma cannot match the tennis scene team. the loss does not diminish the play of these kids and the world series. >> people are arrived early saturday morning for the little league world series. >> this is wonderful. the enthusiasm and the camaraderie. and the support pin >> you look at the
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photograph six months ago and you look at them playing the game and they are different children. >> the watch some grim face players stall for five innings. they try then to their feet with an astounding 10 run inning. they were within one run. and while those hopes were up the cheers seemed to sustain the little league fans of petaluma. >> they put up a fight and were proud of them. >> did we want to see them win, of course we are still proud.
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we can't be heartbroken of that. >>vicki: of petaluma will play a consolation game on sunday morning. the a's continue to get the job done. today they beat the tampa raise four-two. >> samsung and out will respond to the billion dollar judgment. many people caught a safe place but the bad guys calling an easy target. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> team mobil has an
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unlimited data plans = = t- mobile.
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of and in the travel at that and were then sent. there was $1 billion in damages. >> a found that samsung aches essentially copied the iphone. samsung is now ordered to pay $1 billion. for apple, it sends a message that they will do
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anything to protect their innovations. samsung said that today should be not a win for out all but a loose for the consumer. certain products will be removed from american stores. apple applauded the court for fighting samsung actions will fall. the jury found that it didn't copy the ipad design but apple is likely to appeal this. >>vicki: sure you love your upgrades but at what price. >> for tomorrow morning is foggy conditions in cool temperatures in the '50s.
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we will let you know how warm it is when to be in the afternoon coming up.
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>> now this time to the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate to. because team mobil-- t-moble will offer unlimited plans. they will not slow down your speed when you get to a certain amount of data. they will offer a maximum speed with no limit. why would they do this, to keep existing users with them. >> we have seen people try to protect the data plan and what charges there or to get
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pit. they will offer a different plans with unlimited data. here is a quick to compare it -- comparing to spread. some t-mauled ball t- moble unlimited data is a great deal but they do not carry the iphone. the unlimited authority-- 4g will be available for
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unlimited customers and >> we have temperatures right now that are cooler around the entire bay area and '50s mostly around the area. here are the temperatures now. here's the satellite you. -- here is a satellite of view. this began see a storm and the pacific northwest. it will help keep the temperatures cool for the next few days. here is a picture of the cloud cover and the fog. look for gray skies can't possibly sunshine by the afternoon.
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the fog will be staying toward san francisco all day long and into the afternoon. here are the temperatures of around 3:00 did it will be '60s '70s and a little bit 80 pin on monday we will see a little bit less fog and more sunshine kid/ 4 tomorrow look for high temperatures on the buy side. this it will be below normal and sunspots. hear that afternoon highs. fog will hang on until about 9-10:00.
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here is a 7 day around the bay forecast. fog will be any -- fog will begin to clear a little bit quickly through the middle of the week. it will be a little bit cooler as we get toward the end of the week. you can always follow was on the tomcat's channel 193. >> thousands of walker's turn out for the breast cancer challenge and oakland. the walk is race -- named
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after a local broadcaster that lived with breast cancer for six years. >> when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she decided she wanted her friends to help those who were not insured. she had good insurance but she wanted to help others. >> this organization has donated millions of dollars to cancer research. >> we sample some french down home cuisine. >> that's check it out. we have onion soup.
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we could call david alexander 7 cisco is favored non steps french speaking chef rick this is a classic french bistro. they have crepes and muscles. not to mention french onion soup. and a cheese burger with a french twist, cream cheese. they also serve a nice french red wine. >> at you can have a airtran and a nice glass of burke bordeaux and will not break the bank.
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-- you can have a hamburger and a nice glass of french porto and not break the bank. >> a woman suspected her husband cheating honor found something in the back yard. >> stanley roberts was also talk about people being a badly. >> [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> here is stanley roberts
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about the people we have been badly. >> this by cost about $170 but this writer got it for $88 could. while $88 is not a lot to pay for a bike but if they get stolen then is a lot. in the last year's 20 bikes have been stolen from the library appeared. the problem is not just by six stolen but inside the library and electronics have been stolen people let's leave their stuff unattended. on a different table is a laptop. . you would think that a
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library is a safe and by the buyer met with the truth is no place is a safe place pin. the interesting part is that people are surprised that that's happened in walnut creek's di. the library employee wants me to have a safe and pleasant experience care. in walnut creek, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> >>vicki: and one woman thought her husband was having an affair but in the backyard she found something worse. plus we take a tour of a wild fire with a group of soldiers. >> it at
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>>vicki: a 7 year old boy was shot. in incense child had by a stray bullet hidden even a city as violent as oakland this shooting shocked some people. this little boy was just playing outside his house when people started shooting nearby. it at the golden was lost and inside his back. the -- he says that all the
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way is at oakland's children hospital care eat/ you said that his that a lot of pain and will take quite some time for him to heal from the psychological damage. people covering their faces. the shooting killed a man in his forties. they think that he may have been the intended target pin >> is the father said he does not know how many shots were fired but if he is glad his son is alive. >> they do not have any suspects and are unsure of the motive. >>vicki: firefighters are
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hoping to have upon the rows of while fire under control. some of california's top fire fighters and officials for during the operation to see how the fire fighters were getting in the upper hand. >> this is california national guard commander and the head of the emergent t management center pit >> this is gone very very smoothly. we have resources of the state. calfire small tankers are
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flying hard. the slurry is pumped directly to the plane. later they arrived in the calfire helicopter base. the reason why this is critical right now as we are looking at a possible wind shifts. >> this pace has been fire fighting men in including men from the national guard. there are wracked an afghan combat veterans pin. >> is very similar. it is the dust in the train.
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the amount of cooperation so far from state and federal agencies has exceeded their expectations >> meanwhile, the central valley has had a lot of hot spot temperatures did as you can see we have some called priscian in. we are in the think he's right now put. the fog is already over the bay. for tomorrow in accord extends the fog around the bay area. there is a possible drizzle by the coast and by the bay with fog inland. it may take until early afternoon until it clears 7 cisco kid-- the san francisco
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we will have mostly fifties and then it will begin to warm up pin. as they go into next week the fog will clear more quickly. i will tell you about the 7 day around the bay canal. >>vicki: her husband is accused of killing a man and a hearing his remains in the yard. >> the man thought his secret is safe until his wife found out pin. she said a recorder in the kitchen for the three days because he thought and was cheating on her pit.
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he asked the gardener to help him remove the corpse of the man. he paid the man $3,000 to move a body and was going to pay him $100 per month to keep it quiet. police report says that the two men dug up the body from the side of the house. they describe the body is partially decomposed and buried 5 ft. under a slab of concrete pin. they took the body and buried it in another location. when they talked about what they would do to a child
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molester if they knew one pit i killed him. i killed my brother and carried him in my yard cleared. reoffered someone money to kill her pit when he heard that he called it the sister in law pit. he was incarcerated for drug trafficking. convinced that the man that his wife was exploiting him and taking his money pin. documents has said that high had not been seen or heard
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from in four years pin. every time of the wife asked him about his brother he said that he moved to new mexico with an unidentified group granted >>vicki: there's a lot of smoke. we're going to take a look at some documents expose on line pit >> if you're not into all this tv ads is a way to meet them. it is not just yet.
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you and when a horse deliver the then let >> the documents at the
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dump from a capital had financial statements. this 2009 financial statement is shows the names from big-name companies. this is what it said. in response to the romney campaign is released a statement said that gov. and mrs. romney assets are decided by testing. -- trustee.
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>> this letter from the main holding said they economy highly dependent on this will support that the old next elections would have major ramifications. compare that to whether romney told a black crowd in new mexico >> almost everything he has done has made it harder for this economy to recover. as a result middle income families across america are having a hard time. >> to defend the president's handling of the economy, bill clinton said that it only works if there's a strong middle class. -- middle-class. >> i will set a national
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goal for america and north america for north america at to be energy independence by 2020. >> one writer for fortune magazine said that it is tons of smoke without any fire. >>vicki: a reminder that you can watch uninterrupted commercial free of the convention on and i knew, passed before = = comcast 4 193. >> we will have some warmer
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weather coming up. out to you about that when i come back. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys!
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back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. >>
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>>vicki: many know him as the first man to walk them in pin down so well has his story about neil armstrong's amazing life and career. >> neil armstrong was born in ohio in 1930 could space travel was the stuff of science fiction. he said he had the same dream over and over again hovering above the brow ground. armstrong check his first airplane ride. as a teenager he began to take flying lessons even before he got his driver's license. he earned his degree in aeronautical engineer it.
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he joined the service and perform 78 combat missions. he flew the rocket plane that laid the groundwork for space travel. in 1961, president john kennedy made a dramatic challenge pin >> i believe this nation to commit itself appeared before this decade is out will land a man on the moon and return them. >> the next year armstrong joined the enormous undertaking. armstrong brought the first space craft home safely after a rocket malfunctioned.
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the next launch would be19169. they blasted off and apollo 11. it is a journey into history. it took four days to reach the destination. the world watched and waited and said the lunar module separated from the command module. then came the word from armstrong appeared >> the eagle has landed. the july 20, 1969 neil armstrong became the first human to set foot on them in pit >> one small step for man one giant leap for mankind. >> he was pot followed by all trend.
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the two astronauts stake in american flag and scooped up some rocks. they also perform some experiments then returned to the spacecraft. the crew mates returned home to a hero's welcome. armstrong was on the left could he was the first man on the rain could then he taught engineering at the university of cincinnati. i will always be a white sox, a pocket protector nerdy guy. he was also much more than that. he was a husband and father of two. and he will be known forever as the first man in the u.s. space program. >> we're looking out over
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san francisco. you can see a gray skies for tonight. temperatures are cool. we are mostly in the fifties. it is cool and breezy this evening. the fall is moving in quickly. -- the fog is moving quickly. the be slow clearing through much of the morning. in fact in some places and will be in the afternoon before it clears care temperatures will be relatively mired -- mile tomorrow much like they were this afternoon. here are the temperatures expected for tomorrow.
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after tomorrow we will see temperatures begin to read them. >> notice how extensive the fog is. the clearing will take place very slowly. i think the fog will just begin to start clearing at 9:00 a.m.. this is 12:00 noon in there is still fog inside the bay. here are the high temperatures. the mormon spots will be in the upper seventies may be
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close to 80 degrees. there is a 7 day around the bay forecast. we will begin to see the temperatures are rebound back into the '80s. we will see more sunshine and less morning fog as he had to the middle of next week. you can get the latest of the weather forecast on the new kron 4 channel 193. >>vicki: fell like what you hear on tv all you have to do is match them you to butt in. we will have more on this coming up.
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