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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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but the >>pam: and da lin has more on the vicious sexual assault. for >>da: authorities say this man was sentenced to 32 years in prison for gang raping his didn't fit on the richmond high school campus. the attack shocked the nation.
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more than 20 people watched as some in the group repeatedly raped her 15 year-old girl. they beat her, brought her in urinated on her body. fifth fifth >> 5 5 seen in this graphic ar still at knopf awaiting court dates. if
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>> temperatures ranging from 50 to 60 this evening. >>pam: another person has died from the hantavirus. the total number infected is eight.
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>>pam: the scenic wonders of yosemite draw visitors from all over the world. some of those visitors are now coming down with hantavirus. new deaths in west virginia and pennsylvania. and j.r stone is following the story and joins us now with new details. >>j.r: we now know that there have been the eight cases of the hantavirus, three of the eight have died. i was at yosemite all last week, i was inside one of the 91 cabins that was closed. this one had been a sanitized and rodent proof. we are learning tonight that this is one of two areas now in question. >> these are the signature tent cabins in curry village a
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yosemite, an area where seven out of the eight hantavirus terraces are believed to have originated. this area is now closed to the public. for the first time we're hearing about a case linked to the tent cabins and a high sierra. >> this specific individuals stayed in multiple camps at the end of july. >> specifically in the location higher elevation, at least an hour and a half from curry village. >> because of a single case that has been linked to the area, health officials did not feel that warrant any further investigation or precautions. >> victims of the hantavirus now include six people lived in california, one and pennsylvania and one in west virginia. one person has died from each of those states.
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>> the family is offering a $5,000 reward for his safe return. >>pam: it has been two weeks since a call one of the homicide investigators in san jose. the city went through a bloody rampage, eight people killed and 11 days including the fatal stabbing of a man inside of a safeway store. the killings were gang-related according to police the. now, residents have seen more police on the streets and they feel that the officers who are keeping a gang members and their violence under control. >> ids even more people pulled over, more motorcycle cops. >> i do not see as many groups
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hanging down on the street >> in response to the community average, the san jose police department started new policy of all gangs, all the time. >> we are expecting fog to roll in overnight. its widespread '50s will be the morning lows. we are expecting a lot of sunshine with warmer temperatures compared to today and a further warming as we head into the work with. temperatures currently in low 50s in san francisco, 58 in oakland. we are expecting a beautiful afternoon tomorrow.
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>> amazon held a press conference showing off new you readers, new tablets and that they have lowered the price of their entry level devices.
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>> coming up later in the broadcast, mccarthy hit with a line drive yesterday.
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so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> amazon unveiled new he readers and tablets. it tech world is buzzing over this move. this announcement comes five days before apple shows off its new iphone. amazon held a news events. " gabe slate shows us the new amazon gets its.
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>>gabe: this is the new kindle fire 8.9 in. tablet. >> it only with 20 ounces. >> it as more stores to the device and has more bells and whistles. amazon is offering the fire for $200 cheaper than the ipad. that is hard to resist. >> what is the ultimate tablet feature? 4g elsie wireless. >> amazon is also releasing a higher and 4g version of the kindle fire tablet to be connected at all times and not be depended on wi-fi.
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$50 flat for a year of service. sphere the new kindle fire tablet will cost $2 and ships september 14th.
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the >> if you do not need a built in light or the latest greatest, amazon wall for the new entry-level kindle touched the reader for only $70. >> we are expecting another beautiful day tomorrow, slightly warmer than today with '60s at the coast some 70's for the bay and '80s inland. we will take a quick break here and be right back.
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>>pam: and the dnc wraps up tonight. tonight, the president made his case for reelection. kron4 has a full wrap up along with insight from our political analyst. if the officer shot and killed on a bay area freeway, kron4 talks with the sergeant that works with him in the more on the gunman's background furious
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itself to >>pam: at 8:30 p.m., the president formally accepting his party's nomination. just minutes ago the dnc wrapped up what was a star-studded a final night at the convention. to my whereabouts joined by our political analyst but first, grant lodes has been following the convention.
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>> about hour ago the president took the stage in charlotte. he followed his wife frances former president clinton, of full of clothes gave tremendous speeches. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. look half as may be harder but it leads to a new face and i'm asking you to choose the future cause
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it's stalled this ... does america toccoa >> amanda said this journey we need unit won a promise than imperial who often to our traffic is harder but it leads to a better place. the road is long but we are traveling together. scott we do not turn back. we leave no one behind. we draw strength from our victories and learn from our mistakes, but will keep our eyes fixed on the distant horizon
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in >> the obama family in the guy in families when the president on stage. this officially wraps up the convention. >>pam: joining me to talk about the dnc, our political analyst, what are your impression of the president's speech? >> he gave a good speech. for this target audience with its feet. this is the third night in a row that the democrats have done very well curious >> using the linkedin coaches of the new thing would resonate with people. this was a speech bent on
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keeping those wavering obama voters. house commerce court >> they talk about goals and the contrast between what they wanted to do in what mitt romney wanted to do.
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call >> to president clinton was in giving a lecture on defense of obama in what was wrong with the republican party's local discontent. call or so soon
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gone are their voter suppression of offered being pushed? >> this is a voter based elections. this is about turnout. >> there is a big problem with laws that prevent half the people and low income people from getting to the polls. qr half credit oscar house
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arctic mark or then apple where word from which we'll >> he was a great person.
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in-house thing he was always positive and upbeat. he was committed to his family with four kids and a wife. >> he was also committed to keeping the public safe which involved in making cars stopped on california highways. >> one of the dangers is you never know what you're going to get. for me to get the news was a shock to me. >>pam: at video from the scene of a deadly shooting in oakland, and happened to this afternoon. the police found a man who was unconscious on east 22nd. he later died. this was the second murder of
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aha klass >> he is the real thing, and he was born in italy. he has defended the anti and every flavor of the lotto
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a august august close calls alu hunt them online and be seated jesus '60s and '70s. bsn and humble beginning as '80s in the inland some 70's to the bay and '60s and the us.
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greta less shluh neary chairman in oakland days and pitcher britt and mccarthy was a yesterday and required surgery. he took a hit of all the line drive. mccarthy had cds can never build a hemorrhage, a brain contusion in the skull fracture.
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brenda mccarthy undergone surgery after taking a line drive off of its head. both the oakland a's and the giants have the night off. >> alex rodriguez and c.c. sebathia combine equal the entire table for the oakland
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a's. oakland right now is in the second wild-card position.
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dhaka and roth is all
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( indistinct conversations ) yeah. yeah, you're right, i agree. yeah, it's great. ( talking and laughing ) what can i get you? uh, bourbon, please. i've got white bourbon and red bourbon. or three flavors of water. white. so what do you think of the paintings?


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