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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 7, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> i want them to get him arrested as possible. i want my kids to be safe. fred >> police say on tuesday the suspect took the children from the mother's home in south san francisco. on wednesday the suspect's car was seen on a marina and alameda. that is one police believe he still the sailboat. early this morning, about 50
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mi. off of the coast near half moon bay, the vote was seen again. this is about 50 mi. off of the coast. right now the coast guard is flying over the book. it looks like the suspect is steering back to shore. everyone is open for a peaceful resolution. >>pam: a gruesome scene in vallejo, the bodies of a male and female couple found shot to death in the 1000 block of atherton street. the incident happened after 9:00 p.m. shift last night. police investigators discovered the bodies of two victims. family members did identify them as a 31 year-old and his 28 year old fiance. one neighbor says she heard the shot guns being fired. >> i heard four shots.
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i concede to german exiting the house. >> i was terrified. i was in utter shock. she pretty much was always thought inside the house. i had seen him up and walking around. >> according to family members the incident is even worth.
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>> a coastal fog, clear inland in a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. highs will be very similar to today.
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>> they are in first place in the nl west. 25 games left. i spent the day talking with fans. some fans have been out here for six-seven hours. they are fired up about the giants who are again in first place. is this the earliest true? >> we were here four hours ago >> you still have four hours until game time. thirdthird we have hotlinks goi in and tried to it.
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>> i have been here since about 1:00 p.m.. we are still getting right here. >> i a.m definitely rooting for the giants. >> how long does this take? >> about 10 minutes. we are here from new york to see today's game. >> giants fans from your? >> she is lying. we are mets fans. >> we are giants fans just for today. >> just my luck i would come across undercover mets fans.
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i came across one of the most entertaining fans in my opinion, ever. we'll hear from that stand at 6:00 and also what i thought was somewhat of a new fad but again, that is in the 6:00 story. a lot of excitement out here and in the ballpark. >>grant: we are tracking several earthquakes. the 4.1 magnitude struck at about 623 6:23 p.m.. a 4.0 earthquake about one minute earlier in the same region. just after midnight, a 3.5 magnitude earthquake in beverly hills with no reports of damage or injuries. if seismologists say the qwikster not all the san andreas fault. check out this dramatic video from southwestern china, a
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series of earthquakes have killed at least 67 people. you can see from this video, a landslide. you'll see a lot of dirt, dust and rocks to. a landslide happened as this person was a rolling. 4.8-546 magnitude earthquake almost 7000 homes have been destroyed. you can see the damage to these cars right here. southwestern china, no strangers to large quakes. nearly 70,000 people cited 2008 from an earthquake in that same region. >> ahead at 5:00 p.m., the conventions are over into the presidential nominees are out in force. we'll show you where romney and obama are campaigning today plus what they're saying about today's lackluster jobs report. >> clint eastwood is the doubt
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about his speech at the convention and what he told a newspaper about the infamous empty chair and his response to the reaction over his speech. >> a better job on line into the shopping this weekend. starting next week, if the big retailer websites like amazon and overstock have to start charging california residence sales tax. as you will not get as good a deal on amazon next week but, there are a few secrets about amazon that many people do not know that i can share with you to help you save bay.
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>>pam: the democrats locked up their national convention last night. as the president heads the campaign trail again, a new jobs report is adding some extra baggage. >>catherine: the president laid out a long-term blueprint for revival, asking for more time to carry out his agenda. >> i never said the jersey would be easy and it will not promise that now. our path is harder, but it leads to a better place. >> the president was faced today with the release of a disappointing jobs report. job growth has slowed noticeably, 96,000 jobs were added which is your the expected.
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the jobless rate went down a little but economists say it is only because more unemployed workers for dropping out of the work force. >> did you see the jobs report this morning? in 95,000 jobs created an almost 400,000 people dropping out of the work force altogether. >> the president was in new hampshire where he pointed out that employers have added jobs for 30 months in a row the conceded that there is much more to be done. >>president obama: we know it is not good enough. we need to create more jobs and still will hold left by this recession. for we need to come out of this crisis stronger. >> the president is not a bad guy. he is good at giving his great speeches. he is is really bad at creating jobs.
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>>catherine: the president did get some good news from a gallup poll that shows him with a 52 percent approval rating.
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>>catherine: clint eastwood has spoken out about his speech, he called the president the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the american people. in new jersey jury has convicted as father of murdering his baby daughter. they say that this man through the baby off of a bridge. if he is now facing life in the present. he snaps the baby from the arms of her maternal grandmother. it happened while the child's mother was in court getting a restraining order against him. the body was found several weeks later. the man who was taken off of the u.s. airways flight was the victim of a nasty hoax. the person who made a full call falsely claiming that he was carrying liquid explosives on board was the man now dating
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his ex-girlfriend. the man who made the sony thread is in a lot more trouble, facing felony charges of interfering with a flight. >> in arizona, in phoenix, they were in the direct path of the 2,500 ft. wall of dust last night. it rolled it just as rush-hour was getting started in and got so bad that drivers had to pull over.
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>> and a lot of sunshine. we are expecting will slit their conditions into the evening with patchy fog along the coast. for the rest of the weekend, a lot of sunshine. warmer temperatures expected as we head into the work week. taking a lead at fog tracker 4, shall it as clear conditions by 3:00 p.m. and overnight, we could see some patchy fog building along the san detail coast, growing widespread by tomorrow morning but it will burn off quickly. temperatures right now or in the mid-60s and san francisco, 73 in san jose, low eighties through concord. now future cast 4 showing a mixed bag of '60s, '70s and '80s. by 8:00 p.m., temperatures will cool off to the '50s of the coast and '60s indicated by the green on his screen.
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will be waking up to widespread '50s that will warm up pretty quickly. by noon, 70's in the warmer spots. for the afternoon, ladies and lincecum assemblies for the day at 60s for the coast. morgan hill will be the warmest spot on the map for tomorrow. walnut creek and pleasanton bookings 85. upper 70's for rent and the martinez. slightly cooler along the east bay stores. upper 60s for alameda. we are looking to get to mid-60s for downtown sentences go to mark. low-mid-60's for the coast ended mid-70s as he had for this all along the peninsula.
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>> the 7 day around the bay shows us similar conditions throughout the weekend and then, things will warm up as mr. the export week getting to the upper 80s inland, mid-upper 70's to the bay and the bid 60s for the coast with a lot of sunshine. for those of you who want to get traffic, news and weather all the time, check out comcast channel 193. >>pam: placer county sheriff's officials a couple used to treat teenagers as their accomplices in a robbery spree that may have spanned several cities. this surveillance camera captured a gang of armed robbers stormed into a colfax food is aghast. the clerk put his hands up immediately and hands them the money and gets on his hands and knees. before the suspect's lee, one of them girls the anti-castro at the victim's head. about half an hour before this
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robbery, investigators say they robbed a clerk fists at gunpoint at a comfort it. the couple in the teenagers have not been arrested. investigators are looking as to whether this group is connected to a robbery off as far away as fresno. checking in on the friday traffic, let's start at the golden gate bridge. beautiful blue skies and traffic moving well northbound and southbound. a different story on the bay bridge. the only lanes bowling well are the fastrak lanes. the careful with your headed westbound. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! we got a lotta empty cans.
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sales >>pam: and bay area lows tonight, more bay area jobs being cut. summit medical center is cutting 370 jobs in their oakland and berkeley campuses. 137 jobs will be removed in oakland.
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the hospital says this is due to a sharp decline in patient volume, revenue and profits. another 55 layoffs are scheduled for later this month. no word on where those cuts will be made. >> san francisco international is soaring once again. the airport is on pace to set a new all-time record for passenger traffic. this comes on top of last year's uptake when sfo passed a passenger traffic record that had been set in the year 2000. sfo says more than 41 million passengers passed through its gates in 2011. as of july passenger traffic is outpacing last year's total by 10 percent. [ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99.
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our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler. hough their
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>>pam: ahead at 5:30 p.m., honoring the following -- the fallen chp officer. we will show you how the public continues to show support in the wake of this week's deadly shooting.
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shopping online is about to get more taxing. you'll soon be charged a sales tax on popular sites such as you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>pam: at 5:30 p.m., remembering a chp officer killed in the line of duty, the outpouring of support continues the officer was shot during a routine traffic stop on tuesday morning along interstate 680 near alamo. he was pronounced dead on wednesday night after spending time in intensive care fifth fi row >> there is a steady stream of the people. the memorial is in front of the entrance and a slowly growing. schools in the area hoisted
5:30 pm
signs shine respect for the officer. bouquets of flowers, teddy bears in the balloon to make up the memorial. he was shot on tuesday during a traffic shot -- during a traffic stop on 680 have died one day later. >> this has hit home. this is what my husband does every day. we just want them to know that we're here to support them. >> some people that show of stand and stare at the memorial as if searching for answers. the flag is still flying at half mast. >>pam: contra costa county detectives are on the lookout for a man who killed a 17 year old yesterday afternoon. a resident you see pictured here is believed to have shot his victim multiple times in the chest. the shooting happened in the
5:31 pm
area of merida road and inland drive in ashore acres area of a point. ferris arrived to find the victims shot in his car and was later pronounced dead at the scene. the 80 year-old is considered to be armed and dangerous. anyone with information or his whereabouts are asked to call tacked the dispatch one for the sheriff's. >>pam: the search continues for bay area man who went missing while on the sacramento river if he was a student at cal poly u.s. this folks was seen on the beach south of chico. search and rescue crews scour the air and ground near the sacramento river. he was taking part in an annual labor day tradition, floating on inner tubes down the sacramento river. authorities say it is possible that he got lost in the heavy brush. >>pam: a neighborhood in fremont is searching for a special needs teenage girl. her father says that she left
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the house on thursday afternoon and has not returned home. he says that she has the mental capacity of a seven-eight year old child. she is 5 ft. 4 in. tall, 160 lbs.160 lbs. with brown hair. she was last seen wearing a pink t-shirt, jeans and black tennis shoes. for many californians are on a major shopping street right now, on amazon scooping up items before the popular web sites starts charging a sales tax. after september 15th, a 7.25% sales tax will be added on the items the purchase from amazon or other e retailers. here is a live inside that might help you to continue to save money. >>gabe: it is the end of an era, a glorious era. i love of finding
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amazon was unable to charge sales tax until now without having a physical presence in california. california politicians believed that was unfair. california will reap a lot of money from this and is expected to gain over to sit million annually in sales tax. now that amazon will collect and pay sales tax to california, they may as low open of shipping warehouses here it plans to. there are two huge warehouses being built the wall for around 2500 new jobs for california. amazon believes in the next two-three years there will have as many as 10 of these distribution centers staffing thousands. having these warehouses will mean quicker delivery of items if you do concede perches on amazon.
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>> we are expecting another round of the rifle skies tomorrow. for the evening, mostly clear conditions with patchy fog building along the coast. we will wake up the coals of but it will be pretty clear inland and then, off a lot of sunshine into tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at where temperatures are sitting. mid-60s and san francisco, los 70's in san jose and a low eighties for a concert and santa rosa as well as the livermore valley. livermore will be warming to the mid-80s to market in. in antioch,-mid 80's, low seventies for the east the shores. it will be pretty nice at the beaches to the chilly but sunny upper seventies for the north bay to mark. mostly clear skies and mild temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the low 60s.
5:36 pm
your full forecast coming up in a minute. >>catherine: in toronto, police found a human torso. they've woman has been identified, a single mother with three children. she disappeared in august. other body parts were found in other areas of the city. her ex-boyfriend has now been charged with second-degree murder. phi pham >>catherine: prince harry will not have the opportunity to get into trouble for a while. he has been sent back to afghanistan, serving four months as a helicopter pilot in
5:37 pm
the british army. his last four was four years ago. the royal family hopes this will help restore its public image after foes surfaced last month showing him frolicking naked.
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>>pam: despite news that the economy added fewer jobs than expected, wall street did close slightly higher than expected. the dow gained 15 points to close at 13,003 07. the nasdaq rose less than one point finishing at 3136. the s&p rose six points, nearly six points to 1438. >> is it possible to be fully
5:41 pm
employed and homeless at the same time? apparently it is. in santa barbara, we have the story of a bus driver and his wife better both working but cannot afford a home. >> he is behind the wheel of a santa barbara bus five days a week. he has a full-time job that pays a $19 an hour to the jovial driver with the political beard. he moves from his bus into another vehicle, his van, where he lives. this is home. he makes too much to qualify for public housing, they cannot afford rent in a high-cost city of santa barbara. >> many people think you have a full-time job you are ok, that is not the case. >> i have a full-time job but barely making ends meet. >> debt has piled up and he
5:42 pm
and his wife are still digging out. this county parking lot is where they sleep, joined by more than a dozen others who live in their cars. it is the safe parking program. 114 spaces across the county with a waiting list of more than 40. >> i have senior citizens, couples, families. >> one-third of the people have jobs if says the program's manager, but are under and fully. >> would you think it says about america when someone who has a job, who wanted to work, still has to live in their car? >> i think people would be shocked. it would be shocked if it were to come handed me some of these people. when they come into my office, i want to cry because it reminds me of someone that could be my mother, my sister, my brother. >> or, your best ever. he starts his day on the move.
5:43 pm
breakfast with his wife is at the doughnut shop. >> has the middle class in america changed? >> i think the middle class has slid down the scale more towards lower class and it is tougher for the middle-class people to survive and to pursue the american dream. >> he keeps chasing his dream, hoping to avert wins this election will be able to shift the economy into gear. >> mostly clear conditions
5:44 pm
expected overnight. we are going to wake up to patchy fog tomorrow morning and a lot of sunshine to up the weekend. warmer troubles as we head into the next work with. fog tracker 4 is showing how clear it is. if we could see patchy fog along the san mateo coastline by 3:00 a.m. and waking up to some really like fog tomorrow morning, but it will burn off pretty early. by 8:00, pretty clear and a lot of sunshine by noon. currently, at temperatures are sitting in the mid-60s and san francisco, los 70's in san jose, ladies to a concord, santa rosa end of the livermore valley. future cast 4 is showing a mixed bag of '60s, '70s and '80s. by 8:00 p.m. will be cooling off to the '50s and '60s indicated by the green on your screen. we will be waking up to widespread '50s tomorrow morning. by noon we will see 70's in the warmer spots indicated by
5:45 pm
the yellow on your screen. we will start off in the south bay by taking a look at your afternoon highs. upper 70's, low 80s and even upper 80s and places like morgan hill. 80 degrees expected for san jose tomorrow. mid-80s and phrases like walnut creek, pleasanton and antioch. low seventies for the east bay source. mid-70s three union city as well as a fremont. 66 for dave the city. low-mid-60's for the coast. still 70's a call also and redwood city. 74 expected for mill valley. as we take a look at the 7 day around the bay, similar conditions throughout the weekend.
5:46 pm
temperatures are going to jump to the upper 80s for the inland spot. mid-upper seventies for the bay and mid-60's expected for the coast. a lot of sunshine all week long. i'm for those of you who want weather, news and traffic, check out our contact channel 193. >>pam: here is a look at this week's movie releases. >> stealing never pays. that is the lesson one man learns in the words. bradley to superstars as a struggling writer who takes the work of another offer from a past generation. he thinks no one will ever know, but he is terribly mistaken. >> in the cold light of day, a wall street trader finds himself on the other side of
5:47 pm
the notion tried to save its kidnapped family. he will have to unravel a dangerous secrets to get back the ones he loves. >> branded, it's a real world where corporations are engaged in a global conspiracy to control minds of consumers. one man can see the bizarre forces of mind control that others do not. he launches his own epic battle to save society. >>pam: here is a check of the friday traffic of the san mateo bridge. headlights are eastbound headed into hayward. it is for the sluggish.
5:48 pm
westbound traffic is moving at medium speed as well. we will be back with more to come. for
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>> right down here, you'll see a bunch of cities. we cycled through giving you the current temperatures. next to that we have the city's 7 day forecast and below that the news groggy the latest updates. all of these are updated all the time.
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[ male announcer ] sizzler's classic tri-tip and endless salad bar for $11.99. we start with tri-tip that's cut fresh daily, add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats. sizzler. >>pam: we're tracking developments in the case of these two young children kidnapped by their father.
5:55 pm
we spoke with the children's mother and we will have the latest in the search for the vote. >>pam: there is a new wrinkle in the nfl bounty list controversy. gary will explain why some of the players are having their suspensions listed. >> we are still seeing sunshine in san francisco and expect another round of sunny skies tomorrow. your forecast is coming up.
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third >>pam: a man suspected of stealing a yacht and stealing away with the children he kidnapped from their mother. >> i'm just afraid that he may stand and do something really stupid. >> kron4 team coverage shows
5:58 pm
you how the top buyers are taken from their home to a harbor in alameda and out of high seas. >> terisa estacio has been with the mother of the children >> it has been a very tough day for this mother in south san francisco. she has been behind those doors, hoping that the phone would ring. a few minutes ago she left for the hospital. this is video. the mother suffered a big bruise on her face and slit her knee. >> she is ready, a bagful of
5:59 pm
for jolson's clothes and their toys are packed. for now, there is nowhere to go. >> it is excruciating. i stay put and i a.m ready to go wherever i need to go to get the kids. if >> and these are her children. coffee for a three year-old and two year-old have been missing ever since their father kidnapped them on tuesday. now, police believe they are on a stolen yacht in the ocean. the coast guard has identified the father but there has been no sign of the children. >> i a.m pretty sure they're on the boat. he loves his kids. 99 percent of me thinks he is
6:00 pm
not going to hurt them i'm is afraid that when he is backed into a corner that he may snap and do something really stupid. >> as far as a motive and why this happens, she says that he did not have a job and for months she has told him that he needed to get one. she finally laid down a lot earlier this lee and when to get a restraining order and that she would not allow him to see the kids until he took matters into his own hands. he decided to take the kids. she just hoped that all of this can have a peaceful ending >>pam: our team coverage continues with the search for the stolen boat happening along the northern california coast. rob fladeboe has more on when
6:01 pm
the mother says the father may be taking his children. >> we have several important pieces to this story. police say that on tuesday, the suspect to the children from the mothers of in south san francisco. on wednesday, the suspect's
6:02 pm
car was seen at the marina and alameda. that is where police believe they sold a sailboat. on wednesday, a boulder saw the stolen yacht in the vallejo area and early this morning around 4:00 a.m., 50 mi. off of the coast of pillar point, the bill was seen again way out in the pacific. the coast guard right now is flying a helicopter over the boat hoping to urge the boat back to shore. everyone is hoping for a peaceful resolution. >> a gruesome scene in an vallejo, the bodies of a male and female couple were found shot to death at this home on the 1000 blog of atherton street. the incident happened just after 9:00 p.m..
6:03 pm
family members identified them as a 31 year-old and his fiancee, a 28 year old. >> you're talking about a person that has killed four people. she had twins on the way. >> my daughter was a beautiful person. she is floyd to school to better herself. i guess she walked in on whatever was happening. at that time, they killed her as they did. i a.m just asking for someone to please come forward with some information.
6:04 pm
>> of vallejo police say although autopsy results are still pending, after speaking to several sources, investigators now consider this case a quadruple homicide. anyone with information is asked to contact the vallejo police department. a man is behind bars after a car chase. they say a man with a handgun and to the business and demanded money before fleeing the scene and a white pickup truck. >> the san francisco giants are back in action as a race for the west eats out. there are now fewer than 30 days left in the regular season tonight, game 1 of a three game series against the dodgers.
6:05 pm
>> i have a giant sand and one must white and orange and black all the time.
6:06 pm
>> san francisco has always been cooler than los angeles, what can i say? >> as she was sounded off against the dodgers, you can see this lady on the bike, she is from los angeles and had some words for that lady. i thought that those two were going to go at it. what a scene. out here like you can see the fans pouring in, many are giants fans and many are dodgers fans. 7:15 p.m.7:15 p.m., first pitch it is a three game series, anyone's game. >> we are expecting another gorgeous day tomorrow.
6:07 pm
clear skies bay area wide. into the evening, coastal fog. clear skies and lead and another round of sunshine to our with similar temperatures compared to today. temperatures are currently at 60 degrees. mid-60's in oakland, 80 and concord in the upper seventies through santa rosa as well as a little more. mid-60's for the coast. it will be gored is at the beach. upper 70's in the north bay. mid-60's expected for san francisco. mostly clear skies and mild temperatures. a full forecast coming up. >> perfect weather for outdoor sporting events.
6:08 pm
this is one busy weekend for bay area sports. a huge series of classifications. >>pam: there, you can see all of the games that are coming up. >> the giants are edging out
6:09 pm
their raiders and cal edging out on a reward in stamford. >> we are now less than two months away from the election were americans had to the polls to pick a president. now that the democratic and republican conventions have wrapped up, we will show your candidates are turning their attention now.
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
pacific >>catherine: we are in the final stretch of the presidential campaign. the monthly jobs report is casting a shadow over last night to the speech from the president. it was a hot topic on the campaign trail to a fifth both candidates are focusing on the battleground states of iowa and in new hampshire. >>president obama: america, i never said that this journey would be easy and i will not promise that now. sphene >> things certainly did not get any easier for the president on friday after the government releases its monthly report. 96,000 jobs added in of this theory off unemployment dipped slightly but analysts say that is because more workers withdrew from the labour force. romney was quick to call friday morning the hangover after last night's party. >> there's almost nothing the president has done a gives american people confidence that
6:13 pm
he knows what it is doing when it comes to jobs in the economy >> the president says the economy is recovering but there's more work to be done. >> if the republicans are serious about joblessness, we could create a million new jobs right now if congress would pass a jobs plan that i sent to them a year ago. >> this is not catastrophic but it is also not a tail wind. it is setting us up for a grinding warfare. >> the candidates are locked in a fierce battle for a small margin of undecided voters in his swing states. >> i honestly believe this is the biggest release into the clearest choice of any time in our generation. >> the president started his day in a crucial state of new hampshire and moved to iowa while his opponent did the opposite. >> it is time for a new president with a different vision for america.
6:14 pm
>> it was a dismal jobs report that came out this morning. last month, employers created fewer jobs. the department of labor says the economy did at 96,000 jobs in august. a weak number and far fewer the what was expected see as predicted. the national unemployment rate fell to 8.1% from august august in july. the drop in unemployment was caused by the fact that nearly three had a 70,000 people simply stopped looking for work altogether. khnum >> a native american community in northern california has been forced to evacuate their homes because of a wild fire moving closer to their village. the flames are burning into steeped remote hillside. the fire has more than doubled in size since wednesday. the blaze as charred more than 12,000 a..
6:15 pm
>> we are learning more about the hantavirus infections. that deadly disease has been pinpointed at yosemite national park. sicalifornia and one from pennsylvania and another from west virginia have contracted the virus. three of those eight have died. there are linked to cabins at yosemite curry village. we now know that one case originated in another section of the park. dan kerman has more on what you need to know about this disease. >> typically people are infected by exposure to deer mice droppings and urine. you do not have to touch those droppings to be exposed. >> the most common way to get invested is if you inhale contaminated dust.
6:16 pm
>> cleaning the deaths must be done in a specific way. >> did not sweep the desk. that will simply get the dust into the air and expose you to a fax. it isn't for and use a wet towel, ideally would be a wet towel with a 10 percent lead. you cover the area to prevent the desk from getting into the air. >> deer mice are most common and upper elevations of the sierra.
6:17 pm
if you are going camping, a few extra tips, first of all, make sure you lock up food and drinks as to not attract deer mice. definitely do not sleep on the grounds. remember, that can contain the test which is contaminated. >> clear skies bay area wide. we are expecting mostly clear conditions overnight and patchy fog along the coast. the weekend will be very similar to today.
6:18 pm
>> a temperatures are currently in the '60s, '70s and '80s. by 8:00, '50s and '60s. we will be waking up to widespread '50s tomorrow morning. it will warm up pretty nicely in quickly. >> a range of mid-upper 70's.
6:19 pm
i will continue to see similar conditions throughout the weekend. a lot of sunshine to up the weekend and into next week. temperatures will warm as the star of the workweek. upper 80s inland in the mid-upper seventies for the day mid-60's for the coast.
6:20 pm
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>>vicki: and at the public market a pizza place called hot a tight end.
6:23 pm
>> he was born in italy and bears the title of master. he is passionate about the set. >> ingredients from the parma to the pepperoni, either locally sourced or fresh from italy.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
scowcroft off
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from >> and south san francisco, a mom continues to await friend is of her adopted children. the saga unfolds it on tuesday when her two children were taken from her home. the children have been attracted to a still with yacht that her ex-husband reportedly said. now, the dog is all of the coast. she says she is ready to go but police need to give her a location but in the meantime she would just wait to find out where her children are. >> continuing coverage of the abducted children and that boat stolen out of alameda, based on
6:30 pm
the information provided by the children's mother, the boat had been started friday and it could be headed here to santa cruz. there's also speculation that because the father had expressed interest in sailing to monterey, that he may also pull in here in santa cruz but throughout the afternoon there is no side of the coast guard or the stolen boat. >> here on atherton street in vallejo, police are investigating a double homicide a young couple engaged to be married was found shot to death the parents of the theme of victims say their daughter was part of its wares. >> you're talking about a person that killed four people. there to live in adults and she was part of its winds. i have to grandkids that will never see. >> and martinez, the memory of officer ken in youngstown lives
6:31 pm
on. he was known for the love of his job and his family. if people continue to pour into the contra costa highway patrol office to their respects to the fallen officer. local schools are pitching in as a memorial grows. as the family continues to grieve, so does the community. the >> and san francisco, is the giants and dodgers, game 1 of the three game series. >> we are here from new york to see today's game. >> she is lying, we are mets fans. cough >> giants fans just for today. >> first pitch is less than 45 minutes away. >>gabe: and tech news, you better job of mind to do some shopping and visibly tense. starting next week on
6:32 pm
september 15th, and other big e retailers like overstock will start start -- will start charging sales tax to california residents the politicians decided it was not fair because the sales tax money california was missing out on into the state being in a deficit and the fact that amazon has not charged sales tax is not fair to the brick and mortar businesses who need the foot traffic. >> sunny skies above the approach to the bay bridge. we are expecting a sunny day tomorrow. mostly clear conditions into the overnight hours leading up to patchy coastal fog. another round of sunshine samara was similar highs compared to today. los 60s in san francisco, los 70's currently in san jose, mid-60's in oakland, upper 70's
6:33 pm
through santa rosa as well as of the livermore valley. into the north bay, 78 in santa rosa, 76 in san rafael, mid-60's expected for san francisco headed to the giants will start sen. it will be an all-around a lovely weekend. mid-upper 80s for saturday and sunday. >> hornets 24-7 news channel is all about convenience. check in any time for five or 15 minutes from to the weather -- up-to-the-minute weather and news information. down here, you will see a bunch of cities. we will cycled through giving
6:34 pm
you the current temperature and the next to that, the city's 70 forecast. below that, the news caught giving it the latest updates. all of these are updated all the time. get an update on the weather warning is. give it a try and give us some feedback. >>stanley: visit was the grading are received while attempting to shoot a segment in pleasanton. dimension i was invited to be here?
6:35 pm
they did call police. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will say the actual reason why i was even at foothill high school in pleasanton and why the habits of parents is the focus of the next edition of people behaving badly.
6:36 pm
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>>pam: one of the biggest moments of the mtv music awards was not on television. riata approached chris brown on the way to hersey and gave him a hug and kiss. the two then how did she walked back jersey. this is the first time the public esteem it to touch since the infamous incident back in 2009 the fight -- the bible for the grammys. recently she has been opening up about her feelings for brown telling a british sea still cares about him calling him the
6:39 pm
love of her life. >> the director of the movie snow white and the huntsman may be regretting a few of his affectionate comments on the special features track. photographs of sanders and the film's star, kristin's to work were published back into light prompting the actress to issue a public apology for her affair with him, the dairy director. his dvd commentary lands some insight into his feelings towards the 22 year-old actress who was dating robert patterson at that time. the dvd will be released on september 11th. you can get all of your entertainment is right here on kron4. the insider is at 7:00 p.m. 7:0 followed by entertainment tonight at 7 the recipient. still ahead, gary is joined by his lovely wife. they will open up the kron4 mailbag and answer your e-mail. a huge blow to the n.f.l. commissioner.
6:40 pm
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6:43 pm
to >>gary: it evening everyone. the big new orleans saints story were the players were suspended, female more than likely be in the lineup when the saints open on sunday. the three member appeals panel lifted the suspension that were levied on the four players. >> there will be no appeal filed this weekend.
6:44 pm
their raiders began monday night against the san diego chargers. this is their last heavy-duty workout. soft costs carson hallmark and company have one point edge. >>gary: the game of the week, sunday at green bay.
6:45 pm
>> he would be really fun to watch.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
>>gary: a great friend of the bay area is on the scene. don barksdale. >> it was his goal in life that he wanted to witness mean this particular kind and fortunately -- unfortunately died just a few nights before.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
>>gary: a u.s. open men's doubles record has been set. there 12 grand slam championships and the fourth u. s. open title to. of course, when you win, if you must trust fund. tiger woods is in indiana and the bmw championship. tiger woods shot 67. mcelroy and woods are both at -12 periods the leader is b.j. sang. indiana is going to be cooking in this weekend. my wife is ready to go, we have some e-mail's.
6:50 pm
>>gary: when we come back, someone is ripping me. had high off
6:51 pm
... loft since
6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
>>gary: for the fourth time tonight i a.m introducing police did. >> what is your hand up with milky cabrera running in the batting title? he was suspended, but he got the hits. >>gary: defeat is indeed on top at the end of the year, even if he is suspended, they can give him and and 0-3 in the >> point blank, if you cheated to achieve those statistics, you should not be rewarded. how can you argue that.
6:54 pm
>> if i remember correctly, the last time randy moss was in green bay, he pulled that nasty stunt on the goalpost. >>gary: i will not even describe it. >> he says he is a new man playing for the 49ers. >> if he plays well and people will put up with him.
6:55 pm
fourth fourth >> the oakland a's have enjoyed a great season, but all you talk about is their low attendance. >> i go for the stars, i like to talk about zito and lincecum the oakland a's have of fresh
6:56 pm
faces. check in the ownership has really driven the franchise into the ground.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
new tensions and big changes at "the voice," "idol" and "the x factor." inside tv's singing competition shakeup tonight. i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. mariah, i think you and nicki got to do an interview together to get all of that tension out of the way. >> how enrique could be in the middle. >> created anticipation for show. plus, an "x factor's" star tell-all on simon. and is khloe kardashian now hosting cowell's show as "the voice" declares war. the new interviews. >> it's going to get heated and fired up.
6:59 pm
why kim kardashian jetted off to the dnc. >> it's extremely personal. everyone should at least educate themselves. madonna's new show of support for the president. >> thank god for michelle obama. >> and did clinton's speech top honey boo boo's ratings? her new confrontation with the paparazzi in "star watch." plus. >> the tennis umpire arrested and accused of beating her husband to death with a coffee mug. >> do you believe that there's any way that your mother could have done this? the daughter of an u.s. open lines judge accused of murder, what she's only telling us about her mom after her arrest. >> that was devastating to me. seeing her in a orange jumpsuit. and -- the new reality show with the amish going wild in new york. drinking. getting tattoos. hooking up. >> i got charged with a dui. now from hollywood, "the insider" is on. it's rea


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