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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 8, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and someone pulled out a gun. he ran to the parking lot and fell down. and died. george had a one year old son. his family says that he was not involved in gang activity. >> he was in these streets but he was not out here. if somebody was going to be on hand down like trash that is wrong. >>reporter: pittsburgh police were here early saturday morning looking for any clues. they said that they have already interviewed five people that were here with the victim at the time of the shooting. they still have to go through hours of surveillance video. these cameras were not pointed directly at the scene. investigators believe that some of the aftermath could be caught on tape. in pittsburgh, kron 4 >>vicki: a california man is
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accused of stockpiling weapons with intent to sell. this uncovered 100 c and ammunition and also 100 marijuana plants. according to the police the firearms were intended more people in a white power group. people are asking for the public and a suspects involved in an armed carjacking. we will show you the really senrecent surveillance video. >>reporter: and the top center of the screen you can see the men lurking around. eventually he walked over to the 20 all nine chevrolet s u v. at that time he opened the door and put a knife to the woman's throat and physically pulled her out. >> that could be their mother, a grand mother and they just think about having
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fun. >>reporter: it does not end there. she looks it days and start walking away but the thief that is believed to be a black man in his 20 starts backing away but but not before hitting her. >> that is awful. and now. there is seems to be respect for everything a very unfortunate >>reporter: on the top right there is another black man getting into the passenger seat before they spread out of that parking lot. a debased by the car was found after two days in san francisco poorhouse paramedics treated her for minor injuries all of this was two weeks ago it was just released hoping it will help with information. they urged to call the san jose police department or the silicone valley crime stoppers and san jose. kron
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4. >> a relatively mild day. temperatures were only in the 60s. the bay. low 70's for the south bay. 71 degrees it is about 10 degrees below average. '70s and '80s although antioch got pretty warm nearly 90 degrees. we did not have that much fog. the earlier satellite showing it is confined to the coast and it cleared away entirely. however, there was a strong sea breeze. it is still showing a 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. keeping things on the cool side. the bay bridge toll showing clear skies with fog out of the forecast but could read develop later this evening. and even press and beyond midnight. tomorrow, areas of low clouds near the bay and even
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portions of the inland valleys. it could clear out by 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. sunny for the afternoon and a strong sea breezes with a mild day but a bit of a warm up next week. >> of the campaigns continue for support through key states. details on how the campaigns are focusing their efforts. >>reporter: president obama and the republican opponent kept busy. as they are campaigning for support over the most crucial states. with the support from former republican gov./independent charlie crist. president obama kicked off a two-day tour of florida with moving forward. >> after a decade of decline is this country has created over one half million jobs in the last 2.5 years. just in manufacturing. for
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(cheers & applause) that is faster than the 1990's. >>reporter: grinding was in the state of virginia with portions in virginia and talking about jobs and the autonomy. >> for every new job that was created. for people dropped out of the workforce. there were four people that dropped out of the work force. this is not what people hoped for or deserve. >>reporter: the running mates for also on the trial of paul ryan in california and biden is in an ohio court, america is coming back! we are moving forward because of you. (cheers & applause) >>reporter: these campaigns will cool speed ahead with the election just two months away. kron 4. >>vicki: paul ryan is in california spending the day and republicans in the east bay. jeff pierce was there.
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>>reporter: former san francisco 49ers tight end brent jones with a downside of his home for the late arrival of presidential vice-presidential candidate paul ryan. they paid $1,000 each to attend a breakfast reception. his thick this it is focusing on fund raising. >> that is been the position of california for several years. they come in and get the money and move out. maybe one day will see california play again. >> i do not have that type of money. >> we saw that he was going to come on the news to we came by. >>reporter: they witnessed the motorcade and it is described is a pile of red and a sea of blue. >> i'd like it. we get both democrat and republican so it is nice to see a little bit of both. >>reporter: in attendance
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were portions of the republican. >> he is a good person but he is down where we are. he gave us a lot of hope. >> i am impressed with ryan he is intelligent, articulate and really explains things well. >>reporter: the supporters were not only with their generous with their praise but also with their pocketbook paying for six people. this also introduced even the young people to the political process. the mitt romney campaign is right here. his visit was here in less than one hour. in danville, jeff pierce, kron 4 card >>vicki: coming up a native is still fighting for a boxing title. see how he did tonight. >> first responders from 911 never got health coverage until now. what changed that
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will help pay for their treatment. you could be forced into court ordered recap. with just one small detail coming up with people behaving badly. >> you could start having to pay sales tax on online sales for california residents. however, some ideas through amazon it that could still safe. save [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. been a san francisco giants 3-2. they are still leading the dodgers it will wrap up tomorrow with zito taking
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the mound. >> the gold medal olympics at boxing and is never lost professionally. tonight he is attempting something he has never done to win a world title. and this could mean as much for oakland as it does for the rising boxing star. >>reporter: many people are cheering on this native. he is fighting chad paulson for the super model wheat title at the oracle are we not. even mayor jean quan is here to support andre ward. fighting for more than just a championship. he is fighting for its home town, oakland. >> what is it going to do for oakland? put us on the map. >>reporter: after his gold medal victories many people are supporting him. >> he could have taken his title round the world but he kept it right here. home
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grown! (cheers & applause) and you shohets love tonight. >>reporter: even the the raiders have taken those of black holes into the impacting tonight with well beyond the sports world. city leaders want to promote oakland. this will be televised, nastily on home box office. >> a bit televise-- nationally. >> i am happy. i want people to think of oakland as a sports friendly town. >>reporter: the support will show the nation that oakland loves its athletes and sports teams. she wants to show the national football league that oakland will do what ever it takes to keep the oakland raiders and the oakland athletics in town. >> we're hoping for everything positive. and hopefully, home box office will come back for more. and
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we would look at it like a another championship venue. >>reporter: in oakland, da lin.. it will be airing on hbo tonight for >>vicki: what changed with the 911 health insurance coverage. >> the 50s but cooler in the santa rosa. what we can expect for the afternoon on your sunday forecast. .
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>> they were the heroes after 911 and they're still trying to get help support after ground zero. white their wheat could soon be over. >> i lived on staten island. >> weather--wait could be soon be over. >> there were helping with
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rescue & recovery. >> with so much smoke you could not see. trying to search for survivors you could barely see the hand in front of you. >>reporter: he spent six months at the site a few years later he was diagnosed with cancer. >> in 24 is one i was diagnosed with on hodgkin's lymphoma. >>reporter: he had to use his retirement for his insurance did not cover and is hoping to recoup that. after 11 years he and other first responders have been sick are still waiting for compensation from the government. payments that have developed respiratory issues should begin in the next couple of months after obama signed in the month of january 2011. this is named after a police detective who died of respiratory illness after working at the world trade center. the victims and
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their families were provided compensation but this will provide people near eligible for compensation after $2.8 billion to cover their claims the government will an act with more than 50 different types of cancer. this is of the original list of ailments will now be covered. the attorney ois planning on applying he represents 4000 forest responders who became ill. >> know people are terribly sick the cannot support their families. >>reporter: for the people not just becoming sec it is holding a coin to hop people becoming--hoping to send this message. >> just fight this and help your family we will take care of everything else. >> this is a view of san francisco with no fog.
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although it was breezy and cool. the highs for only in the '60s and '70s. relatively speaking it was on the cool side. looking at the bay bridge cool conditions although that fog is forecast to a redeveloped later this evening. temperatures right now in the 50s for san francisco, berkeley. concord, 64 degrees as we go towards the north-east. it has been busy. with strong moving through this afternoon and a strong/severe thunderstorms even tornado activity throughout new york city! this system now still some rainfall but that threat for the worst weather is over. it even caused problems for the u.s. open causing the postponement. back in the bay. there is a weather
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system that is not creating thunderstorms but it is right about here. helping to provide that fog and the cool air press into the bay. it will keep things cool for another day tomorrow. and this year, some tropical moisture producing showers and thunderstorms. however, those should not be much of a threat. the fog tracker by 7:00 a.m.. the east bay valleys should clear away dearly quickly. just some beach-side fog. however, we should seek it return to the coast with clearing along the beaches for the afternoon. temperatures topping out and the low mid 70's. 75 degrees in san jose. 72 degrees in mountain view. a bit cooler than average and with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay looking into next week. monday, to stay in it could
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warm up. with less fog and more sunshine. in fact i think that by thursday, friday it should be sunny, warm with not much fog expected. highs in the 60s, 70's with low 90s inland. >>vicki: many people are going to be shopping online with amazon have to start charging sales taltax. those will be added after large retail items. and what we can do on amazon that can help you continue to save. >> is the end of an era a glorious era i love finding amazon at my doorstep because i know that i saved money. on the average about 12% from purchasing an item than brick & mortar. a big
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chunk of that savings is because amazon does not have to charge sales tax but that is going to come to an end. however, free shipping on several items that are over $25 cured or groups of items that are over $25. however, you could become a prime number with only $79 per year. nearly free shipping offered on several items. and primed membership has access to the video streaming service. 25,000 television shows and movies that you can watch on your television or movie device. if you combine that it is a great deal. they did not charge sales tax before because they cannot debate physicathey-did not have a physical presence in
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california but it was determined that it was not fair for the smaller business. however california is expected to gain over $200 million in sales tax from this. and now it will collect and pay tax it might as well opening up the shipping warehouse and it is going to. right now they're being constructed with over 2500 new jobs in california. and they believe that in the next couple of years at least tend distribution centers. it could staff thousands with the least 10 distribution centers with quicker delivery possible. >>vicki: the endeavor shuttle is on its last leg and there is controversy. why cds are upset. why some cities-are upset with trees
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becoming removed. and public intoxication with stanley roberts
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. bill of this man is king escorted by security guards from this civic center farmer's market in san francisco because he was drunk and could barely stand up but this is not his first public intoxication the day before he fell face first
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and a fountain because he had to much to drink. there's a lot of drinking in san francisco. these people are drinking inside of a muni shelter but they are not waiting for a bosa boss. for some people it looks like they are just waiting but the reality is that these people are drinking hard liquor. and they are hiding that because public drinking is kron 48 ticket. this purcha-this person was receiving 8 ticket. there is a new ticket you could be forced into rehabilitation if you do not pay the ticket. she could receive 25 ds
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in rehabilitation. >> every day! >> every day. >> every day. >> i drink about a 12 pack per day. >> that is right. >> the courts are going after the chronic offender and not eat every day except if you ignore them. this might work and it could help clean up the streets. >> a health scare at one mcdonald's where they're warning about hepatitis. and why 100 trees are getting removed and also a very different source of energy.
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>> breaking news of oakland
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multiple shots fired and this home was the scene aboard this car crashed. not clear if there had been no arrests, were injuries. >> it is been nearly one week with this officer involved shooting. family and friends of 23 year-old mario ramero are helping with the funeral costs. how this is bringing the community together. >>reporter: after six days the community is still in pain. hundreds showing up outside of his home where he died last sunday to say thank you and pay their respects. >> we had unity going on our round here and i am truly blessed. and about cheeses to have these people support my son. have--cheeses. >>reporter: say that he never received justice. >> issu ci jesus christ
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and also people were talking about making a circle on the 100 block of copper drive and said a prayer. he was saying that they raised hundreds of dollars for this barbecue and car washed and this will go towards his funeral costs. >> we probably erased a decent amount of money. we did pretty well. we probably-raised a decent amount of money. >>reporter: also there showing for the community to have a discussion about what went wrong. and to discuss further ways that the police department and members of this community can get along in vallejo, kron 4. >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room ward has defended his title. it looks as ha
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tk o with his defender. >> clear skies this live feview with clear skies for this evening. that fog however could be read developing with low clouds. most areas could see that after midnight. for tomorrow low clouds primarily in the bay but we could see some of that fog go into the east bay, the north bay valleys. however by 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. for the afternoon. plenty of sunshine but it is going to be windy. temperatures mild. and look for 70's and upper 70's/low 80s with the futurecast. notice that yellow with some
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80s inland. 60s expected by the day as we advance this for monday. notice, the orange indicating highs into the 80s inland. and generally a warming trend as we go towards next week. monday, a few degrees warmer toward to stay even warmer. coming up. >>vicki: the endeavor is getting ready on its and final journey to the california science center but that route towards los angeles is causing controversy. why people are upset. >>reporter: the space shuttle endeavor will begin its final journey here at the los angeles international airport. it will take a 12 mi. trip along city streets to the california a science center. however it is causing a lot of controversy because of
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these removals of trees. >> this route, he will pass the famous landmarks and the infamous 405 freeway. it cannot go on the freeway because it is too large for the overpass. the first stop will be in inglewood with over 130 trees have been removed. the mayor says that it is a good deal for the city. >> one of the things that manchester boulevard has been preserved about 2.5 years ago and it needed to be--resurfaced because these tree roots were buckling the pavement. we will get an opportunity to replace these trees in every five-10 years. also a too-for-1 will be a master plan. also remember that it is going to be 8 participation in history. with endeavor. am i
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do not think that history should be have to be removed for necessary. >>reporter: not just trees they're also having to temporarily take out stoplights. and even raise power lines and brand new power lines. as it makes a right onto martin luther king boulevard it will enter the historic neighborhood. as you can see this street is lined with scores of beautiful trees. many local residents are very upset. that these are going to be cut down and what will loss of these trees being? >> not only does it strip of this of this beauty but it also, in terms of the health of the community we will start to find environmental protection as lost. trees will it enhance the economic bill of all our homes. >>reporter: approaching the final destination the
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california science center that is paying to move that shuttle to the streets of los angeles. the science center that it will leave a trail of improvements including2 new trees for every one that is cut down and the ultimate benefit will be here. a tourist attraction that has literally been out of this world. >>vicki: hepatitis scare at a san diego mcdonald's. if they had this one inside of walmart's between august they could have been exposed to hepatitis a often if they have handled food without washing their hands. wal- mart employees have not been tested for hepatitis. >> a california farmers using alternative energy. and this byproduct from his harvest could greatly reduces energy costs. >> there is no other machine like this in the state of california.
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>>reporter: he is on the cutting edge of anarchy savings. it is a first of its kind of is-to-energy savings that could revolutionize savings and farming. he will take his and ifshells take-we are able to produce energy on a site. >> this machine is heating up to 2000 decrease converting it into a combustible casgas. he is a bit of a pioneer. >> the goal is for this--gas to be an example for other forms. to >>reporter: completely be self-sufficient with the second machine to turn these walmnut shells with nearly 3 million lbs. after harvest. they will supply 80 percent of all electricity on this form. >> agriculture will be producing a tremendous
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array and quantity of blood products that can be used like walnut shells. with new laws being passed to cut through red tape after an untapped energy resources such as prune pits, peach pits,, and almond shels it could all help with the power grid. them on a massive scale we could offset 20%-per percent of california energy. >>vicki: this could be 100% self-sufficient by the end of 2012. and a new spin on eating out on what day you eat it. perhaps more money. and also what is the hottest moment at the democratic convention.
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>> is a meal at the restaurant worth more on that saturday than it did day on thursday? they are
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looking at variable pricing. what restaurants are serving up. >> it is a simple as supply & demand. >> this is the idea that is putting a new idea on cooking out. >> it is to is like the hotel or airplane industry. with higher demand, higher prices will implement that same business model. >>reporter: the co-founder of this restaurant reservation model is a simple fact of life went time is money. with cheaper meals offered for -- offs---time-said. it is 30% cheaper than the saturday night. considering the quality. it is easily over $150 it is huge! >> it is a unique value that is compelling. however are
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they ok with peak peel time when they know they can get it for less. the director of operations. >> the same is that why would you go to happy hour at 5:00 p.m. because it is early. to do not going to happy hour at 9:00 p.m. and there is a reason for that. >> with the amount of money it is likely that it is going to be lucrative. there are thousands of restaurants we feel that we're making a significant contribution. >> right now it is only offering restaurants in new york city.
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>> we could see 60s by the bay. in the 80s inland. as
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to go towards next week will see a warming trend and by the end of next week highs into the '90s. the fog tracker showing the east bay and the south bay. we will get some fog pours the north bay. and the ballot will be clear but also by the bay that will be clearing out. with that fog--also clearing. >> temperatures for the south bay into the 70's with five-10 degrees below average. and in san jose 75 degrees. look for mid 70's in the south san jose area. 80s inland. readings about the same as today. 80s and concord with upper 70's in concord. and for san francisco look for low 60s 63 degrees. mid upper 60s in berkeley, oakland, and upper 60s for north bay valleys. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and for next week, we
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will start out with fog more sunshine expected with temperatures increasing. thursday, friday mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid upper 70's and even 80s. low mid 90's and even for next week. >>vicki: the hottest moment of any political convention is not the candidates but the stores and stars and shoes...
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the multiple shots outside of oakland this group of men started shooting submachine scothis baby was not hurt. police have not said if there were any arrests. join us for more details at 11:00 p.m. switching gears activist invention but it is her personal moment. that is one of the hottest moments of the convention. jeanne moss.. one of the cameras looking for interesting shots but as we look back to the speaker. was that eva
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langoria and >> what we need is to know what that was all about. i am so turned on right now it is like a dream ticket and it came true. somebody's head chloe the dog i wish that she would pet me..., and look at the size of that. >> i have to be tall! [laughter] >>reporter: portends will pale in comparison. it will pale in comparison to the hottest moment. it has competition from thethis pr tender to between bill clinton and obama but
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jessica alba started it and probably talking beauty. >> the energy is incredible! >>reporter: this quick tweet and cash,, the husband to not get back to us. she is a political activist and is working on the obama campaign. and it is serious business stop it! and if you need to watch reruns of desperate housewives. was it this or was it this? this is not a convention of desperate voyers... >> i think the hottest moment was the christian
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lubittan high heels. >> a pit mild this weekend with temperatures... warmer next week. >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> katie holmes' first public appearance since her split from tom. only "e.t." was backstage with the newly single mom. >> you suddenly feel like, okay, i can do this. >> then the fall out from the cruise girlfriend audition claims as the vanity fair author defends her story. >> my job is to report the truth. >> was this actress grilled about her sex life before meeting tom? plus her connection to george clooney. >> i always imagined you to be much more -- >> taller? >> kristen stewart speaks out for the first time. >> let me tell you. this will be big for


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