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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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let's go to george. >>george: here's a quick commute check. the south bay and east bay is light -- south bay north bay and peninsula as light. >>darya: and oakland and and is in critical condition. he was shot. there is no word on any of rest. >> about 8:00 last night on 40 year old man was shot in multiple times including one shot to the head. >> bret colson was reported
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missing from the sacramento area. he was at an annual back-to- school celebration. he was loss from his friends in the crowd. after the search they found the body in the sacramento river. a corner will perform an autopsy. friends and even strangers had been handing out fliers. >> people were coming from tahoe and lots of places outside the area to hand out fliers. it is significant that they spent a week looking for him. it said that it came to a tragic ending.
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they did the right thing. >>mark: a facebook page it was put up by his friends and family. there is a message from the paris banking everyone for helping. there'll be a memorial event tomorrow night. >>darya: there is a shocking accident in walnut creek where a truck goes up on the sidewalk getting to women killing one pin take a look at the truck. these two women and was standing on the sidewalk when the truck was speeding and had them. one woman was killed and another word woman in a hospital in critical condition.
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the driver was also hurt in the crash could >> at it really heard my heart. the driver was charged in arrested with vehicular manslaughter >> a hamas man attacks officer and a park ranger. he grabbed a branch and head of the ranger in the officer. he has been arrested. >> will tran is a joining us live. >>will: this man's attempted to rob someone. he chose the wrong person. he chose an off duty police officer appeared
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the police officers which is -- and reaches into his waistband and fires one shot at the suspect could this is part of a string of our robbery's happening all of the area. we're not sure if the suspect is in connection with the other armed robberies. to show you how brazen they are, there are a lot of town houses. there are lot of people coming and going. will have more on what happened here coming up. >>mark: thanks for the update. >>darya: it is in two years since december and a pipeline explosion killed eight people.
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the people met for a special memorial. a dedicated a placket samper in a park. on the name of the -- on a plaque with the names of the people. >> this is just lousy. it is a bad thing that should never happen. this neighborhood was destroyed from the reason. >> i think about it when i open the front door. i remember that for as long as i live. >>darya: after the explosion pg&e was found in violation of pipeline safety rules cleared more than 100 people file lawsuit's care >>mark: if we preview what
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is happening on wall street pared features are down. china has a disappointing import and export numbers. the federal reserve is trying to pass a short-term fix. will the fed come to the rescue again? >> >>james: we would take a quick break. he is alive look of the bay bridge pi.
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>>mark: for the first time in 25 years chicago teachers are on strike. the union and have been negotiating for 10 months and were unable to reach an agreement. there's some other video coming in.
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their 26,000 teachers affecting 700 schools. >>darya: a veteran florida police officer was killed in president obama as motorcade yesterday. a pickup truck hit the officers motorcycle and twisted into a guardrail. he was traveling ahead of the president's motorcade. president obama has sent his condolences to the officer's family. >> gov. jerry brown is defending his recent fitness challenge for chris christie. he referred to the california governor as an old retread.
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brown said it was not a crack in it the governor's way but he can show him that he can begin any day of the week ended he was throwing some red wheat -- read me to the republicans. when i was running against jimmy carter he was 14 years old. i am old. i'm 74. i have some experience in hopefully wisdom. so i got warmed up and when my speeches so i challenge him to a 3 mi. race. it essentially says that this old retread can beat you any day of the we.
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christie said the brown can have that contest by himself. >>darya: let's take a live look from our mt. tam cam. this is a beautiful picture. we will tell you about the weather later this week coming up.
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>>james: we're back with some national stories here. this boat overturned saturday afternoon. it is like an oversize canoe. obviously those folks involved are glad to be back on in-store -- on the shore. >> new york city had to tornadoes. one touchdown in queens the other was in brooklyn. there were trees and power lines down. residents spent the weekend trying to clear up the debris. the damage from the storms was reported to out the entire region. john a. >> we're expecting a warm-
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up by mid week. today is warmer compared to yesterday. let's take a look of fog tracker 4 appeared we are expecting it to burn off by about 12:00 noon. the temperatures at noon will be '60s and '70s. and then by this afternoon there will be a lot of eighties are around there. here are the afternoon highs.
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let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay. it shows as a warm-up for out the week and then '90s zircon for thursday. we have a way for you to get the kron 4 court forecasts all of the time. you can't go to comcast channel 193. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are about to be activated. the san mateo bridge has an
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easy commute. on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound is running smooth. looking at the traffic map. we've added two minutes to the commute time on the east shore freeway is 18 minutes. this still have the for 580 west care the north bay ride looks great through marin county. >>mark: we are watching all of of wild fires. there are nine major wildfires. a change in the weather with warmer temperatures expected is going to make it even more difficult.
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there is one started on friday that it threatened 300 homes in the homes are right in the path of the blaze. >> the fire in the san gabriel mountains is expected to be contained by thursday. 14 firefighters had minor injuries. this first broke out of the labor day weekend. >>darya: president obama was on the campaign trail in florida. he had a fund-raiser in now board yesterday. he focused on the republicans' plan to focus to reform medicare. >> they want to vote within
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the have a plan. at least they do not want to tell you their plan. that is because they have the same plan they have had for 30 years. tax cuts, tax cuts come at you regulations and some more tax cuts. tax cuts when times a good. tax cuts when times are bad. tax cuts to improve your love life. >>darya: republican mitt romney did not have the events scheduled yesterday. he does have something scheduled today. he will be in northern ohio. >>mark: the gallup polls say that obama has passed romney in the first time in
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several months. this is given the margin of error which is plus or minus 3 percent. congress is also coming back to work today after a five day recess. it is expected to pass measures to help people that were hit hard by the drought in hurricane isaac. >> here is a shot from our mt. tam cam. we will be back with more headlines coming up in just a minute.
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>>darya: welcome back here in they're going to see how we are quite to warm up for the rest of the work week. we will reach the 90s by friday and saturday. >>mark: a woman put her house up for sale in
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southern california only to find out that the bank foreclosed on the house. that surprised everybody. the real-estate agent had been in the business for about 10 years and was helping the woman's house. they found a buyer that went to the process and then when they did the title search it showed that she did not even on the house. she was shocked because she has a paper work that shows its she has had a low modifications since the foreclosure. and she has made all for payments. >> even though the modification was accepted they let the foreclosure proceedings continue. the bank says it is a mistake but they do not know how to fix it. >>darya: gas prices
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continued to climb across the nation. the average is $3.84. that's taken of the the bay area where of course we always have the highest average could this weekend was the slowest for the box office. it was one of the worst as the best ever in hollywood. there were about 20% off from where they were last year. here are the three movies that were at the box office. >>james: we are going to
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take a quick break. it will be back in just a minute. jackie sizzle is hanging out life. we will talk to gary a little bit later on. of course wall street's opening bell has a negative indicators for their opening.
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>>mark: here's a live look from the new york stock exchange. it looks like a down day on wall street today. dow teachers are off 25 points pin nasdaq futures around down six and a half.
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>>darya: let's second of the the weather appeared >>janu: had the temperatures right now. i will tell you about the way they're headed the first year going to check on the traffic. >>george: we are attracting an accident on 680. it looks like it is already starting to slow the ride coming out of dublin. >>mark: developing new set of walnut creek as please continue to investigate why driver slammed into two women and on the creek. there was standing on the sidewalk.
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the accident was so bad the driver had to be removed from the vehicle from the jaws of life. will tran is on the scene. >>will: this is an immoral -- a memorial for the 52 year-old woman was killed. it seems that walnut creek please do not believe there was a mechanical failure. the 52 year-old man was charged with vehicular manslaughter. yet the woman is in in the hospital in critical condition. >>darya: it has been two years since the mass of pipeline blasted that
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destroyed 38 homes and killed eight. there was a memorial in honor of the victims of the weekend. city officials dedicated a plaque if samper no-space pot park sunday evening. >> we just want our neighbor heard back that's all we want. >> in my heart and in my head will never be the same. >>darya: it at of the 38 homes and destroyed eight have been rebuilt. >>mark: read michael olson was missing from a party last week. olson's friends said the there were all together at one point and then he was lost in the crowd. after a long search they found him floating in the
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sacramento river. they're going to perform an autopsy to to try to determine the cause of death. there will be a memorial it will take place at 7:00 p.m. after >>darya: the raiders are hosting the san diego chargers for monday night football. jackie sizzle is out there. >>jackie: it is always wanted the oakland coliseum. tonight the raiders kickoff on tv on monday night football. the games start at 715. this'll be the heart of the ride.
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a few things are born to be different than last year. let's take a look at when you're born to expect. normally you can start lining up for games at 6:00 a.m.. they're not going to open the parking lot until suit. --2:00 p.m.. there are new security checks so leave yourself plenty of time. the best way to get here, is here,bart.
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that is the most convenient way to get here. be aware there will probably be extra traffic when you come down. >>jackie: of 49 years and the dodgers i did not leave the house from 1230 until 6:30 p.m.. >>mark: people are had -- have been recovered this morning after being rescued by coast guard helicopter. the small plane went down in the water.
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the plane was overturned and parsley -- partially submerged when they found them. >>darya: the california army sergeant is being honored because of its action. sergeant james bennett was awarded a medal for his heroism him he was home on leave when he saw a car fire when the stock to help pin he also rescued two small children. >>darya: a pizza shop owner
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so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. >>darya: the world's largest breast cancer defense did
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not have as many people and the money collected was way down. it is every in reaction to the organization stopped decision to stop giving money to planned parenthood. a lot of that my friends contributed but they did as they hesitated. some of them refused to give and said the they held by that i understand they believe the three day what is about half a million short than last year. >> toys r us is expected to announce a tablet today just
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for children. this is called the patio is expected at all stores. it is only in the store. it will cost around hundred and $50. have some applications already installed on it. presale orders could again on line later on today.
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>>darya: the top stories that were filing. -- pauline care the pickup truck jumped the curb and had two women on the sidewalk. >> the college student that
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was lost last week was found in the sacramento river. >>mark: the dow jones is down 31. right now. we had the job report. in drop because people stop looking for work. >>da: -- >>rob: we are now expecting and hoping that carnegie-- that earn a team will do something. >> to the government make
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money and lose money and this deal. >> they made a lot of money. if you look of bank of america of, you need financial stocks to lead the stock market. i i'd seen-- aig, the government is going to make money at it. this is where executives made millions of dollars. >>mark: is this something that had to be done? >>rob: it was almost
6:48 am
biblical in proportion. >>mark: let's talk a bucket seat any --jc penny. >>rob: they have given 1.3 million haircuts. the place is starting to show sometimes -- signs of turnaround pin they're trying to get people in there to shop. they're giving free haircuts. >>mark: h-p is cutting 2000 jobs. you have talked about this before. you like this strategy. >>rob: wall street likes big
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cuts in once. parsley i do not need any more hate mail. is that for my real estate because i have real-estate in that area creeks or paying attention to it. 2016 is for the turnaround to become complete >>mark: do think h-p will have a successful turnaround? >>rob: keep your money and ibm and pay attention to h- p. >>darya: let's get to shun him. john >>dan: john
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>>pam: john >>dan: by lunchtime the fog tracker 4 shows that the fog will be clear. as for the temperature is come up your waking up to the widespread '50s. we will see some '70s and '80s by 12:00 noon. we will see it warm up with a more eighties by 3:00 p.m.. has taken lookit the numbers around the bay. here are the afternoon highs in
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as to take a look at the seventh day of around the bay it shows that it will get hot starting and thursday. we do have a new way for you to get the kron 4 forecast a 24-7. good to kron 4 comcast channel 193. >>george: there tracking and accident. it has become an office hot spot. even though the accident was cleared and moved to the shoulder, and there was the
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least two other accidents that have occurred in the back of. this is going to take you 48 to 50 minutes. it will give you a half an hour delay through your trip here is a 680 south bound. we have early back ups here. plan accordingly. as we start our bridge check at the toll plaza will see the ride backing up with the metering lights on. is still in ease the a 11-12 minute the ride on the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge shows light traffic through the fog on 101 southbound 3 >>james: here is a shot from our roof camera appeared
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if you are going to be added the beaches today here is a look at your service report. -- surf report.
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[ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. >> we have a quick update on the weather. we have 88 for a high inland. we will move back up by mid week. there is a friday and saturday will be the warmest temperatures we are born to see. >>darya: client reynolds was a hot guy and he is off the market now. -- ryan metals.
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renyolds. they've got married over the weekend in south carolina. >>mark: record to take a break. -- we are going to take a break. we will have the latest in oakland about a shooting investigation pi we will have a baby area sports roundup with gary. we will also have the weather and traffic. this is all coming up in a moment.
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