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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 11, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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september 11th. this morning dailies and others will gather at ground zero. it will commemorate the nearly 3000 lives lost. >> the ceremony will be different. for the first time politicians will not speak.
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president obama and the first lady will attend a pentagon ceremony. only the relatives will reap the victims' names. >> while today is the day of remembrance is also the day of hope. >> this man is a new york city firefighter. >> that it was an honor to be at the world trade center. >> he was one of hundreds poring through the rubble at the twin towers 11 years ago appeared.
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he had just learned that the government will cover 53 types of cancers for the first responders. >> this was not a coal mine type of scintillation. they -- situation. >> secretary of defense paid tribute of the passengers and crew. >> this is how would-- sacred ground. because this is the final resting place of the american patriots. >> the 911 museum has hit a
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bump in the road. the construction and finance toward this has been stopped. >>james: we have live pictures of new york and washington appeared to we will be covering some of the ceremonies. >>erica: it looks like i missed a lot of pleasant weather in the bay area. we have pretty pleasant conditions over that area. here are the temperatures right now. it is a mostly the '50s.
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take a look at satellite and radar. the fog is hugging the coast line. there is not too much change in the forecast. we have the same pattern of afternoon sunshine. it is not too hot or too cold. here are the afternoon highs.
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another kron 4 7 day around the bay for cash shows that tomorrow is when to be much like today. we will see a warming trend starting thursday in the fog will make a comeback but will be over all pretty pleasant. let the good of the bridges. the book as let's take a look at the bridges. there are no hot spots. the bay bridge toll plaza shows only a few cars. here's the san mateo bridge.
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the drive is just 13 minutes from end to end. here is a look at the golden gate bridge there is not very much fog to deal with >>james: the san jose fire department is on the scene of a to alarm fire. it was reported shortly before 3:00 this morning. we will have more on this story in a live report coming up in. all lanes in east oakland on 580 is open after a motorcycle accident happened last night. all lanes are open. there is no word what the cause was. >> in east oakland there
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was a shooting where four people were shot in only one was injured and took to the hot taken to the hospital appeared. this shooter fled the scene. >> and now we know that the memorial service for a kenyon youngstrom will be on thursday could it will be at the mission church on leisure town road. >> meanwhile theme young man that was found dead, olson and will be having a
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memorial service to night. as friends like lost track of him in a crowd and they found him in the river not far from where he was last seen. >> and out of control crowd refused to settle down in vallejo. the meeting had to be shut down. as kron 4 k. thompson reports the motions of borrowing >> from the start the spiraled out of control. a volunteer group is trying to decide whether fell lay hedge and have a citizen fil a few committee if the live was half loss of half people.
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>> the board was unable to control the crowds when the meeting was only an effect for only an hour. >> one of the man romero try to get out of the car and was shot. >> might sun never left his car. -- my son the never left his car. >> they did not have to issue that car 31 times.
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>> reporting in vallejo, kay thompson, kron 4 news. >>james: this is a live look in york showing ground zero of the world trade center. people around the country remember september 11th. will have more on this in the minutes.
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>>james: state news, the transportation officials have come up with a new system to prevent head-on train crash in spirih. this is funded by a grant from the department of transportation.
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>> a loss angeles area freeway was close after a phone line fell on the highway. >> a police officers accused of shooting a man and a bargain-- bar. the victim was -- has recovered from his injuries in the hospital. the police officer was what on administrative leave. >>james: we're battling the fires where are they now?
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that love me come back and. -- when we come back.
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>>james: what bring you up- to-date on the wild fires. several new ones are burning in california. late yesterday morning, we are hearing some could news. charles clifford has more. >>charles: according to calfire that are several fires burning across california. let's zoom in on the scots fire and links county. it started on friday afternoon and has turned 4,600 a.. we have to learn that the evacuation orders in the area has been lifted. calfire says that they have achieved 25 percent
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containment on this wild fire. >> another one is the stafford fire to the north. this is 5 mi. to the south east of hayfork pin. the mandatory evacuations have been lifted. the sheriff's department is: to open the road for emergency crews pin and has started on september 5th and has burned 4,700 a.. >> and san francisco, charles crawford, kron 4 newsprin. >>erica: we have beautiful conditions of around the
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entire bay area. here as a look from our roof camera at a downtown san francisco. we could see a decrease in visibility due to the fall in the next couple of hours. >> we could have some issues later on this morning. the fog will begin to burn off as the sun comes up. by 12:00 noon we will be in mostly the '70s of mount airy and by 3:00 p.m. we will see eighties move into the area.
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here are our afternoon highs. the 7 day around the bay forecast shows that the temperature tomorrow we very much the same as today. we will see the 90s on
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friday saturday and sunday. -- thursday friday saturday pin the fog will come back on saturday. >> in the traffic center i have no hot spots to talk about. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just a few cars out there. this drive clocks and for under 10 minutes. the san mateo branch has a nice easy drive appeared over on a traffic maps you will see a lot of green on our roadways sensors.
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usually highway 41 of the slower spots in the morning. it is shows temperatures -- speeds over 50 mi. per hour. >>james: there were meeting about how to improve the air montserrat monitoring system. >> a 15 year old girl was walking her car and the man told her to get in. when she refused to grant to appeared.
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car got away. the suspect is that large could. >> sherry x. were visiting his car sun and his new wife when she was killed. we have more and the investigation pin >> we still do not know why the walnut creek resident drove his car on to decide what appeared. track and alcohol tests are still pending. they showed that he has a history for driving under
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the influence. his license was also eight suspended for the second time in 2006. four years after his conviction in 2009 his license was reinstated. now he is charged for manslaughter. >> this is a coast guard diver at the scene of a plane crash. we talked about this story yesterday. we now have the video to show you appeared the plane apparently lost power. that plane signed shortly after the two were rescued.
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>>james: the new and i found is expected to be unveiled tomorrow. it could give the economy a boost and i will tell you why.
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>>james: the new iphone five is expected to be unveiled tomorrow. it could give a boost the economy. it depends on what happens. >> youtube is being revamped for iphone. hugo oh released a revamped
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in the attempt to stay connected. -- utube code that the doubt,-- go was down guess if they feared it is unsure of exactly what happened arafa.
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>>james: today is tuesday september 11th if you are looking at live pictures from ground zero. everyone in the country remembers the terrorists' attacks that changed our country carried.
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today also is a celebration of an impasse of a hurdle that was in the way of the funding for the september 11th the museum. today will be the first time that politicians on not speaking ground zero. >> let romney will be at the national guard in reno. he will on their the guards that were the first responders.
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>> we first responders at that at the world trade center will get treatment for 50 different kinds of cancer. they will be covered under the new act. at first cancer was not covered. but now there are 58 types of cancers that are added to the list. >> both president obama and republican challenger is mitt romney agree to take down their advertisements today. obama has spent $180 million on commercials and romney has spent $245 million on
4:32 am
commercials. >> aitken said he is getting widespread pressure to step out of the race. he said that he is definitely staying in the race. >> i am not getting out. i made that clear. i have said this many times and then the u.n. here again. last night he apologized and said he misspoke.
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>> we're following a story out of san jose where firefighters are on the scene right now. this fire broke out after three this morning. this video came and in the last 10 minutes pin. it started in an upstairs unit of an apartment complex causing two people to jump out of the windows. >> let's go to erica. >>erica: that looks like the fog that is rapidly thinning--forming along the coast line. we could see some issues with the visibility and the next couple of hours.
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here are the temperatures right now. here is a look ahead. we will have a little bit of a warm-up starting thursday. we will have more details on that coming up in the seventh day forecast.
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let's take a look at the fog. this is what we will look forward to in next couple of hours. and then it will start to pull back as we head into lunch time. here are your afternoon highs. as we look ahead at our an extended forecast we will see temperatures will begin
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to warm up on thursday. will have more details on that coming up in just a bit. >> here is the bay bridge. we see it a few more cars on the road and then we did the last time we looked. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. everything is running smoothly. as we look at the golden gate bridge it does not look like we have any issues with visibility. jams >> >>james: a has been almost one week since kenyon youngstrom was shot pin there will be a memorial
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service set to begin at 10 in the morning on thursday. >> a memorial service is planned for it of the missing college student that was found. tonight's candlelight vigil is at 7:00. >> a new twist for the man in court suspected of kidnapping his children. he took the children and tried to flee with them on the stolen sailboat. he was in court yesterday.
4:38 am
here are his charges. >> a 711 clark was murdered yesterday pivotal to about this. >> i did not even know that somebody gets killed. i was surprised print. the amount the residents our surprise and a clerk was shot dead justice blocks from the milipitas police station.
4:39 am
someone called to report a man down inside the store. further investigation report that he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> this was the first killing in this city this year. detectives are working round the clock on this case. we do take the protection of our residents seriously. >> several customers said they are shaken up by such violence. it is usually very quiet. >> some time i come late.
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all i need a gallon of milk . >>james: we will take a quick break. will be right back.
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>>james: national headlines show that is the second day out of class as the teachers in chicago continue with the strike. >> teachers are under pressure there being demonized for the ills of society. we need support. about 30,000 teachers are striking in the nation's third largest school district. a lot of parents said they
4:43 am
do not have any of their plans so they have to take off work. >> jerry lawler is hospitalized. he passed out during a televised program in canada. he made his name and wrestling. it j.c. penney will be offering haircuts for kids from kindergarten to sixth grade. . this move is an attempt to revamp the company. this is not offered at every
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>> >>darya: good morning pin hear the top stories that we are falling. >>mark: we would take a live look at the world trade center in new york. we will take you live to the memorial services. >>james: there will be a memorial service tonight for the young man that was found
5:01 am
dead. let's go to weather with erica. >>erica: it will climb into the upper eighties for your warmest inland areas. we are getting some coastal fog that will increase over the next couple of hours. we have more conditions and the afternoon and then in the evening the fog will return. i will have more on the 7 day around the bay forecast parent >>george: we are back up free and delay free at the bay bridge. here's a quick commute check. there is no delays yet on highway 4. >>james: afire rips through
5:02 am
an apartment unit. there were four people inside pin. will tran is standing by live with the latest. >>will: mckinsey than cleaning up right now from the fire. at least five people have been displaced. the fire took place in the upstairs unit hi. here is home video from when the fire started. it started in the upstairs. a young man jumped out of this top story. and was not before he
5:03 am
suffered major returns on his upper body pin his action may have saved some people. this man is wheelchair-bound pin can you tell me what happened? people started knocking on the windows. i thought it was a prank. >> did you see the flames are here in the crackling? it is a good thing that my provider came by and came in to assist me.
5:04 am
another neighbor race down as well. he let me down the stairs pin without them i could have not gotten down the stairs. my provider in the other neighbor basically carried me down the stairs ticke. >>will: will you be able to return? >> they said that the he will be able to go into night and return to his
5:05 am
unit. as soon as the firefighters give him or he should be able to return. >>will: as soon as the sun comes out they will send out and this again is to find out what causes fire appeared >>mark: we are following the latest out of new york. 11 years ago today was that the attack pin and pennsylvanian the look of people gathering remembering the people lost pin today's commemoration the ground zero's follows a break on december --
5:06 am
september 11th museum. this is the first tied that elected officials will not be speaking in york city. a lot is expected to be in attendance pit president of bomb that plans on attending a pentagon ceremony. federal health officials are in the announcing that first survivors kobe now covered for 50 new kinds of the look as if the types of cancer. we will be following the latest with the ceremonies. we will also go for a moment of silence at the pentagon.
5:07 am
>>darya: in the 5300 block of fairfax and oakland this year's open filed and then took off in the car. four people were shot and only one person was injured and taken to the hospital in >> a man is arrested by attacking another man in the bathroom and at&t park inf sunday's attack comes after san francisco police stepped up their enforcement efforts and at&t par pin >>james: we now know that the memorial service for kenny young sam will be on fears -- thursday fifth i.
5:08 am
>> and memorial service for a college student that was found in the sacramento river and is planned to night. >>darya: in needing and the leonel had to be shut down after the crowd became unruly. there were trying to determine whether they should have a citizen leave you aboard. many were angry over the recent shooting of mariel
5:09 am
romero. police say the romero try to get out of the car in reverse for a gun pin >> i have been told about my son. i will repeat it again for the record. my son never left his car. >> they did not have as you that car 30 times. >>darya: the meeting was cancelled and less than one hour work. >> we will take a break on
5:10 am
the kron 4 morning news. the new iphone five is expected to be out tomorrow.
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>>mark: the iphone five is expected to boost the economy. it said help the nation annualized growth in the fourth quarter >>darya: we are learning about the criminal record of the wind -- of the man who crashed into the women in walnut creek.
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>>mark: they're watching wild fires a better learning across california kid. the scotts fire is burning closest to our area.
5:17 am
the latest update coming in from calfire say that of a 4,300 a. were burned and is an 35 percent contained. we have received confirmation that evacuation orders have been lifted. >>james: as take a live look at our roof camera. >>erica: we are taking a live look at downtown san francisco pin we are seeing fog beginning to move into our coast line. are the temperatures right now are in the '50s.
5:18 am
the future cast4 shows the 40's and 50's will turn into '60s and '70s by lunchtime. as we move and to our afternoon highs, we will see the '80s push into our area. here are the afternoon highs.
5:19 am
and as kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows that three will then not in much a change in forecast tomorrow. tinseled beginning to warm a bit on thursday. a looks like the fog will make a comeback saturday morning pin. let's get to george. >>george: we are not tracking in the hot spots. take a look at the bay bridge. it isn't easy trip. san mateo bridge shows no problems and light turned
5:20 am
than usual traffic. the golden gate range is running smoothly. >> it san ramon valley as 60 minutes heading out of walnut creek. here's a look at one of one pit is an easy trip this morning as you head through marin county. >>darya: a has been more than nine months since the chevron refinery fire in richmond. the air quality officials have to come up with a plan to improve air monitoring it. there and able to determine how much such an ash was put into the air.
5:21 am
>> there of the patrols increased on pass-- paths coming to and from school. a man told a girl to get into a car. when she refused. he he forced her into the car. but >>james: isn't out of control driver of that hit to women. one woman is dead in the other one is in critical condition in hospital. the daughter-in-law as still in critical condition. we are learning more about the criminal history of the
5:22 am
driver. he has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol. th >> after saturday's fatal collision he faces a charge of manslaughter. >> we have video of a coast guard diver at the scene of the plane crash. the we talked about the story yesterday and now we have video. the plane lost power and it went down. the plane sunsuit shortly after they will call out of the water. >>darya: we are looking at
5:23 am
photos that were out of this world. and how one teenager was able to get his camera and space. >> we'll be covering the events at ground zero.
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james >> >>james: research say that there is enough wind power to power half of the world's power. they did not consider the costs of building the turbines or the technicality of wind ago. >> researchers found that
5:27 am
those that smoked marijuana have doubled the chance of testicular tumors. >> >>darya: a british teenager proves that that's the he get pictures from space with a weather balloon and a cheap camera he got on line. he captured the spectacular views. he spent 40 hours a working on this device. after taking a two and a half hours to rise into the atmosphere at his pictures are breathtaking. the modest teenager was nothing more than a little
5:28 am
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>> welcome back we are following a developing story. firefighters are on the scene in san jose this is earlier video. you can see that fire in the background. it broke out shortly after 3:00 a.m. and south san jose. again >>this just in to the kron 4 news room this started in an upstairs apartment forcing people to jump out of the windows one person was taki taken to hospital we will bring you more with will tran having more optics. >> a somber day. with
5:31 am
updates, later with will trap. also, today the nine of love and remembrances. about 50 minutes we're waiting for a moment of silence in 15 minutes and also later we will see the ceremony in new york city. this is the view from the world trade center at 5:4:05 p.m. and it is declared a national day of remembrance. we are watching these as they take place. it is taking place world wide. this was in new zealand as they paid tribute to those who died on the september of an attack this is the fourth held by the new zealand. >> and local bay-area wide events to remember the 911
5:32 am
attacks. may orf mayor be on folsom street for a flag remembrancer. gilroy. there'll be a commemorative ceremony in front of the police administration building. san jose will have a flame lighting ceremony at the gilroy memorial park at 9:00 a.m. we will continue to keep you updated and union city there will also be a memorial service. on the corner of smith st. that will feature music, a prayer and a reading of the victims. all of these details, 5:42. let us check out the weather. >> there is going to be cloud coverage expected but also sunshine and blue skies. it is a chilly start.
5:33 am
mid '50s for the most part. novado, santa rosa. as we take a look accu-weather headlines. temperatures are expected to range into the upper 80s as we go towards this afternoon it looks like we could see more of an onshore flow. temperatures climbing into the '90s for the warmest inland areas. a full look with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay and up. >> this quick commute check and in the east bay where we would normally see heavy traffic at antioch is a little bit sluggish but not as bad as usual and also interstate-5 has been slow through the old lamon told lamo- altamonte pass. >> this man who is accused
5:34 am
of kidnapping his children and putting them on a stolen single vote has taken his first court appearance. he was arrested 1/2 taking of children on a stolen sell about. no cameras were allowed but 43 year-old appeared anxious. he looked around as we have reporters and just as the judge was wrapping up. he spoke out loud with all due respect my children have been put right back into the place where they have been been abuse. the judge interrupted saying that he should only speak to his attorney. or what he could say could be used against them. >> the first homicide of the year happening on saturday morning. near it milpitas they found a man on the ground. they have reviewed very little accept that this killing resulted in a hold
5:35 am
up. it is now a top priority and called on any potential witnesses to come forward. >> we're pulling out all the stops. they're working around the clock with several detectives on other districts are working with us. we're taking this very seriously. >> employees declined to comment but they were shocked and shaken up by the first portion of violence in this usually quiet neighborhood. >> 5:35 decision 2012 both candidates are claiming that they have momentum coming out of the convention. however, the latest poll from cnn showing he has an increase with 52 percent. compared to commit romney- mitt... earlier, they were nearly tide toward still
5:36 am
ahead on the kron 4 morning news it is the second day of strikes at the chicago public school system.
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5:38 am
5:39 am
>> president obama is going to attend a memorial service. and the latest from ground zero as this ceremony is getting ready. there's a new jersey gov. christie. officials will be speaking today tat ground zero of the victim's family will be reading of the names this morning. we will be following the latest and going live at the white house.
5:40 am
>> thank you. 5:39 and this voter has people and palm springs the odor is coming from the sea. that--holde older opor however, it is not likely that earthquakes are to blame for the odor.... >> there is not usually a relationship between earthquakes and strange smell. however, the unusual recent weather could be contributing from the sultan sea. it is possible but these strong winds could be to blame but there has never been a smell from the lake. as far as west as this has. >> in national news it is
5:41 am
the second day out of class for a chicago public school systems. the negotiators for the union and district have not come to an agreement. teachers will be out on the street today fighting for what they believe they need. >> teachers are under pressure and nationally they are becoming demonized for society's ills. >> several thousands are on strike keeping nearly 350,000 children out of school with alternate supervision. and now have to take time off of work. fed >> still had we're remembering the terrorist attack of september alone. we are waiting for the president to lead the country in a moment of silence
5:42 am
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5:45 am
>> 5:45. we will have the latest on the two-alarm fire. today, we will remember the victims from september all but 11 years ago today. we will hear from the president as he leads the country in a moment of silence and a memorial service from lafayette. he was found dead over the weekend the candlelight vigil will be held at a high school. >> let us go live to washington with this live look toward this is from the doors that lead out to the south lawn president and the first lady are in attendance.
5:46 am
(star spangled banner) bell chimes, (moment of silence)
5:47 am
(taps being played)
5:48 am
>> president obama and the first lady are remembering that devastating day. from september 11, 1911 years ago. as we watch the--11 years ago. with a ceremony scheduled and also we are
5:49 am
winning for the remembrance ceremony at ground zero at the world trade center. no politics today. there will not be speaking in the today's ceremony in new york city. in fact, the president and mitt romney both agreed that there will be no negative ads. they do not plan on attending any political events. we will have more on that coming up. keeping you updated. and at the pentagon this morning we are seeing the victim's family reading the names. >> as we take a live look we do have a cloud coverage but not much issue of visibility. there is pretty thick flock toward with clear conditions as we go inland toward that thicker- fog. with upper 80s possible
5:50 am
in antioch, concord. as a look ahead a bit of a warm up. with low 90s with the warmest inland areas. full details on that with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay the satellite/radar showing where the cloud cover image is situated along the coast. in fact it could be impacting the peninsula and for the east bay shore could be seen fair conditions. in in terms of these numbers right outside the door we are talking 50s. 56 degrees in fairfield. and moving on to santa rosa and at least by lunch not and the 40's or 50's to contend with. 60s for the coast. and as we go towards 3:00 p.m. that orange is starting to fill indicating that wide
5:51 am
spread of 80s expected. we will see low 80s developing in san jose, milpitas with no surprises in antioch 70's in the castro valley. 80s in walnut creek and another beautiful day in the north bay. '70s, '80s and by 3:00 p.m. 60s for downtown san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the high- pressure is in place. thursday, friday, saturday we could be climbing into the warmer areas but that fog will return saturday morning toward partly cloudy conditions sunday and monday. temperatures will cool off a bit but we're still talking 80s for the inland areas with 70's around the bay. 5:51 and weather, traffic.
5:52 am
>> we are continuing to monitor this hot spot with the bridge westbound looking decent with no commutes' even for the cash lanes. the approach also looking decent and the san mateo/92 is lighter than usual for the westbound. i wonder where everyone is? and here is a look at the golden gate with fog-free no problems and the bridge has configuration for been morning commute and looking at the east shore updating the drive * 18 minutes, berkeley. and after the 580 we are starting off with some concerns for the 580 commute. not because of southbound 680 but there is a minor accident at the interchange. it was on the shoulder but it is already impacting the westbound truck. we do not want that
5:53 am
to have a repeat of yesterday. the northbound 101 is an easy trip as you go beyond 280, and 180 and the manner marin-county looking decent towards the golden gate. >> thank you. this surfing report if your going to be out on the water these are current conditions. by some of the patrols with a 3-5 ft. swells. 2-3 with flat at maverick or not that interesting in other areas. we will be back. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. >> this was opening night at the oakland coliseum. that the second quarter there were height. however, it put
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the chargers up 10-3. just seven seconds left before the halftime in the second quarter carson polymer. impressive. with mcfadden however he only made it to the 1 yd line. a conservative play to just get the field goal. and this is one the wheels came off. there was a player that suffered a head injury. with three long snaps and all bundled. that turned into nine points with the chargers and they blew it. the season opener 20-14. as the raiders lost. and here is colorado. they beat the giants after a late comeback. with a home run.
5:58 am
and the giants lost their five games against the dodgers with the a's and we will be right back. 7:45.
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