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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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> the freedoms that we all enjoy as americans, the cost. sometimes that causes high and sometimes it is devastating. >> that i have the privilege of working with him on a daily basis. another you can hear me.
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a want to thank you for always being there for me. i look forward to seeing you again. >> he was not just my uncle, he was my hero and a father to meet. >> he was delirious and taught me a lot of robbing a man.
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>>pam: members of the law-enforcement community stood as one in honor of the officer. one east bay chief of police spoke rick haaziq madyun. >>haaziq: raising their hands to salute a fellow officer. >> among the thousands of law enforcement officers that came to this memorial service in vacaville to pay their respects to the fallen officer, howard
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jordan knows all too well what it is like to lose officers in the line of duty. is >> difficult part of this entire incident is yet to come.
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>>dan: more disturbing news out of use of any valid. another person since it to memory yosemite is reaching out to more people. from on wednesday counterpart send out this e-mail to another 230,000 people that stayed anywhere in the park since early june.
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the >> and nine people infected is still a relatively small number. is it >> the only way someone would know they have the hantavirus is to have a blood test. >>pam: of vermin are a problem at some bart stations in the bay area. officials say they plan to clean up the problem. all we have more from the daily city bart station where large numbers of rats and pigeons have become a problem. >> bart says they have been battling this region problem
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free years and now, rats species is also becoming an issue. there is bird poop on the tracks, railings and on the ground. pidgeons hide in the rafters and leave their droppings. the also ness and bart stations. today, the bart board voted on and approved 1 billion in spending to specifically target pigeons and waved for them to prevent their littering. >> the pigeons are very resource folks here if they
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find places to rest and hang out. in some stations, and it is a, the station infrastructure is set up in a pigeon friendly way we are spending a million dollars this year to make it less pigeon friendly. space the pigeons of course can fly, so they have more mobility. they're tougher to take care of. >> officials say spending 1 million now will help save money on repairing infrastructure dow wrote. >> in oakland, another new strategy to combat crime called operation cease-fire is being revealed.
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terisa estacio is joining us live from oakland. >>terisa: dozens of residents came out tonight to learn more about operation cease-fire. there are here to learn more about this new crime-fighting plan that the city is unfolding the essence of the plan focuses on faith based organizations like the church and that is holding a meeting tonight. leaders and congregation members will be going out into the community to try and talk to use. churches will be providing services like job training. as crime in oakland has skyrocketed. so far, the record 103 homicides. 85 homicides in total. a short time ago i spoke with the mayor about how this plan will work. >> focusing really on people
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most involved in violent crime in the making them aware that we know who they are and offering them assistants at the same time. that is what does the community health is critical is this a hard ashore with the county. >> is a unique collaboration and partnerships between been a faith based committee, elected officials and other community leaders that have the same issues and concerns. we have to stop burying our young people prematurely. asked >> operations ceasefire is modeled after a boston clam the reduced crime by 70 percent according to community leaders.
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>>pam: after being in san francisco for more than four decades, the senate is moving its largest office out of the city. the gap has decided to look for extra office space outside of san francisco. >>reggie: as of october 1st, the visa san francisco office in this building on market street will close its doors for good. the 100 and police to work here will join the more than 3000 workers at the credit-card company's headquarters in foster city. visa says the move is a part of its consolidation efforts and has been renovating its foster city office to make room for additional employees. the gap will continue to maintain a large presence in san francisco but it is looking to expand in the east bay
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instead of the city. the director of economic development says the city will definitely lose tax dollars when visa relocates. he would not discuss negotiations. he added that companies like the gap expand outside of this city all the time in the that the san francisco a economy is strong. >> san francisco was deported -- was reported as the department of labour as having the no. 1 market in terms of job growth. lee did agents. it is a really telling statistic. >> temperatures are rather comfortable this afternoon. most locations with the exemption of an unbalanced
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, 89 and concord, 90 and pleasanton. costs as we look at current conditions it is still pretty chilly. overnight, the fog will be near the coast line, spreading into san francisco in clearing rather quickly. and into tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and warm away from the coastline. we will take a look at the weekend of forecast in the next work week ahead coming up pitiful and a coming up, and what parts tested at
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the police. we will also tell you where oakland fans are rallying to save their pro sports teams. oakland fans are rallying to save their pro sports teams. all of [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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to be at a are as catherine heenan tells us, and anti-american violence >>catherine: outrage over this entire is on video insulting islam's founder. some of the worst violence
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today was in yemen. hundreds of protesters stormed to the american embassy, held back by security, but some managed to destroy cars, burn flags in the splendor of this equipment. as least for yemeni protesters died in the clashes. in egypt, where the anti-american anchor began on tuesday, protesters scuffled with police. ahead on fired teargas and doesn't call her. if protester said it won an apology from the president. >> an official hall did olive. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. famine and a long, hundredth street to america and converged outside of the swiss embassy devilfish american interests. anti-american violence keeps spreading. iraq is one of the other house
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cause serious see list yes, there is word of one arrests in the killing of four american embassy workers. aside from the ambassador we now know that american civil that shaw's vessels also self and the former difficile lens of the chiefs fear if the ambassadors of all said the family is devastated. >> are have lost a son. i know what it is like and i know what they're going through right now. , the demonstrations in the damage. yemen is the seen some of the worst of it. here, as you see a man holding an american flag on fire. the upper case on and the background, you can see people stealing this fence to the u.s. embassy.
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mamet this is damage on the ground. and this in egypt, people were throwing rocks and stones at local military police. o >> said so far there is no sign of things settling down . some >> we will see another one day tomorrow and saturday at least for our inland valleys .
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. in >> tomorrow morning we will definitely have a fogged up and down the coastline . the 7:00 hour all winter fremont ,, hayward and san jose it will stay mealies out of the golden gate . and the south bay we could see some lingering remnants of fog
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. >> here is a look at your extended forecast . . low 80s by the middle of next week . low 80s by the middle of next week . stay with us , i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out.
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. >>pam: oakland is pushing the
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effort to save its professional teams . only siri lead is joining the save our sports a rally at a popular east baseboards are . . >> the group is intent on keeping their teams in oakland >> a dedicated fans know what their local teams means . for some ,, it is all of the board . . >> it is an identity . >> it would be a sad day if all three teams would not be
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playing in oakland . >> the a's in the warriors may be skipping town but the raiders plan on staying . this group believes building the stadium was of the team that fans care enough to keep them in oakland and it will create jobs . . >> the gruebel clintonites to nations into the oakland stadium fund account . [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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six of my their car crashed into your friends that would retractable what about eight times ? we will explain what this city is doing . he asked >>pam: and emotional day and one south bay city as people take to burn degree at an elementary school . what started the fire and how people are coping with a loss .
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. does things thought
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this affair may drawer loss control of this car and crashed into the backyard fence of local residents in fremont . if it's dead on would be bad enough that this is not the first times . if cost source of
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>> police said the driver was going too fast and it may have been raising another car . the >> i heard a loud crash ,, i came out of my house and there was a lot of dust and smoke flying around . the car crashed through the fence and was on its side . >> the drivers coming around a corner at a high rate of speed and loss control crashing into his stance . the ,, this is this the time it has happened in the last decade . >> this city needs to a in a guard rail . excludes this city said they cannot do it unless it is at my expense . >> police are aware of the problem and says that if
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traffic officers will be paying more attention to speeders . in the meantime he now has the as some of the fix is fans and his school . dirty and in oil leaked into his school . it will have to be drained and a lot of expensive work has begun before it can be used again . >>pam: the man who was allegedly behind the wheel of a pickup truck that struck to women as they're walking on a sidewalk on saturday is out of jail . this year ,, he concede the aftermath of the collision .
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