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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 19, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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much for being with us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ out of the south bay. kron 4 reggie kumar has the latest now on what the city plans to. when reggie homicides this year vehicle that is up this year.
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their violent crime in statistic has a double- decrease of the last decade. mayor chuck reedy it says that it would be more overtime for officers. and also says it would help to use needing an reserve officers but also strongly encourage residents to get involved. >> i did the response was timely, appropriate and effective. >> in these times i did
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that they can afford increase in police officers. >> one of the concerns now this does the police department have the ability to handle the resources based on the current financial condition. at >> the police department chief will step down. wilthe amount it >> we have seen the level of crime we have not seen in years. any time the 71 year old woman is carjacked it knifepoint shows it is out
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of control. >> residents are trying to use this bike in crime to restore the number of officers of a head over the years. >> the trying to use everything they can to justify pay increase. they would like the 10 percent pay back that was taken away this year. >>james: and family of the 69 your old firefighter may have a followup from the amtrak train. .
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a passenger last saw him standing near a train door. let's go to erica for the weather. >>erica: happy wednesday. it looks like another: day around the bay area the fog is not is that. here are your temperatures right now. couple of the the cloud cover and cool temperatures you can also find some wind out there. take a look at the witness too.
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-- and win the-- wind speed. here are our afternoon highs. we are well below the seasonal average. we may see some low 80s and the east bay. here's the weather story. we do have a mix of sun and clouds friday is going to be warmer pin.
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in looking at a said the models we may have a chance of rain. take a look of the 7 day around the bay of forecast. friday, beat the warmest day of the week. there will be partly cloudy conditions and a cool down transitioning into next week. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows a few cars this morning.
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it is empty at the san mateo bridge in both directions. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. the is no cars to be seen right now. >>james: we have a live look at the kennedy space center in florida that is the space shuttle endeavor. it is about ready to take off this morning. it is on its way over to california. it is planned to make a stop in houston. it will arrive in southern california on friday.
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we are, we look forward to great use of that shuttle. if it will probably was the golden gate bridge and head over to moffett field. >> we will be backed and pick we will let expects a possible upgrade to day. we will have more when we come back.
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>>james: we are back here and if you have not noticed yet. twitter has had some changes.
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the twitter for ios and android have also received upgrades >> the report says the samsung galaxy you will be released in january. this is the biggest move since the fed record in san jose will against-- ruled against samsung. >> apple stock is up and the new phone is not even out yet.
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the stock is up over $700 pit >> they will have followed a stream and the new pass book application as well. >> to suspects to be dealt a giants fan outside of a game have their day in court. we will be right back.
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>>james: radiation concerns on treasure island's. there at our training sites there. residents want to know why the navy did not inform them of the danger.
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real-estate officials are calling for a new study. >> what is important to tell the people that live here is that it is safe to live here. a big concern about future developments is about where people are going to live and doing new things. >> we will break down the specific areas on treasure island the were identified to have elevated radiation. the largest areas are along the north west and east corners of the island.
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on the west side is housing and on the east side is a waste water treatment. the real concern is that there is a plan of development for 20,000 people to move onto the island. this development. would be on the some of the same land where it the recently identified areas have not been targeted for high radiation. >>james: police say that a man was driving his motorcycle north in fremont. then a mini van pulled in his path. the motorcycle collided with the van and the man has
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serious injuries. >> and flom and is hospitalized after she was shot near oakland elementary school last after in the imperium she was shot in front the elementary school after 2:00 in the afternoon. her ever mission has not been released. >> the two men that the brian stowe almost to death of back in the courtroom today. this happened last year in a dodger stadium parking lots. the trial was expected to start sometime in december. both men have pleaded not
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guilty. >>erica: it is definitely cooler weather right now. since we do not have a well defined marine layer. here is a look ahead in in irian as we head into tomorrow we will see cooler weather. and we will continue with dry weather here in the bay area. temperatures looby below -- temperatures will continue to be below the seasonal average. take a look at the satellites and radar of you.
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we have patchy clouds. let's take a look at future cast4 pin at 5:00 noon and will be '60s and '70s for most of the area. and then as we o'clock move and we will see more '70s are around the heart of the bay with a possibility of a few low eighties in the east bay.
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the 7 day around the bay forecast shows very subtle changes in the temperatures. by friday it will save more and the way of an offshore follow. it may be the warmest day this week. we will continue with cooling weather purines we do have a possibility of some wet weather possibly on sunday. >> there is just a handful of cars on the bay bridge. the traffic is moving well from all three of the approaches. the san mateo bridge this
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drive is just 13 minutes from end to end. there is a few cars on the span on the golden gate bridge pin but there is an increase of visibility. there's a lot of green on our sensors all areas are clear of incidents. >>james: here is a live look from the kennedy space center in florida column you can see the space shuttle endeavor on the back of a jet spin. we are looking forward to the bay area appearance of
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the space shuttle come friday. this is a most amazing sight. there is quite a bit of weight is on the back of that jet it is amazing to see the shuttle piggybacked said the there it goes up in the air. >> officially went up it 7:22 a.m.. monroe--it is about ready to do a 20 minute flight over
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of the space coast. then it will stop in houston and are right here and friday morning. a lot of people are looking forward to the fly over spin in irian essentially it will make its way back down to southern california at its permanent home. >> still had met romney still receive is backlash from a secretly recorded video. president obama was on the late-night talk show. we will talk about that in a minute.
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>> here is stanley roberts account people behaving
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>> watch your back that's all i have to say him. actually riding the bus is easier these days because if you have a clicker pass or a valid transfer we just walk on. >> >> it is harder to find a fair ikeda's pin un >> when the fair patrol comes to you can see somebody all exited in the
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buss talking on their phone. >> he did not pay so he got a ticket. when this man was axed four and i t presented his medical marijuana card. >> these people are on patrol and spread out across the city looking for fair invader. even if you are going to exit the buss have your fare and your hand. >> the cost of a me in writing is--the costs and a
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muni ride is $2, the costs at a ticket is a hundred dollars. >> >>james: we will have more on what mit romney had to say coming up.
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>>james: we are a fact. here is -- we are back. here is a live look from our roof camera pin. >>erica: and we do have a marine layer but is not as organized as it has been the last week or so pin him. here are the temperatures right now.
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there are a few of '40's but mostly the piece of land area. -- mostly fifties around the area. take a look at the fog tracker 4. you can see that by 12:00 noon most of the cloud cover will have backed off pin this afternoon highs and will be mostly seventies around the area with one or two eighties in the east bay. war
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>> and if you're headed to the giants' game, it starts at 716. in we will see increasing kraut -- cloud cover and and a possible when it increase. >> in a stake of the the 7 day around the bay pin saturday will be the warmest day of the weak and ill will continue to cool through the beginning of next week. >> here is a look at the bay bridge. mom things are nice and easy. the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly pym over at the golden gate bridge things are moving smoothly
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grim. >>james: mit romney has to clarify the comments he made in may. >> on days that led -- and david letterman tuesday night, president obama made some comments. but i told them is that you may not have worked -- you may not have voted for me but i'm going to work for you. >> were here is what
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romney was recorded at saying in and a private meeting. >> we were of course talking about a campaign. i went to get 50.1% or more. apparently we have heard to to use-- views >> a lot of my friends say it is poetic justice day carter relative would cause so much trouble this is a grandson of jimmy carter.
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the video has brought in millions of visitors to the web site pin the tell editors of mother jones say that there has been an intense reaction. their phones have been ringing off the hook. that's what released the full tape so people could determine the meaning of what he was saying for themselves. we do not believe in is our job to interpret. >> that is one thing the romney as for is to he wanted people to see the whole video. >>james: we are taking a
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closer look at the controversy over comment on that video. it is about who pays taxes. it is basically true. but there is one fallacy. it is sims that the people that did not pay taxes are mostly obama supporters parent >> according to the tax foundation's this percentage does not pay taxes 28% of these people have their taxes taken at of their pay check and they are funding medicare and social security. a certain percent is elderly.
4:37 am
there is no evidence that people who paid no income tax are obama supporters. the misstatement that the 47 percent are dependent on government handouts or also incorrect. when men and whe. >>james: this is a look at
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obama's vs romney. this is an associated press poll >> we're calling to take a break. the will be back with some more and a moment.
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why w
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>>james: national is-- news. the loss angeles chief is an on trial for killing his
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wife. police did not find the body for quite some time because he will his wife's body for days. the trial is expected to continue today in >> and the founder of a national charity for use-- youths, he has been charged with sexually abused of several children. >> and in chicago teachers have agreed to get back to work. teachers union representative says that it has not solved all of the problems appeared.
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in >> cancellations of american airlines flights have rocketed this week. this is due to a number of factors including pilots calling in sick appeared >> no flights and are out of san francisco have been canceled in pin >> here is a live look at the toll plaza. traffic is on the rise. we'll be right back.
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james and james gammon >>james: nasa has just had
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the space shuttle endeavor take off moments ago. it first bust the space coast and then is heading to houston. they will arrive here friday. >> nasa is moving the space shuttle endeavor to las angeles which is it called. -- home. it left the space shuttle -- the space coast about 715 this morning.
4:46 am
and then it will head to houston. it will spend wednesday night ellington field in houston. then at will go to a fueling stop when and breaks feel. it low enter california on friday pin. >> finally it will head south down the coast toward loss angeles where it will make a quick to were over the city and land.
4:47 am
then it will be moved through city streets to its final destination. hear the best views of the space shuttle. these are all good locations providing there is not much fog. it will be heading down the coast to moffett field to. there will be a lot of good places to watch this. they will have an official party and you can go there. this ceremony is open to
4:48 am
the first 5000 people that are private at the research center. >>erica: i have been looking at some of are future cast4 models and it looks like friday is going to be a clear day. if that happens between a party and 10:00 there is a possibility that most people will be able to see. >> let's take a look at what's happening later on today. we will hold onto some of the fog in the coast line the temperatures are still seasonally cooler.
4:49 am
and we will have cooler weather and wins as we head into the evening allard. here are the temperatures right now. as you can see it is mostly in the '50s. future cast4 predicts that by lunchtime we will see '60s of bounds the heart of the bay and '70s in land. then by 3:00, we will see the possibility of a few eighties. >> here are the afternoon highs. we may see it a few low 80s and the east bay in antioch or pittsburgh.
4:50 am
to kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows that tomorrow will be almost the same as today. friday will be the warmest day of the week. then we will continue to have a cool down headed into a next work week. there is a slight possibility of some partis the past some wet weather around sunday. in the traffic center i am
4:51 am
monitoring some hot spots. the right lane is currently locked a tractor trailer was struck but and maybe the result of a high-speed train case. >> this take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza are ride for the past couple mornings have been backing up. according to a grid southbound won a one has-- 101 is running smoothly. there was some construction appeared we are not saying
4:52 am
much in the way of slowing grid >> >>james: the lease to get great white sharks and been seen swimming. >> a group saw a whale in the bay. but what happened next was totally unexpected. a solid a disturbance in the water next to the boat get the look down and sell a great white shark. we saw then and had gone behind this-- us.
4:53 am
met a seltzer real appeared we had seen sharks out there but nothing like this. the this was about one-third of the slaying of our entire boats. >> there was someone in the hall after on saturday to to release to the chair is of great white whale is an >> there is not a lot of hard for seals so we have sharkskin-- we have harbor seals so therefore we have sharks pin
4:54 am
>>james: will take a quick break. we would be back with more and just a minute.
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>>james: grammy nominations are coming in. >> music's biggest night is not until february but three time grammy when talent group is going to be outperforming. >> l. l. cool will be performing also appeared >> the bumble and air- conditioned auditorium heirs. o'reilly and storage will take an entertaining and comedic approach.
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>> seek at married last weekend. this is a third marriage m >> >>james: the accord to take a break. here are our socked upcoming stories. will be back any minute. stories. will be back any minute. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional.
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aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4
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news. >> the top stories that we are following this wednesday morning. two different meetings in san jose to try to curb the spike and crime. what city officials had to say. >> space shuttle endeavor is on its core to the west coast. a piggyback and journey. we will follow its path as it goes towards the bay area. >> the two men accused of beating brian stowe are back in the court room. first, let us get an update with weather, traffic. >> good morning, james. you can certainly feel cooler conditions right now and outside the door. we are seeing upper 40's and it looks like we are looking at widespread cloud coverage but not as thick. some fog and cloud coverage with temperatures in the '50s in the 60s. with 54 degrees inf
5:01 am
novato 50s in livermore, daly city and were these numbers are expected to go for this afternoon. >> a bit better than this morning for the commute. some earlier problems on highway 37 east bound north bay is cleared. we're not tracking any incidences. a quick check and toll bridge. with the north bay, the south bay and the peninsula also looking good. we have not seen much heavy traffic on either highway no. 4 or highway fight. thank you. however number five. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room we have word of a two-alarm fire in san jose cured it is believed to be burning conference on yolo court we will bring you the latest update in as soon as we get information and south
5:02 am
san jose take-home two-alarm fire. >> the city is saying that how safe is san jose? that depends on who you ask. recent spike in crime in the bay area's largest city has now ended and san jose remains one of the safest big cities in the country. members of the police officer's union challenge that. more than 100 people showed up tuesday night at a union held to educate people about keeping themselves safe. another man said, "yes, my neighbor's car was broken into a couple of weeks ago. >> i think their response to the recent crime is less timely, and. >> i heard that some people say that we need to increase
5:03 am
the police force by 10 per cent in order to keep officers from leaving. i think that and in these times it is not affordable. >> san jose is a magnet for the criminal. and the concern is that what is the current police department able to do to handle the crime with the resources available problems highlight the need to get more serious about crime prevention starting with more and better paid "we're seeing a level of violence we haven't seen in officer's association director ed conover says. also, the police chief is stepping down after only two years. residents of the police association gathered last night in east san jose to talk about other what ways to fight crime. the director acknowledges that there is been a noticeable increase. >> we're seeing the level of violence we've not seen in 15 years. and "at a time when a 71-year old woman is
5:04 am
carjacked at knifepoint in broad daylight in front of a target, it's clear that the security situation in san jose has deteriorated." another meeting tuesday at city hall focused on the rising levels of homicides on track to surpass last year. still city officials realistic about the challenges the city faces. the financial state is also a significant challenge for the city. certainly, they're going to try to take advantage of the tactics to justify that pay increase. they want that 10 percent. >> the mayor adds that the recent spike has eased a bit and he says that it is one of the safest larger cities in the country. >> angry protesters forced the oakland police meeting last night. protesters angry
5:05 am
with the handling of the investigation into a may police shooting that left an 18-year old man say they will be back in two weeks when the oakland city council again tries to alan blueford was shot and killed on birch street in oakland in the early morning hours of may 6th. meanwhile, the beating of brian stowe post to men were back into a courtroom matured they are charged with mayhem, assault and battery. and the public defender is assigned to sunshine is after his private attorney left his case. they have both pleaded " not guilty " that happene at dodgers stadium parking lot with brian stowe left with permanent brain damage. >> this is after two days of delays with rain at cape canaveral. it will now allow nassau's and never
5:06 am
going to houston, texas. nasa-taking endeavor over several bay area real landmarks. as many as 1,500 ft. over the bay area bridge. and also, at the moffett field research center at 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. there is even a viewing party at the mountain view with film trucks. here are some other places in the bay area. that you could watch at the lower altitude. the space and science center will be open and the berkeley marina is also a good spot, chrisy field with an weather permitting. and of course mt. tam is expected to circle around the golden gate bridge. it should be good feeling. the endeavor will be down the peninsula. nasa is
5:07 am
recommending san mateo, they nature preserve and of course the viewing party at moffett field. with this after 27 missions now retired. this is open to the first 5000 people on friday morning the viewing party at moffett. 8:30-10:00 a.m. hopefully, the shuttle passing the golden gate bridge will be beautiful. >> the u.s. has temporarily closed its consulate in indonesia because of the ongoing violence because of that anti-muslim film. they looked on washington to of thought film that was produced in california. people in bakersfield made that camera it was the third consecutive protesting in that city. also, the embassy
5:08 am
attack is going to lay to rest glen dougherty was working for a private security firm when he was killed in ganasbecause he lived in southern california before he headed overseas. and keeping an eye on wall street the details as the kron 4 morning news, continues.
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welcome back. the iphone 5 is going to be released cured with the new operating
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system, and some exciting new features. maps, support and even facebook integration. analysts think the thing need to sell just 6 million, just as we can to satisfy investors. also, as they try to stimulate the economy, that is the news with higher futures market. >> the time is 5:12:00 a.m. still ahead. the navy is addressing rhodesian concerns on treasure island. we will show you the radiation--concerns. the approach is nice and easy that is the benefits of getting out so early
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>> welcome back. san francisco will provide an energy alternative to pg&e. the city's supervisors are
5:16 am
showing clean power s f from renewable sources at an increased price. this $19 million deal with shell oil. it will go into effect of spring, 2013. and and 90,000 customers are slated to roll it out. with a $5 the. >> with radiation concerns on treasure island. city officials are calling for a new study of possible radiation contamination on treasure island, especially considering development plans that could bring 20,000 new residents to the the u.s. navy held a meeting tuesday with residents concerned about a new report identifying possible radiation hot spots on the northwest and northeast northeast corner now contains low income housing units. state officials are concerned about developments and build a high rise community. that remember,
5:17 am
that this is completely man- made. let me show you the potential areas of concern. this is the bay bridge. this is all north-west portions of the island and housing that is already near som some of tha area. and also the waste water treatment place section of the northwestern section of the island. the plans call for up to $20 and people to be a occupying that island with 20,000 people. many high rises are going to be built right were the potentially contaminated sites are. and the city of san francisco owns treasure island will be investing the potential contamination. >> thank you, mark. >> good morning. we are going to take a live look at current conditions for oakland. this is closer to the coliseum with cloud coverage. with those chilly
5:18 am
conditions we have started in the upper 40's in the north bay. still, 40's for napa. and a chilly start so certainly you could use a jacket, a sweater. believe it or not it is going to stay that way for this afternoon. by lunch will not be as cold as noon, the yesterday with 60s, 70's for the entire bay area. as we go towards 3:00 p.m. we will not get that much warmer. however, there could possibly be 80s indicated by the yellow. those will be few and far between in the south bay san jose could see 70's but again the seasonal average is 82. we are about 12 degrees cooler. 60s in mountain view. mostly sunny conditions and staying low 70's in the campbell. we could see a couple of 80s
5:19 am
are around the bay area. pittsburgh, antioch. still, mild from what they are used to. 76 degrees expected in walnut creek. sunshine, mild and comfortable for the east bayshore. berkeley, 60s. low 60s for downtown san francisco it is going to be chilly if you are going to go to ocean beach. and also 59 degrees in daly city. as we focus the weather a story we will see a mixture of sun and clouds. today, and thursday will be a carbon copy of today. there will be subtle changes coming up on friday. we will see mid '80s for the warmest inland areas. your kron 4 7 day around the bay so conditions for those temperatures and cooler conditions as the go towards this weekend. we could even gain a couple of degrees as
5:20 am
we start next week. >> we continue to monitor a good drive with no hot spots. the bay bridge toll plaza is still light and easy westbound. no problems on the approach or the bridge spanned. highway 92 at the cemetery is too early for heavy traffic so it is rolling nicely. no delays getting through foster's to the only 11 minutes. golden gates, also looking good for marin county. they are getting up for that four- line configuration with two lanes going north, two lanes going south. and also of hitting the drive times it is still 80 westbound. only 16 minutes, giving you the drive times. and 18 minutes from the montague expressway to the capitol expressway. and no delays for the west on 85. also looking decent northbound through marin county. from novado towards
5:21 am
the golden gate. >> thank you, george. 5:20 the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district is on track to tolling on the golden gate bridge in december. full implementation of all- electronic tolling will begin in february when cash will no longer be collected at the toll plaza, district the district's board of directors began the all- electronic planning process the first is called pay by license plate. who do not have a fastrak account will include a pay-by-plate or "one-time payments" that motorists will make up to three days toll plaza, currie said. under pay-by-plate, customers set up a license plate account to automatically deduct the the license plate account can be opened online, by phone or in person at the fastrak regional customer service center. one-time payments may be made online, by phone or in person at the fastrak regional customer service center or at a business that is enrolled in the cash payment network system 25,000 delhi delights are
5:22 am
going to be along the bay bridge with a two-year are to installation inspired by the 75th anniversary. the bay lights project is an $8 million project l e.d.-- 7 hours per night and you can only see those from a distance. the l e.d. the lights will not impact the traffic at night. >> at least two great white sharks were seen near san jose. he will watching tour was treated with the up close and personal encounter. just 300 yds off the coast. they saw the change of color and the water. and they spotted two different other great white sharks from a helicopter. we want you to know the bay are out there. >> there is plenty of dolphin out there and harbor seal. and because of this,
5:23 am
we have sharks. >> experts say that great white shark and tend to han and monterrey this year. >> thousands of layoffs are coming to want a major airline. how those could impact your flights. taking a live look at oakland coliseum. the northbound 880 both directions are pretty and light.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> this new report showing in sight to the financial health of middle-class american. it fell by 35 percent between 20 07-2010. that is a drop of nearly $50,000. the household are not as prepared as the financial future. however, they seem to be managing and
5:27 am
paying their bills. however, some of these families were in deep financial difficulty. they were just savings. >> american airlines will ground 4000 polic and cancel several flights.] for several hundred police. and grounded flights from american airlines in hopes of recouping some of their financial losses and renegotiate their contract with pilots. this is continuing with u.s. air. still ahead, we are following the latest on politics. after mitt romney 's controversial comments. politics. after mitt romney 's controversial comments. and also, the the savings really stack up during sleep train's politics. after mitt romney 's controversial comments. and also, the inventory clearance sale. save 10%, 20%, even 35%
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>> good morning. it is 5:29 you can see the james lick looking pretty decent. good morning. >> good morning. what else is also pretty chilly with temperatures in the low 50s. upper 50s in hayward. as we see what is in store for later today a pretty chilly day. with 50s along the coast. ocean beach, pacifica get into the 80s. a bit of a warm-up as we go towards friday. what we can expect with your extended forecast, george? >> thank you, erica. still, pretty decent through the drive with a quick commute check your highway no. 4 and interstate 880 it is still pretty decent for the east bay. portions of the 580 are still slow in the
5:31 am
typical areas. intending to be problem-free. >> there is a fire. yolo court san jose fire. a two- alarm fire we will bring you the latest. >> decision 2012. fast republican presidential candidate mitt romney isn't backing down from a hidden- camera video that shows him nation's voters. but it was clear on tuesday explaining to do if he wants will need to oust democrat barack obama from the white house in the november 6 election. he is committed to the issues that i just say " no way ". >> the magazine, mother
5:32 am
jones is based in san francisco. the co-editor said that they have brought in millions of visitors to the website. they posted the entire 49 minutes. and because of those highlights see action requested that. because of that request to post that interview in its entirety they have had an amazing response. this website has also posted transcripts with that video. >> that is why we released the full tape. and some of these highlights so people could understand a meeting for themselves that is not really our job to interpret. and we say just that the words will speak for themselves. >> this service to a couple of weeks ago. since then, they have worked to verify its authenticity a david
5:33 am
letterman interview with president obama. speaking to the statement about americans being victims. >> i do not know what he was referring to but i tell you this. when i had victory in 20 08 many people voted for john mccain. and what i said on election night was that even though you did not vote for me i hear your voice is. and i'm going to work as hard as i can to be your president. one of the things i've learned is that you represent the entire country as president. when i meet republicans and trouble around the world. they are hard-working and as i- troub--travel around the
5:34 am
world if you want to be president you have to work for everybody. (cheers & applause) >> he will be full white house today at the white house while the economy is scheduled to have appearances and atlanta, miami. and a new poll saying that the country's feelings about the future is improving and the associated press said that they performance support barack obama. 47 percent met robin has 47% also. mitt romney. however, the approval rating is also showing changes. since the death of osama bin laden. they believe that the country is headed in a better direction. >> jerry brown signed the 911 a good samaritan bill.
5:35 am
provided limited community for people calling 911 during a case of overdose. it will go into effect january 1st. it will be the 10th state in the union to make sure that people seek help will not face fear of arrest for possession of small amounts of illegal drugs. >> it is school and the public school system in chicago. the strike is over. they have reached an agreement. the latest contract showing that it does not solve the problems but they have not officially voted on the new proposal. 26,000 teachers for on strike. impacting 350,000 students. one of the largest school districts in the nation.
5:36 am
>> we have developing news with that fire in san jose on yolo . will? >>reporter: there are dozens of firefighters. so far, we are pressed back by at least 100 yds. i am able to tell you that their art at least two people that are not accounted for it this started on the second floor. one person had to jump up on top of the roof. they do not know how she got down but she was able to get down safely. according to a woman who lives there those people were gone. they are still looking for that person although they have gone through the entire building. they did not find any bodies on the ground. also information about a firefighter. one firefighter has suffered a leg injury. we do not know if it was a burn or a cut.
5:37 am
he has t been taken to a local hospital. still, in just a couple of minutes will bring you a video closer to the scene and eyewitness statements. they said they saw those flames. and a very compelling story with even people disabled were able to get out of the burning building. >> we will keep you updated.
5:38 am
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>> welcome back. the level of arsenic has been concerning for consumers on the lawful of rie it is a kerstin thcarcinogen. and becaut is crone in the ground there
5:41 am
could be that contaminant that is possibly absorption through the harvesting of rice. >> looking at children at the highest levels were twice as likely to be obese compared to the lowest levels. b p a disrupts the metabolic rate of children. this has recently been banned and the production of plastics for baby bottles and other products. >> taking a look at sports, coming up with the giants and the athletics. one important victory. and we will have the details.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>> welcome back. at the top
5:45 am
stories that we are following. san jose officials and police are looking to curb the violence. they have had two different crime sessions last night a homicide rate is on track to pass last year's total. and also following the endeavour's final flight. for the nationwide farewell tour. this was on the back of a 747 as it left cape canaveral, florida. with several stops and low altitude passes through pay irreal landmarks. >> the two men that nearly beaded brian stowe to death were in a courtroom yesterday. they have been charged with me and, assault and battery. this was last year and the trial is expected to begin in the month of december. the more trouble. lindsay lohan
5:46 am
accused of clipping a pedestrian with her car and taking off in new-york city. after she left a nightclub. she was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and charging injury. a alcohol is not believed to be a factor. >> pumpkins are potentially going to be more expensive this year because of this summer's drought. retail prices could be up by 30 percent. $5-$6 and larger could be $10. and weather, erica? >> good morning happy wednesday as we're taking a live look at conditions. from our roof cam in downtown san francisco we can see the skyline. at that
5:47 am
marine layer is only about 1,500 ft. and not as organized as what we saw on monday, tuesday. we will see earlier clearing however, already a chilly start. 50s, 60s with a chilly start also in the south bay 50s in san jose and it looks like fremont is 57 degrees. the fog tracker showing that by 6:00 a.m. we will see some cloud coverage no doubt about that. the peninsula could be impacting the bayshore and even towards livermore. patchy fog near a san rafeal, richmond. really not that much problem expected. and by noon, much of the cloud coverage and fog will begin to dissipate. we do anticipate fog and
5:48 am
clouds along the coast with blue skie for the bay area. it is going to be a pretty chilly day and you could use a jacket. relatively mild. 60s through mountain view. and campbell, 73 degrees. again, temperatures are between five-10 degrees cooler compared to where we should be for this time of year. 80s in pittsburgh, antioch that could be the only area. walnut creek, concord only getting into the 70's. and 66 degrees in union city. mild through the north bay. plenty of sunshine expected with upper 60s and comfortable for the east bay shore. we will see high clouds for downtown san francisco. 62 degrees for the afternoon high. a pretty chilly day. not much cooler than where we are right now in ocean beach with 59
5:49 am
degrees expected. the giants game against the rockies tonight could be cool. 50s. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay a bit of a warm up as we go towards friday. with mid 80s inland and low 60s for the coastal locations. and with that fog, partly cloudy conditions for the majority of the bay. a bit of a cool down and the slight precipitation chance as we go towards sunday. and how about checking the roads? >> thank you, erica. a decent crop, so far. checking the toll a decent drive. with no problems on the bridge span. and at the san mateo bridge/92 still pretty light. and between hayward in foster city on highway 92. for the golden gate the one01 looking
5:50 am
decent with the morning commute configuration complete. on the 101. and all around the bay, also looking decent on the the the westbound. walnut creek through in san ramon towards dublin is only 18 minutes. 24 minutes from the alta month passed to the dublin interchange. and the south- bay freeways with cupertino, showing no delays. only 24 minutes from the dublin interchange to the old amoualtamonte >> tam lincecum! he did not give up any runs. ta timothy lincecum, 2-nothing in this game. and they're,
5:51 am
you can see the double play. to get out of a difficult spot with bases loaded the giants also picked up that a pretty crazy place last night. they picked up the victory. they beat the rockies and again 6-3. now, just seven more games. lincecum finally got his e r a any combination of the next seven games they could clinch the west. tonight, the giants are going to be honoring the petaluma little league all stars. there were second in the nation and third in the world. this is video from the athletics. there will be treated to a field visit, and participate in a home plate ceremony and even batting practice. that will be it at&t park. in detroit, this 10 day round
5:52 am
trip. a. j. griffith. the great start but he got rocked. cabrera, the grand slam. tigers' victory! 12-2. and the a's have 15 left in the season. >> kron 4 is once again to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. saturday, october 6th. hosted by george and mark coming up, the whirlawthe royal couple, in the controversy of for the nude photographs.
5:53 am
it seems like they are doing better. and a look at walnut creek, we are coming back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>> welcome back. the nine day tour of singapore, malaysia showing that they were dancing the night away. he is not bad! >> look at that. and you can see. , you know, i would like you to see out there. and factually. [laughter] and it is notable that they were able to let go of that controversy with the photographs. and the magazine had to pull those
5:57 am
coming up. politics. and the political debate slated for october 3rd. also, a pay- per-view on saturday, october 6th after the presidential debate in denver all riley and stewart will take an entertaining and comedic approach to the pressing political issues. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news at 6:00 a.m. a developing story out of the san jose two-alarm fire. and also to commend of accusing the--two men are in a court room from the brian stowe beating. also, the endeavor beginning its cross-country trip this morning. what we
5:58 am
can expect when it gets to california. the kron 4 news at 6:00 a.m., continues.
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