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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 19, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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september 19th. south bay firefighter has been injured during a house fire. space shuttle endeavor here is the scene for a lift off as the endeavor is now headed for the west coast. they are expected around the bay area and we have details ahead. cool conditions in to the afternoon. it looks like we could see some early clearing but that does not mean it will be a hot one. most of us actually in the '60s. as we had in to the evening cooler temperatures and increased when speeds. afternoon highs 62 in san francisco. lower 80s in antioch. fairfield liberal icon occurred only into the upper 70's. flight delays at sfo coming up in our next report.
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drive time on the san mateo bridge just west of the toll plaza. the commute is up to 12 1/2 minutes. quick commune to check shows a light to moderate traffic for the the south bay. selling on the 880 and the 80 to go along with the heavy traffic we have already seen on highway 4. the peninsula ride and the north bay rights are still pretty light. developing story happening right now a fire. busy scene right now. the livermore pleasanton fire department is still here on the scene of this early morning fire of this taco villricaa. when they got here ty
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discovered it was actually on the outside of the building. and electrical panel is what caused this fire. it was on the outside but it got into the walls of what the talk goria.taco ria. is early so no one was inside. the electrical box right there is what caused fire and initiated the entire incident right here. they are starting to restore the strip mall here. they are starting to wrap up out here
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right now. minor damages as far as fire goes, but more significant damage as smoke and water.this is right off pop yard the south side of pleasanton. it is pushed back off the road a little bit. it is not affecting traffic. obviously the strip mall is without power. the businesses will not open until the power is restored. a fire in the south bay overnight and the 600 block ofyolo court. people had to get out of their apartments that were on fire this morning. he they had to get out very
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quickly because it happened at 430 in the morning when everyone was asleep at the time. this is the shot around 5:00 in the morning 30 minutes after the fire department arrived. they knock down the flames but there was still smokes moldering from the second- floor unit. new information passed along, the woman that lived in that place climbed out of the window and climbed onto a debt that was attached to the building. she was about 20 ft. in the air the police department got her down before the firefighters arrived. she was hospitalized an hysterical over what happened. they believe the fire happened in her unit. two people still unaccounted for this morning. this is what the neighbor had to say about the fire. there is a commotion outside and i looked out the window
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and i kind of smell some smoke and i thought it was a burning bush or something. i put on some clothes and i walked outside. i looked out the front window and look to my right and my neighbor's kitchen window had flames shooting out of it. i got my wife and my roommate and just got out of their. it was totally engulfed her place. from the kitchen window. the woman claims that there were two people in her apartment at the time. the fire department went through the entire building and did not find any bodies. she is hysterical at this time they do not know if she is credible at this time. one firefighter was injured battling the blaze. he suffered a burned to his leg when he got a little close to the flames. the back of
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the apartment is burned so badly this morning. 12 people have been displaced. a scene we covered for the 4:00 hour of the space shuttle endeavor. taking off after a two day delay. it is headed for a final farewell farewell tour headed to california. endeavor was flying over new orleans and will be arriving in california tomorrow in the bay area on friday. they're expected to land in houston , and head for the edwards air force base. friday morning we are excited in the bay area for the low flyovers. closed first in sacramento. moffett field
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sometime between 9 and 10:00 in the morning. some of the best places to watch it are the bay area marina. this is all fall guy port permitinfog pl only be allowing the first all fall4g lte haspermitinfog pl the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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we are back is 7:10 a.m.. kohl's department stores getting ready ahead of the curve opening up spots first seasonal staff. it is up, they're hiring last year. other retail giants like toys r arrest, wal-mart, and target are about to announce their seasonal hires. twitter has gotten a big face lift. you can up load a new photo. this image will appear whenever anyone the user profile. bank of america web site is back up this morning. the bank says the people are
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working... some hacker group is claiming responsibility for the outage but there is no evidence to support that claim. there are a dozen families that signed into a given place this month. it was championed by warren buffett as well as bill gates. a brazen robbery in broad daylight, on camera will have that more for you later. we will be right back
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welcome back new information coming in. president obama will be meeting with an zines gucci. he spent 15 years under house arrest. their u.s. now has diplomatic...
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there are some breaks in the sky. : craig it was effective this morning but we are seeing breaks this morning. you can see some of that blue sky starting to creep up into the picture. the cloud cover breaking out no longer contending for it. clear conditions over in l.a. hothe late al
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points indicating where the '80s will appear. temperatures may be five to 10 degrees cooler than seasonal average as we take it san jose for instance. one of the most extreme cases coming in the '70s later this afternoon. we see the average at 82 degrees. it does not mean it's not going to be comfortable we will see that sunshine. 72 slated for sunnyvale. warm and in spots like fairfield and conklin will stay in the '70s. 66 expected in union city as well san leandro. clearing and sky conditions in north bay. 73 in san rafael. sunshine for the most part those '60s and upper 60s for ocean beach.
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the seven day around the bay forecast shows friday as actually the warmest day of the week. on to traffic normal commute around the bay area of we are not tracking in the hot spots for there is a heavy back up on the bay bridge. 16 to 18 back up on the nimitz freeway. we arrived on to the san mateo bridge in the san mateo transit. slower traffic then we are used to seeing. drive times are running the 1314 minutes instead of the usual 14. traffic is so heavy it has no choice but to slow down a bit. golden gate bridge 1 01 still looks good here. the volume is up a little bit. the traffic maps the east shore freeway drive time up to 24 minutes from hercules
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to berkeley. heavier traffic from pleasantville to martine as. heavier traffic from the caldecott tunnel there may have been us all out there this morning. 95 in the southbound direction is a little slower. there is nothing showing what is slowing down. 26 minutes from the coyote valley up towards santa clara. coming down from roland and after 10 ave the traffic across the county line and about on narrows looks good. 32 to 34 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. toll takers are going to be phased out. there is a new electronic system that is going to begin testing in december. it is going to
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fully eliminate the toll takers of by february with the new system. they will not be accepting cash anymore. there is a paid by plate option that automatically deducts from your account. or a one time payment deal where you do it over the phone or in person. fasttrack will not be affected. their world they will try to find new positions for the toll takers. some may be out of work. something special to the bay bridge. this is what is going to look like it when the lights start to twinkle. 25,000 l e d lights will be sprinkled across the bridge for the 75th anniversary. the project cost $8 million and is expected to be unveiled in march of 2013.
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they will only run for seven hours a night but you will have to be at a distance to appreciate them. it should have no effect on traffic. radiation concerns on the treasure island. it is left over from a naval nuclear testing site. it could potentially be contaminated. residents want to know why they were not informed about the danger. there is a call for a new study of the cleanup. there are plans to build up a new high-rise community there. luis sanchez and marvin or wed are charged with mayhem and assault and battery in court. the public defender was assigned when the original attorney left the case. sanchez and nor would
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have both cleated not guilty for the attack last year that left brian stope with permanent brain damage. a brazen electronic and jewelry thief was caught on camera. he approaches the house and rings the doorbell. watch this... no one answers so he slept right through and to the house through the sliding door there. they're looking for whoever stole the jewelry and electronics inside. neighbors are helping. they're hoping you can help catch that thief. the son hoping to catch the criminals that stole his son's cello. there is a picture of a young couple making off with the kids cello. this happened on
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sunday. and let me tell you cello's cost a lot of money. rice is found in a number of food. serial baby foods. people are pressuring the government to set federal guidelines on the number of arsenic in the rice. so far the fda says they found no evidence that suggests the rice is unsafe to eat. arsenic as we know is a carcinogen and found in rice. higher levels because of the way that race is ground. lower to the ground and that is possible conditions for the arson to get into the rice. this is from a roof on venice ave there a lot of clouds will be back in a moment.
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and we're back is 7:26 a.m.. apple stock reached an all new high at closing. the iphone 5 is not even out yet and the stocks are at an all-time high. $700 a share for the first time closing shares at 7191. friday is one beef iphone 5 actually goes on sale.
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samsung is denying a report that is going to be rolling out a new phone that is supposed to be a chief rival of the iphone. a report from the korea times is a rumor that is not true the report says a samsung palin c x 4 will have a bigger screen and more powerful hardware. d s for his release would marked sam songs biggest move since federal court in san jose ruled the company violated multiple patents that apple had and copied their products. existing home sales are up 78% for the month of august. apple up to 7 0242. the
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space shuttle endeavor is piggybacking a 747. here is a video from houston where will we all writing shortly. will be back in a minute we are going to take a quick break. there's a camera, we need some help here this is a new shot. there is an incident going on uc those lights in the background,? we will find out what's going on on
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firefighters call this morning to a top correa that started around 715. officials think it started it at an electrical panel and got into the walls of the restaurant. you can see
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here they are investigating that. after the battle the flames they've ripped open the wall of restaurant to investigate. they shut the power off to the strip mall in the surrounding area. the fire is now out and they're looking for the cause. take a look outside conditions from the roof can in downtown san francisco. we have some clouds that are overcast in the morning however we are seeing some breaks in the cloud cover. the blue skies ahead of us. current conditions 57 and hayward. a '50s to the low 80s as we had in to the afternoon's pretty spot on conditions as we transonic transition on into tomorrow. for most part in the bay area we have changes to talk about for the weekend.
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details coming up in the next report. we are taking a look under the freeway in san francisco. this is a 280 extension northbound in this vicinity of north street. this is there have been reports of a fire under the bridge. there are emergency vehicles back here. when we first move the camera in this direction we did see some smoke. we do not see any longer. the police department was asking chp to shut down the freeway, the off ramp at least. that was not the case the traffic is moving. there are still fire crews down there, thankfully we don't see much in a way of smoke. we do not see any evidence of flames as well. we will continue to investigate to see if this becomes a traffic cop spot. on to politics as we look
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at decision 2012. gop presidential candidate mitt romney is taking heat from all sides for his controversial comments. made public on may website. romney is not backing down. romney stated a that half of the voters are motors and he is not going to worry about them. president obama i don't know what he is referring to but i can tell you this. 47 percent of the american people voted for john mccain in 2008. they did not vote for me. what i said on election night was even though you didn't vote for me i hear your voices and i am going to work as hard as i can to be your president. and one of the things that i have learned ex-president is you represent the entire current country. when i meet
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republicans as i travel around the country they are hard-working family people who cared deeply about this country and my expectation is if you want to be president you have to work for everyone, not just for some. meantime the president will spend a rare full day at the white house. today mitt romney has a special fund raiser in atlanta and two appearances in miami. this may not come as a surprise that a new poll surprise shows that candidates 58 percent of californians prefer to present obama. the 24 point spread is the same margin by which the president beat republican john mccain back into
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thousand eight. the u.s. has temporary closed its consulate in indonesias third largest city due to and a large protest over anti islamic film. the group called on washington to punish the makers of the femme which was produced in california. it was the third consecutive day of protest in that city. ephemeral to take place for gland dory who was killed at the embassy attack in libya last week. he and his home town of winchester massachusetts. he was working for a private security company when he was killed. also killed in that attack christopher stephens the u.s. ambassador to libya. . there is a special crimes strategy session for ways to
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curb the spike in crime in san jose. there were already 33 fish year as opposed to last year's total of 39. 20 percent cut in staffing. at the mayor says the short term and staffing is to allow shot more overtime for officers. also using community in reserve officers. also encouraging residents to pass the reform. their response to the crimes was timely and appropriate and effective. in these times we cannot afford to. san jose has
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become a magnet to the criminal. does the current police department have the resources based on the current department? there is a task force looking into that. police task chief is stepping down. may 6th officer involved shooting of a 18 martin buford after he left from officers. more information about the death from releasing the police report. the crowd got to rowdy so they ended the meeting early. space shuttle endeavor piggybacking its way from california. the 4:00 hour over new orleans. 25 missions for the space
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shuttle, the last one built and is headed to the bay area for a flyover on friday. we'll have details coming up on that as kron4 news continues [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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for back it is 7:40 a.m. american airlines is set to ground some employees and cancel dozen flights a day. layoffs are expected to happen in late november and december. american is trying to pull out of chapter 11. they are renegotiating contracts including a judge that just approved pay cuts this morning. all while they continue merger talks with u.s. air. customers are reeling as they're finding out how much their pizzas cost. there was a glitch with little caesars that charged the restaurant customers and sonoma county
7:42 am
the pieces that they had purchased the entire year. they had been getting free pizzas for a yewhile. some people got charged for $300 and little caesar's issued an apology. the customers were charged for pieces that they actually had. following the latest with the hottest hot spot george ? once again is the san mateo bridge traffic crawling. no reports of any problems on the span just a new pattern of delay traffic that we are seeing. more on this in another hot spot on kron4 news returns
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this threat ever to the traffic department. it is amazing now in the last two weeks we have seen big changes for highway 92 in the san mateo bridge it is not hot spot now for probably 67 times. several of them have been occasions where there hasn't been any incident reported on the bridge or even talked about but just slow traffic now out to about mid span from the toll plaza. could we be approaching the point where we need media lights?. what
7:46 am
are some other reasons? no one has a good reason why this commute has suddenly turned south. dry times are running 18 to 19 minutes. normally that is at 11 minutes trouble-free delay free ride. it is a real head scratcher this morning. no difficulty in figuring out this west this hotspot westbound highway 24 is backed up. the traffic is all way into walnut creek and may even start affecting the northbound 685 drive time. 28 minutes. that's just getting into oakland. but does not include the slow traffic at the macarthur days or the bay bridge back up yet. here's a look at the bay bridge westbound backed up right to the edge of macarthur maze.
7:47 am
18 to 24 minute drive times for the bay bridge this morning. the normal here. golden gate bridge southbound heavy volume from the south tower leading down to the toll plaza. slowly but surely we are clearing up some of the cloud cover we are getting this morning. you can see all the puffy clouds in the distance. our radar does show that the cloud these clouds are patchy. future cast for shows into the 12:00 hour mostly '60s and '70s through the bay area. a little bit warmer and r e thoughts up into the north bay as well. they will see women relatively quickly. afternoon highs we introduce all that once were we will see some eighties. again we don't think we will see in the '80s in the south bay.
7:48 am
60 degrees on tap for mt. view 69 for santa clara. 66 in union city. mostly sunny skies and 66 for oakland and berkeley. chilly conditions low 60s and lower san francisco and 59 for ocean beach. the giants game forecast today they face off against the rockies with first pitch around 5:00 p.m. temperatures in the upper 70's at best. it will be a cloudy day at the ballpark. it winds up to 25 mi. per hour certainly bring a hat preferably one with a logo and keep a jacket have handy. friday is expected to be the warmest day of the week. partly cloudy skies and we made may gain a couple of degrees as we start the next work week.
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it looks like he's got a back where he wants to be he is that right. they didn't score off him. he said he didn't feel exactly like the old timmy but it looks like he's got his motta jack. you like calling him to me don't you? what about the thing on the head there?. luckily the runner had the helmet on. i always say that's why you wear a batting helmet. i wish he would but i know he won't. what i was thinking... what i know about pitching mechanics
7:50 am
i could be thinking that maybe visibility is a problem, they keep moving their head. i don't know i just kept thinking maybe it was a visibility thing. a year before you were born people didn't want to wear a batting helmet because it didn't look cool. cool is one thing that is certainly influences their play. let's talk honestly here he's a good picture and everybody loves them. do you like his hair cut? he looks like the wathor he is the anti athlete because of the look. i appreciate any one that looks different.
7:51 am
he's not as big behemoth that you cannot relate to. you can look at him and of course most kids don't have an arm like this. i think he is a sensitive ponytail by. you get older and you appreciate whatever you have left. i just keep quiet. here's my nightmare. i know everyone loves a long game but, man this is almost six hours.! 18 innings! i guess the more the better! anyone that's there are watching you can always turn it off or go home. yeah that's crazy. will put them right on the heels of the a's for the wild card.
7:52 am
what about the eye black thing? one player from cuba puts a case where appear and now we've got the deal is a three game suspension for him. he said he agrees with it and he sari. there's nothing more you can say then young, stupid kid. you wanted to make some kind of point... i wanna show you a picture just because it's cool. you're watching the sport that is your favorite. in this case it's a hockey game at a real colosseum like old age and roman amphitheater. it really happen! it is cool i guess we won't be seeing hiking around here for a while. excuse near we just bossi looking at a photo. they spend all this money and
7:53 am
they flew the parts and and they made this old amphitheater and to a hockey theater. they have some games there. if you look at it had nothing on your mind and its beautiful there is a cheerleader, a college cheerleader i know it's kind of ok you know... big-time sports here but frankly... she has a frastate flag and she got no special consideration. she gets to decorated and i think it's cute. she has a leopard print and tiger stripe and all kinds of friends that she puts on mayor. i hate to sound like early in the morning and that's what you tell their kids, look what someone like that overcomes. especially when you have a
7:54 am
girl a daughter and have to go to a different school, it's awkward. this girl said that i'm gonna make it cool even though it's awkward. we will talk to later, will be right back save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now!
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>>george: was down 92 is jammed up. in 18 minute drive time headed across the stand. normally, this should be 11 minutes. we are not aware of any reported incidents on the bridge. this seems to be the new normal for westbound 92. here is a quick look at 24, still jammed out walnut creek.
7:58 am
>>james: coming up, a fire this morning at a restaurant in pleasanton. if we are live on the scene with the latest details. we are also keeping an eye on space shuttle endeavor. we will be following its movements as it heads toward california with expected arrival on friday.
7:59 am
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>>darya: firefighters investigating a fire in pleasanton. a live report ahead. >>darya: we have a hot spot. >>george: on the salmon sale
8:01 am
bridge, we are beginning to see again today, really slow traffic and in 18 minute drive time headed from kilometer road over to foster city boulevard. through walnut creek in the coming down the hill, as you come down from pleasant hill and make the turn of westbound, longer than usual drive times. there are still some delays getting to san francisco office of the tv extensions. d.c. traffic headed from king street and sixth street.
8:02 am
you will be backed up to cesar chavez on the to the extension.
8:03 am
the grandmother was a fire due to an electrical panel on the outside of the building. the fire did not get a chance to spread, they knocked down relatively quickly.
8:04 am
from the firefighters right now, there is no reason to believe that this thing was set they believe the electrical panel was the cause of the fire no one was injured. it appears that business will be able to resume to most places out here in the strip mall. >>darya: developing news out of san jose. an apartment fire forced one woman to take drastic steps to get out of her unit at 4:00 a.m. . it happened in east san jose carried will tran and takes a live at the damage. >>will: this is where the fire happened. this is the back of the apartment building. firefighters are here mocking it out. there was a woman inside the apartment at the time. if she managed to get out but because the flames were so big she could not get through the front door. instead, she got out of that window with her dog.
8:05 am
she got out and hopped on to the shed attached to the side of the building. fitted to the police department to come here and ask the neighbors to borrow a ladder to get her down. >> the cause of the fire is still undetermined. if we had a fire caused investigators here in the fire is still being investigated. or the fire itself was not difficult to put out that access was difficult. we received multiple 911 phone calls from this location. this condominium complex has two different addresses. the first phone calls led as to the wrong address causing a slight delay. >>brian: and the woman told me there were two people inside, were you able to locate them? >> we have not been able to locate them but they were not in the fire building at the
8:06 am
time of the fire. we did not find anyone inside of the structure and once we did primary and secondary searches. >>will: >>da: that downstairs unit probably will not be available to the residents for quite some time. one firefighter was injured battling the blaze. >> we're watching the nationwide farewell tour.
8:07 am
we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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rockwell >>darya: the bank of america web site is back up and running after it was unavailable to users yesterday. a bank spokesperson says the company is working to make sure that they have a full availability and they are not giving a reason why the problem happened in the first place. >> possible contamination at treasure island. we're watching the latest with endeavor.
8:12 am
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and >>darya: of rough weather in arlington virginia. 50,000 homes have no power because of the storm they are getting. those roads are barely visible for driver siri if the storms
8:15 am
are tearing the eastern seaboard. if it is any damage they will be able to dig their way out of that water. let's take a look at new video in new jersey. they had trees fall on to homes and cars earlier this morning. crews are working there to clean of the damage. >> and the san mateo bridge traffic is not quite as bad as the last time i looked at it. drive times are still higher than what we're used to seeing. the much heavier traffic and we have been used to seeing.
8:16 am
highway 24 was down the drive is still backed up into walnut creek and is affecting a ride on a 680 as you head southbound leading over to westbound highway 24. much earlier occurring problems lists all at the caldecott. for your ride on the bay bridge, it is a pretty good backup for 580 reading to the foot of the maze. 880 looks like it should. looking at your ride to the golden gate 101 southbound it
8:17 am
is a pretty smooth trip with no delays across the span. drive times through marin county are upwards of 33 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge. >> we do have overcast conditions for most of the bay area. sunshine in the blue skies the more inland you are located. checking out temperatures, it looks like oakland will be waking up to 56 degrees. a chilly start to the day of the north bay. upper '40's in napa and nevada.
8:18 am
again, the '80s are few and far between. we are cooler compared to what the seasonal averages tells us. low eighties for antioch and could spur. 66 in san leandro. pretty mild conditions in the north bay. it will be a chilly afternoon. for those of you headed to ocean beach your afternoon highs coming in at 59 degrees. the kron4 7 day around the forecast shows friday as the warmest day of the week.
8:19 am
>>mark: following a developing story with radiation concerns on a treasure island, the navy holding a meeting to discuss what some say is widespread radiation contamination. >> here is a look at treasure island, a man-made island north of the bay bridge.
8:20 am
right now there are about 2000 to living on treasure island. >> san francisco will soon be providing an energy alternatives to pg&e. >> still ahead, pumpkins could be in short supply this calling we will tell you why the price
8:21 am
might go up and how much you have to pay. here is a live look from the mt. tam camera. clouds any over san francisco. we will be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> live pictures courtesy of
8:24 am
nasa television giving us a wonderful shot of the space shuttle endeavor as it is piggybacking on top of a modified 747. earlier this morning, and denver started its final flight from the kennedy space center in florida. we brought you the takeoff live during the 4:00 broadcast. it has since traveled along the gulf coast making its way to texas where it is now circling over houston. nasa is taking the shuttle to several facilities across the nation that were important to the shuttle program. we are expecting the shuttles will arrive in the bay area on friday.
8:25 am
>>mark: it looks ill less foggy. on to american airlines, they are said to ground 4000 fleas and canceled dozens of flights. layoffs are expected to happen in mid november and december. they have also been working to renegotiate union contracts including a judge approved a pay cut for pilots. >>darya: consumer groups are
8:26 am
pressuring the fda to reduce the amount of arsenic found in rice. crackers, baby food, all of the things in your kitchen. the fda says so far they have looked at there's nothing to suggest that rice is unsafe to eat. arsenic is a carcinogen and believed to be found in rice, and higher levels than other foods because it is grown in water on the ground which are optimal conditions for the contaminant to be absorbed. the extreme drought has nearly wiped out entire crops of substance. as a result, we could see retail prices for come and go up by 30 percent. the average size they think it's $5-$6 while higher quality pumpkins could cost around $10.
8:27 am
>>mark: we're watching bay area weather. temperatures will stay on the cool side, especially inland. fog and afternoon sunshine. friday morning, the forecast is looking clear. we will be warming a few degrees on friday. cooler weather on tap as we're sliding in default. fire crews are battling a to alarm fire in south san jose this morning. gop candidate mitt romney is standing by his controversial remarks plus, what the president had to say in response. here is a live look for the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up on this wednesday morning.
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8:29 am
thirdthird if
8:30 am
>>darya: the wind is blowing the flag just a little bit. plenty of cloud coverage this morning. >> into the engine and we will see sunshine, it will just take it a little bit longer to get there. we have not seen much change in the numbers compared to what i have been reporting. taking their look at your whether airlines, upper 50s for ocean beach. tomorrow, a carbon copy conditions in warmer weather as we head into friday. full details on your extended forecast coming up.
8:31 am
>> looking at the ride on highway 24 west fans, this had also been a hot spot the drive times after if 28-31 minutes. the drive times for westbound 24 has improved. half traffic is still have the through the walnut creek interchange. there was a stall at the caldecott that back to things up. >> fire crews spent the morning battling a fire in an apartment building. fire crews had it under control about 50 minutes after it started. one firefighter was treated for burns. the american red cross is now
8:32 am
assisting 18 of the residence. firefighters were called out to an early-morning fire in pleasanton. fire officials believe it started in an electrical pattern and then got into the walls of the restaurant. firefighters battled the fire from above. >>darya: san francisco -- san jose mayor chuck reed, the city's homicide rate for 2012 is already at 33. this city has increased the size of its police department by 47% but had also cut 20% in staffing. the mayor says the short term solution is going to be addressed by using officers with more overtime in using community and reserve officers. he is also strongly pushing
8:33 am
residents to pass the measure be. >> two men accused of beating bryan stowe nearly to death back in los angeles are back in an l.a. courtroom. luis sanchez and marvin or what are charged with assault and battery. a public defender was assigned to sanchez. the trial is expected to start in december. they have both pleaded not guilty. the attack happened last year outside of dodgers stadium. bryan stowe was left with permanent brain damage. >> at mitt romney is getting criticism from democrats and republicans for his comments secretly recorded and now released publicly. mitt romney is not backing down. he suggests that half of the countries of voters are miniatures and in addition part of the video shows on the telling the audience at the israeli and palestinian conflicts is unlikely to be resolved.
8:34 am
>> the president appeared on david letterman giving his reaction to the comments. >>president obama: i do not know what he was referring to, but i can tell you this. when i won in 2008, 47 percent of the american people voted for john mccain, they did not vote for me. what i said on election night was even though he did not vote for me, i hear your voice is and that will work as hard as i can't to be a president. one of the things i have lard as president is, you represent the entire country. when i meet republicans as i a.
8:35 am
m traveling around the country, they are hard-working family people they care deeply about this country and my expectation is, if you want to be president, you have to work for everyone, not just for some. >> the president will be spending a day at the white house a while mitt romney has a schedule fund-raiser and atlantic and two appearances in miami. >>darya: in california a new field poll released shows that californians favor president obama over mitt romney. take a look at the numbers from uc-berkeley.
8:36 am
>> the governor signed the >>911 dispatcher: good samaritan bill yesterday in an effort to reduce drug overdose deaths. it provides limited immunity for low-level drug violations to make sure that witnesses who seek help in an overdose will not face arrest for possession of small amounts of illegal drugs. nine other states have similar laws. >> it is back to school in chicago as teachers come off of the picket lines and head back into the classrooms. teachers have agreed to get back to wreck after more than a week of walking the picket line the teachers union president says that the latest conflict settlement does not solve the problems but says it was time to end the strike. teachers still have to vote on the new proposal.
8:37 am
it is the third largest school district divination. coming up, another magazine says that they will publish a topless photos of kate middleton. details ahead as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look for mt. tam above the fog of this wednesday morning.
8:38 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization
8:39 am
that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
8:40 am
>> and arrests have been made in the bomb threat at louisiana state university. >>darya: more trouble for actors lindsay lohan this morning. she was arrested this morning, accused of clipping a pedestrian when she was parking her car around midnight in
8:41 am
downtown new york city in front of a hotel. she was arrested when she came out of the hotel. this arrest could trigger a probation violation for her. >> the top editor of the danish gossip magazine says the magazine will publish topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. the topless photos have already been widely published in france, italy, ireland and on the internet. just yesterday, the french court banned future publications within france. still ahead, that petaluma
8:42 am
little league team will be honored in san francisco tonight. more on their all-star treatments next. we are watching space shuttle endeavor. here it is landing in houston.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> all come back. the top stories below are following, a live look from houston. the space shuttle endeavor has landed on its final towards stopping in houston for the evening and then, headed over to seven california tomorrow. >> a firefighter was injured while battling a fire at this restaurant. the fire broke out in an electrical panel. the crews battled the fire from above.
8:46 am
fire crews also battling a fire in san jose around for 30 a.m.30 a.m.. they had the fire under control and about 15 minutes, the concede some of the damage. one firefighter was treated for burns and another was treated for smoke inhalation. >>darya: to great white sharks for seen swimming close to santa cruz of the weekend. a will watching for was treated to an up close encounter on sunday. the group was about 300 yds off of the coast when they cited -- when they spotted the giant shark. >>mark: in a few months, if you roll up to the golden gate bridge toll plaza there will be the ones to take it. toll takers are being phased out as the new electronic systems are being rolled in. by february there will be no cash accepted whatsoever.
8:47 am
you drive through and you will get a letter in your mail the picture of your license plate, you can also have that automatically deduct from your debit or checking account or, you can sign up for fastrak which is really what they want you to do. they will try to find new positions for toll takers although some could lose their jobs. >> check this out. about 25,000 al he delights will be strung along the bay bridge, a part of it to your art installation inspired by the 75th anniversary. the project is an $8 million plan and expected to be unveiled in march of 2013. it will operate for about seven hours a night will be seen from close distance. the effect on traffic is expected to be minimal. the money has been raised privately for this project.
8:48 am
>>erica: here is a look at what we expect for today in the bay area. we do have some clouds to contend with. issues with visibility and the delays on arriving flights at sfo, delays are now at 69 minutes. certainly call ahead and check with your carrier. keep this in mind if you are picking up someone from the airport. the marine layer is not nearly as organized as will we saw for the past couple of days. the delays will start to clear up shortly. with that, blue skies and sunshine into the afternoon. before we get there, let's focus on current conditions.
8:49 am
>>erica: into the clock tower the blow on the screen indicates where we will see fifties. ingleside temperatures are running it will be colder than the seasonal average. the looks like los gatos will be one of the warmest spots. check out pittsburgh and antioch.
8:50 am
pretty mild conditions besetting in the north bay. it looks like downtown san francisco, year after the highest 62 degrees. for those of you headed to the giants' game against the rockies, first it is at 7:15 p. m.. temperatures will be in the upper 50s at best with the increasing cloud cover to drop the course of the game. with it that we will see winds coming in from the west at 20 mi. per hour. you're kron4 7 day around the bay extended forecast shows friday shaping up to be the warmest day of the week. call begins on saturday and with that, morning fog and partly cloudy conditions. >>george: we're still looking at a slower than usual ride on the san mateo bridge. sadly, in the last half hour we have seen it come to a stop.
8:51 am
drive times have been difficult to calculate. they're running upwards of 15 minutes. normally it is an 11 minute trip across the span. despite my best efforts to ferret out some of the reasons why this might be happening, we still cannot agree explanation. looking at your bay bridge ride westbound, things are sending out nicely here. we are problem free as we head towards the stand. your ride to the golden gate,
8:52 am
while still have the has no incidents to slow your ride. most of the heavy traffic is still concentrated north central san rafael. >>mark: a tough start for the oakland a's, a tan game road trip in detroit.
8:53 am
>>darya: we have a little bit of excitement coming up on kron4, the blue angels live as a part of the fleet week
8:54 am
festivities presented by jeep and kron4. you can watch a live saturday october 6thoctober 6th at 3:00 hosted by george rask and mark danon. >>mark: i will be very excited we have some great animation to show you the most before they happen. >>mark: still ahead, forbes releasing its new millionaires list. we will break that down coming up the next. here is a live look from at&t park.
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pigeon >>darya: firefighters are investigating a fire that broke that at a restaurant in pleasanton. fosse another fire happening this morning at san jose at this apartment building. we will tell you how one firefighter was injured and residents got out. >> station endeavor has landed in houston. we will have video of the landing coming up.
9:01 am
>>mark: but still look at whether. >>robin: we are starting off once again with fog and clouds outside the door. a little bit breezy with temperatures mainly in the '50s with the exception of the north bay. this afternoon, the fog will pull back to the coast line. it will be similar to yesterday at cooler along the coast. warmer inland with temperatures ranging from 60s to 70's. >> it looks to be moving just a little better near the san mateo bridge which has been our focus this morning.
9:02 am
we will be getting answers to questions as we are investigating a number of the vehicles that have been using the bridge. >>james: down here and the kron4 news of falling the developing story of the space shuttle endeavor on the tarmac in houston, home of the johnson space flight center. we have a video recorder from when the shuttle landed, piggybacked on top of a modified 747. this subtle is actually in
9:03 am
route to seven california. as it makes its way to that final destination it will pass by the bay area. we're looking for around 9-10:00 a.m.10:00 a.m. for the do low-level flyby is. this space and science center will also be opening its doors early. >>darya: firefighters are investigating a fire that happened this morning and pleasanton.
9:04 am
it started at 5:15 a.m.. >>will: firefighters mopping up, to make sure that hotspots will not be a problem. there was a woman staying inside the apartment at the time. she managed to get out but because the flames are so big she could not get through the front door. instead, she got out through a window with her dog.
9:05 am
she was able to get out and haul on to the shed that is attached to the side of the building. it took the police department to come here and ask a neighbor to borrow their ladder to get her down. joining me now is the captain from the san jose fire department to talk about the cause of the fire and exactly why the fire was a difficult to put out. >> because of the fire is still undetermined. the fire is still being investigated. the fire itself was not difficult to put out but access to the fire was difficult. if we receive full 4911 phone kolffs fans in this condominium complex factly has to fix as necessary to fulfil all fled the city if rights atmosphere if >> one woman told you that there were few people finnair five the time of the fire, were you able to look fifth and fourth to mark we have not been
9:06 am
able to locate them but we do know there were not of the building of the time of the fire. we did not find anyone in the structure when we did both primary and secondary searches. >> i do not know why she was hysterical. these are very dramatic events. >>will: ultimately, that unit was destroyed. the downstairs unit because of the water damage probably will not be available to residents for quite some time. 12 people have been displeased because of the fire. one firefighter was injured battling the blaze. >> the two men accused of its hattis bryan stowe are back in a loss angeles courtroom today. they are charged with mayhem, assault and battery. in court if of the federal was assigned to santa's after his
9:07 am
attorney left the case. the trial is expected to start in december. bryan stowe was left to permanent brain damage. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. is an easy ride.
9:08 am
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9:10 am
>>darya: twitter has gotten a facelift. all >> the bank of america web site is now up and running. hot, cramped >>mark: coming up we're more
9:11 am
would rob black, our financial expert. it will find out why he is calling mr. hastings a winner and ikea as well.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
the >>mark: we're watching today's winners and losers on wall street. housing is a winner. we had great numbers for existing home sales in august. >> it is tough not to like these numbers. still of existing homes rose more than forecast. purchases of previously owned homes are up 7.8%. low mortgage rates and single home and family demand, the growing population, housing and started to do well. unemployment is the in panama but this improvement will lead to a rise in well for people and that will lead to more confidence and spending. >> when you talk about average
9:15 am
gas price coming talk about average home prices. some >> ikea is planning to open more stores. >> they fresh drive me because putting together their furniture is a challenge. there are expanding in china in the united states. they do have lower costs from a shareef can get some good pieces if you're a good shopper of. >> the netflix ceo, he has joined the pledge of giving
9:16 am
half of his money to charity. this is quite an endeavor. >> for him to be doing this. is nice to see. >> this young have nothing to take with him apparently. he cited $26 million deal and now it is all gone? >> 30 million in endorsements.
9:17 am
he blew his money by not trusting the right people or by trusting the wrong people. watch how you spend money in your use. his agent and financial planner forged his signature on a couple of issues in clearly misappropriated money. 80 percent of all nfl players and up in bankruptcy. >>mark: you can watch rob blair will mornings. he is back as 6:15 a.m. with a " of if, you can also view was on comcast channel 193.
9:18 am
>>darya: let's go to robin for a look at the weather. >>robin: here is a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza looking out towards the east bay hills. if we have a lot of cloud cover with temperatures on the cool site. once again we will start to see a little more clearing over the next couple hours. temperatures mainly in the '50s with the exception of antioch. up north, we're out of the 40's and into the 50s. if you plan on being at sfo, delays up to 69 minutes because of low visibility. in oakland, no delays there or at san jose. here is a look your expected highs for today.
9:19 am
let's take a look at the afternoon highs for today. >> the giants are home tonight at at&t part taking on the
9:20 am
rockies. first it is at 7:15 p.m.. increasing clouds as we head into the evening. here's a look at the 7 day around the bay extended forecast. mid '80s on friday but it will not last very long. saturday is the first day of fall. the cooling will continue as we head into next week >>george: we have been tracking our share of hot spots things are coming down pretty nicely. at the bay bridge, the backup
9:21 am
has eased considerably. this is one of the lightest mornings we have seen in a while. no longer any backups to the toll plaza or through the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge has the hot spot is clearing out. drive times are higher than usual at 50 minutes. it should be a 11-13 minute ride. on the golden gate, you'll find the conditions are good. if we have passed the peak of the commute for southbound 101 theory would no longer have the congestion from the south tower leading down towards the toe claws of the golden gate. it is slow on a 101 at 84 for traffic coming to and from the dumbarton bridge. we are still slow at the '92 and 101 is to change. traffic is still slower than usual for the ride on highway 101. here is the marin right. 101 and the southbound
9:22 am
direction, still a little slowing to the heart of the commute the drive times are under 30 minutes for 11 southbound. >>mark: and treasure island, radiation is a concern for residents. the navy holding a meeting to discuss what some say is right spread radiation contamination left over from a naval nuclear training site. here is video of some of the sites that could potentially be contaminated. residents want to know why the navy did not inform them about the potential danger. san francisco city and state officials are calling for a new set for the cleanup. state officials are concerned about the plan to develop the island. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at at&t park, the site of tonight's giants game.
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ofs off and
9:26 am
>>darya: at least to great white sharks are seen as coming close to shore near santa cruz over the weekend. house and one was a tour group does all the great whites of close and personal. just bush shows you the pictures of the infamous great white. >> kate cummings to date tour group out to see whales. the group saw one right away and that would be awesome enough for any nature enthusiasts. what happened next was totally unexpected. >> we saw a big disturbance and the water next to the boat. kate was quick with her camera and snapped these images. >> it sells or real. it is something we have never seen before. we had never seen anything this big. it was next to the boat. it was one-third of the life of our entire boat.
9:27 am
>> the people of a tour group or not the only ones to spot a great white. >> there are a lot of dolphins and harbor seals. because of that, we have sharks. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is likewise from the mt. tam camera.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: we're watching bay area weather and traffic. the fog is starting to break. robin winston has more on the forecast. >>robin: the clouds are starting to break up. we will see more shined -- more sunshine sooner in the morning compared to yesterday. for your extended forecast drive with no rain in the forecast. below average to because as we head towards next weekend. >>george: we can breathe a
9:31 am
little easier on the san mateo bridge. we are looking for an explanation of the sock and the conditions. >>mark: mitt romney is taking heat from democrats and republicans over his controversial comments now released publicly. mitt romney is not backing down. and those comments he suggests that nearly half of the country's voters armatures in part of the video shows from a to an audience that the israeli-palestinian conflict is unlikely to be resolved.
9:32 am
>> the president appeared on david letterman giving reactions from these comments >>president obama: i do not know what he was referring to but i can tell you, what i said on election night was even though he did not vote for me, i hear your voices and i will work as hard as i can to be your president. one of the things i have learned as president is, you represent the entire country whenever i meet republicans,
9:33 am
they are hard-working family people. the care deeply about this country. if you want to be president, you have to work for everyone, not just for some. >>darya: when it comes to california, our likely voters seem to favor president obama over mitt romney. us here is a look at the latest survey that finds 58 percent prefer the president compared to 34 percent of likely voters like running. it is the same point spread that obama became in 2008. starting today, californians can register to vote online.
9:34 am
californians have until october 22ndoctober 22nd to reg vote for the november election. sappho said members of a tan is a common view if rallies in front of a consulate, the group called on washington's of hunnish the makers of the film which was produced in california. it was the third consecutive day of protests. a funeral will take place for glendora the, one of the four people killed in the embassy attack last week. the former navy seal will be laid to rest in winchester, mass.. he was 42 years old and working for a private security company when he was killed. also killed was christopher stevenson, the u.s. ambassador to libya.
9:35 am
>> san jose mayor chuck reed, the city council and the police department had a special crime strategy session to curb air recent spike in crime in san jose. the city's homicide rate this year is already 33 33. the city says they have increased the size of the police department by 47 percent of had to cut staffing by 20 percent. mayor chuck reed says the short term solution is to allow more overtime for officers. for residents have mixed reaction over police staffing levels.
9:36 am
>> san jose has become a magnet for criminals and the question now is this the current police department have the ability to handle the crisis? >> all of this happening in san jose is now looking for a new police chief. chris mohr has announced he will be stepping down in january. >> fire crews were able to get this fire under control and 15 minutes. one firefighter was treated for burns. the fire this morning at a restaurant and cousins in around 5:15 a.m.. fire officials believe it started an analyst impanel.
9:37 am
the fire then got into the walls of the restaurant. >>darya: coming up, we will keep our eyes on weather and traffic. here is a live look outside. alatas space between the clouds. will be right back as.
9:38 am
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>>mark: got the kids are back in school in chicago. the strike is now over. teachers have agreed to go back to work after more than a week of walking the picket lines over a battle on a new contract. the new contract settlement does not solve the problems, teachers still have to vote on the new proposal. 26,000 teachers and artists -- were on strike affecting 350,000 students affecting the third largest school district in the nation. >>mark: a new study found that the network of a typical middle-class family fell 35% between 2007 and 2010.
9:41 am
that is a drop of more than $50,000. the study found that these households are not as prepared for their financial futuwith gr they seem to be managing the bills in front of them now. the study also revealed that a few of these families were in deep financial difficulty. >>darya: new this morning, rice is in everything from crackers to cereal and baby food. consumers are pressuring the fda to test rise for levels of arsenic. so far, the fda says they have found no evidence that rice is unsafe to eat but are snake is a concern because it is a carcinogen and believed to be found in rise at higher levels because rice is grown and water, possible conditions for the contaminant to be absorbed. you could expect pumpkins to cost more, dry, hot weather has for the annual crop across the country. growers have tried everything. special seeds, drip irrigation, but the extreme weather has nearly wiped out
9:42 am
entire crops in some locations. as a result they say their retail prices could be 30% higher this fall that we have looked at. the average size of a kid could be $5-$6 while a higher quality of it could cost an average of $10. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>>stanley: getting on the bus is not as easy as you think it is. >>stanley: getting on the bus is easier because if you have a clipper card, fast pass or a valid transfer, you can enter through the rear however, if you have cash, you still have to enter through the front.
9:46 am
for me, catching very evaders is not so simple, unless i happen to have some muni fair inspectors like these. >> when there are fair inspectors around, fare evaders are easy to spot. look to the person exiting the bus and pretended to be on the phone. or the person exiting the bus looking for proof of payment. >> you cannot hold up the bus. >> this man did not have proof of payment. when asked friday he presented a medical marijuana card.
9:47 am
>>stanley: here is a little tip, if you know you are about to catch a bus, have your fare ready in advance. even if he have a valid clipper card or cash in hand, you have today when the board. the cause of the meeting ride is $2. the cost of a series in ticket is $100. >>darya: let's get a look at weather and traffic. >>george: we're actually tracking and other hot spot. this is a new and late problem at highway 85. it is the drive from cupertino and saratoga headed north up to
9:48 am
now on view. >> we will finish with a look at the bridges and a final bridge check, the bay bridge looks good. things of cleared out nicely westbound. the san mateo bridge had been a hot spot and looks a lot better, a novel drive time of just 11 minutes. your commute on the golden gate bridge has been pretty uneventful. it looks like a nice day developing out there. >>robin: a few breaks of sunshine out there, here is a
9:49 am
live shot from our roof camera in san francisco. we have a little bit of sun. clouds are slowly clearing out the temperatures are still on the cool side. for this morning, stuart clouds and a little bit breezy. this afternoon, partly cloudy conditions and the fog will back to the coastline from a similar to yesterday. here is a look at fog tracker 4. by lunchtime we have fog had the along the coastline.
9:50 am
here's a look at the temperatures this afternoon. we will have more 70's than the forecast this afternoon and collected editions this evening here is a look at your afternoon highs. it will be warmer as usual, inland in places like antioch. a little bit warmer in union city. mild throughout the bay area. in the '50s for places like ocean beach.
9:51 am
napa expected to check get around 76. here is a look at your extended forecast. we will stay on the cool side as we head into the weekend. i will little bit warmer by friday with highs in the '80s. by saturday things will call back down. we will hold on to the call below average temperatures as we have to the weekend. >>mark: no more toll takers at the golden gate of february. if they're phasing out polltakers with a new electronic system. testing will start in december and then fully rolled out in february. they will no longer be excepting cash. they will take a picture of
9:52 am
your license plate and said the aid bill in the mail. you can also sign up with them every time a picture of your plate is taking it will be automatically taken off of the debit card or credit card or, sign up for fastrak. they will try finding positions for the current polltakers although some may lose their jobs. on the bay bridge, about 25,000 elli delights will be strong along the bridge as a part of a two year art installation inspired by the 75th anniversary. the daylights project is an $8 million plant. they're raising private money for this. it is expected to be unveiled in march of 2013. the lights will operate for seven hours per night. during installation the effect on traffic is expected to be minimal. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. a beautiful shot from the mt. tam cam.
9:53 am
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>>mark: and bill gates is the remains of the nation's bridges man taking the top spot on the forbes list. his net worth, $66 billion. warren buffett is in second place with the oracle of omaha. larry ellison from oracle is at 41 billion and mark zuckerburg dropped since facebook shares have dropped in price from #14 down to no. 36 worth only 9.5 billion. >>darya: here is something that is priceless, though little league team and petaluma will be honored at the giants game tonight.
9:57 am
>>mark: of wanting bay area weather, do not forget, friday morning is when the space shuttle endeavor atop a 747 will disoblige the flyovers around the bay. >>darya: that is it for this morning, we hope you join us tomorrow beginning at 4 a.m., dr. phil is next.
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