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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 24, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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this of some 680 redwood was but the two of costa has cleared out. a shot from our mount tam cam we do have some concord
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6 around 330 this morning sun was struck and killed. complete traffic freeway shutdown for about two hours. this is the residual effects of that. you can see traffic headed very slowly at times a complete stop.
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580 westbound towards the 680 interchange it looks like it may be like this all morning long. any word on whether this is a disabled motorist? they have not located a car so they do not believe it is a stranded motorist. the pedestrian was in the middle of the traffic lanes around 330 when they were struck by at least one car. more details to come but they do not believe it was a stranded motorist. a fatal shooting overnight here's a map hayward there is the shooting. will tran is live on the scene.
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look at those markers. that is the reason why those investigators were called out here around 1:00 in the morning. a shooting happened at the dirty bird lounge it had nothing to do with the officers. one patron shot another patron. that person was taken to the hospital and should be fine. the suspect fled the location. here's what's happening right now about a quarter mile north of were located. mission and tennyson. once they got to the dirty bird lowndes they realize the suspect was in fact at that location. they draw little bed and saw his car. they tried to get him to pull over and he refused. the driver then reversed backwards toward the officers. they felt threatened for their lives. i spoke with them a few minutes ago. he headed in reverse so the
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officers fired from their car or outside at the time?. that is still under investigation. we're not sure yet. it will come out in the investigation. did he die in the scene or was he taken to the hospital? he was pronounced dead here on the scene. i do not know if anyone else was in the car not. there's not a problem the traffic is moving in both directions since the shooting. the location will be closed for at least another couple of hours. the suspect's name and age is not being released at this time. will monitor the traffic there and let me know exactly when it will reopen including possibly one lane in both directions.
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police are investigating a fatal shooting in antioch around 1030 last night. the 1200 block of sycamore drive. we're not getting a lot of details at this time. we found a 34 year-old male who was already deceased. we do not have much more information other and that at this time. we have not come up with any leads so far. they're going to follow any possible leads so far and the police are asking for any information. detectives are arresting eric dean at last friday at 8 station where he had arranged to meet an undercover agent. they started chatting on a gay dating web site. they found meth amphetamines and several other drugs at his
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home in san francisco. he is on paid administrative leave and they do not believe that he sold any drugs to parents or students. keeping our eyes on wall street drop for the dow average is sitting at 13,00541. there is a drop for apple stock right now. only 5 million phones were sold over this weekend. also word about a riot at the fox compound. will be back as the kron4 morning news continues on this monday morning.
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that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ fires in southern california near marietta or four homes have been lost. residents are fleeing from the area. at 200 homes and threatened 150 a. have been burned. firefighters are trying to fight this. containment is up to 45%.
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65 mi. east of san diego there is a fire burning that has burned 1,700 a.. investigators are still trying to find what has started the blaze. a live look outside right now san francisco a thick fog showing up here by the golden gate.
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ammo welcome back investigation in the bay area. at this august 6th refinery fire there is a massive investigation going on. they found a pipe inside the richmond refinery that was used to route hydrocarbon gases are ground monitoring equipment. john joyce l. works with two agencies that regulate the area, he says in the event of an emergency the refinery wrote bypass the emergency response process. the richmond refinery
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reportedly by past that and 2009. someone at the refinery notice something coming out of the stacks that appeared to be flaring. they went to chevron and told them that it looks like some flaring has occurred. it did not show up on chevron's monitors. they looked on these monitors and they show that the flareups had been happening for several years. the environmental protection agency is investigating as to whether or not this was intentional or an accident. a meeting is scheduled for the public to hear the latest on the fire investigation. it is set for 6:00 tonight on at the
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richmond memorial convention center. some relief at the pump for gas prices. it is at least not going up. here in the bay area some of our drivers are paying the highest in the nation. the bay area prices and san francisco average for 24 a gallon $4 .24. a major accident that shut down the lanes of 680 southbound. this fatal pedestrian accident have been freeway closed for hours. it's only been open for about an hour now. 580 westbound has been pretty badly backed out. at last check the drive time was 71
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minutes. we just watched it drop a little bit. it's heavy getting into livermore. most of the red has been replaced with yellow. let's check the live camera shot which has been in the area. hacienda drive at 580 westbound we can see big openings in the traffic here. it is definitely starting to clear out around the 680 interchange. the drive times are still running over an hour. at the toll plaza there is a pretty good back up here. i should say a good size backup which would be more accurately described as a not so good backup. try time on highway 24 is now up to 23 minutes. not on 24 but through the macarthur maze of the best approach right now is from the east east shore freeway right now. this in detail bridge it is this move
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commute. we have observed over the last couple of weeks at things have a tendency to go south very quickly on this east west bridge. right now the drive time is 11 to 12 minutes. from marin county to 1 01 southbound. >> overcast conditions are on just about every camera shot you showed us. a cloudy start to the morning. because of all that cloud cover we do have issues with visibility. delays are not too bad we're looking at delays for an hour plus. keep that in mind if you're picking someone up from the airport. oakland international in san jose
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... the blow on the screen represents the '50s. afternoon going into lunchtimes '60s. south bay spots as well. 3:00 p.m. the orange representing where will see the '80s. conditions a little cooler than what we enjoyed this weekend. seventies in the south bay 77 in san jose 75 and palo alto. 80s could climb up in san leandro. once we get rid of all the sunshine 66 in richmond. it said the degree mark this time of year. bring a sweater and it will be it fairly chile and ocean
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beach. morning fog to contend with, clear conditions in the afternoon. extended forecast does show a gradual warm-up. it could get down right chelsea for some of our warmest inland areas. the seven day around the bay forecast tuesday and wednesday provide pretty quiet weather in the bay area. former by thursday. from that point on transitioning into the weekend a string of sunshine temperature is a little above average. we are still contending with the sea breeze. >> possible new stars cases in the middle east. a patient is fighting a respiratory virus. the british protection agency says the 40 year-old patient had recently traveled to saudi arabia. samples from this patient
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were almost identical to a six year-old saudi arabian resident who had died earlier this year. apple says that orders for the fund initially exceeded for what they had prepared for. 22 more countries that it will be available land. apple says that if the ship most of the funds that were ordered in advance. the plan to shed many of them in october. this news coming as a company that makes apples iphone cards saying it suspended production at the chinese factory. there is a fight involving as many as 2000 employees that broke out. the fight erupted late last night in a dorm that is privately managed near northern china. it took 10 hours to get that fight under control. they will try to resume production sometime tomorrow. we will
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be back as the kron4 news continues. take a look here at the golden gate bridge there's a lot of fog and traffic moving slowly of. news of what's happening with apple their shares are down almost $9 a share.
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welcome back, if you happen to have a choice in your health care provider we're going to try to help make the best decision possible. rankings of 494 health plans based on quality of care and customer satisfaction. the no. 1 plant was the nonprofit harvard plan care age and all. hmos, plo's of shelled improvement this year. this coming from the nonprofit call the national committee of profits insurance. consumer protection financial bureau has proposed a move that will help people without financial and come qualify for credit card. then the proposed rule is expected to be proposed when congress
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reconvenes next month. november and two months. new bills signed into law. one is concerned concerning birth control. under this new law certified nurses and nurse practitioners or nursing assistants can prescribe prescription birth control pills. in san bruno gas explosion ...
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for party bosses. this law caused closes a loophole that holds limo drivers responsible but not a charter bus drivers responsible. people under 21 that will be there a chevron has to be present. if their drinks on the bus then the chaperones as well as the driver can be charged for under age consumption. we'll be back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues on this monday morning. conditions in san jose sunshine with traffic a little sluggish at the 1 01 northbound.
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here. their problems on 580.
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>> we continue to monitor residual slowing on the 580 west down. this is a live look on hacienda drive near dublin. traffic is slowing and quite backed out. the slowdown begins at the 2 of 588 interchange the drive time is approximately 68 minutes. the closure of... >> it is cloudy as he stepped outside the door with temperatures running on the cooler side. the numbers really haven't budged. 54 common for oakland and concord. this could add to be the coolest day of the
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week. temperatures range from the low 60s but they could climb to the upper 80s for the east area valleys. we have a warming trend to look forward to, details coming up. flight delays also coming up and i next report. >> decision 2012 selling voters today tres obama over romney for health care. voters in 12 battleground states say oba will better face the challenges addressing health care. obama jose 5143 edge over romney on this issue. present obama as well as from the took shots at each other this weekend. romney
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was at a fund-raiser in l.a. and now the president said something unusual this week. he said that he can't fix washington from the inside it can only be done on the outside. were going to give them a chance on november 6th to do that. romney went to details of the emergency landing of his wives plane. she landed safely in colorado she was not injured. >> i appreciate the fact is she is on the ground safe and sound. i don't think she knows just how worried some of us were. when you have a fire and an aircraft, there is no place to go exactly. you cannot find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to
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get inside the aircraft because the windows don't open. that's a real problem. she was choking and rubbing her eyes. fortunately there is enough oxygen for the pilot and co-pilot to make a safe landing in denver. it's been a week since met ronnie had a speech for private donors. here's a look at the new ad. mitt romney attack 47 percent of americans that pay no income tax including veterans elderly and disabled. my goal is not to worry about those people. doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? romney saying it attacks made by the campaign have been both personal and incorrect statements about his policies.
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perry suffers from sleep apnea. he is writing a book that explains that his condition has been undetected for years and has been checked with exercise. the back surgery in 2011 derailed his physical activity. the dow has been down for three days. there's a drop of 1/4 repair of a percent for the dallas morning. a live look outside here the fog is slowly lifting near the golden gate. it was down on the back just two hours ago.
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water spout on lake michigan. this was a tornado and saturday off the coast of south haven. the store netted types are more dangerous and they can develop and severe storms. they're pretty incredible to watch. it sometimes fished it picked up and they get thrown out but no reports of any flying fish. >> to prison staff members are in serious condition that they one prisoner was involved in test. there is no
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information as to how this happened. authorities are still trying to get more information. serious injuries now being performed reported at that prison in colorado. the voluntary recall of peanut butter at trader joe's. there been reported 29 cases of contamination. that had a date of may 23, 2013 to june 15th of 2013 if you have any throwaway. public-health officials and several state states are investigating the cause the peanut butter. the kron4 blue angels live show sponsored by jeep is
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live report coming up. all lanes open back up at 688 in pleasanton and after a pedestrian was struck. police investigating a fatal shooting in antioch last night we are waiting for more information from police. the bay area weather and traffic the 580 westbound traffic problem where tracking the hot spot right now. >> the ride on interstate 880 in the southbound direction. will tran has been talking about the incident as have the tennyson road shut down and hayward. traffic may be backed up in the southbound direction. this is unusual delay highway 92 and the san
7:44 am
the tail bridge. there is extended drive times. we're investigating what caused or factor may be. 580 west is still quite heavy bleeding from dublin over towards the castro valley wide. 61 minutes as you had westward from the alta mont pass. these dry times have been ranging because of the slow speeds. we will check every 10 minutes or so and it will change from 60 to 70 minutes. here is a live look at the traffic flow. this is and dublin and we're looking at hacienda drive here. the closer you get to the 56880 interchange the better it does move. that is been our major hot spot this moat morning. the bay bridge and 28 minute drive times from the east shore freeway said
7:45 am
and the macarthur base. the 90 to ride which could start to slow down again so far hasn't. he concedes a good right here as you head westward towards foster city. the golden gate bridge some spotty conditions through marin county. a 36 minute drive time to the golden gate bridge. heavier traffic now from the south tower to the >> live downtown conditions from san jose. the golden gate bridge we were pretty cloudy. because of that we do have issues with visibility. over at s f o but delays on the flights are starting to clear out. law in the north bay letting up along the coast line. as we go into the afternoon around 1:00 p.m. there are
7:46 am
fairmont clouds. closer to the coast line we will see blue skies and sunshine pretty much everywhere else. temperatures will be a little cooler today compared to what we enjoy this weekend. mostly '70s widespread. 78 and santa clara a the expected in los gatos. fairfield at 88 degrees 83 to expect at concord. alameda reseeding an afternoon high of 68 degrees. once we get rid of that fall and cloud cover lower '70's. check out berkeley at 69 degrees. a little chilly we will be contending with some cloud cover if you're heading to ocean beach. 64 in daly city. we have some fault in cloud cover to deal with which will be a case over the next couple of days.
7:47 am
sunshine into the afternoon in a gradual warming up. temperatures below seasonal average right now as we had to the latter part of the week. quiet weather pattern tomorrow heading into wednesday. we turn a corner and ramp the temperatures up by wednesday. expect nineties and madeleine and will continue to see the sunshine into the weekend. >> and various hayward bay that scene as it and stable condition. are we hearing anything different?. no what gave people something to hold onto as when they gave it the thumbs up when they carried him off. we did not see any movement from him for 12 minutes watching this. they actually had to
7:48 am
put hischest on a stretcher. we were scared he was paralyzed for a while. maybe it was the heat of the moment but why would you want your child to play football? that's funny but my tenure of son is playing football. there's nothing too bad about it. he's on the line and on the line you move slower you don't hear each other at 40 mi. an hour you give each other more at 4 mi. an hour. without anything to go on except with which to watching on the field is where i went with my statement. with my son playing football it's a lot harder to take these hits. there was no flag on the flay but there are probably facing serious fines this morning. when they review the play
7:49 am
they hit the guy and that's the thing about the officials though. all of us if you'd hit watch something once sometimes you miss it. people always say how can they miss that how can they miss that but we are watching it 10 times over. they had a great lead but the rope and the raiders did not leave the game until there's about 10 seconds left. if they did not when they had to go to denver and that could be forcing for it the right time to speak. they had 13 points at the end there. when you're on your couch you can make this statement , but would not be hard go out and have someone after witnessing that. everyone is in different
7:50 am
when you're sitting and watching you said yourself boy that'll take the steam out of the next big hit. but that's what they do for a living so they keep right on going. the forty-niners what did they do right yesterday? he is afforded a florida state along all llamalum. forty-niners let's face it they're getting praise as the best team in football and you may look back and see is that it happened in the year. awhen did he throw last one? i think it was halloween of last year. yes you're right and we're
7:51 am
down 73 and half time. if you think back they look flat. even the game's a loss last year it just didn't go their way. yesterday minnesota handle them. that's probably one of the worst games they play. we got all caught up in this euphoria. 1516 years around here. when you look at them as said mandated appear that they were ready to play. i thought even a month ago the giants for on fire. they still have a shot at the wild card. for a quarter of a million dollars they
7:52 am
did not get what they paid for these last couple of months. winter wear was gone from the giants seem like things turn for the better. he just knows how to do it, he is not a self promoter. he's not that excited when you interview him but i'm a big fan. let's see where the giants go from here. are we not going to see boats seized eight closers a game question the thing about cauchy is that where he gets his ego, and going to the mound again. when you when it's
7:53 am
great will be right back as the kron4 news continues
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a big night on television for television with the 64 annual emmy awards. >> in their finest dresses and designer tuxedos the celebrities what the red carpet. jimmy campbell posted. all of you are winners tonight but in a literal way most of you are the losers. john crier won an award for expanding its outstanding lead character. i don't see anything funny about me being president of united states. michael j.
7:57 am
fox announced the top comedy. and the emmy goes to modern family. julie bowen and eric still street picked of role picked up awards for their roles. outstanding lead actor damian lewis, outstanding lead actress claire danes. the entire cast is extremely talented and i'm proud to be a part of their community. a variety show candid category the daily show with john's to it continued its winning streak to 12 straight years. will be right back as a kron4 nudged news continues until 10:00. 580 west on in dublin we have a huge backup. we'll have details as the kron4 news continues
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for monday september 24th. officer involved shooting leaves a suspect dead and hayworth. police in antioch are asking for the public's health this morning after a man was found shot and killed on sycamore drive. southbound 683 opened after a pedestrian was hit and killed in pleasanton this morning. this does lead to a big backup on neighboring freeway said. >> were going to start talking not first about 580 but 880. we speculated earlier that there might have been an incident at hayward and tennyson road that may have accounted for
8:01 am
this unusual delay. it is because of the detour that was put in place with the closure of 680 southbound. all the traffic was force was done on 680. all the people decided to take stone ridge instead of the beach or. that has been jammed up the traffic through hayward and started to back up the ride into downtown oakland. look at that drive time 880 southbound oakland down to union city and now nearly one hour. that's nearly 55 minutes. it was this problem here was back this up a bit. in the altamont pass issue was down 580 the drive, five times down to it. all lanes
8:02 am
are open now but this is still an area to avoid. >> grab your jacket as you leave the door temperatures are sitting in the low 50s. we will see a wide range of numbers temperatures still a little cooler than what we saw yesterday as well as the seasonal average. this evening the clout to make a comeback going into the heart of the bay. as the sample those numbers later this afternoon along with the western list westerly breeze 66 over and hayward. antioch warmer coming in at the upper 80s. a full look at your afternoon highs and when he can expect some nineties coming up on my next report. >> now on this early morning accident that caused the backups on 68580. the actual accident was on 680 southbridge. here's a scene right after the accident happened just after 3:30
8:03 am
a.m.. the man was struck by two cars and killed. that cut off all traffic according to the chp the drivers involved in the coalition are and are cooperating with investigators. the victim tough to identify because of the injuries sustained during the crash. we will follow as we get more informations on the crash as well as the backups. >> a developing story out hayworth one man is dead after an incident involves shooting. officers said that their lives were threatened in downtown hayward. will tran has been on the scene all morning. >> police officers remain on the scene as well as the suspect's car. you can see
8:04 am
the four-door vehicle. according to investigators they tried to pull them over it shortly after 1:00 in the morning but he refused to cooperate. instead he reversed these officers felt threatened and they opened fire, killing him at the scene. this started 1/4 miles south of the scene, at a place called the dirty bird lounge. police got reports of shots being fired saying that it was a suspect that fired one shot at another customer. when they arrived on the scene he had already left. the police from around and they found him. they do not know his description at this time for what started the altercation at the dirty bird lounge. as far as they're concerned, mission boulevard should be fine. this is tennyson that you're looking at in both directions is still closed.
8:05 am
according to investigators the scene will be shut down for at least another couple of hours while the process the scene. there is a chance that could reopen one lane in both directions may be in an hour from now. >> this morning the police are investigating the fatal shooting in antioch that happen around 1030 last night. the 1000 block of sycamore drive police had few details. >> when we arrived we found a 34 year-old male that was already deceased. we do not have a lot more information on this point. we are talking to witnesses and that kind of stuff. >> please continue to look for leeds this morning they're trying get help to look for more information. montague elementary school police principal arrested this morning. he had
8:06 am
arranged to meet an undercover agent they had started date chatting on eight gay dating web site. they got a possible step on drug involvement. they found methamphetamines and other drugs in his home. lewis is on paid administrative relief and they do not believe that he sold any drugs to any students or parents. there is a shooting a man in the mystery mission district. still ahead and we know it set records but wait till you hear how many iphone stores sold by apple over the weekend. take a look outside air rubicam and san francisco looking over the civic center. gray skies
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
watching wall street the dow on this monday morning down 19 points. they're sitting at 13,00560. so far for the month of september there have only been four losing days for the dollar in trading so far this month. a drop in apple's
8:10 am
stock despite surprising numbers. more than 5 million iphone fis had been sold since friday. iphone said the orders for the phone exceeded the initial supply. it will be available in 22 more countries this friday. more than a hundred countries will be selling the iphone by the end of the year. most of the phones that work ordered st ordered or ships. we're getting word this morning about a factory in china that makes the iphone 5 that suspended production after a fight involving as many as 2000 employees. fox, technology group says the fight broke out late night in the dormitory near the factory. 10 hours and 5000 police to get that fight under control. they said they will resume production sometime next week. they're down
8:11 am
almost $10 a share. a criminal investigation at the richmond chevron refinery. this after last month's cease-fire. the allegations are separate the they're raising the number of eyebrows talking about what's happening at that refinery. live outside westbound 80 your approach to the toll plaza so good so far so good this morning.
8:12 am
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail.
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no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. taking place at the richmond chevron refinery. word of this investigation comes as a separate probe from that massive refinery fire. there is a pipe inside chevron's refinery that was used to route hydrocarbon gases are ron monitoring equipment. john joined that part of the stated the binary is allowed to bypass the regulatory process but those releases have to be monitored. richmond
8:15 am
refinery by past those monitors between 2005 and 2009. >> it does happen to be discovered when an inspector was at the refinery and noticed something coming out of one of the stacks which appeared to be flaring. went to chevron and said let's see your data it looks like some flaring has occurred. the flaring did not show up on chevron's monitors but the report showed that the number of glaring during his years were not picked up on the monetary and devices. the epa is investigating whether this was negligence on chevron's part or intentional. there is a $70,000 fine and they have to wait for their review. that investigation is separate from the refinery fire. thousands of residents went to hospitals because of the toxic smoke.
8:16 am
there's a meeting set for 6:00 tonight at the richmond memorial auditorium. and >> slight relief for gas prices is down about a third of a cent from its peak. the bay area saw the drop of about a penny for the last day. it is about $4.40 a gallon. oakland has an average of $4.17. in about six weeks' time we should see prices continued to drop at the pond. >> hot spots in the east bay. it's remarkable how are incident in the early morning hours on the 680 southbound could still have an impact and on so many freeways so far away. let's start with a ride on 580 west which backed up all the way from the dublin
8:17 am
interchange to the of mount past. because of the early morning change of 680. they've been open for about half an hour now. this back up bridges the dublin interchange. the traffic is moving better. the amazing thing is the arrival of the right on 580 west is at a 35 minute drive time. because so much traffic is headed this way is backed up their ride on the nimitz freeway into oakland. passing the coliseum you'll hit slow and low bow traffic. and there union city your and heavy traffic because of the early morning closure of the 680 southbound. 80 minutes to union city out of downtown oakland. that is going to catch a lot of people out off guard. troublespots and
8:18 am
the south bay to 80 in the northbound direction through in san jose. as well as the 85 ride into saratoga. much slower and much tried longer drive * unusual. checking the bridge's four yen the bay bridge and things have eased from the 880 approached it is about a 16 minute drive. it is still over 20 minutes if you're coming from highway 24. san mateo bridge we have been watched over the last couple of weeks. there been a number of hot spots. it is still an 11 minute drive this morning. the golden gate bridge surprise free at the 101 southbound. marine county not that bad all still under 40 minutes. >> happy monday as we take a look outside downtown san
8:19 am
francisco. we have plenty of clout cover along the coastline and the north bay as well. sunshine for the inland areas but temperatures not really budging just yet. 58 near downtown different san francisco. livermore checking in at 54 degrees. highway one down to just 3 mi. 7 mi. to santa rosa. we do not see the cloud cover anywhere near as thick for inland areas. 10 mi. of visibility for current conditions on the freeways. temperatures 8:00 a.m. it looks like we will see fifties for the most part. indicated by the blue on your screen. afternoon
8:20 am
highs conditions a little cooler today than what we saw this weekend. widespread '70s and the south bay. 78 in santa clara. 77 san jose. plenty of '80s to talk about. they're filled 88. 86 over in antioch. mid-70s for castro valley cloud cover in the north bay. that will start to break up for sunshine and disguise. upper 70's low eighties neared about nafta. sand francisco will be pretty comfortable in the mid-60s. this time of year were usually averaging around '70s. however we will see that sunshine. a fair amount cloud cover headed towards ocean beach. morning fog afternoon sunshine.
8:21 am
we're in store for a warmup as we head into the latter part of this week. seven day around the bay forecast quiet weather pattern for tuesday and wednesday. there is that we start to turn a corner mostly sunny conditions in the afternoon except expect nineties for your areas and beat afternoon. >> firefighters trying to gain control of to fire fought fires. north of tequila d marietta 200 homes were threatened. its spread about a hundred and 50 a.. there were over a hundred and 50 firefighters and five water tankers trying to fight this fire and 90 degree heat. farther to the south closer to the mexico border 70 homes were but evacuate it
8:22 am
there. the fire started just after noon yesterday about seven files 75 mi. away from the u.s.-mexico border. investigators still trying to find what started this fire. an important recall from trader joe's been a butter. traffic starting to lift and move joe's been a butter. traffic starting to lift and move smoot[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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standard at citibank. mapping the genetic makeup of breast cancer. the disease can be grouped into four major class's one of those class's has a lot and cancer a lot in common with ovarian cancer. it is treatable with current medicine. the hope is to develop a treatment to fight that form of breast cancer. research into the biology of tumors, for cancer that arises in the biting.body. voluntary recall from trader joe's 29 cases of salmonella across several states.
8:26 am
trader joe's valencia creamy salted peanut butter the use by date would be made 23rd of 2013 to june 28th of 2013. if you purchase the product you are asked to throw away. officials in several otherirs states are investigating the outbreak. a new choice for health- care consumer reports just releasing rankings of 84 different health plans. based on quality care the number-one rated plan was the nonprofit harvard care programs hmo. kaiser did the best in the medicare category. ptl's and hmos all showed improvement across the board.
8:27 am
help could be on the way for a stay at home perut credit cards. it will make it easier for people without any income to get credit cards. credit cards used to only consider the household income versus the individual hope to come. the blue angels flying over the bay as part of a fleet week sponsored by jeep. the festivities will be live on crime and kron4. we will bring you the best you in the house as the angels soar over the bay liven saturday october 6th and the bay. coming up a new poll shed
8:28 am
some light on how voters are feeling about swing states. voting for the president, or voting for romney? 58 back up the still large here at the 8 a's southbound after a near fatal accident on the 680. cover case
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>james: and early morning accident on 680. problems on 58880. >>george: we are continuing to monitor the spillover effect of this early morning fatal crash that occurred on interstate 680 at stone ridge drive. it shut down all southbound lanes. traffic is still slow there
8:31 am
and still quite slow to the alta not pass although it is slightly improved between livermore and dublin westbound. here are the unexpected delays, that is on westbound 580 continuing to the dublin interchange. this drive time at 35 minutes is more than twice we would normally expect. nearly three times the commute. look what has happened to the nimitz out of oakland and union city. 1 hour 20 minutes drive times to get from oakland down to union city. for a long time, all of the traffic was being detoured onto west and 580. the traffic was supposed to take a turn here at foothill and then connect with stone ridge to get back on to 680. many motorists just continued westward. the resulting backup has surprised a lot of motorists coming out of oakland headed towards the south bay in fremont and milpitas and the corridor. again, the drive time at 80 minutes in the southbound direction. in the weather center, let's
8:32 am
find out if at least it is nice weather. >>erica: overcast conditions because it is great throughout most of the bay area, especially over in oakland. in terms of temperatures. mid-50s wicking up in oakland. 55 and concord. as we take a look at the weather headlines, into the afternoon we do anticipate sunshine. into tomorrow it looks like we will gain a couple of degrees and continue the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. looking ahead temperatures will be above the seasonal average. i will tell you how warm it is going to get coming up in just a bit. >>mark: a fatal early morning shooting in hayward involving police. if will tran has details on what happened.
8:33 am
>>will: officers are still on the same seven and a half hours after the officer involved shootings. you can see the car of the suspect also on the scene. he was spotted shortly after 1:00 a.m.. officers wanted him to go over but instead of pulling over investigators say he slammed his car backwards and it went after the police officers. they felt threatened and opened fire. he died at the scene to. we're still waiting for his name and age furious steeple are still not allowed to go through this area to get to mission boulevard. this actually started a quarter of a mile south of this location on mission boulevard at a bar shortly before 1:00.
8:34 am
the of the customer that was shot was taken to the hospital was not life-threatening injuries. the three officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. we do not believe at this time that the suspects fired any shots at the three officers seventh because he went in reverse with a 3,000 lb. car they said that was enough for the officers opened fire. >>james: new this morning, a survey shows that voters and swing states trust president obama over mitt romney when it comes to medicare. here are the numbers in the latest poll.
8:35 am
among all voters surveyed nationally, obama holds a wider margin, 51-43 over romney on this issue. >>mark: both president obama and mitt romney took shots at each other on the campaign trail this weekend. romney was in california where he spoke with supporters at a campaign fund-raiser. >>da: i know you heard the president say something unusual he said that he cannot fix washington from the inside, that it can only be done from the outside. we will give him a chance to do that on november 6th. >> from a also went into details about an emergency landing for his wife's ear claim forced to make a landing. it landed safely in colorado and mitt romney was not hurt. >> i appreciate the fact that
8:36 am
she is on the ground safe and sound. the do not think she knows how worried some of us work. when you have a fire and in aircraft there is no place to go and, you cannot find any oxygen because the windows did not open. >> it has been a weak sense a secretly recorded speech that run the gave was published. there is now a new advertisement that we're in the areas romney is visiting in ohio. costs
8:37 am
>>james: romney said the attack made by the campaign were personal and incorrect statements about his policies. >> a new book claims that rick perry's suffers from sleep apnea. the book explains a series of gaffes and misstatements during his presidential campaign. one of the most mambro came during a michigan debate in which he could not remember the three federal agencies he proposed to be eliminated. the book explains his condition went undetected for years and has been kept in check by exercise seller for he had back surgery in july of 20112011 and that the real this a activity. >> anti-american protests close some u.s. restaurants abroad. details of that coming up. qr code
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>mark: british health officials are warning about a new stars case in the middle east. a severely ill patient is fighting a respiratory virus that can cause saar's the britain health protection agency says the 49 year-old patient recently traveled to saudi arabia and the viral samples or almost identical to
8:41 am
those of the 60 years of the national the died earlier this year to. >> pakistan is distancing itself her from the bounty on the head of the maker of the anti islam film. the offer by gov. gov. double -- government minister does not represent official pakistan the policy. the reward announcement was made by the railway a minister who said he would pay the money out of its own pocket. >> restaurants and pakistan are closing their doors in the wake of anti-american protests. the move is a precautionary measure after a kfc was attacked. protesters also attacked two other restaurants. >> a tragic weekend at the national zoo in washington.
8:42 am
the baby panda that was born last week has died. details ahead. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is a little sluggish.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ and i >>mark: the top stories we are following, collies are investigating an officer involved shooting in hayward. the suspect was killed by police. will tran has details in the latest on the investigation feria all saw them lanes of 680 have reopened after a pedestrian on the roadway was struck and killed. this is leading to big backups on 580 and 880. police and antioch are asking for help this morning in the hills of a shooting that left the man dead. happened early this morning on sycamore drive. investigators have no additional information. >> we have new information
8:46 am
coming in, school officials have released details that may help explain the death of a giant panda cub that was born in liege itself. zoo officials say the baby panda died yesterday. they heard the mother and distress, they got the cut out and tried cpr but the panel did not respond. chief veterinarian says the initial exam uncovered some help abnormalities. >> the liver felt a little hard in places. it also appeared abnormal. it suggests that was a live for component but we will not know until we get the slides back.
8:47 am
a n full the exam results are not expected until later. >> one of many waters out on lake michigan of the weekend. a waterspout is a tournedos, this happen in south haven the chicken as storms rolled through. the weather service says there were several spotted on lake michigan over the week. >>george: as we have been talking about this morning there was a fatal crash that occurred in the early morning hours. interstate 680 of pleasanton was completely shut down right over here and stone ridge that the runway was closed. believe it and not the 580 ride has almost completely recovered and back to normal. philip is not recovered an exceedingly slow is the dublin
8:48 am
to castro valley ride in the oakland ride leading south fork union city. what at the back up. it is actually growing all the way into downtown oakland. if you're headed to the oakland airport from san francisco, berkeley for oakland, be advised it will take maybe 40 minutes to make that trip because you will get caught in slow and go traffic. the drive time was at a high of 80 minutes but even now it is nearly an hour to get to union city and the southbound direction as you head down from oakland. on the san mateo bridge, sensors are showing slow traffic.cost on westbound 92, o again traffic is coming to a near stop in the westbound direction with no incidents
8:49 am
reported on the stand. last week, i did some investigating with the metropolitan transportation commission. they're sending me numbers to see if it is the volume of traffic causing these problems is. i tried to speak with full sergeant's but was unsuccessful we are still trying to figure out why in the last few weeks of this bridge has become a hot spot nearly daily. once again traffic is getting jammed up westbound. do not use the bridge. head to the san francisco oakland bay bridge. you'll find it much better conditions. the backup is almost completely cleared out. your ride on the golden gate is still a problem free and is still heavy from the south tower to the toll plaza. >>erica: i have been tracking the fog is mornings. a lot of cloud cover as we take a live look at condition since the mt. tam cam. car division said temperatures in the '50s.
8:50 am
santa rosa is at 50 degrees. 58 over and antioch. for the past hour we have seen a little bit of a warm-up. temperatures are up by a couple of degrees. teacher test shows by 3:00 p.m. the afternoon highs will see more in the way of microclimates. the green indicates '60s, '70s throughout the heart of the bay and check out the orange on your screen. temperatures in the '80s and then it looks like things will cool down significantly by later tonight. check out santa rosa. the blue indicates were could seize the '50s. gulf both
8:51 am
>> it looks like los gatos could check and at 80 degrees. we will seek sunny of '80s for our inland he space-bar asked. it is cloudy right now with sunshine into the afternoon. san bruno is checking in at 72. the kron4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a nice weather pattern for the next couple of days. we will muzzy to much change in the forecast. we will continue to see sunshine and toasty conditions as we head into the weekend. >> their raiders receiver is
8:52 am
in stable condition after a big hit. if there was no penalty called despite that nasty penalty it. the raiders got their first lead of the game with one second last. sebastian jankowski had a 43 yd field goal to give the raiders a 34-31 victory over the pittsburgh steelers. the 49ers loss to the minnesota vikings 14-24. the vikings' quarterback threw two touchdowns as the vikings took control early. ha
8:53 am
>> the day after clinching the national league west title yet the san francisco giants started mostly reserves against the san diego padres. >> one day after the heart breaking laws, the oakland a's beat the new york yankees 5-4. there are playing texas four games in arlington starting today. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
8:54 am
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8:57 am
with >>george: the standard tale bridge has become a hot spot. traffic is backing up on was down 92 coming over from the nimitz. there was an accident on a one-on-one we're still jammed up of the 80 southbound because of early morning brawl in a closed. >>mark: more on that as the kron4 news continues. southbound 680 lanes are real that after a fatal accident leaves one pedestrian dead. we are keeping our eyes on all rea.
8:58 am
pfft a big drop for apple shares early this morning. we will tell you why with our winners and losers on wall street for. according
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: the kron4 news at 9:00 a.m. starts now. >>james: the top stories this hour, an officer involved shooting leaves the me and said in hayward. police in antioch are trying to figure out details of a man who was shot and killed on sycamore drive. we will have information some police the. they're asking for the public's help. southbound 680 is reopened after a pedestrian was hit the and killed on the freeway. we have been traffic backups because of an early morning accident.
9:01 am
>>george: in addition, highway 92, is take a look at this. once again today we're looking at stock can go conditions for most of the likes of this stand at least a 4.5 mi. stretch to the days of the high-rise of the san the tail bridge. we may be closing in on a possible explanation for why this bridge has been backing up for the next -- for the last couple of weeks. the drive time is over 19 minutes to get across the span. from here we're going to show you problems related to this morning's incident on 680 in the southbound direction. look at how the traffic is backed up of a nimitz freeway.
9:02 am
in one hour drive time leading south towards union city. normally an 11 minute drive time is now over a half an hour all of this is the result of an early morning closed up 680 in the southbound direction. it has been shut down for nearly three hours if you are headed to the oakland airport out of berkeley or san francisco or downtown oakland, he will be delayed. give yourself at least an extra half-hour. >> @ temperatures outside the door are still cool. makes for the grab a jacket before you head out. wesome fog along the coast and into the bay of the fog is already starting to clear. in the north bay in santa rosa a little bit warmer in san francisco. we're already up to 60 in
9:03 am
antioch. it is warming up slowly. here is what you can expect for the afternoon. this morning, fog along the coast and into the bay. reduced visibility but it is already starting to clear out. >> more on this early morning accident that caused backups in the east gate. so 680 has reopened but around 3:30 p.m. the close all of the lanes. a man apparently walked onto a highway and was struck by at least two cars and killed. the drivers involved in this collision are cooperating with
9:04 am
investigators. the coroner's office came to the scene around 530 and trying to identify the victims. >> a developing story out of hayward where a police shot and killed a man near mission boulevard and tennis and roof. will tran has details. >>will: the shooting said police early this morning. did not expect the scene to wrap up any time soon. investigators are still showing up. the blue car is the suspect's car. according to investigators, instead of pulling over after he was spotted. hitchhike or
9:05 am
damage it ultimately found him on a mission where he was shot and found. a lot of people are getting frustrated at this particular seem especially since it did eight hours after the scene. we thought at the scene might reopen partially but that has not happened. mission boulevard is just fine. that is the road in front of us going from left to right. it has not been problem all morning. fact not only is the stuff out antenna and an omission. when people are first if it
9:06 am
can't even drive in this direction to hop on the border station. ron >> as will tran gets >> police in india, are investigating the shooting that happened last night around tendered units of a block of sycamore drive. police say a 30 year-old was found dead at the scene. they do not have any more in formation years police are asking the public have a need for these please contact them. a developing story in the south bay, the montague elementary school principal that was trusted welcoming in court to name your s-curve he was arrested on her writing box and caltrain this, he had set arranged to meet and undercover agent. with the state justice department received a tip about his poll school drug involvement. investigators say they found
9:07 am
methamphetamine and other drugs in his stead for cisco hon. he has been unpaid administrative leave. >> here is a check on wall cepheus office losses. the dow was down to 13,530 her and her we have seen in live have dropped or action e-reader hall who had her >>mark: of the aid could bring
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
the >> scientists say they have mapped breast cancer. it >> you can categorize the fourth cancer into four glasses off, one of them is very similar to a very cancer.
9:11 am
they're hoping that treatments developed for all. cancer can help to fight at least half form of breast cancer. the latest can be found in this weekend's edition of the journal. >> a new survey about health care providers and a list that can help you find the best one. the rankings of 984 health plans based on criteria like quality of care in customer satisfaction. the number one ranked private plan was a harvard age of all. when it comes to major private insurers, cars circling the dust. they also did the best in the medicare category. he jamal's, appeals and private plans also showed improvement in to the call. " >> here is a quick check on wall street.
9:12 am
we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we will check today's winners and losers without orphanage expert right after the break. south of
9:13 am
9:14 am
south >>mark: as we are watching today's winner and losers on wall street. the dow jones at 13,005 other 50. facebook shares are down. apple shares are down $10 to $689$689 even though they sold million iphones.
9:15 am
x >> the channel is a little confusing right now. >> and this is the end of the quarter. the need to sell a lot to make the numbers. analysts have a little high expectations. it is a good problem to have. they do not have enough supply. how many packs ring costs are escalating worldwide.
9:16 am
this could be a plus for american manufacturing. >> google dominates apps and apple, needs house, office kept >> companies like these would do not pay their employees a lot. the issue stock options. asked
9:17 am
>>mark: to a unit of the winner? >>rob: there are one of the original makers of fuel-efficient vehicles. then a few years it will have a fuel cell vehicle when that runs on hydrogen. they have a route for coming out tied with the slaughters. i would like to see if it less dependent on oil. >> and is reported and it lasted.
9:18 am
>> i see the investment ingleside. " koresh >> we will pay for quality television. " what i left last night saying there are a lot of good shows that once the >>mark: let's get an update on bay area weather and traffic. >>robin: good morning. los the sunny skies for the bay area. another nice it would mild temperatures. the system to the northeast
9:19 am
will cool temperatures down. with the numbers will drop 3-7 degrees but still a ninth day floyd hall, fog and morning and sunshine of the f-15. for we do have some nineties return option. this morning we were dealing with visibility is live. catholic as apple oakland and san jose are all on time and trouble free. by 10:00, mostly from the gary
9:20 am
if >> tenders for to their core along the coast. if committees is as warm as it will get. mainly '60s the top of the area. clastic a look at the afternoon highs, city by city. for faugh. warmer weather and the inland valleys. if if sentences of, mild and
9:21 am
crumbled. love your extended forecast is not accurate info we will starve to extend a warming trend. by wednesday and thursday we will be back into the '90s. the '90s will state to the forecast as we headed next weekend. >>george: contract of a sand table bridges tracking across the span. i have been working with the last week or so with the metropolitan transportation commission tried to investigate whether or not " the amount of traffic across the bridge a has increased. it looks as though these slowdowns may be in connection " with an upcoming closure of
9:22 am
the san mateo bridge. if they are doing some replacement on an expansion joint near the base of a high-rise. coming up in october october th two weekends of plant closures. cliff
9:23 am
our other hot spot is the nimitz freeway and interstate 580580 but not wear the clothes and took place earlier this morning but certainly because of the clothes and other affect if the drive time is now down to 53 minutes from oakland into union city. hurting as from dublin to hayward. and with 25 minutes from the of the month of the dublin and to change but there are sluggardly is on 80 southbound still being felt very here is a look at the bay bridge westbound.
9:24 am
in marin 101 saw boxes of the back of this act from the stock our thoughts to the toll plaza. packed >> we are watching a couple fighters of the california can live look above the fog for mt. tam.
9:25 am
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9:27 am
if hot and we're watching zeus while pfizer 47 calif kafiri if the fires have destroyed at least four homes fear if this fire in riverside has damaged two different structures. dozens of homes are evacuating. , after 200 homes have been threatened. for one hundley acres acres for various spheres
9:28 am
>> this fire is near the mexican border purified from 70 other loans have been evacuated a higher return than east of san diego and has earned about half acres in this for homes have not. fund " has a waterfowl was one of several spot not leave michigan. it is a 20 across all over water. and on its core about was one of several that will cause soviet not national weather still lives in san. record should should call the " more honorable the bay area or cat's coming up. we have
9:29 am
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9:31 am
>> we are continuing to monitor hot spot. on the san mateo bridge, conditions are still slow. for conditions are slow as he move westward. the closing it to the base of a high-rise the slower the traffic will be. the drive times are at 18 minutes when it should be around 11 minutes. far from perfect thing >> we're also wanted to really is on the nimitz freeways and the right into hayward in union city as well as douglas and cast a ballot are all side effects of early morning problems because some of 74
9:32 am
generic it has death of the ride into downtown oakland to. for for our buck >>robin: we have coastal and bay fog. the fog is already starting to clear back to the coastline. if we are already at 60 1/5 and scott, 62 in santa rosa. here is a look at satellite fleet off freed this is the fifth of the fleet winds will help to all our time to be relied second second. if from monday, halston and bay fog. order afternoon, sunny skies and cooler compared yesterday and
9:33 am
and for the evening clouds will return to the forecast. coming up i will let you know when the '90s will return for. he does coming out. if >> and fellow officer and of shooting a high suspect dead. >>will: the suspect was shot and killed at this location. it's and if it is saying is that of little or even reversed if one after the police officers conducted before phillies officers felt threatened and opened fire. to having started earlier in the evening to have diverted per ounce. of assistance fund to shots being fired at her kitchen cut
9:34 am
much sheehan rutland area and one customer saw at half will not life-threatening injuries. one officer spotted the suspect's car and friday and of all over. stunt is what we do not know what started the opposite that opened fire have been fixed on it definitively. >>mark: a crime victim isn't it in play are the brixton chevron fire. chevron rerouted clinton's around air monitoring heart in. word of the investigation comes as a second probe is on going into the path of refinery
9:35 am
fire her hit all >> of bay area air quality met nevada pipe inside of a refinery that was used to route-half of gases from around air monitoring units. glass that down with one supervisor who was the two different agencies kept comedy your distant which really physicians and the county which it regulates safety. half cahow hundred and refined her hull had passed clear honecker's did to her thousand five and two dozen 9.
9:36 am
how hath a wet when one of >> it explains that the flooding did not show up on the chevron monitors so the your desired lower at surveil had as that show a number of activities that happened over several years that one enters did not pick up. in all the environment protection agency or investigating criminal negligence against the chevron refinery. how rock on we have made several calls for the chevron but they're so are unable to her sick wrote >> an event like this causes us to lose confidence.
9:37 am
we want to understand what happened in rwanda to make sure that it will not happen again. >> this investigation is separate from the massive august refinery fire investigation. >>mark: we will be right back to as the kron4 news continues.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> this is the whole state voters and swing states president obama mark oliver mitt romney one and it comes to medicare 44 percent saying state aid trust romney. as >> a new book out claims that texas gov. rick perry's suffers from sleep apnea.
9:41 am
if the book could explain a series of gaffes and statements during his presidential campaign. one of the most memorable mistakes came during a mission in debate in which he cannot rockefeller the three federal agencies he proposed to amend it here explains his condition went undetected for here but kept in check because of exercise. when he had acted, it limited his physical exercise ice. in a nevada abutter recall to tell you about. and voluntary recall, 29 cases of salmonella could be linked to the speed of other serious disease causes so physicists still have a use for hiatuses cepheus if that have enough. will be right back as the kron4 if if the fifth fifth of
9:42 am
couples just about over cuneiform we will be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: in national news, to officials in washington have released details that may explain the death of a giant panda cub born one with a go at the smithsonian national zoo. here is some of video from the pan the camera as a cub was too small to see. and it died yesterday. keepers' heard the mother in the stretch and then, they retrieved the cup and tried cpr but the candidate not respond. the chief veterinarian says the initial exam uncovers some help abnormalities. >> one abnormality was that deliver by touching still hardness in places. kelso appeared abnormal. if the caller was not uniform. this can suggest there was a
9:46 am
little component to the debt but we will not know until we get the slides back and our pathologists can examine this. >>mark: 0 exam results are expected in two weeks. george rask is still tracking some hot spots in the north as the effects of being hot spot haven't told the effects around the area. it is still trying of traffic in the east bay. before we go there, scuds go to the same detail bridge which was also a hot spot as it has been nearly every day for the last two weeks if if upcoming seismograph if that is still there will be an end to the police in sight. the drive times are fifth-best six in 11 minutes across the span. here are feeding him and problems that and drink from
9:47 am
this morning's closure of 680 southbound. if the westbound 580 ride into castro valley that should be about 14 minutes. it is still at 27. look at this writer had huddled with if i have to show you the full extent of the delays. they reach into downtown oakland. at 35 minutes, the drive time is nearly twice with it should be. 21 minutes is a normal drive time in the union city coming out of oakland downtown at the 980 and 880 entertained. conditions here are still pretty poor. on the increase is the three alternate if you do not want to take the san mateo britain really any leading at all. if the metering lights will likely be turned off and the next 25 minutes. on the golden gate traffic is spinning out to every county in we are delayed free across the stands out and. talks drop down on a outside and take a live look of the offenses of. here's lovely shot of a little
9:48 am
bit of fun fun already been through. we do have some low clouds along the coast in and into some of our valleys as well. within the next hour or so we will start the fall plan back the clock finally will be under love the senate conditions from monday how, at 80 for the warmest locations and by tomorrow we will start to see this coming back up button to keep of china into the afternoon. for your extended forecasts, that is looking get as well. we have '90s returning to the extended forecast, i look into that in a bit. this morning, and we had problems low visibility along the coast and in some parts of it is quickly clearing a. as the poll was checking in on time. how often is that? basil is looking good and oakland is on time as well as san jose.
9:49 am
here's a look at fog tracker 4. by the 10:00 hour, the clock has already looked at to the coastlines. that is where it will link into the afternoon. closer to the coast, cooler temperatures and less sunshine. more son later in the opinion. but along the coast you will get a few bricks of son of mostly sunny and warmer throughout the bay area. temperatures for today will look like this. let's take in look at your expected highs for today. >>robin: accura extended forecast is looking good. warmer for tomorrow, fossilizing afternoon sunshine. looks very of informing friend
9:50 am
of one temperatures back into the '90s the weekend. >>mark: earlier we spoke with our financial expert about the big night at the emmys last night, the 64th annual awards shows. here are some highlights. >> in their finest designer dresses and tuxedos, the biggest names in television greeted down the red carpet and into the nokia theater for the and east. from jimmy campbell played host. >> let's not forget that in a way, all of you are winners, but in a much more literal way, most of you will be losers deific >> 2 and a half man took home price for lead actor. >> this is crazy furious cox >> after michael j. fox announce top comedy. >> the emmy goes to modern
9:51 am
family. >> among from us, homeland dominated picking up statues for best series, outstanding lead actor and outstanding lead actress. >> the entire cast is uniformly, shamelessly talented and conceded. >> cbs the amazing race attitudes collection of anything another win for outstanding reality program. this is useful as his fifth winning streak to 123 years for if >>mark: with a free care for kron4 news continues. here is a live look in walnut creek. sixth they the traffic is clearing out.
9:52 am
9:53 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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9:55 am
or fashion. their raiders were losing the entire game. yeah only lead came with one second left jankowski had a 43 yd field-goal hot of all black a 34-31 victory, the raiders were down early but managed to score the final but and it's to come back in england. it is their first victory in the season. >> the 49ers lost in minnesota 13-24. they were down 17-3 1/2. the vikings' quarterback threw two touchdowns and ran for another as the vikings took control early and finished with 49 as of late. alex smith have not done in intersection demand passes did so yesterday. with it was the first loss of the season, they now trail the cardinals. >> on to the dance, though all are illegal and instantly at west orient with that, they've
9:56 am
rested goals of the clear. a lot of reserves their starting lineup featured only two players that have not spent simon and and combined it next the take on the diamondbacks. >> the day and a heartbreaking loss in the 14th inning, the twenties finally beat the new york yankees 5-4. pennington had a day going 3 for 4. pearl the oakland a's are holding on to the final wild-card spot in the american league. they're one game behind orioles. in the american league west they are behind texas ahead of texas for four games series starting to take. a programming reminder, kron4 will have the best seats and health for the blue angels. one of the best events that will broadcast real liar few the 3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., octobe
9:57 am
so could i. george rask and myself shareef the blue angels high hockey by sea saturday, oct. turn at 3:00 p.m. henhouse and harry had her high and the dallas at 13,549, poi we are seeing bigger losses for the nasdaq being dragged down by ample on news that apple only sold 5 million iphones over the weekend for but all, they have a worker rights at one of their plants in china. that has led to some comply and -- supply concerns. apple's stock is down close to $10 a share trading at around $691. a quick check on the 7 day from around the forecasts, and temperatures will warm as we head toward the middle part of
9:58 am
the week. we're looking for highs in the '90s inland by thursday and friday. thank you for joining asked. dr. phil is coming up next. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
9:59 am
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