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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 24, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> cal osha has been on side ever since the fire was sparked if violations are discovered chevron will be slapped with find in the citations. health services discussed what went wrong that day and what went right. they say confusing information was released to the public. >> the messages sent to the media were inconsistent. but we asked people in richmond, san paolo and north richmond to shelter in place.
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>> make sure that at the end of this process, we come up with a prevention plan that means this will not ever occur again. >> the meeting is expected to wrap up about half an hour. >> chevron official believe they have tracked down the cause
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>> the area that ruptured was not one of the locations checked.
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>> chevron also responded to allegations that the company delivered a bypass air monitoring equipment. chevron claims while it is true the pipe was not connected and emissions did go out and monitored for several years, it was not done on purpose. >> i take exception to someone questioning in tents around safety. >> as soon as we knew about the issue we addressed it.
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>> the amount of sulfur dioxide lasers they said it was such a small amount that it was not a big concern. >>pam: new details about a man shot in san francisco that led to a series of protests and vandalism that included spray paint on the mission district police station as well as broken windows as well as spray paint on local businesses. this past thursday police say an officer on the city's gang task force shot at unknown a gang member. bagging member has been identified. police believe he was in san francisco to retaliate against their recent murder. he was hit twice by an officer and is in hospital with not life-threatening injuries. at a town hall meeting earlier today police chief and
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community members spoke about the shooting. >> he was trying to revenge it a murdered a 15 year old boy was shot in the crossfire. i cannot say enough about my police officers and what they do, putting themselves in harm's way so that no one else gets hurt.
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>> members of the community said that more needs to be densest of thing violence in the mission. >> police say they have increased its role in known danger is that they say officers need more help from the public to catch the people are committing crimes.
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>> authorities say he offered the investigator methamphetamines and g h b, the date rape drug. maureen kelly was there as the principal. court. >>maureen: you can see the principle as he reads the criminal complaint against him. he is in front of the judge on monday after being arrested on friday after investigators said he offered to furnish an undercover officer with methamphetamines and adhd. that aged made contact through a date rating -- through a date raping webb said. after his arrest authorities searched his efforts is the apartment and found a lot of drugs.
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third third >> investigators cannot say if any of the drug communication happen while he was on the job. oxford
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publicly about being in the playoffs. >> in and talk about layoffs tickets. on stubhub, prices start at $89 for standing room only. the giants are holding a lottery on their web site. >> a lot of people are excited about this. for people to spend all day or on my out here, waiting in line for a ticket, there's not enough inventory. to do it all might is more fair and humane. >> you have until tuesday to enter your name. if you are selected you must then the purchase by wednesday curious costs >> employees are filling our voice mail and e-mail,. the only exception to the
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randomly picked lottery are for those putting down a deposit on the season tickets. there will automatically be given a chance to purchase playoff tickets. >> as he looked at the giants in gear, we have talked about a playoff tickets. keep in mind there are three th on games at at&t park starting on tuesday. >> san francisco could soon be home to the tiniest apartments in the nation. how small? as small as two to 20 square feetfeet which is able less spa than a 15 x 15 room. supporters say it would provide a cheaper option to many singles san francisco residents. critics say it could make this city even more crowded. >> obama and romney are both
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trying to hit each it hurts making the most of their recent comments and now, as catherine heenan reports, republicans appear to have new political ammunition against democrats. >> mitt romney is secretly recorded comments where he appeared to dismiss nearly half of the population, the campaign plays that up in a new ad. this is politics and the table has turned. the president described the recent unrest in the middle east as bob's and the road. >>president obama: i was producer and continue to be certain that there will be bumps in the road for >> he said the developments in the middle east are bombs in the road. bombs in the rug? >>catherine: there is already
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an obama campaign at over what he said on 60 minutes. >> we do provide care for people who do not have insurance. if someone has a heart attack, they did not sit in their apartment and die, would pick them up and an ambulance and taken to hospital. >> the clock is ticking. it is still a very close race although no pulls show that obama has an age in three critical states. >> he is trying to fool people into thinking that i think things that i do not. >> regardless of winds in years this year's election, a large number of voters will not be satisfied. a recent survey shows only 54 percent of american voters say
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they are very or fairly satisfied with the presidential choices. >>jaqueline: it was a nice day around the bay area today. temperatures were cooler the what we saw yesterday. the inland valleys still on the warmer side. in the north bay, we saw a mixture of upper 70's and low 80s. and the south bay temperatures in the other 70's. here is a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. we are seeing reduced visibility along the coastline. a quarter of a mile visibility in half moon bay.
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>> here is a look at your extended forecast. some are is very similar to what we saw today. into thursday, friday handed the weekend, warmer weather will return. we will see more sunshine with temperatures in the '90s inland. the four-seven news channel. comcast channel 193. >>gary: coming up later we will talk about fear a very important game.
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>>pam: do not forget, the blue angels live, saturday october 6th beginning at 3:00 p.m..
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>>vicki: watch this video, other than a broken leg, no one was seriously hurt.
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together we'll go far.
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>> apple has sold over 5 billion iphones this weekend. the iphone 5 is sold out. to make things worse, the chinese company that makes the iphone 5 has shut down due to an employee right. that is coming up in my tech report.
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>>pam: chevron has announced of the cause of last week's refinery fire. a five-foot section of the 200 ft. long corroded pipes burst off causing the fire. they say a majority of the pipe had been inspected in 2011, but the section that field was not >> a principal appeared in court today. he was arraigned on charges of furnishing drugs and possessing methamphetamines for sale. the principal was arrested on friday after a sting operation involving an undercover investigator.
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investigators say he offered mass in adhd which is the date rape dry. san francisco giants fans are eagerly waiting to get their hands on playoff tickets.
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pasquale >>grant: , the apple store near you each morning to see if they received a new shipment.
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>> not much is known about the victim's gender or age. so far at least 20 homes have been destroyed, the 2,000 a. blaze is only about 10 percent contained. about 80 homes have been evacuated. >> we have been enjoying some really nice weather.
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>> the bay stores will be clear by 10:00 a.m. et into the afternoon we will see sunny skies and temperatures on the warmer side, 70's and 80's. things will cool down into wednesday and we will warm back up to the weekend. we will take a look at your extended forecast coming up. >>pam: a former professor who shot six people has been sentenced to life in prison
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without parole. he pleaded guilty to charges opening fire at a faculty meeting on campus killing three people. despite the guilty plea, alabama state law requires a trial. the trial lasted less than one day. the jury convicted her of one count of capital murder. she avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty. >> the contract dispute between american airlines and pilots union is causing a surge of cancellations into delays. more than 100 flights or cancel today bringing the total number of cancellations to 570. american airlines won the right in court to throw out existing the airline disputes the number of cancellations spirited also believes questionable means an increase in six calls for any cancellations.
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>>pam: consumers are facing more fees and then free when it comes to banking and checking services despite a continued rise, experts say there are some ways that you can cut the costs. >> according to the annual look at banking fees, americans are paying more to use their own money.
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>> if you are a discover card customer, he may be getting a refund is in. discover bank is paying to what a $40 million $40 million charges that it pressured customers into buying costly add-ons services.
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>>stanley: this video is making its rounds on the internet. apparently, there is a flaw in the clipper system which hackers have exploited. it allows peter with certain -- it allows people with certain smart phone deride muni
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for free. but
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>> you could legally as bad and a sense that people are not paying for transport in you could also see it as good as an improvement in technology. >> that is shady. if i was muni i would be mad. i would change everything i do. but lost ¢ i would be mad. >>stanley: i a.m hearing that
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people on the streets have the app already. >> is a wednesday, the fog becomes more extensive. by thursday we will reverse the trend and a star warming things back up with more sunshine as we head into the weekend. a mix of 70's and 80's in the
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south bay. for our inland valleys we will be seeing temperatures in the '80s. for our east bay shore is a mix of '60s and '70s. the coastline same cool in the '60s thanks to fog russian leader to the early afternoon. a mix of 70's and 80's in the north bay. here is a look at your extended forecast. tomorrow, much of the same. thursday, friday and into the weekend, a warming trend underway.
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>>gary: the oakland a's lose another tough one. detroit, the '80s and now, bob melvin's team, the first-place texas rangers. when you are down to the few games in the season, you have to win. bell dramatize the game at 4. oakland is trying to hang on.
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there are two games ahead of the angels. they are a game and a half behind baltimore which is a tough wild-card spot and now, they're five games back from texas in the divisional race. it's it has been a great season for the oakland a's but they need to buckle up and see if they can hang on for this final week and a half. the giants enjoyed the day off.
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>>gary: @ darren mcfadden got loose yesterday.
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>> and is a confidence booster for everyone. >>gary: here is a frightening moment. >> he is a fighter and a warrior.
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>>gary: harbaugh, before they go to the york has training in ohio. >> you are not better than anyone else unless you prove it. 16 esperance. we do not subscribe to the marathon.. >>gary:
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>>gary: somehow this seattle player got in there and the referees are calling it a touchdown. there are still on the field, everyone is discussing it. at this point, it seems as if seattle seattle 13, green bay 12. we are back in a moment.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. man: a guy dropped these about 4. the photomat down the street just closed. never seen this guy before. what's his name? uh, holt, larry holt. had a coupon.


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