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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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patient was infected with wnv within city limits or in the surrounding counties. this is the first human case in san francisco since 2005 when the west nile virus first became reportable. in 2010, one sf resident became infected from an organ transplant. also, a dead bird recently discovered in the city was also infect the with the disease. this is the -- infected with the decease. so far in california -- with the disease. so far in california, there have been 155 cases of wnv in humans. of the 134 people who have died from the illness nationwide, eight have lived in california. the san francisco department of health issued a health update to medical providers requesting that clinicians be on the alert for
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human cases and immediately report them to local health departments. >> the problem is, this is so confusing, the symptoms look very much like the flu. so what do people do? >> first off, four out of five people that are infected with it do not even experience any illness or symptoms. those who become ill develop mild symptoms like we've discussed, such as fever, fatigue, nausea, and headache. it causes severe ilelness in the elderly and those -- illnesses in the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. a shooting in east oakland had dozens of bullets flying on the 5,800-block of east skaengz street today. a preg -- skaengz 16th street today. the bullets went through the walls of a home.
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>> we just heard all this shooting. you could hear pinging and pinging and pinging. so we, me and my daughter hit the floor. then my youngest daughter goes mom, are you okay? i said, yeah, i'm okay. you could just hear them. we sat on the floor for a while! some people came down the street and said there was a bullet hole in my wall. that's a big hole. i never saw nothing like that in my life. then we found one on the gate. and then we found one up above my daughter by her window, but over to the side a little bit. it's another hole up there. but it's -- i don't know what to say. >> oakland police are still investigating the shooting. officers have not released any details about who the intended target was. they say it appeared that somebody fired from a passing car, and they believe that this incident was gang-related. new developments in a story that we first brought you on the
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kron4 news at 8:00 tonight. all lanes of westbound 580 in castro valley have now reopened. this follows an apparent shootout between two people in cars on the freeway in the area. here is video. the sheriff's deputies are looking for information in the case. this happened about 6:00 tonight. the highway patrol found a car with several bullet holes abandoned on westbound 580 on redwood road. no one was in the car or nearby. new at surveillance video of a recent bart blast shows riders panicking as they try and flee the station. officials announced what they believe caused the incident. at the time, some riders believed that a bomb had gone off. >> reporter: watch. as you can see in the surveillance video, a
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bright flash of light, and then some riders falling on the ground from the impact. then unsure about what has happen, many try and rush out of the civic center bart station. look here at all of the smoke, a big heavy plume. all of this happened on sunday, september 16th around 1:30 in the afternoon. now, fashls say they know what happen -- officials say they know what happened. this is bart's chief engineer. >> we had some sort of foreign metallic debris that caused a short between that third rail and that running rail creating a sustained electrical arc. probably very brilliant to the people that witnessed it. >> reporter: this is another angle. some people look panic-stricken. bart says they don't know how many people had to evacuate. after the blast, san francisco fire was called in. they thought that perhaps the blast was a bomb or a terrorist attack.
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others thought it was a fire. >> we did not have a fire. there was no material consumed by fire. it was a spectacular arc. but it did not damage or consumer anything by fire. >> reporter: the incident shut down operations for about an hour. that caused problems. many complained that there was poor communication provided to riders. bart officials say an electrical arc such as this one has happened before. officials will be reviewing the incident with the california public utilities commission. it is quite cool out there right now in portions of the bay area, especially closer to the coast line. the low 50s in daly city, richmond, novato. the fog is already spreading into the bay shores. visibility reduced along the coastline.
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through the north bay, fog throughout the bay area. tomorrow morning, more widespread than what we saw this morning and is going to be cooler. fbi investigate ors confirm they have brought in heavy machinery to an area where human remains were found earlier this year. at this point digging for more human bones has not started. j. r. stone has the latest. >> reporter: a deputy parked at the end of flood road in san joaquin county has investigators search for remains related to killer wesley sherman tine. >> he is not making this up. >> reporter: one of two men dubbed speed-freak killer for a meth-indeed killing rampage --
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induced killing rampage during the '80s and '90s. pedia says tuesday's fbi site survey is in the same spot. >> gary: it definitely is, definitely, without a doubt. it's the same area that he drew maps in february and march. and it's the same area they took him two three sundays ago. >> reporter: earlier this year, authorities found thousands of human bone fragments, including a skull in an abandoned well. now it appears the search is on for similar wells in the same area. >> what they're doing now is to establish exactly where these other four wells are. once they get in there, they're going to find bodies. shermantine has been very open about it. new tonight at 11:00, san jose police are investigating a double shooting. it happened at about 5:00 this evening. police received multiple reports of gun fire in the area of poko way and
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sunset avenue in east san jose. two men with nonlife-threatening wounds walked into a local hospital later. the incident is believed to be gang-related. the suspects have been arrested. how some riders are ripping off local transit agencies. >> later in this broadcast, are the a's going to make the playoffs? they need to win in texas tonight. bochy hints about melky cabrera's immediate future. and also if any news has broken on oh, those replacement officials, it cost me money. replacement officials, it cost me money. i'm [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. cable provider comcast says that it is closing its three customer call centers in northern california and moving the 1,000 jobs they provide to oregon, washington, and colorado. the company cited the high cost of living and doing
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business in california as the reason behind its decision to shut down those call centers. the centers are located in livermore, morgan hill, and sacramento. employees received information about relocating or taking severance packages. wells fargo is the latest bank to be hit by a cyber attack. hundreds of users reported problems with logging into their online accounts. a hacker group has claimed responsibility. it says the action is in retaliation for that youtube video which mocks the prophet mohammed. the group also claims responsibility for attack on. j p. morgan chase and bank of america. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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a family afraid to sleep in their own home after their 11-year-old child was shot while sleeping in his bed last week. he was struck by one of 16 bullets which shot through their home. the bullet will remain lodged in his liver because doctors consider it too risky to remove. now that the boy will soon be released from the hospital, his father tells us the family is too afraid to move
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out of the house. >> reporter: their home was recently riddled with bullet homes. one of them struck and remains inside of his 11-year-old son, luis, who is still recovering here at children's hospital in oakland. >> gary: . >> i don't want anything to remind me of those moments. i don't want to put my kids again back to the house. >> reporter: since the shooting, his wife has remained at the hospital. >> my wife, she don't want to go to sleep over there. they prefer to stay here every day. >> reporter: all four of his children are scared to be in that house. >> my kids wake up in the middle of the night, they're scared. >> reporter: he's ask forward help from friends and family and hopes to receive a call from someone offering a way to move out of the maken rodriguez.
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>> the police chief released this quote saying "we have had tragic experiences dealing with children and gun violence. these crimes affect me more personally than anything else. investigators are actively pursuing any lead, and i am gain asking for the public's help. i urge anyone with investigation about this crime to call investigators or leave an anonymous tip." technology may allow golden gate ferry and muni ride riders to crack the code and ride for free. the security flaw is in a very specific type of clipper card. dan kerman explains how it works. >> reporter: a security flaw has discovered in the limited use clipper cards, which could allow muni riders or golden gate ferry passengers to
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ride for free. . >> a new generation of smart phones could be used to essentially roll back the number of trips taken on a limited use transit card. >> reporter: the smart phones must have nsc technology like the samsung galley and be loaded with the program designed to rip off transit agencies. my smart phone doesn't have that. if it did, i would take my limited yous card, touch it to the phone, and it would reload additional rides on the car for free. then i could walk right through the toll gates and ride for free. the transportation commission has known about this problem for more than a year. so far, few riders if any have taken advantage of the flaw. >> there are thousands of limited use ticketing used every day, and over the course of the
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past six month, we've seen possibly one instance of abuse. >> reporter: in that one instance, it was on the golden gate ferry. >> if we detect there is abuse to the system, we'll make adjustments. >> reporter: the options include discontinuing the limited use cards, which is unlikely. more likely would be prohibiting them from being reloaded, or allowing each card to be used for a limited period of time. highs today were close to yesterday. we didn't see a whole lot of change, but that's going to change into tomorrow morning with more widespread fog. temperatures were quite warm this afternoon. but cool conditions near the coastline where the fog did cling through the afternoon. fog fairly widespread tomorrow morning.
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80s through the inland valleys, but mostly in the 60s and 70s tomorrow. warming will resume thursday, friday, and into the weekend. 78 in cupertino, 77 in san jose, same thing in santa clara. for the inland valleys, this is where we'll be running in the 80s tomorrow, 82 in concord, pleasanton, antioch. for the east bay shores, in the 60s and 70s. 68 in oakland, 78 in hayward. cool along the #k0e689 line tomorrow with fog -- coastline tomorrow with fog through the afternoon. 63 in san francisco, 70s down the peninsula. and in the north bay, temperatures running mainly in the 70s tomorrow. 77 in petaluma and novato, 80 in sonoma. tomorrow cooler than today, not by much, just a little bit. thursday, friday, and the weekend, we are going to see more sunshine, warmer temperature, back in the 90s inland, 80s for the bay shores,
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and even 70s along the coastline. the a's take the rangers into extra innings in a game with major playoff implications. and a rough outing for tim lincecum.
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the a's needed a win this evening bad. we are in texas, and josh hamilton lining one to rifle, and this fella brandon
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moss is in there because the right fielder is 0-27. and he boots it all the way to the wall. and the rangers have a 2-0 lead. chris carter making his 16th of the season. the a's get behind. but they don't quit. the game is tied at 2. 2-2, 7th inning, look out, look out! bases loaded, great catch by moss, more than atoning for his previous error. and that keeps the game evening in the 10th. and the a's now are remain a half game back of baltimore for the first wildcard spot, 2 up on the angels who beat seattle tonight. giants fans in search of something to worry about, well, start with tim lincecum. rough, rough night tonight. and lincecum takes a shot right back
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through the middle. his line, 4 innings , 7 earned runs, 4 walks, out of there after 77 pitches, one of the worst outings of his career. paul goldschmidt just owns lincecum. bochy all but said melky cabrera would not be a member of his postseason roster tonight. 7-2, diamondbacks. the atlanta braves are going to the poflt season. -- -- postseason. >> center field deep! >> that's freddie freeman 's 2-run homer, and atlanta clinches with a 4-3 win over the florida marlins. chipper jones getting doused. this is his final campaign. going to the playoffs. reportedly the nfl and the
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representatives for the locked out officials met today in new york. no resolution. of the nfl issued a simple statement today saying last night's controversial touchdown by seattle will stand. more than 17,000 calls flooded the offices. more than 2$200 million in gambling money went the other way. tiger woods meets mcilroy, and bill murray, always on hand at major golf events. supposedly the rider cup american players enjoyed bill there. a welcome sight. and the brooklyn dancers. that's the big deal , that jay z owns a small part of this team , so they're going to be pretty cool there. seven costumes for a squad of 20 dancers in black
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