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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 26, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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james. >> let's take a look at the cam. we do have some cloud cover to contend with. into the afternoon the cloud cover will start to peel back and with that we will have plenty of sunshine. we will possibly lose a few degrees in the south bay but as we head into the evening we will look at baseball weather and what is on top for this afternoon. for >> if a good size back of this at the bay bridge. it is about 18 to a 20 minute back up. traffic around the bay is getting heavier. on
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highway 4 and interstate 580. moderate conditions are for the south bay and a little light. >> knew this morning just a couple hours from now the family whose father and daughter were killed in an accident will go face-to- face with the boy who was behind the wheel. the boy will be an martinez courtroom this morning and he is expected to change his plea. what will happen today? >> we expect according to his attorney and the attorney for the victim's family that he will change his plea from not guilty to guilty. this will go straight to sentencing and the judge will make a decision on how much time he will face in prison. here is bill that we took back in
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april just to jog your memory. this was back in concord when a family of three were riding on an early saturday morning when the 70 year-old boy. his name will be released in court. he was driving down treat boulevard when he lost control and slammed into all three of them 41 year-old father and a nine year-old daughter but the 12 year old sustain injuries but she survived. they thought he was taxing but now they have stated that he has just been speeding he will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. the prosecutor as well as the defense attorney worked it out that he will be charged as a juvenile which means he cannot spend time
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in jail until his 21 years old. as an adult he would have spent more time in prison. the residence and the family stated that they wanted more but they feel that this is a good compromise so that a wall with their lives. that promise to talk with kron 4 as soon as this trial is over. back to you daria. >> how will the family feel about this? the family will not have to face the anguish of a trial but the kit will do for years in prison for killing two people. that's right as an adult he could face more time but after 21 your soul he would be transferred to an adult prison for. if the fact that he is 17 and he is charged and optimally sentence as a juvenile the guidelines require that he stayed just until he is 21 years old for good behavior.
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the family stated that they are fine with this but it least they should try to keep him there. nothing soon a bill that perry will have to wait to see what the judge says. >> world news this stating that in syria a silvo war is escalating. there rebels set off to car bombs in this morning and army command building have fire breaking out. four people were killed and 14 other people were wounded. we're also falling rioting in spain were 38 people were arrested. they are protesting new austerity cuts and with the cuts with teachers. 25 percent. greece
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is stating that they are having a nationwide strike due to mass transportation. workers nationwide are on strike there. >> this morning park's five elementary in san mateo will be holding a meeting. parents will be meeting with the school superintendent this morning and will be talking with san mateo police. they're trying to address how they can improve safety measures around the school. a man was arrested as he attempted to try to adopt a child. the chou was able to get away to run and tell people >> kron 4 jackie will be
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there to listen in to let us know what is being set aside the court room. >> an off-duty security guard and a man has been arrested for stealing 49 laptops from facebook headquarters. brandon simon and travis calhoun were arrested early morning as a private security guards saw the both of them taking computers. the security guard was patrolling the facility. the two were booked for multiple charges. >> governor brown was visiting goebbels' headquarters in mountain view. he signed a bill into law that brings google 6
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card in to act. this law allows a google to test the struggle will cars run out in public. i the law instructs the dmv t >> in the first confirmed him in case of the west nile by arres virus. the male patient had not when outside of the area so he must have received is from some other source. so far in california that have been 165 cases of the west nile buyers.this virus
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>> in less take a live look outside to see how things are shaping up. we will be right back. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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of august. >> japanese car makers were among the biggest losers in tokyo trading today. 27 and nissan both lowering production at their factories in china. the demand for its japanese cars in china has waned. this could spell trouble for japan's economy. 2000 credit reports were looked at an discovered one of five people were going to get a score that was dramatically different. there are 49 different fica scores to determine your risk. the bureau says you should shop around in case of underseas a higher score than they think you have.
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>> people are still talking about the contention with the replaced and graphs and football. did not budge the nfl and talks with the referees. they have made no progress and the controversial monday night ruling. they said the pass was not to an interception. it was a touchdown and the seahawks get the win. there were four straight days of talks. they talked until midnight. there replaced and graphs will stay there. the replacement raffs referees will stay there. we will
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7:16 a.m. and take a look at the weather elsewhere.
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there's a twist so yesterday. it rips through a small town that was outside of st. louis. it brought strong winds that were strong enough to blow over a semitrailer. there was hailed the size of tennis balls. we have a warm-up for here in the bay area. >> yes we are looking forward to it. here's our rubicam in downtown san francisco there is some law old line fog obstructing visibility. as a result of delays at sfo for of arriving flights are averaging 53 minutes. by lunchtime '60s by the heart
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of the day. the north bay the east bay ballets and part of the south bay's will be in the '70s. by 3:00 p.m. we see a lot more in the way of warrants indicating where we see the '80s. los gatos at 80 degrees. 77 in santa clara. eighties in fairfield and antioch. 71 in san leandro. when the cloud cover stars to pull back will see the mid-70s. upper 50s in daly city. for those of you having to the giants' game against the diamondbacks the first pitch is that 7:15 p.m.. they will
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start off and the low 60s and you'll see cloud cover with winds at 15 mi. an hour. the warm-up starts tomorrow. saturday slated to be the warmest with the mid- 90s. and those '70s for the coast. >> there is a very slow ride at the bay bridge this morning. originally 20 minutes now 24. the 884 interchange is extremely slow. the metering lights are clamped down look there's hardly any movement through the toll plaza. there's a suspicion that something is going on near the bridge. there are big delays now as you had from the macarthur made city shore freeway and from the nimitz freeway. the salmon sale bridge westbound ride
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is doing pretty well, 12 minutes. and about an hour the time a double. the commute to the golden gate bridge d 101 southbound is still a pretty easy ride but the volume is definitely up. we're now in the wintertime pattern for the commute. picking up your right in the east bay we will start with the shore freeway drive time is now 24 minutes from hercules to berkeley. 680 southbound is also the pattern coming down from concord. 242 to join up with 680 south. 101 heavier again heading out to the west valley. one of one doesn't look too bad. the drive time here is just 21 minutes from the coyote valley. highway 85 to the money u.s. press way. starting to see some slow down with a 32 minute commute to the golden gate bridge.
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>> there is surveillance video to show the blast. people panicking and flying really. there are people running. this is new video that is just an release of this incident saying what they think happened. some writers thought that it was a bomb. officials say they know what it was. >> there was some sort of foreign metallic debris that caused a short between the third rail and that running rail creating a sustained electrical arc. we did not have a fire. there was no material consumed by fire. it was a spectacular art but it did not damage or consume anything by fire. >> they do not know how many people had to be evacuated
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by operations were shut down for about an hour. people complain there's for communication during the entire thing. >> the united nations general assembly meeting president obama up speaking about... i run and president will be speaking at 8:00 this morning. there'll be protests about him speaking on this holiest day in the jewish year. the week the leaks founder will be speaking by video link. he is holed up right now and the ecuador and the sea where he is seeking asylum. he fears he will be turned over to the u.s.. coming up we will check in with the i iranian president.
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>> the time is now 7:22 a.m. and will continue on this wednesday morning. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. the commute is looking good for marin county. there is heavy traffic on the bridge but is county. another oneavy killed by lime scale. how can the dishwasher do its job ? adding finish power up to your detergent brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference.
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welcome back to the 7:25 a.m.. a piece of history has been discovered in union plaza in self san francisco. the foundation of the old city hall that was destroyed and the old earthquake and fire. historians and archaeologists are going to take advantage of this discovery. there are still looking at the rubble there. one archaeologist is saying that they may find remains associated with the year but borah cemetery. as soon as the documentation is done workers are going to come back to the site and cover up the expos foundation. >> there's also here's a look at the update of the stadium. it is about a hundred feet in height they
7:26 am
are looking to put four more stories on that. tickets will be at the 50 yd line. in two weeks concrete for the walking surfaces will be poured. more than 200 workers are at that site every day every . >> we want every worker to go home safe every day. >> 7:27 a.m. we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. here's a look at mt. tam kamm, it is a beautiful look here about these clouds. we're starting at warm-up, we will be right back.
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good morning welcome back. it is a great start to the day for commuters and marin county in golden gate bridge. you can see them with their headlights on making their way through the fog. >> clear conditions for some of our inland communities. for the most part we do have widespread cloud coverage but the good news is we will see sunshine later this afternoon. temperatures in the '60s and '70s looking ahead until tomorrow the warm-up starts then. there will be some not low 90s for some of our inland areas. >> we may have more problems for the san mateo bridge besides tion. there is a report of an accident in the westbound direction. three cars and it
7:30 am
is reported to be blocking a lane. the drive times have not yet climbed to about 14 minutes. it may be a problem here. >> developing story on the campaign trail. president obama of arriving at andrews air force base he is headed to ohio. in the 6:00 hour we have met romney's comment comments for you. the president will make two stops in ohio today this is the 15th visit to ohio for both candidates. new polls as mont morning one showing the president with a 10% bandage. the other within 8 percent advantage. >> new this morning park side elementary in san mateo will hold a safety meeting with parents after the
7:31 am
attempted abduction abduction of a nine year-old child from campus this week. we're about an hour away from that meeting is expected to start. >> the school starts at age 10 and we expect to see some students and their parents are arriving here shortly. there are some staff members that the party started to arrive at her side elementary. there was an attempted abduction on friday with a suspect was in custody right now. there was a student from our side that was attempted to be affected. the police chief from san mateo decided to call a meeting at 830 to take questions and talk about some new procedures at the elementary school. we had a chance to talk with the assistant superintendent from the school district this morning. she talked about why they wanted to hold this meeting.
7:32 am
>> the meeting today is to give information to parents to relieve some fears. there is a lot of unrest with our parents. we have attempted to meet several times with the staff as well as the students. it is the first priority. but today the parents will be able to voice their opinions as we roll out new security measures. >> she did say there be some new security measures and a school and including closing off the gaited areas that were open in the past. you can see the fence here. she says there is a fine line between keeping the school basically open as it is and putting up security fences all around the area. that is why they won have this meeting and talk about it with the parents and community to alleviate some of their concerns.
7:33 am
>> very good and as jackie said that suspect is in couplet custody 25 year ol. >> derrick d. and lewis in court yesterday he is the principle of mountain view elementary school. police found 20 hidden cameras in various things such as a teddy bear cigarette lighter a coat hanger a watch. investigators said there is no need to have so many hidden cameras especially one and a teddy bear. they aren't checking of the computer seized to see how the cameras were related. >> what could make this extremely serious is if there is some sort of sexual assault involved. or people being videotaped to or under the influence or had been drugged by this man. pamela lewis was arrested last week after police say he offered to give drugs to an offered
7:34 am
undercover officer who contacted him and then on light dating site as part of an undercover sting. he has been placed on leave as a principal of the mountain view elementary. >> yesterday the fbi is surveyed the ground for clues. the speed freak killers say that more human remains will be found there. >> what they're doing now is to establish exactly where these other four wells are. once they get and they are going to find bodies there's no doubt about it. they have been very open about it. they were dubbed the speed freak killers for their math induced murder spree.
7:35 am
>> and dozens of bullets flying on the 5800 block of six east 16th street. a pregnant woman was sitting in the car at the time and wounded by flying glass. a bullet went through the home that had a family inside. >> we were just sitting on the couch and all the sudden we just heard all the shooting. there's lots of pinging. me and my daughter had the floor. my youngest daughter said mom are you ok and i said yeah i'm ok and you could just hear them. we stayed on the floor for a while. people came down the street and said that there were bullet holes in my wall. that is a big hole. i've never seen anything like that in my life. we found the one above my
7:36 am
daughter's window over to the side a little bit. there's another hole up there. at this is ridiculous. i don't know what to say. >> the police are investigating the shooting but they're not releasing any details as to who is the head had a target. they think this was from a passing car and that it was gang-related. a family is afraid to sleep in their home now after an 11 year-old was shot in his bed last week. louis duane yes was struck by one of 16 bullets that were fired coming for his home. the bullet is going to stay lodged in his liver because doctors say it is too risky to remove it. the boy is soon to be getting out of the hospital but where will they live? >> i don't want anything to remind me of those moments. sound i will find a new home to move into because i do not want to move my kids
7:37 am
back to that house. >> the father has reached out to family and friends and moving somewhere. he said as soon as he gets a call he'll move that same day if he can. >> the highway castro valley is open again this morning after i guess it was issued out this morning. here is some evidence that's there were walking up and down the shoulder. it was about 6:00 last night but the only edge clue that they had better shooting took place was a car that they found abandoned on highway 80. no one was inside and nomo's around but they saw bullet holes so they walked around to see if they could find anything. >> 7:30 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. there is a live look. shouldn't the fog be helping with allergies? i don't know will be right back.
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welcome back in just been developing story and still well oklahoma a shooting and a junior high school. there is a student died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. the school is now under evacuation right now. the student killing himself in stillwater, okla.. we'll be back as kron4 continues
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good morning is 7:45 a.m.. a concord teenage route will make an appearance in court accused of running over a month father and daughter riding their bicycles back in april. the team is expected to change his plea from not guilty to guilty. it big day on the campaign trail that romney wrapped up a speech in ohio minutes ago. obama is set to address rallies today in obama and ohio as well. romney plan three more stops in that state before he moves on. >> looking at a couple of hot spots now they're a couple problems coming into the traffic center. first there's a car crash north down on interstate 680 excuse me northbound on one
7:45 am
01 it doesn't come anywhere near san francisco. 1 01 northbound just north of the 280 interchange six vehicles involved in this crash. chp on the scene is backing up towards the candlestick causeway. you might want to use the 280 extension to get to downtown instead of using the james lick freeway downtown. there is an accident report on the san mateo bridge but it turns out it's on highway 92 before the toll plaza. it is backing up the traffic on 922 industrial slowing the 880 ride through hayward. the san mateo bridge as traffic is moving well towards the toll plaza but it is starting to slow down as we're seeing the drive times climbing to 14 in 15 minutes instead of the let usual 11 minutes. this could become a hot spot was stop traffic at the toll plaza.
7:46 am
they back up on the bay bridge today backed up into the macarthur maison 580 west down. no incidents or problems for the of the back but just unusually slow. for your golden gate bridge right the 1 01 southbound as we move closer to 8:00 we see traffic volume increase. the drive time as well through marine county that is now pushing 38 minutes to the golden gate bridge. 7:47 a.m. here is the weather. >> cloud cover you can see all the fog here as we take a live look in downtown san francisco. satellite error and shows that the fog is being pushed inland. it fares: concord in livermore being impacted as well. visibility is at 7 mi. at 5580 and livermore. down to just 3 mi. and half monday.
7:47 am
just a mile and a half of visibility please sir drive with coulson caution. sfo delays on arriving flights averaging 53 minutes. current conditions 54 in oakland 50 in daly city and napa is coming in at 55 degrees. the fifties want to take in as the afternoon '70s and '80s in the south bay. 73 of the expected amount via mid-80s and their fellow at the act and livermore. on the creek and 72 in castro valley. low seventies expected in the shoreline. below seasonal average in downtown san for cisco and daly city. the seven day around ave forecast shows the warmups hours tomorrow. saturday is expected to be the warmest day of the week mid-90s and inland. check out that beach
7:48 am
weather along the coast line. we'll continue that sunshine even though we will lose a couple of degrees as we. >> you are the sports director and i am merely a producer which you like to do baseball or football part first? all right football. are you tired of it, they had the fourth straight day they said had nothing to do with the phone call. but the fourth straight day of talking to the refs about this. the nfl says no deal in sight and they're still i don't know like five... >> the thing is the owners do not want to pay pensions to what they deem part-time employees. that is that they're trying to take it away. you can ask any
7:49 am
worker as country, no one wants to give back what you have. >> it's funny when you boil it down to the real money we're talking about. it amounts to $38,000 per raft by the way. that is what they're squabbling about what the pension money. >> everyone wants to blame the commissioner but the commissioners for the owners. the honors the other day and fact yesterday and all i did not see the game what happened? these guys they got in that position because they excuse the language but they screw a lot of people along the way that is how they became rich enough to on the team without knowing all the details. if they don't want to do something then they're not going to do it. >> with more plays like this may be than those that lose it will affect their records. maybe those owners will look at the other honors in say guys we have to stop this.
7:50 am
>> as long as they're talking they're going to get it done it's just a matter of when. >> now let's see some baseball because the a's won and they look terrific and the giants lost. the a's are now down to a i guess it's a half game they're only a half-game back? >> you want to get and that is the main thing. they have a 2 game lead. two teams get into the playoffs and they are half a game out of hosting the wild card but that is okay. the angels had eight to play. >> out of those 85 are against the rangers that's going to be fun. >> it cuts both ways let's say the rangers wrapped it up by 70 than they would finish up here again. they are probably going to play like the giants they just don't want to get hurt and
7:51 am
they're ready for the playoffs. >> i guess timmy got some time to figure out what's wrong date but even i still love him. he's got to fix something right? >> if your line down the street would he stop? >> i don't know >> that's my for him... >> every fan need something to worry about so that is a legitimate worry. they say they're going to be all right when they start the playoffs. >> and you can always... is the giants' roster full or the giants lactose intolerance? they don't want as well, i don't know
7:52 am
>> if you play let's say you plan on bringing him back first off you can have them until the second round, ok. he played great without him, no one's happy with the way he left the team, there is no great outcry from players left. and that on national television here readout. tell me about the that it cheated help the giants get into the playoff. >> know that doesn't sound good >> let's face it was done he had equity with the samteam but he wouldn't have had a great as season as he has so good riddance. >> we will find out what happens with the roster when it comes out. will see him we'll be right back is 7:53
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7:56 a.m. big backup set at the bay bridge the left lane as blocked of the of a driver tried to change his flat truck tire. the right to san francisco northbound does the car blocking the left lane at just past nor interstate 280. >> the money once responsible for protecting facebook is not responsible for theft. we would tell you what he stole from the former headquarters. also a piece of history is covered discovered at the old city hall. being a world-class destination comes at a price for san francisco residents. we will show you some bad behavior that people visiting the city come at.
7:57 am
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach.
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in the heat will come back this morning are sad elementary having eight safety meeting with parents right now after the attempted abduction of a nine year-old girl from the campus last week. jackie sizzles outside where the meeting is being held parents are still worried yes? >> parents are still
8:30 am
worried in just the last 15 to 20 minutes parents along with their children are starting to arrive for the day of school. they'll be having a meeting to discuss what happened last week when the nine year-old was basically almost abducted here at the school. the superintendent here with the police officers from san the sale are expected to speak to parents to talk to some about some of the changes they are proposing. we had the opportunity to talk to some parents earlier this morning and they told us what their concerns were. >> i would basically like to know where the child was taken from the grounds and what steps they will take to ensure that the kids are safe. >> i would like to know what the district is going to do. not just schoolwide but district wide. i think that it's important that the entire district be on one
8:31 am
page with this. >> when it's too close to home it makes everyone worry in their hearts race and i could not imagine this happening to my child. >> that is basically what we've heard from all the parents. a lot of people are nervous and have a lot of questions about what happened and what they're going to do to change things. the meeting as a starting to get under way and they ask us not to go inside with our cameras but we are waiting to get information from the district itself. hopefully by nine or 9:30 a.m. we will have some information to pass along. >> the time is 832 and we're going to change gears and go to traffic and weather. there are unusually big backups. they are diminishing slightly but there are still longer drive * any expect. 24 to 26 minutes from highway 24. 20
8:32 am
minutes to about 880. early occuring problems on 101 northbound in san francisco back up the traffic all the way down to south city. there is a six parched crashed that cleared. at the san mateo bridge we have been watching and waiting to see if we would get that typical back up. so far this morning at least late in the commute we have not seen a slowdown yet. we're still looking at a 13 minute drive time from the bridge. that is still well within normal range. the golden gate bridge 101 south on a still a smooth ride. the downtown drive from moran has been pushed up to 27 minutes. >> we have cloud cover right now but into the afternoon plenty of sunshine. temperatures will rise in the upper 50s to the mid
8:33 am
'80s. as we head into the evening hours clout to make a appearance. we're looking into tomorrows the warming officially begins here in the bay area. the 90 in places like antioch in fairfield. we will look at the forecasts and see what that shows for the weekend coming up in my next report. >> a new story that were fined falling police find cameras of the santa clara school principal or arrested on drug charges. he was in court on monday he is the principle of the montague elementary school. police say they found at least 10 hidden cameras and his home. hidden cameras and a teddy bear a coat hanger a cigarette lighter and a watch. they're going to look at what was found in his computer that has been seized in see how these videos are related. he was arrested earlier this week when he had an encounter
8:34 am
with an undercover officer and offered drugs to him. >> fellow investigators confirmed it did bring heavy machinery back to the area were human remains were found earlier this year. in connection with what's known as the speed feet freak killers. they have not begun digging yet. wesley sherman time as one of the killers and says that more remains will be fine. >> what they're doing now is to establish exactly where these other four wells are. once they get in there they're going to find bodies there's no doubt about it. sherman has been very open about it. >> of sherman and his deceased partner or response will for a math and used killing raged during the '80s and '90s. >> dozens of bullets flying and you can see police markers here as this happened in the east 16th
8:35 am
street. there was a pregnant woman sitting in a car that was wounded by flying glass. other cars went through the wall of the home and there was a family sitting inside. >> we were sitting on the couch and all the sudden we just heard all the shooting. we get here pinging and pinging and hanging. me and my daughter hits the floor. my youngest daughter asked mom are you ok and i city and i'm ok you could just hear them. we stayed on the floor for a while. people came down the street and said there was blowholes and my wall. that's a big hole. i never saw nothing like that in my life. the voice on the one in the gate. then we found one by my daughter's window but over to the side a little bit there is another hole up there. it's ridiculous. i don't know what to say. >> scary for that family. look at all of the evidence markers police are
8:36 am
investigating in not giving any details as to who is the intended target. they said that the bullets came from a passing car and they believe it was gang-related. >> word coming out of greece that violence has erupted in athens after an anti- government rally there. right police used teargas and pepper spray and several hundred demonstrators near parliament. protesters are also using bottle rockets they threw bottles firebombs and also set fire to trees in the national gardens. central africans this is all part of new security measures and this is a large sale scale walk out. these are some of the newest details we're getting across the wires. we have don't have much for video imagery but we will share as much as we have when we do get it. >> there'll be fewer places to take that all of comcast cable box back we will
8:37 am
explain that story and have a little more for you next as i iron, els and asses and whatever else i confused there. take a look at our mount tam can and we still have fogged over the golden gate bridge and we're going to cycle through all of our live cameras and give you weather and traffic as we continue.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
watching wall street the dow industrial average down 27 points. home sales dipped in august. apple stock continues to get hammered despite profit sharing apple stock is down $10 to $6.63. wells fargo's of the latest bank to be hit by a sniper attack. according to the wall street journal users and are having problems logging into their accounts. they saying the action is in retaliation for you to video that mocks the profit muhammed. >> comcast is going to close three call centers in northern california. 1000 jobs are going to oregon and washington and colorado that it going to be moving. comcast is citing the high cost of business and living
8:41 am
is the reason for the moving. they're going to be shut down by the end of november. comcast declined to give information to their employees about relocating or for severance packages. we will be back there is garbage piling up in one of our cities is been reported as one of the dirtiest in the nation. here's a look here at the approach to the bay bridge will have more coming up next.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back a concord teenager making an appearance in court and the next hour accused of killing a father and daughter running them over while they were on their bicycles back in april. he is expected to change his plea. parents worry about an abduction and attempted abduction in san until last week. they are meeting right now with local police. met ron the wrapping
8:45 am
up a speaking event in ohio this morning he had three stops today there is also to stops for obama and ohio as well this is a swing state. obama has a double digit lead now in the state. >> is a 40 6:00 a.m. and let's see if we made any headway on are hot spots this morning. >> we are no longer checking the ride to san francisco. we've replaced that with others. the ride on interstate 280 today is a tough commute in the northbound direction. from downtown san jose to up north to santa clara. take a look at these 680 southbound which is backed up once again leading to one-on-one because remember 1680 crosses 11 is the same freeway but the number changes. 680 south becomes 280 north and is back up
8:46 am
towards alethea's and malloy rock. the east shore freeway very quietly beginning to slow down here. there is a 34 minute drive time it should be about 26 minutes here freer westbound 80 ride. it is pretty slow from an old down to berkeley. this is because of the slow traffic at the bay bridge all morning long. interstate 80 is still backed up to the berkeley occurred you might as well say the bay bridge backup begins in richmond this morning. the 24 commode what still backed up to the macarthur maze is not a solid backup you'll catch a short break. from interstate 880 is still a 20 minute drive time. slow traffic there also from 880 that as a way to save some time from the bay bridge but not this morning. the san mateo bridge of the good news is not backing up today. for some reason we're not saying the stopping the conditions at the toll plaza that we have seen so many days of
8:47 am
last couple of weeks. the golden gate bridges still and steady wins the race here. no surprises for yourself 11 drive. they're caught? >> we're looking at conditions this morning and you can see a blanket of cloud cover from down below and poor visibility. that is reflecting at us at sfo visibility is low. current conditions are in the 56 and concord 53 in downtown san francisco. afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. that green strip on your screen indicate '60s for san francisco and the coast seven days throughout the heart of the bay but all of that orne's does indicate the '80s we will see in the afternoon. as we push the clock until the evening hours by 8:00 p.m. we will
8:48 am
see widespread grain and hitting '60s however naturally cooler along the coast. breaking down your afternoon highs similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. a lot of the cloud cover affected pretty much everyone earlier this morning. sunshine will make a comeback into the afternoon 76 for sunnyvale 76 for santa clara and san jose. they're filled at 8571 in san leandro. pretty comfortable conditions if i do say so myself for berkeley and oakland 75 on tap for vallejo. 61 and ocean beach. downtown sampras's go little cooler than seasonal average mid- 60's here. adn santa rosa 77 in panama. those of you lucky enough to go to the giants' game against the diamondbacks the first pitch is at 715. we will start the game often low 60s although we will see increases in called cloud cover and in
8:49 am
the wind moving west by southwest. seven day around the bay forecast saturday is warming up to be the warmest day of the week. eighties around ave. check out those low '70's along the coastline. we will sail off a couple of degrees but still keep that sunshine around with pretty warm conditions as we start the next work week. daria? >> 7 cisco supervisors have approved a large overnight vehicle parking ban. campers are these commercial trucks cannot park until 6 on the morning along the beach, golden gate park. this is in response to residents' complaints about super sized vehicles clogging their neighborhoods. >> a recent survey sound san francisco as the 11th dirtiest city in this nation. >> this is trash dump on
8:50 am
the streets of san francisco. a city known worldwide for its tourist attractions. like lombard street also known as the cricket is street in the world. sam and cisco is also known as one of the various. no one knows this all too well and some of the people live in the city. like townie who lives in nob hill. a so-called nice neighborhood. ? what they don't hear a concert?. >> everything palos' mattresses boxes i don't know if it's coming from this neighborhood or just people coming around. >> liquor bottles mattresses you name it is in the street. some people say it's because the setting of a garbage can in some areas. let's be realistic you cannot put a mattress and a garbage can. on some streets there travis garbage cans
8:51 am
that are used for public use. >> people are digging in and kick them just because. you know there's trash everywhere and they don't have the decency to pick it back up. >> sell some of their skins removed but old habits are hard to break. but you can move the garbage cans easily. the leader not there many people who go care about where they live and go beyond and above to prove it. >> is a constant thing on a regular basis. everyday you have someone throwing something from either car or just walking by entering a cigarette butt. although san francisco made one of the dirtiest of cities in america, and hopefully will one day will make one of the cleanest. it's going to take everybody. in san francisco
8:52 am
stanley roberts kron4 knows. >> history discovered in san francisco. workers discovered the foundation of the old city hall which was destroyed in 1906 in an earthquake and fire. you can still see the foundation of the original city hall on high street and fulton. historians and archaeologists are not going to take advantage of the new discovery documents inasmuch as they can. one archaeologist says they may find remains associated with the year book-cemetery. which is what existed before the old city hall was there. as soon as the documentation work is done landscapers will come back to the site and cover-up expose foundation. >> we'll be right back as the kron4 nose continues. the crop the ball that is slowly lifting from san francisco.
8:53 am
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there's a new survey that say professionals feel more productive at work when they drink coffee. food service workers say that they need the most caffeine's to get through their day. dunkin donuts commissioned a survey to tie in with national coffee day which by the way saturday. >> we do drink a lot of coffee around here. we're taking a closer look at the work gets under way for the new diner stadium in santa clara. watching wall street with the dow up... we have a hot spot the bay bridge here with warmups on the way and will be right back into mats with the kron4 morning news.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> think you for joining us. parents are on edge after this concern with parents witnessing gunfire. however, let us check the forecast. and first, george? >> that is correct. we are watching the south bay. interstate 280. from downtown san jose towards cupertino. towards the west valley. it is backing things up along the 680 southbound.
9:00 am
the 85 is sluggish but not that bad. and the 87 but the rest of the freeways are slow. quite normal and the east shore freeways. it got back up because of slow traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking at 30 minutes-34 minutes from berkeley towards hercules. also, the bay bridge has been exceptionally slow around the berkeley claper c kerf. also, some difficulties before the bay bridge backup. that berkeley curve. -- >> tense right now we have not seen quite that much but temperatures-right now as we take a look at the weather headlines. warmer with 80s. as we look for tomorrow. we
9:01 am
could the '90s. a full look at your extended forecast coming up. >> thank you. we are following images >>this just in to the kron 4 news room out of toledo ohio. air force one just touched down onto the tarmac. you can see any moment, airforce one door will be open. regency president obama. it is the campaign the spot. at bowling green, university one hour. we will have those comments and then he will go to akron, ohio. and at a university. however, it looks like he is holding an advantage in the state of ohio. medtronic are both campaigning in the buckeye state. and mitt romney. it is also going to be focusing on the note the national deb and the plight middle
9:02 am
income families. that have been hit hard. and he wants to help them as the debt with interest causing concern. you can see the local dignitaries lining up. you can see the limousine. and of course, they will parade him through the streets towards the university. that live shot. perhaps any moment, we could see president obama. at perhaps 14 different trips combined with president obama and mitt romney. as history has shown us. no president has ever ended up in the white house without the inning victory in the state of ohio. without getting victory in the state of ohio. and we will see the
9:03 am
broadcast in short order as we get closer to the november election. again, we are staring at airforce one waiting for that door to open to see president obama. we will continue watching. as a reminder, the presidential debate. they are scheduled next week. in fact one week. and watch that. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. uninterrupted 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. and again as we continue with our indication that the president is getting closer to the opening door he flew out of washington and finishing up some of the
9:04 am
work that he had too. he took off from thei he will have two different campaign stops in ohio. and look at a recap for this evening news tonight. with complete coverage of decision 2012. >> part side elementary is holding a safety meeting with parents at park side elementary. this was an attempted abduction of a 9 year-old. jackie, the parents are still worried even there there was an arrest made. >> correct, mark. they have questions and the want answers. not only from the superintendent but the police chief. the children are in the school but the parents, and a staff members from a park site elementary are inside of that meeting.
9:05 am
to discuss what happened from park side elementary. there was an attempted abduction. concerned parents right on school grounds. they are planning on making some procedural changes and the security changes. but they wanted to have this with the parents to talk about their concerns. we spoke with parents this morning. they said what they wanted to hear. >> we would like to know where that child was taken on the school grounds. what steps they will take to make sure that the state and children are steak. >> i would like to know what the district is going to do. with children stashed-safety at stake... >> it is too close to home.
9:06 am
>> there were a lot of frayed nerves. they were even considering taking their children out of this school. they are in that meeting right now. we're hoping that we will get information about what those will be. and again we will pass those along. >> thank you, jacki. >> 9:07 as we continue on the kron 4 morning news. rob black at 9:15 we can see the dow jones is off and we will see what is in business and why you could get used to pay more for even more air fees. and a plea of changing to guilty for killing a
9:07 am
father and a daughter. a involving that car crash with bicycles. and also, global with underwater panorama, you can get this of google ocean views.
9:08 am
9:09 am
>> welcome back. we are
9:10 am
looking at production numbers. the demand for japanese cars in china has dissipated. after sales of disputed islands if that conflict could continue? it could spell trouble for the economy. >> also, >>this just in to the kron 4 news room from toledo, ohio. he is trying to speak with these citizens. and speaking right up to these people standing in the barricade he will be on the to bowling green, and continuing his
9:11 am
campaign efforts at another school. also commit from the has two different events. ohio is a popular spot for candidates. we will take a quick break at 9:11.
9:12 am
9:13 am
the welcome back rob black is joining us we had some spectacular numbers. with airline baggage fees. >> yes. they're becoming more independent on airline
9:14 am
fees. you are going to have to get used to. $1.7 billion in records. it is stunning. delta offer is the worst offender with united, british airways and the southwest. even they cannot charge they're still considering that the eritrean, does. these fees have been introduced in 2008 and up on nothing done nothing-but up. and even possibility of having to pay for toilet paper out of bed airline from ireland. and this is even talking about installment payments. for fuel suisurcharges. >> maybe you could bring your own toilet paper on board? >> we spoke about the self robotic car and general
9:15 am
motors? >> it is not only not only just science-fiction it is becoming reality. and the toyota prius and le fanxus it should be ubiquitous in just a few years. with lane departure warnings and a driverless car does not get drunk or smoke pot. it will decrease millions of people driving intoxicated and children under 18 years old. or even people that want all transportation that to not want to drive. perhaps if their elderly? if they--our
9:16 am
elderly. >> and also, coming up with bold predictions. about the future of the young who. >> her gumption was not that detail oriented with it- yahoo. it is a company that is full of personalzation. however, she did not say much about the personal pages, or the sports pages. they want to become better at what they're good at. and i was surprised by what their plan of action was by purchasing a lot of small companies. and she thinks that it could be a good strategy. i love her. i think that she is a great ceo. she is fun to listen to and i hope that she can turn into a round. she's a bay area company >> and quickly, the homes sell numbers? they were released. the sales?
9:17 am
>> 4.5 months of inventory. you home builders. your new home building numbers. the median price is up 70% at 286,000. and also, it is only up by 70%. it makes people feel good $25 sex, que. however6256--, 9:18! pala >> we are looking at the edge of that warm-up. >> good morning. yes. we could see warmer conditions.
9:18 am
we expect improved conditions with sunshine in concord, very cloudy and other areas. with only 2 mi. of visibility at half moon bay. decreased visibility there are delays at s f o. averaging 53 minutes. certainly check with your carrier. and there's no word if this is impacting departing flights. it however, could be a possible that is something that will continue to monitor. 70's through in san jose. and mid 70's in redwood city. and it is another day of mid '80s in fairfield, antioch and livermore. and 71 degrees and san leandro. as we turn our attention to the north
9:19 am
with 80s in livermore. and it looks like vallejo is going to see 75 degrees. it will get down right toasty. and as we go towards this afternoon will start to see the 90's in fairfield, livermore. potentially in santa rosa and san jose. the rest of your extended forecast showing saturday to be the warmest day of the week. mid 90's and 70's for the coast. certainly, a great day to go to the beach. a gradual cool down starting saturday, sunday and even monday. george? >> we are looking at better news at interstate 80
9:20 am
southbound. the northbound is also returning normal from downtown san jose towards cupertino. 680 is also carry out, nicely. for the drive on interstate 80 we're still looking at a slower-than-usual. from the upper deck towards the freeway with perhaps 26 minutes but it should be only 90 minutes at this time of the morning. that ate commute is being backed up because of the bay bridge. the 80 commute. westbound. and the 880 approach is still 20 minutes! the 20 minute drive time getting through that backup and to the upper deck towards san francisco. still, a round the corner to the berkeley curve. the right towards the san mateo is also much better. we did not see that back up. leading to the toll plaza. we are speculating
9:21 am
that it is possibly because of that construction waiting to still hear back from caltran. that steel plate construction could have created these delays. we have seen these delays from the mid span, from last couple of weeks. all the way back to the toll plaza. >> thank you. we will take a live look from our roof cam. we are watching that fog slowly lefle
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> welcome back. watching bay area weather for that warm up. within 90 is expected. the warmest expected to be on saturday. mid 90's, beautiful a round of the bay. and beach weather. friday, saturday, sunday with highs nearly 70 degrees. the n f l, the r
9:25 am
ef gate.. that controversial touchdown up from of monday night football. hail mary they conceded that tate pushed off before he reached off. so the pass interference could have been called off. that would have nullified however, that is not available for an instant replay. if there is enough conclusive evidence to overturn that touchdown. with both the receiver coming down is a tie. we are learning more about that side judge, lance easly.. he only has four years of experience and is not worked above a division 3 college level with a 70,000 collegphone calls wanting the genuine referee's back.
9:26 am
>> boy oh boy! and the blast from this bart station. they now know aware of what it is. they thought that it was a bomb however, they are releasing an explanation of what happened. >> what we have is some type of form, and metallic debris that caused a short between that short running rail. and it caused sustained electrical issues. it was probably pretty significant for the people that saw that. . however, it was a spectacular arc. but nothing was consumed by fire. . they do not have the number of people that they had to evacuate but they had to shut down items for at least one hour. commuters also
9:27 am
complaining of poor communication. coming up. a concord teenager is back in a court room facing vehicular manslaughter. kron 4 has a live report from vehicular manslaughter. kron 4 has a live report from will [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> welcome back this live look. from mt. tam and in the traffic this big backup continuing on the bay bridge. let us get a update. >> because of that large up date we have seen an unusually long drive times on interstate 80. the east shore freeway that leads to the bay bridge which is still below average. it issues in 19 minutes but it is improving. 24, 25 minutes, westbound. still, slower than we would like. let me show you the macarthur maze. from
9:30 am
westbound 24. and still through the macarthur maze. on a 24, that is why the bay bridge toll plaza is still at 22-24 minutes. coming out of the macarthur maze from interstate-80 and the nimitz freeway. this is really on the usual-unusual-- >> this however, at 8:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m. was because overn this was an earlier backup. from 5:00 a.m.- because of the earlier construction activity much earlier this morning at 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. compared to usually 8:00 a.m. for this
9:31 am
area. >> that warm-up will officially begin with temperatures in the '70s and the '90s. coming up in my next report to the extended forecast and at 9:31. darya? >> the father, the daughter were killed in this accident in our face to face to the person that was behind the wheel on the month of april. will tran is an martinez and there was supposed to be a change in his plea? >> that is correct this was about 10 minutes ago the family of the back tom. they were calm.. victim of the family. however, the victim's family is when there were sobbing. he is facing seven years, eight
9:32 am
months. however, under this part to a killer he could be released at 21 years old. under this--particularly law his apology was not wanting to be heard. the family just wrapped up to their news conference. and they said it is great that you wanted to apologize but where was this apology, when this happened earlier. cardoza is representing the family. he says that they want to make sure that the wheels of justice are in motion. to make sure that the family got what they wanted. they were hoping for the maximum. and i was just speaking to the prosecutor and they're going to be releasing him at 21 years old, not 25 years old. may i
9:33 am
have your reaction? she just was sobbing. >> you can imagine. but with parents and having that loss of a child or even a spouse. to say that it is devastating is an understatement. i understand that he is apologizing but i cannot help but wonder. is this to get a better deal for less jail time? is that what he is trying to do? is that why he is seeing a psychologist? you should see the victim's family! it is a bit disingenuous. what happened, the day it happened is that i've wanted to apologize why did you not to say something then? but you had to get a lawyer. and
9:34 am
then that the lawyer had to provide you with advice and that we get the apology. you can imagine how it is hollow. >> he was going 72 mph in a 45 m.p.h. we do know that speeding was involved but was something else involved? distraction? >> the way that i understand it is that the number one lane is the fast lane. he was in the number one lane crossing through an intersection. there were three cars in front of him to do with the speed limit. that metal car at one point moved into the no. 2 lane. that center card-move into the no. 2 lane. just as that vehicle caught driver was going so fast that he could not break. he was going to hit that car. so he went over to the no. 2 lane in hopes of avoiding a collision. however, that second car was going into the no. 2 lane in the center car was going into the no. 2
9:35 am
lane. minor driver was trying to get into the third lane and that is funny lost control. he went right up onto the sidewalk. that is-- one that minor driver went up onto the sidewalk killing those people. what is your reaction to his maximum time? >> we are limited by the law. how can you compare three years. even if the judge will give him three years. will he get three years? we do not know that. however, when he is 21 years old he could walk out. and he will move on with his life. remember, that this is not an adult felony charge that will be on his record. and this will be just time served in a juvenile detention center. meanwhile, this family is without a
9:36 am
daughter and with out the hospital because of what he did. >> really quickly, you spoke to the probation officer. the family is without a daughter and without a death-husbands? >> this was very emotional. and also, how this has been devastating to the family. that is about the best i can describe. you had to be there to understand the emotion. you understood that in the courtroom today. and you can imagine having to sit through with much more detail. >> something that would make the attorneys cry? >> yes to make an attorney cry is saying something but this is gary hart touching. this is. heartfelt. this is your-heart is... everybody
9:37 am
is feeling mess. in my office everybody is feeling this. in that some level, there's a renewed faith in people because there has been some people that has just dropped off and made donations. in her name. it is nice to know that he was driving without insurance. it leaves her that one now. for play.. the father, the l help her. it will not replace the daughter. for now. >> thank you, michael cardoza. you can see the parents behind michael cardoza up. after she was trying to speak she was just too upset. i can tell you that the attorney david rosen would like to be released but that judge did not allow that. so he is
9:38 am
being arrested and will be going to juvenile hall. he was requesting that his at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
9:39 am
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>> welcome back. the progress on the san francisco 49ers stadium. it is nearly one half way. the steel frame showing the 50 yd line, the 15 the yard line and also concrete is expected to be poured. large cranes are being used to hold those teachers seeds. thousands of workers are on the scene. >> i cannot wait. we will be right back.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> wilth google, showing the
9:45 am
panoramic images available on the google maps. you can even check out the ocean floor. >> get ready to explore the great barrier reef you to not even need to get wet. scientists have teamed up with high-definition scientists photography with anybody with access to the world wide web. tens of thousands of images have been that stitched together to create this virtual climate. how pollution can be impacting this fragile ecosystem. the lead scientists say that it could even bring awareness and unexpected surprises. >> what we found were four different new species of coral for the great barrier reef. and even pick the sea horse. >> these special cameras were 30-100 m. making up 93%
9:46 am
of that coral reefs. that 360 degrees crystal clear quality printing coral reefs brimming with life. with bringing beautiful images to the world wide web. if this is a success a could be expanded to other parts of the world. reporting from london. >> 9:47, george. let us check another check of the hot spots. >> correct with the exception of the bay bridge. however, it is still backed up on highway 24. leading to the bay bridge. the 880 has cleared out. and the 80 approach is wide open. highway 24 is still, backed up. try to get out of the macarthur maze and towards the toll plaza. once you get here it will be easier along
9:47 am
the upper deck. thankfully, the right towards the san mateo is also much easier. and that ride--towards the san mateo is looking much easier. towards the golden gate, it has been quiet all morning long. no major incidences. first, the east bay. and the 580 also looking good and the nimitz freeway. and at the 280 it is almost completely clear. the 101 is also looking back to normal with no evidence of slow traffic between novato with only 25 minutes to the golden gate. and now erica. >> george as we take one more check of the forecast. temperatures, we're not seeing much movement. 50s through san francisco, san jose. we have not seen much
9:48 am
as far as sunshine. our coastal communities we're still pretty socked in. as a result, with delays at s f o on arrivals at 53 minutes. as we check on your afternoon highs. similar. compared to what we saw, yesterday. yes, 70's and the sorbonne portions of the bay with sunnyvale southern portions and mid '80s in fairfield, antioch. 72 degrees in castro valley. and mid-upper 70's for petaluma with 65 degrees. looking at the weather story we will see morning fog but that is one that warming trend will begin. for this afternoon, 90's but saturday is going to be warmer. if
9:49 am
you are going to go to the giants game against the diamondbacks tonight? 7:15 cloudy temperatures and 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay it highlights saturday and yes, the weekend! 90's and toasty inland. 80s along the bay and check out the 70's expected for the coast. we will see a few degrees less but it still warm, inland. started for the next workweek. >> thank you, erica transportation officials are trying to figure out a security flaw for the muni commuters could use their smart phones to reload more
9:50 am
commuting privileges at no charge. >> oversized vehicles have now been from a response with super sized vehicles clogging neighborhoods. >> and also, two different massive explosions rocking damascus. s that civil war, continues. thick, black smoke. with these explosions went off in the army command building. fires broke out. at least four different people have died. in spain, the demonstration with new cutbacks and tax hikes. several thousands of people
9:51 am
went to madrid. thousands of riot police had to block access. that forced the rioters to also continue their efforts nearby. with barricades still showing no sign of protecting 27 police officers that were injured. >> we are looking better with coming up, a number look at your day. it's time to change the way we clean.
9:52 am
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it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how?
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the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. third >> welcome back. workers are recovering a bit of history. they found part of the foundation of the old city hall that was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fire. jeff bush. >> if you walk near the construction zone at fulton and high street. the foundation of the regiona is exit - it is on site...
9:55 am
>> it is amazing that we were finding these specific foundations was a great surprise of the our regional a original this was originally, park avenue and the foundation portion that we have here is the very eastern portion of this eastern wing. >> things look much different in the year, 1906. the foundation was discovered near the un building. hyde street did not go through. and that street, where the art museum is currently standing was the ending spot for that street. they are taking a portion of credit for this discovery but there could be more discoveries before the old city hall was built.
9:56 am
>> there could be other discoveries that existed before it was developed for the old city hall building. >> interesting but as soon as that documentation is complete landscaper's will return and cover up the exposed foundation. jeff bush, kron 4. >> let us take a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay before we say goodbye you can see we are in for a warm up. we should start to see that thursday, friday car and you could not even plan that, better!. >> amazing! all my goodness. >> and even soccer. all my mygreat... day. and get ready for dr. phil, next.
9:57 am
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