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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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hour. candles are lit, and there are flowers at the crash site. the driver who hit the girl is cooperating. >> reporter: people began dropping off flowers and candles at the site after finding out the middle schooler passed away. investigators say this white suv was traveling east on novato boulevard, and she was on her bike heading west when the suv struck the 12-year-old. investigators were at the scene thursday collecting evidence. they still don't exactly know how the accident happened. >> there is no crosswalk in this area. we are trying to reconstruct the scene with technology to see exactly what happened, and if she was trying to cross or if the car crossed over into the bike lane. >> reporter: investigators recovered the bike and helmet from the street. the girl was airlifted to the hospital where she died. nik was froends with the -- nick was friends with the
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student. his mom called 911 and stayed with the girl on the side of the road. another friend told me she had just moved here from new mexico about a month ago. >> i've known her for a while. she was nice, just liked hanging out with people. >> she was very nice and caring and respectful and everything. >> reporter: grief counselors will be at sinaloa middle school tomorrow to help deal with the loss. the superintendent of the novato school district where the young girl attended school posted this statement. "counseling will be available for students and staff. our heartfelt thoughts are with the family." police arrest an east bay middle school teacher suspected of having an inappropriate
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relationship with a former student. the 28-year-old was arrested at his home. the accusation was made to the principle's high school and passed onto middle school officials. >> i've had girls go through the basketball program, my husband's been a coach with him. he's a great man. he does so much for the community and so much for these children with sports and school, it's been a shock to everyone. i just think that people really need to listen and get the facts. >> the teacher started with the district in 2007 and became a full-time 6th grade teacher in 2008. he also coached 8th grade boys' basketball and 7th grade volleyball. he posted bail and is out of jail tonight. no formal charges from the district attorney yet. parents at albany
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middle school met with administrators tonight following the arrest. >> reporter: the meeting here at albany middle school lasted just over an hour with more than 50 parents attending. the superintendent opened the meeting up with a brief speech telling parents what she knows and does not know then opened it up to questions. >> we are reacting with a child's best interests at heart and reacting as soon as we possibly can. >> reporter: the superintendent says she learned of the allegations against james from an administrator at albany high school monday and that it shook her. she reported it to police. >> and i was sick. i was sick. i know every teacher here, i try to know every family here, and whatever the outcome is, when you hear something like this, it just sinks to the bottom of your
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stomach. >> reporter: she told parents thursday that their students have been given vague details about the teacher is no longer their teacher. counselors have already been talking to students, having trouble dealing with the situation. >> and you made it a point that the teacher has not been charged? >> that's correct. we are in a very delicate situation of an arrest being made and an allegation being made, but no charges as yet. you have to be very careful when you talk to kids and when you talk to parents. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed into the public meeting. parents told stevenson and the principle and assistant principle that some kids are having a tough time, a few calling in sick. she understands. there will be another meeting on friday night. the district mental health coordinator will be on hand.
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temperatures were warmer this afternoon, especially in our inland valleys where we were back into the 90s in places like pleasanton. 91 there, 93 in antioch, 80 in concord. in the north bay, temperatures in the upper 80s, low 90s as well. along the coastline, temperatures really stayed cool this afternoon, thanks to the fog which has not cleared. in fact, it's gotten worse. this is the golden gate, but you can't tell that from the picture. the fog is going to be more widespread than today, leading to cooler temperatures for friday, but a big warmup is in store for the weekend. mitt romney's camp is getting ready for next week's presidential debate. but they are not kidding themselves. a new memo shows that the gop party claims that it will not be shocked if president obama wins
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the first round. in a campaign memo, longtime romney advisory, beth meyers, outlines a series of reasons why the president is likely to emerge as the winner of the first debate. president obama is "widely regarded as one of the most talented communicators in modern history." the memo ends saying that the debuts will not decide the election. the first presidential debate will take place next wednesday in denver. you can watch it live on kron4's 24/7 bay area news channel on comcast channel 198 at 6:00 pm next week. coming up, the director behind the anti-islam movie which fueled deadly protests is now behind bars. tomorrow marks the 20th year of critical mass. a tradition that has bikers taking over the streets of san francisco. >> later in this broadcast, the
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real referees return tonight in the nfl! oh, do we have maybe the catch of the year in baseball! giants and a's both working, heading toward the playoffs. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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police have arrested the man believed to be behind that anti-islamic film that sparked deadly protests. he was in a bail hearing earlier today on charges that he violated his probation. in 2010, he was convicted of bank fraud. as part of his probation, he is not allowed to use computers, nor any device that can access the internet watt the approval of his -- without the approval of his probation officer. the low-budget movie sparked violent protests. this is video of protests from tunisia and sudan. los angeles police are
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investigating the murder of an elderly woman and her link to the sons of anarchy actor, jhonny lewis. officials believe he brutally beat his landlord to death before falling to his own death. crews were scene cleaning the crime scene earlier. he fell to his death when he tried to run as he heard police approaching. it's unclear what set the actor off. cooler temperatures expected into tomorrow. but a big warmup this weekend. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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organizers are critical mass are expecting a big turnout for tomorrow's 20th anniversary bike ride. the majority of the events have been peaceful in the past. on auction, tensions have been high between drivers and riders. maureen kelly has more. >> reporter: chaos on city streets or a party on wheels? either way, friday night's critical mass 20-year event is bound to be big. some are saying between 5 ,010,000 bike riders could show up -- five
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thousand, and 10,000 riders could show up. they will pedal around 6:00 pm as they have every month for the past 2 decades >> likely, we'll fragment into multiple pieces of the ride. it always does. i think it'll be multiple routes. >> reporter: drivers heading home friday can expect to sit in gridlock as intersections are blocked to let the parade pass through safely >> it means delays. 5,000 or more bike s going down the street, that could be five or six red light changes. >> reporter: there have been ugly confrontations over the years. those participating this year say they aren't expecting any trouble >> we never expect trouble because we're not looking for trouble. it's a celebration, it's a party. >> reporter: police say they're planning for a larger than normal procession.
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they'll monitor the event with the same number of officers as they do every month to keep it safe and ease congestion. but other cops on duty friday will be put on standby, ready to be called in just in case things turn ugly. there was a gathering of techies in menloe park today, and it was all for a good cause. dozens gathered at facebook headquarters to take part in a competition sponsored by the bill and melinda gates foundation. it offers prizes up to $100,000. it's up for a youthful app or service. one of stockton's strongest supporters spoke out against the police that patrol that embattled city tonight. they reallied against the high crime rate -- rallied against a high
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crime rate and what he called a lack of effort by the police department >> the only bit of a could give me was to take my grandmother and move. they said unless i'm shooting or they're shooting at me, they just don't come. and i've fought for this community, i've given back to this community because i love this community. this community raised me to be where i am today, and to be lied to blatantly by the guy who's supposed to be running around the shots around here, i don't do anything. if a guy with a gun and badge can't step up and answer the bell, who is? we have no other choice. arm yourself or get out. it's the wild west, the boys in blue are outgunned. and they just let you know they just can't do it. >> stockton became the largest city in the country to file for bankruptcy earlier this year. it is the second most violent city in the state. just yesterday, it reported its 50th homicide of the year. braden says he is about to move out of stockton.
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a big warmup into the weekend. tomorrow, we'll still have our fog in police. heading out the door to cloudy conditions. temperatures will be slightly cooler. into saturday and sunday reversal in the winds will bring temperatures soaring into the 80s and 90s. upper 70s for the coastline by sunday. tomorrow afternoon's highs, in the south bay pretty comfortable. upper 70s and low 80s. 82 in los gatos, 78 in san jose. 78 several degrees cooler in concord, 84 in pleasanton, warm in antioch at 89. 69 in berkeley and oakland. 73 for fremont. along the coastline, another chilly day wallet fog in tact. upper 50s,
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low 60s, 63 in san francisco, and in the north bay a mixture of 70s and 80s as well. your extended forecast, tomorrow, cooling, but big-time warming into the weekend. temperatures into the 90s inland sunday and monday. near 90s, a starm passing to the north -- storm passing to the north, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, cooler temperatures. once again, kron4 gives you the best seat anywhere to watch one of the most exciting events of the year. it's kron4's blue angels live sponsored by jeep, part of san francisco's fleet week festivities. we bring you all of the sights and sounds
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live. saturday october 6th at 3:00 pm. and still ahead, the giants play their final home game of the regular season while the a's battle texas for the al west. gary has the highlights straight ahead. and they returned as heroes! but how long will the honeymoon last for the real nfl refs?
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on the day melky cabrera was told his season was over, bruce bochy went out and played their final game at home. hunter pence going deep, 22nd home run. giants out on arizona early. marco scutaro hitting over .300. he's the no. 1 acquisition, on a 15-game hitting streak. posey, 2 hits today, he's at .333. 7-3 giants. they run around the stadium thanking the crowd. and bochy grabbed the mic. >> you play a huge role in the
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success of this team this year. [ cheering and applause ] >> from all of us, we want to thank you, and we're looking forward to seeing all of you in the playoffs. thank you! [ cheering and applause ] >> when you're having a great year like the giants, all this stuff is cute. these are rookies, a little hazing, they had to wear these costumes on the flight to san diego tonight. it's the padres and the dodgers on the road to close out the regular season. the a's just keep coming! right now, they're 2 games up for a playoff spot. ron washington, texas range ares. lost 2 in a row to the a's. but they weren't going to let it happen today. 8-4 rangers, but the a's set an all-time record for strikeouts. cespedes, moss, and reddick breaking from his shump. 2 home runs. a's hit 5 in all today.
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9-7 rangers. the a's are 4 back of texas with 6 games to go. angels lost, so the a's remain 2 games up in the wildcard race. a's home versus seattle tomorrow night. name a better catch than this! travis snider climbs the wall, and yes, the pirates lost to r.a. dickey's 20th win, but he robs mike baxter of the mets with this sensational play! stanford, they're on national television night, and david shaw went up to washington to watch the cardinals, murphy giving stanford a 13-3 lead. watch them lose to washington. keith price finding cason williams, going to juggle the ball. will hang onto the 35-yard touchdown. catch and run, 17-13 washington.
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stanford only 91st downs. this is probably -- 9 1st downs. now the trend, when you upset a ranked team, storm the field, the students all over the place. the referees, the real ones, were back tonight in baltimore. and they received a big ovation at every turn. rae lewis giving some -- ray lewis giving some love as well. and one of the stars for the ravens said welcome back. cary williams, the interception, he runs the other way. cleveland now 0-4, and the 49ers, let's see what youngstown ohio looked like today. jim harbaugh put his team to practice on the parking lot of the holiday inn. well, he didn't want to go east,
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come back west, go east again. last year, it worked out perfectly. they play the new york jets on sunday. if they win, hey, practicing on the asphalt, what a great idea. if they lose, harbaugh outthought himself. [ laughter ]
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