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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: feet devastation of superstore sandy ravages the east coast. still some people are waiting for help to our right. and drunken brawls are a common sight but now they are doing away with the faugh extra patrols. first, the san francisco police saying that the hot spot for police activity. the san francisco police chief says he is putting more officers in the mission district. we're in the past month, violence has spiraled out of control.
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kron4's phillipe djegal is live with more on a sector where police say most of the crime is happening. >> philippe? >> this is densely possibly later many can get a quick escape. it is also a multiple bus stops making this area a transit hub. >> if somebody were thinking ahead they could make a quick getaway on a public transportation is also a gang activity. >> 16th/san francisco there is a more police presence with patrol units motorcycles and on marked cars. >> there has been 94 arrests and one half block since august. >> since wells fargo have been vandalized. >> and also aggravated assaults with weapons for is related and four
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homicides. the weather is the drug dealings and also several robberies. >> sergeant michael saying that the high violent reduction team and gang task force are focusing more personnel in the area but people should take heed extra precaution. travel in pairs, heidi your electronics powerhouse police will not say how many extra are in the area for how long the extra police will stay in the area but at least until crime goes down from 40 live, phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> is an area for out of control drunken brawls the police and walnut creek will do with withwith the way with out--officers. in an effort to stretch its staff there will be moving the downtown patrols that have been input it has always been a
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problem in the area of walnut creek. and fights for comment on the streets before the program was implemented but now officers say they have had no choice. >> with retirements, people leaving the experiencing some staffing issues. as a result of that we are having to pull from special assignments to cover patrol. patrol is our primary focus. and our number one priority. so when these, of we have to pull from special assignments covered patrol. the department plans to permit downtown unit back when the four officers are hired. >>pam: an outcry over the lack of bare essentials for storm the victim's has prompted new york officials to cancel that cities marathon as the struggles to recover continue. tomorrow morning, president obama
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will convene a meeting with top aides, state and local officials to review the government's response to the disaster. at least 90 people are dead in 10 states because of the storm. he and nearly 4 million homes and businesses are without power. and some sections of your have no sections at all. >> staten island, it has been one of the hardest hit.
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>> cancelled the marathon. >> there are rows and rows of boxes for the marathon runners. >> the itouch resources is turning into a public- relations nightmare as turn to fire hydrants for the necessities of life. >> it's a disaster here, they forgot about us! residents pleading with government officials. been overcome a die here if we get killed with the weather were to die here! order and a freeze! we've got nine the old people with a storm surge for " hundreds of yards inland. >>pam: entire homes were swept off their foundations have of the york city's 40 fatalities died here. two of them young boys who would been riding in this s u v.
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>> the man was initially hostile to reporters but then denied the woman's story. >> so you do not see the woman with two children? the we have reaction of the reactions of the cancellation of the marathon. him know we have been we will, back next year. >> we will come back next year. >> the decision is that it would re trained citie resources that are needed to help with the city recover. >>jacqueline: we could see the city from our mount tam cam. not forming just yet just that high cloud coverage. if we are seeing that spotty shower activity. and rain also to the north of we are going to see clean air conditions. temperatures
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for most of the bay iraq through half moon bay and novado fiord more 40's through this afternoon but how warm it is going to get coming up. >>pam: san francisco police have arrested a man, who they say, while lee attacked a of muni station agent last month. this is a surveillance video. police say 20 year-old stefa--devon riley punched and kicked the agent after he ignored the agent ordered not to go to the pay gates with a bicycle. ted 8 and was seriously injured and has not been able to work cents. riley was booked on assault and battery charges.
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>>pam: new md-11, menlo park police are looking for the suspect or suspects, who they say are responsible for a shooting that injured four victims to run eight this evening the victims, who are all adults, are currently being treated at stanford hospital. there are two that are included condition, there is one that is in serious and one that is in critical condition. no suspect description at this time but both vehicles were seen fleeing the scene of the shooting a black convict, black acura. there is no known motive but the investigation is continuing with the blackcontinuinghonda... was one of the vehicles. also,
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banks are offering of some financial help to victims of sandy several banks including bank of america, chase, american express have sent out e-mails notify credit-card customers that they may qualify for special credit offers if they were impacted by this storm. some banks are also offering short-term loans, storm victims should look into any funds available from national or state disaster relief agencies. the highly anticipated october jobs report brought mixed news today newly released numbers from the labor department showed the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9 percent last month.
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in dim several initiatives on a california appellate may come down to undecided voters. tonight kron4's dan kerman looks at the latest poll on proposition 34. if passed, it would repeal the death penalty. california's death row could assume mission its doors for good. the new field poll shows a majority of californians favor proposition 34. which would repeal the death penalty 45 percent say they would vote yes 38 percent oppose the measure and 70 percent remained undecided.
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that's a significant increase in support from the pull of taken in september. when " yes " the voters' trust " no " voters 45-42%. field director mark di camillo suspect it is unusual to see such a reversal and it changing attitudes about what would cost the state less money. >> a large majority would think that it would be easier to put them into prison for life but now the opinions have changed, dramatically. with this modification of this poll if the lawyers think it is more expensive to do the death penalty when it is being implemented. with all of these appeals and backlogs and housing, prisons, extra accommodations of costs, combined. >> ultimately, this takes 45
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percent is still not enough to win. if proposition 34 is passage will come down to undecided voters it passes. five percent of them with a jump to the " yes " this side. >>pam: super " storm sandy is making difficult for voting. joe johns has more. the states hardest hit by the super store are the most likely to face the biggest challenges on election day in new jersey. the lieutenant governors said that there are some areas where the traditional polling place is now on but said voters should stool port to the same location.
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>> what will find instead of the department of defense a truck with a well situation national guardsmen in a big sign that says " to vote. ". so go back to your voting polling place anyway. >> both the state of new jersey in the work of said that there also tweaking the rules to help voters including extending the deadline for absentee and meal in balance. but in a fierce battle for president, both states are safely in the obama column almost regardless of the turn of the two campaigns are focused on the five so- called battle crime states impacted by the storm. new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania. where polls have the president ahead, but there is no reason to wonder weather effect of this storm could put it back in play. one question. weather power outages in and around the democratic stronghold philadelphia
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could depress turnout. the pennsylvania office of the secretary of state advising polling stations to keep paper brought available at the polls for voters in these electronic coding machines don't have power. in virginia, there is early in the dutch person absentee voting. they had a few problems after voting centers earlier this week. especially in northern virginia. >> of course on monday we have no voting at all and tuesday we did in this started until tender and the morning so we lack behind the 28 turn at this point. but were reasonably sure that we are we to make it up later this week and this weekend. >> virginia officials to not expect any problems on election day. in north carolina, snow and the mountains and flooding on the coast caus election officials to postpone some
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early voting. they said turnout was a head of 2008 until monday. now it's up to speed there's no interest in early voting in new hampshire so power outages have no impact the deputy secretary of state predicts every polling place will have power restored well in advance of election day. finally, the crucial state of ohio the storm did not slow down a high turnout. two of the early voting. . >>jacqueline: -- throughout the early voting in ohio-it was not impacted. >>jacqueline: we are going to see 75 degrees expected in cupertino. 70's for the inland valleys. '60s and '70s. and along the coast will see 60s through san francisco. the look at your extended forecast with
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warmer conditions. and as we look at tuesday we will start to see cooling with a mixture of cloud coverage and rainfall. >>pam: in sports, a rare national audience on a friday night. the warriors' opener home season but they already have covered what they could see a serious injury on one of the players. sportster, pure rhetoric is coming up. gary radnich- [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> could evening, everybody to warriors' home opener. andrew bogut. played only 18 minutes and scored four points. stephen curry introduced. and right off the bat, brandon rush was. of heart by zacks randolph. if it looks pretty serious. he was fould hard... the word will come out that brandon rushed want mas - -the , brandon rush.. could miss
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some time because of this possible injury. curry a 3- pointer to cut the deficit to eight and 90-82 grizzlies. but the grizzlies fall away, also, clippers berat lakers tonight despite kobe bryant 40 points the lakers' first zero-three starts since 1978. college football tell host in washington. and washington's bishop sakey scores on the first yard touchdown run a. 21-13 washington. four minutes left in the game zack
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maynard is tackled. they twisted tackle release on top of them. last chance for come to tie it up with a touchdown a two-point conversion. but on a fourth- down backup quarterback allen preferred overthrows is receiver. tedford and the bears are known officially out of bolting contention at 3-7. also, richard seymour find raiders defensive tackle has been fight again. for the hits on chiefs quarterback matt cassel in the raiders win over the chiefs sunday. seymour was fined $15,750 for the " unnecessary late hit ". the chiefs called the raiders a dirty teens. seymour has been fined before, most ladies thnoticeablr
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the late hit on the steelers' quarterback ben rothenberger's, last year. >> the new york city marathon cancelled. also, the hockey at ann arbor stadium... causing more headaches for hockey fans. with no game schedule in january. >> you were talking about the oakland raiders tickets
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those for being given away? >> yes. >> more details on that later, have a great weekend.
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