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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 19, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news top stories that we're following this monday
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morning delay of teenager accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman will be in court today. we will have details. of vigil will be held to mark 24 years since michaela garecht was taken from hayward. black friday is getting its earliest start ever. people are camping out now in front of best buy. >> you will need umbrellas' later on this week. >> rain is on tap tuesday into wednesday. today we had a mild start to the morning and we will see plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. we are tracking system to our north that is expected to arrive tuesday night into wednesday morning. we're looking at sunny skies and fair weather around the bay area. numbers if you're heading out right now 49 for napa 6151 at 4 and
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>> we have been incident free at the bay bridge but we have a big back up this morning. it reaches all the way to the end of the macarthur maze. it is starting to back up to the berkeley clerk occurred within 18 minutes drive time for the westbound upper deck. >> the 14 year-old boy who is accused of kidnapping and assaulting sexaul assaulting a 67 year-old woman will be arraigned today. he faces charges for the kidnapping and sexual assault and beating of a woman who was kidnapped at gunpoint at the parking lot of the gateway plaza. she was forced in her own minivan into this remote area near interstate 80 where she was sexually attacked and then laughed her mouth duck tape -- laugeft. the boy later
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returned with the woman's vehicle and had some of her property as well. he was taken in. 24 years ago mchale led hayward disappeared. her mother is held holding a vigil were hurt daughter was kidnapped on in 1988. mchale was lured into a car. the vigil will be held at 10:00 on the mission boulevard. >> the service employees international union 1021 has announced plans for a 24 hour strike beginning today at 9:00 p.m. in oakland at terminal 1. as that is going
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on bay area and nurses are also threatening to walk off the job again tomorrow over a longstanding contract dispute with sutter hill. the last time nurses one on strike in november 1st. this will be their second strike against setter since last year. the nurses are disputing issues surrounding health coverage, paid sick leave and working conditions affecting their care. they will be bringing in replacement nurses and planned to operate as normal. espn is now reporting that alex smith will not play for the forty-niners. he was on able to clearance from his neurologist after suffering a concussion last week. right up until this morning the thinking was that he was going to play
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but he will not. >> is 7 of 4:00 a.m. and monday but shoppers are already getting ready for black friday. that stopping and starting early an earlier because of the sales that are starting earlier. jackie sissel is joining us from the best buys and pinole. halfies seen anyone come out of their tents yet? >> we saw one person poker hand out of the tent. it looks like they're sleeping in here at the best buy. they started lining up yesterday. just so you know they're not waiting for the store to open up today, they are waiting for the store to open up on midnight at thanksgiving. they are waiting to get the deals that are expected on what used to be black friday but now it's black thursday are what everyone a call it. as i said they started lining up out here on thursday to get those deals. we had a chance to talk to one of
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them earlier this morning in the question is why? >> the first 40 people i believe get tickets and it is just good deals. this is one of the best places to be. i am not worried, we are safe out here. >> the person that we talked to said that she expected to save about $600. she hopes to get a tv in x box and some other electronics. they used to open around 5:00 a.m. on friday morning, that was a big thing. people lined up on thanksgiving night after dinner. now stores are opening at midnight friday night and others are opening thursday night. people are getting out here earlier and earlier but this may be a bit much. five days waiting in advance, i don't know how best by feels about it. i
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guess they're ok because these tents are still set up out front. >> what is gonna do have thanksgiving dinner and a parking lot? >> he and she said that they are just gonna bring a little pot luck and have their thanksgiving in their 10's. >> but i guess they will be watching on their tvs when they leave. >> the galaxy past three it is 48 bucks. that is not bad. we will take a break. here's a look at our roof cam rush showing some clouds out there but there is rain on the way. erika will have a complete look coming up at 715.
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>> hollywood theater owners and everyone else who connected to twilight is a winner. the latest and final film of the series put out a blockbuster year for the block box office. the total ticket sales, which had been really struggling because of increased competition and it's really hurting the movie industry. tiebreaking
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don part to opening weekend domestic box office take of 143 million. this is the force of some this year to break the 140 million mark. it seems that you have to make it a big event thing and have a lot of hype. otherwise you will just wait and watch it at home. >> for your sell some vampires in there and you have yourself a winner. the traffic is on the light side, maybe will be that way all week. we will be back side, maybe will hey, look!y a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back.
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>> sfo sought a big weekend. the cause some of these lines on camera and take a look. sometimes they were slow as we had thousand and thousands of people had to the airports to fly after the holiday. one of the biggest we can say set records for people passing through sfo. a lot of the folks that are out there, at least to we spoke to said they knew it was going to be crowded and the lines are going to be along soon became mentally prepared for it. >> we started early and be
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prepared in just try and relax yourself. >> just tried to be paired in play and had >> whether you are flying or driving you have a whole lot of company. friday they think it will be one of the busiest travel days because everybody is walking home at once. >> what are you going to do? you are not the only one. let's take a look at the weather it looks like things will be nice but if before thanksgiving. >> it will be a little dicey. people be on the road tuesday and wednesday as well and we are anticipating some rain. keep that in mind for your thanksgiving travel plans. right now it is a gorgeous start to the morning. we have some clouds to contend with but nothing in the way of fog. upper
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'40's reported in napa and 52 and my own view. afternoon highs everyone is in the low mid-60s. 62 for daly city in half moon bay 654 have known for at san mateo. satellite and radar is highlighting the bigger weather story. we have some moisture in northern california right now. clouds north of the golden gate bridge. this system will continue to say its way south into the bay area. 3:00 p.m. on tuesday we could pick up some light rain for palo lama and as far as napa. we will continue to see the system grow in intensity by 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. dll on the screen indicates moderate to heavy rain and it will continue to sag in march its way south in the overnight hours. waking up wednesday morning for those of you do have to have to
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work light rain through the heart of the bay area. the good news is it will start to clear out as we head into the afternoon. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a 10 percent chance of some light rain thanksgiving morning. sunshine will prevail until the afternoon and will be a dry one into the friday. saturday and sunday into the weekend temperatures will be in the upper 60s for your afternoon high. upper '40's low 50s for your overnight lows. 7:17 a.m. and we are on to traffic. >> we continue to monitor a slower ride on the bay bridge with no that reason. is back to the macarthur maze but not through it. the slowest approach this morning is from interstate 80. the san mateo bridge ride could get really slow this hour. it has not yet still 11 to 13 minutes drive time. the golden gate bridge is still a very easy trip as you come from marin county. no delays in northbound
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direction either. traffic maps we're checking and first your ride on interstate 80 on the east shore freeway 24 minutes from hercules to berkeley. that as a commute wears on slower traffic into walnut creek it will backed up be backed up and to highway 44 too much longer. the doubling raid is good but still heavy out of tracy heading into dublin. south bay we had the early morning problems north browfound but the overall drive time to the mountain view expressway is still only 23 minutes. that is still within range of normal drive times even with heavier delays coming from highway 85. starting to see some delays are marin now. incident free and the drive time is now 32 minutes from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >> the time is 7:18 a.m. and
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san francisco will decide whether not you will see more of this. new peace. more of everything. this band that is being proposed represents an escalation of a two-year fight between new this and their supervisor at this got wiener who wants to make it illegal for anyone are the age of 5 to be exposed in public. there are exceptions to the band but the proposal will stop processinnew did protesting >> yesterday morning at 4 baker just before 4 at 8:00. the body does not describe any people on a matching persons report that we have.
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-- missing persons. we have four people injured in three different shootings. the most recent one took place saturday night near seven adeline st.. a half an hour before that two people shot on the 3000 block of haven scored boulevard. earlier in the day saturday afternoon one person was injured on the 44th hundred block of 68. all these instances the victims are expected to survive. police have made no arrests but will let you know that changes. >> sampras as the police are and investigating a string of robberies where people get their cell phones now spread out of their hands. for the five of the recent robberies happen in plain view while people were on their phones and on aware of their surroundings. either the thief grabbed the phone and runs off or in some cases assaults the victim as well. take a look at this surveillance video something that happened in october. to
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the elderly man that you see in front was a salted, grabbed plunged in the face and kicked as well. they took off with his phone. police when you to be aware of this although people say yazoo they are aware but they will not stop using their phones and public. >> i'm not particularly afraid of cellphone staffs. primarily because i don't think you have to worry about it anymore than any other kinds of things yet to be worried about in this city. >> i would try to hide my phone but i've heard that the blood their funds are about and punched in the face. i tried to not take it out like when i'm on a bus and stuff. >> 1 description that we do have of the suspects they're looking for is white or hispanic males that are 20 to 25 years ago old wearing baggy shirts and giant t- shirts and giants ball caps.
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>> also following the lead is an international moves we will be touching that later on on the kron4 news. there is a live look outside in here is the view from walnut creek. the sun is up and you can see the orange haze through the san ramon valley. we'll be back with more in a minute.
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>> a person close to bridewell said she deeply regrets the damage that she has done to her family and everyone else. she is trying to repair that damage and move forward. bridewell is still being investigated because of classified documents that were found on her laptop and in her home. investigators will leave she gathered those documents while researching her biography about the trade as well he does in afghanistan. >> people were so scared and twinkies still the headline saying that they were going out of business. it turns out that they are actually going to be sold. there in bankruptcy court but they will still be making all this stuff from hostess. they were bogged down by debt and the labor cost
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problem. they tell their employees that if they did not go back to work they would have to fold. they decided to sell the assets rather than go into chapter 11 bankruptcy. you will still see twinkies, don't worry. >> they cannot let that brand ago they have too much value in it. embezzling $30,000 from zero elementary school and sunnyvale. she pleads no contest and faces a maximum of one year in jail. she agreed to pay at least $30,000 in restitution to the parent teacher association. >> police are looking for four men with an attempted jewelry store robbery in santa cruz. here is a surveillance video and you can see them storming into dell reelers jewelers friday afternoon. they used sledgehammers through the
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glass cases. they stalled rolex watches and were trying to in this case what he hammers at but it does not break. they did not actually get away with any jewelry. three guys in the fourth was the getaway driver. they think they're about 25 or 20 years old. they also think they're connected to similar rallies in the bay area. -- robberies' >> this salon the shooting that had eight people dead that last year reopened its doors. the survivors of the shooting released butterflies to mark the occasion. the gunmen sprayed this salon with bullets and october of last year after a it has been had been in a custody battle with his wife. >> here is a live look where
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the wait has already started for the deals at best buy. the after thanksgiving shopping, they are camped out right now. they are die- hard won't let that deal go. we will be right back.
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>> 7:29 a.m. in a live shot as sampras is go shows the breeze blowing the flag there. no rain at the moment but we do have some coming on later on in the week. >> we do have rain on tap for tuesday into wednesday. right now clouds and son and temperatures are in the '40's and 50's. we will see mostly sunny conditions and to the afternoon'. as we take a look at tomorrow it looks like rain is on tap as we
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head into the afternoon and evening hours. we will see a lot of cloud cover associate with the system. temperatures will be a few degrees cooler compared to what we experience today. overall big changes to talk about ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. careful look at the holiday forecast and what to expect on black friday coming up on my next report. >> we may not be another unravel the mystery of the san mateo bridge today because there is a stall. slow traffic now in the westbound direction. the stall is that men span and may have already been cleared. it was closer to the high rise and backed up all way to the toll plaza now. the drive times are now 16 to 18 minutes. this is near the time when things with a surge a slowdown anyway. it is hard to know whether now we've seen the end of the construction delays are not. >> developing news witnesses say in airstrike and israel
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has hit a high rise in downtown gaza city. a number of local and news organizations have are there. you can see smoke rising from the building. ambulances rushed to the scene and took away one person was killed. several others were wounded. this is a second strike on the building in two days. israel said the this building does have connections to the mosque. how mossy and is the headquarters for the tv's station is located on the top floor. that is the they're targeting but other local and national media organizations are housed in that building. >> it is thanksgiving week in final preparations are underway and sacred heart in san jose. for the big thanksgiving food giveaway. will tran as live there this morning taking a look at who is in need and what they get. >> we are 90 minutes away from the giveaway. they raise of thousands of dollars and that money went to by thanksgiving turkeys. this is just one of several
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trucks here. and the span of seven to eight days they manage to get or by 3000 turkeys. they still need a thousand more at the very least. they planned a vast amount today tomorrow and wednesday. along with turkey's there's a box full of goodies skies tomatoes, green beans, rice. here's another truck full of turkeys and the palates. there's been a better as well. the nation's continue upon this morning. people are hopping on line to the web site to see again the make-or even come down here and done a turkeys. they are so short that any turkey they get will just add ride out the door. they expect a lot of people, perhaps even more than they anticipated. inside they're starting to put together the the box seates. the volunteers are
7:34 am
coming in and there's a lot of people registered about a week and half ago. he does have to wait for them to open the doors and then they can come and get their food for a thanksgiving. joining me is j. pedro with sacred heart heart community service. the clock is ticking and you can't pass out the ticker turkey on friday so what can people do a help file? >> we're giving out food today tomorrow and wednesday. everybody can celebrate their thanksgiving but we are a thousand turkeys shore right now. people can help by driving up to sacred heart and the turkey that people donate will go right into someone's food box. they will be ready to celebrate. >> has been harder for this community to raise money because the communieconomy as tough and they have very little wiggle room themselves? this >> i got this great e-mail
7:35 am
the other day the said thank you for taking care of me when it was hard and i did not have lunch. here is a turkey and that will help someone else out. we are a great community and we try to help out everyone that is struggling. we're all trying to work together. >> the best way to donate money as on line. >> www at sacred heart bought zero r g- >> let's turn our attention to muni. there'll be a public hearing its emphasis go city hall this morning to discuss reliability is with the muni system. it will cover muni is lack of reliability lack of maintenance and lack of increased investments. munies is performance has
7:36 am
deteriorated because of low on time performance which is something that hasn't played in a system for years. also they have a number of broken-down vehicles. the hearing is scheduled to get underway at 9:30 a.m. and we will let you know what comes out of those discussions. also keeping an eye and gas prices and gas prices are falling still. it dropped 80¢ over the course of the last month. the state averages $3.78 for a gallon of regular. this is welcome news just in time for the driving season. oakland is $3.77 and the cheapest gas is $3.73 on average. >> san jose police officers' association is offering a $10,000 reward for information on a second person who was recalled all involved in a crime spree.
7:37 am
jonathan will banks is in jail in connection with the murder during a carjacking in a shootout with the police that happen on friday. police say the 26 year-old boy was one of two men who were in a car that when officers spotted connected to the robbery. that car led police on a chase where an officer in the inn was shot twice. the officer will be o.k. but they are looking for the second man and offering a big reward. the fatal shooting in menlo park for the saturday night was 42 year-old sitting in his lot his car. witnesses say they saw two people leaving the area. at the time is 7:37 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. lots of sunshine and hard shot of the james lick and traffic is nice and white.
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thank you any now on to some news out of the food and drug ministration were they found a number of violations at a plant that left 04 people sick in 20 states. according to the fda the facility transported peanut uncommon butter that was contaminated with salmonella. no records of the production equipment was clean they are also looking into what the nuts that were fined outside of the facility. employees handled the ready to package peanuts with their bare hands still the muck and ship the moth. we will take a break it is 742 a m a live look at the golden gate bridge. pretty sunny nice and dry. nice break from the rain we had over the weekend. there's more rain on the way we will look at forecast coming up with erica in just a moment.
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:ñ good morning welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at 7:45 a.m. plenty of sunshine around the bay area no instances of fraud. we have upper forties' for annapolis. 51 out the door for haywood. temperatures and to the afternoon to be impeached as for the green and screen indicates where we will see the 60s. expect low 60s along the coast mid- 60s to the heart of the bay it looks like some of our inland areas in the south
7:46 am
bay with a because of the upper 60s. if you put the clock into motion 7:00 p.m. tonight blue stars to take over indicating where we will see the '50s. warmer conditions in the north bay. north of the golden gate bridge. green does indicate low 60s but cloudy conditions on tap later this afternoon. it looks like we have monday night football here in the bay area of 49ers face off against the chicago bears. 5:30 p.m. as kick off temperatures will be in the upper 50s. we are treading a storm system to our no. 3 in light rain. it will stay there as cloud cover south of the system and then we have in the pacific northwest that could bring modern art rain for the north bay. should be tried by thanksgiving day. mostly sunny conditions and upper 60s as we head into the weekend. george. >> will start with a look at
7:47 am
the san mateo bridge which was stopped the last time we checked. it is recovering from a stall and was out of a high-rise it backed up traffic all the way to the toll plaza. it is moving better but it is also near the time when we would see things start to get stop and go. that will be interesting to watch over the next 20 minutes to half hour. drive time surrounding 16-18 minutes. at the bay bridge we're not tracking any problems but we are looking at a big back up over 20 minutes now. this will westbound ride. the best is on the nimitz. for your golden gate bridge ride still problem free. the volume is up there now ablaze across span. but the east shore free ray interstate 88026 minutes. it is fairly heavy is the slow ride on interstate 880. south bay for delay in with the earlier problems north brown at tully road, capitol expressway the drive time
7:48 am
turn normal. 26 minutes here. the commute to marin county ride at 32 to 34 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >> this just in to kron 4. live on our segment it had been thought that it looked good for alex smithsonite and now espn guys are tweaking they got the word that alex smith is out. >>darya and gary are reporting alex smith would not apply. >> reportedly he did not make it through the serology test. neurology test. they put a helmet on him they smacked his head with a pad and they looked at him for
7:49 am
signs of a concussion. >> they smacked his head and it just went wobbly. >> if this is how they do it what? >> every sign pointed toward him play. >> the espn tweetrs reports. they said no he failed the test will not play. >> now we are even chicago does not have their starting quarterback cutler. the 49ers do not have their guy either. it is all fair with the raiders. they all had concussions. >> this is three games in a row. >> paulo you know and love our floor director he was at the game and he goes i am not the only one that started by the second half paying attention to the seagulls.
7:50 am
>> everybody can have a bad game but three games in a row that were blitzed. new orleans is a good team. you want to put up a little better fight. >> what about putting up a fight what about the learning curve with andrew luck. all my gosh ree bdreeze schooled him like the rookie was. >> he should school him i think when they were playing in new england to. always a school in new england won by a big margin. if i had to buy stock in one of them because he is younger i would by brady. i would by luck excuse me. it was still in best of luck. >> there is something about
7:51 am
just having it done in that year after year and a high level. it did not surprise me. >> did it surprise you that stanford is that good when they beat the ducks. >> stanford won the no. 1 team got crushed kansas state. >> i was watching stanford i paid attention to pace state and notre dame. >> a san jose state beat byu in one of their biggest wins in years. you have stanford on the screen and that was great. people settled into that thing you cannot beat oregon peopl. you cannot be orgn especially at home. we beat oregon.
7:52 am
>> what happens i guess we got a look at notre dame if they are number one and they beat usc which nine out in they lost. >> usc would not have their quarterback. >> are they all said they go to the bowl game in the first time in 20 years. >> i think i missed it last time. 95 percent of the people connected with the b.c. as did not want kansas state in their they did not want organ. if you have alabama vs. noted and the audience goes higher. >> the two well-known those are maybe if you 95 per cent as college football programs to of the will be noted that at all about. >> what about the tv ratings for nascar. i understand
7:53 am
nascar has been suffering. now they have a new hero wins in takes this that steady as guggling beer with one of the sponsors during his interview you can see him getting will be you loopier >> the guzzling beer is fine but remember last week when they had the fight. he was involved in all that to. >> if i want him to really do something get into a fight every week. >> there is nothing like a fight. >> this is why we mix it up gary f. lee and you. >> see you gary. we will be right back.
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we are back the time is 7:56 a.m.. i have to lead to know there will be a new episode of dr. field bay area ties. this is the episode that follows up that morbidly obese man from livermore. robert a. gibbs made headlines when he made a desperate plea for a doctor feels help on you too. we did the story there is a whole tracking as he went to l.a. to shoot the episode. he had more than 1 million views on that you to plead for help. he tipped the scales at nearly 800 lbs.. they had to use to medical plans to get in there. five e intake is followed him. tune in we will find out how he is coming along on a slow to recover. today's episode of dr. field errors today at 4:00 p.m. on kron 4. >> we will take a quick break we come back to bargain hunters picking their kids literally to try and get the best deal for black friday. here it is
7:58 am
monday and they're already out there. we will talk more about that a live report. donations for victims of support storm sandy are still pouring into the lot across. the agency has raised $145 million in donations. a big night for justin bieber. the 18 year- old center dominated the american music awards will every kept coming up.
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 88 in stores now. >> top stories we're following on this monday november 19th the vallejo team accused of kidnapping and assault will be in court today the tell straight ahead. you see the picture of mchale a garrett it was 24 years ago today that she went missing in hayward. black friday shopping is getting off to a very early start this year. your looking at live pictures of people lined up will tell you where and what is motivating them coming up in it.
8:01 am
>> first let us get a quick check of weather and traffic tie erica. >> good morning darya. it is shaping up to be a really nice day around the bay area. everyone is in the '60s. the clouds will wrote later tonight it will be a cool one especially for everyone heading to candlestick park for monday night football. a look at your numbers outside the door 54 in downtown san francisco. a degrees cooler for san jose. concord no longer in the upper '40's that is 51 and 51 in livermore. in my next report i will have a look at your afternoon highs the potential for wet weather. at 801 it is time for traffic good morning george. >> some of the slowest traffic out of here on the san mateo bridge. highway 92 there was a stall at the high rise about 45 minutes ago. it started to back up the ride. as you can see we have not recovered. if we still from time to type it stop and go conditions here is the toll plaza drive time to run the 18-22 minutes.
8:02 am
use the dumbarton bridge instead. the bay bridge is not a good alternate dry times their 20-25 minutes already. >> thank you george 8:01 a.m. now a 14 year-old boy who is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65 your a woman in vallejo will be arraigned today. kaviar king has been charged with 10 felony counts ranging from attempted murder to sexual assault and kidnapping for ransom. she was forced in her many van at gunpoint dripping of a to this remote area near interstate 80 where she was sexually attacked and bound with duct tape and found their unconscious. the teen had taken off in the minivan but, police went back to the scene so that the teenager he was found in the minivan driving the minivan having some of the once property on him and in possession of a replica handgun. >> it was 24 years ago today that mchale garrett
8:03 am
disappeared in hayward. there will be a visual for her. she was kidnapped on november 19, 1988. small yellow ribbons will be tied to a tree growing next to the parking space where she was lured into a car. the visual is at 10:00 a.m. and the mexico super grocery store on michigan boulevard in hayward. >> off the latest developments overseas were palestinian islamic military group jihad. monday strike in downtown gaza city was part of a widening 6 a no defense to stop hamsas rocket from fire and to israel. according to reports hamas tv station is located on the top floor of that building. >> for a story workers say is been 16 months as they have been without a new
8:04 am
contract they plan to go on strike today and tomorrow and oakland. the international--the union for 21 has plans for striking at international airport terminal one. >> bay area nurses say they're prepared to walk off the job again tomorrow over a long standing contact dispute with sutter health. we're looking at video from the last of the strike which was on november 1st. this will be the seventh strike against uttered since september 2011 and the second one this month. the nurses are disputed issues surrounding health coverage paid sick leave and workplace condition more than 3000 nurses may be in boston this strike sutter home said it will operate normally bring in replacement workers. the
8:05 am
centers is go 49ers will play without quarterback alex smith. espn and now the associated press is confirming smith would not play tonight he was not able to do it clears from his neurologist after suffering a concussion last week. >> some people went to bed in a tent and they are waking up in a tent and for the next several days in a tent until black friday with the big sales that want to live up row is abouline up earld not miss out. sometimes i get irritated when there is to cars in front of me at the drive for if there for people at starbucks in front of me and i have to wait. not these people they are willing to wait as long as it takes to get those deals. >> it is like a black thursday because so many
8:06 am
stores are opening earlier and earlier. the people waiting to get those deals are lighting up earlier and earlier. i am an pinole at the best buy if these people here have been waiting since yesterday morning. they're not waiting for the store the alto open today they are waiting for the store to open thursday night. they're waiting five days it will rain tomorrow but that would not deter them. i talk to them early this morning and asked her what kind of deal was she looking for. >> i have to say i will be saving probably about $600 with everything that is on sell. the flat screens and all of that. the toshiba is a really good one. >> i did the math 120 hours they will be out here
8:07 am
waiting before the store opens. she hopes to save about $600. that means she's paid her sell about $5 per hour to spend a week out here in the weather in the elements. she says she does every year she does not care how long she had to wait. >> i was thinking of can you pay someone to wait for $5 than you would eat up your savings. >> they're not giving anything away free here you still have to spend money. you may get good savings but two are still spending money. >> you have to say jacket the more you spend the more you save. >> thank you jackie. >> we will take a quick break here is a live look at the golden gate bridge where we're checking temperatures around the bay. it is vastly not dead bat. 53 in san francisco expected 10 debris warm-up. 63 this afternoon the financial district. 10 degrees warm up. we will be
8:08 am
back in just a little bit. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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8:11 am
wall street today. >> you know what have posit baez's a twilight opening. they made a lot of money in that film. the twilights of a breaking ball park to brought in more than $141 million in its debut weekend in the u.s.. the no. 2 spot was the james bond movie which has been out for a while. skyfall drops to 41 and a half million dollars. lincoln rows out the top three with $21 million. >> from twilight to twinkies out about that for a second 2010 not going away turns out hostas on friday said it would liquidate itself and go to bankruptcy in they were not going to make it any more. if people were open arms because that is like a childhood memory.
8:12 am
twinkies, holes, ding dongs. we will liquidate but we may sell ourselves to another company will continue to make the product. that is the latest right now. coast this has been bogged down with debt management turmoil, rising labor costs. the company decided to sell its assets instead of going through chapter 11 bankruptcy if they will go to chapter 7 liquidation. >> 811 a m is the time police are investigating cellphone test in san francisco this is a video police wanted to see maybe will recognize people that are behind this you have more on that coming up in a minute. sunny and bright over san francisco drive. that will go away come tuesday and wednesday. more on your weather in the minutes
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a 2:00 p.m. as the time. thanksgiving, they rush has been heavy. take a look at the video we have long lines to the airport all we can get started on friday. look at that. this weekend was the busiest they have had an while as since last year. it is about 3% bonds in people going through security gates. all the troubles with poker knew it would be long but you can save yourself stress if you know going in and will take a while. >> which i get here early
8:16 am
and repaired and just relax yourself. >> you have to leave in the time for it. you think and plan ahead. >> according to aaa is not as at the airport is on the roads we have a lot of traveling. 5.4 million californians aaa predicts will travel 50 mi. or more over this 4 day thanksgiving holiday. next friday will probably be the busiest day as people are going home. >> it is a lot of sick people. people are in close quarters and sick. >> especially in schools. >> get the pure realm out. >> let's take a live look at the weather is nice to day san francisco on the left the approach to the bay bridge on the ride all that sunshine as we start off as vacation week for people. >> it is a good start to the week but we do have major changes to talk about in the form of wet weather tomorrow into wednesday. enjoy today
8:17 am
it will be a nice day. it is the mild morning. live sunshine to interstate 680 to walnut creek. 53 in the city. still holding onto a forties' and pleasanton. 54 in livermore. your afternoon highs everyone will be in the low to mid 60's. 63 for san francisco's 62 in daly city. hsatellite and radar shows some moisture in northern california. this system is already falling apart. we are seeing rain from south the bus. scott conditions will persist for our north bay spots. we have more wet weather way is scheduled to hit the bay area tuesday and wednesday. futurecast 4:03 p.m. tuesday light rain north of the golden gate bridge into the evening hours. 9:00 p.m. the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain is expected to hit
8:18 am
santa rosa and pelham. into the overnight hours the system not as intense but it will continue to sag its way south we will be contending with showers to the heart of the bay waking up wednesday morning. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows into thanksgiving expected to be a dry one. now 18 percent chance of rain may be in the morning hours. sunshine will prevail in to the afternoon. a lot of people will wait in line on black friday that looks to be a dry one. temperatures in the upper 60s as we had to saturday and sunday. 8:80 a.m. on the clock and george is here with your traffic. >> we have not seen anything in a way of real hot spots the we are noticing really slow traffic here for the san mateo bridge. the ride westbound still backed up to the toll plaza from time to time we see stop and go conditions. off the drive time running 15-18 minutes.
8:19 am
sometimes as high as 20 minutes and westbound direction. your ride to the san francisco oakland bay bridge has been backed up to the maize all morning long. 20-24 minute drive times. even the 880 approach is slower than we have seen what is the best bet to the bridge. for your golden gate bridge ride we do not have much in the way of heavy traffic. the south bound commute is on time with no delays. as we update drive * 26 minutes from hercules to berkeley for the 80 west ride. a little slower in the san ramon valley that is out of concord, 680 south bound. south bay freeway is lighter than usual. the 101 a around tully road and capitol expressway is completely cleared of early morning problems. the marine ride steady at about 3333-34 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> this is a band that
8:20 am
represents an escalation of a two-year fight between the nudist and this city's castro district and their supervisors. supervisors got weiner and his plan was to make it illegal for anyone over the age of 5 to expose themselves in public. there are exceptions to this plan. the proposal has sparked new protest at a loss to. >> this morning supported are working to identify a body that was pulled from the bay the u.s. coast guard recovered the body of an adult male near fort baker before a.m.. no identification was found on the victim. a 47 not been able to match the person with any missing person. but the reason not say how the person died they're looking into the case again this morning we will let you know if they come up with any clothes. >> it was a violent weekend in oakland let us run down the numbers for people were injured in three different
8:21 am
shootings. oakland police said the latest shooting happened saturday night around 9:30 p.m. around seventh and adeline street. one-half hour before that two people were shot of the 3000 block of david scored boulevard. earlier in the afternoon one person was injured for the 3400 block of 68 ave all victims are expected to survive. >> police looking for the robert for snatching sell from some people in san francisco. four out of five recent robberies that happened were cell phones the were in plain view and the victim in some cases were beaten up. it has not really affected a lot of people in san francisco tell us why they are aware of it they will still carry their phones. >> take a look at some runs video there is a shot where an older man in october just before the victim was punched and kicked in the face and the robber took off with his cell phone people say they will be careful
8:22 am
what they will use the phone. >> i am not particularly afraid of cell phones primarily because i do not think you have to worry about it anymore than any other kinds of things you have to be careful about in the city. >> i tried to hide my phone but i have heard stories of people having their phones ripped out and punched in the face. i tried not to take it out in text and i am on the bus. >> we do have a description of a couple of men were wanted for this white our expanded 20 to 25 years old. 5 ft. 10 in. 160 lbs.. if one had a baggy giants t- shirt on and an orange giants ball cap. >> the us taken to southern california were a hair salon a shooting rampage left eight people dead last year has reopened its doors. we have video of the salon back on the day of the shooting. hundreds of supporters attended the salon opening were survivors of the shooting released
8:23 am
butterflies to mark the occasion. the woman was a stylist and the salon owner were among the dead. >> it is a 20 2:00 a.m. we want to take a look as we go to the commercial break for the sunshine. now in redwood city is sunny and 50 degrees looking for a high of 66. a nice day to start up the work week or the vacation week if that is the case for you we will be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
with our backs of national moves this morning. brpaula broaswell. >> data by the fall of reason new spirit brought wealth of extramarital affair with cia chief david patreus led to his resignation. a person close to what was said she deeply regrets the damage done to her family and everyone else is and she is trying to repair that and move forward. brawl what is still an investigative body of by the
8:27 am
fbi. >> new york's mayor michael bloomberg as announced a gas rationing is the city will extend at least through friday this week. blumberg says the system as it helped reduce long lines for fuel and the aftermath of superstar on sandy, but a third of the city's retail stations are not yet operating. officials will reevaluate how long to keep the system under which drivers are allowed to buy gasoline the house and the days as simmons is and is implemented in new jersey in the last week. >> me a lot of nice for the victim of superstar standing still pouring in at the american red cross. the relief agency has raised one of $45 million in donations as of friday morning. if that's up from $131 million last monday. the red cross is using the money it receives what results is an
8:28 am
awful water and other relief supplies to storm victims. the agency has set up 4 1/7 to shelters and more than 10 states and sandy. >> will have more or we come back. experience theticket to pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee,
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for six months, with a total home dvr included, free for life. add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] at&t u-verse. it's tv like you've never seen before. ♪ a live look outside we have beautiful weather over san francisco. this is the view downtown d.c. the transamerica pyramid. preparations are underway for the thanksgiving holiday. a lot of the meals going to the needy are being put together at sacred heart in san jose. it is a giveaway they give each year. we will have will tran live this morning he has been watching as they put together the care packages and thousands they have put together so far. >> thousands but they need probably 1000 more they have about 3000 turkeys and are
8:31 am
often a good start. we are outside the place and you can see the bins will of turkeys. as luck would have if you had come to me a couple of minutes too late because we saw cars pulling in one s u b was so full she said she could not put out the back window. she was afraid to drive because it was so full of donations. they make it easy for you because what you have to do is pull in they will open up the truck grabbed your supplies and that you can go. are you surprised by the amount of donations that people? >> digits cbs should be? >> people are extremely generous. there'll be no way that sacred heart will be allowed to about 4000 turkeys if we did not have the support of our neighbors and the community. >> thank you so much. one car was so full that when he popped open the trunk it took to workers to grant
8:32 am
three or four to workerturkeys f the job. people are waiting to get inside they registered a week and a half ago. at that time they only had about 20 turkeys in the span of eight days or so they raised about $3,000 in of money to either buy turkeys or get the turkeys donated. they are very much needed they will pass that out today and tomorrow, and wednesday along with the turkeys you can see there are workers putting together a box. along with the turkey you did the trimmings the gravy muffins' all of the good stuff you need. if you want to come down here to drop off the turkey that will help you out with that. if you want to do it on line and do not want to drive to san jose you can go on kron 4 facebook page we have included the link to sacred heart you can do that by donating money. that
8:33 am
money will be spent immediately if because they will run to safeway or some other stores to buy the turkey. >> it is amazing will as you said they had so few between then and now they have 3000 + turkey's coming in. that is an amazing feat. and well oiled machine they have there. >> speaking of machines they have just opened up the door for that truck and full of food in there as well. there is a lot going on the were hoping to reach 4000 by today they did not. with people watching kron for the newscast they will come down by the carload. as luck would have you come up to me when the donations are coming out. we will get reactions from them as they continue to pour in. >> very good will. as will said we have a link to get the sacred hearts page on our facebook page. >> it is could you need to get out and get that stuff
8:34 am
to date for the rain comes. >> we do anticipate rain beginning tomorrow night it will approach from the north bay first and that will last until wednesday morning. the good news is thanksgiving looks to be a dry one with mostly sunny conditions. as we focus on today clouds and son breezy at times. temperatures in the '60s. we will see an increase and cloud cover as we head into later tonight. keep that in mind if you're heading to candlestick park for monday night football. the severs is go 49ers against the chicago bears. we have been a joyful wet weather temperatures a bit cooler. >> steady improvement for the san mateo bridge and the drive time third dropping. now 13-16 minutes for the westbound ride. it was over an hour ago that we had a stall at a high-rise dead back it up and we're still in recovery mode. >> thank you very much george. here's a quick update regarding the san
8:35 am
francisco 49 as we know they're gearing up for monday night football as a host the chicago bears here in severances go. feat esp in and now more sources are confirming that quarterback alex smith would not play tonight for this effort is all 49ers. all sides have pointed to him started tonight but apparently was unable to get clearance from his neurologist after suffering a concussion last week. >> if you are going to tonight's game look for a lot of police around candlestick park. they will be conducted extra traffic controls particularly around the traffic corridor. there'll be motorcycle officers and marked police units. there will be their work from 7 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow looking out for impaired drivers. chevron officials will address the bay area air quality district about repairs at the repairs of the
8:36 am
crude oil unit that was damaged in the fire that happen in august. air quality to management officials will talk about their visit to the refinery and hear from chevron our president is about the construction plan about that crude oil unit. it prompted 15,000 people to go to area hospitals complain about breathing problems. there will be a public hearing at san francisco's city hall to discuss reliability problems with muni. that hearing will cover muni lack of reliability tea lack of reliable made as proof. the supervisor says the performance has deteriorated. today's meeting is set to get underway in about an hour at 9:30 a.m.. president obama and arrived in cambodia this morning continue in his three day tour through south east asia. the president arrived in manmar. he
8:37 am
praised the determination and the perseverance of the president aung san auu . he spent years been under house arrest. the president's trips marks a new chapter between two countries. >> today i have come to keep my promise at extend the hand of friendship. america now has an ambassador in rangoon. sanctions have been eased and we will help rebuild an economy that can offer an opportunity for its people and serve for an engine of growth for the world. >> the president's trip to myanmar made history. >> 8:37 a.m. we will be back in a minute let's take a look at what of creek low traffic at lots of sunshine will be right back.
8:38 am
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8:56 am
>>beck's got through security without being screened they were able to track down flights are still grounded but should be
8:57 am
resolved soon. >>this deftly made some delays because of what they had to deal with. this esa has just confirmed that a checked bag got through security. this was not through the carry-on. this sparked this whole thing and they did track down the back so now they have to get their systems back up before their release flights. we will give you more information as we get it. >>coming up on kron 4
8:58 am
morning news overnight violence and the middle east least at least 11 people dead of the developing details will be coming up and we're watching wall street this morning. rob black joins us to break down this morning is winners and losers.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> here briard on the monday morning before thanksgiving. we have just learned that t.s. a has resolved the security breach that temporarily grounded flights at fn assault. it was a bag that went past the security check. agents were able to locate the bag and they
9:01 am
expect a normal flight operations to us we consume. this is some good news on this monday before banks given. >thee thanksgiving. >>it will bear really nice day for our monday as we look forward to our to said when ihour tuesday and wednesda. tomorrow there will be a chance of showers. after that it looks like was the sunny skies and a really nice conditions for the thanksgiving holiday. temperatures of right now are in the '50s. we're as 54
9:02 am
degrees in downtown san francisco. oakland as of the upper 50s and livermore is in the mid-50s. when i return will talk more about the forecast and how long the rain was still around. >>but commute check as we look at the bridges. the bay bridge westbound there is a back up and the macarthur mayes but it is not until the bay bridge. that will break up before you actually get the bay bridge in the west brown direction. we can actually you lose the quick commute check. here you see the ride looks great and it was pretty bed earlier. for the golden gate bridge would have been some slow traffic here to the toll plaza and
9:03 am
the pay gates has eased up the commute. >>9 of 2:00 a.m. and the 14 year-old boy who is accused of kidnapping a woman will be arraigned today. he is charged with the kidnapping and police stated that he kidnapped the one begun point in a parking lot. he forced her into her own minivan where she was sexually attacked as she was fond unconscious and the tate. she was found by a passerby and this is where it started. when police were back to the area where she was volkmann so did the boy. police stated that he had a replica hand gun.
9:04 am
>>nine year-old disappeared and her mother will hold a vigil from the market where she was kidnapped in 1988. there will be small or ribbons tied to the tree where she was lured into a car. the visual is an hour at 10:00 a.m.. >>the palestinian group says that a strike on a gauze the media center has killed one of their top leaders. the strike happened in downtown gaza. this was meant to stop rocket fire. this is the second strike in two days. there is also a tv station on the top floor of this tv station. anderson cooper is
9:05 am
getting a scare. >>this is set alive-test there was an explosion that took place during the strike. final preparations are underway at sacred heart for a thanksgiving food giveaway. we're taking a look at what they are given away and who they are given away too. >>the doors open up a few minutes ago. who they are giving the food to? the needy. >>these are families who simply cannot afford to buy food themselves because of their tough conditions. here is an example. 3000 boxes worth and they do plan to give the mall today. there are still short about zero thousand turkeys. this is
9:06 am
the donation line and it is really easy. all you have to do was come down and workers are here to jump in action and they will take your donations. >>sir we're with china for news and all of this generosity needs to be acknowledged. >>how many turkeys are you donating? >>50 turkeys. we collected these at my church this morning. >>do you do this every year? >>yes. i do this every thanksgiving and christmas. >>how many persons did you do it. >>i donated to. >two. >>are you going to make another run here? >>. no i am on my way out of town. >>they are 50 turkeys closer
9:07 am
to their 1000 goal. as you can see these are people airline will cannot get out of their car and they have this the disabled area and the workers will come out and look at their pre registration and bring their field out there ifooled out. >>a lot of people are watching the report now and they are deciding to do it. >>it is - 6 a.m. and will be right back.(9:06 a.m. anand we e
9:08 am
right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
al >>looked at the people outside of this best buy. there are lined up already and they have been camping out since last night. they should have deals happening on thanksgiving eve. >>i would have to say that i will be saving about $600. it is easy and we need a flat screen television. >>people in line stated
9:11 am
said get in line is worth it and they added up and they figured that they can beat it. >>investors in hollywood are making now because of a twilight series has been popular. this is the final one for the series. they close out a blockbuster year. they are soaring. the total tickets ssales have risen. this is due to people on the internet and going to the mall is. this had a opening weekend of the hundred and $41.3 million. this is the force him this year to break his record. >>you will see twinkies are around because the company will survive. there maker hostess will be sold in bankruptcy court. hostess appears in court today to
9:12 am
start the process. they were brought down due to labor costs and the company decided to sail. >>it is now 9:11 a.m. and we will be right back. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price
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this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
9:15 am
and >>we have >>welcome back. we have rob black joining us. >>evaluations are low and housing is good. house and creates a sense of wealth. these numbers that came out were been tested.were conteste's markfantasitic. home prices are up by 11%. >>let's talk wal-mart. they
9:16 am
are pushing for their opening time. they're pushing to open up at 8:00 p.m. on thursday. >>it should be a day of family blob blob blobah blah bl. their union has tried to protest. and i tell you that wal-mart shoppers are not worried about them protesting. people one their tvs and this is not a compelling viewing and that people care about. >>let's talk about a another winner. the twilight movie pulled them big money. this is a winner for you because
9:17 am
you like twilight. >>i was first in line thursday night and i was seen tyler for sure. this shows you how to invest. this a company called lions gate. children will watch this franchise just as a bit with harry potter. i am waiting for the wolverines to kamal.come out. it is called red dawn. lincoln was a good movie this weekend even though we know how events. james bond had pretty good sales as well. >>the losers that we have is the fact that americans are
9:18 am
spending more money on their pets. what is wrong with puppies and kittens? >>americans spend $51 billion on their pets. this is to show you just how crazy it is. we do not pay for retirement. there are codes that are 250 bucks. they have a person but you can spend $18,000 loan for your dog. you should save money for retirement not for your dog. >>it is $51 billion a year and we do not even have enough saved for retirement. it makes you want to pull your hair all. >>rob black joins us monday through thursday on the morning show.
9:19 am
>>no babies, no pets and mother is for sale. i am giving this list to santa. >>is 9:18 a.m.. >>we are looking at lots of sunshine for today and we will see a mixture of sunshine clouds. the temperature will be mild. the chances very low for this evening and partly to mostly cloudy conditions. the temperatures were in now are at upper 50s and oakland and 57 in oakland. hayward is set 54 degrees and daly city is coming then a 53 degree spirit satellite and radar shows you what is happening over the next couple of days. we do have a light showers. there is a
9:20 am
much bigger system and area. we are now worried about the ran into a letter of tomorrow evening. at 3:00 p.m. you can see the green indicated light rain. mostly in the evening hours will see more of the rain come through. the heavier rain will start at 9:00 p.m. and when this comes through and it will stick around until early wednesday morning. >>most of it should be out for people who are leaving wednesday for the thanksgiving day holiday. if you are leaving really early on wednesday that you may experience those showers. 62 degrees in richmond and 65 degrees and sunny get. san
9:21 am
francisco is getting to 63 degrees. san rafael she gets to the mid-60s. as we look at monday night football. chicago bears will play the san francisco forty-niners and the start time is 5:03 p.m.. it will cool down by the time the game ends. today will be dry and tomorrow the rain will hold out to the evening hours an impact as overnight into wednesday morning. temperatures are in the mid 60s for thanksgiving and after that high pressure gains control and friday and saturday will be great whether to work off the turkey meal. temperatures will push close to 70 degrees on saturday.
9:22 am
>>it is a strange mix bag at the bay bridge. the drive times have improved and your best bet is to come from a 80 and lsu are going to the open to all lanes there are no back as. it is still slow to the mccarthy days trying to get off a high with 24. most of this banks arek to normal here and there are no delays for westbound or the eastbound ride. looking at your ride to the golden gate bridge things have been out nicely and there is light traffic. as we up that the drive time we're looking at the traffic maps and it is back down to 21 minutes from hercules to berkeley.
9:23 am
west 24 is a good indicator to how things are lighter than usual. there is no slow traffic left for 280 + 17 is a little slow. the marin county ride is down to 30 minutes from the golden gate bridge. >>it is 9:22 a.m.. this just then. we have irresolution to the security scare at the airport. this caused united flies to be grounded. there was a checked bed that was being suspicious after went through the x-ray machine. all of the united flies were held up to the check is bay. it and get a 40 5:00 a.m. the bag was cleared so they resumed their flights. there could be at a little bit of backlog from this so you might want to check with your carrier.
9:24 am
>>chevron will address the air quality manager about the repairs at the and this was damaged due to a fire that happened in august. they are discussing their visits to the refinery and how they will be repaired. this cost say vapor that costs 50,000 people to go to hospitals. they all claim they had breathing problems. >> [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
9:25 am
to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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9:27 am
>>a vote will be made to determine whether people will be able to walk around naked. but castro's supervisor stated that he has proposed to make this
9:28 am
the legal for 81 over the age of 5 to be exposed in public. as you can see you can walk around if you sit down your spouse to put a barrier between your bottom and the seat. >>that will start to discuss reliability problems with the muni system. they have had a lack of reliability and they will need to have an increase investment. apparently their performance has deteriorated and they have missed once. a lot of their vehicles have been broken down. >>at 9:27 a.m. we will be right back with more.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> developing story on massive explosion in gaza happened early this morning. palestinian officials say at least 11 people were killed in this building when it was struck over night. it was hit by an israeli air strike. it is in the deadliest day of the
9:31 am
conflict so far it is killed 32 palestinians in gaza. the attack started last week and the israeli airstrikes have left some people living in rubble. >> this is the result of a blast so fire powerful giant chunk hurled to the roof of the house below. >> the babies were under the rubble here and here. they were sleeping with their father here. the house collapsed, the brother brand to them and found them on this rock. relatives say the 2 year-old and 4 year-old aircraft to death and their father is still alive. there is blood on the smouldered in paris is around everything on the room. we found a children's 22 year- old mother. i am in shock, i
9:32 am
don't believe it. my two children. my life is now very difficult she says. she says an air strike hit just outside her home about 130 in the morning. when we arrived huge piles of dirt are being moved around by a bulldozer. the neighbors say it is feeling the crater left by the strike. a few streets away in the same neighborhood it looks like the aftermath of a strong earthquake. residents say that this is also the result of an air strike. people are picking out things, anything they can find. if you look to your right, the destruction of the building next up on out. we are standing on what was the roof of a three story
9:33 am
building. in the street below, the man in green holes is handcufholds his head.s warned the strike was coming but was powerless. they warned us first and we did not believe them. they hit us with a small rock on the roof. 10 minutes after that it was that. there is no time to rescue their belongings, they were evacuated. no one died here. the israeli military said there were 100 plus air strikes in a 24 hour. in a neighborhood it is says that there is they're known for launching rockets towards israel. long after the rockets and bombarded stopping citizens on both
9:34 am
sides will be left with the scars of war. >> the violence continues. this was part apparently over attacks by that is palestinian government for the israelis that they are retaliating for. >> we are looking at a pretty nice day. lots of sunshine, a few clouds. lookit that blue skies to start off hour workweek. hopefully a shortened workweek for you because of the thanksgiving holiday. today a mixture of sun and clouds would temperatures fairly mild. showers arrive tomorrow. we looked great after the thanksgiving holiday. 57 degrees in hayward mountain view is at 58 palo alto is in the mid- 60s. napa's at 59 degrees in walnut creek is in the mid- 50s. a lot of you are
9:35 am
planning to travel and had the rose for thanksgiving and i will break down the forecast and let me know the best chance for rain in showers coming this way. first there's george with traffic. >> the bay bridge believe it or not we still have slow traffic through the maze of from before highway 24 and on 24. that is all leading to the east shore freeway and not the bay bridge. the backup is from right about the 880 over crossing. in the east bay traffic is light. we have moderate conditions on 880 northbound leading up to 1 01 in the south bay. it is heavy at the 92 interchange. there was an earlier accident at hillsdale boulevard. traffic right now is very light. >> the time is 9:35 a.m. and in san jose they are giving away thanksgiving turkeys to the folks who do not have the money. this is at sacred
9:36 am
heart in san jose. you have to register ahead of time and come back today to get the turkey. will tran is live in san jose and has been following this story. he is also watching the volunteers and donations that are still coming in. >> good morning we are at the intersection of giveaway and drop off. you can see here is the drop off in their cars there. one gentleman has a car full of turkeys. we have seen a steady stream of morning. they definitely need to replenish their supplies because that is where people are picking up their turkeys. so far over the past seven days they have managed to either buy turkeys or have them dropped off here. 3000 altogether but they still need 1000 more. if you would like to donate online by all means
9:37 am
do so or you can stop by here and drop off personally. it is going to a needy cause. thousands of people are here waiting to get their hands on turkeys because they simply are in dire straits. people like wanda. the mine opening this up here? she is one of the several people that cannot go and pick up food. what does this mean to you on that? >> could you afford by the turkey yourself? >> know i could not. i am on a fixed and come. my rent pick up on top of that. >> so there is no wiggle room? >> and not after i pay iran. my car insurance in my cellphone i still have to buy food and stuff. >> were you here last year?
9:38 am
>> it yes. >> did you think you would be here again? >> no i do not think i would be here again this year. thank you. >> thank you so much. there is so much food we saw one worker bringing out food and i thought she is when you get a hernia. some other groups said this is just too heavy. there was one person holding each end of the box just to bring it out. there are plenty of cars out there. we will get reaction by the end of the show and try to get it to you. >> 9:37 a.m. and we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. it's time to change the way we clean.
9:39 am
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new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. consumer reports reporting who is the best and worst when it comes to fees. they
9:42 am
compiled the list from facebook fan sink came up with which companies have on family friendly practices and which ones aren't. on their last here are the naughty ones. bmw, delta, for every 21, the spirit airlines, ticket master. those made the nobiles. i don't know if i like that one. the nice ones honda, coles, safeway. you can go on facebook and join the conversation and say whether not you think the companies are naughty or nice. it is 9:42 a.m. and we'll be back with more and a couple of minutes.
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oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. >> we're keeping an eye on gas prices for you and they keep going down. 80¢ in the
9:46 am
last month. the state average for gas right now is $3.78 and sam francisco. in oakland and san jose you can really get a deal is $3.77 and $3.73. the final installment of these type movies dominated the box office over the weekend. breaking don part to brought in over a hundred and $43 million in the u.s.. and a number to stop spot it was james bond with sky fall. lincoln that rounds out the top three with $21 million at the box office this weekend. at 9:46 a.m. we are focusing on the weather and monday morning is just beautiful in every shot i have seen. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge and there are high clouds but nothing to
9:47 am
complain about at all. >> you are right we are looking at a gorgeous day today. tomorrow night in and send to wednesday to kick off this holiday week it will be really nice though. a mixture of sun and clouds for today as slight chance of the north bay sprinkle. places like santa rosa and points north but for the most part we should stay dry on this monday. this evening partly cloudy conditions and we're looking at light lands. temperatures right now 56 and concord 58 and napa lower 60s in about downtown san francisco is 58 degrees san mateo you are in the lower '50s at this time. sag and write our show a little system ring and some showers from eureka and north in southern oregon.
9:48 am
that is part of a bigger system and we will give some of that tomorrow and into wednesday morning. future cast four shows you starting the clock tuesday afternoon santa rosa you may see the showers early but they'll make their way down here where the yellow is moderate to heavy rainfall. starting really tomorrow night and into the overnight hours. it will trickle down south and into overnight we'll see light rain. by wednesday morning a lot of folks heading out for a town most people it will not be too bad getting out of town. the highs for this afternoon's 65 in san mateo downtown san francisco 63 concord is 66 oakland again to be 65 degrees. the bears are plainly forty-niners today start time is at 7:30 p.m. partly cloudy conditions and it will be cool with
9:49 am
temperatures in the mid-50s. not too bad for football for this evening. the seven there on the bay forecast shows rain coming in tuesday evening in the north bay in the afternoon. wednesday morning we may see some showers and by wednesday afternoon we will start to dry out. turkey day looks pretty good here with temperatures in the mid-60s with mostly sunny conditions. no problems for the thanksgiving dinner. friday and saturday night when a work of that food but the weather will not be here. killian mild but plenty of sunshine. it is looking very nice on sunday. >> we monitor the pretty good commute even though we had a back up at the bay bridge. it is starting to clear out as you can see. now much win no left in a way as slow traffic. the san
9:50 am
mateo bridge and had its problems but it is not an easy ride in both directions. that looks like lighter than usual traffic. the golden gate bridge is certainly clearing out well and they have already added the third line northbound. that is because of the southbound traffic flow that is still light. mostly light conditions for the bay area freeways. the lower east shore freeway is still a little sluggish. a 80 northbound has cleared up after an earlier accident at the 1 01 interchange that was cleared. we're still sluggish no. 85 to 1 01. no. 1 01 south 1 01 and highway 92 are still heavy. there is a crash at hillsdale that is gone but the back the traffic is still working its way north would. (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... these two ladies have a slight
9:51 am
problem. while there is to be is here, their luggage is let's follow her for a segment well here. don't laugh, it happens. welcome to oakland international airport where if you just wait a moment you will find some interesting things. since we're on the subject of waiting, there are signs posted everywhere for waiting. no parking for waiting. i'm not sure the this woman is aware of the sign. she has something to ask me. >> you know it says no waiting? she promises to move but she only goes up a few feet and stops again. so i tell pay her yet another visit. >> i you know you only moved
9:52 am
3 ft. right? >> driers like to park for as long as humanly possible until the picket ticket book arrives. remember when they stayed don't leave vehicles unattended. unattended vehicles will be ticketed and toad? they really mean it. this car was left unattended for too long. he took his sweet time. even though he drove off he will still get his ticket in the mail. thi >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley you can e-mail him at the people behaving badly at kron4 dot com. we already had our first bomb in the mornibond and the rs
9:53 am
morning at the airport. -- bump they are warning you that it is busy. they believe this year they will have a record amount of passengers through the security gates. they are preparing for an increase in the overall number of travel from what we saw yes last year. most folks would say that they are ready. >> i just get here early and try to be prepared and relax yourself. >> make extra time for it. if you plan and had it you should not have to deal with all those times snafus. >> this friday is supposed to be the busiest day for travel for the thanksgiving holiday. it is 9:53 a.m. and we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:54 am
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and not just and bean curd
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dominated the american music awards last night --justin beiber won the top artist of the year. also of three categories he was nominated in. lady antebellum, taylor swift and usher. there is a brand new story from dr. phil this morning and it is falling in the obese man robert gives who made -- givbbs who made headlines on youtube. let's take a peek
9:58 am
at the seven they are on the bay, we have rain on the way. also dr. phil in just a couple of seconds. we will be back tomorrow will see you. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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