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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 24, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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we leave you now with a santa who makes a grand entrance down a rope at a mall inengland. but his beard gets stuck. >> and it takes some hero troops to save the day and save santa. thankfully he's doing just fine. we'll see you next time. >> that is very good news. have a great rest of the weeken (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. alecia reed his life
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where they have located. >> yes, -- i am like. they found the second suspect in the deadly carjacking. and a shoot out in san jose. following up on leads, the san jose and concord police found this 15 year-old at this apartment complex they surrounded the area, called the suspect out and surrendered peacefully. >> he did not make the determination that he was wanted to take on the police which was a benefit for all parties. sometimes, in these cases, they get caught in crossfire. >> last friday, the teenager and his partner, 26 your old job and will blank's robbed for businesses. and shot pettibofrt sanalso a
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police chase ensued after 26 year-old w thingillbanks. >> they have worked tirelessly to find the second person responsible 20-25 years old. only to find that the employee arrested was only 15. >> you do not expect this type of violence from the 15 year-old. but sometimes, these days and in this profession, some things to not surprise us. >> the district attorney's office will be see if he is charged for an adult or a juvenile. meanwhile, the friends are grateful that men are off the streets. >> it helps with some closure. that he is not running around. and he can face justice for what he did. >> as this investigation continues the invectiv detectivs are trying to find out why this big age difference and
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the correlation is. in concord, alecia reed, kron 4. >> friends, family members of their last could buy for their life was cut short by a bullet. memorial services in campbell for rory pettiford on this attempted 7-eleven carjacking. >> this was a sad moment. the way that everything happened. you do not want to see somebody that young leave by that means. >> is a tragedy when a 22 year-old leaves their like. my condolences for the family as well. >> the coach and physical education teacher says that they will be missed for his great expense oa specially-for s great sense of humor. if there is a fund set up. >> this san jose party was
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broke up but phillipe djegal by police were called and how things got out of control. the most of the windows on this east san jose are broken because of rubber bullets. this man did not want his face shown elise also shot him which explains the bruises on his arms. >> cups are playing dirty. >> arrested for no reason. i was just a participant. >> this house party on the 3000 block. this man was also taken into custody and released saturday afternoon. he says the police broke his right hand. >> the police were responding to age of partygoers were celebrating a 22 year-old but there were actually fireworks from the backyard. when they arrived
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at the partygoers through things at them. one officer was hit and somebody tried to drag another officer to the back of the house. >> therefore going to tow someone's car. an individual came out site because it was his car and it was a fight between the cop and the individual. his brother's life friend came out to assist. that is when the entire place was full of cops. >> the officer got away, backup was called in after several hours 60 officers reduced to make 42 arrests. the most serious was assault with a deadly weapon with a police officer. >> people need to obey the laws. >> you think the cops or the police caps or the combination?, i think both. >> none-life threatening injuries from one officer treated and released. san jose, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. from the second
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woman has died with the chp vehicle and this alexis s u v. this was in palo alto. this-lexis-from abc seven high-definition. she had succumbed to her injured at stanford hospital their work for member people of the family pet or kill ...the c
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hp says 20 year-old sheetal intdel died hover injuries. and also her sister 24 year- old nisha tindel was killed from that terrible tragedy. >> also to there was small
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business saturday. president obama taking part with purchasing books for his daughter. brian? >> the same course santa rosa, the decent conditions in san jose and of course 60s. we do have similar conditions for tomorrow perhaps a few degrees cooler. this live look from the bay bridge toll plaza towards emeryville. clear skies beginning to form tonight at the coast. those are forecast to press towards the bay this evening. and even towards the inland valleys. clear. look for low clouds along the bay and some ground fog that could be limiting visibility for the north bay, and the east bay rallies. by 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. the-valleys. with sunshine and some high clouds. and temperatures not
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quite as warm as what we have seen but still nice with the 60s. once again some places are even in the '70s towards livermore, the north bay. however, it will get cooler for next week. the chance for rainfall, coming up. >> skimmers are targeting bay area residents. the latest how they are targeting your information. and a hollywood star bigger than texas. the life and career of larry hagman.
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>> alameda municipal power is warning its customers
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about a phone scams targeting restaurants in alameda. a spokesperson says someone has been calling the businesses pretending to be a representative of the utility and asking for an immediate payment via credit card or wire transfer. the utility says the imposter was calling from out of state. alameda municipal power says none of the businesses fell victim to this camp police are investigating, you can afford to be scanned by asking the utility representatives for an identification back and check for the police logo on their vehicle.
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♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. the attacks increases and spending cuts. >> after meeting with president obama after the
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holiday. >> let me welcome the congressional leadership. they expressed optimism about reaching a deal to avoid a 500 and dollars in tax increases and spending cuts. 500 bill in dollars for tax increases. >> we have a very productive meeting. >> the cornerstone of being able to work something out. >> staffers have been working behind the scenes to find common ground and how to begin more tax revenue and reduced spending on programs like medicare. it is not yet clear one of lawmakers will meet next. even if progress is made this week a final deal could still be make well. >> we rarely see the hill and the white house making decisions, early. they tend to do better when they have a deadline. so, i think that i would be pleasantly surprised if a deal emerged earlier. but, we will see.
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>> unless compromised is reached, steep tax hikes could be seen. >> this small earthquakes >> the u.s. t s a said the magnitude 3.5 tremor hit at about 7:45 near soledad.. 60 mi. southeast. no reports of damages. >> the day after
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thanksgiving >> they see a lot of potato peels, putting things down the disposal of the probably should not go down. we are routing it out with the sewer snake and that turns around and twists and get some of the food debris and a soap scum. the build up of organics out of alignment. >> many plumbers say that when they call the day after thanksgiving they try to avoid a holiday chart of the day of. charge--
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>> we will see mostly sunny for the rest of the day. with scattered high clouds as we go towards monday similar conditions with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and mild temperatures. the satellite and radar showing this weather system to the north. it is producing rainfall at the oregon state line. the tail end is going to give us some high clouds. not only just then the clouds but also high clouds as we go through midday. has that system goes through we will see cooler temperatures. just a bit for tomorrow. towards the sierra, nice weather. sunday, monday, tuesday, what sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. but there is a storm system that will bring some snowfall to the high country. temperatures will be coolest. upper 30's and low 40's. and 40's and '50's for nearly 60s for the south
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bay. and campbell. mostly sunny skies. some clouds in the morning for the east shore. highs in the mid '60s but mostly sunny skies. concord, pittsburgh and san ramon. but 64 degrees with low 60s along the beaches mid-60s along the north bay. notice a little bit cooler for hours sunday with your kron 4 7 day around the bay and enough warning clouds. and there is a weather system coming off the pacific with increasing clouds for late tuesday. and there could be heavy rainfall at times. showers on thursday and the second storm on friday. >> actor larry hagman, from the hit tv show " dallas " has died. his family says that he had died yesterday
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after complications from cancer he was 81 years old. his career spanned from television to the big screen but he will always be remembered as j. r. ewing from dallas. calling mcedwards >> he wore many hats but is best known for his wawearing that stetson. >> you drew him to attempt suicide? >> i did not know that he was going to do that. >> this cliffhanger was watched by 300 million people watched from all round the world of " who shot j.r.? " to. it was recently reprise with the u.s. network, t n t with larry hagman also returning as j.r., once again. they
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said that he was the best thing about ellis. however, to explain that. it was the best-about dallas. and have a great day, massacre. and it was also a good guy that last-master -- >> planning astronaut, tony nelson on i dream of jeannie. it was a hit in the 1960's and still popular in syndication. even as a kid he orbited and store business. with the child of of mary martin, " of the seller ". and harry and toronto.and encantit was after getting a huge producer from the contractors that he became immensely wealthy. he had homes, cars, and devices. one of them was
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drinking and the other was smoking. he smoked for 24 years. he gave it up in and became an anti-smoking advocate for the american cancer society. he stopped drinking in 1995 when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. and he underwent a like sleepin life-saving-transplant.e was also in the big screen like " nixon " and primary colors. but if it is role as the charming and conniving oil man that audiences will never forget. callicalling ...colleen mcedwards... take a look back. >> coming up. i guess you are going to see the next edition of people behaving
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here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. car horn) >> there is so much love in the air! i do not know if that qualifies. and could that person stop? welcome to the berkeley mall where they are offering by one child and get another for free...but this must
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have been a bad bunch because she was bringing these back...however, it is definitely buy one get one free parking because some of these people were able to get three cars into 2 spots. and that seems to leave this woman a bit confused. to clear up the confusion. she will be taking photographs. >> that is parking in the middle. and i parked there and maybe give they ticket me too? >> also for the driver that will enter into the exit signs..and and it will plead innocent. >> you did not see the " do not enter " sign? and i did not even know. >> is this going to be on television? >> people behaving badly, congratulations. but i would like to congratulate all of the drivers that ignore the do not block the crosswalk in a small that it is all about you. and this
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truck driver that of the delivery was just as important to block the bicycle lane. and i love how the festive spirit brings of the festive people and when i say best, when i say that these people are behaving badly. just what she said. no matter how much of a rush you are in you must remain calm and observe all traffic rules... in berkeley, stanley roberts, kron 4. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >> authorities discover a true grinch along with a massive warehouse full with stolen salvation army donation. also, and we're getting a tally of the amount of the damage super storm sandy caused. it is multi billions. and a closer look at the investigation behind a gas explosion that leveled an entire city
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>> there are new developments in the sex scandal that broke down cia director, david petraeus. the fbi is now investigating weather the former four-star generals mistress, paulsa broadwell had access to classified military material barbara start explains. >> inside david petraeus is a command center in afghanistan, the briefings regularly include classified information. did some of that information make its way to her? the viagra for at the time? >> she would have received material from a number of sources, and number of individuals. >> law enforcement officials
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confirmed to cnn and contributor, tom fuented that investigators are looking at weather broad well, who later had an extramarital affair with a trance was given a classified material by petraeus aides because they may have thought that petraeus wanted her to have it. as she was in afghanistan, gathering material for her for herall in" on the afghanistan four- star general. the washington post had first reported the details about the petraeus. petraeus had authorized former aides and friends to tell reporters he personally and never gave her a classified information. government resources say
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that cn and had materials such as power point presentation and schedules. however, while braodewell would have gotten her research material from a lot of sources, be careful about jumping to conclusions. >> to say that, the implication of the fbi is looking at something makes it sound like they are the subject of a criminal >> and right now, the part it is still in the " let's determine how this information was provided to keep it and under what circumstances ". >> even if the permission the appeal removed from her home was not at risk for national-security she gave whomever keep it to her will have plenty to answer for.
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>> a vallejo family is not going to give up their search for the suspect who hit and killed their great- grandmother. 88 year-old cl emintina funes was hit by a car while walking home from a grocery store last week. just blocks away from her home. now, family members are going door to door searching for the cool than four-door sedan that they say hit her and then took off. the family is hoping that the person responsible step forward and take responsibility for their actions. >> we could see some high clouds but otherwise nice and temperatures cooler. the
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futurecast at 7:00 a.m. notice that purple indicating temperatures in the 30's. and going through the morning and into the afternoon look for highs to reach the 60s and possibly 70's on the warm spots. really, a nice sunday although not as a sunny and clear as what we had today. on monday, some more with morning clouds and mostly sunny in the afternoon. there is a storm system on tuesday with impacting this rainfall it could be a pretty wet week. your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> building inspectors and sprinkles, mass. see that 40 structures were damaged after a in yesterday's natural gas explosion with 18 people hurt in last night's blast. it was heard and servile and neighboring areas amazingly, nobody called it was just after a
8:35 pm
gas utility worker was called. of a possible gas leak. they shut off the gas, as soon as their right, the building evacuated and at exploded, soon after. >> and john, i could feel the windows and this could see the windows explode. >> a -- jumped. >> there is a shelter in place for the people that were displaced and they are looking for other possible leaks. >> this flash fire at the u.s. department today. a spokesperson for the washington d.c. fire department said this was quickly put out but life- threatening injuries were possible on one person. construction crews were working but not many from the state department were there because of the holiday. >> with the looming as to cook with many ameriamericans-ol cliff -- looming.
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>> the power of philanthropy after super storm sandy. but now, it is the charities that are hoping to get a lifeline from washington. with a message, do not push us over the physical cliff. they are facing it, the nonprofit receiving government funding that could be slashed and congress could reduce or cap the charitable deductions. among those, the urban institute. >> on wednesday the say that it is the tax payer tax break. however, the flip side is that if the tax deduction will encourage them to give more to charity? to be the ultimate beneficiary. not the taxpayer, but the ultimate recipient of a charitable gift. >> 1 this would limit the amount of the wealthiest americans could write out on a charitable donations to 28 percent of their
8:37 pm
contributions instead of the current 35%. and an idea right now would get rid of the charitable donations for most taxpayers and replace it with a 12% flat rate. either would have an impact on major institutions that rely on big donations like hospitals and universities. >> let me give you an example, this 1% decline in giving to american higher education would with salt and a loss of $300 million per year to colleges in the universities. the nonprofits have newt a new lobbying offered on his website to contact director not members of congress. with over 60 percent are opposed to making changes according to this gallup poll from last year. washington is running out of time and options with the fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year. >> the amount of damage of
8:38 pm
super storm stand the impact it has been catastrophic. according to the new jersey governor, $29.4 billion in damage is from damage to buildings, roads and the impact on the tourism. and also the new york governor is saying 33 billion that dollars. these are initial estimates, this was the only four weeks ago and still 30,000 people without power >> in egypt, the rising protests with morrissey making the declaration for this staging ground and plenty of staging ground with the enemy of the nation. including appeals, and supports for a loss that he supports. his power will be in place until a post from parliament. however,
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the amount toronto police say they have recovered a massive amount of toys and donated goods all stolen from a salvation army warehouse and it was worth about $2 million. toys, baby cribs, strollers and food were being sold for profit. >> 146 wooden platforms for found in total. this was
8:42 pm
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also an the official twitter account for cyber monday, it will keep you up to the dat up to me tha. >> just like they did on a black friday the retailers are getting an early jump. the monday after thanksgiving as gabe slate tech report however, retailers, and mac cosmetics for also advertising and wal-mart, amazon, best buy, a teller, and even others. and taylor- >> this weekend is looking decent. we have had sunny conditions but the things are beginning to change. the onshore wind are trickling into the bay. offshore winds for the past
8:47 pm
few days. it has kept the clouds of shore. notice, the low clouds just beginning to crawl. this is the san mateo bridge. conditions will change and it is nice san jose, mid-50s. antioch, pleasanton, daly city. we will see the cooler spots for the upper 30's with the north bay. and it should stay relatively mild. with the satellite, some clouds and rain. the oregon state line this weather system is helping to improve the wind as it gets closer. that is what is bringing in these clouds for tonight that will also help to reduce temperatures a few degrees for tomorrow. much of this rainfall will remain to the north. the futurecast and
8:48 pm
here by midnight the clouds and the rainfall but notice there is that storm. it moves to the south but it will pretty much dissipate with high clouds possible. and look for low clouds towards the bay with ground fog for the east bay valleys but for the afternoon most of this will be gone with mostly sunny skies. and a pretty nice afternoon. temperatures will the upper 30's and '40's. 50s near the bay in oakland, san francisco and the highs with mid-60s for the south bay. milpitas, 67 degrees in the same in fremont. morning clouds, 68 possible in san
8:49 pm
bruno. the your kron 4 7 day around the bay and another sunny day with low clouds to stay increasing clouds with the storm system that is moving further to the south. that will bring the chance for rain fall with a quick shot of heavy rainfall. we will get a break on thursday with showers on/off. however a second system on friday with more rainfall a few inches possible. >> if you are in the mood for mexican with a slight twist? rosa mexicana is new to this city but rows of mexicana started in 1984 in new york city. the chef is whipping up contemporary mexican food with san francisco sensibilities. >> i am the rich live from san francisco it is one of
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the most complex cuisines. there is so much that goes into making it is just incredible. >> this is fried carol carrol fan--kale and hand made guacamole card we introduced it tableside to the world. >> and the avocado burn rate 1500 one of our new york coast through 2100 avocadoes ni a week and chorizo and wild mushroom tacos and pomegrantie moargarits. >> after stanford it took on
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the ucla holidays. next in the sports. >> i am giving away copies of this season's a video came before the x box 360. the need for speed the most wanted a limited edition is also available for the pc computers. android, and apple. this scheme is perfect for anyone who likes car racing and arcade style action. 'enter to win'. button
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the with the stanford cardinal beat the ucla bruins to a 35-17. the running back,tstepfan taylor ran 142 yards. that means that stanford will host the pact will championship next weekend. palo alto. and their opponent will be in the very ucla bruins. the winner of the game will go to play on the rose bowl. >> former boxer and world
8:55 pm
champion hector camacho camacho died today after being taken off life support. he was shot in the face on tuesday and declared brain dead on wednesday. he was sitting in a car with another man who was shot and killed and his home town in pr. and a doctoral camacho clinically brain dead on thursday. he had a career record of 79 wins, six losses and three draws but his colorful career and life were plagued by drug, alcohol and criminal problems. hector camacho was 50 years old. >> that is john storms light display of gangham style..
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train.. and a party trained. it is only $99 and once you get to las vegas. >> $99 is hardly anything when it comes to las vegas. >> and we are looking good for tomorrow we will have more clouds. but the sun will be with us for the late afternoon and temperatures will be a few degrees cooler than today. still, gorgeous. >> that will be at, we will see you back to 11:00 p.m...
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