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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning. >> the big story that we are falling due to the standoff being over. we have just learned how the standoff ended. we will have the details in a minute. >> a busy intersection is still closed police investigators are investigating an early morning shooting. >> wet weather is in the bay area. there is when it's advisory and flood watches an affect. >> we want to talk about our developing story here is what we know. all around to 15 yesterday afternoon, benicia police responded to
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a report of an armed robbery, philips is believed to have struck a woman in the head with a handgun and took off with her purse. if a short time later, another call came into benicia police, and a woman reported her red for 2004 ford taurus was stolen. the two women are france and the women whose cars were stolen is believed to be ex-girlfriend of phillips. both on and off once a treasure island remain closed right now. police are engaged in a standoff with phyllis. office is located scylla's driving a stolen their core round of 11 last night in downtown san francisco >> we are learning that the standoff is over because phillips took his own life. >> the situation does not resolve the milpitas where police activity is still
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there. let's get you more news with are so low reporter. have we found out any more information about this shooting while the road still closed. there is still no information coming out but you can see that investigators are still out there taking measurements and collecting evidence. i am actually at the corner of jacqueline and this is closed for several blocks. it has been like this for a few hours non we do know the there was some sort of shooting that took place and apparently it may have involved a police officer with the milpitas police department. we do know that shots were exchanged and we do not know whether the suspect in this case is still out. we do believe that no one was struck him as gunfire but i this we're
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still waiting for details. there has been a few hours and we are expected and officer from the milpitas police department to come on and give us some details. as of right now he has not came out that we do have multiple calls in. jacqueline roque remains close and the way that things stand is a problem will remain closed for a few more hours. in a neighborhood like this can people leave their homes? >> it does not look from where i am standing that there is an active search going on. this does not mean that necessarily the suspect is not outstanding or in custody. i can tell you there from the scene where we are at their our a door- to-door search going on. the intersection and all of jacqueline road is whether
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the measurements. >> we will talk first about the bay bridge situation. they are going to be reopening and are in the process of doors so right now on and off ramps to wear from treasure island on both the upper and lower decks. these were hard closures were put in effect by caltran and the chp has been told it to reopen them. there in the process of doing so, however there has been stop and go traffic along this area. this has meant early activation and early backups. the metering lights were put on 20 minutes in advance. the traffic has started to grow and at the 880 approach. the bay bridge deftly is
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affected by this and will likely feel this effect for while even though the situation is in the process of being resolved. >> jacqueline road is still closed. this runs--this is the next asked saiexit. it willt you to a from interstate 680 and this will be to pass the closure. >> we will see some sunshine into afternoon but we do anticipate a lot of cloud cover to increase. it is a cold start for the morning and a lot of locations are sitting in the 40's. as we head into the afternoon we do have potential for some rain. satellite radar is modern train that there will be a widespread of rain.
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there will be gusty winds as well. expect a lot rain not only tomorrow but as you head into the weekend. where will have full details coming up. >> we're watching wall street today after the docs fell down. it dropped 65 points yesterday. dow features are flat and that were down 40. we do have a new forecast assess the world's economic recovery will be has a tent and and even next year, with europe's debt trouble dragging down growth. the organization for the economic cooperation and development said in a report this morning that 17 country economic is expected to contract 0.4% this year and 0.1% next year. the organization is predicting that the u.s. economy will grow 2% next year. and u.s.
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companies are now moving up their dividend payments on their stock with a payment before the end of the year to avoid the higher tax rates for investing on their dividends and they are expected to come at the beginning of the year. among companies paying dividends early our loss vegas dance, dillard's, wal-mart, and ethan allen. >> the standoff has just been resolved and the gunmen killed hisself. we have a sergeant joining us. >> that you for joining us. so we do understand that the standoff is over? >> yes just before 5:00 a.m.. we mold then and we discovered that the suspect was dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound. >> was this man wanted for a
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few things? >> is start about 11:00 p.m. monday night and the police department received a 911 called indicated that he was a white sedan and it was stolen. we also our word that he was armed and located the vehicle and the suspect then took off and the pursuit was initiated. he fired several rounds from a handgun and he ended the pursuit on treasure ala island. were any of the officers hit? >> he followed two shots but we're not sure whether he tried to shoot an officer. this investigation is still ongoing but no officers or injured. to >> as far as the closure goes has all been lifted? >> the police department and the chp are working
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together to escort residents and to bring them onto the island. some of these roles are congested. >> this has now been resolved and the traffic and we're now is 6:08 a.m. and the traffic should be back to normal. >> we will bring you know information on to what happens and will keep you updated on the developing stories. >> we're hearing that an officer involved shooting and as she can see a press conference will begin under way and we will give you more information of what his score on jacqueline roque.road.
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>> welcome back there is better news for the commute across the bay bridge. the police action that had the treasure island on and off ramps has been resolved. these rams are now we open. if it will take some time for caltran to lift the closure. the back up has already begun at the bay bridge and emetic me realize have been activated. we're looking at an early westbound delay. the drive
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times are now running for 80 minutes. i will have they compepfft at a complete check when we return.
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this >> >> even though our situation or on treasure
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island has been resolved programs have been closed to the overnight hours. this was a little after midnight. the rams have reopened and this will a lemonade the deactivation of the metering lights. the stop and go traffic has been eliminated but this has been at the expense of the back a bi up. >> the drive times are already over 18 minutes coming from interstate 80. that 880 approach is even now starting to back up as well. this is the consequence of the police stand of which has been resolved. the rams as we mentioned are in the process of reopening. if you want to avoid the bay bridge the
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this will be a good alternative for you to take. for your ride to the golden gate bridge is problem free and there no delays. there is a another police action in milpitas that is tying up traffic. jacqueline road just west of 680 is still closed. you should use one nexus south and you will be not bothered by that. >> today is certainly the transition day. it will be dry for most of the day but waking up tomorrow morning you may anticipate showers. the temperatures are not too bad and san jose is a 49 degrees and 53 degrees coming out of the city. >> it is not too bad a around sfo. it was 5 for
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those new commuting stroke of. if you do run to any fall the you should drive with caution. there will be an increase for fog cover. here is the story for started to march into the week can we do a anticipate a lot rain in the bay area. the system is pretty widespread and a cold front will drop out. this is also tapping into the moisture and with that we may see heavy rain. tomorrow morning there is a wind advisory for the san francisco bay area. light rain and as we put the clock into motion the peak of your morning commute all of the yellow does indicate heavy rain. so basically what we can expect is dry conditions for tomorrow night stretching
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into thursday morning. thursday night will still be a another system that will roll through. this will stretch into the weekend and you could expect steady rain. there will be gusty conditions and they could be up to 50 mi. per hour. when it is all said and done with respect about 3 in. of rain and 10 in. for the higher elevations. you should be aware of this and keep your umbrellas handy. there may be flooding as well. >> as 618 i want to give you the latest on the developing story. jacqueline road is closed and our jackets is so is there. there are a few police cruisers and fire engines. there is crime tape that is blocking off pretty ride area. you can i use
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this area of road and as far as the new rules all we know is that shots were fired just before 2 this morning in a possible officer involve shooting. we do not know if they're looking for gunmen and it does not seem that they are going door-to- door. you see the fire truck and has its letter up at this point. we do know that all this came from some type of traffic stop and a foot chase. we just know that this intersection is blocked at this time. we will give you more as we have it. we would try to get you more information as it develops. >> a redwood city teen has died after being hit by car and she was riding her bike and weather may have been a factor. authorities said the 14 year-old girl was struck
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by a car at jefferson avenue and alameda they look less after a 30 yesterday morning. the girl, who was a freshman at woodside high school, was taken to stanford hospital where she died. if the driver of the vehicles stayed at the scene and cooperate with police. >> the shooting happened at a house party early sunday morning. police say, witnesses said misled to williams' arrest. 44 year- old randee williams is charged with murdering a 17 year-old gary white early sunday morning. but williams' wife says that he did not commit the crime. if she contends that williams was asleep in bed across
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town at the time that the kid was killed. >> police are looking for two armed man. police are looking for them and the owner of a jury store door and an attempted robbery. police say that the men entered the jury store and at least one of the suspects fired at the honor. the owner they returned fire. and the pair fled without taking anything. no injuries were reported, and police are still trying to identify them. >> the city of san jose held the first in a series of public meetings to discuss the quality of the residence and how they want to see who the next police chief will be. current police chief chris mohr announced that he would be leaving in mid january. so far, there
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hasn't been any word possible candidates. whether the city is looking to hire from within or bring in someone from somewhere else. many residents of the committee said there are looking for someone who will be an effective manager and communicator, someone with a proven record of success at fighting crime, and someone who to work with san jose's diverse communities. >> more has only been on the job for about two years and the city held a similar series of meetings before they hired him. the next scheduled meeting is tomorrow and two more in december. >> we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. one-to-one you about the bay area weather.we want to warn you abot the bay area weather. we've met pick up several inches of rain and showers with other storms coming into the weekend. >> new research this week suggests that to bay area
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regions are among four in california with substantially higher than average rates of invasive breast cancer. the higher rate regions include the western half of contra costa county, the northernmost part of alameda county and a swath running around the southern end of the bay through alameda, santa clara and san mateo counties. breast cancer rates in the four regions were 10 to 20% higher than the state average. the cause of these higher rates is still a mystery for researchers. >> the food and drug administration has stopped operations at a new mexico peanut butter processor and as it cracks down on salmonella poisoning. fda investigators found salmonella at sun land inc's plan after dozens of people in 20 states were sickened by pena butter made at the
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plant and sold a trader joe's stores. the fda action will prevent the company from distributing any fool. the fda was granted the power to shut down the operations under a food safety law that passed last year. we're also watching wall street and we are waiting for the opening bell. >> will it climb back up? we will have details coming up.
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>> dow futures were down but they are starting to bounce back. we will have more on this. >> we can see a positive start to trading for the dow jones industrial average. we will have rob black is 6:45 a.m.. >> jacqueline road is still closed in both directions between north milpitas
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boulevard and arizona avenue as police investigate a possible officer involve shooting. to give you more news faster we turn to kron 4 urs sole reporter jacki sizzle who joins us live from milpitas. >> there is still evidence that is being collected and they're also taking measurements. details are limited and we do believe that there was an officer or involved and nobody was all ultimately hit by the bullets. we're not sure whether the suspect is still here. we are waiting for in formation for them to show up and we are expecting them to bear out here for the next five to 10 minutes. it is still not sure there is an outstanding suspect in this case and it has been going on for several hours now we're still waiting for
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details whether of not there is an outstanding suspect in the air is something that we're not sure yet was the disinformation will pass along to you. are there any neighbors that are been stopped from coming out of their homes? >> the traffic but it does not appear that the neighborhood is shut down. there are houses but they're all part behind the sound wall. hopefully we will get some more headlines as it comes available. >> the another developing story that we are following is of treasure island. a standoff that lasted four hours is now over. the gunmen shot hisself. >> right now you have a
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corner who w same and there are investigators who are doing their job. they have stated that they are able to open up access to the island and traffic is just being shared. one of the outbound lanes are still blocked by police cars and yellow tape. the and all land is being used for traffic in both directions. you'd do have an officer that is at the top of the road who is controlling the traffic that is coming in and out. you still have a big scene and officers are still here investigating. the suspect was found just pass this police car and you can see that this is the car that he was driving and as good as pop up. he was just some dealers out of the rail and they were trying to negotiate with him for release the past six hours
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and when they came back he started talking about suicide and he waved a gun around and tried to talk to him but just right before 5:00 a.m. they did hear a gunshot and that's when they moved in and found him dead. >> they did produce some resuscitation but there were too late. at this point you still have quite a vexing and the residents are able to get in and out of their homes. there are a lot residents who are relieved that this is over. they stated that were stuck and they cannot get in. >> as we take a look at the traffic let's get more information with george. >> the rooms are open in both east and west bound.
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this is for both the upper and lower decks. the morning commute was slow on this section and the westbound direction. the meter relies for activated early and there is already a back up at the bay bridge. this reaches all with high with 24. the drive time is 14 minutes to about 26 minutes. when you split the difference down the middle this is your approach. our other incident with police action in milpitas. jacqueline rolled runs until is able road and across the freeway. there is an exit from 680 and it is still closed for about one to two blocks. you can still get to 680 but your best bet is just for you to use calaveras boulevard which is the main one just south of
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jacqueline. >> it is dry right now but it will not be the case 24 hours from now. if today is the last dry day in the bay area for a few days. the temperatures are sitting in the 40's and '50's. your afternoon high will be in the upper 50s and 60s. later on tonight we do have potential for rain and if you are heading out for work or school it is pretty cold. it is 49 degrees for napa and downtown san francisco is checking in at 52 degrees. we will make some improvements but wet weather is ahead of us. i will talk about the advisory is coming up in my next report. >> it is 6:36 a.m.. if president obama has been redirected but he is still campaigning. he is campaigning on dealing with the fiscal cliff. he will
6:37 am
travel to pennsylvania and meet with small-business owners as the pressure republicans to extend tax cuts for people that are in less than two and a $50,000. he will be meeting with these business owners and middle class residents. >> new video coming in from cairo. look at all of the tents that are set up. this is a mass rally against a decree of begins the new president. this demonstration is just after he stated that he had a meeting with judges that was aimed at the worst political crisis in june. there are marches across the capitol and this is the center of a protest that is about the numbers and it is expected
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to swell. >> we will be right back as we continue. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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rethink possible.
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6:40 live in milpitas and press conference is getting on under way regarding a police shooting at 1:49 a.m. this morning are police officer and initiated a traffic stop. the suspect vehicle exit and immediately opened fire on the officer. our officer was able to return fire. it is on know if the suspect was struck. the suspect fled in his vehicle and officers suffered minor injuries that did not acquirequire medical attention. >> we are looking for one person at this point.
6:42 am
>> i do not know. it is a very involved investigation could take several hours to conduct a clear investigation any campuses lockdown? >>, and i had an inflammation of the schools at this point. >> you said the suspect was driving a car what is his car on a stolen car? >> we do not have any information on the vehicle. >> it is an active investigation we do not want to hamper the investigation. >> do you know the person is? do you have the tag number of the car? >> we are not releasing any information on the vehicle of the suspect. >> we are not releasing any information on the vehicle of the suspect will be read
6:43 am
i did not want to know they are. ardo you know what they are. >> we're not releasing any information on the suspect. >> there may be an officer involved shooting other agencies may get involved at this point i am not aware. >> i do not have that information now. >> can you talk about which agency received a call. >> i do not have any information on that. >> we are actively conducting the investigation which will lead us to the individual hopefully. >> following the investigation. >> you did not ask the question early what would
6:44 am
you say to the public. there are parents in the area with children. >> the individual fled in his vehicle so the individual is not in the area. >> the individuals not in there? >> of the individuals lead in the vehicle. >> do you believe he was on the interstate. >> i have no idea that would be speculation. >> i do not have specifics. >> police going as far to say that they have an investigation after there was a suspect who fired at police officers. the policeman is ok. the suspect took off in his car and he was on. they are stopping there they will not say if they know the person is or where they might be. it looks like it will clear the area soon as they continue to investigate the shooting that happened at jacqueline road where a person in a car were stopped by an
6:45 am
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6:47. the story we are following the off and on grants to treasure island have reopened after a police standoff. it closed the exit and entrance of for several hours. >> the officers heard a gunshot around 5:00 a.m. it turns out the man on the rocks shot and killed himself. 29 year-old duncan phillips killed himself after leading police on a chase he was wanted for barry's robbery and something involving his ex girlfriend driving a stolen
6:49 am
vehicle. >> everything clear on treasure island and the bay bridge. the situation in milpitas still an active investigation. we heard a live update from the scene of a shooting that happen for a suspect fired at a police officer then took off and the suspect's car. he took off in his car so police are investigating looking for the man at jacqueline road. this is north o milpitas boulevard and outparizona boulevard. >> of financial expert bob black joining us now we have more good news on housing for this morning. >> i think that is one of the two anchors of our economy housing and autos. in areas that do not have a
6:50 am
job market like lost it gat las vegas and phoenix. >> chicago is slightly weaker. and long story short i like what we're seeing is helping our economy. the best six months in a row for quite a while. >> inventories are low for housing is mainly investors were buying up we have more landlords and renters. >> off a couple of months ago it was mostly investors. >> what is happening with this terrorist organization the organization for economic cooperation is forecasting the european economy will contract 0.4% this year. 1.4% next year in our economy will grow 2%. >> again we will learn more at the fiscal cliff develops or on rebels were we in the fiscal wall in the nine states. playing with
6:51 am
numbers like this sing your contract for tens of a percent. greece has been in recession for seven years. we will talk about next year also have to do with china. you should see a little bit more stimulus there than not. it is also not the best case scenario. we do not want to% growth in 13 or 4% growth >> england had big cuts and went to a double dip recession if you do not cut it could hit for higher cost down the road. >> speaking of higher cost everyone is expecting taxes to go up next year bell companies are paying out their dividends now that they would pay next year
6:52 am
corporation >> thank you robyn will top two winners lose at 915 would rot thank you. >> 6:52 a.m. is a time of us take a look at the rather temperatures are now in the '40's and 50's it is cold outside but it is not in the 30's.
6:53 am
>> off we are nowhere near freezing. as we head into the afternoon expect 60s and clouds. fremont is at 63. 62 in campbell. to the east bay danville 65. the sign for pleasanton. in the creek. richmond at 60 degrees. >> satellite and radar indicates the bigger weather story what will happen is a widespread cold front will drop down from the north pacific area ahead of the system we have a wind advisory going into affect for the san francisco bay at 4:00 a.m. the morning. yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain for the north bay crossing the bay bridge impacting the east shore freeway to hayward. we will see light rain in the south bay as we advance the clock 8:00 a.m. widespread rain
6:54 am
everywhere. it will start to taper off as we head into the afternoon. we could see a dry break tomorrow evening stretching into thursday morning. off thursday night and another system will grow through in last into the weekend. heavy steady rain and gusty conditions would continue with the rank as we head into next monday. >> 6:53 a.m. on the clock the kron for morning news will be right back. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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we have 2 different develop and stories we're following at this hour. on the left the latest video from treasure island or the on and off ramps was shut down during a police standoff with an armed man. who was on the rocks after leading police on a chase. he was on the rocks at treasure island he killed himself. they reopened the ramps. the bay bridge traffic was not affected. police are moving
6:58 am
it out now. on the right- hand side you can see the intersection in milpitas and jacqueline roque. the whole area which is a large area is still blocked off with crime scene tape. the police are investigating a shooting that happen. they were attempting to do a traffic stop a guy in a car fired at the police. the police is ok but he took off in his car if they are actively looking for a person now. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age.
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in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.


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