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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a nevada couple stuck in
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the freezing sierra have been found. but only one is safe. the two were stuck in the snow for nearly a week after visiting family near sacramento. >> it is an incredible story of survival, but not without tragedy. paula lane stayed alive by eating the tomatoes she and her boyfriend packed for the trip. sadly, her boyfriend died while trying to find help. >> we're very happy that she made it. [ crying ] >> reporter: linda says it's tough to keep her composure. she breaks while talking about the emotional roller coaster her family has been through looking for her sister, paula. >> we've been a wreck, waiting all those days trying to know if she made it. >> reporter: she did. but her boyfriend roderick did not.
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her dad's love for off-roading may have led to his death, she says. >> he probably saw some cool spot where he could see the river and said, hey, i'm going to test out my 4-wheel drive! and probably got stuck in that storm. >> reporter: clifton and lane veteranished a week -- vanished a week ago, heading up highway 50 to nevada. wednesday night during a search, paula's brother found her crawling along highway 88-89. roderick's body was located close by. his jeep got stuck in the snow on a side-road. the couple apparently spent the night there before roderick went to get help. >> he probably said something like it's right up the road, i'll be back. >> reporter: but he never returned. >> he was so far off the trail from where everybody was looking, they were so far away
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from that, i mean, without paula's brother who found them, there's no way they would have been found soon. >> their cellphones didn't have reception. reason was found malnourished with frost bite. she is being treated near carson, nevada. a man is in serious condition tonight after falling from the upper deck of the oakland coliseum after the first 30 minutes of tonight's raiders game. he fell from the upper deck onto the concrete below. police believe it was an accident. high-end women's shoes worth more than $10,000 altogether were stolen out of a car in san francisco's mission district. the company representative who had the shoes in her trunk is asking whoever is responsible to return the high heels to authorities. >> llx/llq shoes
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are hand-made in italy and range up to $285. the online women's shoe company just launched in july specializes in plus-sized women's shoes from 10-12. on monday, 50 sample shoes were stolen out of the trunk of company representative johanna nielsen's car. >> there was no sign. forced entry. the last thing i did when i parked the car was to put the excuse down, and i covered it in the trunk area, and lock and leave. and when i returned, the trunk was locked, the issed door was open -- the side door was open. >> reporter: the thieves didn't know it, but when they stole the black bag, the women's shoes inside only fit the right foot. >> no use for the person who sold them. >> reporter: she received a tip
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about the shoes being left at this location. when she arrived thursday evening, there was no sign of them anywhere. with the holiday season in full-swing, she says she needs the high-end heels returned. but until that happens -- >> i have the left foot. [ laughter ] >> so i -- i can use that, and i will use, that and i hope to place the shoes in many more stores. police in foster city are investigating a string of auto burglaries which started this week in a well-lit part of town. jeff bush is in foster city with the details. what happened? >> reporter: this is one of the quieter communities in the bay area. but police remind residents that they are not immune to crime here. at least eight vehicles were broken into her on shell boulevard. it's a big street, well-lit, across the street from the library, and
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just across the corner from city hall. but thieves broke into the cars by smashing the windows and they took things like gps device, cellphones, purses and christmas presents. then it happened again last night! police want to remind people who are living here in foster city or coming to visit, it is important to take all of their valuables out of their car before they go to bed. >> apple's c eo, tim do you knowing, announced -- tim cook announced it will produce one of its existing lines of computers in the united states next year. he did not say which line, where, or how many jobs would be involved. but this announcement is a sign that more manufacturing jobs will be returning to the u.s. due to the rising wages in china. the news comes a day after apple posted its worst stock drop in four years. it did rebound today.
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the ongoing battle between apple and samsung continued in court today after a patent lawsuit. a judge appeared to be ready to cut down some of the billion dollar jury verdicts which apple recently won over samsung. the judge said the amount may be trimmed because the jury miscalculated damages. samsung is seeking an entirely new trial while apple is arguing for more money. fog is starting to form around portions of the bay area as we take a look outside from the golden gate. this viability is not bad here. but we are seeing reduced visibility in napa, santa rosa. the fog is going to continue to form in other portions of the bay area, mainly our inland valleys and along the dealt -- -- the delta. temperatures in the 40s in a
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number of locations. concord, fairfield. the new twists surrounding software mogul john mcafee. plus three people behind bars charged in connection to a series of toll booth robberies. >> the raiders home against dev, we'll have the highlights. sonny dykes stands on the stage and talks. and $756,000 for an old jersey! [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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the bizarre saga of millionaire john mcafee got stranger today. these pictures show him being taken to a hospital today in guatemala. he reportedly collapsed after being told that he would not be
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granted political asylum. he is the founder of the bay area antivirus company which bears his name. he has been on the run for three weeks after being wanted for questioning on a murder case in belize. he is being treated for stress, hypertension, and a rapid heart beat. >> i'll tell you how bad it's going to be out the door tomorrow and when we'll have warmer weather coming up.
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suspected car thieves behind bars accused in a series of toll booth stick-ups. they pulled up a gun and robbed toll takers on the bridge. they happened ten times between last year and this past may. these men committed theft three of those ten. >> we just knew from past experiences, people esteeming cars -- stealing cars, or they have been convicted in the past, and surveillance led to name of people involved. >> in each case, these robberies were done with use of force or fear and a threat of violence. >> officials say police are still investigating the seven remaining cases. a deadly accident in san jose that left one person dead. the residue from police flares
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marked the spot where it happened. a pedestrian was struck and killed as he jay walked. >> a dark-colored suv or a van struck the victim as he was crossing the roadway. >> the nearest crosswalk is 100 yards up the street. and neighbors say many people seem to be in the habit of just jay walking on this fast-moving 4-lane road. there have been other accidents in the area, but this is the first pedestrian fatality in recent memory. daily parking fees at bart stations could go up soon. if the parking lots are full, you'd pay more. and if there are open spot, you could pay less! bart wants to use the revenue to keep riding the -- keep the riding fares down, repair the lots and
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afford extra security. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> even a quarter will add up. it's still more convenient than probably driving in. >> bart wants your opinion on all of this! riders can take a survey on the website. the cleanup from the aren't powerful storm systems continue today. take a look at what happened to the public pools at heather farm park in walnut creek. a pair of storm drains backed up sunday. the facility has been closed since. the staff has been cleaning the water for four days of the since there's close to 900,000 gallons in the pools, it will be some time before they can reopen. we'll be waking up to dense morning fog in places around the bay area overnight. it's already forming now. chillier temperatures than yesterday. skies are a lot clearer this
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evening. tomorrow afternoon, the skies will clear. temperatures will warm a bit, but more into the weekend. reduced visibility in the north bay, a mile of visibility in santa rosa and napa. these are the locations where we're going to be seeing the most prevalent fog through the overnight hours. a blanket of low clouds over the area tomorrow morning. i don't think it's going to be this extensive. we're seeing a blanket of low clouds through the central valley right now, but it won't be this extensive into tomorrow morning. the inland valleys, the delta, the places where we're going to be seeing the most fog. temperatures chilly tomorrow morning, in the low 40s in santa rosa, napa, 44 in san jose. into the afternoon, low 60s expected for the south bay, 64
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in cupertino, 62 in san jose, also in the low 60s through the inland valleys and the east bay shoerz with the exception of -- shores, with the exception of alameda. dense morning fog tomorrow, lingering into saturday morning as well. but warmer conditions expected into sunday. with warnings that this flu season could be one of the worst in recent years, target stores in the bay area will be giving free flu shots for children 4-18. it's designed to improve overall community health. the program runs through the end of the year and is being funded by the page family foundation. san francisco health officials are warning gay men about a recent uptick in meningitis cases in new york
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city. there have been 12 cases of the disease reported among gay men in new york city in the past year t. can be transmitted -- it can be transmitted during intimate or sexual conduct with someone who is infected, sneezing, coughing or sharing drinks or food with a opinion who's infected -- person who's infected. although there as well not been cases in san francisco, officials are asking those who have recently travelled to new york to consult their doctors. marijuana smokers lit up at the space needle at midnight. >> three, two, one! [ cheering and applause ] >> there are still some stipulations. users must carry less than an ounce of marijuana, and it is still illegal to buy or grow it. there is also the big question of what the federal government will do about the decriminalization of pot at the
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state level since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people are better at managing their money than the average american! a survey found they earned more, saved more, have less debt, and are better prepared for retirement. they carried about $4,000 less debt than the american. uncertainty about the future of gay rights likely prompts many members of the community to be especially careful about their money, they say. coming up, cal's new football coach, sonny dykes, is introduced to the bay area. and only two days after losing his father, dennis allen returned to the field. the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always on kron4! the biggest party and spectacular fireworks
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will all be on kron4's new year's live show, hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich.
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this sports cast dedicated to mark burnett. one of our fine sports casters. watch how they use light pam, jacky and myself, a team that gets along and has fun together. i hope you enjoy your spotters roll! another rough night for the raiders. mark isn't going to like this, neither is dennis allen. allen's father passed away on sunday. came back to watch peyton manning in denver tonight jump out to a seven-0 lead. carson palmer, when you're opposite pay son manning, everything -- peyton manning, everything negative jumps out. 19-30, 273 yards. darren mcfadden did something tonight, at halftime, it's 13-7. here's the highlight for many fans
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tonight. howie long, ronny lott, the late al davis's wife caroline on hand tonight. this was hall of fame tonight. but the raiders didn't respond. denver recovers, and they roll it in with marino on his way to 100 yards rushing. manning threw for 110 yards. >> that team that we played tonight obviously is a very good football team. they're led by hall of fame quarterback, john fox and his staff do an outstanding job. we came up on the short end of the stick. the broncos were better than we were tonight. but i thought our guys fought, and that's what i want to see the remaining games of the year. >> >> with new england and seattle straight ahead, 49ers better win
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at home against miami. they're 10-point favorites. they have been led in most games this season by reggie bush! >> here he goes! reggie bush! >> he's very illusive. very fast. he's a quick guy. but that's about it . >> i think they're overall a pretty good team. and a lot of those games that they've lost, 2 in overtime, it's going to be a pretty good match-up. jeff tedford's replacement at cal formally introduced today. of >> the head coach of the university of california, sonny dykes. [ cheering and applause ] >> and here he is, just asking my body guard, how long can we run sonny? let's hear from him. sonny dykes, ladies and gentlemen! likes to run a
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high-powered offense. >> when we come to work, our goal is going to be get to a rose bowl, and to win it. >> i will tell you, and i haven't told him this yet, but when we walked out of the room, i said to myself i think that's the guy. from louisiana > from -- >> seven$750,000 for this old uniform. it belonged to don larson who kept it from 1956 when he pitched the only perfect game in world series history! the winner of the jersey,!
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