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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 11, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight at eight. >> i heard two shots >> all i could hear was gunshots >> really loud and really scary >>pam: a masked gunman with an assault rifle opens fire on a crowd of holiday shoppers. >> there are confirmed dead >>pam: it happened just a few hours ago in a shopping mall outside portland, oregon. the suspect described as >> a slender young white man in black wearing a hockey mask >>pam: we have been following this developing story out of oregon. multiple victims were shot this afternoon at a portland area shopping mall. three people are dead. including the gunman. kron4's grant lodes is standing by with the latest. grant? >> police arrest multiplthe mano
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kill to to people in the food court near we are waiting a news conference in calamuclackamas -- clackamas, right outside of portland oregon and in the meantime hundreds of people were in that shopping mall when this happened. this is what it sounded like from their point of view. >> i was shopping in macy's. and i was in the shoe department. a slender, young white man was wearing a hockey mask. just a plain white hockey mask came jogging through the macy's coming towards the public area. he was holding an assault rifle in full view. running through. and once
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he got towards the publiarea wed i heard people and running and i saw people talking. screaming " and there is somebody shooting " to. with multiple children are around everybody was working to get everybody out. while that was happening all i could hear where continuous gunshots >> i was in the area and i heard two shots. after that i heard about 15, 16 more shots. >> people started climbing behind counters and going up the escalators at sears. we were all watching the news as it was happening on the television in side of the entertainment center. >> a terrifying a few hours for people and that ball.
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this is in clackamas, 11 mi. to the outside of portland and at the height of a shopping season. it was packed. extra employees and a seasonal workers soul a load of people in the shopping mall. the shooter died of a self-inflicted wound. if they did not fire. the police say they did not fire. witnesses say that the shooter was in that macy's. you heard the witness account. he was kind of jogging through holding an assault rifle and the accident towards the food court. the main part of the shopping mall. it sounded like firecrackers. this is an aerial view. you can see the first responders, one person was critically injured. there are two people of dead. and if the shooter as well, so three
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people have died as a result of this and one critically injured. one person says that he tried to help the wounded woman that was lying on the ground near a cell phone the store. the witness said that a masked man blew by everybody and started firing off rounds. peeper wilpeeper people were hiding-in every place available. they're still investigating as we speak. looking at the evidence, the bullets, we will continue to wait for the press conference. we will bring it to you when it does. >>pam: new tonight at 8 san jose police are investigating a teenager shot inside of his car inside of a car in the san jose police. alesia ofread? >> pam, the crime scene unit
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is trying to paint a picture to try to figure out how this teenager ended up dead. in the street behind me in the middle of the afternoon. this was at fairhaven drive. there was a body lying next to it this s u v. the boy was only 16. with a traumatic injuries consisted of a gunshot wound. they are trying to figure out how these are connected. >> the with the truck is positioned it is crying out as an investigation. it is up against a curved nobody would parka like best. >> this is investigated as a homicide. nobody would -- park in suv like that. >> the the police say that they could have been possibly heard an accident
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but they probably heard gunfire. it appeared that it was an accident. >> and neighbors in this middle class never heard of never seen anything like this and their area. >> he was a probably a targeted incident. we do not have any problems like that in this neighborhood. >> at this time they are not sure how many people are looking for this is a violent incident. but they believe that it is an isolated the latest in the san jose. >> police are arresting multiple suspects including four females and connection with this horrific crimes. a man and woman found bound and gagged found on the streets in san francisco. fell one is dead the female is fighting for her life. three of the suspects are under the age of 25, one is
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a 32. 25, one 32. all four plus one male now facing series charges. police not saying what connects the two groups. but that they had an extensive relationship between the victims and suspects. there was some type of text sense of relationship. jail: sf resident marlene lintz and oakland resident montrail brackens both under arrest for murder. 2 hercules residents, tyler miller, and heather leach as well as oakland resident maryann manalastas were arrested for accessory to murder. it was this past sunday evenig when police say a motorist found the two victims in the middle of brussels street, bound and gagged and fighting for their life. >> the male, identified as 26 eyar old steven reid died later at the hospital, the woman not identified is in serious condition. although there are many unanswered questions, such as whether the two were beaten elsewhere and then dumped in san francisco. police are revealing some details at a news conference
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tuesday. >> the motive of this was under investigation but i cannot provide specific details. but i can say that there were blunt force trauma to the upper body of the mail. because of the death is still pending of the autopsy report. blog force trauma to the upper bod of the male but sombecomin the san francisco, kn 4 news. there is a spike of violent shooter. many. to beef up the antiochin antioch, charles clifford kron 4 news. east palo alto police it is
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untrue police chief and palo alto police chief matt and palo alto city hall. they talked about combining resources to curb the violence and a spike in violence and gang violence. strategic multi agency responsive team or operation " smart " launched last month. the police chief said that those in attendance that the violence clash. betwee taliban and gangs. this is a taliban gang member is getting arrested three years ago. the police chief said that this new plan could work. >> we are in this plan together, it is three different cities. but we are all in a coordinated effort. our detectives are readily sharing information. again we are seeing the fruits of this starting to occur.
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>> operation the cease-fire is another program to stop the gang violence. it has been in place for years to encourage gang members off to meet with community leaders. such as pastors and encourage them to turn to their life around. in east palo alto, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> this is video surveillance from the new on-line social media called the line up.. one of the suspects was beating up to the victim they both fled in a dodge charger. the car had a white rag behind one of the seats had rest headrests. >>jacqueline: we can take a
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look at the stormtracker 4. heavier showers through northern portions of the bay. moderate rainfall that is coming down at one quarter of 1 in. per hour. the exact rate right now is one over 1 tenths of 1 in.. we are seeing some peace in amounts over the north bay. it is continuing to slide south. a little bit of rainfall but we do have some more to the north. it is breaking apart as we are shifts seen showers. some chilly temperatures expected for the overnight hours. we will see spotty showers for most of the day tomorrow and it will be very cold. wednesday, thursday and taking a look at them some the west chance for rainfall, coming up. >> forced out of their home by an arsonist. neighbors in
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one community are who would set fire. the mother and her young son sleeping inside and the raging inferno and west virginia. after an explosion of a gas line is near a busy highway. >> twitter and instagram... gabe slate tech report back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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>>pam: tonight. neighbors in one east bay community. are wondering who would set fire to an apartment with a mother and her young son. sleeping inside. and the raging inferno in west virginia. after a gas line explodes near a busy they say, a molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of an apartment overnight.
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son are out of their home. if they're being targeted. latest on the investigation.a picture shot by a neighbor late last night shows flames shooting out of the home at the dixon apartments this lady didn't want us to use her name, but she lives across the street from the apartment home where investigators say a molotov cocktail tossed though a window starting the fire that forced a woman and her 8-year-old son running for their life >> i heard the whole thing as soon as the glass broke and i rushed out to try to help her and her child. >> they're all trying to understand why somebody would want to hurt her neighbor. >> i know her personally she is a good person. jimmy it is crazy that someone could actually do that to their home. she had a kid it there. what would go through someone's mind. ?tonight crews boarding up banff the home that is a total loss -- the fire doing about 200,000$ worth of damage -- as people here try to understand why someone would want to hurt their neighbor >> hopefully, this will be
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the end of it i could not want to get protection but i will need to relocate because this is not cool, this is not safe. >> luckily, no injuries and they do have a place to stay. scott reiss, kron 4. at the banf >>pam: some contra costa county residents are losing their local fire stations. it is all because of a november tax measure which voters did not pass. a county meeting just ended -- where some harsh decisions were made. the board unanimously voted to close the 4 fire stations. >> to the public's concern and interest we are focusing on these as a short-term closures. nonetheless, important ones that we need to take today. there is a motion to close at station 11, 4, 12, 16. on a short- term basis by january 15th >> the board of supervises lasted five hours dealing
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with this matter. >> dramatic video at least five homes were destroyed in west virginia. a gas line exposed a raging inferno and this lasted for over one hour. that lasted this afternoon on interstate 77. flames shot as high as 75 ft. in the air. the reported hearing as as far as 1 mi. away. firefighters had to keep back because of the fires intense heat no injuries reported. fast explosion as far as a mile away. no injuries have been reported. >> the fiscal cliff creeping closer -- with no visible progress in negotiations between lawmakers. the main sticking point -- democrats wants to cut tax breaks for the wealthy. spending cuts. now, with less than three weeks until a deadline -- the words took a slightly sharper tone on capitol hill. >> a lot of people know that the president and died sat and met on the sunday. it
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was nice and cordial. -- the president and i-met on sunday but what spending cuts are they going to make to willing to make for the approach? where are the spending cuts? >> what i would do to respond to the speaker is to set the record straight. the fact is that the president has and the democrats have agreed to over 1.5, 1.6 trillion dollars in cuts. the budget control act and other acts of congress. these are what you, mr. speaker have a voted for. >> unless an agreement is reached, the fiscal cliff which is the combination of tax rate increases and automatic trigger budget cuts. are set to kick in at the beginning of next year. >>jacqueline: with the rainfall continue into the north bay. and over rohnert
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park and it is along the coast as well. as removed overnight the rainfall will start to spread the south. spotty showers tomorrow and also cool temperatures. this is bringing a blast of cold air. thurston, the morning lows will only be in the 30's and even the 20's and portions of the bay area thursday. the afternoon highs will only be in the 50s. the tail end of this system will be towards the north bay. the spot the rainfall will be towards tomorrow. how you can see by the cloud patterns that is broken and indicated by patterns of overnight hours and overnight. the futurecast through fairfield, antioch. continued pouring over the north bay. heavy rain near petaluma, vallejo. and along
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the san mateo coastline. as we go for the morning commute the showers will be a round. the lighter rain will persist. and even showers for the afternoon but it will be scattered. you what to keep your umbrella handy. temperatures will be chilly, with only 50s. 53 in san francisco, vallejo, the before and concord, livermore, pettifog in san jose. as for snowfall, yes, 54 degrees in san jose. it is a cold system and on going for tomorrow. continuing but by the evening it will finally start to taper off. let us take a look it your extended forecast. shoppers and cool temperatures thursday, friday morning but it will stay cool toward showers-and cool temperatures start >> coming up later in this broadcast we are going to talk about the 49ers and new
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england. that is going to be a big deal on the sunday and guess what mwhich giant is going to be judging miss universe and a dinosaur is causing the movement of a golf game.
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manoah an update, with the live press briefing. >> there were four swat teams that quickly responded and deployed throughout the facility. again and continue to search out to try this individual. we are making sure that there are no other individuals. we did that. the one thing that i want to say is how complicated this is it is 1.4 square million feet of property that we had to search when the building. today, there were about
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10,000 people at that shopping mall. there was a huge amount of people running in different directions. it was chaos for a lot of citizens. but i also want to recognize the there were true heroes stepping up. and this time up really a high stress. we had some key or nurses that were providing medical care. and there was a physician on the scene that was also helping provide care to the wounded. and my thanks to those citizens and many others that really stepped up to get out of the shopping mall. there was a tremendous amount of people that came together to help out as get as many people as you can imagine, over 10,000 people in this shopping mall on the holiday season was pretty traumatic for a lot of people. that is really
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one of the things that worked out because we got a lot of people out there. and the law enforcement was able to respond. with that, let me turn it over to sgt phillips. any other questions. >> as the sheriff said, this is a huge facility that we're dealing with 1.3 million the score feet. 100 law enforcement agencies officers. from around the area are assisting, the atf, the fbi, and also the local police agencies. we thank them for their assistance and we will rely on them for the future. the family members that were witnesses that we want to contact5036558211 if you saw something? we would like to hear from you. there is a
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lot of speculation going on on what happened what the circumstances were. and the act it shooter situation and the intense situation like this can get perceive to many different ways it tend to go saw the same incident and the rookie 10 different versions. wheat, as law investment officers are trying to make a piece of an idea of what actually occurred. not based on speculation. we have it tentatively identified the shooter at this time courthousthe is an adult male. e were not going to release the name and to 100% confirm the identity. the investigation will go on throughout the night with a command post. if you feel capable of coming back to the light rail platform to
8:28 pm
be interviewed and if you've not been interviewed yet? you can be interviewed there. if you do not feel up to it tonight calls on the non-emergency number the mall will be closed tomorrow. you can go to their website for current information if you are a employee or store manager. there will also be contacting you correctly. how if you are a citizen that left things behind? there are strollers, handbags, jackets, car keys, wallets, personal prescriptions. left behind. your a items are secure. where it is tonight. a process will be set up between the sheriff's office and the town center on how to get the property back to you. it will be a delight it bond not happen today or tomorrow. it will be a --
8:29 pm
delay--it is a lot more important item in this investigation. there are two people that are confirmed deceased. this is an oakland area of a mall. there is a third person that is receiving medical treatment there are two people that are--confirmed deceased in the area of this--mall. i do not have the affirmation of what type of weapon it was. i do not know how many shots were fired. hi there was a lot of speculation on how many but we're not going to speculate. with that, i will open it up to questions. >> some people on the scene not think that he was possibly recently fired from a mall. possibly in the food court does he have any connection to the shopping mall or was this random? >> i do not know that information. i would caution
8:30 pm
anybody to do not rely on speculative reports reply on a confirmed information that we will be releasing >> sergeant, to hear any shots fired outside of the mall? >> at this point, i do not have an investigation informations. >> do know anything about what the shooter was driving? >> i do not. >> there was nobody else involved is that a fact that there was nobody else involved? >> i am not following your question. >> you wanted to say that there was no other shooter involved and we said that we did that. and you made sure that there was nobody else involved. >> i do not know what the sheriff meant when he said that but i say that the one person that we believe to be shooting today is dead at this time. we do not know if there were accomplices or not. was this a short time
8:31 pm
or a long time there's a lot of speculation all there but i do not have a confirmed information for you. to my age, gender? of the deceased? >> i also do not have that information of a until we notified the family. >> are there any other searches within the mall tonight? >> as the investigation continues it is the likelihood that it could continue but not the specifics. >> with all the witnesses what he was wearing. could you provide an explanation? >> i do not have any explanation on what i could release on that. without the white masks. >> once again, there's a lot of speculation out there some of it could be true and until we have an affirmation confirmed and reliably sourced, we're not going to be releasing it. >> you are listening to a live press conference from the clackamas insurance
8:32 pm
department regarding the orgaegon stay at mall. they estimate 10,000 people were at the shopping mall near portland, oregon and clackamas. it was mass chaos for many residents and shoppers in that area. the shooter has been tentatively identified as an adult male. the sheriff's department is not releasing the identity of the shooter at this time. there were two people that were killed. the age, gender or shots fired were not released but one person is believed to be responsible and he took his own life. they are not saying what type of weapon courthous many witnesses that it was an assault rifle and he was jogging to the macy's. and the macy's that opened up to the mall area and food court is when
8:33 pm
everybody heard the gunshots. dozens of shots were fired they said that it sounded like firecrackers. people were going towards the exit, hiking and break rooms, bedrooms that is the latest on the shooting near portland, ore. 11-miles south and clackamas. three people died including the gunman we will continue to monitor this. any new information will frea bring that to you
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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>> north korea has confirmed of launching a long-range rocket. it has been confirmed a success that japanese officials that liftoff happened just a few hours ago. japan has filed a protest with the north korea and is looking to the not it nations for condemnation. the associated press is reporting and on that named space expert that the launch put a satellite into orbit. however, the officials think that it is a cover for the test of missiles. we will be back.
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>> police and walnut creek
8:39 pm
are looking for a bold burglar who broke into a macy's store and swiped jewelery in the middle of the night. and lieutenant governor gavin newsom weighs in. on university of california. broke windows to get into the department store. the break-in occurred at about 3:15 a.m. at the macys located at broadway plaza. an alarm at the department store was activated, but police weren't notified there was a delay. >> i did not realize that the cases for empty. and the reds' class broken. >> some of the jewelry places had been cleared out. did they sell out already? i did not realize that-test the jewelry pieces were broken. >>pam: officers responded to the store and found windows smashed, jewelry stolen from display cases and a sledgehammer left behind. investigators are looking into whether there is surveillance video or any footage of the crime. no arrests have been made in the case. >> a frosty windshield is to blame for a three -car crash. that left two 17- year-old students. and a third person hurt in san leandro early this morning. a woman was driving with a windshield not fully defrosted. rear-ended the toyota camry in front of her--- and that car was pushed into the back of a
8:40 pm
school bus. carrying four students. two students and the driver of the toyota complained of pain and were taken to hospital as a precaution. >>pam: one person is dead after his pickup truck plunged off a rural roadway this afternoon. this is video of the crash from sky 7- h-d, a-b-c 7- news. the accident was reported just after 12-noon, when a pickup truck went over the edge of mount hamilton road, with the driver trapped inside. the c-h-p says the driver, a man in his 50s, was a state maintenance employee at the lick observatory, which is at the mountain's summit. no word yet on what caused the driver to plunge off the roadway. >> fremont police chief craig steckler has announced his retirement after a 45 year career in law enforcement. steckler joined the fremont police department as deputy chief in 1986 and became police chief in 1992. under steckler's leadership, the department has developed a strong volunteer program and has improved police use of technology. steckler will hold his role as the new president of the international association of
8:41 pm
chiefs of police. fremont police captain richard lucero has been appointed acting police chief. >>jacqueline: the rain has already begun. would mean the light showers moving to petaluma and towards some rough idle with mainly light showers. rohnert park, santa rosa but thisome lighter conditions near sonoma. the rainfall is really breaking up towards the south but we're still going to see spotty showers tonight and tomorrow. cold temperatures. right now, 40's and 50's for the most part. temperatures are not going to be as cold tonight as last night because of this cloud coverage but it is going to be quite chilly tomorrow. thursday, friday, overnight the rainfall will begin with
8:42 pm
chilly temperatures. again, not as cold as the go towards tomorrow scattered showers. cold, as i mentioned. the rainfall returning to the forecast with more as these chilly temperatures coming up. >> this florida judge said that the man accused of murdering at matt's that the shot and killed trade on margin but he says that he says that this was self defense in the killing of trayvon martin and zimmerman is going to trail ... >> this was a deadly am
8:43 pm
struamtrak.... is it likely contributed to the death and the injuries according to the expert it crashed in june of last year. a truck skidded 300 ft. into the side of the train. six people were killed and dozens were hurt.
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>>pam: now for today's market update. stocks sprang to life today following hopeful signs of progress in budget talks. the s-&-p 500 had its biggest gain this month. on wall street. the dow rose 79 points to
8:46 pm
13-thousand-248. the s-&-p 500 rose 9 points. while the nasdaq gained 35 points. closing a shy under three-thousand-25 points. >> yahoo's email service is getting a makeover. it's the company's attempt to regain some of the ground lost to google. the company is hoping to cater to the growing audience who check their email on smartphones and tablet computers. yahoo also introduced mobile apps for the i-phone, i-pad and devices powered by microsoft's recently released windows 8 system. hear what the 49ers are saying about the big match up against new england. and the bounty suspensions against the new england since are going to throw those out or to mark those coming up. against the new orleans saints bounty charges?
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>>jacqueline: the rainfall is going to continue with shower and a blast of cold arctic air. temperatures only in the 50s tomorrow afternoon. thursday, we are talking 30's. and it's even 20's possible. it is going to be cool thursday toward what we can see is scattered to the north bay. and as it goes towards the south is breaking apart. from one band to areas of patchy rain. spotty showers and also indicating that we're going to see showers tomorrow. it is extensive and has this look at futurecast. continuing by 1:00 p.m., overnight with heavy rainfall. and also to the san mateo coast. as to
8:50 pm
go towards the morning commute the showers will continue. they will continue by 10:00 a.m. but it is difficult to pinpoint expect with that light rain will be falling. keeping your umbrella candy. by 8:00, showers still lingering with your umbrella keeping it handy. 50s through san francisco, napa, and also through redwood city. and because this is a cold storm we can count on storms. the snowfall in full swing at the sierras. and continuing into the afternoon and even the evening but it could subside snowfall totals. 1 ft. expected with flurries on thursday & friday. a look at your forecast with much of the forecast thursday, friday, it will stay dry but it is going to be cold. morning in the afternoon,
8:51 pm
the rainfall will return overnight. we will keep posted. >> this is a potentia super superbowl game. with this amazing face off. they could be up, with a 5.5 the favored over the 49ers. san francisco verses brady. >> it is probably going to take the best defense and the leak. a great receiver. the great defense and the live-league. >> any time now we go to their state income of 20-0. >> we are excited. we are
8:52 pm
going to be ready. we will put our best foot forward and going into their stadium when they are 20-0. >> there is one man that is not going to be there brandon has been suspended by the 49ers. and pretty smart if you really want to stick a knife into a guy. he said the bad things about the 49ers he was not released but he was suspended. >> the coaches do not want any distractions on the team. he was becoming a distraction. i try to stay away from twitter and all of that. it just get you into trouble. i stay away from it. >> the orleans saints case could be overturned of those
8:53 pm
four players. they sent the coaches, the organizations were largely responsible for the situation. they found that the player's conduct was detrimental but they could justify fines but the one the other way. what about the patent, the head coach was suspended without pay sean patent? he was already signed that yes, he knew about the bounty. so people pay the price. and the signs are going to walk away. it is all america, a sack from stanford, the first-team all-american at tight end. 66 receptions. zack, from danville, the vista high school and all american. the lakers, 9-13. on the flip side, the warriors are 14 victories, seven losses in miami spike lee, and j. z has one percentage point of the
8:54 pm
brooklyn ne also carmelo anthony had 45 points. spike lee also showing off tying at 97. and jason, the cad. he is fault and from a 17- down. faultuse kron will be rigt back.... [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle.
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>> the giants will have
8:57 pm
representatives at the miss universe sandoval is going to be one of the judges he is going to be announced... pablo sandoval..t rex causes tourney to movea dinosaur is causing a pga tournament to relocate in australia the 26-foot mechanical t-rex is a new fixture near the 10th tee at the palmer coolum resortbuilt by the new owner of the resort. it flips its tail and opens it's mouth and roars - but not during tournaments nonetheless pga officials think it's a distraction so the australian pga championship says it plans to move next year ... they needed their peace. see you 11:00 p.m.
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