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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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deadly mall shooting in oregon. the gunman is described as a white young male. the police have not released specifics about the man's identification. he apparently killed himself after killing two people and wounding a third victim critically. authorities say law enforcement who flooded the clackamas town center mall in response to the shooting did not fire any shots but were able to respond quickly. >> reporter: a festive holiday shopping atmosphere shattered by violence. a gunman opened fire inside the clackamas town center mall near portland, oregon, tuesday afternoon. >> the shouts were loud and really scary. >> i heard three. when i saw people ran, i knew it wasn't a joke. >> everyone started everyone away from the entrance of the sears and closing down and locking the doors. >> reporter: the mall went into lockdown.
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dozens of officers arrived on scene. an army of emergency vehicles lined up outside to wait. >> we're set up to treat them. >> reporter: officers searched for victims and those too afraid to come out. >> we know of several groups of employees that have locked themselves in breakrooms and bathrooms. >> reporter: police emphasize they believe the threat is over. >> we believe at this point there was one and only one shooter involved, and that shooter is deceased. >> reporter: the mall will remain closed for the time being. >> new video from inside the mall. witnesses describe the scene as chaotic, as you might well imagine. people are running around, some with their hands in the air. we'll continue to update you on this story on kron4's morning news at
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4:00 am. rain showers already heading in tonight. we are seeing the signs on your screen. a live look at our cameras on the bay bridge and the golden gate. already a little drizzle. i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline who says the morning commute will be affected by this. >> it will. but it's not going to be like what we saw a week ago. >> good! [ laughter ] >> but we're probably going to see hail out of this too. it's not going to be as widespread as what we saw a week ago. the cold air coming in is really helping to lead the thunderstorm development in these cells. a little rain in the north bay right now, but more toward hayward and union city. moderate rain there as well. a wider look, the storm is not very organized, not a lot of moisture with it.
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so we're going to be getting spotty rain through the day tomorrow and into the afternoon. possibility of thunderstorms as well as chilly conditions. temperatures are staying in the 50s right now because of the cloud cover, but we're going to see partly cloudy skies out there tomorrow, and the thunderstorm cells are going to develop here and there. with the flip of a switch tonight, the lights on the bridge are back on. the lights went out around 7:30 tonight. and caltrans officials simply flipped a switch and the lights were back on. san jose police are investigating a teenager shot and killed earlier today. this marks that city's 44th homicide this year. neighbors heard pop, possibly the sound of gunshots, before they saw the van and the teen lying in the street. alicia reed has the details.
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>> reporter: this suv is shoved up on the curb and appears to have been in an accident. when paramedics arrived at fairhaven drive this afternoon, there was a body laying next to it, the body of a boy they believed to be only 16. police are trying to figure out how the two are connected. >> where the truck is positioned, it cries out for investigation. we have a dead body next to it. nobody would park it that way. >> reporter: neighbors called police when they heard the crash. but sergeant dwyer says they may have mistaken gun fire for a collision. >> people thought they heard a car accident. they looked out the window, they saw a truck that was up on the curb. that's the call we responded to. >> reporter: neighbors in the middle class neighborhood say they're never seen anything like
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this in your area. >> probably a targeted incident. but we don't have any kind of problems in this neighborhood. police arrest multiple suspects and four females in connection with the death of a man who was one of two people found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. police are not saying much on the relationship between the suspect and the victims, only that there was some kind of extensive relationship. there are many unanswered questions. police revealed some details at a news conference earlier this evening. >> the motive for the attack is under investigation. i won't be able to get into the details as far as what led to the attack. i can say that the male victim appeared to have blunt force trauma and gunshot wounds to the
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upper body. the cause of death is pending the examination of the coroner's autopsy report. >> the man identified as steven reed died after being taken to the hospital. the young woman is still in serious condition. the san francisco district attorney's office tells us they have not yet received the case. three peninsula city police chiefs updated residents on "separation smart" this evening, the program launched for curbing gang violence. >> reporter: there have been more than a dozen gang-related shootings in east palo alto and menloe park the last six months, and some have been deadly. the police chiefs told the crowd at
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city hall tuesday night the violence is the result of a bloody cash between the taliban and deville gangs. this is video of authorities raiding a gang member's home. the three police departments joined forces last month to become "separation smart" short for strategic multiagency response team. the true test came two weeks ago when police responded to another shooting in east palo alto. >> we still haven't determined if it was gang-related, probably not. but because we thought it may be, our detectives responded to east palo alto, detectives from menloe park responded, officers from palo alto pd responded. that gave us twice the resources we usually have to find out if this is gang-related. >> reporter: operation cease-fire is another program
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being implemented to stop the gang violence. it's been in place for years and is designed to encourage gang members to meet with community leaders such as pastors and encourage them to turn their life around. san francisco police taking full advantage of their new crime-fighting tool, asking for the public's help in a robbery case where this video may provide the answers that lead them to the suspects. and police in pleasant hill still trying to figure out who planted a pipe bomb on the campus of an elementary school. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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police are searching for suspect who is robbed a man at gun point in san francisco. these are pictures and video from sfpd's new online social media tool. it's called the lineup. it shows one of the suspects beating the victim with
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a pistol and a second joins in. both fled in a newer model silver dodge charger. anyone with information is asked to contact the san francisco police department.
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detectives in pleasant hill say a copy cat criminal may be to blame for the latest pipe bomb ♪ outside a school
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there -- incident outside a school there. it was found outside pleasant hill elementary school monday. it did not go off, but this was not the only case. jr stone has details. >> hard to fathom somebody wanting to do something like this to such young children. >> reporter: sid is a grandmother whose little one goes to the pleasant hill school where a pipe bomb was found in the bushes on monday, news still fresh in the minds of many. >> a school where kids what are? 10? 12 tops? it's a real sick individual. that's all i have to say. >> reporter: it marks the second case in three days and third pipe bomb to be identified in pleasant hill. on saturday, vandals blew up this mailbox. a short time later, officers dismantled another pipe bomb and arrested three teens. at this point, they're not linking that case to the one at the elementary school. >> if they're not connected, i
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think it's a copy cat. >> reporter: police were able to dismantle the pipe bomb found on monday. they have not made arrests in the current case. those who live here are hopeful for a break. >> hopefully they'll get them for about 10 years. don't slap them on the wrist. maybe they can take their parents with them. >> reporter: officers would not go into too much detail with me on why they don't think these cases are related right now. they did say whoever tried to set off the bomb outside the elementary school was certainly looking to do some harm. north korea 's launch of a long-range missile and satellite earlier today sparked out rage. the wheelhouse calls it a highly provocative act.
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south korean and japanese officials think it was the launch of a test of a banned ballistic missile. japan is looking to the united nations security council for consultations on the launch. the associated press is reporting one unnamed american space expert says that the rocket launch was a satellite sent into orbit. we are already seeing rain around the bay area right now. it's very spotty. overnight we will see a storm push through the bay area, but it's only going to bring us spotty showers and thundershowers. it's a blast of cold air that's leading to this instability. when we have thundershowers, we either say heavy rain, lightning or hail and the threat of this one will be hail. thursday and friday, no more rain expected. but look at the cold temperatures in the wake of this storm. this cell is pushing through hayward in union city
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now heading up toward the hill. heavier rain associated with that. satellite and radar, you can see this very spotty pattern here up to the north, and how spotty it is moving through. that's what we're going to be dealing with tomorrow. you can see the spotty pattern offshore. this is bringing in some cold arctic air with it. not a lot of moisture associated with it. so we are going to be seeing some thunderstorms fire off. they're not going to be really heavy rain. we're going to see those areas into 3:00 in the morning. this will continue into the 6:00 hour and through the later morning hours, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. by noon, still continuing. into the afternoon, not as much shower activity is expected. it is possible we could see a few wayward showers but not likely. we are going to be see very chilly temperatures with this system. only the low
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50s tomorrow afternoon, and we're definitely going to see snow. 10:00 in the morning, still flying. over a foot of snow expected in the higher elevations. scattered showers out there tomorrow, thundershowers possible not morning as well between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. that's the best time to see the areas of small hail. thursday and friday, very chilly morning temperatures. a chance of rain returning to the forecast this weekend. a monkey in a fancy coat and diaper caused quite a stir wandering around an ikea parking lot! the owner of the monkey is now fighting to get him back. she was forced to give the primate back because they are prohibited. >> it's about whether he needs me. i believe he does. no matter what anybody else says. i know he does
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. if i walk into that room, let him choose. does he want to come to me or want to go to that other monkey mom? >> the staff at the primate sanctuary where the monkey is living say they can't give him back to his owner he want is not a pet. he was moved to a sanctuary where it's hoped he will live happily ever after. the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always with kron4! the biggest parties and fireworks will all be on our new year's live show! it's the only local and live show in the bay area to ring in the newer yoo. and this year promise -- the new year. and still ahead tonight, the 49ers are already talking about sunday night's big match-up with the new england patriots. plus how bad are the lakers? gary shows you their latest loss.
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stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. good evening, everybody! at 14-7, the red -hot warriors rested in miami today, preparing to take on lebron and the championships tomorrow night. kobe bryant and the lakers are now 9-13 despite bryant going off for 42 tonight. they
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lose in cleveland! cleveland is lousy, they're a 5-7 team, but the laker, wow! and their coach, mike d'antoni after the game, everybody jumping the lakers right now, and he fires back! >> is it bears something >> no, no -- is it embarrass something >> no. no. i hate it. i'm down. i'm not embarrassed. >> you come here, you have a shootaround this morning. >> you're starting to tick me off. you're saying something that's not factually correct. >> somewhere phil jackson is sitting back smoking a cigar with a big smile on his face. [ laughter ] >> you know what i mean? >> they should a called me! >> exactly. new england is a favorite to handle the 49ers on sunday. bill belichick, tom brady and company tore apart houston last night, 42-14. they have not
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lost in the month of december at home in 20 starts! that's hay 10-year span. can the 49ers knock off brady come sunday? >> they got probably the best defense in the league, and a great running game with a top receiver like andre johnson. >> anytime you go into their stadium, like they say, they're 20-0 in december. we'll be ready, we'll prepare. we'll put our best foot forward and go out there and plan on getting a win. long running saints bountygate story has reached a conclusion. paul tagliabue, the former nfl commissioner, was assigned to mediate this deal. and he overturned the suspension of four current and former
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saints players. he said the saints organization was largely responsible for the situation. so the one guy who really got stung was sean payton who in this order got suspended, lost his pay, and got divorced all in one stretch. he signed some form of wafer that said, yes, i knew -- waiver that said yes, i knew about it the bountygate. johnny manziel is the quarterback on the associated press all-american team. and zach erts of stanford. when you are the mvp of the world series, you become a ms. universe expert. pablo sandoval is going to be one of the judges for ms. universe. what are his qualifications? he had .500 with 4 home runs and 3 rbis in the world series sweep.
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just means you know women i. i am defending women. i think this is a very misogynist event. no more ms. universe. and you know what can get them off the air? no rating, no advertising. [ laughter ] >> we agree ? >> i don't know, i think it's just silly. but that's just me. some people enjoy them . >> i don't. i'm done with that that. santa clara beats san jose state 75-54 in basketball. the reason i'm playing, if you think it's that bad, then don't apply for the contest.
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